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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 24, 1766, London, Middlesex v and Daily N F E B R U A R Y H A Y M A R K E AT T H B iNGs THEATRE in the TOMORROW will be performed a Serious called A R S E R S The Mufic of Sigmor With new new and Pit and boxes to be put and no peribus to be admitted without which will be delivered Tomorrow at the Omcey at half a guinea each Gallery five fliil By flieir MAJESTIES pejfon whatsoever to be admitted behind the nor into the pat and will be opened at begin half an hour after fix Vivant Rex H A Y M A R K E AT the KINGS THKATREinthe on Monday the s4 of will be an AS S E M B L fce delivered to Subfcribers on Satur day nex Office of ElSry Ticket will admit either One Gen tleman or Two D R U R Y L A N AT the Theatre Hoyal in D R u R Y L A N THIS DAY will be prefented The CLANDESTINE The principal characters by Mr Mifs and a PROLOGUE and co VENTGARDE T Theatre Royal in THIS A With the Deaths of BRUTUS and Walker Smith 5 Marc Julius Clarke Gibfon Hail Mailer Besford Vincent With M ID GEORGEALEXANDER STEVENS Propofes to A T the THEATRE in the HAY on being the s5th of An UPON AND WHOLE The Boxes Pit Gallery The doors to be opened at aud begin exactly it half an hour paft Vivant Rex to be taken at the r the Little Theatre in near the THIS and EVERY till eTURE on H E A B S will be delivered by a YOUNG who never appeared in To which will be added the CRIES of The doors to be opened at and to begin ex aftly at fix Gallery To the V U B L I A feveral of our Lords and the have with various made wry faces for the anufesnent of the permit a Woman to at tempt the arduous talk of laughing the Men out ot their follies j that while flie at tempts the of vices peculiar to the other Die will by no means fpare the flighteft foible of her THE Annual Night in favour of CORN ELYS beine fixedfor March flie pve fumes to acquaint the Nobility and Gentry there and in order to guard agamft the intro duction of improper tickets as ufual fee delivered only to the Subfcribers to the Aflemblies or or to fuch of their friends to whom they Ihall order for the addrefled to and directing her to deliver what r of tickets they may nequire This day is and to contwue felling twry viry reafsnaklgy THE Libraries of MANSFIELT Senior Fellow of Johns Cam bridge the Reaor of Mep and Thomas I in Phvfic all lately The whole making a fmecallection of books confifting of FEN THOU VOLUMES in all arts and in moft languages the loweft price being m a SAMUEL In Covent Catalogues to be at the place of SUBSCRlBERWAN TI SEJ i A Propofal for a Subscription Print tor the Relief of an innocent and unfortunate laft paSe To BRIT AN iTI amcng how ever are oftentimes adopted by the Gods and as D they grow clamorous we catch the contagion Folly is not mere prevalent in the actions of our than contention iu the conduct sf our and was mankind to he a wiintfs to fure I am that they would hold us in the utmoft We form our in and raife our juftlike inferior beings like them we we exercife every art that malice can fuggeft to plague each and were annihilation within the compafs of owr we like poifcn and Long have we Britannia the intefting fommotions raging among your fons nor wonder that vs fhould fo deeply intersft jburfelvei in their when we cohfider them as the firft on th teyreftrhV gbba and rill paid a finguhr attention to their comphhUs and From this partial we have had our continual parties and jealoufies fomctimes bur councils are unanimous to fupport and at other times they have not Tingle vote but from the idol of their For fuch inva riable I think it highly expedient at this feafon to trouble you with this that you might warn them of the evils that inceflantly furround on feeingthe tumults now reigning through thy feveral and for no other fome few of thy fons took a ftrange antipa thy to plain fimple and infilled that every meet of that commodity for the future fhould be or namented with the enfigns of prerogative while the far greater part of them the ufual maiden even at it appears in its priftine deeming its nudity no difgrace to its uti lity I on feeing fo vaft a tumult fo mented for b feemingly a trifling laughed fo heartily at their tbat Minerva rebuked him not a little with her wonted declaring it was her that the fubject of his mirth was un feafonable and ungenerous for the matter in de bate among Britannias fons bad a very ferious ten and was pregnant with many eminent evils that it was not unjuilly argued by of its being an encroachment on though the advocates for the new fafliion parchment afligned other reafons for their opinion in making it Thnsfhe went fapporting her fentiments with fonte flirewd obfervations and political Upon this Jupiter grew gave Minerva the and com manded her not to interfere in behalf of the oppo nents of that parchment for he it would be eftablifhing an ill precedent even fb that of his own royalty may be one day objected and to cut the matter infilled on a council being called to pre vent the increafmg difturbances among her favou rite people and Mercury was therefore ordered to fummon forthwith the refpective Deities to Evermore folicitous for the welfare of my pecu liar you nead not wonder at my earlielt at tendance at tht Divine Previous to our con being no orator I retained Solicitor Mercury which artful feeing bow deeply interefted my fentiments took the bafe opportunity in railing his demands upon A ihort demur enfued bjit I foon that as a deity confidered fmgly of that I had no real inherent merit I therefore So full a convocation very rarely happens and as our Britannial was wholly about your I think it not improper to give you an ac count of our after fignifying the caufe of our prefent declared that lie was fo much teazed with the innumerably frivolous aiid iniquitous prayers and complaints that were hourly offered up by as rendered his exigence mi ferable that for his he thought they were fcarce worthy of and that all the nations of Lady Terra were grown fo that he could not but look on them as a fetof knaves Hereupon with fome demanded what he hadto alledge againit the Bmifli people Why with a Ineer Is not a part Minerva urged it was unjuft to rank them among the other and infilled to know what particular offence he had to lay to their charge Ju rifing with great and looking very Iternly at I charge them with ingra titude and idolatry bafe and bafer for Plutus is my Juno at this looked four Venus fighed Mars grinned with anger and Minerva for a few moments ftood At our wife affirmed it was nothing more than rank malice towards that illuftrious na and appealed every if or could juftly accufe Britannias fons with breach of love or Sorry I am to tell O faireft Emprefs that ahnoft the wholeTjnod had fomewhat to charge thy people withal and had Minerva been as converiant with hearts as with me would have fuppreffed her But it was too Jupiter embraced the and dwelt fo fully upon the feveral of fences that came tinder his thatitwould be adding to tky Britannia was I to repeat it even in the fofteft Upon Juno fwore it wasall true and that me had long ago disclaimed the degenerate Venus that Mercury had fo much engaged the affections of thy that flie mould not trouble her head about either fex inhabiting thy Hymen next and weeping waved about a broken torch whereon was engraved in large black nume Apollo declared that his beloved art was proftituted for the vileft purpofes 5 and Vulcan proved that there was no iqiduilry among from the idlenefs derived from who juftified his and threw all the blame on af that thy fons had followed the trade of long before he ever introduced fuch a drink as malt fpirits amenj therefore he not efpoufe their Mars roared forth his charges and tho yet After many pertinent remarks on their prefent he I remember thus See ye not O ye blefled immortals fee ye not how Bri tannias fons invert the art of war Tempered I that fteel with fo much to raife its rafh unnatural point againft its brothers brealt Fired I their hearts with inextinguifhable merely but to feed fuch frantic rage Some curfed fiend infpires their fottifh fatal alike to Britain and to Mars Fain would I interpofe to fave theni from the im pending evils now burfiing their but that their recent their bafe defertion of my forbid it O Jove bore I not my fell the Britiih tandardp enhance her to awe her and give her conquefts equal to her virtue cjnfulted flie her when VICTORY held forth her olive crown dark mark and bury the detefted heTunk and fell o crying like any fchool boy that had loft his fugar During this long Bacchus lay fnoring like or I dare fay he would have toafted Bri tannias health and profperity for he makes no ittle brag of the number of companions daily ortinghis temple from her I thought it was now time for Mercury to fpeak fo tipping him the he and True in part it O Jovel what Venus fays but Venus is berfelf to I have long engroffed the time and thoughts of all the Britifh in teaching them the fun dry arts of gaming and I muft confefs but for Mercurys feducing their af Jove himfelf aiid Cufid can To to to were Suitable I well to female capacities I was not back ward therefore in rendering my faireft votaries all the in which my fertile genius could afford in thefe three feveral Thus far in anfwerto He then made a low and went on as Pardon ye illuftrious if I diffent your fuperior and offer a few words in defence of Britannias this exordium my heart leapt with joy it was animated with a courage I never felt before but too fuon thefe tranf ports ceafed On pronouncing the above up tarted with a brow enjoining and full of In vain did Minerva till artful like men of his profeflion ufually do when governed by no tia of honour or thus Oh how was I chagrined and clilapptinted Miltake me immortals when I befought your audience in a de fence of Britannias that I thereby meant to efpoiie their caufe 3 fooner fhail Jove run his errands than Hermes join with traitors Has iot Mercury ever been the chief of orators and fhall a mortal dare to his renown a mortal has indeed been fo daring to eclipfe his and that mortal is a And think Geds that I will plead that peoples to a mortal yields the palm of eloquence Loft firft muft be my my my me if I deem it no intrufion on your time in hading you into the character of this Britifh So great an enemy to every country but deferves to be expelled from very worft race of hereat could no longer fupprefs his pa but rifing with his accuitomed he in terrupted Hermes in his fine by giving him a divlifh ftroke the chops with his Glad was I to fee it but in an inftant Mercury recovered the and to loggerheads fell he in endeavouring to part was knocked down by and in aflifting was tripped up by The battle now became ge Droll was the and ridiculous the com bat I Ever careful of my dear I ftood Minerva not one of my kindred deities but was maimed in this inglorious Thus broke up our Council and from what I have you may form fome hsw little your in tereft is at prefent Concerning my own fen they are as follow It is an inctifputable that I have a more in timate connection with human hearts than any other power beiide and that not Jupiter himfelf can boaft o large a croud of devotees it is therefore my ad that the free ufe of the plain fimole parchment be reftored j for thofe very fons of Britannia who object to this new are fome rf the bcf fubjccts that inhabit thy None Icve thee more and none are more loyal to thy worthy fon Him and his anceftors they and would fpill their hit blood in the fervice of thee and their Are not the moft deep and latent thoughts and defigns of the hearts of mortals known to the Gods Human ftefh is no veil to celeftial and cloud inveloped artifice no bar to fpiritual difcernrnent Hear then what will happen in future times Rather than offend their truly beloved or difturb the tranquility of the more and the better fort of their Britifh thy Ame rican if their enemies are inexorable in their refolutions to opprefs will for the foregoing fubmit to the oppreffion in a very few they will drain thy coun try of every precious guinea to purchaie that fame new For money of their own they have Nor can thy laws poffibly prevent this dange rous or guard againft the that muft unavoidably attend the enforcement of this fame ilUcontrived Command then thy fons to be wife in For the Britifh thy darling who caufed the battle among his little is he aware of what a vaft progrefs I now make over his bofom Time was he rejected me with a difdain becoming the the and the chrif You may remember there was a real enmity between us but that was in his youthful days for which reafon I formed a fnare to furprize him into my Did I not fucceed to my wilhes O Britannia when his name appeared on thy thy felfdevouring lift of cormorants then ftreamed thy and then triumphant rode the everinvincible Greatly indebted are thy fons to this true Colufius of Britifh arid as they are my fpecial favou I will not difcourage them from paying him every honour they can gpfTibly render being fully that be his votaries ever fci numerous and I hall Itill reign unrivalled in the breafts of Statues may be erected ta monuments to pyramids to Kings yet I alone reap the the permanent devotion of un unfeigned efteem Time moulders U monuments and pyramids into duft j but while Tims limfelf even fo lorg will exift and the patron of vAn ACROSTICK PRAYER before but firft in the year by the Author of the federal PatriaS in the on the fitly eti cf the O and hear me humbly i nfear and thatthou mayeftdifplay M ercywith to oerfpread the W ith faith unmixtj that my requef may find n thy compaffion full a needlul L eft mould offer this mv T hou great J shove the fountain of all T each good where I have done amiis H umble my left I fhould foar above 0 fFers and tejirVrs of thy peaceful u nile my heart yet more and more to P referve my mind in pure tranquility R each forth thy and impart thy grace E ach hallowed virrnc f the chriftian race s end metliy ftrict jufticeand pure E namour me with folace from above eftore loft and reftore my friend 7 v ext or difturbdas fuffered for fome E ach caufe prevent that would divifion fen 1 n unity by grace N ot too abject nor yet toorafhly P repare my heart to frequent E fpoufed thus the caufe of poor may be R epleat my mind with fervent hope and F ree me from and let not luft annoy E ach error of the mind c leanfe thou my heart from and T hy holy name my conftant theme fhrJl P rovided in foul fincerity E ngage my heart thy holy name to A nd through thy grace true adoration raife c ontent me with thy competency nlarge my heart if riches fhould be lent W ith generous views and true benevolence H erewith join alfo free 0 n my my fatety Ill s end me my health with if I may E ndue my vnind with and free M y heart from folly or inconftancy 1 ncreafe my knowledge and enarF rv O N ever forfake or leave me day or D iffufe thy holy fpirit mere end mere I nto my that I may thee dor S ecretand fervent let my prayers S eeking the foxirce of true felicity T ry me and prcvt if it be thy A bftraft ill paffiens preferve nie itilij Y etlet me live unenveydand D eal me true friends until I be removed O n wings of joy to N eer more to ever mere with love T o ling and celebrate thy H esveivs bleft choriR joining in the E ach foul on earth I ivifli tins happy E recting praife amidft the bkfTcd Saturday arrived tivo mails from We have an account from in a town famous for its manufactures of and that great collections have been made there fince the beginning of Jail month for relieving the different workmen in this time of owing to therigour of the the fcarcity of anrf the interruption of Provifion and fuel were fent to tlie Hotel fufficient to warm and nourifh every day a thoufand of thofe j and private diltri butions were made at the lame time to pcor Thefe good works have been uef jy fecondexi by the intendant of the and by the minifter of the Great numbers of thofe un fortunate people have been employed in breaking the which flopped the working of the mills and fa Mount Vsfuvius had ceafed laft week from throwing out inflammable matter but for fome days paft the eruption Jiath began again and fince yefterday appears to The an Englifh frigate of 31 and 80 entered this port the day be fore According to the laft ad vices received from the Sieur that learned man had duriag twentyfix the ruins of from whence the death of his in terpreter had obliged him unwillingly to His laft letter is written from Baffora the joth of He that he mall be obliged to fay longer than he had as the roads of Bag Mofui and are at prefent From the LONDON George late of in the county of mercer and to iurrendcr the 5th and 6th of and 5th of at eleven in the at the Golden Lyon in in the county of C of in the county of dealer and to fui render the 3d and 4th of March and 5th of between three and four in the at the White in Whiteheadj of in the county of dealer and to furrender the jd and iyth of Marcln and 5th of at ehven in the at Lon don James of the Tower of dealer and to furrender the ift and 8th of and 5th of at four in the at Guild Days appointed for making the diTjidgnds ejlates ty William of poned till further Richard Thomas and Sarah cf i dealers i7th of at bur in ths ;