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Gastonia Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 11 2015, Page 4

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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina The Gaston Gazette i wow of debate in is i you Mie say Obi in suasion or. In in ism u i lit. Y t. Railes Kin i or i uniter arc Tzinis Quot life i cd Lei Uke jazz its he s i when von a improvise. George Gershwin s in 193 tar heels help bring Home world cup to he h s has been in dominant at worn Eti s soccer for in Long that it s almost hard to imagine Carli Loyd was Only 16 the last time the americans hoisted Ria i id up a i a in i Quot Quot Quot a. Ital in Numier i to Cha mob i -1i 1.5 Bandi Iii Mas i Bourn a it i it 11 i ? ii. I a. A. A a. A a resounding and historic 5 2 Victory Over Japan. And a to a . A i a to Quot it a i Ai i i a i. A a participated on flu us team it cont timed a i to ill ii to. A a co a Hill a. A Quot it t a Mill that equals the sue Cess enjoyed i it. The National squad. A quit k Roll Call of uni stars past and pres it on the 11 s team included the topic six for or or current Uno players part Ipa ted in the world cup a tar no a it a it. A a it r team the Point a applaud to e an s Vuk tory and what it pre for the interest in ant n tar it if women athletics. I a ii it a Lurty whittles i Ngen Asbon Ham Meghan Minger Berg Robin i Leath and i leather it ill. In All. Nine players with a us Cormel lion played Loi four countries the i United states Mada. New zealand and i rightful i hat s diem it i i of any 1 i s University i to others Stanford and Penn stat j had five i in consistent Don in Iai i Ltd a h a women i it go a. A a ad->1 j of o ii a i a ii s almost it it aped widespread attention then am spun d u a. Dup in. A a me or Aman my A Popi Ilal. J . To a. A i i la ? Ai a fir i. A. Re oho to see Fiir Milt thin a r to. A. Soi i Al frail of n la is i to a h a Joi v a. It. Hip Sii. M of. O a provided a nut to Al Good moment to a nation be leaguer d by overwhelm my political and cultural events. But it a a1 a j Lee Good noon at in flu evolution of women ports Litten 1 whether Hie Isom . A a Lap has never Fineen higher a i team a mover Japan nos a i. A . A a in vain o.,.< ,. A. It it Oil for a pro Wink or. A.,. Team Vori a in i Mon it or of it a Al Al put a ipod High of i p.,a,�?T . P Tor respect and equity is fat from ova Tim Ider that while de u n a. A a cd $2 million Fin its in tory it ii Many no a to to $35 million for winning it world in last or Ailt Herall. The women team bar a prize Juniol of $15 million flu men divvied up t58 million still pro rms is undeniable today s Terkan women athletes of the Hildri no i first generation of motile who go Wop with title in. Fin Federal Law Barming gender i a Nina non in education a irl part anon n High h Bool sports has risen for 25 straight year a member of the 1999 world up Champe can take Pride today the r Izard wort it ritually Leil to a new set of Amel ii an atop the world and those who pushed and prodded arid gave so much of the Selvi s to develop u s women it sports through i Hie in Dong with Sheet grit and determination a an take a to Tai non in one More generation reaping die Benefit so Yoo want to kick a Ltd Al o Sofr ii i political correctness is the National is w be not the Confederate Flag inn n for 1111 \ i Lyzeth a Syndicate i col limn by Amine Schultz a a fir ii. I i in. Min 1 a Quot Ltd a t Al g i a i. I j Quot. 11. P t. I a or pet ted of it unum til g tin Sci i Arless murders in the Charleston Hun h been holding tin stars Aud stripes. The anger would have still been s a i j i Fin o ? it it 11 it �1 it m a t hag anger against the stars and .0 in ii Ai i Al t aft i Quot j. A a wino and politically or rect rhetoric Horn writers such a in Hultz one vhf Jiichi t to t i 1 ii a i ii n red in i no i instead of 1777. Another conch Sion would he that the Only racial hatred existing in oui country resides Only in some Whites against Blacks. Actually there a always a i Mii 0,0 for Lopo noun. Ahi m Mill f s a quo of i wits i pitted in the so huh s column Quot j he Homma homing Iii nine a 1 ii a. I o m 11 i j a la. A. I la Araa. In. Ling a it to something about states right it a that St a net lung Lippi ii to he the Tow Cis nut delegated leu Iamme with tin Tai air. 111 j 111 e 11 la g by those of us who support the Flag. A y Ai i j a my a t a no i it -1o i i a m i i ii a i of imm h a her no it eng of 1 i ?. A Ai ram v. Fax a i a i Uil Loof. Alt the id colonies into statehood and Union under the stars my stripes a vote against Mitt Romney was a vote against god in no. 6, 201 a 51 pen cot of to voting Puhlik in America voted i i a 11111 ? a \ and Paul unfortunately wiled a tin m m a not ame pomp of Atta Mfd Tai Ald Mig isl tin re hot of tie Uri Iver a Ila ill i in it a f hum. Is he most anti id anti it Hristian mid ants i pie Aden in Lite history of the United states of x Mer ii a i in Speaks diet Paragin Gly of in a Tan ii while Prai aug and i c a Sot ii in the flip in 1 1 1�?~dani i he in. I a an people Are unaware of what is furtively taking plat e in oui nation with regard to religion Ai Keg As the it Tama regime is e control of this nation we will Nevi i again witness anything whatsoever that t it Grimm godly til Lei i if i ome Forth from the while i iou a but ii in United states we an Enpei i the support and Alan lasting by years ii Pipit y you re looking Fin a Ting i Epi co in. I / on hatred bigotry Ami. Ail is Tun supremacy try on for size the one currently Fly melt Ivi r our Natl in s capital it was until i i his Flag that Natl it a111 Eric ans i i a. If met citizenship for i 17 veal a and african Ament ans dented Hie mine Loai us pin Mill of he Mai veal Tor it to mean something. I a Quot Tuiai to it j a h 111 f i if or v my the fail y Des of american Hll i m Dieli do o Ltd a ill Holt tiniest i tiding nor at quiz is e to a i demand a ii von the estimated 2w million Union a old if i to. It it Gnu losing Tihoi or had Solo to la a loves and nearly t million estimated 11 s i of i old in Gnu losing then lives wire fighting to Fop flus die to. I. Dot f Hippo i i Athel i it ii i. I i i inn a s ill to arms in i bit i was not free the slaves. Quot a i he Union must he pre served were i in Olna words i in was is tiling to Ai hive fins with i ii v. If i tool she re i Imon f ene to John 1 i remont imposed martial Law in Missouri in 1861 and declared the loves to he pee he Oil of null d tin olde and tiled die it ii the a sillies of die Union that invaded the South four were love fates live ii von omit Wen \ Irginia and remained so until the War s end in 1b6 i and the i thirteenth amendment a passed yes Lav Vej v to one Stie inn inn its abolish meld a mdtvidual1 on Federal promotion of the Muslim religion to explode in Ament a jus in i ase in Are unaware the muslims Are the sworn enemy of the United states Fri Stamly Aud the nation Iii Israel and Obama praises and quotes from the a Loly Koran i Bink about this a an Al almighty bless a president and a nation that supports the to i or Dei of unborn babies a an of almighty bless a president and a nation that supports the ungodly sin i Iii life styles of homosexuals lesbians transvestites and bisexuals a on 1 Ani almighty bless a president and a nation that has mined los Bai k on Hsii amt Aud godliness but praises and glorifies the teachings of a religion that is the sworn enemy of Christi amt of the judgment old does t soon fall on America then aul. Lff i veil tile vault i Iglus is had the Northern states earlier As Aalf ii my flew i 1 end a it a v Iii o Iii o i a 111 of Noil Ila i of i 65 11mill i a Civ is War but the Vii to of a Piott. Or. To lion. I hat is Why the i hit Teeth amendment Tono a i. La i on a huh at fur to lid of Alif i v h in Kim of on and. Tun ufos on i inn Rel non a ans know that our patriots Olitta by committed treason by Over throwing tin1 government in Power. Looi in of air i in. It have of oui r Hail. Tie a son was i let it ass n y. Moving to 861 65 when tin i Oak Dei Acy was j i formed there was no overthrow of the government in Power win n our unlink rare Anc estors left the Imon the. Or copy of the 1 i Elution to Sud Ai 11 j us and non. my look it w Mil them Hie qui shun in tin i Oquinn a is just Vohen is an appropriate i Poai i of Polf i Alc hag Quot it it belongs in a museum then the stars and Stii Jit s belong beside it. I hot it t Oil a not Flag has a .ii e in the i arts and souls of the Csc. Nants of tin Onie Derai \ shame on any of the lot met Onie Deratt states that do not now Honor the 1 Monteik enc Flag the Flag Midi t Whit h they i ailed our ant estors to arms n it jul on 111v 0 d i la j of she St Hull mid .111 iu Chi Brinie writing her column that pause to quid a oct a Veals until a he Lear n real Ines it an history y Tun Petty is a resident of Mumm himself will have to i Pologi a to Sodom Aud it Armor re Carlos v Stalcup pastor a looks like the president has changed direction president Barat i it Henna has mine Gall than any Kresuk in to of i up the White i Louse Iii the Day his push lot sex marriage was being voted on in the sup Terne it oui people were applauding Hun singing amazing it Aal re Iii a i Hun ii Iii South i Giolma where nine people Wen killed by the Devil. I he people s president no mine is has my a hard tune Dei Ming Whall Side he s on la was on aids Side in took hut it looks like he a made a i of Piete 180 it takes a lot of Gall and to pull to to Moi k Aid hut Alto Gam e is All he has been about. A Wall ail pay the in a e Iames Randolph what do you think letters of the editor a require writer s Nam address and daytime phone number for verification purposes a May far edited for length accuracy Etc. A preferred length is too words or less longer letters May be considered for a my Tarn columns a writers Are limited to one Tetter or column published every 15 Days. In i Ohe does nut publish poetry form Fetters petitions or consomme complaints Bow to Send them mall to Box 1538 Gastonia no 28053 fax 704 86 j 5751 email ga�?~,Long,i/cttr4 Suft Mucic Mai f Kim of on. Of i 1 it that Law g. A to Jet in Fri Rwy in itt Tufi to Utah my paper Wal at i Ripe to mum in whoa or part in fir a Horn. Tom. And Mthm Mawn Alk sublet a drunk Ami ohm Hon or

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