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  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 3, 1766, London, Middlesex S A T U R D M A Y From the tbtenfwe Sale of THE GAZETTEER AND 1 MEW ADVERTISE R joined to tbt variety Wcbalineis through which it hus lately been tbt i t prapir feat to B o w s T R E E fiaili be constantly THIS PAPER and if 6UCH INFORMATIONS are properly attended ta by OF SECONDHAND ftw robberies will efcape deieOwn itilly if ALL uteot the paper to luJTes AI F I E L D I N Cf Tkt WARNINGS from md every thing or in the or toy are for immediate dtfpatch ttallfilver by the printer if this H A M A T T H E KINGS THEATRE in the THIS the jd of will be per formed a new Serious called The Mulic compofed by VSth new new and pit and boxes to be put and no perfons to be admitted without which will be de livered This Day at the raid at half a guinea each Gallery five By their MAJESTIES No perfon whatfoever to be admitted behind the nor into the The and will be opened at Tcbegin at feven oclock Vivaut Hex Signer Savoi is to perform the firft womans part in the above mentioned April a the and freeholders of the county rAVING had the honour which I fhall ever J gratefully acknowledge of being nominated a by a great majority of a numerows meet ing of the and freeholders held N E W B O O K VOYAGES and JLJ TRAVELS in the in the years 52 containing obfervations on the Holy and natural hiftory of the Fublifbedbyorderof theQueenof By Sir CHARLES OSiavowith a price A KEY to the NEW With an introduction fefts or parties alluded to in the Printed on writing in a neat pocket price Tewed bound on In which Roufleaus principles are occafionally examined and Preceptor to the Prince of Printed for Davis and oppoiite Far the letters fened A CONSTANT FRE QUENTER of the OPERA HOUSE and A HEARTY WELLWISHER to BRITAIN and loft To the Audi alteram FRIEND to truth always fufpends his till he examines both fides of a efpecially where A GLw exaggeration betrays a defign to prejudice his Theexor y J bitant injuftice of the debts de manded on account of the army in as implied by the reprefentatioas given in the public papers of the unparallelled deductions made from was too ftriking to efcape The firftviewof it raifei m me that indignation which it certainly muft have done in the breaft of j Tb the PR IN T E IT is amazing tnat your correfpondents Meflieurs Omega1 and Philoptochos mould Meclaim fo ftrongly dgainft monopolies at the very time n are recommending one of the worft lerahle evil than deal corn nor that corn now be efteemed dear which is iclci below thofe prrcei which our anceihjrs above an hundred years ago1 j called LOW as appear from tiie preamble of a ftatute made in the year What a dif while they kind mean a monopoly of men of pleafufe and ference is there between the price of labour now men of bufmefs upon this sgainft the honeft j j and at that period It is quite as great the dif is now obliged to pay yearly thrice as ference between the price of meat now in ourLon mucli rant as he did a hundred years yet fells his vfheat at a lower price than it brought abputthe middle of the laft when the civil wars were At that and during the re reticy of Oliver ordinaryprice of wheat was two guineas and fortythree millings the without any clamours about want or fear although the price of labour was much lefs than it is Why at this eftablifh a n and the thri f i ice of meat So that upon the we cannot iay that the indultricus poor are in a worfe condition than they were above a hundred years before Omega up the pen their I hope re never fhall be foulilh enough to dilirefs the of corn for the meat is the ftaff of he article of coniideraticn Be j only particular to great cities j ence of people find it their ihtoreft to remain en menopoly againft the by laying a perpetual embargo on corn why will not thefe gentlemen confider that the payshigher wages as well as higher rents Or are they ignorant that a embargo on the exportation of corn im in its own a monopoly unwilling a due merit to the encouragement given to the exportation ot corn U ftble to frame any regulation vdiereoy in the reign of our great will have it that j markets can be Jerved as cheap this encrenfcd price of lnit is by no a general It is wktre a vnil confTa d notwithstanding of thefe In the country thofe articles differ not much what they were twenty years age ArJ if the advanced ftate of agriculture fmce that period is owing to the ceffation of multitudinous migrations to and the end now put toj or five pence thofe civil wars and fluctuations of government ji in great overbalanced hv cter ccnve as the in I asn frefli butter may now be had tor a groat Thefe es ture Thefe ui j n a here this by the appointment to confider of a proper peilbn to reprefent tins county in in the room of your late worthy tnember Lyiter j and the timebefore the elec tien Which will beat this place on the May next bsingiblhort asnotto admit of a per ial 1 beg leave to take this method ot he favour of your votes and infereft the which will confer a lading obligation your Kioft And humble CHARLES 8 the Freeholders oj tbt ctuiity of 6 O i HAVING this day at a general and very wu readily raus meeting ot the gentlemen Clergy and Free holders of ihis had the honour of being put in nomination as a candidate to fucceed your late every Heaven thought what a fcene of iniquity is here laid open How muft j we have been plundered by thefe people already f And how great is our obligation to who have j not only defeated them in this butalfo J put us upon our guard againft them for the fu which formerly affected But how doth improve ij niencies and of which detain the this pofuion Not from hiftory or other people in that we his own he is the Ofily be if we entered into any rcfdiaions difcou raging farmers for the fake or iicilVns who find it their intereft to remain linkd nclwith ftandins aU the difcouiaeenients on reii requiiite we are too wife to be gulled in that manner by We fmce the revolution we have for a cries of kept great armies deuce amc o a mul Thefe fuch as we never fent to the continent before j work their way as they or di We alfo that from the reign en down to the we civil except for three years durin the reign of Charles the Nor are we ignorant the migrations to America have encrcafed nee the The Jettlements of I where things are cheaper go to or into I the where aie more o But we can expect to be able to give higher I were naturally the firft j thoughts on fuch an occafion but when I came to j confider the matter more of the CaroHna and Nova have carried charge awoke fufpicions of the jiifcce of it and made frQm this than all the mi me refolve to enquire into the proofs by which it was I fuppbrtedji and not on a repre fentation that might perhaps be madetoferve unfair Such an enquiry was by no means as the worthy Richard Elqj I re kirn vou my moft fincere thanks for the great honour conferred on and intreai the favour of yourvotes and intereft at the on ThurJday the 8th of May The hortnefs of the time I natter applica prompts me to Your moft and humble parties acculed had proceeded in every thing with an opennefs unknown to What cifecj this en quiry had upon and againft whom the indigna tion of honour and bonefty is now juftly yon when I tell that the is the ifwjlflagrant itnpofitien ever attempted upon and would be the the ef England the effecl I am fufficiently that the perfons who made i grations to before the put to gather beiides thofe occafioned annually by war and And there is another little j taken notice which muft have operated ftrongly j againft fines the if that em ployment hatl not been affifted by the bounty gran ted at the revolution to the exportation of command that is the great encreafe of Jailors which the nation has been happily bleft with fmce that fignal pe S I Every is a hand loft to were it to take i intteadof as in becomes a confumer of the productions of our or more to our indutlnous j pour by draining the nation of a revenue of two mil lions a We totally remove the difirefs cf the for then they would ceaie tp be poor But if there is not the fame proportion between their earnings now and the preent prices of equalto that which fubJifted between their earn ings an hundred years and the then prices of it is reaJbnable that that error be reclined by legiilative after weighing all And I from in our religious and kolliday jun apologize for my not making that perional which my as well as my F Tbif if price twopence in NUMBER of thf NEW entitled TH B P A S S E N G E To be continued Printed for oppofite in Of whom may be Iof the famt A CATALOGUE of a colleftion of valuable with the which are now AH new publications and the betl 6f all kinds of STATIOMATY fuch as thick gilt and plain fine Englifh paper beft Dutch NoWemen and Gentlemen may always faaye any on the fliortelt HEW imported by oppoute Catherlneftrectin the Beokfeller to y Melanges Hif w tcriquM fc par De 3 Traite delaCouleur de h Peau Humame en ge par Le Traite de TExiftence de la Mature des Pro par Le Berlin Psnffes Pans j imitation de 1 An N a Paris Hiftolfe Generate avec duCabinef lu par Paris Les Interets des Nations de developes rehuivfiment au a Leide PaftoralesSs Parii e many thousands of thefe now perpetually at this reprefentation are too deeply mtereftedm the fofd moftenorinoutfy hwhilethey render our This day are By in N U M B E R Containing thefaur folUjwing j DIVIDING HIS by Ru In the coileSian her Royal Highnefs the friacefs of engraved by BalthazarGerbkr and his 1 air colleftor to Charles firft by famecollection engraved by William T continuance of by Duke of Engraved by 23 A Moderate Gale to zi by In the collection of the Earl of Engraved by NBA collection of 50 intended to make one after the molt capital pain tings in Eng are propofed to be publimed by in eacfr number of and a defcnpfion of the fix numbers of containing 17 are al ready Several for this of Earl of Or at Hougbton Earl of at Burleigh nw be nowieenat the where pr pofals are with a lift of the already and thofe intended for Juccefs of to let this contradiction pafs uncontrO and heaven and eaith will be moved ia fupport of fome of the bafeft falfehoods that ever came from hall in confequence of which I fhall be I i attacked with every artifice of every w umny ofthe moft rancorous But I am not difmayed at the Magna eft veritas et The facred hield ef truth will defend me Vom the moftinvenomd arrows of from the fame upright regard to juftice which firft prompted me to make the I lay the frnits af it before the impartial as the only fafe foundation to form judgment It is the Culiar gloryof the people of that they are as generous as they are and will never counj tenance however it may feem to favour nor deny fupport to injured even in an much lefs in a faithful That this is the cafe with the claimants of thofe hall be demonftrated by a candid and account of the nature and amount of of the reafons ef their laving been left fo long and of the farverities which the claimants bave fxfered in pur fuit ef common juftice in which account every cir cumftance fhall be fupported by the unerring proof of falls and the whole illuftrated by a vaiiety of the moft laid have not a Jbadow of doubt but the juf and which mark the character of the protect from oppreffion a fet cf whofe confidence in that character induced them to venture their fortunes in their fervice and make thofe have fo barefacedly attempted to throw fuch a ftain upon the public faith of the to fcreen themfelves from that indignation which they are eonfcious they feel the weight of in all its that tkt publit has bcen plundered is a moft certain but by ivLon remains to be made In the courfe of this though arduous un any anfwer or either publifhed orleft with the printer of this treated with due if figned with the writers I and giving his but of anonymous opponents no notice will be though for obvious reafons I myfelf fign a fictitious Honour and juftice are the fole motives for this by the ftricteft rules of which it hall be invariably In writing to I addrefs the pub lic by this which is defigned as an introduc tion to this moft important IB a day or two you hall hear from me and continue o to till the whole myftery is laid corn and vegetables of all forts notwithstanding tbat cncreafeof tillage which has occafioned the exportation of But nat would have bten orr cafe under thefe if t fubjecfed to vated before the revolution And what ftiruulated our farmers to this extenficn of agriculture Oirega affien another caufe if he All men of fenfe will agree with that we our new corn fields to the foregn corn and to ihe bounty granted to the exporters of that the price would receive no addition by an enquiry A P L O Yefterdaymorning arrived the froni France IN 15 O wlmh we have the following ad arrived at and by vices The HereditaryPrince of B run fA id Verfailles the and was preCctired the feme day his Moft Chriftian Majefty arid the Ioyal King of Spain has appointed Don Juan Gre hefe marfhes and commons had not been gQrO de Lieutenartt General i f his Ar the which and unculti to be hisSecrWary of State for the department r m of give an account of the of IjtheSieur de Anialya Pn uiurher he went j 1 laft upon Kint tile command ofthe troops tter from April We are aiTured that General Paoii is preparing Case in the prvvincs of and fays what was a wife mcafure becaufe they mud Jiow pay dou i their I will admit andthe whole illuftrated by a vaiiety of the the e curious and that were ever give lid before the public and when this is I AM llMt wbich i r 4 Al lcalt i I May The following letters are rfceivtd A Member jetlies Poor 0 M E G A w torsi at the is folly Our circttm fiances are Meat is dearer now than when the exportation of corn was The poor eannot now ifrord to pay the price for their bread as formerly or for but is not the price of of every dou ble to what it wa at the revolution I hope Omega will for his own deny a fait fo Or will Omega that the corn whick export is the food with which cattle rs fattened How thencouldthe price of be lower the exportation thofe forts of i r iven to the animals to ieed on is the main is as I know diftributed to the lower They are fattened with and which are not permitted to be So that till explains we cannot underftand that the price of meat can be lowered by laying an embargo on the exportation of or The of we frioftly and muft depend upon the valueof meadow and the price of peafe and And value of thefe things de in a great Uton the prices catrbe had for which muft encreafe with encreafed copfumption of cecaiioned by that prodigious encreafe of hipping which has happened fmce the Our are t lie true caule of that rife in the price of which Omega complains And this hsrdlhip is greatly enhanced by the baneful arts of There the of this and the way to redrefs as far as it can be redreJTed is to prohibit all jobbing in fat By cauiing all thele things to come immediately from the farmers to the without the inter vention of thofe pefts of the This malady may alfo be leJTeried by importation from where meat is as yet tolerably Jbme relief may be got by deftroying all uieles creatures which are not and afllft us net in nor in All thefe ought to be ex ported or put to Thefe are the natural means of lowering the priceof without lef fening our ftock of or difcouraging that em ployment which us this And in the mean time I mult that ms at is a more to to to ho4 the utr alarm tq has lent a order themfelves iirrcaiines fo moft 1 his orctr the French A largeTurkey aden M ith rce and i loft in the and of all the which was very only two men were Yefterday the Right Earl Templs fet out on a vine to Pitt at It was very confidently aflei at the Weft end of the that ihe Duke of Grafton had resigned and that his Grace was to be fucceeded bv the Duke of Several great changes are talked of but the ibme people is to It is now fa id to be thaithe Lords Tern Mr are nil in cordial and firm Yefterday there was levee at Yefterday morning Cabinet Counu was held at the Queens at which feveral tf the great of ficers of It is that his Excellency the Count de in a late has informed the thast the court of Verfailles dcoth not approve the late irregular proceedings of the French on the African r it is that no of tne iTnniiy will be by our as arbitrators m adjuftment of the Manilla Tt is now that the deparlure ot his Grace tce Duke of Kichmohd for Paris is fiveu for the J5th We that when Sir Andrew hnvoy Extraordinary to the Court of tookJeaveof the heV Majefty delivered to him tlie portraits al Highucffes Prince of Wales and of their Royal Hig the Biihop of Olhabrug highly in by and richly fet with diamonds which portraits are intended as a pfefent to the Rdgning Dukeof and to be delivered into his Serene Highnefss n hand by t is They write that two ad euiu icrs have been arreite tor wthjut a number of nu bt fliipped for the liriiidi ftitlcMtnrs in a when ffverleTiinenr r and were ex amied on tha preknt ilatt cf the and i far neceflarv it to the rt of LJon jor importation ot foreign uhich been wittun As bred is th that is at a realbaabie d of the aiv labouring r krt ailmvedJW thefe few only artic it is hope nys ot p for fhntftwif inli in ths ;