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Gastonia Gazette Newspaper Archives May 2 2015, Page 4

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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - May 2, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina The Gaston Gazette in us i a what Tou Havio sat oni ii opinion Al Aston gazette.comimit11si11.m Lucy c. Talley i i Ion i i Lunier a Ritzius id other views the solution wont be found on the Street Fred it i ii a Nam now k Nown around rim nation of Rex it St is will is that of him i Jennet was arrested april \2 alter trial Eye it Ontic t with Halti non r my Offlio is and theft running away pretty skimpy reason to draw serious attention hut that s what Polit e themselves Saki i ii suffered a spinal it Ord injury while Iii i us Fody no one has yet said How and died april la protesters have Iteen on the streets of what was formerly known As it harm my for Days some resorting to aits of violent e against pole e or ride ii ions looting and vandalism Rimes that muddied the Issue and did Little to the topic i he death of Freddie Gray who died while in Bolti More police custody the Point its important for officials in Baltimore or anywhere in the nation for that mat Ter to treat those in authority the same Way a member of the Public would be treated under similar circumstances. Adv am e the Point other Wen trying to make from this Tinderbox there were it alls for police to explain wily Day was arrested How his to k was broken and wiry it took so Long for poll e to gel him the medic Ai i Are in it needed f riday we heard Lite answer an autopsy oiled c Day s death a Borth Ide leaving Maryland slate attorney Marilyn Moshy Little Chok e hot to i Barge the off ers involved in the arrest Cir tar e a firestorm of Crim ism and tire possibility til a tens c Ity going up in flames. She was t or re t in taking the a non and doing so quit Fly presented with a similar finding by a Mech Al examiner in a it Rise involving Only it civilians ii most any Proser Utor would Issue arrest warrants for those suspect ted of a role in la death then and tills part is r or Jai Lei a jury de id wha happened Lief Ore a oui re Law his would stand in opposition to the it unit re Piihl opinion Shat ply drawn Lin a that now disk or an a Merit an it my As Well As a nation too attuned to in Pimp buy and internet pontiff rating in worse outright internet Fahry at ions Mushy who ran for of e on a platform of Liol Ding poll e More a Hun table not Only barged six Hill e Dpi ers with it Rimes ranging from a de Praver heart murder in manslaughter assault false imprisonment anti Mist outhit t in old it hut Slit also r Barat Teri cd tin arrest of it a a itself As illegal Ming an Independent investigation Mushy said it a a assaulted by poll Aud falsely at t used of t trying an illegal weapon fib so ailed Swift a hide turned twit to he a Legal i nit 11 was hand idled anti then tossed into the Metal rout payment of a poll it Van without the required so at Belt when Iway asked for medic Al help rep eafe ii poll repeatedly failed to provide ii Mushy de line of take Iii ase before a Gratol jury or appoint a spa Tai prose Utor even though she a questionable ties to the attorney representing tray s family it will most later airily ire noted that i in was among her i arg St politic a contrib Tito a win ii will Likely ensure i c is cd questions regarding this c ase Quot la findings of our it thorough and Independent invest Gat loll Oli pled with the medic Al examiner s determination thai of Way s dash was a Bourn id Quot Moshy said Quot we have probable c Ansi to tile liminal barges a la preliminary investigation does Ridic Are probable Aune win ii does lied Ridic ate Gilt tit Inion pm e i hats what tile trial is supposed to i t of plish again m s what usually happens Lei Susie is in a c liminal ase when those sos pee to Are n t poll of ers in Public figures its important to of Tats in Baltimore it any where in Iii nation few that matter to in at those in authority tie same Way a a melt a of tin Public would fee treated under similar in Ustane is a i ending to a study by the Washington Feist it s still highly unusual int a poll e offic or Lota barged in these t ase i sine 2005, just s4 edit is have Iwori e me a Lew site kiting some Eine Lille on duty a e meting Lei the re be Are ii it re prese its a fraction of fatal a die e Silex mings Ai ounce tile nation Ait we log to tile Post in an overwhelm tog majority til the ase when an lilt or was charged tile person killed was Liliam let Ariel tint a tie to Midi Dies Down and a ravage comr Mimy re builds alter nights cd Vinic not a and upheaval that s Fiat Lias to lie add Ossed ./gt0 i Al u Toi re Ca cry Ari tint n pm insincere 5ta6ed favors Bike disingenuous 7 critic it ambitious orca wilatvferp6 a amp Cani Ose _ of pm a Ira of mails donors Ica a Madam 1 president. Vent/1 ill n us or Wei an open letter to rep. Mchenry when the big e Orpo rations out noun de All the jobs to slave Lalow of untrue a the y told e everyone to Start working on Servi a a is or Start their iwo business i his mated two major issues the health i surant Ltd and benefits Are note qty Valent Lei those of Ivd with luring Jedes Ariel tile higher wage s Are gone it does new Lake a Roc let be ten tis to know that people 1 Annot provide in a family making minimum wage mile ii less pay in health Are i surant e i have seen tax Breaks Tor the ii ii and subside s few die c a portions and you still say they will real jobs i Lur Nubarn is k it this game von love giving handouts in the Rte ii and the Industrial Complex in your eyes this is new welfare i have seen Pool pimple go to War to fight and die for a Barie eat a id when tin y e Annot Fine jobs at hmm now they a time Benne to see la Lawless glee of Tell la lie no fore Leisure health 1 annul no r centred and elderly people getting reve l be mortgages just to Heiji afford the c Cist id living and taking away any inheritance Tim government is a in us of endless Hiki Ting that is All being funded by super a s i hey do Root want to t onto Hutc to the very sue dirty that mail it possible or us to it i in a Hee Minifay Ronald you have a very Jenkins or. Important Job people Are Wale fling my him you and what you 1 on tribute Wilt Lee on tee emf few everyone to be cd portions have taken millions of taxpayer Hinds from government entities in ii As tin Fra department of f Energy department re i Miens and in s army to fund Resea re it and development of smart Grid and fuel saving hybrid Velin is i fits few la ii dog has been paid for it Tai taxpayer Money and subsidies giving big rotations Iii Tipper Barid Over Small businesses of there is a Small business that has any it Ham e id having an impale t pm the copulations they will simply a it quire them with the massive amounts of Ash tin y have embezzled bom Frozen wages 01 Pew at ions have jail us Alf Iii a state of stave labor All the profits go Only to the top i ii wealth is not shared and the workers do not Benefit from then labor i he Trie k in Down a one ept is riot working in everyone s favor i lie people Al the lop use their Money and Onta to Lei game Iii system now you say that regulation has Marie it hard on Small business i disagree l Ite systematic deregulation Over the years by big Hank s and corporations is what has made m possible few them to hold the j s taxpayers on tile Holeik Wall Striet Stew is Are not haded on the fundamentals la is Mote ilk a i is vegas e Asino flits and t alls betting pm a spread with High volatility and l l i s losses Are All to the Small investors big hedge Hinds Aud it amp Titei Saieed grades Are the games Lur the ii ii no for a Middle e lass weaker i am sorry to say that i think you Only want us in tins game tot Yon to rape and pillage tin work my Middle lass i never asked my employer to put my ret Mullen savings Iii la Sloe k Market i am in k of polite tans and big Money Mak mall Legal Lew than h and privileged in steal form the work my Middle lass i he Only Way yes i 1 will eve 1 make Iii i re isl my government again is to make it fair i he government Annot make a big enough Revenue Horn sue ii Small liable wages in pay for the hand nuts i his 1 oui i he a simple fix hut the Laws Are not being enforced i he reason wily is the in people win enforce a them a being paid to Nim a Blind Eye what happened to the monopoly Laws in should i say the Pfeiple who had the i Mirage to a Rifon e them i his is a letter to rep Patrole k met i h Illy Iii resp Wise to oui Mien politic Al Environ i sent anyone who is in agreement with my vow please Kintae i me Henry 11121, in s c Capitol Washington in 205 of Al no thl in hits ii res i Den of it i i on Iii Gaston family health services employees Are caring professional i he world is Hill of pen de hut very few will be log on talk Back shelter director under fire chief say unwarranted a to answer your supper Sitori that i director in a new graduate you a sadly mistaken she has Many years expedience As n veterinarian some of the Rescue groups can ii Friendship sweeter than Iii no Nill gave you and Iii As i look a k Over the years that have Given me so Many opportunities for personal grow Ali Ariel understanding if people i find thai i omit the employees at Winton family i Felth sew vie is among my c lowest Dearest friends i his is a Beautiful be truly fanatical whether hic animal is unsafe or riot i have discovered this not tic years in my own adoption of animals my preference is to adopt Horn hic shelter Lite shelter in t a Long term care facility few groups to pick and choose time at their liking. Kristine carers about Hie animals and is doing what is in the beat interest no them and the far Lilly As with any organization there have to to rulers hates it health arc fat titty i ins c an largely in attributed Lei the pm a and loyalty uth employee s who have established a tradition of professionalism and be Ellen a f awl Pel hams Lima e Lei eel Healing working through Dot tens nurses anti Oiler medic Al person no l As a patient at astern arc not arbitrary they Are standardized second you mention that the county commissioners May be Hie problem. I a re us Jar c of Many a1 them Are staving Buir own interests and political huddles rather than the people of the county Che it elected John Braswell a this ticks us All fallout Over commissioner insurance perk Quot Kong he was not i unify i Baith Sci it is i it an Hilly say f re Rived tile Hest of it Are and was tre at a with tile highest dignity and respect 1 May t Aid 1 Ontic my to bless a a it ii and eve in employee Kinn pm cambium Gastonia interested in being Hie tone dissenter. Waif to the video watch How or look at the Ottier commissioners Wati As to slowly raise tits hand Coward Quot Jim Kellogg More ilk a Good of boys clot than a Board of Public ram Beck a a ticks is not Hie word i would have Bale Brittai what do you think litters to the editor a require writers name a Tor Ess and daytime phone number Tor verification purposes. A May to edited for length accuracy Etc. A preferred length is 300 weird or less. Longer i fitters May be considered for Quot my turn Quot columns a writers Are limited to one letter or column published every 15 clays. Letters petition or consumer complaints How to Send them mall Box 1538 Gastonia. No 2805 fax 704 86/ 5751email etto co submit it j Mau Al Al a hmm it Lim i Muti in pit a stun hrs efm urn it Tim to it a it a nod it Vin it it it Mitt a it my of m pet i print. A my Ulm knt i a Mui Mthm it Ril in tuition it Mitt it Mal my ##.,p, him lit1 i find Mil. A in. A a a my in

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