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Gastonia Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Gastonia, North Carolina Partly Cloudy partly Cloudy warm and humid Wilh scattered afternoon and evening s sunday. High sunday in the 60s in the mountains and 50 95 elsewhere monday partly Cloudy acid not As warm. More weather the Gastonia Gazette the Piedmont s growing newspaper reminder got a question you want an swered Call focus. It s Gazelle s answer column everyone Young and old. You Supply the question and Well Supply he answer. Read Doctu everyday in the Azelta. Published seven Days a week sunday edition Gastonia n.c., sunday morning july 28, 1968 Price newsstand single copy Loe daily Ioc sunday 72 sections find us puzzled furious curious let pocus Knovic. Call focus at sb4-9909 864-9900 write focus. The Gastonia Gazette. If your question Leas Reader interest and can be answered Well answer it. Q. How do you go about becoming a foreign Exchange student . A. To begin with you should Contact your guidance Counselor at school. He in turn will cd Tacl inc officers the american Field service committee make it known thai you wish to be come part he foreign Exchange student program in order to do this you must be tops in your class at least 16 years age in sound physical health and to adaptable to new surroundings. To were informed by a member he com Nullee hat there is a Chance Yon would he accepted the program it you met Oil the requirements since we have not had a student logo abroad from his area within the past year. There is a summer program 10 weeks and also a More lengthy program. We might also Jailil that it does help to he somewhat proficient in who language the country which you would like to visit. The pettys be Maurice and Richard q. My sister and i have had a bet for a Long time Over who has won the most races Richard Lee Petty. Which one Lias the father Lee the son Richard How Many races has each won . And . A. As last year Richard Petty had won 15 grand National races compared Poppa Lee s 54. Kill want has added 10 More this so Sou including last thursday night s win in the Smoky 200, bringing his total to 85. He was behind his father at the Start last year but captured a record breaking 27 wins inc grand National circuit. Now Holh inc father and son share top Billing As Trio All time in leaders with their respective 85 and 54 wins. Also included in the accompanying picture is one More member the i Elly family Maurice who builds engines for q. Why has the Telephone company changed from using in formation to directory what does it mean a. It Means in the Long run Heller Telephone service. A spokesman for inc Southern Bell Telephone company said directory assistance More accurately describes he Type service available to a caller who is not Able to find the into Malibu he is looking for in the Telephone directory. Since most the num Bers Are listed there the caller cuts his calling Lime in half by consulting the directory first. The idea it All is Why make two Calls when one will using inc directory saves time for the caller and leaves the operators free to give More efficient service to other callers. Q. My question concerns joint checking accounts and what happens to them should one partner die. It is my understanding that if a Man and his wife have a joint account and he Dies Access to the Money in that account is determined by whether not the account was listed . And mrs., for mrs. How should it be set up for her to be Able to have Access to the Money . A. According to a spokesman for a local Bank it is not the use the words Anil hut rather the Type contract you sign in setting up the account that takes precedence. Explain ing that the exact form the contract would differ from Bank to Bank he said that in general however if the married couple opens a joint account with he right survivor ship then in the event deals half the Money in inc account is made Avail Able to the survivor while the rest is held a Natl releases Are sent staling that the proper taxes have been paid. In that Case the remainder the Money would he turned Over to the survivor through the executor administrator the estate. It was also slated that in the other hand a joint account had been opened requiring Hie two signatures for any transaction that might take place the Money in that account would he held in the event the death a partner until a waiver releasing the funds was received q. What Are the requirements for becoming a game Warden . A. Lake Mclean county wildlife protector informed us that Tho requirements arc that a person he 21 years age at least live feel eight inches fall and Uio pounds Over. He must have a High school education the equivalent Hereof and must achieve an . Rating at least 110 the aptitude lest that is Given said Mclean. He added that once accepted the individual attends Ihrcke weeks training school at Chapel Hill. Q. Basically what Are mobiles like Tho ones if Al you hang in a room when did people Start making them . A. A Mobile to a contemporary Type sculptor distinctive from other types in that it achieves expression meaning through movement. They usually hang from a beam ceiling and spread out downward in a series balanced weighted wire arms. A the Jolls and connections move freely. Artists in the past have created Many things that depend upon movement for some part their expression but it is the american sculptor Alexander Calitr who is usually credited Wilh being the first to create and name the first True Mobile in which movement is Basic to the aesthetic purpose. Q. I know there is a dark Side the Moon but How Long would a Day a night lost the Moon . A. Daylight and Nix it the Moon last about lira weeks each. Steel talks making no Progress by Doug Bailey associated press writer Pittsburgh a top labor negotiators fighting a wednesday Midnight strike dead line reported saturday they still hat not found the key to a settlement in the Basic steel Indus . Neither Side has been inflexible in its position so said United Sec coworkers president . Abel and h. Conrad Coop head the Industry bar gainers in their first joint state ment the negotiations. We have been attempting to solve our problems and recon Cile divergent views. In Short have Heen searching for common ground Hie basis for settlement. To Dale we have not found that basis. We continue he Abel Anil Cooper denied re ports that a a cent wage Bene fils package was Hie Able. How much had been offered was left unsaid. Meanwhile at dozens Mills across the country local Union and management officials met to talk about procedure if the nation is faced with its seventh steel strike since world War ii. If Hie Union s Basic steel Industry conference does not ratify a contract when it meets in Pittsburgh monday he Mills will have to begin closing Down delicate operation that lakes up to 24 hours. The local officials talked about which furnaces would be banked in what order and who wih be allowed in the Mills for maintenance if there is a strike. Many lower level negotiators who have been in Pittsburgh since Industry wide talks started june 23 were optimistic that a settlement would be reached. But they acknowledged they were judging from the mood the bargaining not from inside word. Some Union officials said they were encouraged at the apparent absence pressure from the Federal government which has intervene cd in the bargaining 13 times since 1837. They said it indicated them that the bar gaining the Basic economic package must be going Well. Wheeling steel co. Announced that it had reached a contract with ils United Steelwork ers. The package stipulates that the wage benefits package worked out by the other Basic steel companies will be incorporated. Marines kill 40, lose 5 by Bert w. Okuley Saigon Upil front re ports saturday said . A vines kilted 40 North vietnamese infantrymen in a Force hat staged an ambush in Jungles near Danang. The communists kilted five marines wounded 33 and knocked out a . Tank. Up correspondent Ray Wilk Inson reporting from Marine Headquarters said he North vietnamese surprised the Leatherneck column with a Volley rockets and mortars a Jungle Trail near an Hoa 30 Miles Southwest Saigon. Most the Marine casualties occurred in the first moments Battle. The marines dug in blazed away with heavy Auto Matic weapons fire and re pulsed inc North vietnamese Wilh help from Jet fighter bombers and artillery bombard ment. Wilkinson reported hat Allied engineers were 50 per cent Complete in the construction a Barrier barbed wire and mines to protect the big . Air base and military Complex at Danang. The project will erect an 18 mile fortified line stretching along an arc 10 Miles from to Center Danang. Strike ends Washington my the daily news was the first Washington newspaper to resume publication after settlement sat urday a three Day strike by Sturco types at capital papers. The tabloid news got out its usual afternoon edition follow ing Washington s first newspaper strike in 19 years. The other two affected papers the morn ing Post and the evening and sunday Star will resume publication with sunday editions. The Union settled for a wage package Over three years that will bring lop. Scale to weekly. In addition the Washington newspaper publishers association rep resenting the Ihrcke papers agreed to a weekly increase in fringe benefits. The settlement split the Dif Ference Between the to the Union had asked and who that publishers had offered local Man Wallace elector a Gastonia Man c. B. Falls jr., was named one the newly formed Independent party s presidential electors during its first state convention in Raleigh saturday. The parly represented by 300 delegates did exactly what wat expected saturday. It endorsed George Wallace As ils candidate for president. Fails a native Kings Moun Tain is a Gastonia real estate attorney. A graduate the Duke University Law school to has practice Law Here and in Kings Mountain since 1931. Wallace was thai Only name before the Independent parly delegates. The former Alabama governor sent to Raleigh a re corded acceptance speech in which he predicted Victory in North Carolina and in the nation come the november Clec mayor at memorial mass mayor Carl b. Stokes extreme left sols with members his Cabinet during a requiem mass in Cleveland o., Satur Day for Ihrcke policemen killed by snipers. At the mayor s Side is his safely director Joseph Mcquai Wainon. A troops May leave Cleveland slain officers eulogized Cleveland up the last remaining National guard troops were pulled out the negro East Side District Satur Day while in a downtown Cathedral the City paid its last respects to the three policemen slain in the week s civil disorders. Mayor Carl b. Stokes said National guard troops remained in the area a standby basis. Stokes said they would leave sunday it the City remained Calm. In St. John s Cathedral City officials and about 400 police whom came from Boston new York St. Louis and Birmingham the three policemen who were among 10 persons shot to death tuesday night when he disorders snarled. While the Cathedral services were in Progress he Man accused by police firing the first shot in the disturbances appeared at a hearing three charges murder in connection with the slaying Hie three policemen. The suspect Fred Ahmed Evans pleaded innocent. His Case was continued to aug. 7. The Cathedral memorial ser vice was preceded by a Parade led by nine mounted policemen and two drummers. Before attending the service Stokes toured the East Side lie came upon a group 13 youths lined against a Wall by police who were questioning them for violation the curfew. The mayor talked to lie youths and Hen directed they to Laken Home in police cars. Russia warned to keep hands off Czechoslovakia Prague up unflinching czech leaders saturday old Russia to keep its hands off Czechoslovakia s affairs and warned that any attempt to mobilize the stalinist to overthrow the Reform regime was doomed to failure. Deputy Premier Ota Sik economic brain Prague s liberalization Campaign accused stalinist still inside the czech communist parly trying to foment a misunderstanding with the Kremlin that would Force the soviet Union to crush the reformers. Some stalinist still Sil among us in More less important positions in the slate political and economic a Para Sik wrote in the communist party daily rude Provo. They Are hoping an eventual misunderstanding could boost their dirty plans. But they represent no liberals who ousted stalinist dictator Antonin Novotny six months ago appeared unperturbed by a looming confrontation Between the czech party presidium and the Kremlin s 11 Man politburo Clespie giant soviet military Maneu vers along a mile line that includes Czechoslovakia s fron tier. The showdown Kremlin finally conceded it would be held czechoslovak territory is expected next week perhaps stalling As Early As monday. Sik made Clear Czechoslovakia will re Eccl he certain repetition demands by he russians and heir hard line Warsaw pact allies that Czecho Slovakia reverse its liberalization course. He said their fears that Czechoslovakia was turning its Back socialism were unfounded and our relations with the soviet Union Are equally but he told he russians hey must yield again As they did when Povolny was ousted. Our relations however must he nurtured by Ever new Sik wrote. The last which we cannot forget was made by the Soviel statesman Brezhnev at a critical time. He recalled soviet communist Don t miss. Give us one for lie physical raining instructors yell at trainees in the Recondo squads in Vietnam. Recondo stands for reconnaissance Ana commando and the trainees Are undergoing heavy training. Sec Story and 5d. The Sunnyside Section Gaston county w a revisited last Wick by Pirie Newman whose colourful Story and pictures arc other news and features May be found parly Secretary Leonid Brezhnev s trip to Prague last december. Povolny asked Brezhnev to save him from the liberals. Brezhnev refused. When the old guard discredited politicians invited him Lor a Brief visit to support their failing positions Brezhnev added to the tradition our relations with four words that is your Sik said. He advised the Kremlin s rulers to keep up their hands Oft attitude. Sik expressed concern that Moscow May be counting mobilizing Povolny to seize Back Power from the new parly first Secretary Alexander dub cock. Our friends naturally know that he pc Jannary forces still exist among h was Here he warned Moscow Bui they represent no the Deputy Premier boasted thai the reformers around Duheck had saved communist Rule in Czechoslovakia. Only 24 hours before the soviet parly Organ pravda charged that Prague s democratic socialists Ancoli Ragetli by the West were the verge a coup d eat to overthrow 20 years communism. The wave Public support for the Reform regime Kepi gaining in in Cisily. Every czech newspaper sat reprinted an open letter Premier Sik backing the czech presidium in ils impending confrontation with the russians. The was Cen uni com mice 1 Orcsi is being flooded Loday with telegrams from All Over he country expressing unreserved support for he policy the party the czech Lency ctr reported. George Wallace Lions. The convention Hall was be decked Wilh win with Wal lace1 banners. A Loudspeaker blared a pro Wallace song to the tune the Battle hymn the Republic. Charles Falls . And charged that the police had been handcuffed by Deci Sions the supreme court and that lie would ask Congress to change some those decisions. Just before he banged his Gavel to adjourn the convention Stubbs told the delegates he was looking Forward to seeing All you at the inaugural Ball in Washington in january 1969." he urged tie delegates to turn out and see Wallace in person when Hie candidate visits Wil son aug. 9 and Burlington and Winston Salem aug. 10. Named As Tho new Patty s presidential electors were first Hinshaw now Bern Holmes drive the rats from washing Henderson 3-dr Donnie Ion into the Potomac Jones Princeton 4-Brandon men the delegates heard Wai York Asheboro Mil lace in a recording confidently Lor after opening ceremonies tie delegates heard their state chairman Reid Stubbs Char Lotte describe the gathering As a history making event. We Promise to shape the course history from Here out and shape it in the form constitutional lawful and progressive he declared. The delegates named the for Mer Alabama governor As their Standard bearer after hearing William Deloatch Burlington describe him As a modern Day George Washington who would preserve the Constitution and predict Victory in Hie state and nation j n Wallace said he would turn Back the people Hie Stales lie right determine the poli cies your own institutions including the we must return Law and Der to he he said f Mocksville Beloach Burlington Rieti Mcshaw Wilmington airs. George Gilliam Concord 9-mr.s. Lowell Perry Char Lotte 10-c. B. Falls Gastonia Tom Ginter Waynes Ville Vance Greensboro and j g Dildy Wilson. Travellers Home after hijacking Geneva a ten israeli women Atid children arrived Here saturday in excellent health and Good spirits after being held in Algiers since tues Day s i Jackg an israeli Al Al Jel liner. They said algerian officials gave them assurances that the j2 male passengers and Crew still in Algiers will be released within seven Al Al Geneva manager Freddy Weiss said the seven women and three children will return to Tel Aviv sunday. Stewardess Nira Avn Icli said we were wonderfully treated. We could t have asked for Bel Ter. We were promised by the algerians that the men will be freed very soon. They said Wilh in seven Twenty three passengers non israelis and israelis who managed to conceal heir nationality were released immediately after the hijacking car ried out by three members an Arab terrorist organization. The paily arriving Here consisted three stewardesses four women passengers and three children. Two them had left husbands in Tova Rabinovitch Pitcl who was with her three sons Zui 16. Alan 14, and Arnon 11, and Newl Erwert Judith slip Man who was returning from her Honey Moon in Rome when he plane was seized Over the Mediterranean. Mrs Slamen lit a prefix Brunette smiled and looked in worried. We were very Well she said have no fears for my husband. We were Wilh each other every Day. I just want to get Back to my new Home and i Only Hope in won t lie too Long before he joins me miss Avn Icli fold newsmen we were kept in the Airport building where a sort Camp was sol up Vilh bunk Beds. The Crews were in one Section with two rooms one for the hos losses and the other for the Crew. The passengers were nearby. Callers threaten Ray s lawyer Best Abby. Classified crossword Puzzle deaths Dollar words Jeanc Dixon editorials men s fashions cd 5-8c 4d 2a 4b weekender .2-3a 5b movies. Weekender and 2a museum news 41 neighbors Piedmont personality. 4d sports. 1-3c Slock Market .6-7a to. Weekender woman s news Section b activities in our area sunday . Visitation at Schilc museum natural his tory. Monday a.m.-4 red Cross Bloodmobile Olney presbyterian Church. Optimist club clubhouse. Club elks club. 7 Optimist club Honey s restaurant. 7i30 Democrat club civic courtroom county court House. 8 Anonymous All saints episcopal Church. East gallon Kino alts Council holy com Forler Lulli Cran Parish building be Laion. By Charles rom Memphis Ciui. I up the Jit Lounicy for accused Assassin James Earl Ray charged saturday that tie slaying . Martin Lush King was part a nationwide communist conspiracy that now Abr Catuns his own life. There is a giant conspiracy Here and my client is being used by the declared attorney Arthur Hancs. Lie characterized Ilas a left Wing conspiracy which he said he believes is responsible for civil disturbances throughout the nation Hancs said he believes his close association Wilh Ray had placed his life and inc lives his family and employees a danger. The former Birmingham May interviewed at the Airport before resuming to Alabama said his statement about a conspiracy was based information he received from Lial j believe to be a reliable source mid his will nil be brought out in becoming visibly angry Hanc s said we Are playing in the major leagues Wilh his one. My Sou and i arc Hie Only Dvo people who have talked to this Man. My necks out this Hanes said the Licals which he first revealed when lie was Here for Ray s arraignment july 22, have become More serious and Are mostly in the form Telephone Calls to his Home. My wife answers inc phone and a voice says death Dalh death you will but he declared nobody is going to Chase me out my Home. If anybody comes my properly trying to harm to they Are trespassing and Are fair he said that while the threats Don t especially Bolher him his family similar in cats to his Sec relay and his 70-year-old negro maid Lena have Cut he two men terrified. They Are playing real dirty and real Low Clown when they stoop to tactics they used against my negro maid whip Lias been Vilh 115 for a Long planes said. She received a idler threatening to kill her if Slie did t Slop working for he added. If Here Ever was a terrified person Lena is that Hancs arrived Here Friday a conference with Ray that lasted nearly three hours. He was Eri Lical so curly Mea sures imposed by Shelby county sheriff William Morris which he said had Viola cd Ray s right to privacy. Hay is housed in a third floor a four cell Complex that normally houses several prisoners. The windows have been scaled with Elcel plating so air conditioning has been installed along Wilh a closed circuit television monitoring system. Ray also has an around the clock human guard. Neither my client nor 1 like he idea cameras being focused him 24 hours a Hancs said. He has to hide his head under a Pillow in order to get any sleep. He even Lias to evil Eye a camera him when he Usas he lie added. This in my said is an invasion his privacy and it is hurting his health because he can t sleep Wilh cameras blazing lights him in his every move. Gentlemen his is cruel. While i think the sheriff and is people Are trying to protect my client s political rights they arc at the same time trampling his individual Ray Cape Rcd in London june 8 Afler a search by world police agencies hat lasted for two month and four Days following King s Doalph april 4, was brought Tho Shelby county jail in its pro Dawn hours july 19,

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