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Gazette Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Gazette-Mail (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Charleston, West Virginia Gazette mail City edition the and mild sunday highs in the 50s Aid 60s. Weather data on Page 8a. Car Merton february 96 Vav f. S 1 Virginia most 0 m p with two Craft magazines and world s Best comics slurry Bills vary widely fight seen Frondizi rebukes military Argentina confused but tension relaxes by Edward c. Burks ident Frondizi lashed out saturday against Argentine military forces pressuring him to Harden his attitude toward Castro Cuba. He declared he would never head a puppet also in a Long speech at Parana be denounced the United states and others who voted last week at the Punta Del foreign meeting to oust Cuba from the organization of Ameri can states he did not my Nikon the u. S by name in justifying Argentina s abstention in the Rote to Oast Cuba. Frondizi said there was no pro v taken in inter american treat i ies permit my a sub action. Then he described those who voted for expulsion As being flagrantly arbitrary of adopting Law of the Jungle us Frondizi s Sharp speech followed a critical meeting Friday night with the country s War. Navy and air secretaries who demanded that he fire foreign minister Michel c area no and break diplomatic re lations with Havana. William s. Bolden quits Ciric Bolden quits Power Plant gets approval by Thomas f. Stafford legislation dealing with the proposed Northern West Virginia pipeline appeared headed saturday toward a Bare knuckle fight Between Senate and House conferees. The pipeline Bills now have passed both houses but they Are so widely divergent on essential Points that a conference commit-1 will be named to resolve the differences. Mainly the Senate leadership it distorted that the Howe re moved a Senate provision which wild Force the pipeline com Pany to engage in such i Ity within the state before h 1 could become an interstate Carrier. The aim of this Amend i ment was to tax the pipeline. Abo. The Senate is giving Sharp attention to the House passed Bill take budget Bill action by John g. Morgan the House quickly passed its version of the budget Bill Satur Day by a vote of 82-4. Meanwhile the Senate hustled its budget cuban Trade halted Fidel loss put at 835 million see Bloir in let wins Praise which directed at eliminating measure out of finance commit a pipeline monopoly. Senate tee and moved it up for Amend i sources say language in this action monday. Ii Var Section is vague and they 1 want Lime to study it before pass the two Bills Are about million apart. Differences Are to i be settled in conference this week before the scheduled and i William s Bolden resigned sat Bills urday As manager of the Charles ton civic Center a Post he had the Senate and House on thursday held for More than three years prolonged sessions saturday and Bolden. Who has a heart con m both houses Bills were passed a possible raise in Revenue Dilion. Said the resignation was u facilitate construction of an of the Board of pub on the advice of his Power Plant in work Ujj pending. If that i rec rtt Ike county Abou. Then the legislature of this oct Noi my hoped thai i a Krulc Potter co Unay ii laity Roopi Loo in Alec son. Jetti build the Plant at a Cost of the bul. I. Dawm t majority of the seven Mem is of the opinion that Renne estimates can to adjusted i mrs. Paul Beersdorf left Ami mrs. Don Bridges pause in their flight with their children from a fire in the Dubuque Iowa apartment House where Thev lived. The fire de mirrors of emotion stroked the Interior of the top floor of the three Story building and caused extensive water damage to the two lower floors. A wire photo notice and postponed this decision Bat i dare not jeopardise my health any Bolden t his resignation try to the civic Center Rieca Tive Conan Titre. Acting on the executive com Between f 150 million and Mil lion and wants eminent Domain rights to about 12.000 acres Coal in the area. The legislation would grand such rights. The Senate passed the bin 26-1, 0-Umv i a Reily Flat Whon Il-1 Jajor in i gunmen hold prance Mother tots _ t for uprising Washington president Kennedy tight ened the s. Economic squeeze on Cuba saturday ordering a Complete ban on j imports of cuban products. The action will Cost Cuba million a year. Administration officials said the embargo effective next wednesday will be a severe blow to the ability of prime minister Fidel Castro to Export communist to other latin american countries. His Dollar income last year Wai under million officials said so the new . Action will reduce it by one third this year. While clamping the embargo on imports. Kennedy specifically authorized the continued Sale of us. Food and Medicine to Cuba officials said also that airline and Telephone service to Cuba would not be affected. The Trade embargo officials Aid is Only one of several Steps Kennedy and Secretary of Dean Rusk Are planning. Thaw aim is to fasten a kind of economic military and political stranglehold around the Island country which All other american governments now officially regard As a communist beachhead m Tho Western hemisphere. Tho . Government ii and extending its air and sea patrols Over the International Waters around Cuba. Diplomatic efforts will he in Chicago a Mother Nodi however that opinion will two teen age children told in a confused situation typical uni tree s recommendation the full Silas differ and also of the repeated crises Center Board for conference the military Here there were re Aden s resignation effective ports rom government House March 1 and granted him an in that Frondizi has made secret mediate leave of absence agreement with the military. Were poised outside Paris Satur a. _ night and More than anti riot police stood with Cuba to brine their policies the House -16 the two my of saturday of their terror when of that t the prism fir which a Jerrea Jinto line with those of the United the House the two ver fit Lay Bijj to extend the six they were abducted from their a Iii i appear Linny we Oil in Exzeno me were Auu i ice Usu urdu per cent state tax on horse race1 Home by two gunmen and held frenchmen Tomk will be attempted b the n. La Dingy Flat More than five secret army to break up prospective Independence gov betting. The horse racing Bill has been i they were freed after ran debate broke oat in the House Orer the Repco Hafl when a passed in different forms by both som was paid Jority Leader w. T. Brotherton Cape aug As a reportedly that Alii fsr a a Sec ret Cuba within a specified time Peri Denzil Skinner assistant manager since september. Was named acting manager of the Center. Skinner is houses and is scheduled to go in to conference for settlement of Kanawha county Delegate Rath differences. It would yield an Esti or than chief spokesman for the mated during the one opposed it on year Extension beyond june 30. grounds. Of Secretary of we sat mrs. Gloria Chane Sosi. 42. Told investigators. I told the kids not to move. The two men kept Finger ing their mrs. Chanenson s husband. Irv said the family s ordeal began for Algeria. T in Algiers and Oran. Where and other american Ern ments. A meeting of the organization of american states is set for wednesday. The lulled and other members will there was a noticeable setup in ocasion Here saturday As every in oyed a warm summer Cay. After the meeting with the Mili tary secretaries for three hours Friday night. Frondizi put out a communique which had a Pla Cating tone. It promised an imme Diate review of Argentina s rela Bolden. To was named Tern i Horary manager of the civic Center i november. 1s58. Shortly before the million building Wai opened. Three months later he was named manager at an annual salary of he later sold his tool and giving eminent Domain rights to Burdett. Sex offi Cio Secretary of night when he answered private company for private Board of Public works outlined a Al lne door. Vh1 of shirt i of the ambassador to Havana. In his speech san Day fron did also denounced those politicians who present themselves As apostles of democracy in world affairs who Are try Teg to pot an end to it in their s. Bolden co. To devote full time to civic Center affairs. Accepting the Resigna Tion Bishop Wilbum c. Campbell chairman of the civic Center Board called Bolden one of the purposes. When you Grant eminent he said you give such right for Public use. But this Grants the right to take Pri vate property for private among those supporting the Hill were Del. Larkin ours Del. Joseph Gilmore a Tucker j and Del. J. E. Watson a mar this said Gil the Board s position on revenues 16 two finance committees sen. Hans Mccourt a Webster and Del. Ivor f. Boiarsky a Kana wha1. More is More important to West Virginia than the Coal where the pipeline is being built to move eight million tons of Coal annually to the East coast the Repco Plant will use argentines did however vote three great showmen ree million tons. Also said Gil yes on the Resolution and Bolden and not More other Coal powered Rene rat the Castro regime As being in the least of these is plants Are on the drawing compatible with the inter Ameri can system. Bolden said his immediate plans boards that could increase con Are to travel and rest. Please turn to Page 8a col. 4 there Are Dis in the _ _ _ terrorist european to Salvage something from prm1 Lien for speedy action has gunned Down opponents in the i past surrenders in Indochina and Palm lined streets in an Effort to elsewhere. But it is questionable keep Algeria French troops idlers drafted in France and filed to see the War in Algeria Al an end. A Strat for Broth Cuba red Mem Chanenson. 43, said he was to sign for a package. Then three other men walked in with guns. J Chanenson said they de police also stood French and algerian National it negotiators arc widely reported through without official confirmation to have reached at least a bask agreement on the eventual Independence of Al Geria after seven years of blood shed. Some Felt the ruling in response to a request by the handed two of the gun committees. Burdett said the j men left with the Mother and two Board had re examined the Esti Ion. No specific figure represent a owned father and wore the beginning of ing the amount of the possible in drove them to the tenement hide the month when moslem modify its plans and not Suir the Nan on imports was a in blow to the cuban Cigar Man Clui Iii at cuban tobacco constituted but to Blunt a revolt in the run of the. Principal centers the French Ion of r s purchases from Cuba army has a simple Man Euver at hand to withdraw from Algiers j Molly press andorran establish a ,.alinrcr said of am we a Coldberg Renei blockade at sea. For the secret army with children ordered them to lie might or reject _ in the Back of a station lament by 6 or nucleus of trained sol irom Cuba Ivide All help possible to the itsi0r 7000 people involved in Manu crease was mentioned. The House Bill was passed with Only Typo graphical amendments. Efforts by the minority to make changes were overwhelmingly beaten Down. The Senate Bill hit i paper bags to his Contact no roadblocks As it was reported please turn to Page 8a col. I fin1 lout on the South Side. Each Day from Sunrise to Sunset. An Putsch after a shortly i the demand finally was scaled fears of a Putsch by the secret might resort to continued Ger on he Down to army in Algeria with a warfare in the streets. A mind sports of i Chanenson said he withdrew the Ion uprising in France Are for if the French government medicines and Money from the Bank drove a subject of daily conversations and the algerian rebels do reach Pinios from the United few Miles from his Home As in among frenchmen. The and formal afire Meent on exc cited and delivered it in two ment of an agreement might Iris Independence and the secret army count ians Calm at 4end but if you re superstitious better hide under in cose soon after this. Mrs. Chanen son said there was a phone Call in the Flat. Eventually she noticed no one was around and to the Street. They took a cab borne. They were unharmed. Chanenson did not report the kidnapping to police until his Fame in was safely Home. Scr such a final and desperate of maintains a Savage anarchy in fort Juhe cities the new algerian Rov Mirhel draw Back Al last year Cuha Housel about the idea of trying to control such million Worth of foods and whether president Scheihing cell cars. Be t United states de Gaulle supremely confident Gazette mail by James f. Dent if you re superstitious you May As Well stay in bed Mon Day. Maybe under the bed would be better. That s the Day that the Moon the Sun. The Earth Mars Ven us Jupiter. Mercury and Saturn line up one behind the other for the first time since 1821. A number of people especially in India Are pretty disturbed about it. Indian fairs and seers have been predicting that monday will be a rather unpleasant Day. The end of the world Gigantic tidal Waves continents either rising out of or sinking into the sea or maybe both a financial panic. Earthquake cd and world War Iii have been some of the possibilities men Promise any other monday which May or May not be Good news. After a rather negligent search the nearest thing thai could be found to an Oriental Mystic in Charleston was a Gazette reporter. K. W. Lee. Who comes from Korea. Lee in t a Mystic but he is Oriental. Half a loaf you know. Lee in t Wor ried about monday. A Dunbar Man in t particularly worried either but he Hopes nothing happens since he has already bought his tick ets for the West Virginia intercollegiate basketball tournament. Moved in on a Little mining Community out in Arizona. The group which Calls itself understanding inc., says the mining town of Cleator is one of 12 locations on Earth which will be unaffected by disaster. The names of the there Are some people in the other 11 places were not reveal United slates who Are taking Mon de which is bad news for their Day s celestial doings seriously. Chambers of Commerce. A group of 22 californians has indians Pray night away new Delhi. India up Nepal had appeased the gods of thousands of terrified indians destruction shivered through a wintry night under the stars saturday night i had a said the Moon favourable shift. In new Delhi thousands of res planetarium in new York they have been getting a lot of Calls from people asking if they should cancel tuesday dental appointments. The h a y d e n plane Torino in t worried. One of the curators said he had a wednesday in Creon Date and tots expected to keep k. The planetarium people say that Kanawha contains appear to he Calm abort the whole thing. A lady who is High priest pm of a to awaiting doomsday calamities dents set up huge menu and the lira up of monday is they feared would be unleashed lighted bonfires for warmth As very unusual but it happened not they prayed through the nigh once but twice in 1821. Thai year but As the first Day of the three the astrologers had predicted must have been hell on As Rotor Day doomsday period passed great natural and manmade Dis ers. In 1324. Everything lined up quietly an increasing number of during the of in in the Zodiac Constellation of i stargazers began finding mitigate conjunction of planer eight aquarius the fish this Ted to diag influences in the heavens by hindu count including the Sun that the would Hoty mat prayer and Moon and an imaginary be inundated the swallowing a matter of fact 1524 to a cot. 1 i , Gays lied s. Gets will Anthnny. 92. Al j to Lead the nation will make some announcement in his widely heralded radio and television address monday night is still problematical. For the secret army time seemed to be running out if it Hopes to stage a coup. To achieve a measure of Success a concerted j uprising in Algeria and France especially in Paris would be necessary precautions taken i in Paris seemed to doom any such i attempt. But m Algeria the situation is different there the army led by Rauol Salan. A fugitive sex ipe neral under sentence of death has Broad sympathy among masses of the european population. With the evident Connivance of the people it has been Able to create a virtual state of an Archy in Algiers Ami Oran. The two largest cities. Would French troops fire on rebel French citizens i there is a general conviction that they probably in spotlight mountaineers squeal by n. Carolina state 1c k presidency a Romney cant resist pm 114 Pon i War Charleston in flfl., 1 of confused Motorist irrorii0 Nim re Hyu it Tito tip bled in Friday of s14.000 to the unit i night Mitt to i to War Colistro Fioti Wir photo building business news classified columnists Community current mild he v2 10a. 11 4a Home i family 1b-9b. 12b .1 or Vert crossword 10b 1d-1jd sport 1c-7c your bridgework 4a

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