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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 7, 1766, London, Middlesex H A Y M A R K B The THIRD T the ROYAL in tlie JIAY jVaorrow wifl be performed T IT T i ufual of j If i To which wifi be added a F A R c E called The LYING V AX E rp by Juftice irdeni Quick Drunken CaftU i Davis Kitty Worley 7 Boxes Gallery doors will be open at fix j and begin at feveu Ladies are defired to fend theirfervants to i s for the boxes to be of at f Vivant Rex V i N C E NT s July a CONCERT of VOCAL and In xii NKKJC The Vocal Parts With feveral NBW by particular after the Concert will be A B A 3 Tickets two Shillings and To render it more agreeable to the com there will be a platform laid down in the great which will be entirely and railed There will patrole for the city road to nd from the tofroted rhofe friends who aitend Vincent with their Tickets to be IvadLoF at her lodgings at next the Savoygate in and at the bar of the f A L A G H H O U be opened THIS and an Wed which will be the at this place for this Admittance each coffee and H A NIGH T on Wedneiday the k oth inJtant by particular Defire will be ex R A N P MINTS of Coffee and Tea P AN t AHLE ut lately come trom Germany KooTi at the Edinburgh in S T P A NT T A H L E o N prefcut and will continue this en tertainment Oh from ttaree in the and rom fik to nine in the This inftiustfnt never befofeheajrd of in England As tbe no of the harmony of its the encouragement has met with in hasgiven him juft oc that in Britain he hall be dignified vilb that conn tcBaoce and protection which he fo jnuch ftudied tor This inftrument called from the rianH ef the inventor of by whom Noel has been is eleven and a6 gutftrings of diifferent Admittance Ii any gentle man defires to accompanied with other Noel will wait on friee M NARRATIVE of the furprifnig EfFefts of the A MEADOW in the Cure of the Tfanflated from the Latin ot An thony Stork one of the Principal Phyficians to the imprefs and Phyfician to the Hofpital of Bya TO which are Obfervaticns and an Account of the by the Printed for at the in Pater ndlftrltow j and fold by at Chaiing be had the carefully pre fording to the direction oi in yext Be price To which is now Obfervations on Broken winded endeavouring to prave the feat of tbstMaliwiy not to be in the PHARMACOPOEIA HlPFlATRICA The GSNTIEMAN FARMERS REPOSI of elegant and approved Remedies for the ASfs of In Two Contam The Surgical The Medical Part of FARRIERY Directions for the Treatment of PoftChaile and other With fuitable Remarks on By J A R T L E of the GJSNTLEMAN s Pote Sold alfo by in ATemarylaoej and all other Bookfellers in town and A CATA 5 with feme in in lately pur in the neighbourhbod and the greater part aflbrtment of modern in the va Jjranche of in and learned Lan imported from different Parts K O at Eton wnole on 3aily fale foi really money at the prices Cntatognes may te had of in New Bondftreet j at crsfs in Strand in neats Churchyard 5 in dornhiil and in Red Lion in Fleet ttt the of Cambridge tit Ittttrs JtgntA The A RECEPT To the PRINTER of the Now Purrue the fubjeftof Pert in order to that the reafons urged by THE net fufficient to juftify an open violation of the Navigation Aft in the eftablifhment of thofe I a violation ef the Naviga tion Aft j for let not the reader that I am arguing againft every kind of free ports un der certain they would undoubtedly be as beneficial to the mother country as to the colo nies j but I only argue againft the propriety of fuch free ports at hall be fubvarfive of the effects of the Navigation and direftly oppofite to the princi ples and fpirit of by permitting and encouraging fortifiers to become the carriers of our productions in the hew to the diminution of the naval of this thofe who write concerning being engaged in it and having their minds warped by long attachments to private either really confound in their own or endea vour to confound in the minds of two very diilincl advantages arifing from that which produces moil private gain byreturning moft cafh to the kingdom and that which may re turn perhaps lefs but employs moft hipping and The latter is the moft advantageous to the the former to The bene fits of the of having a perpetual army of feamen kept in conftant net only withsut expence to the but employed all the time for its and ready to be diverted to the when either by force or cannot need to be enumerated and this is the principal objedtof the Navigation The the returning calh to the is of public utility fmce hereby fums of money are am ailed and ready to be lent to the when wanted but then this is only a fecondary much inferior to the becaufe more calh may eafily be returned can be wanted by the but more feamen than may be wanted there never can This oftraJe in this or of cadi returned to the is not the obje4l of the Navigation but is only a concomitant or confequence in de or necefTarily connefted withthe real the encreafe of and THE CREOLE that the fpirit ef that AcVwas the encreafe of trade and extenfron ef fhip he puts the and the firft laft and all his fubiequent reafoningrefts upon the fame pus and deftructive principle I fay deflrudlive prin for it while the traojeand the national fea and thus it may bft to fuch a tfiat at length the whole trade and returns of calh fhall be carried on by foreign The riches of and of colonifts may hereby encreafe but the power of the the naval and natural ftrength of the mother coun may be reduced fo as to be obliged to fub mit to the infuIts not only of but of our whom we thus uourifli up to the de ftruftion of the Let us but keep the real the Navigation Aft thus clearly m and the difference between the power of the public and the riches of individuals then we can never be deceived by any fallacious with which ourcolonafts may attempt to re commend any new regulations uferul to them but de trimental to the mother when THE CREOLE that the Free Port Bill does not tend to diminiih any branch of trade that is now in our V The falfity of this aflertion is evi dent for as our iflands are now fupplied with flaves and provisions in our own nothing can be plainer that the admimon of foreign fhipsin the fame trade muft tend to diminilh own which is the fame to prevent the further en creafe of our own For if the price of flaves and provifions be this may be a detriment to the gains of the but it is an advantage to the becaufe fuch a rifing price has all the effeft of a it is a fpur to our mer chants here to fit out more to be more trious to procure more flaves on the coail of or fend more fhips with provifions to orar what can be fo abfurd as to be at the expence of a year for an artificial bounty on corn to encourage the exportation and enable us to underfell ot her nations ztfortign markets 5 and to take away the natural which the circumftancesof com merce offers of their own accord in our ofwn by to carry provifions thereto underfell our own and thai to enable foreigners to our our own people is the intention of this isconfeffed by THE CREOEE for he complains that merchants fqueeze out exorbitant gains for thofe articles he even that otir colonifts there through this buy provifions and flates fa cheap as to vend them again to the French that fhould encreafe their riches by taking that gain to which at prefect goes to our own merchants That a diminution of our own hipping will follow a duninu tionof the and that both will be the immedi ate effecls af the Free feems then demon ftrative but THE CREOLE that notwith in the and by a more ftyfasf ef this immediate evil will be fully for this regulation will encreafe our exportation of and thereby our Whe ther fuch will be the diftant effeft and if it whether fuch a diftant effeft will be a recpmpencefor the detriment I hall examine At having fhewn hat the liiH muft proveaduninution of our and abreach of the Navigation next confuier whether it be not an unruccffoiy and whether tUe fame ejid of tair iflandt with flaves anH hot have been obtained by means jJerfeftly confiftent with the of the Navigation Aftl That the ftoreboufc of in corn at leafti together with the magazine of flsfhiormany European and America equally plentiful and cheap m both fhould not be able to fupply a few fu gar iflands with provifions without calling in tht aid of has fomething in it which ttiikes one with and is a certain indication that there muft be and local only wants to be in order to have our iflands ftored with provafionim What this obftacle I wifh THE CREOLE would point out in the mean time I will mention what I imagine it to that thofe iflands do not return a fufficient produce to lade back all the which would be willing to carry if they could be fure of back and therefore the provifions muft be fold fo dear as to pay for both Weknow this is the in regard to the who prefer to carry their provifions to the French and fell them cheaper than they would at our becaufe they Can take in at the French iflands a baek lading of molafles j from our own they muft chiefly re turn Is not this the cafe too with provifion mips from Europe this fo far as re fpefts the in been removed by the prefent by permitting French mo to be imported into the free and fo far it has done wifely but why did it not go and permit French fugars to be imported for Englifli hips to take as a back lading to foreign markets in Europe when our own iflands had no lading for them If it or has done then there could be no fufficient reafon for permitting foreigners to carry provifions by fuch our own merchants would have fent provifions The obftacle being thus the grievance dearnefs of provifions would have been removed with out any breach of the Navigation As to THE CREOLES that our merchants demand ex orbitant that is the conftant clamour all traders againft another 5 each wants to get all the and leave none for his It would certainly be better if our own iflands could lupply produce enough for back lading if they can it is perfectly confiftent the fpirit of the Navigation Aft that we fhould be the carriers be tween other as we get the freightand ex tend our fhipping This expedient of per mitting our own fhips to bring to foreign Eu ropean markets Ivaibeen ftiojagly recommended in a fenfible letter printed in tftis pa per the 8th of May and feems to have no rea fonable which can be made to it for if we ourfelves do not bring to Europe the French thfe French or Dutch will do in the of the advanta if hereby we can ftock our iflands with at a cheaper they will be able intime to their fugars cheaper and when they can afford them as cheap as the then our merchants in bring back for foreign European markets our own fugars inftead of In regard to there feems nonecefllty either in this cafe ta break in upon the Navigation Aft for fome free eftablifhment might nave been formed on the Coaft of to which all nations fliould be permitted to bring flaves for andhence our own fhips might carry them to our own And in regard to both articles fo much wanted a more plentiful fupply might have been and fuch free ports eftablifhed as would be equally ufeful to the mother co ntry as to the The remainder of the Creoles letter I fhall examine here Letters ctme to bands Real Friend to Conftant Lover of A Man of Spirit and a Lover of From the L O N N July His Majefty having been pleafed to appoint the Right gullus Earl ot Berkely to be Lord Lieutenant of the Coilnty of city of Briftol and county of the and the city of Glouceftej and county of the fame pis Lordfliip this day took the oaths ap pointee1 to be taken inftead of the oatniP an4 Hts mpjefty in gouncil was this day pleafed to ap point Williani of Great Efqj to be Sheriff of the county of in the room of Gabriel Efq B A N R P T John of in the county of furrender on the lbth4iad jgth at twelve at and 6th at four in the at Charles late of Lambeth in the county of but now of tigflber to iurrender the 7th at thp the of at four in aad i6tb of the fame at ten in tge at Ssuah and James now or late of dealers and to furrender the at five in the on at nvdve at and i6tfi of at ten in the at of in the county of Eflexi dealer and to furrender on the ijith inftant j at four in the and on the and ifrth of at ten in the at Jir Dutting the dividends of eflatet to Skmuel the city of linen at four in the at theBufh John in the county deater the aSth at nine in the at Cromptons cofFeehoufe in Francis the late of Great inthe county of the of three st k fe Michael at PJea in George cf tire without if nil the jrtrdf at ten in Nicholas of dealer and ifftii in the forenooni at Elizabeth of in the parijh of Ann in the county of miU tlie 5th of ih thetpre at L o tf D o An accommodation as now on foot between bur court and that of which will prevent late behaviour of fhe Spaniards at in tlla Weft from bebigattended the lerious fconfequence which fc flagrant a breach of the treaty feemed to Advice has that the King of roccohad broke the peiice with the Grand Dukeof Extrafl of a letter from to a gentlanon inLan April Since you left Urn Penfacola rites fur infonntch that there is fcarce a vacant town lot to be had and what have been granted are moflly ericlofed and built upon io that the face of regularity appears Largs traits of land have been taken up near the and on the Ei and cultivation I allure you goes on faih among am having got 100 acres within a mile and a half of the tov I have already been offered for 1 his vou will fcarceiy I afliire it is a However it is nllnved 1 have jpt the belt fpot with in many miles What part oV it is pro mifes great encreafe in The Spaniards have at laft tnken pofTefHon of and it nww pnt all doubt of our having a irade at this officers of the fhips of war Inye been convinced of the former errors iy public and no ob ftruction will heard of for the Several fmall have been this and many nicre are Jlicy Only complain of want of goods for their Our colony turns cut beyond The Efcambehas fields on even with inthecellion made to us byihe the the other fidetmvnrds theNorth Js fine The maps of the no more re pjefent the bay than they do ihe river Perdido the fuil is fnr luperior to the T6m place and the river Puidklo is anotler riot feven miles from town which empties itfelf into tle which two is one of the molt pleafant villeyi in the world I hAvecalled it and con fident it never before was tread by Tl great objecls for men to putfoe are the following arid they cannot make an imperial furlunell they go on a large fcale t L TQ bring 15ricklayer3 and Brickniakers from be wade in with notdo ifcxpofedto our heavy I Cotton proviirce produ cmg m quantity and finenels fuperiur to the 1 ur To make I have feen barrels of tar made from twelve the h pine here being twice as and replete with CT as in r Sam and Peaches the Indian cultivate Sugar enthe AlifTjfni And let no man after tire double incrcafe Or it will not do here for a ot ciot months 1operiqr to the eighteen months ot the fhe Rottnns bear andwEto not yet know bow innriy moic ibmT experience hasfoni no According fitm the Divn at Conitantinopk had reniontlrue JuTiiniy to reign Miuifters ar on accounf of the certain European powers had at to the in carrying on te war the Grand They writefrom n dreadful fire broke cut on the z6th at HilvKum T f l fituatjd tat ciiy if was oc cafloned by the careleflnef c a lew hiiciier who was melting thecourt the of the manufaftories of cloth and b iuies W were reduced to rhey th conlternation of the innbersVf with great difficulty efcnped the fl was ne and that the damage is titimated at a ur Letters from NertYojk that preparing in all the HritiHi Aniericai tobe lent to their arents in London preiented tohis Majf their gratitude on the repeal of the tramprich The price of Gum Seneca has fallen at Arnfer dam ten per We hear from that mriniifc ture is going to be eftablifhed jn thai afrer of the famous Gobelens manuiaftures u Some gentlemen of fortunejn Ireland are eaide1 vouring to obtain grants of land in tue new letrle ments in which they to peonie from their own r i It isreported that a Germin who had a great command in the hit var in had ic cepted of the chief command of Frcnci kings in the fameaumier as the lateCuunt Saxe 4 Tuefday lait was burnt at hy order of fie forty and fifty three thoufnnd weioht of ti and a quantity of Saturday morning the nved for the ife hs to theMeiTfa they are of dirFerentcob is and iuu oy judges to be the iJipoiicQ ironi The aflaii which hap een two perfbns of being at Carlifle ii iii a way ot cipal Official to tlie Archdeacon of a confilkorial Court at Chrift m when afermori Suitable cte occafion e preached and the Church wardens under the elected wiil be Avorn into thir And on the Churrh wardens in the diocefe of Londcji will be ai the ;