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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 4, 1766, London, Middlesex J U N E H A y M E A ft A T THE KlNGrs THEATRE in the on Saturday the th of will be performed a new ferious called P E L O P I D The Mufic compofed by With Uew Pit and boxts to be put and no perfoas to be admitted without which will be de livered That Day at the faid at half a guinea each Gallery five By their MAJESTIES No perfon whatfoever to be admitted behind the nor into the Xbe pit and will be opened at To begin at feven oclock Vivant Rex Tbe fubfcribers tickets will this evening be admitted HE creditors of every as well by holding of as of John of in the parifti of Sepulchre in the county of a are defired to meet precifely at one oclock in the at Coles in onfpecial ENJAMIN SYMONDS begs leave to acquaint his friends in and the public in ge that he has opened the vaults formej ly be longing to the Rofe without for and DOR CHESTER and fmall alfo fine OAT ALE where merchants and captains of fhips may be upon reafoaable for Gentlemen who pleafe to favour him with their com mands may depend upon being ferved with a ge V jiuine All forts of foreign For the letter faned A REAL MEMBER of the A fee toft To the PRINTER of the IRELAND now complains of mul tStttdes of and Parliaments that never hive an end but with the life of the Prince who calls It that Ireland breeds and nurfes the calamities fhe complains She refufes an union with and by that denies to lierfelf that aid againft which fhe fo much and thofe improvements in her con which ours has attained Would the Irifli look at the they would fee in them the extenfive benefits of an incorporating union with Would only a curfory view of they would fesfib that country the infinite advantages attendant on union with fo kingdonj as that of Would Dublin caft her eyeson fce would be fenfible how 511grounded her fears devaftation from a cef fation of her What was Scotland in the year 1707 What was Edinburgh then What is Scotland now And in what an improved ftate are all her towns and villages Will not Irelaard convinced by rational argu ments Will flie not yield to the conviction arifmg from indifputable facts I fear fee will If fhe would advert to truth with the fmaUeft degree of at fhe would not fo obftinately refufe the beft that offered to her She cries out moft that Britifh taxes and the national debt terrify her from an union with a kingdom fo much hampered with large annual bur Has fhe not as yet that taxes paid to an internal government are nolofs to the kingdom Thefe taxes caufe a circulation of but drain us not of our Would not this reafoning hold Irifh if Ireland was united with Britain Moft certainly it would in that the taxes gathered in Ireland with cir culate all over the united and flow back to the moft diftant county of in the fame man ner as the blood from the heart replenifhes the moft Siftant arteries in all animal In like man our national fo far as it is due to fub can neither impoverifh nor diftrefs the king has Ireland ever taken a comparative View of our debts and our opuleftce If he had aoted fo prudent a our national debt would not ap pear fuch a bugbear in her eyes t fee would have un that our national was it all cue to is a mere trifle to the great opulence out xf which it is to be paick That Ireland may be con vinced of this and that Fraace may hear and I defire to a ftwt of your extenfive paper upon fo interesting a Our land ai the rate of four hillings in the is not in a tax to the extent of eighteen pence ia the yet it produces to our Treafury two millions by the From hence we learn the grofs amount ef all the rents in and are with that the foil ofour try produces to its owners the fmall fum of five millions by the year and fin e it is agreed on all rent is but the third part of the fruits of the the land of England annually us out of its bewels feventyfive millions of money at leaftj and this an encreafing Is this large Aim all we by the from the labours of our Nothing is lefs Our jHifacturers and faiiors produce from their Another barveft fo far as thefe are employed in and working for foreign their labours are an additional revenue ts the We I a million of hands at whofe at an average amount to thirty by the including commanders and other And fince it is by notO ly that we gain on the whole as much as we iofe by foreign f including all our expenses on the it is evident that thefe wages are paid by other and af ford to this kingdom an additional article of amounting to eighteen miliious by the For the fame I might alfo compute as a part of our the ways of and employed at our and in the carriage and care of foreign commodities 5 but I fliall overlook that part of our and pro ceed to conlidef the annual gains arifing from our for home and foreign for many too long to be inferted in your may be fet down to be worth as much as the rents of our Thus the working part of our people brings us in by the cultivation of our and one hun dred and iixteen millions by the year and if we add to this our mercantile we have then the whole of our yearly or alf that is applicable to our yearly fupport as a or an independant king We alfo all the valuable com modities in the over and above what our merchants owe to foreigners that all the gold and coined and fhips and ap parel in all the pelf and cattle actually in the of which no man with any pro pretend to make an you fee the extenfive fund out of which we muft pay our national debt let us fup pofe that one man was poflelTed of all this with eight million ef heads and hands employed for ever in his and owed one hundred and thirty millions of debts at an intereft of three and a half and four per would we call this man RICH or POOR Would aiVy man have reafon to appre hend any from entering into a partaer mip in trade with a mart poffefled of fo great an his debts amounted to one hundred and thirty millions of money I cannot reckon him a man of who would fuffer fo chimerical a fear to harbour in his boforru the debt we owe to our own fubjects cannot hurt us as a nation t when we pay the intereft we are never the nor will the nation be either the richer the poorer when the national who is our receives his whole debt and as to we pay them indeed to our own lofs but as the fum due to foreigners amounts to two fifths only of one hundred and thirty it is only a or a fmall part of our national eftate if we may believe fome of our ftate we gain by our foreign debts fay if foreignegets intereflr for his we have his money and that money circulating in a cial is to be efteemed as fo much laid out in and as yielding to us ten or twelve per while we only pay for it to our fo reign creditor four per my ar gument requires no fnch fubterfuge our notwithftanding that fmall quantity of foreign is the richeft and moft powerful kingdom in has the greateft refources for and the bell pro vifions for its The trade yields us more gains than are fufficieut to pay the intereft of our foreign debt and of all our plan tation aad other foreign trade is annually encreafing our general capital in or otherwife enriching a kingdom already incredibly It is indeed that whenever a new tax is laid an univerfal murmur is bandied through the kingdom but thefe murmurs arife not from po as in France they are confequent of the temper of the always jealous of tkeir liber They minded not the additional tax upon the cyder it was the mode of levying that tax which gave them The encreafing tax on wheel car riages is a proof what they have for their in cafe you will keeo excife officers out of their This is their and govern ment muft give way to or fit on it muft be acknowledged that the Englifh people are and free enough of their when they are not ill Nor is there anyreaion to fuppofe that the national great as they will ever diftrefs a fountry whofe funds fo im meafurably and whole genius is Kf OMEGA To the PRINTER of the June THE Chamberlain of London feeing a letter in your paper of this figned afcribing the planning and bringing to maturity the reduction Of the excife upon tea in 1745 to the late Sir John Barnard 5 he defires you would declare in your pa that rhat with all other objections made to the Queries addreffed to his Grace the Duke of will bs and lliortly From the LONDON May On and ajd King of Pruffia in the Plain of Tem about an Englifh mile diftant from a body of twentyfive tltoufand Each day they performed different military evolutions and ma neeuvres and his Pruffian after the review was was pleafed to exprefs to the General Of ficers his entire as well with the noble appearance the troops as with the dexterity with which they went through thefe Yefterday in the afternoon the King of Pruffia went from this place to Charlottenbourg and to morrow mornieg he fets out from thencs for Cuftrin and Stargard in in order to review the troops aifembled at thefe The feveral regiments that arrived in this canital laft to aflift at the marched from hence very early this morning for their June The King has been pleafed to grant unto John of in theparifh of Doctor of and to the heirs male of his body lawfully the dig n ity df a Baronet of the kingdom of Great TheKing has been plealed to grant unto William of HallPlace in the county of Efqj and to the heirs his body lawfully the dignity of a Baronet of the kingdom of Gjeat Richard of the city of merchant and to fiirrender the i7th and ijth of at three in the at Swales wiae cellar in I Elias of in the city of Lon dealer and to furrender on the t4th tyth and i5th of at four in the at Days for making the dividends of Bankrupts eftates to Owen Gibbs and Charles of Bifliopfgate dealers and and the 44th at ten in the at Thomas of Wifbech in the Ifle of in the feounty of dealer and the a6th at three in the at the Guildhall in Kings Lynn in Gabriel Griffith and Robert both of White in the county of merchants and and alfo in a feparate commiffion of Bankruptcy iflued againft the faid Gabriel by the name of Gabriel of in the county of mer on the 3oth at ten in the at the Podoffice in John late of dealer and the 27th at eleven in the at the Lamb Inn in John of the Borough of in the county of the at three in the at the Lion and Lamb in Certificates to be allowed to Thomas of in the county of dealer and on or before the John of in the county of on or before the Edward late of in the pa rifh of Maryle in the county of dealer and on or before the 24th It is no longer a that the dearnefs of pro fifzons is chieHy owing to a real fear city and that this fear city is the unavoidable confequence of ENGROSSING SMALL FARMS For the OCCUpier of a fmall being under a neceffity of making the molt of is indnftrious in breeding and fupplying the markets with to the utmoft of his power j all which the opulent in a great neg lefts for the fake of that more important one to GROWING OF CORN And by this means the public of the proportion of fubfift which the fame land formerly This feems to be the clear ftate of the cafe the evil is daily no hopes of re drefs to be unlefs from his MAJESTYS PATERNAL GOODNESS by ordering the and in the neighbourhood of where the calamity is fe verely tq be lett out in fmall and con verted into pafture would foon relieve the dif trefles of the and reAore plenty through out the His Majefty did not go to the ParliamentHoufe as was from which it is imagined the Parliament will not rife fofoon as was fome time ago talked Some material alterations in the bankrupt laws are faid to be in It is that an additional tax will fliortly be laid upon the landed eftates of all ksown or re puted Roman Catholics within the kingdom of Great We hear that his Excellency the Count de Guerchy is to be continued Ambaffador for three years and formerly Secretary to the Extraordinary with the Duke de Nivernois at this istobe Plenipotentiary during the abfence of the Count de in going to review his Before a great man lately it is faid he acknowledged his readinefs on all occafions to ferve the and the beft of Princes but greitly la mented the want of the affiftance in the adminiftra tion of that only who was capable of bringing the nation into its former vigour and Strength and if be came he himfelf would chearfully ferve under A certain noble Lord lately of the in the unlefs he was allowed to have thqhMJTtination of the feveral offices in his de partmerX Iffthsl was not agreed Commodore Palifer fet out for there revembark for in order to take upon triadaHfeeicn in a d cf his Ma jeftys Ships on that fta the reafon of his not eml was owing to fom from and which h Extract of a letter from teft bis innocence on the tht ferenity of his countenance at the approach of moil quently pleaded his caufe Jo that he was con demned and executed in five days time j and it wad that at his the evidences in fiishe theiigh men of the firft were not ad mitted to Herodotus that King ot put to death a corrupt Judge fof taking a bribe to pronounce an unjuft and had the bench of his tribunal covered with his where his who fticceeded him in that Diodorus Siculus tells that King of had feme corntct Judges flead and the benches of their fuccefiors covered with their IfhisMoil ChriftianMajefty was animated with the fame horror of iniquitous judges as theie Sagarr what muft be the fate of an inflmous charged to rmke a reporr cf the Gent rals and of the Judges who pronounced en fucli a bad without farther This inftance of dark myfterious proceedings in rha Court of muft give us a true fenfe of the happinefs a fubjeft enjoys under our coitfity by giving a public jar is a Jure afylum for attacked The torrent was not fo univerfal as to hinder one of the Attorney Generals to efpoufe the caufe of iut This upright to his immortal ho called Heaven to witnefs that he found no caufe of guilt in the whilft to eternal to turn the retracted his firft conformable to and prs nounced a fecond contrary to bis cou but favourable to a premeditated defign of fpilling innocent They write from that on the 3d of that being the day of the declaration of the intended marriage between the Princefs Royal and Prince Guftavus of the India Company and the General Company of launched a uew frigate one named the Wilhes of the Kingdom the the The fnow Captain from was on the 6th cf April by a violent gale of wind at fcrced on fhore on Hereford which is about four leagues of the Pitch ef the Cape of Cape Out of the which confuted four only doped Fhs Captain and Mate are of the and fome others of note and This being the anniverfary of his Majcitys birth there will be a veiy grand exhibition of fire works on Great according to We hear from that great preparations are making previous to the expectations of a tain Great Perfonnge this Monday thePrincefs Amelii dined with the Earl of Northumberland at Monday lait died at the Right the Countefs of Yefterday was held a Court of Aldermen nt Guild when William Efq was fworn dennan of Aldgate in the room of ths late Sir Thomas A reqnelt from Alexander Efq Alderman of Walbrook was for leave to refign his which request the Court was p leafed to comply Several fons were by the Court admitted Brokers of this The eight rulers of the and three of the L ghtermens were chofen cording to annual for the year Two and one were chofen to fill up the vacates in Ladv Dacres1 hofoital in itu Three members oljfce Wheelwrights company were translated to the InHnoiders at the breaking up of the Court of AU the Right the Lord Mayor gave a very elegant entertainment tc the faid and to their at the Balil Etq jrinemercbant in and Deputy of Wajbroke and are talked of as Alderman of grocer in fucceed Alexander Wai broke This w the Comrnittee ff ground to build a n the fea ly expected May The unfortunate at fallen a viclim to the ftiry of his implacable who thirlted for his as the only means of fcreening themfelves from condign His accufers were men that amaffed irrimenfe treasures in the by their which they knew the General bad efficacious means in his power of putting into the cleareft and that he was i e folved to do fo it is then not at all furprizing that thefe restrained by no fenfe of or prin ciples of fhould conipire the downfall or a whofe exiftence was incompatible with Their friends and money were powerful means of perpetrating their horrid The unhappy Ge after clearing himfelf to a of all in the ftate of his cafe which univerlally juitified himfelf in the eyes of all was removed from the at twelve oclock on Sunday to the Concier to ftand his trial the next He pleaded his caufe with a prefence of mind and force of elo quence that aitonifhed his and covered his enemies with He then petitioned for eightdays to give his Judges time to read the ftate of his which contained invincible proofs of his and of the perverfity of the cabal that had fworn his This juft requeft was in violation of the moft common forma lities of juftice obferved in the trials of the moft notorious The next day they con demned him to die on a without in the any particular mifdemeanor firft of a fentence of death ever pronouncedly any Court of without ex prelfing its It was lignified to him the Fri day only five hours before fays this virtuous has nothing terrify ing for fince I am fupported by the teftimony of arclear Notwithstanding the unheard of precaution of having hiro tett he fhoiild at beld a General Meeting of f for letting fome jt in the Minories when it is expected the stfair jibting to the building an fernblyroom iri will pur fuant to the Lite common betakin into Elliots lighthorfc sre m a re IK d from and the towards and where tiiey are to be quartered the fuing li there will be no other review of the foot this but by Lord guineas were given to the when they were difemboditd by Eail cf twenty by Lord their aid ten by Sir Thomas H t tucir Major which fum being equally diftiibuted amoncrit the witli a lowed by the government fo thvir marching in and amounted to We hear from the that within tlefc three months pait above no men ha1 been in lilted into the iervice of a certain northern Tis laid the 1 di and feveral ctiaritabie donn left to Bridewell and Bethiem and to the Incurables to Bartho to and to the Lyiiigiii hoipital in His landed eitate goes to his brother arid he Ins left a considerable to Vere in with Haihtax and tre his Yeiterday the Worfhipful Company of Stationsrs gave towards die relief of the by late fire at We hear that the annual meeting of the three choirs of and will this at in the beginning of ternber next that being applied to by the Governors of that noble charity for his oratcrio of readily granted whicii i intend d to open the meeting tf at on the day vvjll he a performance collected by a gentleman of n in of conferred abilities asd on the day will be further that Mifs Brent is engaged to ling the three principal womans parts in the laid three perfc We hear his Majeftys ftatue is to be arHxel in the centre of We hear the canal in is to be and the bottom paved wih flag All the houfes in moftly taken yi order to be the dations of are piled and part cf it already paved with Scutch wtii a way into wid dfcsr u frj as ;