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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 18, 1766, London, Middlesex and New Daify AUGUST 1766 H A Y M A R K B By 1m AT ibe OPERA in tneHAY THIS DAY will be prefented K O M E O and Rcineo BARRY Aickiu Murden Benvotio DAVIS MGeorge j S H U T E R Paltner j Lewis j Hunt W E S T O N j Friar Nelionj Pierce sftle Hamilton Quick j Lady BURDEN WOKLEYj Bones FiritQallery Upper Gellery The pit and galleries to be opened at fwe the boxes at To begin exacily at Ko perfon can be admitted oeliind the Ladiesate deiired Co feed their itrvantt at four to keep Places to be as of at the Little Vipantjlex Tfiw ttay it price A SHORT of the POLITICAL LIFE and Tit AMSACTIONS of a late Right To which is A FULL of an insidious fuppofed to under the fanctJon of a very popular of a lateicight Printed for Thofk genrienien were owing to tlie df the fale on the firft day of how O B O R At tn purchafed the remaining copies of L Sc6tt Sujgdement to Stevens s Greek The Conftanonuss i formerly JiiU for two now offers them for one or one pound Jive in half binding j after the time the price wiUbe aUvjujced one pound ten Where may be Baileys Etymological Englifh contamihg fome hundred words omitted in Johnfons by There few copies left of Medicinal in 3 large for merly fold offered for fix tjjT Chriftmas after which if my the price advanced to feven Now on fale one of thelargeft collection of in all which will continue felling dally tltt the ill January Catalogues kad andif the money to he given toacfc or alljwiijldfl with a difownt and in to the an3 fome inaau and a pak e fcrjptjr either in towa by ANDREW 1NAL FtyiRo the flu ft hdufe in ops Andrews Hol beinguniverlatiy fcnawn imongfttua firft raiUc the city andHfiibttrtte of after kveral abilhJes may be known on enquiring at that capital arid well known the Swan with Two which makes up near two hundred aiid were aveor fix agofwarm ing with thdenoxtouff yermimt at the fehool at Oibpham BiddelyV boarding fchool at Hoxtonj and numbers of large notjpaomto here j you msy have a account of thofe vermin being totally deliroyed by the Aft drew after have prowrd 1 allo eaglif e to Uok after fach beds that I have at the rate of one milling a year each bed Any gentleman may have a bed curea on the ftort and ready to lie in five minutes after cu The bug liquor fold at a pro per to uie The fayoor of a ora diieilKni in wfitingj will be kindly and duly Beware of counter as I am obliged to go after them and mend their Jalfo recommend toftich of the gen aad that are going to to have iiueb houies inlpolled being the principal caufe goods being peftered vyitn that vcr galled B A U M V THE moft extellent Remedy ever yec difcovered for alldifcafesof the fUwuch and bowels all fcorbucic and eonvul ffcmivle diforders sfpecially the the gout and rhcuinatiim It is alfo highly ef ScicioiTS applied in the cure of thujas ox pd evea the moft anrf the Tfvs moit family medcine is fold by Pawls churchyard Becketand in the Chiriirg crofs Richaidion and at tie JRoyal Exehsnge nd R in Frecadilly at the Of whom miy be A of fome extraordinary and wall atiened efiefteU hy the Baume Jtf Afo A more concffe account its icj directions for the For Che of the SCURVY and all erup tive ESSENCE of Ml NT R Thofe whft are fo happy as to try will be couvinced that theri can estSU in nature an equally and elegant cure for and fcosbutic disorders Jivn uncomipiJnly fubilej gentle operation on ihe it will notfnffer the leaft impurhy wieaiain therein in the moft furprifing recnufc hifallible manner fc as never to the leprcfy and fcurvy that human natuve was ever aitivSea as well as the mo it inve terate eld uccrs inflamma tions of the pimpled and cutanaous complaints of every leavng the blood as and the Ikin as as the Ujalthieft new born babe in the Any fu the if thought ne be and of a ikiliul furgenn iht additional hy aplyingany forenoon from 9 19 to at his houfe h s jwine upun the door in Bloomibuty where the ol Minerals is fold in bottles Vrjj in prin cd hytheati it is fold alfo at book ct rod it in tis fvoiii c ii sttl and FREEHOLDERS oftht Ceuntj T TIS Majefty iiaving gradoufly pleafed to XjL appoint me jointly with LciM to bo Paymatter of the my feat in parliament is thereby become vacant l therefore humbly intreat the honour of your vote and imerett at the next afiuring you of my tteady attachment to the laws and libertiss of this anJ ot iny my grateiul attenri n to the and prolperity of my who upia fo many fkewn ftzch an affeftionate regard to Their moft and Molt Obliged humble GEORGE The misfortune I have met with in breaking my 1 plead my excufe for not making a perional application at To bt SOLD bj A U C i I O at twelve at at the Kings Head the corner of AN a beyond the ftven raile ftone on Finchley oppofite the road hading toSouthgatej confuting ot two dwelling and a meadow about four with other The prcfnifes may be to the time of ale and parriculnrs h by applying to Kichardfoii and at in or at and premifes S T AT T E L O T T E R Shares of and I Shares of are fold HAZARD and Stock at their under the Pi azza of the Uoyal aad at thei houf in Tickets and Shares regiiteredariix pence per and the earliefl1 account of their Ihccefsient to any part ofj3reat of the Lottery given and letters poil paid duly lour bhnks to The Lovtery begins diawing on Monday the ijth of All farms Government Securities bought art I fold by In a days ivill be pubj AN EXAMINATION of the PRINCIPLES and boafted of a L ATE T HONOURABLE He fell Irom his duty and all his fanner fi lends j and thtt he did fo that he leemed to all men to haveloiir his wits when he left his PrintetJrbr oppofite Burlingtonhoufe in Piccadilly and fold likewiie by at Bath Todd and at York j and all othtr Of whom Any be An ENQUIRY into the COBDUCT of a Right Honourable 5 particularly in re garel to fome late and With an AUTHENTIC ACCOUNT of a LATH The ihird cor priee The HJSTORV of the Price and This day it price By at m Dedicated ro the Right Earl TEM P AN ELEGY on the late W Efiis 1 0 fan o ib thou The isdefired tocotuetl Stanza aft for read honours j and Stqnta lecond lor tead For tie liters jignfd TteFaral Effects of An kfl To tlie PRINTER of the cafe it is no thing at all what Lord Clive has or what the Directors I We all know the mative W oa the part ef the Corn inclined them to overlook to prefects and the That mative has been already and will not influence in Johnftones I am not ignorant of the fible in favour of the but I alfo know that the Company has too much underlhhdi ing to regard the opinions of w for a purfe of will defend murderer and the plun The fola point in this caufe whether it not lawful in ofnce to accept not fees of from thofe that are fubjeft to their if the Wiibob might be then dered as a tenant of the Eaft India Company in that eafe the Lever ofjujtice gives up John ftones as he feems willing to allow that a Steward account for what prefcnta he receives Prom the of the on this I ftnll quickly ter minate the by that even accor ding to Johnftones account of this and its it appears that the Nabob of Ben gal only a tenant aiiviil of the Company at the time of this whatever be thefan cfes of the or Infidels in In on that The Nabohftiip of it is was conquered in Suja and from the of Johnltones letter it that the Coun cil of on the Nabobfoip as at their own They deiilierated on whom to beftow this They conferred it ou Najim il They fixed the Vises of his power and his They deprived him of his the nomination of lis and of the principal officers of his They or rather expofedan infant oi eighteen years of age en the throne of his ancef o Mtift it not fnock the ideas of all men o ccnfider fuch a creature as a Sovereign or the pirfons tornmiflioned to vcft him with his mock as to a Sovereign Power they think in the what mirft we think of prints by an wrute1 down by his a creature of the Council of ta A in which Johnftone hail fomuoh in as to gcv Ctt at the head of lu cvntive rpivnrelentunvs of thaiCoun cil nominated iyt vc asaraanuen fis to this Whether we conildr the Infant Nabob as the or Councils as adyifw of the it comes to the faihe tliirtg the gift was made by an infant tenant at luilt of the Eat luriia or out of his ettate to the Stewards of that Company and by alt the known rules of it belongs to the or ougkt to be to the infant from whom it was ex The circumftances of the cafe fpeak that thefe prefents were appointed and diftrtbuted1 by Johnttones although defamed Keza Cawn had mver faid Itrongeft in the world is Evidentia and here we have it with a vengeance It is as clear as that the Senators of the Council oi Calcutta might as well Inpve have taken this large fum out of the treafiiret of the diftreffed as done it in this But here we have Ciceros practice qnoted in de fence of preftnts Cicero was a in our a Barrifter at Who sccufes thefe gentlemen of taking prefents how a Preceptor of condemns the pre fenthunting age of his and largely extols the Generals who brought the booty of the rmd that of Africa into the treasures of the without retaining one penny for In conformity to the general that per fons in office can only lawfully receive fees of and no ether prefenfk we are prohibited from beitowing kenevottncet on our Sovereign j we mult not even lend to our Prince without the autho rity of in every Taxes are the fees of office of Prin Other prefents they receive and other prefects are illicit if All officebearers are in the like from the Prefident of the Council to he meaneft Tidewaiter in the Another fyftem of Law would fliock our ideas beyond con ception and from a late letter of Lord we that if it had befin permitted to would have entirely ruined the Compa nys affairs in the of a the Lover of rather than not defend will difpute even He will not allow the immorality of actions which tend to corrupt the mind he will not admit that morality is and meafured by danger and nexpediency tof I wifh he had pointedoutthe other bafis on which his morality is The writers on the of nature feetnto know no other than what I have mentioned At leaft if they know like the Lover of keep it a fecret with the Earl of place tire diftinction be tween virtue and vice in a jtrnftai For my part I always that if murder and robbery jcouklbe proved promotive of the benefits of murder end robbery would then become virtues of firft I the Lover ef Juftice will be at a lofs to fliew what juftice it he denies it to be known by its being lite beft mode of pro moting ths of Society in the diftributiwi of the good of for if it could be proved that in could better anfwer the end of fockty than J fancy that injuftice would be the and juftice the But it is a clear evidence of a bad when the defenders of it can patronize h BO otherwife but in difputing the foundations of The good of fociery is knewa to be the meafure of right and and the man who dif sutes fclfevident mull be far drove We muft aJfo condemn whatever teads to corrupt the if we condemn corruption un will acl the ridiculous pait of condemning he eua and approving of the means whereby it is Brought A will eafily under that whatever is inducVive of corruption muft be if corruption be The law de pecuniis repetundis in long before the Ciceronian proves the antiquity of theft maxims which condemn fie acceptance of prefents in and the fubflancc that law fhews that the an tienter Romans faw the of fuch prac as well as their if it be trise that there a difference between morality and expedi ency to which is a fecret unknown all of Greece and Roman Senate could difpofe of Crowns with the fame facility that the fenate of Calcutta could grant the Nabobfliip of they fuf fered themfelves to be influenced in their fbmetimes by at other times by expefta riens But is this recorded to their honour I be lieve Jugurtha is faid to have purchafed the whole fenate of And if prefents are allow ed to be given in purfuance of fuch they will always be So that we cannot approve of the prefents made to the Senators of the Council of after they had given the Nabobfhip to an in fant of eighteen years of unlels we will fay that the grant might lawfully be made this expecta for fuch expectations muft neceffarily exift if we allow the thing itfelf to be We mult there fore ceny the morality of the aft which produces uch expeclati ons byneceflary or con tend for ihe morality sf the whick Johnftones corrupting defender has not as yet at And I wiQi his he would try to convince us of the morality of an of this or fhew that fuch expectations may not arife from fuch fubCequent This will be an extenfive theme for if properly wil convert us to his new prin ciples in favour of tili this is we muft deny the morality of a practice which unavoidably produces immoral We multnot meafu e right and wrong by the of the nore efptcially if they there lock oa the company as a for fuch an imagination is directly contraryto the words and fpirit of heir By t eir charter they are with not They are tnUd with a capacity to fuend a qua liiy ipconfilliiit with The comrany ii tueichan of and their It i a a apd clerks in the Eaft aie the facloji errandbearers of a rivate abfurd td conficfer thefe as from a ni it ii to Idjk en of the council of Calcutta to be a though dignified ihztn wjih rhf nanieof Thefe are tco flexking ab ur for us iemk on a rotten niuft with the faJfiries by intended cbtrut d us in the tm Johftone will ihat faiihoods5 rftUfl here pafs for fterling truth an 1 that we nuiit as obliged tog vm jiKU by c The council of Calcutta will c rniuue to Nabobs ift vvhile the cvmpzny tlem to exereffe that or till a poiver intrr But they muit allo t rtac we muft be jaft as blind or wicked as they chule we OiouW They witt I iiope erakout our breafts t knowlerfge and thcli of tfc with vhicii fce are honttdrt b tie Author of conipicu in A gainft thefe neither Indian cuftoms nor Indian pofleflions will ever in It is there fore to no purpofe to rail tfceje prefects Judianpre or to tell Us how the jtiansj IvluffanieTt or in tliink thcfe It is rth our to diffipaie thee decep and teach when tiey coiHe under our a noblr of The g of this age make the world and to impart to them opportunities of rafiify ing their by witnfffihgin iis liiperior vir to enftive ourfelvts to ths of fo we are FREE will judge by otir not by the imported ideas Johnftone may if deiilt froci arguments built on Eaftern can not helD hurt hi arid muft hurt him with every Enfe Aman of Hie company muft pjge of their pnoperiy and on their fervauts by therliles of ow which difapproves of prefenrs made to of all and teaches tliat gifts prefented Jiew on account of renewils to tenants at are1 gifts to the Lord of We alfo know that from infants of theae of and even are of no validity when tried by the fame And it h as tJiat a MJU bofcfliip given by the council of talcittt t in name of the cofiftiUtes but only a tenure at the will the A Letters rtcavtd Kanwayj fewntb and Philo A CJonltaut Reader and f Frequent Cor and AS candour and of I that yon will not aft worthy thofe noble to be led away by flauder of every envenomed pen or malignant Sufpend your judgement far a while tiiiie will make things manifeit and if ftould ixad fcurrileus letter in the GaEetter dfjthe j cth againft the once Great now Earl of be pleafcd to call to mind the dirt and fcandal that was a few years on late worthy Alderman and Rcprelentativpj Sir Barnard and you may fafely that t the fame bitter fpirit and malignant pen who bth now vilified and reviled the Eail of un der the fignature of To the PRINTER of the If you think the following attended its will he of fervice to any pray publtfh AugiJt SCENE B L A C K Ii E A T AUGUST advancd Pynfent For now the D rages The canine brefd more hat no reafon Stand my fee how they rfin How foam and pant rat All open mcuthd nr danger hun To rend the of Chatham Whofe whelps are they doft difpute Their fpeiks fo A fcurvy kenneld by Of genuine Scottifh Be ktep them in Their heat will foon he over If to the patriot fyftem Youll crufti both Sang and Spain and and all the enemies of our happy Saturday arrived tbc mails jrsm Hslland in July Thsy vria from Chiefs of the Kobes have ordeis dLfttcly to give a decilivt tu We learn from rist buil there in luifte iijps ami thar i men are daily employed en the fornikatio Auguji If we heitevi long ac uffomed o a Chief inured to Misur md are at this towards the DnJiv ot LunHKiu not hut The News Loud have foretolj thir t a weeks and give the reafn of believed it and wil haps believe it notwithitaiuiinr the news oi i nw f ii ot T he From the O N D O N G Z TJ T T The King has boon p j toconliiluteand appoint the Kgbt H commonly of Lieutenant General of his Commander in Chief of ajlsiul fingular hi vo v land or to be tvipioveo u ;