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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 30, 1766, London, Middlesex The H A Y M A R K E The V I F T R T the THEATRE ROYAL m the HAY TOMOKROW will be per formed a O F W AihiNj M S H C 1 tpal paris by O O T E S T O Mr U T E FOOTE will perform his ufual with a w With ENTERTAINMENTS of To which will be added by particular defire The A P P K E N T Pick with the Original Prologue DAVIS Murden Hurft j Pre MGeorge Palmer 5 Chuck i Charlotte by the YOUNG GENTLEWOMAN whd performed Lucy being her 5th apprtBSace en any Boxes fit Gallery The doors will be open atfoc j and begin at feven Ladies are deurvf to fend their lervants to keep places at Places for the boxes to be taken of at ths Vivaot For the JB E N E F i T of the GENERAL LYINGIN JVibnday the joth of J willbe exnibited at RANELAGH beiides die uiual entertain ucnts of that place The MOST SUPERB and MAGNIFICENT Ever feen at Under the conduit and direction of ANGELO j from motives of humanity has obligingly undextrken the management for the benefit of that molt uiefui and excellent Cha which now greatly wants toe fupport and af fiitarvce of the In the centre Gothrck Arch cf thefe ele gant wih DC finety represented a figure a beautiful with an innocent Baiae at each and a third loiant climbing up her knees larger than life alluding to maternal affec Chanty and inder which trampled as it were underfoot are ftrungly exprefled the al legories of E and painted in iy the rnolt eminent hands in i litre will be rive fliiiljigs to be had at reet i e cnnyj Fallmall j at Nan a near Templebar the feverai corfeehouies near the Koyal Ex iameso dos ana and at Tickets for will then taksn arui thofe by accident marked half a gui will be raken only for five 1ie explanation and orler of thefe magnificent Twelve half pound iky Two Chi fteft One regulating piece of ten a vertical porcupine a vertical an eightpointed a double a fun an eightpointed eight vertical Two witk white and blue all Two crown wheels with and acaicade with a branch on the TWO large vertical wheels with Two balloon wheels illumined and decorated with pots Six p U daigrets with 9 Six Two regulating pieces of three aveitical wheel illumined and a an eight pointed Two tables with fix fun wheels round ibe an the fop xfe and four wheels 14 Oae isrge nrft of which admits ef a determinate anfwer j the fecond is fomewhat more The nrft cafe when the Banns are publifhed iil and one of the parties fubfcribes the mar riagecontract in the regifter with a different name Such a mifnoraer undoubtedly renders the marriage null and For the acl that Publication fliall be made of tke names of the par otherwife the marriage fliall be Now if either of the parties by their of a different deny the name mentioned in the publication of and inferted in the regiiter of banns to be their aflual then certainly names of the parties have not been and the marriage is As to what degree of dirte rence between the name publifhed and the name fub fcribed mall be fufficient to make void the that will jjjpend upon the opinion of a Court of Juf before whom any fuch caufe may be brought and is a fubjecl foreign to our I needon ly obferve further on this that the identity of perfons cannot be proved in regard to the publica tion of their any otherwife than by the iden tity of names becaufe the perfons of the parties are often not nor But in the mar riage ceremony the cale is very becaufe then their perfons The nullity of the mar riage is exactly the fame in regardto a The on d cafe of a which is alfo more properly fubjecl of the is fomewhat more This when the name the name fubfcribed literally the yet the real and legal name of one of the parties but oiftly and before the late fuch a marriage as this would have undoubtedly been if the identity was as your correfpondent has juftly decided lince the late I apprehend thatthe cafe is entirely I do take upon Hie to deter mine this point of law as I do not know that any fuch cafe has been tried fince the late as it is of great I wifh that fome gen tleman of the law would fhew me in what I am if I be miftaken in maintaining that fuch a marriage is now ahflutely null and For wfadfc theacl declares that publication fealilstfaadfesf names of the earrit peflairy beunderftood to mean the or names which are not the names of the or any name as well as the real lo it be but a name If fuch an interpretation of the words of the acl be fenfe In I am fure it wpuld not be fenfe in any other fcience j if fuch be the law of lam j fure the boafted law of England is a bundle of ab innocencei mould be expofed to the impcfiion of artful The laws ef England aire remark ably vigilant in fecuring women from any impofl tion from their huibands iri regard to the alienation of their fortunes after marriage can it be efteemeol lefs neceflary co fecure them from the impoftures of pretended lovers before in what regards not only die iliefcation of but of credit and domeiiic with the acquifition of nothing but what muft aggravate and lead to The recent inftartce of a young milliner being thus impofed on by a pretended ad ded to the many other inftances which daily arife to prove the as well as the inefficient na ture of the ought to urge forwaid thofe who have any regard for the to tkink of a thorough reformation of If the other many and great Bational concerns which occupied our lawgivers during the lalt prevented their at tention to it is to be that the fure oftheprefent recefs will be employed in plan ing out a fcheme againft the next meeting of par Letters rtceived A r wheel and fpur water confuting of Chinele jerbs and pots Three Gothic arches decorated with flower and then change into illuminations and a transparent piece in thfrmiddle a cafcade in the outfide with branches on the illu To conclude with two pots PATENT SILK His patent having been lately granted ior and vending an exceeding fin cloth compoled of fi and which being much and thinner than the belt fuperfine Spaniih is great ly preferable to any fabric of that fort for and other robes in general gemlemens fummer ladies childrens and other where eafe is The proprietor gives this notice to the that a warehoufe is now opened for the fjle by in Gerrard and no where elfe in England j with proper allowance to and alfo to merchants buy it for At the fame warehoufe only are to be circaflkn filk and other quilted and all other forts ot mercery tooth fiik and at the loweft Saturday arrived a Mail from June According to fome advices from there have been great diforders and diftur bances in that A body of infurgents is faid to have pillaged the caftle of Prince fituated between Funfkirchen and StuhlWeinen and likewife his caftle at from whence that Prince retired to after figii ing feme articles that were prefented to June A few days as fome work men were pulling down an old wall in this which had ftood between four and five hundred they found a cheefe incrnfted in the morttw of the fame form with thofe which are now made is this ccmntry j if we may believe feverai curious perlcns tafted the moiftnefsaml flavour fttrprifingly It is very cenfidently that KyFor tht JOHN hjl To the PRINTER of the 115 Matrimonial Query in your PaPer was intended as nothing more than a ridicule uPcn tne of Fe male Fortunehunters 5 but as your has anfwered it and as the query is of great importance to the domeftic happinefs of many I trouble you with a few remarks upon the left the erroneous anfwer of ihould lead yoor to fudi iteps as may tend to their Jf be aot altogether at ipiftaken Sn Beating the query as a matter of no difficulty His anfwer is drawn from lawbooks prior to the and in thofe times would have been jult but the late aft has entirely altered the legality of the In order to render the mat ter it muft be that the query way owblde two differeat cafes oi the furdity felony ia the srid nullity of marriage to the if the ceremony beperformed tefore a paper be read in church three feveral bavixg TWO names in without any regard whe ther they be the names of of or aiTo to take fo much and inflict heavy to prevent clandeftine mar riages j md yet permit the obvious Yen fe of words to be in order to render clandeftine mar yiages as eafy as I if the law be founded on as the lawyers fay it that the of the parties inuft mem the real and legal thofe entered in the regifter of and inherited from the father If either of the parties be married in a falfe or fumed the mairiage is abfolutely But whichever be the wkether fueh a mar mgfcbe valid yet one point is that Mamagssel muft be either one of the un juftand cruel acts which was ever devifed by the pride of or elfe the moft weak and which human folly have For if tfte words of the acl require the real name to be flmdder at the c nfequence for if any im pofter aiTutnes zfalfe and marries a virtuous uoxlec i the marriage is Voi V i rtu e a nd Stofceaawfaflt robbed in a moment of cre mind for ever and the law itfelf becomes a pimp to debauchery and Is not this cruel law if the words of the acl mean any aflumed name as well as the real then the acl Jofes all its efficacy toward preventing clandeftine marriages j according to this in an heirefs and minor may be married to her fathers in any romantic name ihe fliall and the marriage be Would not fach be a weak ard ufelefs law Whatever the acl yet it muft be either a very ciuel or a very fooiifh before the late the cruelty of the firft cafe could have never taken place betaufe no mar riage could have ever become from any error or impofrure in the publication of Neither could the clandeftine celebration in thtfSfecond cafe have ever taken as the law flood before the late aS becaufe the late acl has cr ren dered equivocal and one part of a which exprefsly forbids the under a heavy to marry a even after publication of and although no objeclion had been made to until fuch time as the parents or guardian had pfoivety given their The in all be able to know a minor from another whenever therp is ex treme he can form fome conjecture from a view of the or from their equivocal lince the he is compelled to marry them 5 at the law has not vouch fafed to inform him whether it intended that he fliould be compelled or not cannot undertake at his own to render that which the lawyers and law makers did not think worthy of being made in regard to the validity of a marriage under ajaft I fliall not only be open tocon viction from but glad to be forced to change my opinion of the two it wers better that the acl and setmakers ihould be eitcemed not over than that the credulity attendant upon Pjince Cwftent of Bifliop of Ratilbon and FreifingueBy brother to the will have the royal abbey of Germain des Prez and that the Count de Prince of the who refigns that rich will be appointed Vicege rent of and go to reiidc From the LONDON The Prince Stadtholder in perfect to this yelterday in the even His Serene Higimefs dined at tbe houfe in the from at the riefire of the burghers of this he in to his apartments in this the c minies ot the militiatining the ftreets through which he and crowds of people exprefling the higheft fatisf ac tion at his fafe June The King has been pleafed to constitute and appoint his Royal Highnefs WilSan Hemy Duke of Gloucefter to be Colonel of the thir teenth regiment of in the room of General Harry who has The King has been pleafed to order letters patent to oe palled under the great feal of the kingdom of containing agrantunro John Doc tor in of the place and dignity of Dean of the cathedral church of Limerick in the faid king vacant by the death of Charles late Dean Tke King has been pleafed to order liks letters pa containing a grant unto James Doc tor in of the place and dignity of Dean of Ehuy in the faid vacant by the refignuion of John Doclor in B A N K R TT Charles of city hawker and to iuc 5 ui a 15111 j of nt tenia the and 9th of jl at eleven in the at di Btiys appointed Jar making ike dividends cj Bankrupts eftates to John Cafwall and John late of bankers and on i hurfday the A of at eleven in the at Wills coffee iifrr Lmcolnsinn back Richaid of parilh of Martin in the the of at five in the at Henry of the of at fix in the at Peicr of the ajth of at four in the after at Andrew late of in the parifh cf in the county of Jofepb late Of Dunnington Wood in the faid and Samuel Penfon late of the parilh of in the county of irontnnf ters and the a4th of at ten in the at the Talbot in k Certificate to be idkjjtd to William of Allens LeadenhaH on or before ihe igthof Robert of on or before the i jth Henry now or late of on or before the ijth of The Earl of Rochford is rixed upon to go Ambaf fador to We that the terms upon which the Great Commoner may now take tbe lead in the adminiib a tion are fuch as he confiilent with his and the duty he owes his King and coun refufe accepting if there is no doubt but his patriot heart feels too much for the miieries of his native not to accept of a employment which will put it in his power to put an end to Three noblemen are talked of u fucceed the late Earl of the Dukes of Gordon and and the Earl of It is faid the title ef Earl of Sirherland will be by the death ef the late Earl without male as the laft in was limited to the Heirs male ot that noble Saturday laft his Grace the Dnkeof Newcaftle fet out for ExtraS of a letter frotn LimegfS in Trance June Laft Monday the oclave of the feftivai or holy facrament we had a violent thunder when the lightning fell on the church of Michel des was great It appeared like a globe of which divided into pai took different A great dog was by thefideof a beggar cloaihs were burnt on his and a hat on a little dai the h A an other boy was alfo burnt in his hand he ifing he holy The ether a voule in the Fauxxrtirg des fcrok a that was 16 inches overthrew a Inapt ixi and fhivered thice girders vo Tiitihocic which this hcufe received Co tat ihe cale is put tbree inches out of mid ail th parts 5re According to private letters from the crnri of Madrid is laid io have purchafed the vered by ofl account of Us litu ation between Streights ii and thofe of Ma of the greueft by of irs i to the prcgrefs tf au enemy round i Cape Horn into the The French are railingforty companies cf of a hundred men each who arc deiligDtd to go un der the command of de to relieve their troops in the i lands of and Eighteen hundreil of marine are to be lent to tlie iil s ot France ami and to other ports of the E The India company are likewife to be permi ted to and have fac tories but even they without interfering as to A gentleman lateJy arrived from that there now in eighty fcijs cf the line many of them of av rylarge fj ce j in fix of Letters from of the advj that ihe court had not then recti ed any account i general ecxion ia ahas besu rela in foreign Letters that the Ma la on advice oi the plot formed thert took the following method ef awing th Under pretsnct f ing part cf the heordereda bod oM oops into the town from witk which he the doubled thole at the and a niunijei1 of pieces of ctn iion diavn out of ths whiih wre placed in the caftle but in iuch a that thy covdil the principal ftreets and c resways the lie had raken theie e ordered the inhaitants by found of to a femble the Caftie from whence he made tie to them mentioned in n fjriver and concluded by afluring them that he v dct mined to fupport it with the laft chop of his They write from that one of s is handed ahottt pij drelTed to all tti Chriftian 4 the m juttice of in deviating t1 character of mediators and neutra hLite wur liKe preparations in iffond ofCoi fie They write froLti that a company af Englifti merchanis are foou to be by fa vour the the city of the river Wolga where im extenfive trade in Br manufactures ipropoiid to bs carried on to the uid other iie fliores rt the Advice is ui i to been m Kingof Tanijar the ui forces in his the tribute a j i that a to ay al nrc niy of Sciences at miuni to trfe Situr de The Roy have given for pointing out a of making bri tcckh w The PaoiiMs held their genera the but it is not known yet aac termined The lats edict of the Grand Seignor for the current lias cccafioned a general at 11 Ul I They vrite tr tiiat feme the nrlt news ot tlie four xen to he hesds of as many puncheons of rum tor tisQ or A foreign Court is faid to be I with the Kin o Fohnd to get Prince Waymcdi of Vv reinllated in his Friday laft arrived nt from tl in twentynine the R in whom crune p the i and Francis iilq diutdy fst cut for Tilt Same William from arrived jf I Ytfterday arrived sther moorings in the t Calais Karle from f Ths Boulogne Henry Merit Larrivj in the The ligmont of war is oreere i ritid afterwards be We hear that Hector Mmiro will emVarkj adiilinguilhedcharacltriii tlieCoripai board ore of tile ouj In the courfe cf laft feventyorr coll front arriveii jn the An order will foon be iffaed prohibit the reign exportation of fdt except to fce American They rite from that an jr tleman has lattly difcovered a d t from ea which can be great fifty per chcaptx common alie return expeftod ibis year from tlie good con duel of the Dinclors of iheCatt ij aad hf great auiity of be fairly at nc r two millions iVrhng thofe from and an I atainiilion and The ftjia ot or three hundred thoufand is ailo eft in na for the inveftme t oi next yfrir j fciteai from China above their caiter three thouiand tons or fix huncirtt kiles of raw a valuable to this and particuiarfy f at theprtfent the govtrnmenthavepjecliidsd the nc The cargoes from Mtd and on their way i at he to the Company M prof i cargoes haviigbeen purchaffd vti the jj arifing from its revenue in i here are three hips copper ordered to modere as Ion tobeievj there af Un I near that already hut a man poied to llrttcli awato y o thci i ;