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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 27, 1766, London, Middlesex The Gazetteer and New Eaity N D A J A N U AJl t H A Y i M A R K E A T T H E THEATRE in the IV the a8th will be per formed a New Serious called SO F O N I S B Mufic entirely compofed by Signior With new new and deco Pit and boxes to be put and no aerfons to be admitted without which will fee delivered Tomorrow at the faid ar half a kuinea each Gallery five By their MAJESTIES jjo perfon whatfoever to be admitttid behind the nor into the The pit arid will be opened at To begin at half an hour after fix Vivant Rex R u R Y L A N A T the Theatre Royal in THIS DAY will be prefented The S C H O O L for L O V E R Sir John Holland Palmer Packer Badr deley Palmer Yatat Lady With the H E R M I C O V E N T G AT tlie Theatre Royal in THIS DAY will be presented The SUMMERS The principal characlers by Mr Mr Bar Mrs and Mifs With Entertainment of day price feivtd FREEDOM of SPEECH and WRITING 1 upon PUBLIC With an hiftorical view ofthe Roman imprial laws againft libels asviolations of letter The nature and ufe of torture ainong theRomans and modern The bringing of the rack into the where it for a beginning ot the civil laws in The different treatment eflibels The legal and aiTumed ju fubfervience to arbitrary and abolitien of the Court of and of trial by With obfervationi on the proper nfe of the liberty of the and rts abufes particularly of Jute with refpect to the colonies and a brief ftate of their origin and political collected from various acts of Princes and Parlia ftfnted and fold by in This day noon be Prioj CONSTITUTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS on the POWKR of PARLIAMENT to levy TAXES oa the NORTH AMERICAN Printed for at the in Paul s Exemp 1 tion of INTERNAL TAXES ritv of In a Letter from a m London to his Friend in for in ot j price being I appUed mine heart to and to fearch and to leek out and thereafonof and to know thewjckednefs of even of Printed now for in Fleet leadinginto the Temple Exchange coffee was published on Saturday and will be published on Saturday is price bound 6j The fecond edition in oftavo with large of THE NEW The ELEMENTS of The MATERIA or an account of the fubftances employed in medicine with the virtues and ufe of each fofar as they arewarranted by experience and The preparations and compofitious ofthenew LONDON and EDINBURGH PHARMACOPOEIAS with fuch of the old ones as are kept in the Shops the moft celebrated foreign medicines the moft ufeful of thofe directed in the hofpitals fundry elegant extemporaneous digefted m fuch a method as to compofe a regular fyftem of pharma cy j with remarks on their preparations and ufes the means of diftinguiShinsj adulterations of per forming the more difficult and dangerous procefles with eafe and The whole interfperfed with practical fruitions obfervation Printed for oppofite in the St faookfeUer to his i THE following NEW PAMPHLETS on the Subject of Late Occurrences in are This Day by Almon oppofite Bur Unetonhoufe in Piccadilly and fold likewife by Wflliams in Fleetrtreet 5 KesrSly m Ludgate ftreet i and Bladonin CONSIDERATIONS on the Propriety of Taxes in the for the purpoSe of faifing a Revenue by Aft of North AmepcA Price The GRIEVANCES of the Colonies candidly ex Printed in by authority of Aflembly there and now infcnbsd to Lord PTrS0N6CE3siTofSRepeaUngthe Stamp WHNATiQN of the Rights of the of Pnce LATE OCCURRENCES in and Fo1 UCY Great Price The TusTice and NECESSITY of Taxing the Colonies Witha Vindication of the Authority of on behalf of the Price the Provincial By Agent for New Price The CHARTERS at length with a Procceaings itt Pnce H A Y M A R K E AT the KINGS THEATRE in the on Wednefday the cth of will be An Tickets will be delivered to the on Tuefday the 4th of at the Office of the faid Every Ticket will admit either one gentle man or two Vivant Rex The FOURTH EDI T price One Is puhlijbed this of A LETTER to the LOWTH occa fioned by his late Letter to the Right Aurhor of tht Divine Legation of v By the Author ofEfiayson the Printed for Davis and C over againft Of whom maybe ESSAYS on the CPARACSTKRISTICS of the EARL of The Fifth price Numbejr Sand give That their collec tion of Prirfts of fea and capital throughout England and is now entirely a work of above thirty years clofe application which may be or any part of at their chambers as above Where attendance will be given every day from eleven till This day is THE TRUE INTEREST of GREAT refpeft to her AMERICAN COLOMES dated and impartially By a MERCHANT of fumafce prudenler An Printed for Keadly in Ludgateftreet and Almon in opposite u eti A M E R I C day at three oclock laill be price THE CRISIS A FULL DEFENCE of the CoLONiESv it is inconteftibty that the BritlftiConftitution has been flagrantly vio hted in the late and rendered indifpu tably that the M thercountry cannot lay any arbitrary Tax ths without deftroyins the Eflence of her own Printed for three ducrs front the Ttti Day is price t ON A N I S M A Treatife upoh the Difor ders prodviced by ftciet and exceffive With the Method of By T I S S O Fellow of Rcyal Society of Member of the Society of and of the Oexcnomical Society ot Tr inflated from the lait Paris By fi u M Printed for the Tranflator and fold by Prid in Fleetftreat and by all the Boekfellers in Town and This day are In in price or in one TRAC TS on the Ipiritual and temporal liberty cf fubjefts and protelhmts in Addreiled to Efq at Aix la Cliapelle By ANTHONY E L L Y Late Lord Bifliop of Davids Printed for at Boyles and at Horaces Fleetrlreet and in the Either part ofnhis book is Of the fame perfous nay be Jorthins life of with remarks on his price Jorthins difcourfes on the truth of the chrrftian sd price BOOKS printed and fold by JOHN at Boyles F O L panes cum 240 figuns JH price Harriss Colleftion of Voyages and Biftiop Pocockes Travels in the 2 180 Millers Gardeners new en Statutes at by 6 Thurloes State 7 neatly Haynes andMurdins State z Chamberss 2 9th Lord Raymonds z new Lockes 3 NEW EDITIONS in Hanways s DaviUs Wars of z il Milters Gardeners Du Hamels with Meads Works and Etons Thefaurus Hefiodus Plutarchi 5 editio ele gans EHais de 3 edition Popes n royal Barnets Theory and by Bear 2 zi Biographical n Johnfons 8 Youngs Latin new commifTions will be punctually exe cu by their obliged This day is price THE LEGISLATIVE AuTnoiuTYof theBaiTisn with refpeft to NORTH AME and the Privileges of the Afiemblies briefly By of the Inner Printed for in Pauls Churchyaid and fold at the Pamphletmops at the Royal chane and This day are 4 KEY to the NEW Giving an Account of the federal their rheir Aiuhors and of the and Occafions on which they were refpec ftively Extracted chiefly from Michaelis Biihop In whatever was thought moft excellent in fo many eminent Writers is brought to gether into onePocket Neatly printed on Writing Price Reflections on In which feaus in his are occifionally examined and By Father GsrdiL Precep tor to the Prince of Printed on Writing in a neat Pocket Haflelquilts Voyages and Travels in the Holy in 1751 lifted Sir Charles Phylician to the King of Price Printed for aud in i lify the prefent than AntiSejaauS which method of let me tell to more and is prcportionably more as fuch behaviour owes its you well partly to partly to fordicf iutereit tue difcontent of the Americans from neither of thefe principles j fo far from being it is exceeding laudable inafmtich as it arifes from a tenacious regard to and a nobli reiclution rather to piefent their breafts to the ed blade Should your bloody duligns be etTecled ii n live in though chains of gold thougi the Eritifh parliament ought always to be revered us a augufl body yet history more than oisce ui fures that British parliaments are not infallible of this alfo the late to their great mortifi huve afforded To tax a peo ple who have none to plead their caufe in the ho nourable Ho though ever and dear a to tax a people conmry to the avowed hws of Briton in and of their charters in parti and under fuch circumftances to tax them fo as though ever fo they are not able consistently to fuftain is the way to breed diicontent with a wuneis though Such i rax Ihouid be levied by the befl men on our eft that we fee the of put colonies cannot with the lea SI fliadow of gument termed nor indeedcan their as the refuk cf fuch nece My pirpole of troubling you with another cefiirily confines me to me coniideration oi their d For the letters figned AN HbNEbT A TRUE laft To Vos m Jidtorem 9 13 IS 17 AN TISE wiri hahebitis con irem calumniator em vero ne fi vditis T D candour may oblige moft TtfL J readers the who think your letters worthy of ps to entertain ideas of you as a proficient in the Roman lan if bare quotations from thoJe authors can conflitute fuch a charter for the benefit of thofe Iefs Skilled in polite I ftall presume to rpecify the rsafons why from whom my quotation was uttered lias fcn and alfo to interpret the tnereafoys then in one word were thefe An order die famous orator received to impeach a certain perfon behaviour notwithstanding your bold aSfenion is as far from as fuch an if fertion is froai truth the rabbled feveral co lonies have been riot as indisputable their behaviour can no more cotiftitute the body of people fo which you know are compoSed of their af magistrates fupeiiour and private than the Whhe Bovs in Ireland could coniti ute the people of that than one difordsred limb ar gius thi budj to be disordered or than jour pnlrry tan constitute every one who takes up the a wilful miSreprefenter of truth The magillriCy of the colonies have not yet united them Selves to Such an outiageous neither have their in their meecings countenanced any hoSlile Have riiey 1 appeal even to your conference attempted o create preju dices the of the people againfl our King and government Have they yet levied wa wars or invited other powers to ren der their feeble efforts more formidable No on the drawn up the me ft nervous wherein they have at cnce uifcover edtheir and liberty o unlefs noble qualities are the constituent parts of I it the Americans are not rebuilt this time I hope you are convinced of your if it was a mere miftake that you may not in as you have in time make too much Sport with o ferious a term as hall do mySeiftae honour of infcribing another epif tle to you and the vnesn If you Should think it worth your while to animadvert upon thele I beg that for your n reputations as well as my you would life rxore and iefs dsclunatl which though it becomes a yet is very with the clole you purSue this falutary I will endeavour to with you a iUtle longer if I Shall Isave you lie coiiteinpt of thepublic to orator received to impeach a certain peronhs fufalof thii and the united clamours of the OUI as the confeqixence of fuch a TO of an vilai Siew of Enjlijh Agncai n 5 BOOKS publiflied and by BENJAMIN at his new Horaces in Fleet T Panics Fafciculi cum H figuris price Millers Gardeners yth im Thurloes Colleciicnof State Wood s the Common gth Lord Burleighs State by Hajnes and Bifhoo Pocockes Travels to the 2 180 QU A R T Dekguliers Experimental Du Hamtls Praftical Treatife of ad Hcifters Syftem of 7th Millers Gardeners Dictionary Meads Works and EclonsThefaurus Rerum DavUas Civil Wars of by a Antiquarian Societys Book of in Hanways Travels through a Plutarcly 5 Euripidis Supplices Mark Bffais de 3 belle Oierufiilsmme di 2 To fUence he delivered the following noble fpeech Though ye may be O Athe nians yeJhxll have my fervice as a Counsellor but not as a malicious though ever fb j are fentiments of one I mean not to depreciate your fame whofe knowledge of human nature in and of the political world in par if not far exceeded that which you ever or ever will be able to acquire which mirabile has omitted in all his Immortal thofe technical terms futh as bilious cba of which AntiSejanus feems fo ena Such a might be owing to his want of jiwr as to the immediate connexion tha fucli allulions and terms have with the affairs of I fhall now however proceed to compare his fen timentwith that oppofite which all your j writings you feem have adopted and j charity itfelf cannot but abundantly more from the viewof than from the prin ciple of though was nay abfolutely to impeach at randUnn an in the fatncd dare with uuparallelled though defpifed for fuch de portment by all the and I recall the dare condemn upon your fmgle affi communities both at home and abroad accordingly you have without hefita millions of his Majeftys moft and loyal as rebellious Americans give me while I calmly to expoftulate with you on the grounds of fuch an accufa tion and upon the nature of As to the grounds of fuch The characters of of every and efpecl ally of whole are of too great confequence to be trifled with at any and ztfome particular feafons cannot without arguing the greateft de gree of ignorance or guilt in the tnfler fince nothing moie feelingly pierces an ingenious than a breach Hence the practice of good men has always indicated an ardent to repair a perfons character when rather than brand him with lafing unleis the enor mity of his crime obliges them fo to aft and even then they with reluctance but to injure a per fons character is what they is the very thought of which madjs them trembled Sedquot tot the truth nhereof your conduct fince have wantonly itigmatized thofe as the word of refpefting fuck a might make you if you have not loft all fenfe of fhame not fo much at their as your The grounds your charge is can be no other than the difcontent of our colonies at the late ftamp and their behaviour us the refult of fuch difcon Their though ever fo unreafon expofes them not to the charge of becaufe then yourfelf muft be a fince none more thougli many better qualified to ti Vide Uft Thuvfdayi Gazetteer AT a time when every mans qualifications are ef teemed or in proportion to the length of his rent roll the foop in Chenp indeed every one in the con cerned in our mull confefi they are far in abilities to the country or to any ia the fae of or the produce ot the oarth the great advances of late made ii the prices of and the increafed have bellowed on the rrft fo much and ib much to leave us andrthe ihg our as void ot and of as they have left us void of qua With an humble deportment I prefume to addrefs this and Some title thereto muft be allowed as politics flourilh in and eflays in the Gazetteer lee page 13 neither of theSe could withtut fome and fome attention to the tranfailions of the if I endeavour to Set you it fhall be with mo without prejudice or but by the cool reflections of a perfbn wholly difintereflcd I cannot help in his hitlo ry of page The com merce and riches of England never increafed fo fail as from the reiteration to the revolution from to the hipping of England This period was antecedent to a bounty being granted for the exportation of corn and yet you The export corn I the moft valu able and beneficial trade at prefent fee page If this be what is become of all the and by what means were fo many beneficial branches ot manufacture fince diminished or drove from us Sir Thomas who lived the time of Henry the when agriculture was not made too powerful by a public but from meadow lands being in great in order to monopo lize Sheep and infhis That Sheep had become in England more ravenous ani than the wolf or and had devoured whole villages and Does not the weight of of corn and Shake the very of the land In page you The aft pad the firft of William and I will venture to call the Magna Charta of English You may it was well it has anfwercd all its intentions nay to a dcgrcf net to be can ceiveJ from whence circumftances too much land has been made too little left for patlure j Meat has rofe within every rrfans one or three halfpence per but net with out not without fee page So far from that the cf many and as Norwich and have traced the evil to rhe fountaia and unanimously fixed it on the bounty granted to export corn j as thereby we court tco many foreign and enable them own who defend the very landj to injure The national pofed in any ait of can i ;