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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 25, 1766, London, Middlesex W E D N E S D TUNE 25 The FOURTH T THEATiE kOYAL m the will be performed a called Tlie COLE by FOOTE Richard Sir William the Davis Palmer MGeorge and WESTON Qmck Francis and Strutton SH UTER Lucy by a YOUNG Being her 4th appearance on any ilage With ENTERTAINMENTS ofD ANCIN By Monsieur and Mifs To which will be a Farce called The with ths Original DAVIS Murden Hurft Pre fidentj Palmer MGeorge Wefton Aickin Quick Boxes Pit Gallery The doors will be open at fix j and begin at feven Ladies are defired to fend their fervants to keep places at Places for the boxes to be taken of at the Vivant Rex RANELAGHHOUSE WILL be opened THIS with the ufual Evening To be continued en and till further Admittance coffee and tea Noel plays This Evening on the Pan r V I N E N T sN i o H MARiBOWE July will be a CONCERT of VOCAL and Lv The Vocal Parts by and With leveral NEW by particular after the Concert will be A B A L Tickets two Shillings and To render it agreeable to the com there will be a p atforn Lud in the great which Wll be entirely i here be a Jiorie patrols for ths city road to from u u to proreV rhoe friends who intend honouring Vincent with their i ickets to lie of at her lodgings at next the Savoy the ana ar the tar of the i titty u Printed on writing in two neat pocket price fewed in blue TilE ENGLISH CONNOISSEUR Combining an account of whatever is curious in Faintiii and in the and Seats oi tlie and principal Gentry of Eng both in Town and At few of i is well any Catalogues to be Printed tsr Davis and over againt Holborn in Picca dilly i and at Where may be printed in ths fame price Count Algarottis Effay on Paint ing in which are explained the Theory and Prac tice of that Art together with the feveral Criteria neceffary o form the Conncffeur and the Tins day h fries AN AccsuNrof the LIFE of JOHN L ProfefTor of Rhetoric in Grefham and By T HO MBS and Printed for Paul in the For the letters A LOVER of DECENCY FRIEND to PH1LO ME CHANICUS and AMERICAN To the PRINTER of the all your inftead mere confident affertion and in order to Puzze like yiijj produce their rea opinions they then many dubious in all parts of would be foon placed on a moje as fliould then be enabled to juJghow far fuch were Talid or not in that very fiipperv would hereby be reduced to forne more fure and fixed At of all tlie which come the deliberation of there is cf a more undetermined nature than the theory of the commercial interelts of a na The thcoret c arguments of who talk write on fuch refersble the taking an eel by which lips ihrough your firgers even in very moment when you think you have got the fafteft hold and thofe commercial interelts them felvet refemble an intricate vvluch has io many within though our eyes can clearly difcern what effect the firit mover wilj have upon the or fourth when we attempt to look Rill otu1 penetra tion at too often bewildered by the intricacy the we can feldom find out hoiv the laft wheel wilibe or the lait which new regulation concerning commerce will have upon the good of the Hence that rea foning will often appear to be only in jufl j on the that which is not will as often appear convincing and in dubita unil our own woeful fiiall teach us the certainty of thofe thnntic admonitions we negieiled and ifthe pre iertt geniationdonitnnd it expedient to undo what have at their pofterity will have reaion to call in queftion the wifdom of their fore How many examples in the prefent times confirm thefe general truths J To mention but one Our an no thought did 2 wife thing when they paffed a bill to prevent the importation of Jrih lean and this in order to encourage out own breeding But little did they forefee the confequence of fuch a new regulation that the beingno longer able to pay their rents by lean would get into the breeding of flieep that their wool would be found as good as Enghih wool that the utmoft vigilance of Cuftombuujc Of fiert could not prevent this wool from being exported and thereby foreign woollen manufactures nurfed up to underfell Englifh ones j in length of our own breeding even with the addition of would not be able to iupply a fufhci ency of lean cattle that their piice would rile to double that therefore the farmer mufl fell them as high in when fatted that hereby all our manufacturers muft be or raiie their to the destruction of the manufactures the being wifer than our would when half to pafs a law to once the importation of Iriih lean cat tle that when it was no cattle would be brought in the mean the Irifh have provided a better by fatting thera felves for a foreign We by this how much further we ought to look than the firft or fecond wheel before we alter the prefent courfe of commerce by new laws and howdiracult it is to difcern the final effects of fuch laws before we feel them when we feel we then find it too late to alter find it not rational to truft too much in the fub ject of commerce to any narrow and fliortfighted reafoning in thofe as we have had no experience either on the one fide or other to teach us it certainly rnuft be the height of irratio nality to truft fo much to it as to be tempted ftj alter thofe regulations which long experience has taught us to be really and fuperlatively ufeful and fuch is the cafe of the Navigation the prudence of which has ftood the teft of long time and united to the approbation and imitation of all fo reign We cannot be too cautious how make nrft breaches in a regulation of as much importance to the power of our pofterity as the Magna Charta could have been to the liberties of our more efpecially if thefe breaches are made through the fpecious and fclf interested fug geftions of private traders here or colonifts whofe private gain ternprs them to put a deceitful glofs upon what is detriments to the public at fuch breaches fliould have had an op ity being maturely weighed before leitour repealing of lavs mould lubject us to the derifion of all I that if it be not yet it is an extraordi nary thatabilloffuch importance fhould be hurried thro the at the tail of a In it mule be that nct only the landed the intereft of this ifland in has too is now more and more made a iacri fice to the private interelt of traders here and ixlo nifts abroad in refpect of England is reduced to the condition of a henpecked whofe wife claims a right to wear the breeches and while the poor honeft drudge toils on and fweats to fill the muftkeep the key and fpend the chink at her will and As this is the general mode of the in it is conspicuous in the prefent queftion concerning tke Port Bill for although I was doubtful yet that tke Creole has in formed us of the reafons which have been urged to fupport the propriety of I am far frcm allow ing its that I ann convinced more and more that it will prove an inroad upon the Navigation by facrificing of the permanent interefts of the mother country to the temporary interefts of indi and of thofe colonifts whefe interefts ought always to be rendered fubfervient to the fe curity of the mother for otherwife colonies muft become the ruin of The truth of thefe af fertions let us now by the eftects which would arife on a that the free psrts in queftion are neutral as well as and by confidering what is not a fuppofi the effects of their being I the diltinction of a neutral zndfree port to be juft not that I ever confounded thofe but he imagined I becaufe lie him felf had in his own thofe Jife rtnt eftates of government which have the right to eftubiiui fuch different To eitablifh a frte is a right oi parliament but to eftablifh zmu irai is the fole jight of the as beinga part of his prerogative of making wr or con ventions and treaties between his kingdom and fo reign The it ispublicfy has declared thofe ports free But is THE CREOLE certain rhat they are not alfo privately declared neutral to the Pruffian by virtue of a con vention Unlefs he be fure of it is to no purpofe for to tell us that the Parliament has not declared them neutral fer we are informed elfe that fome facrifice has been made to fome foreign power and as we are not told whatthis facri fke I intitled to conjecture what ir might To enlarge on the terrible effects of fuch neutral ports is fince they are confefled by the Creole himfelf it is fufHcient to that it is giving to the Pruffian by the fame right of tranfporting French property in the new which the Dutch enjoy by treaty in the old When we have thus charitably difpofed of to our neighbours the bafis cf our naval power in both it is time for England to feri oufly of quitting the having bequeathed one half of our natural powers to one the for what they will not that sffift us and the other half to another the for what thsy cannot that defend Hanover the pre fent and almoft only palladium of our liberties againit the united povers of the But as this fubject at however L will dwell no longer upon but coniijer in my the fecond the ill even free ports mult have upon our naval Oaiers uon me to il j fcrvarion of b i L U T E the nf tv The httirs an received Ilcneftu A Fi jj our undetaking be LeLlui thtie two ibinfrs we may rrl A Conftant Reader and Ds teller ot rues oi ccafciences in t we j the rpprcbation of every or 2id in me Copy sf a letter is Sir Stephen Theodore Erutus Thou art not the Bru not ufe of to animate an illuilrious Roman to attempt the deliverance of his happy fhaii I efteem my fhould this feeble remonfhance be at tended with errual and roufe the once public fpirited Janffen to ftand upin defence of his injured fellow again ft tbcpromsten of the prefent ar tificial dearth in our markets The natural end of fociery feems to be to render life more comfortable to by facilitating an exchange of and the means of afford ing mutual affutarce to each other as artifi cers living together in a collective and carry ing the arts to their fupremeft your fellow ci tizens feem to be fairly entitled to every advantage that fociety can on the you nsuft be that many thoufands of thefn are now labouring un der real from the extravagant price of provi and in a land of plenty whofe bread is now eat in mod countries in Europe fuffering the dif treffes even of a befieged It have efcaped your that every wife government has made it its principal f to fecure plenty to the commun power is The end government and to promote public happinefs and as pubj lie happinefs is not fo fenfibly affected by any thing as the dearnefs of the neceffaries of 5 made it its principal ftuay j from whence us j is to watch over the public j ways be the one to tlie peace of rr cf the country and having taken of the piai en propoiiuoyis t r eight They that capital and t reduced to a placj hath maac in all ever fhad be chivied plot to disturb the even d Dutcliefs is pr June obtained n to refide in tbe received crdcrs to it and to retire four le gnes I Riquitd Ait ieat or i cuioul From the 0 IN D O N GAZE Prince of a td back at place ca The States art to vate audience of rials To which he introduced es of next to tae nftsr plenipotentiary frcm peace and good order of the price of provi j of his Excellency heCoin tie Gn fions ought to be attended toby every We have now feen the feffions put an end and no fteps taken towards a though the miicries have been daily encreafing if life can fcarcdy be fupported now by induftrious manufacturers with i middling what will become of them in the I Sft when they will have cold as well as hanger jj and 8th of and Mi 1 1 one of his Majeitys of B A Is homas 1 iilhisr Middlese to encounter with I truft Providence of things for the and avert the in theaiteiraon at K R IJ P T ihe of l Oiiirian to furreid r it or a Jour oclock to furrende and cth ot at lour tic tic anc jj in the at j iiaac jofe h Craries Mid I to iitaiid 9h of 5th of at ten in tne ai j ii VVingneld Wildman and thf i cf Merchants and lamity for want is a fore and eat through Rone But why Ihould I entertain fuch melancholy thoughts f Private affociations may effect what the hand of povter and a IreniK 113 cp pofiiion to the mcrcilefs rulers of our by buyinglive cattle and retailing the meat to the public at prime have a or raucaarus ana ere five and beneficent than twenty cf at fix in the at Gui mints of the bill againft jj Jokn I ate of K in Such an aflbclation has been long wifhed for by many that have public good at heart j by many that are influenced by nobler motives than felfinterejl though in fuch a fcheme every man will eventually be benefited by many that have nobler than by dcbaiing the Poor to ag grandize themfelves by many that are more an xious about the welfare of their fcllyiv than the prefervation of and game bv tnrmy the i 5th a two m at the in Robert o jn tic cuntv the i 5th of at ten L the in S av late in the natlfh cf the i it day of at the f that if pofftircd of peculiar woulu fcorn to take fhelter under them and the courfe of tiie natu ral rights of To in this time of public your fellow citizens lift up their eyes thev wifh to lee at the head cf this lent alTociation cannc whofe hand and heart have hitherto been de voted to the fervice of the fiijukl be back to ferve his grateful fellow They railed through each honourable to j the iupreme magilfracy of their city the right Mavjiftrate cancelled every preTious i j When you petitioned for the ii public virtus won them to year bv jj conferring that place upon they did not j j to ex ting id fh your public but to your and in words of plhlmift rr T John tin ui tiie focenc KriiL cr L O N D O Laid thst feme extraordinary eovtrntp arrives yelierdjy from ihe your fellow citizens lift up as to one wli heart feels for their w hofe abilities nobly devoted to the public Thev fee fo refpectable character take the lead in fo noj j bis a delign and Svter that would yea put yourfclf at tiie head of the numbers would imtTiediately follow your and pro vifioAs in cur markets foon find their real which at prefent is The executionof fuch a to pi by no diificult but he beuefirs re fulting from a fpirited execution of wyulu beim Diveft for a if you ycur bofom of and view the Subject in a poli tical light and youmuft be cnvinced cfthe of the when you consider that every en ereafe in the price of is a wound to the heart of our and wings and ifoppreffed in one iuisnediaiely take refuges in the next molt propitious It is much to be thole who have it ia their power to put an effectual Hop to this growing from their large interefred in j the continuanceof it fincean advance upon the pro duct of our farms has been ufed as a fucceteful plea j to infill upon an advance in But the reaj fen there is to expect legislative the greater reafon is there for the exertion private virtue anditis with pleafure I call to mind irmch one virtuous like your has able to J even under the worit of and in the wbrft of The new juft arrivd is beaveea our Court and in This ciav Count the French Ambaf for MJV and Tb out in a tend r all place bclorc ttcir to We credibly informed r eu u II opaliy rscard clarauon to be have been vitt i r u ibi trom tii cider and to y en tiis ieait Vcnie tiie ail quiet tvU Private Madrid iicr had been J ther approach at tne to that wnii orile s to Letters from Italy tji Reino has feiit a n ciacra1 u al e cuaranued tlie y o ii ;