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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 27, 1766, London, Middlesex The Gazetteer New Daily Nv T U MAY From the POL extenjvve Sale GAZETTEER AND DAILY ADVERTISER joined to the varieti of channels ibrosgh ivbich it pages has lately been tbj means fo many Mid of prehending fo many that it may bt ffoper to give THIS PUBLIC That fur the ail of this be conftantly inferted in THIS PAPER and i SUCH INFORMATIONS are properly attended ta BUYERS OF SECONDHAtfD few rebberies will ffcape efpeciftlly if ALL PERSONS make the jfame paper to advertife their loffes J The WARNINGS frem GOLDSM every thing lojl or in the artty are for immediate ta all Jiliier by the tfthis H A Y M A Pv J AT T KINGS THEATRR the THIS Of fvrmed a new called p L o p competed WSth be boxes be put and no perfons to tie adtnitted without which will to de Day at the faid at half a guinea each v Gallery ftve By their perfon whatsoever to be admitted behind the nor into the The pit and tvill be opened at To begin oclock v Vivant Rex M A K B O N E G A R L E N THE mufiiCal entertainments will be continued during the Summer Admittance one hilling each The to be opened at five and the mufic to begiji at half an hour after Bfc The ufual road for carriages being rendered and by the multiplicity of Lowe humbly begs the favour of the and to order their coaches to come by Oxford and down Welbeck itreet it is full as and quite Proper perfons will attend to direct the There is another good way down which comes into Marybone very convenient for and parts Hackney coach men will find either the above ways much the bell to csme with their A T near Richmond in by TAYLOR and Youth are care fully and expeditiouflyinftrucled in every aeceffary accomplishment for the public of or commercial plentifully fupplied witbwhoiefome decently accommodated with and all other at twelve pounds For jpleafe to apply to in long Weltminfter Alder in Car nabyftreet at the in Vil Yorkbuildings in Hog Soho in Black Friars in Grange Bermondfey in or to at Jonathans from ten to Taylor will attend from ten to twelve at Furnivarsinn till the ad of when he intends to fet out for the WORKS of MICHAEL Efij 1 a memorable Poet in the Reign of Queen Eh Collected in the year and publifhed jn one volume and in four volumes at the price of in now propofed to be ibid either edition at bound and By DAVIS and Overagainft o have purchafed a few remaining c Numerous are the by cotempa rary of the great genius of and the fweetnefs of his His poetical defcrip tion of England and lands celebrated Ben Johnfon and as a moft accurate per formance the great Selden illuftrated it with a Commentary 5 and later Antiquaries cite it as well for its as for that infinite variety of curious fafts with which it is from our eld ntanufcript g O O K S This day is HOMAS PAYNES CATALOGUE for the Year 1766 Containing Twenty Thoufanci Velumes of good in all langaages and facul and innne Catalogues to be had price at Brother Cornhill Childs coffee PaulV chufchyard Fleet ftreet Templebar 5 Charingcrofs Rid Jamess Itreet 5 Robfon and Mew Bondftreet of thebookfellers at Oxford and Cambridge and at the place of in next the Martins where the full value is given for any or parcel of This day at noen be price PART Of THE Whole Proceedings on the Kings Coramif fions of the Oyer and and goal delivery for the city of and alfo the goal delivery for the county of held at Juftice in the Old on Wednefday the Thurlday the and Friday the i6th in the 6th year of his Majeltys being the fifth eflions in the Mayoralty of the Right Honourable George Efq Lord Mayor of the city of London Printed for atthe in Pauls A DEALER in To the PRINTER of the JTTMIWSSfW havelately made an acquifi d on two very both of whom w appear to be I mean engaged in one the caufe WWVW of theGerman whofe heayy demands on this during the late aftonifhed and confounded the nvoilt cootinental to One of modeft gentlemen ftileshimielf HO NE the other affumes the cliaf after of A o HONOURAND for nas yet of them teem e any claim to thefe refpe6lable appella Both of ia a very odd beat the bum about and about always clofely ad hering to this Madmvelian audaEler ca lummare They too fenfible a people to deal a people who are not to be imjrofed on by general furmifes which take their birth from and are midwifed into the world by the moft defpicaWe paffion in the Your it view With regret the diftinguiftied honours acquired by fae gentlemen employed to fettle the late German whofe amduity in the neceffary examina and will always recom mend them to the efteem of their What man of underftanding will not difregard un vouched though never fo boldly when thofe calumnies have no aim but to difparage the characters of gentlemen whofe offices under the ftate ought to fecure them againft all accufations which are not entered in in a legal way before their immediate fuperiors of this as well as his friend and colleague in this ftill cautioufly decline coming to par in order to convince the public that the German contractors have fuftered injuftice by that late fettlement of their which is fo agreeable to this They indeed obliquly charge the commiffioners appointed to liquidate thofe claims with uiijuft and rapacious but leave us at a lofs to guefs on whom or in what particular inftance this injuftice has been it is complains that the fufferings of indiviusls are confounded with the claims of the in order to fix en all the claimants an equal and undil tinguiihed will Honeflus der ny that every particular claim was confidered apart He knows that every article of each private claim underwent a feparate examination wherever the circumftances of the cafe required this circumfpec Why then all this idle clamour at proceedings in which there is no demonilrable or at leaft none which thefe Germanized Orators can point It in vain to pretend that we mud payfor every lofs the Germans incurred by French moro Thefe are not the to which we are Can your correfpondents deein it reafonable that we hould make up to the or even to our own what they loft by theft or robbery during thefe confufions Yet this appears to be the hinge which this German con troverfy But will equity and the cuftom of nations warrant demands of this fort csn infilled on extravagant prices becaufeof the perils they combated in collecting provifions for our Muft we alfo pay for thecafual misfortunes they met witU in the courfe of their bufmefs That is certainly The fo fbon as delivered to the appointment of our or to any perfons deputed by this crown to receive became ours and if afterwards taken were then loft to But will any man of fenfe fay that we are chargeable with every acl of pil aging com mitted by the or others in their du ring the war Moft certainly I We fent an army to refcue the Germans from a j French in We protected a part of their coun try from thefe We drove away their Muft we alfo repair to the Germans every injury they fuffered by thefe hoftile vifitants That would be hard and what never was formerly required of an nor even by fubjecls from their own Thefe German prin ciples will never meet with approbation in And if Honejliu has nothing better to fay for hie he might as well have aid nothing at The gentleman who ftiles himfelf A FRIEND TO AND appears to have as little of either as He tells us a tale of fees of in an office where no fees were permitted to be taken yet declines mentioning the name of one perfon who paid thefe nor dares he take it up him to prove that ever one fixpence was taken in the office of Controul from any perfon who had bulinefs with that If thefe Germanized gentlemen could make out any part of their allega tions againft that we mould have heard of them long before now in another But it is viiible that both thefe demagogues have one that to throw a great deal of dirt upon theBritifh in hopes that fome part of it will According to the Germans are but the Englifh are I will not pretend to juftify cur but this I will that if the provifions are paid for that came into our our contractors can accufe us of no breach of national And H is not pretended that any part of thefe is reufed to be What then would the contractors be at Would they have us to pay for provifions we never received Or do they fuppofe that we will blame coir for refufmg to liquidate fuch enormous If they think in that manner they will find themfelves We may readily hope that the enormous expence this nation has been putto by the German branch of the late will make us very cautious of ever here after enteringinto connections of that Bait this laft ftroke of German finelTe all their and hews us how careful we ought to be in refraining from all further dealings with a people fo ready to and fo defirous to ftrip us of the laft penny they can invent a colourable pretence for Not fatisfied with all the blocid and treafure already expended in their caufe in the late they would even charge us with every injury inflicted on diem by their A ftrange itward indeed for all our fervices during that But if wa can from thence to meddle no more in continental we hall be great gainer by thefe German We hall hereafter have no battles our own and our blood will never more fatten the German A TRUE FRIEND TO Tlie following letters art A Mem A Friend to the Frederick and A Quondam Tu the PRINTER of the T AM greatly furprized to find in your A of this that wheat has not been lold for per bufliel thefe zoo Pleafe to in form rough the channel of your that I had a farmers daughter to dine with me on who that the beft wheat her father ever he fold for the Now the father is not years and the daughter is not If mould defire to know who he his name is and lives in near Honiton in Devonfhire a lufficient I of your correspondents affertisn and if will give the farmer a may have it from his own To the PRINTER of the IN reply to the quere in your paper of you may affure the that a number of In and to the amount of five hundred at were feen by the company of the man of war you mention they were at leaft eight feet and an half rode on horfes not more than fourteen or fifteen hands and were clad in the fkins of beafts unknown to this Thefe people were feen on the Eaft fide of the Terra Pata in South at the entrance of the Streights of Magellan and till our feeing the Accounts given by former voyagers were not believed by Tlity were converled with by and given many prefents by the Commodore who commanded on BR fat ffl 7 in the oppofite to that of King George the We hear that his Excellency the Earl of Lord Lieutenant of is going to build a very fine houfe to be called and make a magnificent garden at The AD DRESS of the and Citizens oj the City ta thtir Repreftnfi tives in Having authentic that the upon which the Proteftant Intereft and Freedom of this kingdom greatly is dropped in Great Britain and rinding that every attempt ma ie hy the Commons of ftrengthened by the united and general voice of all ranks and ns f to obtain a law for limiting the huu tion of has hitherto proved we cannot but think that the of this kingdom will ibnd juftined in followingthe pie given them by the Common of a imilar at the late glorious that grand yEra of We Citizens and Freeholders of this think ing ourfelves bound to iland in all have taken the earlieft opportuiei to declare our fentiments upon this moft and to entreat that you ill never your affent to any BILL of nger than three a law a this kingdom for a Septennial Limitation of Signed by and Ruhard High uptvards of fix hun dred Merchants and morning his attendee by tis the Prince andtheir Rovnl the Dukes cf York and the JVlar quisof the Earl of LordLi and many others cf the reviewed the regiments of Light nerals Eihot and on They went through their j and jrnve o rj ttflerday arrived tbi Mails from Holland April An edict is juft for bidding any fubjecl of this under very heavy to leave his Majeitys in order to fettle on the coaft of for the f pling of which encouragement is offered by the Court of May According to the laft letters from the hope we had entertained of feeing the King our Sovereign the enfuing in this is without L O N DO A report prevailed yefterday that the Earl of Marchmont will go Ambaflador to the Court of in the room of the Duke of They write from that the French have this feafon erected forty flages at and mounted two pieces of ordnance for fignals to their fifliermen in foggy Tkey write from that fort where the French had begun to erect fome new has been reduced to a heap of by one of our men of in the river Some advices by the way of Holland that the city of the Portuguefe capital on the Malabar was blocked up by an army of Some letters from Peterfburgh that the malcontents of Georgia have for ieveral months fupplied with great quantities of mili tary and ordnance ftores from by means of a trade carried on down the river Wolga to the Caf pian by the merchants of They write from that on the fir ft news of the ftamp act being repealed in two pub lic refolutions were unanimoufly agreed to one to at the expence of the two armed to guard the and the other to carry on vigorously the poft roads to They write from the that a number of Barbacloes planters were arrived for the pur chafe and new fettlement of lands in the iflands of Dominique and They write from Santa that aDanifh with acargo of between three and four thouland pounds has been taken by a Spanifli man of war in the nnd carried into Porto It is faid his Majeftys fhips the Dolphin and Tamer have performed a voyage round the and in a mudfr fhorter time than it was dene The latter loft her rudder on this fide the on her way to and is gone to Antigua to have a new They have undergone great hard fhips in this voyage yet it is remarkable that the Dol phin buried but fix men it is is owing to the inflexible integrity and great generofity of the Commodore Yefterday arrived at her moorings in the the Calais Earle from Friday failed from the Zephyr for The Thomas and from South ampton for is put into Ramfgate for By a letter from Cork we that laft Tuefday fermight the C from Philadel ran on the and when the tide fell flie turned on her in which Situation She mult have fuffered cpnfiderable but for the ex traordinary activity and care of of the Huffar and about forty of with the went immediately to her af and in little time righted io that failed next Yefterday arrived in from his the Right Lord Edward brother to his Grace the Duke of Ydlertlay the Right the Earl of his fet out from their houfe in Bruton for the Slimmer Yefterday Sir Peter and his fet out from their hoijfe in Brutonft for the fummer Sir James Member for Cumber is gone down to that to Solicit the next general It is alfo the fon of a noble Duke has already declared himfelf a We hear from Berkeley in that the Right the Ear of Berkeley entertained on Saturday laft upwards of one thoulhnd of the Nobi and on hs coming of A ftatue of his late Majeity is expected hi a few days at from his Grace the Dnke of Chancellor of that to be phiisd d bv Ge Oi Ccin s the to his ity and all a nrut of the fecond troop of life commanded by Lord made a eraru ajice u on unfed upon black hsrfes with long being the firft time of their appearance before Yefteday the new for the gnaids were and this day he fitted on the Tomorrow the i batnllion of AJiiiiileffx militia will march from heath to Tnthill where they vvjii be disembodied and on Thurfday the Eaftern batalLon will be in Moorfields having each been rut agreeable to act of We hear that a uperb is put up at Hamftead Marfhall near in to the memory of the Right Lord c ceafed it was put up at the expence of the executor of the late i i gratitude for the large fortune acquired by his A large quantity of Pcrrhn flag tone is already laid down in for nw ile by the to Lambsconduitftreet is ai new middle is the channel turned th SnniU cvJrei nvis that thepofts taken The ftonts nre not but of a hard and Smaller than thofc ufed in the A handlbme cupola i row o Pox Hofpjfal lately in j They write fi 0111 j and other c f there is a profpecl of the great eft cfj of grain that have been n sear iiic j I and that at the different markets nne per mutton andbtefror j and all other in a frrc enquiry is J the counties of Midiiicfcx and Su of all Fcpifh j who keep or ale within the ame alio of their on the fame plan as has been done at Liverpo Yeilerday being Effoign day before the fveral Courts at Weltminiter ivere opened by the refpeclive Sunday laft the xvife of a reputable in herfelf in i bed The caufe her cir cumftances in life being eafy and Monday morning about a man who was overlooker to the bin i a field near the back of the Midcilefex bi to went ami laid down en the one of the kilns that was juft lighted abciu an hour af one of the men went up to awake but him warm tnev imuudiittly carried him to the above where ii ftantly but na fymptoms of This it is from the vapour of the while is very Yefterday morping a fneep was fnard in n field near with both the to eiher with the cut off there were ileus or life in and no ibbs in the eviuenfk fhews he barbarity of th perpetrators of the Sunday night laft the Shop of a linen draper in was altempted to Lroke open the watchman was going his and the hammering returned bat to his great not being abjve a dozen ii ji whien the noiie the villains were dcxtrouj j as to wrench quite off the iron har that faltened onj of the The watchman leaving CI leads to faitenedf the villains mni le fkulking in the alley which and is i thoroughfare between the which the watclnn a bctfor vnn f ailifencc coul i not ferrit them on account of he large inunher of iron bars are piled giinlt rhc front and take up the higlway on ootn of the which are a great receptacle for thieve ru the terror of AS this trie of rs into fo great a and order h ir tj gcther with a beam and iueiy erccieu the to be entiitly Sunday morning ths ixxie c rr in Eaftdmithfi UL 11 air and 1 like wile left raftcned ioibed of goods and 1 eiteruny mornine cutting off tnj vn i Angel inn tit Iiiingto by enwll Tceldav lait a t ano the eforc oferif ttd J reiday lait com ro Oxford j the the Mace IT ;