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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 4, 1766, London, Middlesex tteer H A V M A T A R THE K E KINGS THEATRE in the On Thurfday the 6th of will be a Serious called SO F O N I S B The Mufic entirely compofed by Signior With Fit and boxes to be put and Ko perfons to be admitted without will be delivered That Day at the aid at half a guinea each Oellery five By their MAJESTIES No perfon whatsoever to be admitted behind the nor info the The pit and will be opened at To begin at half an hoar after fix Vivant Rex The Opera is obliged to be deferred to the day above for the better recovery of D K u i i L A N AT the Theatre Royal in D R u K Y L AN THIS DAY will ne prefented The CLANDESTINE MARRI The principal characters by Mifs and With a PROLOGUE and E P i L o c D COVEN r G A R AT the Theatre Royal in THIS DAY will be prefented KING Rofs Smith Mi Clarke Gibfon WaHcer CuSimg Stephens Vincent With For the BENEFIT of HEATRE Royal in on Fuel the i8th of will be prefented a IN HIS by particular GEORGE I ALEXANDER STEVENS will repeat HIS FIRST LECTURE UPON As he delivered it Laft Boxes in i The GEORGIA George Com will fail on Thuriday from for HAVING excellent accommodations for Gentlemen that ti have goods to or intend going paf fengers for Auguftine or may treat with the Captain at the Ca rolina and Florida from twelve to three This day at noon Mill be price THE PERILS of POETRY An E pi file to a By Fellow of Trinity Printed for in in the Strand and Fletcher and at Cam bride lewis 5 Matter Baker Dame With VARIETY of To begin exactlyat nx 1 Vivant Rex Tickets to be had of at his houfe in Martletcourt and of at the tlagedoor of the where places may be a very in various and a curious collection old and many See black letter To which are added a collection ot curious and Arabic manufcnpts with a large num ber of Roman them veryfinely irom Which win be fold by Auction By SAMUEL B A At his houfe in Beeinnine on Monday the icth and to con tinue the fix following To begin each evening atiiv B The books may be vjewed on Thurfday the 6th and to the time of Catalogues to be had of the folio Mr Pallmall Bond freetMr Charing crofs Brother Templebar and at the place of There are fome very good portfolios to be fold in thefixth nights This day is In one price or zs THE HISTORY of QUEEN of Froin he French of frinied for in Parker in Coruhill Davies is Ruflelftreet Co veitgarden in Piccadilly and Sletcher and at For a character of this the rea fi refered to the Critical Review for laft to in which there are feveral extracts Wcdntes equally curious and not kaovn or at ieaft related by CHRISTINAS farmer M of who was namefake to the this Hn NE W M U S I Jufl THE Recitatives and Songs in Score in the New Pantomime Entertainment called The Hermit Harlequin at As they are fung at the Theatre Royal in conapofed by John To which is added the adapted for the The unes and fongs in the above pantomime tranfpofed for the Printed for Richard at his mufic mop op poiite Great Where mjy be had the overture with all the parts alfo the tunes and airs for two and a thorough bafe for the harpfichord ditto tranfpofed for the German To make the above overture inparts for a fmall the folo parts of the wind inftruments are printed in the firft and fecond fo that it may be played with two violins and a or two tenors and a This day is Price One Pound One Shilling in THE HISTORY of L con taining the antiquities and revolutions of the country of MECKLERBURGH with the fucceffion and memorable actions of By THOMAS Printed for the author and fold by bsokfeller to his and in the Strand in GrayVinn in Fleetftreec in the Poultry in Pallmall and in Lud The Author returns his grateful acknow to the Nobility and Gentry who ve done him the lionour to encourage this Hiftory of inerMa jeftys ilihftrious Subscribers fending their receiptsfnayhaveheir books delivered at the above orar the Authors Grays continue to be This Bay is A CATALOGUE of feveral thoufand including the Libraries of HENRY And ADAM A N D E R S O Author of the HISTORY of COM MERC ET Both Containing a choice collection of valuable in all iciences and branches of and in va rious many on royal and in fine bindings alib a choice collection of Law which will be the prices printed in the Cata on Monday and continue by JOHN W H I S T O At in Catalogues may be had at and of in New Bondftreet Piccadilly Pallmall Charing crofs Cernnill without TempleBar and at the place of Where may be the full value for any library or parcel of An Account ot Cibber der 7 his Day is one volume price five 1 1 FOURTEEN preached on the livins occafions An aa The 5oth of The death of Baker oi i he of The theGoipel The meeting of the Charity On AfaieweU 1 heLcn Before the religious um The 5th of I he clon Dy Now Lord Archbifhop of Canteroury Printed at the Bible and Crown in Juft Lare Chart of Bombay of the threat bay and harbour of on the of of Mathevvnen on the of the great Bay of Ma n andbour of Gavita with correft plans or city of Manilla and town of wherein tha and the batte and the private Life of the hue EmbeUilhed with a fine head of the celebrated de a beautiful and uncommon ani called the and a new long upon as Ibis day is price NUMBER of THE COURT MISCELLANY GENTLE MAN and LADYS NEW for FE The following is a fmall part ot the contents Memoirs of the celebrated de A new defcription of the Egyptian Pyra and Arabian The national and perfonal advantages of An account of an uncommon from the Memoirs of the Aca demy of Sciences at Conclufion of the na tural hiftory of with entertaining The difference between grace and beauty an al An eiBy on Of an elegant man ner of and a polite A letter to a on a dilialte the On the con tempt of fame an oriental The firft eiiorts of the Engliih to fettle the colony of State of agriculture in with remarks on the Natural hiftory of the tranllated from the Hiftory of Catharina Em prefs to Peter the An authentic hie of A curious invented by of A method of taking off paintings in An account ot the private lite of thelate The life of An account of an uncommon called the Pha Remarks on the new play of the CJandefI A new method of j and the blight in fruit communicated to the Society of Arts and Various of Priiated for Richardfon and under the Roya Exchange and fold by all the bookfellers Sd newscarriers in Great of American agents proclaim his imagined preva It has always that gentlemans good fora tune to be praifed for heroifm he never contributed to and now he is huzzad for patronizing a fcheme which he hath hitherto and may yet dif His and particularly his firft formed the great impediments which are not as yet removed out they way of the American The principles which he fo loudly pro claimed gave birth to thofe objections which diffuade the defired and will perhaps effectually ftifle The confideration of the juft confequences of thofe principles taught by the Great Commoner formed that minority whofe advancement into a Mi niftry will be productive of taxes upon Americ which cannot now be taken A minority fo large at its firft and founded upon principles fo agreeable to the bulk of the cannot long remain in It muft i foon become a We have all witnefTcd much the late diminutive minority embarraffed the late biennial how foon that minority grew up into that which is now fo fully exerted againft GreatBritain yet that mino rity was compared with which has arofe out of the great Commoners It was alfo made up of men without rninifterial cha racters and notvrithftanding thefe it ftarted up with a mufhroomlike fpeed into this American a Miniftry divided in difunited in and unftable in their He muft be a novice in politics who can lup pofe it that a Miniftry of this fort can long keep the field againft fo patriot a actuated by the nobleft paffion that can fill the breaft of the love of our blended with a tender con cern for poflerity which is not dazzled with the glare of prefent private in and fhort lived felfifh but is already grown into a as ftrongly cemented toge and as indiflbleable as any corps of that which followed the Macedonian conqueror a mi nority thus infeparably by being animated with the fame moft laudable and enlivened with a foul breathing one the defire of pro moting Britains moft permanent and ref cuing her from American Is it I that a Miniftry threatening defolation to this iflancU can ftand before a fo united and influenced in their by hearts fo really Britifh It cannot The American Miniftry muft foon give way to Bririfh commerce and manufactures are fleeting tenants they are moveable here to tomorrow in and next day in China or And of confeqiience merchants and manufacturers have no docal affections they always on the ready to purlue wealth all the world It is nothing to them whether they defcry golden harvefl courting their fickles at London or At the latter they will foon find every advantage they mull in the in cafe politics continue to prevail In that there will be here a land j labouring under the Egyptian bondage of portable In a country exempted from all embalmments of that In America the brewer will find malt at eighteen pence a which worked into malt and beer will pro duce an equal quantity with yet is lubject to no although the ftrong beer will there fetch as much money by the gallon as He will alfo in a fine climate and rich Other buliivffes wiil there meel with an equal This being prefuppofed to be a true picture of who will ftay in miferable Bri tain fo foon as America is discovered to be out of the danger of being taxed The migrations of traders and from hence to which are now meditated te be complifhed fo foon as the repeal takes will prove too convincing evideaces of the defolation awaiting Britain upon that melancholy But when the commercial part of the inhabitants is to will be theTalue of the foil of Britain will not the lords of and great freeholders think of that in time The barons of England were the firft fug oefters of the happy conftitution we now To them we owe magna and by their direc tion the firft writs were iflued for fummoning a houfe of To whom then mall our son depends on the prefenceof the trading and working part of the principles privileging America with an exemption from or politics grounded on fucb dangerous muft be of the moft ruinous nature and well deferve the par ticular attention of our Barons and R A W L E I G The following Utters are Conftant Cuftomer and A Friend to Have at Keep it up Wdchman Crowders To the ries of tlieEnglifli Each of the above accurately furyeved matter c his Majdty s hip Eliza in her late voyage o me Printed for at 17 n GoulRon near Whitechapelbars Where may be had new direftory for the navigation ot theEalMn 3 as a chart of the or Weftern Iflands and k chart of the ftreights of Malacca Alfo Nickelfons remarks and obfervations m his late to the being a proper fupph nS to the Direftory Likemle Monheur DAnvilles maps of and tne coaft of coromanieli with a illuftrauon To the O U R cerrefpondent of tne l6tlnult leems niach to lament the want OL the Great Commoner but where is he and where has he been wanted No I am but where he made imfelf If his minifterial abilities were ever wanted by his it K to him only that his country is indebted for this Is it however poflible that he is now wanted Ame fo full of his nraife teftifies his preface where many would rejoice at his ab and thf huzzas ftitution and all our dominions fly for but to their great parents and guardians The power of the barons includes that of the non vot confequently is a which if now msy fave their pofterity and us from impending It is their and that of their that this place flioukl not be converted into a But traders and manu facturers can rind England any All is Eng to wherever they can turn two hillings into half a cr get more for labour than Is it not then full time that the landed intereft flioiild look about and not fufter their eftates to be reduced to no value by commercial communi Thfrir all is at the for trade and riches the greateft power will alfo retreat to America and where the taxing power will then I hall leave the barons and other freeholders of Britain to In Sir an American Miniftry cannot do for this for this obvious beeaufe this ifle is fixed upon the Eaftern fliore of the and tliat great abyfs of waters lies between us Ams like the Britannia man of could be failed over to and fettled upon or fomewhere as near to the continent of perhaps it might be indifferent to us whether our commercial and induftrious inhabitants were in Britain or MewYork but fmce that cannot be the and the value of the foil of this A LTHOUGH your correfuondent the True Eri has precipitately taken his leave of I muft yetrequeftyou will embrace the earlielt oppor tunity to acquaint that I too well approve of his regard to the determination of to debate novj on the point of the ffimetime that if I did diffent in I could not poflibly exprefs myfelf on the without of fending agaiuft its and your How far a fubiriflion to and a con formity to your merits the the True is pleafed to load me I readily fubmit to the determination of your candid being fen fible that in the eftimation of the judicious I ihali not be thought to cahimiate the author of a Letter from a Nrrckant in to in Norik by proving my againft Since the True Briton urges me to paraphrase ther on murmurs and I muft frankly tell that every disagreeable would be that has attended thofe in un der whatever he n to term them and that this affertion carries it the fame force as his ipfe dixit does to the That reafoning on the juftice of the ft a nip act in from Itam duties being paid is po fitively not in as I tlo injift the ftamp ait in America is beeaufe a tax onlj on the Americans whereas the ftamp tax in this kingdom in a confiderable a one be eaufe the Americans pay annually many thonfands of pounds to that tax by the a find ftamp du ties on the On policies of On bills of On protefts for bills of On entries at the Cuftomhoufe and where a iwultiplicity of are neceffary before their goods can be flapped to Ame or their fhips cleared To which may be added numberlefs nctoriai and other legal the Americans pzyjiamp duties in com mon with all other taxes laid on this a by what they are obliged to pay in the piiees of our as what they pay i by enabling an innumerable cf and denendtnt upon i to pay the high taxes of this country 5 3nil a mul j tirude of the rne equipages aid coliiy fideboards of the the the he arc at the expence of the it is but juftice to acknouKdge they pay a bare of the taxes even en wheels and pate that if ihss and had besji cruididly repre fented at ihe proper and in the prefer a ftamp tax on America probably not have psf fed a Britifn As to the True BriTons remark on that which he is pleafed toterm an egregious I hold ic be low although at the fame time it gives me beeaufe I have thereby the favourable op portuniy again repeating a which I ain anx ious to have very citepiy irnpreffed on the minds of every individual in nation I wiil moft readily adopt his if he tiiinks ic will convey with force and viz That Great Britain cannot receive any aggrandifa ment adequate to he may expert by an extenfive trade with her If the True Briton not as litde converfant with the ititerior of as he appears to be with the true intereft of Great lie would not impute their prefect ftate to beeaufe unfortunately for the country fmce the acts commenced which obliged them to make bricks they have been but too bufily employed in to the prejudice of this The paymcnt of fixey thoufand annually it is not the produce of our nor was permitted to b rfLLived from be as opprtfiivein thole there is as if the law had obliged them to pay a tx in pago das of the or iu diamonds of the firft I will only that I fubmit it to the candid ren whether the wsaknefs of caufe may not in fome meafure be determined by the of his friends arguments in his defence and whether I may with liere repeat the latt re mark of a brilliant anil honourable fon of That afirfs rat man ofwar zvas reduced to a frigate and that that frigate more to rife W To the P R I N T E E have lived to fee the authority of ths lative power of Great Britain openly con and oppoled in her colonies we have heard of the officers invefted with the full authority of the being hunted like wild confined like beHeged in their and terrified with the moft dreadful apprehenfjons of an untimely for barely yielding Jn their to the iupreme authority of We have fecn a great nuiaher of Bitcns the cauife of Uiofe refrafiory riotous cclcrits ;