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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 28, 1766, London, Middlesex i r T ran i TUBS A J A N U A Y Y M A R ft E which was to hare been performed This Evening at the Kings obliged to be on account of the indiffcofttion of SSgnora the firrt yoman U U i Y A N A Tike Theatre Royal in DRORT THIS SJAY prefented The WA Y to K E E P Holland SirBalhfiil Yates 5 SirBriUtant Palmer Baddeley Ackman Lady Hopkins Love Widow Bellmour with the Song in Abington Love With the e O V K N T G A K D E AT the Theatre Royal in THIS DAY will be prefented The DOUBLE The principat characters by Mifs and Mifs to be fpoken by The ae by Mils h MISS IN 4t the Right Honourable the the Wor Jtipful the ALDERMKN and COMMONCOUNCIL of LONDON My LardMayor and IF in the c urfe of ray I have not feert every Member of the Common I ear 3ieftly in treat it may be imputed to mj daily which permitted me to folicit your chiefry at fuch hours as the bufinefs of my fchool was I do not petition for the preferment now vacant to add wealth to in cafe of fuc torelinquiihthe fituatioji with the Governors I ihall very gladly bat to eftablira a neceflary provifion for my Itu my the various labours of which I undergo with I eonfider myfelf immediately employed in the fervice of this The eftabliftimtnt I belong to is under the govern tnent of citizens the children of whom I liave the care and ate principally citizens orphans j and when difcharfced the they are generally tlaced apprentices with I pretone humbly to requeft your kind attendance at the and have the honour to be very re H A Y M A R K E ATtheKINGS THEATRES the on Wednefday the tb of will be ADL Tickets will be delivered to the on Tuetday the 4th of at tfcre Office of the f EveryTicket will admit either one gentle man or two Vivant Kex Epilogue tor the tetters Li AlKK of IM POSITION A FRIEND TRUTH and JUS WELLWISHER to myBKETHKEN in the TRADE to and A loft MY LORB and Cbrifrj Your moil obedient fan a Devoted humble J PETEH WH This day price CONSIDER Af IONS RELATIVE TO THE NORTH AMERICAN C OLON Frinted and fold by Henry at the pnnting effice in near the Royal This dap a puce TRUE INTEREST of GREAT to lier AzyOJUCAN ftated An prudeiiter Kearflyin Ludgateftreet and Almon in A M E R I C A price THE CRISIS A FULL DEFENCE of In which it is inconteftibly that the Britifa Conftitution has been flagrantly vio lated in the late and rendered mdifpu tably that the M thercauntry cannot lay any arbitrary Tax upon the Without deftroying the EiTence of her own Printed for in t three doors from the This Day is price A LETTER to the Gentlemen of the Committee of London trading to NORTH AMERICA Shewing in what it is appre that the Trade and Manufaftures of Bri tain may be affefted by fome late Reftnftions on the American and by the Operation of the Aft for the Stampduty in America as alfo how far the Freedom andlibeity of the Subjefts refiaing in are fuppoted to be interested in the pre ienration of theRights of the and in what manner thofe Rights appear to be abridged by that Printed for Richardfon and under the Royal ibis day is price Part the of THE Whole Proceedings on the Kings Com miffion of the and toal Delivery for the City of London and County of held at Juftice Hall in the Old Bailey on the and zoth contain ing Several remarkable Printed for John at the Bible in Pauls in a few may be Part the A few are printed on fie price each T HE following NEW PAMPHLETS en the Subject ef the Late Occurrences in This Day by Almon oppofue Bur lingtonhouLm Piccadilly and fold likewife by Williams in FleetStreet i Kearily in Lujjgate ftreet and Bladon in CONSIDERATIONS on the Propriety of impofing British for the purpofe of by Aft of Price Taxes in the raifinp Revenue Auvricji The GRIEVANCES of the Colonies candidly ex amin Printed in by authority of the Aflembly there and now infcnbed to Lord Price The NECESSITY of Repealing the Stamp as Price An EXAMINATION of the Rights of the the Principles Price The IATE OCCURRENCES in and fo Ijcyof Great The lusTiCE and NECESSITY of Taxing the Colonies With a Viadication of the Authority of Price CONSIDERATIONS on behalf of the Price A of the Provincial by late Agent for New Price a Narrative of The CttAfctlH at length with Price the A NY ingenious pens have been employed in behalf of the colo and their caufe has thereby received all the advantages which the force letters could But ftill there are a few things to be faid on tfie other fide and as it is but right that all mould be heard before any thing K I hope you will give this a place in your The advocates for the repeal tampaft urge two That the Britifh Parliament have ao right to lay taxes in becaufe America is oiof reprefented here and that if they this tax is a very inexpedient As to the denial of the it is worth two or three lines of only to expofe the folly ef The Americans acknowledge that the Britifh Legiflature have a right to make laws for them in all affairs of the police and that they ought to fubmit to all thofe laws but they do not nor pretewd to offer a upon what law or authority they found the following that the Britifh Parliament can make hws which may take awuy their lives and but cannot laytven the fmalleft tax upon Some of their friends on this fide the water carry their rcfentment Still fur ther they admit the denial of tight in the manner ftated by the and make this fub divifion Parliament has a clear and undoubted right to lay fome kinds of tates upon the But not all kinds for it may make any regu lations or lay any duties upon their trade but cannot lay any internal taxes on the inhabitants beciufe they are not reprefented in the Britifh Par To which I will juSt that if the faculty of representation is what only gives the power for one kind of it muft allo for the Either both require or neither un lefs it can be which I belive it hardly that the right of impofing one kind of quires a or a different authority than the Now as to the inexpediency it ran applied in one which is the the ftaffipaftj the Americans hadbeen reltrainedin fame very but very branches of com merce and fbme other caufes of difguft had been given them all which put them fa much out ef humour with the mother that I have heard many ot the candid Americans tkat the rage poured againft the ampaft has been more tor tthtr than forany particular grievance contained fimply and exclusively in that I ap peal to every gentleman who conversed with the whether this is not the faft and whether the American gentlemen here do not likewife tllat if the Parliament Should not think proper to repeal it will be fubmirted with very or perhaps no further disturbance and then they that in its confequences it will be more felt by Great Britain than America for it encourage the Americans to ereft all forts of manufactures within in to make uSe of nothing that is This is fuin of their But Ihould it prove which is not very for as the Britifh ma Hufactures are the beft they wjll naturally return to them the Parliament of Great while they preferve the right of as the riches of the Americans lay further But the misfortune of this impolitic difpute is Many of the American gentlemen that if the Parliament Should repeal the and not give up the rigfit of the Americans will Still en tertain the fame jealoufy of the power of Great Bri as if the aft were not repealed and will there fore endeavour to arrive at the independency juft mentioned fo that Great Britain muft either for mally and for ever renounce having any cvtkorty to tax or America will be no longer fubjeft to us and 1 will venture to that if we do re nounce our either exprefuy or Ame rica will be no longer fubjeft to than while Ihe thinks To do to the fentiments of all the American with whom I havecom veried on this interesting I mull fay that there are Some of them wko are fo honeft as to reafon in this manner that repeal of the ftamp aft is necef fary in order to wholly releafe America from any dependence or jealoufy the power of Great Britain for unleSs She can be rendered totally and without the leaft reftraiat of the authority of the mother fhe will ne ver cordially unite with or ever be induced to uie the British fnanuf And a repeal of that aft they ingeniously will fet her at full li berty and the parliament Should retain the idea of yet the circilmftance of the will be a convincing proof that the parliament can not Therefore the repeal will virtually be a full renunciation of the And as to a claim of it fignifies Here they end their reafoning the tenor of which is fufficient autho rity for thatiromthe very moment of fuch heaven the Americans will begin to fet this country at open defiance its autho rity over them will be for ever and whatever may hereafter be the exigencies of or the dirtreSTes of the mother yet we cannot from our colonies Mmmanda fwgle And fmce they have feegun the attempt of making and ufing a few of the articles they have hitherto had from Bri there is no doubt but fome of them will extend this practice as far as they Therefore the trade of Britain to her in fome cer tain being whether this aft be repealed or Let ug then take which we are Sure will do us the leaft The colonies are in a flouriming increafing every day in and Britain is exhausted ihe is manifeftly finking under her oppreSHve and infup Can then any British fubjecT lay his hand upon his and it is better to lay mere taxes on the people in wjio have alrea dy fuifered what could have ever been than Jay any onfftte hate yet born bttt little ift Kkfe wfiat the parents andguardiansofthe them like what they children and fellow fubjefts all their reafonable and lawful requeftj give them their triarby to yfrhich they have a right by their birth change their and keep a watch ful eye over of new ones In give them every kind of relief and cept laying at their our right of commanding their alTiftance and making them judges of our In a let us continue suBjscTS not let them become and many other which would too much room of your I am fincerely of that the American ftamp aft fiould NOT be repealed for with the for ever goes the authority of Great A FRIEND TO MY gt The folloiuing letters are A Friend to the Cat and the called the Devil to Old Sol iecond from Kox and Gallery Friend to Ho We beg leave to affure feveral of our correfpon that nue are forry nue have keen neceJfiiatcJ to poftpone tkttr as the confederations qftkejlamp and the exportation of are noiv the primary bufinefs of the nation t but luejball indeavcur that their favours may not be delayed till they become To the T and ever has the practice of weak heads and malicious to traduce the charac ters and infinuate a bad intention intheir oppo when they are unable to anfwer their argu This principle is fumcient to account for the many little malignant that have been made againft the Great fmce a late de claration he in vindicat on of a from absolutely being deprived of all the privileges ot Brifilh IShould be if the and generous principles which direftcd the fentiments of that great fhould want an catej they are always Sufficient and to againfi neither a friend to his iior I Silv t BO E R 1C the leaft ipftrk of virtue and where that is even may plead the caufe of liberty in We are not thank io utterly degenerated from the fpirit and virtue oi our immortal as to be unmoved by the facred voice of right and It cannot be al ready what aa effeft that Great Commoners late declaration and how univerfally it was ap proved A correfpondent of who ftiles himfel in your endeavoured to depre ciate the and pervert the fentiments o concerning the right of taxing the Ame The arguments by whichthat honourabl gentleman fupports his opinion leem fo that it is amazing that any who is not grofsly dull Ihould not apprehend is not malicioufl inclined fhould endeavour to mifreprefent them whejiithey areconceming the rights and liberties o near three millions of as faithful fubjefts as any hi They amoant to which I could wifh to hear Pindex That tn Americans are not aftuallyreprefented in England which enjoys the independent privilege of bein folely by the ot and therefore England items to have no right to tax the American who chocfe reprefenta tives for that Let this writer ihe w on what but that of the Houfe of Commons here claim and exercife the right lay ing taxes and that they are aftually the chofen reprefentatives of the freeholders of America and he will and not until eitablifh the right of England to lay taxes on the Until then too I muft however loudly he may dif claim he means only to What elfe can any candid reader from his endea vouring to impute declarationof his to the pitiful ambition of obtaining an huzza from American rioters from his or that if this meafure be not enforced though direftly contrary to the conviftion of maw kind it will be imputed to fear that the Ameri cans have an avowed predileftion for illicit com merce and foreign comnjodities that forcing them to fubmit to an which they chink fubver five of their is the way effectually to fecure our and render it permanent that they who have always without a under all the reltriftions on their trade and which it hath pleafed this country to impofe will confider the relignation of a hitherto unexer cifed and the right of impofing internal as atotaldiffolvition of all fupremacy in he legiflature of Great Britain and that anaft paifed laftfefiions is were it difli to eitablifh the in c who ever can permit himfelf to be perfuaded to acqui efce in this writers of compelling the Ame ricans to from fucb arguments as is unworthy ths animadverlion of any good or ho nelt If Vmdex will undertake what I fure he cannot execute to confirm thefe ftrange afleitibns by I mull intreat of him to give us foihe well authenticated proofs of the Americans more than the good people of this of foreign or carrying on an illicit trade ts greater extent than any or every other people and that they h ve been csnftantly murmuring againft the laws made by the legislative power of Great Britain He will pleafe to give us forae rea fons for that the man who has long en joyed the loudeft anA warmeft affeftion of an admiring fliould pitifully aim at acquir ing the of American rioters how he fhould ever dream of confirming his popularity by fupporting a molt unpopular caufe nor let him forget to fey before the ways of Satisfying nil the trading and manufacturing towns which are con and are now petitioning for a repeal of the ftamp aft the and ten thoufandsj which an attempt to enforce it would deprive immediately of their daily the fupplies to raife a proper force and furnifh an adequate and all the re quifites for an that is to be conveyed three thoufand miles into the country they are to enflaye and from whence he is torepeople after half of its prefent inhabitants have been maf for the noble purpofe of enflaving the re Whoever imagines that Jiis mean infinua tionsand vi9lent affertions can be a real fupport to any muft deceive himfelf greatly and who ever by to fow the molt fatal duTentiou among his Majdtys OK of A C H A PT E R IH The elders meet Their aafvier to the The wife i They requeft the lie mat ef to buy ought f ram of lamentations of the men of London at thetuiniri iXT O W in the terith and on XX twentythird day of the the men aSTemmea according to the cemmuid Francis the And they anfweied O Francis the we have poni in our hearts the words that thoufpakett muc us on the twentyfifth day of the laft And we Should have anfwered unto flies before this hadit thou not commanded us to ieoaracs and go each man to his own Think not that we are unmindful oftne dan gers of an J our little if we difocey this De that this evil fo great a toou For if many men have refufed to imke ufebf themarksd and the marked tambs ai e we in fault we have no power to compel the minds of the Decreeitfelf doth not force men to the ufe but only that who fhail oe fo Shall pay the tribute for Neither we that we be unable to bring thofe who may fmite or rake our gar ments before the rulers in the gates the Decree that the papers for tlwfe matters fliall not be We acknowledge alfo our duty to our Lord the and his rulers under und his and that it behooveth us not to fpurn at the authority thereof but we That when our fore fathers crofled the mighty ocean of waters to come 4t was under the faith of certain which the kings of the chilJrsn of England granted unto iu And behold they granted unto and to their children after ami to drens childrenfor That they fhould have thdr own in which they fliould be how can we give 4ip the rights of our forefathers More efpecially as it appearth unto that the wife men the elders of Britain wot not that we are and are unable to pay this f rm of tri bute feeing money is required of and we have wherewithal to pay in gold or in had the elders of Brilam demanded the whole of the fum of this tribute of and givesn permiflioti unto us to have in writings to our brethren in we would certanly have done ib For we love our Lord the O the antient laws or that when any man ought aguntt his that twelve upright men Shall between our Lord the aid his and to judge berweert snd his Decree that whc foeyer mail offend aganit this fhall not be judged by twelve upright But fhail judged by him that hath rule over the men of the lea How then can we keep the ways of our fore tlitrs Neither can we rtftore to have fuf fered from rhe men of in time to mre of the chiKlren of riot Should again o and fay in their f The Aflhedriin of the province inuii repay Now the wife men who were to the whole of the children of even twenty and eight aSTemblecl And they framed together a unto our Lord the and unto the Rulers and Elders of againft this And they fent it unto the Great even unto But while thofe things were it came to that the men of America laid one to ano new we have Sheep and we have oxen and afles and and we have corn wherewithal to eat and to drink within ourfelves And although we have not Such cunning work men to make us fine andfuch garments a4 wont to be cl d Nevertheless let us fpin wool and make us that w e may be from our own and And let us be content with the coarfenefs thereof And the merchants and thofe who did buy and fell agreed That they would not fend unto Britain for any thing that they Should eat or fhould or that they fhould put on their backs until the tribute for the Stamps taken and the decree re And when thefe tidings came tr the men of London to the merchants and the traders and to the men cunning in working ot and at fiik and of They were exceeding forrowful and they faid one to Lo now we fhall not wherewith feed nor our nor cur littls fmce the men of America will not bujjrof And their clamour was exceeding To lie J To the ganms totum fupprejja per Ac jufam fervL e famtm THAT charity or ends at hoij maxim no lefs applicable to public than to private individuals if a m ders his money upon every prodigal div every beggar he he willhimfeifToon b to fit in want of charity at home juft in manner will a which is guilty of tl i ous and unaccountable folly offending her abroad whatever quantity her lands mat it as hinted in my fignify nj to relieve her at the es her own and She will Coon be fend her money corn ta bring it Of this truth I have been ever Since the about the exportation of corn became tiie to ;