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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 2, 1766, London, Middlesex tteer and M O N J U N E Y M AT A R KL E KI in the jd of will be nerforrrved a new lerious P E L O P I D The compofcd by Earth With tiew Pit and boxes to be put and no perfons to be admitted wnnruit tickets which wiil be de liveged Tomorrow the aid at half a guinea fcach ftve By their M A J E S TI E S No perfon to be admitted behind the nor into the The ph and will be opened at To btgin at feven oclock Vivant Rex The fubfcribers tickets will this evening be admitted A If O K E G A R JD E N THE nwilcal entertainments will be continued during the Summer Admittance one hilling each The be opened at five and the mufic to hegin k M an hour affer f The coach way turns down oppofitethe f Bond by Oxford through into Marybone by which will avoid the dirty road from Nibbs and Gentlemen who are tny wiikm the Gardens on producing their tickets for Lowe is much obliged to the Gentleman evt lim the words and mufic of a very pretty which is now urhing and will be King by iVJ on J hurfday next uirtOfis GKOi TO Sotn THE Entertainments of this place will be continued during tiie fummer The parts by Forbes late Mifs Thomas a d Mils with an addition of a uil which is new open for the better accommodation of fuch gentlemen and ladies as the open gardens may not be fo agreetble to in cafe1 of where the mufic will be at all times on iucn Admittance each perfon iix The doors to be open at and the mufic E begin at To be 6 O D by A iFC i i u By P H I P P S and On Thurfday the 5 h of at Gangways coffee houfe in at one oclock at noon ABOUT zeo gallsns of exceeding fine and war nmtd genuine TOKAY of ten and Ax years which will be fold three dozftn in a The above wine was lately imported by Demetrius who will warrant it as the and neat produce of Samples may be tailed at the coffeehoafe to the time or alfo at the PHIPPS and at the in be fold at thTKingfsArm Bridge A black four teen hands two inches is very and of any moderate weight and gallops as welj as moft in and a pace mount any yojng or lady who is a very and much to fatisfac tion carters and rids great deal of ground i is perfectly has never or in dealers hand nor would me any wa not the proprietor Dtcome fo that he is too much in hand for him 5 opinion of feverai would iave extremely well in the for Any gentlemen defuvrs of at if not a real is de firea to ons witk him j as fee will not hav he advantage of the jockeys dty is Printed on writing In two very neat pocket price fewed in blue TILE ENGLISH CONNOISSEUR an account of whatever is curious in Painting an 1 in the and Setts of the Nobility aad principal Gentry of Eng botn in Town and At few of it is any Catalogues of the Cariofities them can Printed fir Davis and oyer againft Hotbbrn at Cha j Of whom may be Count Eflay on printed in tiie iaine price Ibis day with a fine copperplate of the view of Abbey of T a and a new font fetiwaufiiflwuiiffe 2ELLANY GENTLE and for be amongft i of original and interefting pieces in profcakid An Allegory upon Literary Abili ties in fjggefted by reading Hiitory wf iUullrated with an elegant A CriticalReview of the beft Paint ings exhibited at Spring A Parallel be Richardfonand AnAccount of jJraid woods Succefsin inflructing the chuioa of the life of the celebrated Baron tie Mon Docior Sinollets Letters from France and ihe an Cooks cure for the od Mans Advice upon The trial Ci Bttxton andParreil for the Mur der of The life cf or In dian converted to Jpefcrip tioh of with lur la Nature par Wlvitelbcke oi the Origin of Englifli obferved in the Houfe of Ajv Account of extraordi nary Murder amongft the Papers ef Sir John An Account of the Abbeyof La a beautiful Life of Carlo a celebrated painter lately An uriverial Frefervativeagainft An Eflay on An Epiftle to The a charaSer from the The Contented Monthly A lift of Marriages and Price of Printed for Ridiardfqn under the JRoyalExchange where letter for the authors are Deceived and where aoy of the ibrmer numbers may be And fold by all the kfeUers andnews xaud WHEREAS fome perfons have affefted to DOUBT in and have even inn huated their DOUBTS in concerning the ve racity of the late QUERIES refpeftfully fubmitted to the cawdour of His GRACE THE DUKE OF NEW by the prefent CHAMBERLAIN OF THE CITY OF LONDON He hereby CALLS UPON any perfon whatfoever to either in part or in the any thing contained in the faid wherein he claims a May Chamberlain of the City of AMUEL PHENE and THOMAS Jiolfterers and at Little Moor take the liberty of informing their friends and the public in that they have by them a very large aflbrtment ef upholftry and cabinet great variety of countinghoufe defks and book a large parcel of in boards and yaneers where and may be fupplied with any of the above ar as reafonable as at any place in For the lettersfigmd loft page To the PRINTER of the Have with great a Paragraph which you have very patriotically continued for fome days in your which hints a method for preventing the dear jijfltSki i Pro vflons every and reftoring plenty throughout the kingdom which the letting out in fmallparcels chaces and heaths belonging to his Majefty in the neighbourhood of 10 be converted into pafture On the very firft this feems well calculated for the benevolent purpofe of Succouring the Poor but the more I have reflected the morel find it big with blefiings to the lower clafs of his Majeftys fubjefts and a circumftance which would mark this sera of his Majeftys reign with a glory as much ex ceeding that of any of his royal as the prefervatiauK more truly than thejiougkier of It would be an infult the kaown humanity of our Sovereign to doubt of his acquiefcence to any fcheme for univerfa good of hisfubjects I can entertain the ieaft fhadow of a doubt of his Majeftys merciful compliance with this falu tary if proved to be really I with all the accu racy in my what can be laid for or againftits immediate execution and think the following pe tition will let the whole in a cleirer To the Kings moft Excellent and to the Right ard Honouiable the Lords fpiritual and and the Citizens and Burgefles afiembled It Is moft humbly THAT of the middling and poor perfons of this extenfive metropolis are in the greateft diftrefs from the very high price of provi which renders even thofe who have employ fnent totally unable to fuppoit themfelvesandfami lieBj and pieces thofe who cannot get work in the moft vvreiched and deplorable many ef whem through wrant of the very neceflaries of THAT the encreafcd price of labour although in thefe dear times it is not fufficient for fubfiftence moft feverely afFecls the manufactures and commerce of this kingdom 5 extends to the moft diftant parts and caufes the manufactures of foreign na tions to be fold at leffer prices at foreign than can be afforded from THAT it is prefumed thefe manifeft evils take their chiefeft rife from the OF SMALL As a pufect remedy for it is humi bly if his Majefty would be gracioufiy to give up to his faithful people his lands of Hounjioiv or fuch paixel thereof as might feem meet to his Royal Wifdoni in their prefent bring in little or nothing to his Majefty 5 that it would not only be the hueans of an ineltimable bleffing to his faithful but a prodigious en creafe to the an encouragement to national and caufe a boundlefs exteniion ef our com THAT jf his Majefty flioulcTbe gracjouily pleafed and the Parliament to confirm this moft boun tiful it with the gfeateft fub mitted how far the following methods would be pro per to be enforced by law THAT thefe lands fliould be divided into SMALL none exceeding the rent of which rent ftiouid not be advanced higher for a certain number of or atJeaft for one generation of the families who fliall firft cultivate t THAT no pne family or either in or their owe or in truil for or under their fhaH or rent than one farm to be fofecured by aft of thefe be for ever difiutQ let to different peoplej not to be ENGROSSED under the SEVEREST THAT the neighbouring inhabitants to thofe who 6y their lofe the right of fha 11 the firft refufal of tbofe 4thj THAT the when thus parcelled fha5 be fold by public at fo much per according to their feverai qualities pro that flllpurchafes fliali be unlefs the land is occupied and cultivated in a certain deter mined fpace of THAT the reuts be fixed to the inhabi tants by Cummimoners appointed by THAT the occupiers of theie farms hall be obliged to erfcnd ALL the produce thereof to the markets of this THERE fo be PUB LICLY without fell to any fortjiaUtr It is humbly that the confequenco of thefe regulations would That a very larjge fum would arife from the fale of thefe lands which might be applied to the payment of part of the national or to fuch other ne as his Majefty and the Parliament may think That the markets of this metropolis would be abundantly and reafonably fupplied from thefe and from the more diftant as it would make it impoffible that there fiiould be any lince the produce would probably befo very thatmonopolizers would not find it worth their That confequently provifions become reafonably cheap fcarcity be ever avoided and the price of labour confiderably leffened that we might eflcreafe our manufactures and Such a petition as if properly ard humbly would not fail of fupport fuccefs and we might then hope for halcyon under the aufpices of a moft benevolent AN ADVOCATE THE Letters rectived An Old snJ To the PRINTER of AS far back as monopolifts appear to have nation by a variety of have been always complained always declaimed yet never ceafed plaguing old their power has been but it never has been totally When the infamous practices of engroflers have been banimed from one fort of they have quickly broke out in The important affair of the corn trade was antiently the theatre on which they displayed their tremendous Now lugr r has become an ordinary ingre dient in and thereby offers as a for thefe foes of the human race to work Never were monopolies more mifchievous than they are at and never were their bafe pur pofes lefs amended to by any Miniftry than by this which now unhappily prefides in Ever fmce the late happy treaty of peace put an end to the ra vages of the fword in thefe raerrilefs de ftroyers of the have exerted their united force over every ufeful branch mercein a moft unexampled By their per nicious we have loft the foreign corn and our foreign fugar trade lies bleeding of the wounds inflicted by teir voracious Naught can fatiate the hunger of thefe cormorants no en treaties can prevail on them to flop their relentlefs They deny food to the fugar to and plunder this kingdom without To the Ihame of they find every where too many defenders and even among your there are fome to be found who have fo far bid adieu to the feelings of as to attempt in public to palliate cruelties which nvritthe laft Among thefe of I mult reckon your ot the ad of this whofe tender nets for monopolizers engages him to reprove the MIDDLING TRADES for as he ufed the engrofling tribe Jbmewhat too For my I never fancied that our language affords any epithets too eoarfe for thele living curfes of the and cannot help admiring how it hap pens that feels for that devouring if he is no His precipitation to anfwer the Middling Tradefman appears have been fo that he has not allowed himfelf the Ieifuje to 01even deliberately to read the letter which he intended to This hurry to ns ftrong almoft with him as the fames occafions thofe mifconftructians and falfe quotations on which his letter He tells us that the Middling tlxit fugars naw 15 Pr dearer than loft year and that the rife at the end of lait was owing to men crops ia the Weft and not to I have carefully perufed the Middling Tradefraans twa on the fubjtct of and cannot find any fuckaffirmation in any of It that fince May fugars contyiued to rife in their till which in were for per brought 40 or by the hun dred and that this rife in the price of fugars was owing to and not to Inert crops hi the Weft is becaufe our iftands always groduce more than fufficient tor home confumption and it is certain that wehave had no foreign trade during thefe if Sirj the Weft Indies always producemore than enongh to ferve our and there was then alfo on hand a Urge refidue of what our while we had no foreign trade in fugars It is plain could not be owing to real fcarcity in that for there was more thanenough in the markets for home confumption and is as that an artificial created by was the only pof fible caufe of the then raifed prices of No other caufe could be productive of this effect while there was enough for confumption till the enfuing crop would bring a new fays fmce the crop in was it wnsbat juft that the planter fhouidreceive an advanced price for his order to make up for the deficiency in the Here is a new fort ot confifts in fleecing the public for the fuke of tie opulent and extravagant planter of the fugar cane And was this motive J believe it would bs hard to make that our great monopolifc who purchafeth one and fome fry a third of the fugars that are imported at this would employ his magazines far hoarding fu in order to create a fcarcity in the that the Weft India planter plight have the benefit of the advanced prices arifirig from this artificial Neman who knows any thing of raonopoliits will give credit to fuch a But if it was that the planter was to receive this who conftituted our monopolifts judges between the public and the planters of the fugar cane We all know that their and that profusion fo perceivable in the ceconomy of thefe gentlemen of the Torrid are inconteftable proofs that bufmets of fagar planting is attended with fufhcient to enable them to bear the cafual lofs of a fcanty crop without taxing this in order to gorge their The regular and fair way of trade that every commodity fliould bear a price proportioned to its and the demand for that fubject the But the monopolift hoards every ufe ful article of creates an artificial fcarcity in this andthus obtains advanced prices for what he thinks fit to And it appears to me abfolutely impoffible to avoid his griping wife than by a law prohibiting the fugarbaker to except from the as the if rigidly would once put an end to all jobbing and mono polizing in the fugar We have fugar land enough in the Weft enough I mean to ferve and ail the nations of Europe who have no plantations in the Torrid Zone ana if engrrlfing could be banimed out of this gainful branch of the foreign fugnr trade would return of and fugars would be reduced to their natural Avarice would incite the planter to raife the and necemty would oblige him to fell at fush a that the above Terving this ifland and its might be dilpofed of the neigh bouring A From the L O N i O N G AZ E T T May The eruption or Vefuviu ftill continus but the lava haviao quirted the and taken its eourie over the barren parts of the lias not done lb damage as was at firft The liquifadlion of Januariuss blood was per formed as ufual the The Marquis of Squiilaci and his family are juft arrived on board a Spanifh man of war of ie venty Thomas of Lon and to furrender the I yth and and the nth of at four in the at Gilbert Lite of Chichefter in the county of and to at fix in the on the inft at five in the and iath of ten in at Samuel of theparifhof Mildred in the dealer and chap to furrender on the 4 i3th ac Four in the izth of at ten in the fore at Brands of ia the parith of in the county of Md to furrender the oth at four in the on the lath at ten ia the fore and tsrh at fuur in the at William of in the pa rifh of in the coiuuy oV Mid dealer to on the yth at four in the on the irth and iath at ten in the Charles of the of IIcl in the county of deihr and to iirrerukr the at four in the on thenth at in the fore i2th of lix in the John ana Samuel of Paternofter rokers to furrender ths yth and lith of at four in the aU at John of in the parifh of to furrendey the yth at four ii and and of at 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the or tieuft Francis of ooro intu c of deaier and on or before the IT it James i of Livspojl in the county1 of aud cn or before the lit Andrew of the town atjil caltle upon iin diiier aad chaniiU or before the siiliuuaritr ;