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Gastonia Gazette Newspaper Archives May 2 2015, Page 2

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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - May 2, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina 2a saturday May 2, 2015 or Gar Ai a a Gazette 1893 remount Road p o to 1538 28053 gis Toma no 28054 704 809 1700 in 800 2733315 1. T i wow any of Garey com Tom 704 867 6988 704 867 5751 in a i he Gazette Page edited by Lauren Frame in Rutish general manager Daw. Advertising Oto Feciw to to tit sate Tacu Taiton director mom Denver customs rvs a tot Bratton actin ology Lueyco Talley Keith Rattan haole Bow ius Konrod Larrad Jamey Jenkins Barry Crouch Randy la Hon a 0 a Marshall Vamer who to Call miss your paper we Hope not but should delivery fail. Please Call our service desk 704-869 1800 before 11 a in monday saturday and noon sunday to aril direct dial 704 869 before the extensions Beton general questions 1700 administrate 1701 advertising questions 1735 advertising Billing 1713 Community news 1812 subscription questions. 1800 new Oom general 1812 news Story tips 1823 place a classified and .1750 print a Quality comments .1783 sports Story tips .1841 want to be a earner .1800 postal regulations Host regulations require a Subat spoons to i Pax m Advance Carr Are Inda tandem contractors and the gentle a not response Tor Advance payment Ade to them Hon. A a every custom Ai encouraged to Man and Tenet payments to the Tenor ree Baster nod cats postage paid a Gastonia n c Sand address chant to the gentle to Boa ims Gaston no 28053 Home delivery i Mont 3 months 6 months 12 month 124 55 theft Sui 91 1224 92 11895 50 71 191 0# 11 73 95 Home Deanery Suto inhers May to charged a mgt Isle Tor noway Toman Ait at moxie sum and meal Lase a 14 95 one one new a Argy Pix Tam to added to Yow Subko Poon Pac mar Cern Rutte. 75 Cento a Tai it it la 50 sunday la 50 Thart Elt a Gay to cd Blabon me at Etna 704 969 Mhz tot trait foot Law Isuf sols ohm i month of f rap a Are sri accept la i 90 tag on to to Mon Guetle uni to subar.n0 to i Tenet item papa h4 a Merw f in submitted material a Aam Subram std to the Gaston Gazette for putt atm become the property of the new paper and am tufted to re Ern whole or part in porn traction.-, formats arid Are lives Sun read maternal it tufted to and mag and Athar Chang Tor publication copyright the Anta Content of them Etle including to tog Typ Art my protected by copyright and Reg by and cannot a a produced in any Tom or Tor any purpose Anthon the passed permits olt la m not our 136th year no 122 5 mgt Tom 26 Pagee a i today shot topics at it Aston inst Gram video your 24/7 source for breaking news answer Man follow Thega Tonga Ette on inst Gram. Check out the latest video offering and Facebook twitter and pm Terest. From the Gazette s newsroom. Have a question you want the Gazette to help answer Send questions to Kellis Gaston g9zette.com. Re Reader submitted online Pix Send your photos to a a Al Cassondra Stergou shared this photo of her son Dominie at the opening of Goat Island Park in Cramerton. No f 4 j i lottery i lottery May i daytime All or nothing 5,6,8,9,11,15,16, 17,18,19,20,22 evening ail or nothing 2,6,9, to 12,13,14, 15,16,17,23,24 May i daytime pick 3 8i8 17 daytime pick 4 2 7 5 7 21 april 30 evening pick 3 5 3 1 9 evening pick 4 2 5 2-7 16 Cash 5 6 13 22 30 32 May i midday pick 3 3 7-3 midday pick 4 0 8-3-2 evening pick 3 7 4 1 evening pick 4 6-5-5-6 Cash 5 10-11-12 28 35 multiplier 2 May i 61 66 18 17-74 me Gaball 3 multiplier 3 Jackpot $96 million Check the Gazette each Day to see if you re a Winner. Gazette stories shared via social Media a they hear you a freight liner we re hiring in Gaston county a you be got a new place to play in Cramerton it your opinion a a a a today s online poll question what percentage of your household income goes toward rent or mortgage a More than 50 percent a 30 to 49 percent a 20 to 29 percent a less than 20 a House is paid off go online to vote a a a a fridays results have you lost some respect for Gaston county commissioners Over their insurance plan ii no they made a mistake and plan to Correct it 53% yes i won t vote for them again 36% i be never respected them like follow on Facebook com the Gaston Gazette on a Gaston gaze a a a a a today in history in 1886, Good housekeeping Magazine was first published in Holyoke. Mass. In 1908, he original version of Quot take me out to the toll game Quot with music by Albert von tiler and lyrics by Jack Norworth was published by von fiber s York music co. In 1970, jockey Diane Crump became the first woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby she finished in 15th place aboard fathom. The winning horse was dust commander. In 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed by elite american forces at his Pakistan compound then quickly buried at sea after a decade on the run. Quot it 7% j Sovy a a a a. 4lip amp save sunday or a \ to save huge with coupons a i i i i Obi i a a your local five Day forecast for Gastonia 76� Belwood 75/47 today s National forecast sunni. Pleasant end warm �?�2 50� Malden a 75/48 0> Lincolnton 75/46 Mooresville 374/50 a Moonlit sky Shelby 74/49 Bessemer City 75/49 a Concord o 76/5 King 75 Ako Puhm emf it u to Tho i coot a Elf am meal to a Saul us my in sets ten almanac Tetonia through 6pm Are it the Quot a Ltd Toft Taw temperature 66/49 Normal hug i kit 76/52 Hunt by at 6 p in yet. 45% record High 94 in 1962 record Low. 10 in 1962 24 hrs Anding 6 p in rest. A 002 Mondt to Date. Bact Normal month to Date. 0 to mar to Date 12 01 Carolina Ywe to Rdby i u Asheville 59/45 Mem Capo Hatteras 61/50 0 12 Charlet to 67/47 Fagatt Wahto 63/53 013 to Catania 66/49 Iraan Ihorn 64/48 105 fun hand 67/48 in action re Iii 66/52 0.28 Haw Bara 66/52 032 Talent 68/61 058 Wnm Aglon 68/52 018 Winston Seton. 62/41 0 57 / a Shewn i today a weather. Temperatures Are today s highs and tonight t lows today Sun Index the High it tem us Lindsi a number Vee 0� m pm Tiem Tor <7 me skin pm Tocaben a 0123466789 Roll 0 2 or i i Mutt 9 7 High i 19, it sigh la it Flam air Quality today 45 Reade. I Wal 0 too 200 300 Hart my dmm it int quart Ste pm it tee Tom Iii tie i of 400 500 lit a Teemu 201 Lee rn., a Eunmi in a i we Sun and Moon sunny today. Sunset tonight Moonts Lader Moonset Tadar i Tel test new j a Marl mrs Merib mar 25 a Mountain forecast Bidar 72 sunny tonight 4b cd sunday 74/52 mostly sunny Beach forecast today 74 sunny tonight 53 Cital sunday 76/55 mostly sunny Marine forecast Vuk Gmuca Taw to Uhm treat Ane 21 nut wit winds Northwest Al 6 16 knots. F winds win win tet 3 g knots today winds East it 8 16 knots sunday a vends North it 4 6 knots Lake Levels 6 33 am h la pm 6 59 p m 5 461 in Fust late observed 24 hear change Norman 98 49 it 0 03 it it Island 06 3? n 007 it Wylie a 97 41 it �T�012 it pollen yesterday s air m Chor Tuff Rees. High Cress. Model ate weeds. Moderate Mold High source Cambria asthma 4 allergy Center i it 41/4$ latest acc weather information at forecast and graphics provided by acc weather inc &2015 a Omo chit Aga 7s/s4 a in 71/si san a a Sosnow Mer Milch Ettli asat showers it atoms c a a Quot flurries Snow e pm fronts a Law ��?T0/sl a Shauman Tim Nao Onai Cine today sunday today sunday i Law Mia we Law in in in a j Jet in yrqu4 79/54/s 77/54/pc ump Afi i i 81/50/s 74/56/pc Amarillo 83/5 7/pt 84/5 7/s Tauts re i 77/64/s 80/58/pc Amhe mfr 54/39/sh 54/40/i Mem Phil 76/54/ 81/60/s Asti Vemi 72/46/s 74/52/s my emf Bush 81/71/ 81/73/pc Atlanta 70/55/t 81/50/s Imi i 69/54/pc 75/56/pc quantic City b4/44/pc 76/52/s Minna spells 80/60/pc 78/50/t a ten 82/64/s 02/62/s Nashville 78/61/ 81/54/1 8 a Rumor 72/50/s 79/53/s new Tor City 67/53/ 77/59/ Birmingham 70/52/s 01/55/s Merieth 65/51/ 70/56/ Bol /0/47/s 78/49/s Oklahoma City 80/59/ 80/60/pc 60/47/pc 68/53/s Omaha 7 7/50/lh 86/57/pc Char tee ten. So 79/56/s 81/58/pc Orland 82/62/ 84/64/ Char Aua 76/51/ 79/55/s Ruto Delph 71/51/ 80/58/s chicag 76/54/pt 81/58/pc a hoots 97/73/ 94/71/s c it f 1fj 73/50/s 76/54/pc rtt Isburgh 73/51/ 74/52/s rib Lind 70/51/pc 75/56/pc Pertland of 61/41/pc 68/44/pc 0 Atlas h0/69/s 79/61/s Periton or 70/45/ 74/47/s be Mer 75/49/s 72/46/s St Louis 78/59/pc 82/63/pc. 0fg Mol fed 77/50/pc 84/59/pc bait late City 70/55/ 75/54/s a treat 73/51/pc 77/50/pc Smi aft Buffki 81/59/ 83/66/s ii Rase 90/63/s 88/64/pc Smi try Ficks 68/51/pc 66/50/pc Drand pm Pkt 71/53/s 79/57/pc team 66/45/ 68/45/s Hunu Iuliu 02/69/s 82/70/s by Momm 71/45/ 74/51/s Indianapolis 73/52/s 76/56/pc to Bah the in $0ff 83/56/1 86/60/s /8/55/� 00/59/s Imp 82/65/s 85/67/ fun to 51/34/pc 55/35/s Tucson 93/64/ 90/63/ Kansas City 76/60/pc 81/00/pc of 74/57/ 81/58/ in Vega 93/66/s 91/66/s Wichita 81/61/pc 83/60/pc we Omi w s mss to pm of Ali a Swesty. Is is soars i Siili Nis Sam harass is saw lbs a Atlanta 7i/ss e to 0. \ i a f 0 to a amp 20 hmm Vamp Eit of 30 Suun flux Lent 40s y 60s 60s 70 80s �?�0 too j to i 110 week to today sunday my i a my Law Baghdad 97/67/s 95/67/ Berlin 69/3 7/pc 65/52/e Dublin 49/43/r 60/40/th it not Uta Leifi 73/53/s 75/53/ London 58/52/sh 65/bl/r Moxco City 73/54/pc 75/54/pc Montreal 72/49/s 74/50/pc Moscow 66/4 7/sh 60/41/r Roma 70/55/pc 72/56/pc Tokyo 76/60/s 74/63/pc National litre mos i Tor the 44 eat Gomaa Stetsel High. .-.102 Thermal Ca Low .21 Stanley i Stive Joelson sol to forecast saturday will be a gorgeous Day. Mostly sunny skies will take the temperature rising to nearly 80 degrees

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