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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Gastonia, North Carolina Foul the Gastonia n. A Gazette monday str Tembek the Gastonia Gazette Forf ult Tea in the Esert suday me oui Cotany Ortra m-jj2 wot at cd dial the Choice were left to i the that to have a free press or a free government i worm Chott free be Lerion. 6tiwast cd waru t 4otchh4 _ Ben i at Dia Amnun by item its us idelta Kin w r Llu hts Toi Kincaid Bro Cullam i Fiji Idle _____., a Kirti editor in cart a flux subscription Utu pm trend Ctm to Nail of Tai Sis moot i also Siim month. 13 m one month to to net net no Utah. a Rayalla in Advance car Ltd Fel try Price pc per Wei All tar Stefi and dealers Udov neat Onnon Conra the Outtie publishing Oom Tonj k Dot resp Noille for ult Nec subscript lne Par menu o admitted into tiie the at Oman not n 0 in the in mud no mute april do spec is National Tan atm to in inc., in fail attain my monday september 1, 1953. A Bible thought for today now Faith is the Assurance of hints hoped for the proving of things not Faith has a creative Quality. We should use it. Tafts Hal a boy in Germany was sentenced to Plant 300 Trees after a fire he set destroyed that Many. He s still burning your friends can always solve your problems Lew of them eel the right answers. A Tennessee Man says he has changed Hla will 12 times. Strange what relatives will do to irritate people. Police ordered a Connecticut woman out of t phone Booth after she talked Lor two probably spoiling her description of a new dress. Even this far ahead we know where the first touch of Winter will come Coal Man i when will we Stop committing suicide and murder death rides again death on our highways is no stranger even on Ordinary Days. But on Holiday weekends just As the labor Day weekend which will officially end at Midnight tonight he is Al most As familiar As fishing rods thermos jugs and picnic baskets. The latest official count of labor Day weekend fatalities most of them traffic deaths stood at 250 plus when this was written. By Midnight tonight there will doubtless be scores of names to be added to the list. It is not hard to understand Why the last few hours of a Long weekend holi Day such As this should bring More traffic accidents than the first part of the period. People Are weary worn out from three or four Days of holidaying. In addition to that they Are in a hurry to get Home and to bed so they will feel like going Back to the Salt mines on tuesday morning. Many of them will not be Back on the Job tuesday morning. Or any other morning. Many of them will be on embalming tables rather than in bed. Many of them will be in bed but it will be a Hospital bed in the emergency Ward. Many of them will be piled up in baskets in Little pieces awaiting identification. All of us know that the safety experts can predict with amazing accuracy the number of people that will turn up in the obituary columns after a Holiday weekend. The fact that these predictions can be made with remarkable accuracy seems to indicate that few people Are trying to do anything to Lessen the Holiday Highway Hazard. True there Are More cars on the streets and highways now than Ever before but that does not Lessen the implications of the shocking fact that Highway deaths have increased from in 1949 to in the still More shocking fact that the experts Are freely predicting that the 1953 total will be More than dead. Eight Hundred a week killed on our highways 1 More than a Hundred people a Day the speeder the reckless Driver the drunk Driver the Driver who is in competent for any reason whatsoever Are All potential murderers or suicides. What can be done the answer is beyond us. But it must be somewhere in the future unless we All want to end up on a slab in the morgue. American labor should be thankful for its liberties free workers the world Over can be everlastingly proud that the East Ger Man uprising of june 17, one 6f the most significant events of the Post War Era grew out of workingmen s pro tests. For years the East German workers like those in the soviet Union and All satellites have been subjected to All the grinding pressures of exploitation. They have been living through a plan Ned depression ill housed ill Clad ill nourished. Qwerty has deliberately con trived for them so that the comm blast state might grow fat with tanks planes and guns. But in Berlin and other soviet zone go Man cities the red masters turned the screws too tight. They decided the standards of work perform which wage rates Are fixed be increased. This meant More work but no More Money. In America that tactic goes by the hated name of the berliners would t take it. They marched off their jobs and paraded through the City. The second Day was the big one. Strikes were widespread throughout East Germany. Demonstrations came close to toppling the puppet government. But then the soviet army intervened to re establish the workers this colossal communist Sham must now be evident to workers friends wherever men can read the truth and Are not blinded by emotion or prejudice. If you Are running a country for the Benefit of its working masses you Don t run them Down with armoured cars or fire tank guns at them Poinc Blank. The events of june 17 surely must have had dramatic Impact on Amer Ica s own labor leaders. They ought to have stirred More than Pride in the courageous resistance of other work ers. They should have aroused our leaders to new awareness of their own blessings. When you look at a real slave labor state in ruthless operation How hollow sounds the american labor cry that Taft Hartley is a stave labor it May Well have produced numerous in equities but it has not put labor in chains. European Union officials visit ing american factories and Union Halls Are constantly amazed at the Freedom and Independence of the u. S. Working Man. June 17 ought to have made labor in America deeply grateful for its Many liberties determined to move sanely and calmly toward both the removal of remaining inequities and the steady improvement of the workers lot. Missing merchant you can still buy peanuts in the Ball Park but How Long since anybody heard the Peanut Vendor s whistle or How Long since anybody has seen the Vendor with Copper framed Glass Case and the Little Rushing puffs of steam that went with that whistle so shrill and commanding and yet so pleasant time Wai when the hot roasted Peanut men were As numerous on our As Are the old women offering hot chestnuts in Paris. There was one of their roasting machines in front of every Corner fruit and Candy store and there were plenty of them pushed through the streets on wheels. Indeed the Peanut men were so ubiquitous and so tempting thai it was hard to hold onto your Nickel for that ice Cream soda you originally Hail in mind. More often than not you ended up with one of those vertically striped of red and Green and Blue of hot Peanut Tel mutates Mut Andis the Peanut Vendor to have gone the Way of the Organ grinder and the vegetable peddle. And Why by the Way did the Peanut Man and none of his contemporary merchants go by the rather fancy name of was inc title too full of 18th Cen Tury elegance to let the bearer survive in the 20th? or did he jul fall victim to the movie lobby s Popcorn Louis Post Dis Patch. Cooking up a hot dish Book a Day review William l. Ukraine Duder the soviets by Clarencia Manning Book Man the seed of bitter hatred for the russian communists still finds a Fertile soil in the soviet Ukraine where the Kremlin has erected an eternal memorial to the savagery of Moscow s passion to subdue minority Peoples. Prof. Manning noted Columbia University scholar has compiled a detailed study of the soviet subjugation of the Ukraine particularly timely now when that policy is bearing bitter fruit. When will ukrainians Ever forget the horror of Stalin s drive to collect Vize their farms of his artificially induced famine in one of the richest Agri cultural areas in the world prof. Manning writes the bodies of the dead Lay in All the villages along the Raoui and in the Fields. Special brigades were formed to Bury the dead bul they were too weak to collect at the corpses and these were de Drew Pearson on the Washington merry go round labor on guard for economic slump leaders want Cio Al Unity and social benefits for workingmen routed by those dog which had escaped being eaten and had Gont when will the ukrainians Ever Orget the Long lines of starving queued up in those awful lays of 1933, begging for bread at he Mills dying of starvation in he Street when will those who were children then forget How they were picked up in vans by the soviet secret police and thrown nto concentration Camps called the Barracks of it is the author says to estimate accurately the number who perished in the famine but it was approximately certain other calculations will place the number Between 5 and 6 Mil this is a vivid Story of How the russian communists set out to make the Ukraine a russian prov Ince to impose russian language and russian culture to make the entire Economy serve Only Mother Russia. Even with or. Manning s plodding and often awkward style of writing the picture out Stark and Clear. By Erakine Johnson in Hollywood Deborah Kerr not cold she just has t had a sexy part looking Back wards irate to Graf pm u von ago my it him the Gurttie at this to 1r from the Gazette of thursday sept. I. 19m mrs. Wade h. Sanders is visiting friends in Raleigh this week. Alex Robinson left wednesday morning for Darlington school. Rome ga., where he will be a student this year. Although Cotton com and other crops of Gaston county will be de Hyed in their Harvest ing this season on account of the weather the exhibits at the big Gaston county fair which is to be held this year from october 2 through 6, Are expected to be fully As Large and Complete As in former years. Cover crops Are to be Well represented at the fair for the wet season has been conducive to their growth. Mrs. F. Michael director of the fancy work department of the Gaston county fair has quite a number of the Premium lists on hand for distribution. Misses Marion Ragan and Estelle Garland left wednesday night for Staunton. Va., to resume their studies at Mary Baldwin College. The music department of the High school is offering something especially interesting free instruction to anyone who wants to take an instrument. If pupils Progress after a few weeks and like the work they May take music regularly. This is a very sensible and generous arrangement. The Piedmont Section faces the fall smiling knowing full Well that unless a calamity of some kind takes place in the nation business is obliged to be Good in this part of the country. The textile Industry has not entirely recovered from its slump but there Are indications that it Well improve soon. Washington labor Day 1953 represents something of a Cross Road for organized labor. For tilts is the first labor Day in 20 years that labor has been on the outside looking in. For 20 years labor enjoyed a situation a Hoveln its top leaders were not Only consulted at the White but where the Basic policy of Tiosh Roosevelt and tra Man was aimed at what might be called a people s administration. But today labor sees the Man it vigorously opposed safely ensconced in the White House naturally inclined to favor the policies of tic businessmen who backed him rather than the labor leaders who bucked him. So despite inc appointment of Martin Durkin head of the Al plumbers As Secretary of labor organized labor frankly that it is a Long Way from having any voice in Washington. Durkin cays that he s been consulted on All labor re marked one top labor Lender but Wal difference does that make when the Secretary of the treas Ury increases interest rates on the mortgages which every work ing Tan has to pay or difference does Dur Kin r consultation on labor problems make when the Treasury proposes a sales tax which increases tin Cost of living for every working Man or when the Eisenhower administration proposes cutting of cheap government electric Power thereby increasing the electric Bil which have to pay concluded the top Labo Leader we Are in the same position today As with Herbert Hoover. H had a labor Man William Nuckle do a in his Cabinet. But Hoo ver s policies were among the most reactionary in led to one of the worst depression in history. That s what we have u look out for the above View Point has cause two significant and important moves in labor circles 1. The greatest stimulus in Labo history toward Unity toward a amalgamation of the a. F. Of l and the Cio. 2. A much greater Elford to push policies that will help lower bracket groups generally regard loss of whether they belong to labor unions. This includes so Cial Security he ally bin edits lower taxes for the lower brackets Public Power is against private Power. Regarding Point no. 2, most peo Don t realize hat the a. F. O l. Maintains a Man in Washington Nelson Cruikshank whose Job it to Congress regarding half legislation not merely for organized labor but Lor the Public generally. It was caulk shall Amon others who helped increase congressional appropriations to cancer Start palsy Etc. After or Hobby Secretary for a Oahu an welfare Cut the Money in half. Also the Public i Orson t ecu that the a. F. Of l. An expert in Washington sex con Grussman am Civ Pic Miler of Wisconsin whose Job it is to Halcli other legislative matters such As uses Public Power a and Utility rates which also it fact the lower bracket Public. On the general welfare fron ish on two important one is the admission of Israel to he executive Board of the ice to. The other was the election of Omar Becu of Belgium As presi Dent of the ice to. Both were opposed by the British. But in loth cases the quiet cooperation of Reuther and Meany scored a Victory. Both men also addressed the Stockholm meeting on East Ger any and sent a Telegram urging Isenhower to take a Strong stand support of East German work is. The president wired Back that e considered it significant that was the workers who were the Backbone of the revolt against communism. Labor leaders Inci mentally Point to Ike s laudatory statement in contrast to the state int of his attorney general her Bert Brown Ell that there Are More communists inside labor unions Han any other group. Abor notes labor Day was first proposed by Eter j. Mcguire president of the carpenters and joiners Union in new York in 1882. By ism Congress Ecla fed it a Legal Holiday. Even rally the first monday in septem or became a red letter Day in All he 48 states approximately workers including women Are members of Al Cio and Independent great St number of organized working Leople in history. Peter Mcguire hardly dream of a finer Esprit de corps in organized labor nor is it Likely that Pioneer Abor leaders of the past like Sam rompers and John Mitchell whose attempt to improve the status of Workingman was derided foresaw in their wild is fancies the tremendous gains made by labor in the last Genera Ion according to elder la Bor statesman Al Hays of the machinists labor cannot rest on its past achievements Nea and dolls what s All the talk about the new Deborah Kerr that i not really True. It s just that Deborah Kerr had a the British Bora redhead on the subject of her sizzling performance As Karen Holmes in the film ver Sion of James Jones army Saga from Here to people have accused deborah1 of being cold but she tells it i was t Paru were. All Hollywood let me Pla were pure Sweet virginal Crystal Clear Dull heroines. I be Slid lord Cecil Don t leave me Many limes. How can you Fet any my or feeling into parts like despite printed reports Fiat she has re signed with Mem for a Pic Ture a year she denies that she s anything but free As the wind after she completes a season on Broad Way in Tea and Deborah s reason for cutting studio ties after can t the Ameri an factory worker today earns More than six times As much As in 913. Though living have really increased the factory worker s wages still buy More than twice As much As they did 40 years ago. Also twice As Many american workers own their own to Day compared with 1913. Just As responsible labor Leaden Are no longer smeared As except by extreme reactionaries. So has the american Workingman formed a new concept of relations with management. Because he and his family have prospered under our system the Workingman is a Strong believer in free Enterprise As Long As it does t become monopolistic. The word capitalist has pretty much disappeared from the american worker s Vocab ulary at least As a term of aver Sion. He does t suffer from the feeling that he is in a class Dis Tinct from the or that he is incapable of thinking like a Man of in every sense he is. T copyright 1953, by the Bell Syndicate inc by Peter Epson Washington notebook Complete revision of labor Laws deemed necessary i can t take a Chance trom Here to eternity i spoil that. I Hope i can get the kind of parts people Haven t thought of me being in before. I Hope i be bridged the whole thing. Of course i m a very sceptical creature. Every body who s seen the picture about a whole new career for me. But i never believe anything till somebody take.? a Mallet and hits me Over the to More scientists Richard Carlson does t have anything against or. Einstein by he s notified his agent to turn Down All film in which he would have to play a physicist nuclear scientist or an expert on flying saucers. With four Selene flexion flick ers in a Row Dick s saying i be bad it. I Don t want to be typed a scientist. For a while they called me every time a wronged husband part came along. Now the minute there s an Earnest Young scientist they tag me. It s not Dick directed his last science Flicker riders to the by he won t be on the Demille bide o the camera for the rest of the year. Carmen Miranda s popping he eyes about being asked to Star in italian films a la Anna Magnan with a sweater a tight skirt and cig Aret dangling from her lips. The offers poured in after the brazilian doll wowed pm in rom during a european concert tour but she does t see herself As dramatic Star blowing smoke intr the face of a Vittorio Gassman. Honee Weed ont de turban yes no Carmen she flashed it. Take away de and de bananas w at you got nipples won t stand for act. Honee i be scare be playing what you Call it s a three month rest for car ten before she embarks on another our or Down to brass tacks bout the to show she will head be with Xavier Cugat. Won t quit Hollywood Dewey Martin the lad who clock d in the big is denying printed reports that he had quit Hollywood for Good to Settle Down in the Hills of Tennessee. I be never had any doubts about he told me. I d never think of quitting Holly he has a new contract at Mem. Ith a fat role of a Blind Pilot Oming up in Panther squad 8." i had a bad year and a e admits. Howard Hawks owned by contract and wanted too much Oney for a loan out. But the Hecks did t make up for the heart Che. I m grateful to Hawks. He Art big plans for me but the vie business took a dive and he Oulen t go through with Nea Day 1953 finds representatives of with employers and employees prot y Well up in the air As to what will happen to their relations with he government during the coming ear. President message on Eisenhower s special labor Law revision is supposed to be in final draft form some time in late september. Sen. H. Alexander Smith of new Jersey chairman of the Senate labor com Mittee reported As he emerged rom a White House conference just Lefore Congress adjourned. Whether the president s message will be kept on ice for a possible special session of Congress later in the fall or whether it will be held for nest january has apparently not been decided. The Early draft of the president s labor policy statement which leaked out a month ago had to be called Back in a hurry for further revision. Listing some 15 proposed changes in the Taft Hartley labor Law it still did not go far enough to suit the labor Union leaders. But it scared the u. 6. Chamber of Commerce because it made too Many conces Sions to the unions. President Eisenhower is. Of course. On something of a spot with regard also both the Al and Cio no to labor Law revision. He promised operate their own network radio t during his Campaign for election programs for the first time in his tory. For some time the Al has sponsored Frank Edwards a fair minded Liberal commentator while the Cio is now beginning a net work program with John Vander Cook. Furthermore some labor leaders stung by the one sided treatment Given their views by certain news in one newspaper cities Are discussing the establishment of a daily newspaper with a National circulation Home what along tic links of the Chris Ian science Monitor on Point no. I has been no period since John l Lewis bolted the Al when the two great labor groups the Al and the Cio have been nearer Unity part of this Nas come about because of the policies of the Eis. Benhower administration part be cause new and younger leaders arc now in co remand. At the recent intern Illonal bar meeting in Stockholm for instance Waller a tither o inc Cio worked closely with Meany of Ibe Al. Together they succeeded in overruling the Brit luring or ii right. Management want he Law let alone or else made even tougher. Caught Between these two orces Congress usually comes up with a Compromise which pleases nobody. To get around this difficulty Cyrus s. Chang former head of the conciliation service and one of the smartest labor relations men in the country has been advocating an in dependent commission be allowed to try its hand at a Complete overhaul of All labor Laws. As a suggestion the commission might have three senators three representatives and six outsiders appointed by the president. Mem Bers of both the labor unions and the National association of manufacturers would be kept off commission its nongovernmental members would represent Only the general Public. Employees and employers might scream their Heads off that this was legislation without representation. But the fact that it was the spokesmen for these two groups who upset president Eisenhower s conference earlier this year is cited As evidence that they have no place on a commission to study Complete revision of the labor Laws. Multiplicity of labor Laws k. _ the need for such review arises Augu ration he created a from the multiplicity of labor Laws labor manage men Public commis now on the books. In addition to Ion to study the question. It broke i Many conflicting state Laws there i Loning of strikes in atomic in org that Industry Ca Ever be a threat to National defense. But the fundamental problem which far sighted labor relation experts think should be Given mor consideration is a Complete Revie of All labor legislation instead o just another series of Patchwork amendments such now seem be in the making. Ike Grants Aid to Iran Marvin a brow Smith Denver sept. Eisenhower has granted the new Jov emment of Iran 45 million Dol ars in emergency economic Aid in an obvious move to prevent any iranian alignment with Russia. Rhe president acted just 10 Days Aitch prime minister Fuzollah Zahedi appealed to him for Swift assistance saying Iran s Treasury was empty and that Money was needed urgently to enable the country to emerge from a slate of economic and financial last tuesday Eisenhower made Blic a reply assuring Zahedi the limited states would give thetic consideration to his Appeal. Today the summer White House issued a statement saying in part it is hoped that with our assist Ance there will be an increase in the internal stability of Iran which will allow the development of a healthy Economy to which an. Early effective use of Iran s Rich resources will that was a Clear reference to iranian Oil and the dispute with great Britain which has shut Oft the Supply despite u. S. Efforts to help arrange a settlement. The palio a three Lap horse around the Square of Siena Italy has been run almost every year since the 14th Century. The Yoni a tribe of Nigeria divided into Many clans which. Identify themselves by varying Pat i scratched on members faces. Al Salvador is the most densely populated nation on the american Mainland. School Days Anivy to Puzzle in after one meeting in which the conferees could not even agree on what to do first. It mix works with counsel to fill this void. Secretary of la Bor Martin p. Durian has been working with two White counsel. Bernard m. Shanley and Gerald d. Morgan. Or. Morgan was one of the drafters of the original legislation that turned out to be the Taft Hartley Law. Whatever this committee of three comes up with however it can t possibly satisfy both labor and management. The president s new message on amending the Taft Hartley Law therefore Soems doomed to the same Fate that has met every other proposal along this or Republican. The message will be referred to the of Home and Senate to lie. Prolonged hearings will of course be held. At these hearings Only he Cut remiss Are heard. Labor Union extremists want the Law killed out Are the Federal fair labor stand Ards act. The Davis Bacon prevail ing wage act. The Walsh Healy Public contracts act the railway labor act and others. Several new labor practices like pensions Cost of living escalator clauses and automatic productivity increases have been introduced since Taft Hartley became Law. Questions on whether these Cost of living in creases can be made compatible with rigid economic controls in Lime of War is debatable. Even the railway labor act which was considered Model legis lation at the time of its passage has shown signs of coming apart at the seams during recent rail wage disputes. Ii is recognized that in certain railroads maritime transportation and atomic Energy production special legislation is needed. Inter Union warfare and racketeering on the waterfronts arc a severe Handicap to the u. S. Merchant Marine. And the sane across 1 writing tool 4 report 8 arithmetic Coll 12 studied in geology 13 Medley h essays of in English literature 15 excavate 16 foreign 18 parts of year 20 grind Teeth 21 Pilch 22 lampreys 24 studied in geography 26 italian City 27 pronoun 30 afternoon parties 32 grammatical gender 34 ship parts 35 covers with Metal plates 38 worm 37 former socialist spare 57 drink slowly Down 2 great Lake 3 used in photography study 4 studied in it class 5 wolfhound 23 heating devices 6 washes iighlly24 otherwise 7 canine 8 intends 9 seaweed 10 cravats 11 meat dish 17 less attractive 19 sounder mentally 25 soaks flax 26 donkeys 27 obesity 28 belonging to that girl 29 formerly 31 last 33 dark Reddish 48 Movsh Brown so Knock 38 girl s nickname i 40 drive Bick 41 ethical 1 42 kind of Check to 43 egyptian River 44 former russian ruler 46 Grant 47 toiletry cast i 39 piece of statuary 40 subterfuge 41 encountered 42 come in 4 5 showed contempt 49 one scatters 51 greek Leller 52 wings in latin 53 opera for music study 54 total in arithmetic 55 Black Bird a

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