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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 6,217
  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 21, 1766, London, Middlesex FEBRUARY HAY K E MAR AT THE INOV THEATRE in the will be performed a Serious T A S E R S c of Signior With new new and Pit and boxes to be put and no perfous to be admitted without which will Tomorrow at the at half a guinea each Gallery five fhil Bytheir MAJESTIES ItfO perfon whatsoever to be admitted behind the I nor into the pit and will be opened at I To begin at half an hour after fix 1 Vivant Rex A f tlie Theatre Royal THIS DAY will be performed an called S A M S With a on the Violin by Pit1 and Boxes to be put Tickets will be delivered This Day at the Office te the at Halt a Guinea Firit Gallery Second Gallery Galleries to be opened at Half an Hour after Pit and Boxes at To begin at Half an Hour after Six 6 Vivant Rex GEORGEALEXANDER STEVENS Propofes to A T the THEATRE in the on Tuefday being the25th of AnErrmE NEW LECTUREUPON WHOLE The Boxes Pit Gallery The doors to be ojpened at aud begin exactly at half an hour paft fix r Vivant Rex Places to be taken at the ami Phmoutli New Saff Water Bath and Long Bathj which for the purity and ftrength ot I its fine and a delightful profpect from the long i unVverfally allowed to be as ftriking and beautiful a filiation as in any partof England and being now nearly compleated will be InSied for the reception of the early by tbeir and Thte J8L for the good of mankind in the a duty incumbent ppon beg to inform the that this very beneficial undertaking has been carried on by the aSfe entre approbation of that eminent tarned phyficUn Huxham as the preservation af tire human fpScies is fo iBtigtaitly aancei we pardon the 1 mentioning fo if cry and burnt Packhorft arid Star in the Royal up the Great from rfee and re ttti Bla j Funder prime celt merchants and C be fopplied with a very great va ii eryantf miDinery gooas Fstre near pf minion et laces and ings wjiicawilibefold exceeding figafed mode i ly tin trimmed with from to Wliite arid from Fmeftuffqailted from to QuiltedPerfian from Black fattin from to Coloured from to Wlvke figured fattin for cloak per Great variety of griped and flowered rib f Some tackanotand Book TWCTURJi el tor preventing the de cays of and lengthening human hfe prepared by It is a innoMnl ana It continues health and Spi rits te the extream ef preferves the faculties warms and Strengthens the whole frame becomes and more on taking it the breath is and the limbs are free and pliant the head is clear and the heart light and Its upon the fpJrits to regulate their motions ofing them when and raifing u One dofe will bring con It prevents the difordqrs that attend a fe liabits and numbnefs of tiie hardnefs of dimoefs of giddinefsof the ftiffnefs and tremblings is good agamft eftablifoed lethargic and to prevent the re tufas The dofe is a tea Spoonful twice a at twelve at and at night going to in a wine glafs of cold It is fold in bottles at in Paternoiterrow and in Jamess A Field who for Severalyears had been afflicted with an inveterate and re duced to a vesy dangerous ftate of try ine feverai remedies to no is at laft perfectly by MAREDANTs prepared by in Goldenfqxiare where may be feen the faid Officers written and fignggk perufal and good oi the and in juftice to in is eured by the ufe of MARE v prepared only by of an inveterate fcorbutic humour in his which caufed them to to twice their natural TH E Annual Night in favow of Co N L v s being fixed for March flie pre fumes to acquaint the Nobility and Gentry there with and in order to guard againft the intrd duction of improper tickets as ufual will be delivered only to the Subfcribers to the Afiemblies or or to fuch of their friends to whom they Shall give a written order for the addrefTed to and directing her to deliver what f number of tickets they may ThX day is and to continue felling every THE Libraries of MANSFIELD Senior Fellow of Johns Cam bridge the Rector of Mep Bedfordshire and Thomas Doctor in Phyfic all lately The whole making a fine collection of books confiftingof TEN THOU SAND VOLUMES in all arts and in moft languages j the loweft price being printed in the By SAMUEL In Catalogues to bs at the place of This day is by Price One Pound One Shilling in THE HISTORY of con taining the antiquities and revolutions of the country of MECKLENBURGH with the fucceSTion and memorable actions of its By THOMAS Printed for the author and fold by bookieUer to his and in the inGraysinn in FleetStreet and in the Poultry and in The Author returns his grateful acknow ledgments to the Nobility and Gentry wlio have done Iran the honour to encourage this Hiftory of her Ma jeftysuluftrious Subfcribers fending their receipts may have their books delivered at the above or at the Authors Grays inn where fubfcriptions continue tobs Books novj on very tht iaweji price printed in the of THE of the Honourable Lieutenant General Hanover Joftph Efq of and the Charles Prebendary of all lately deceafed a very capital collection of the fcarceft and moft valuable bosks of aud all the beft foreign juft The whole c6nfifting of many ttumfand m every branch ef and in all in fine To continue on fale rbr ready money only till Ladyday By in New Catalogues to be read only at theplaceof The utmoft value for any library or parcel of efpecialfy if a This day is Neatly printed in Four price bound A NEW being the of SEVERAL preached at th By Late Lord Bifhop of and Matter of the Printcdfor at and both in Fltetitreet and Baker at Of whom may be The 31 and 4th Volumes at each bound Alfo a beautiful copperplate print of his finely engraved by from an ori ginal painting of price Now on S A L And will continue felling till January At theyear THE moft and valuable CATA LOGUE of in all languages and books ef and drawings by the greateft maflers containing above ONE HUNBRED in elegant being the li braries of the learned perfons undermentioned Tames eminent for his collection of botanifal and books of medals the Honourable Admiral Leftock Doftor of Walthajnftow j William Efq Serjeant at Law Alderman Dickenfan Auguftine Efq Editor of Plutarch Samuel Efq one of the Benchers of the Society of GrayVInn and the afternoon preacher to the faid As the CATALOGUE is very large and espies the Pro prietor hopes the will not be offended at their not receiving as ufual and to prevent its falling into the hands of fuch who never intend to be the price of it will be five for which a printed receipt will be given which will be allowed in any orthembney returned on the delivery of the Receipt and Cata A discount of five per cent five pounds tin per on ten and fifteen per on twenty and will be payment of ready The manufcript fermons of a learned are to be difpofed being a courfe for the ivrrte in ffts onva very Some neat bookcafes to be Any perfqnftill doubtfulof the efficacy of this me may by applying to John the Weft Jide of Golden near ihepnly author and where thefe are fold in of be fully con vinced of their good by being referred to abose a hundred people of who have cured of the the long continued inflammations of and efery other diforder arifmg from a faulneSs m the They may be taken n any Sfcafons Mlthout the Jcalt inconvenience or hindrance of They alfo perfeft and amazingly create an appe None are genuine but what ate b jobu ia bw own hand For the letterfigntd OMEG iafl Same Queries Jubmitted to the cenfideratiott oj the ad vocates for tie Nertb and the learned cajuifts pro and the law of or the Bri changed by the discovery of Was or was not Cbarta previous to fuch difcovery Are tkere lands o Weft er in the nature of to Great Britain Are the occupiers and inhabitants of fuch lands fuhjefcts of Great Britain If are they not under the protection and fubject to the laws of Great Britain or do they disclaim fuch and the liberties and franchises of Britifh fubjefts and claim an exemption from the laws of Britain On what pretence of right do they found fuch claim Have the British colonifts a right to any or had ever any any fiare in UK ait 1 tfkority of the toother country r Did the Romans give laws to or the Britons to the Romans draw not the conclusion naturally arifmg from this inference Shall the colonifts and govern the mother country or the legislative authority of the mother country make laws ta bind and govern the Colonifts WeftIndian or an American colony where the natives were untutored favages bejuftly compared to a neighbouring ifland and kingdom Is at this or pa to moot fuch a queftion or any way re levant to the prefeiit diitrefs of this or its colonies By what tenure do the Britifh eolonifts enjoy their lands Is is not by grants from the crown of Great in every with the laws of the mother country Do the colonifts of each refpective colony claim and what right to make or re lative to their interior governments Can the crown grant colonifts any liberty or fran but fuch as are claimed and the acknow ledgedright of the prerogative Can the crown grant colonifts any frahehife or li derogatory of the BritiSh legislature Or mafkethem in any wife independant of the legislative authority Is not tribute and cuftom the natural confequence cf or hgal protiSion Is there any compact exprefTed or between the Britifh legislature and the colonifts of except wlm is common to every legislator and peo ple on one part protection for the lives and property of the people and on their part al legiance the teft whereof is tribute and or ever was a nation or people upon the face of the which claimed an exemption from paying tribute or cuftom to the legislativeau under which they lived Can one branch of the legislature of by any exempt the people of the from tribute or cuftara impofed or claimed by the whole legislature Can the by grant or give colo power to make or to affect the lives or properties of their fellow fubjects in gene ral or even the properties of fuch as are refidentin the colony where fuch or are except relative to interior and in every refpeit agreeable to the coaftitution of the mother country Have the in cafes of and what legal power to exercife martial and for that purpofe to raife the or any other mili tary foire Have they legal power to raife and march the militiaout of the colony where even to neighbjolirihg fubject to the crown of when attacked by a foreign enemy or upon any interior or rebel lion I Can upon any fuch by any and what law raife in the nature of trophy mo necelTary for fuch or to maintain the troops Can fuch troops on their any foldiers or nf any be quartered on any Sub ject of in any of the with or even their by autho rity of parliament Is upon any emergency any le gal power vefted in the onaccoust of their tituarion and diftance from the mother or la tax the people of any to raife money upon their property within fuch for any ufe or fervice whatever except relative to the interior Can the crown grant or delegate any fuch power Has any fuch power been or upon any and by requisition or grant from the crown Is it agreeable to the or confiftent with the rights and liberties of the to im pofe any or levy any money upon the perfons or properties of the Britifh fubjects for the ufe of the crown or by virtue of the preroga and without authority of parliament With out fuch can forces be raifed or kept on foot in any colony of part of the Britifh for any purpofe whatever Are fuch forces become nesefTary for of the from favages or other or for of interior government of any colony If by whom is it moft reafonable fuch forces Should be maintained and paid Is it not the birth right of every colonift and other fubjeet of Great to have his perfon and pro perty by or under protection of the laws of the by means of Courts of Law eftablUhed or purfuant to Magna Charta f Is a Court of or Vice Admiralty fuch Court On the are not the proceedings in fuch carried on according to the civil and the judgments and determinations of fuch and without the interpofition of a Jury Is or are any fuch court or courts and of the British colonies or islands in By what power or authority were fuch courts cre ated o eftabliShed What is the distinction between and their respective jarifdictions Are they coextenfive or if claims a fuperia rity Does er either of them acknowledge a fuperier appeal lie from their judgments or determinations to the Courts of Law in the colo or in Great in any cafe Can the tr any perfon or perfons acting under the by without authority of erect a er any court of law or r whofe proceedings mail not be fubjeet to the Scontroul of the Kings ancient courts of law Can any in or out of the it Out any fuch novel j Should be established or that the rights and proper ties of his in any parts of the Should be fubject to the determination of any Such or of any court proceeding according to rules of the civil in exclufion of the antient Courts of aflifted by a Would any Englishman chufe to have hs own right or property fo determined What fligntd does that man who deviates from the golden of doing to others as he would they Should do unti him If any law has been inadvertently to the prejudice or oppreflion of is it moft juft or expedient to repeal or enforce it Would it be found to enforce fuch without firft calmly hearing the reafons to oe given againft by thofe who or may be by the precipitate orders for the execution of iu The could only be faid to be productive of future evil to the Britifh Did the immediate repeal of that purfuant to the prayers or clamour of the reflect credit or on the legiilature Is it better to fuhciue by treaty and argument or by fire and fwonl After an attentive perufa of tkepftificn and bill af 3 and i and the Ame rican Stamp and an act of the preceding feS A candid difquiSition of thefe queftions might tend to convince whom faction and clamour only inflame and the anfwers to feme of thefe tis will Shew the imbecility of the interior gevernment of tlie without the interposi tion of the Tie following letters are A De telter of Halfpay Sub The letter figned THE upon maturt is judged to bt sf too a nature to appear in onr paper but be returned when called To the IF your correfponrlent A True Briton had attended to your public declaration on the frh that you could no longer admit into yur paper any controverting the right of parliament to levy taxes on he would not a tacked me for over in hat of the Litir from a tnerchait iij London to his nephew in North Ame which treated on the matter of There are fufficient materials in the other parts of that per for to expefe to the yie ci the puv the the and cjf ur in the considering him either in his ctfumtJ commercial or as a cf and a wellwiSher to the true intereil of his The Tfae Brituis that fix millions of difliking a partial and migSf occafion them to addrefs for a is fufficisnt as every man may frame in his own mind the confequencc of inch a number being difappointed in their reafonable ex without companions from the other fide the Atlantic as to his reafcriing on the juftice of the Stampact in from Samp duties jeing paid it is by no means in and herefore cannot poffibly be or deferving in an As the True Briton appears as ignorant of com mercial as his admired friend I de through the channel of your he may be that the mother country cannot receive any aggrandizement adequate to an eXtenfije trade with ier colonies a trade under wife and piudsnt in a Short period of fully employ every manufacturer in this That folicipas in politics Sometimes can but too abundantly be proved by tttovifands of our nanufacturers now wanting who heretofore have been employed by the trade to North Ame That the colonies were in a thriving the late regulations took is by every al lowed that they are now otherwise is To the P R I N T E IN the London Chronicle of the ijth of February which has not reached my notice before this hour the letter figned inanfwer to a para graph in your paper of the ilt faid to be a calculation made by an eminent that the whole in all the American do not an to mere than per head per annum on every is a complication of absurdities but part of which very applicable to the be forementiened which it appears rnuft have been borrowed from the Gazetteer of that day February i however the author of that para graph may have picked up the numerical parts thereof from overhearing verbal conversation 1 am not about forming any but am content to leave that for himklf to explain or re tract but the intention of thi is to requeft tfce candid reader to make a proper distinction between that and the fcheme on the fame inferred in the Gazetteer on the jd of V Signed Amor and be careful not to one with the and not to fuppofe the of the latter refponfibie for the errors of the which former was wrote and inferted wholly known to AMOR To the P R I N T E ALTHOUGH you have not been wanting in municating to the public the very great imp tance of our trade to North yet I could n have conceived the numbers of manufacturers which are now diftrefTed by lift 11 agnation of that had I not collected a iiit of the feverai petitions from the maritime acd nwnufafturing prefentsd ;