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Gastonia Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 11 2015, Page 2

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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina 2a saturday july 11, 2015 i it a min a a Azetile mall t he j tint Road p o to i�?~>38 a 53 Gastonia w 28054 phone 704 869 i too toll frat. 8 x 7 73 3315 a my am of Tom a Law a a s gwm com email it i nga�cte#0iongimnsrom fax a 86? 6988 wow �?�04 867 Stisi my. A vow a Aston the Gazette to lid to in i Nin ii i Fame Rubah guns Van Maru it it i edit tit admit to of of n Aem Thung Sam a a Moo Drew i we Daimy j in a ��v1�,# imy c Tafter a i Ramona Harmm broths to Oki of Ike Natasha ate Andor ratty Ommy a wit a Opp it a a a pc to Cali miss your paper a h a Ltd lot 8b should Deriv by fan a it a it our mate in 704 869 1800 Obront Ham v Day sat Day and noon sunday to a atm t dial Tom 869 i Tow toe eff its or it i mow Unn Aff i. A a or 1 too Aon r Stratton. 1701 sgt no Jim tons 1735 and v t i sing to it h a g 1713 units nept. 1812a Don j be semis 1800 h wit Jot i 1812 tops 5 tory t i. 1823 urn j i aug -.1 ,1,1i Iva from wit i Quaty Corrine its 783 ints Story Ops 1841 a in ? be it Amar 1800 of irions it a i acc met Mas too Spiro s i a a at a a to to n aant a not Mapen tot and Tad in a new Ato Mcnea wraps to mad pm i to intent Floc Mattar Binod pm Pitta a pan a pc inc win exp my Chaneta to 5 tot tot 1931 Panama not Nom Deriv a baby 126 51 m Lee x in in j 11 6 ? 5 i m Hill tobit a a Ato. A a of v t 0 a by imy is w a a offs a it aim #scfcisl8 shh i of. A Tom 4 of ant by a a n my Schwa w i to Quot or to sing # Caps re or Mimi ii u la 5ft hard towing 0m to Suttor f Raper i a a it it a or or v a a i Fife of i red la Tutti Jimis i of Righi a tent arow Gay of May l l Momb of mph i i i a a him add i pus Bott St r our 136th Yea no 19? 5 in or 14 a bib i a ii today s hot topics a1 your 2477 source for breaking news video Check c it or a latest videos from the Gazette newsroom social Media connect with the Gazette on Facebook twitter and interest. Answer Man it a have a question you want the Gazette to help answer Send questions to mlis Gaston gazettes of Gazette stories shared via social Media a gunshot Cut Fiort life of 27 year old outside Gastonia liar a father of 2 hit killed on Motorc Cit a specially grocery to Anchor new Belmont shopping it enter a a a a Reader submitted online Pix i Send your photos to a Liis Gasic it Nga Ette am your opinion Danny Randall of mount Holly shared this photo taken while celebrating the fourth of july with his granddaughter Kristy Michalove a a a a today s online poll question How often do you visit Daniel Stowe botanical Garden a four or Moo times a year a two if three tin us a year a once a year a never go online to vote a a a a Friday s result Are you Happy that South Carolina is removing the Confederate Flag 25% 75% us like follow n f cd Etc Ltd t or the kist or Salt a a a jul i Witter com a a Gorton Gazette a j my Taftt apri Csc lottery p lottery ii july to daytime ail or nothing 2 4 5.6. A 9 la 16,18,21,22 23 evening ail or nothing 6,7 8 9 to 13 14, 15,16 18,19,24 july to daytime pick 3 2 7 9 <18 daytime pick 4 5 2 4 8 19 july 9 evening pick 3 5 9 1 15 evening pick 4 4 2 2 0 8 cash5 3 la 28 31 34 Lilly to midday pick 3 i 4 6 midday pick 4 1 4-7 6 evening pick 3 3 2 4 evening pick 4 6 2 5 5 Cash 5 12 20-24-26 34 multiplier 2 july to 24 27 54 45 51 Mega bail 8 multiplier 3 Jackpot $106 million Vagt Check the Gazette each Day to see if you re a Winner. A a a a today in history in 1798, in Marine corp was formally reestablished by a c on Ressio oat Ltd t that also rested the Marine band. In is to of cafe s Ltd a i to to me Tan an Articie fitted a Rbt jes is jazz and jazz is it i it s believed to be one of the earliest if oat the earliest uses of the word gaas us a r a ii a or Fri by a f a a we ii or. In 1960, that novel to kill a mocking Bird Quot by Harper of was first published by j b. I in Pirn of and co clip amp save to save Hugi is with Coupon. 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A a Obi ibb Itari waa Sun and Moon wet adm sons to tonight Moonrise Tod Moi in today hah fast in ii. Waxhaw 96 69 i 7 Mountain forecast lode 80 r i sir eat iow#4 64 to toed Clear sunday 85/65 p sunny t Mon Beach forecast today 99 r Qawiy. I storm ton f3 8 Cloudy to Morm Sonday t it i Tadj sub Marine forecast vhf Mia a Ltd is Tim mat me 29 a a my relay a a done a at 4 a a to sunday a amp a a i 4 8804 Alf Emmate and Bytow were a of i Aal i oat today attn re East Ai 6 i knot sunday. W ads fiord-4 to 6 12 knots Lake Levels a in a a h 41 p it 2 41 a in 4 so p in i fist in j j july it Lur 21 to 31 aug f # wbk a m May. I Atta ofe wafd Nonnan % 41 n it Island 97 19ft Wytia to 41 it pollen be Stanlay i aft in Char a my Gnu. Woad Mold 24 Hay of Banff 003 8 0 i i a 0 03 it Low in Hupt sour Carona asthma a , Cantor Mem positions of a Athar Pratt Srtatton Tampa atom to t highs far them Tom Cash he i Tow to mpa Ato is am glean Tor Sal Tad Chw lax Foj m of amp a a it or to coot showers ,. 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