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Gastonia Gaston Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 12 2015, Page 4

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Gastonia Gaston Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina The Gaston Gazette i let us hear what you have to say online Aston Ca publisher Lucy c. Talley editor i Hunter Bretzius Khz our views other views or. R r. Jeff Melton the Star Hollywood productions a like a the hunger games which filmed in Shelby in 2011 a have relocated to other states after lawmakers slashed tax incentives. Film incentives would give no a fighting Chance no ones life Fortune or property is Safe As they say while the legislature is in session. Still the tentative news out of Raleigh about a House Senate Compromise on film tax credits could he a Little rare Good news for the state s film Industry. The tentative Deal Calls for $30 million to fund the . Film Grant program for the next two years North Carolina budgets on a two year Cycle. The $30 million a the topic state film tax credits the Point All the evidence suggests North Carolinas incentives generated More Revenue than they Cost. Is half the amount North Carolina gave to filmmakers in 2014 in so called rebates hut it s a whole lot More than the $10 million set aside for this fiscal year. Lawmakers weren to in the mood for any Quot giveaways to Highfalutin Hollywood types. Liberal democrats probably so the Ilott Wood types took their marbles elsewhere a notably to Georgia where the conservative free Market republicans who run that state somehow seem More amenable to playing the film and in incentives game. Film business in North Carolina dried up. Big ticket productions such As Quot the i Lunger games Quot franchise decided they could film someplace else just As easily. Quot sleepy hollow so headless horseman galloped off to Atlanta. A under the dome shut Down and precious Little to business came to take its place. Lots of film Industry people who made Good Money Back in the Days of Quot Iron Man 3�?� started talking about moving to Atlanta a if they Hadnot already packed their bags. Let s Hope this action reverses the migration a or at least eases it. Mind you we re talking Grants Here which some Industry watchers say Arentt As attractive As the open ended tax credits the state used to hand out. There a also the nagging question to be nailed Down on How much Grant Money a production can receive. T his years provisions imposed a $5 million Cap which in the world of theatrical filmmaking amounts to chump change. Still the Deal Points toward a marked improvement. As a general Rule subsidizing business is a bad idea but governments do it All the time. We build highways that ease shipping we pay for police Protection which cuts Down on How much companies have to pay for Security guards. When it comes to to and movies which Are lucrative and not very polluting industries the Competition among states is fierce. If we done to bid High enough Georgia or California will. Besides All the evidence suggests North Carolinas incentives generated More Revenue than they Cost. Last year lawmakers slashed the states film package from $61 million to $10 million and switched it from a tax credit to a Grant. Suddenly a $300 million statewide business dried up. T hat is not a coincidence. When it comes to incentivize no movies Well this seems like a great time to remake a Aback to the Gary Arval com the past and future can affect the present refugee crisis the refugee crisis in Europe is one of those human tragedies for which there Are no real solutions despite How Many shrill voices in the Media May denounce those who fail to come up with a solution. Some options May be better than others but there is nothing that can honestly be called a solution. Nevertheless Many countries including the United states could do a lot better. The immediate problems Are the masses of desperate men women arid children fleeing from the wars and terrorism of the Middle East who Are hooding into Europe. Hut the present crisis cannot be dealt with As if it had no past and no future. The future is in fact one of the biggest constraints on what can be done in the present. Anyone with a sense of decency and humanity would want to help those who have been through harrowing experiences and have arrived on the shores of Europe. But the Story will not end there. With refugees As with All other human beings the current generation will pass. Those who May be grateful to have found a Refuge will have a new generation of children in Europe or in any other place of Refuge who will have no memory of the Middle East. All the new generation will know is that they Are not doing As Well As other people in the country where they live. They will also know that Thomas Sowell syndicated columnist log on talk Back 9/11 school warning Likely a hoax a what a pile of crap Black people make up 14 percent of the population. So How stupid would they be to Start a race War these people preaching hate and calling for people to be killed should be arrested Why Isnit our commander in chief speaking out about this Quot Brandon Hawkins did not realize the Black panthers the values of their culture clash with the values of the Western culture around them. And there will he no Lack of a a leaders to Tell them that they have been wronged. Europeans have already seen this scenario play out in their midst creating strife and even terrorism. Most of the muslims May be peaceful people who Are willing to live and let live. But it takes Only a fraction who Are not to create havoc. No nation has an unlimited capacity to absorb immigrants of any sort and especially immigrants whose cultures Are not simply different hut antagonistic to the values of the society in which they Settle. The inescapable reality is that it is an irreversible decision to admit a foreign population of any sort a but especially a foreign population that has a track record of remaining foreign. Barack Obama a decision to pull american troops out of Iraq with Happy talk about How he was ending a War turned out to be a bitter mockery when the policy in fact opened the doors to new wars with unspeakable horrors in the present and incalculable consequences for the future. T he glib rhetoric that accompanied the pullout of american troops were in existence. The government wiped them out a Long time ago but they allowed the blk aryan nation and other White hate groups to remain. Knowing this you Macho gun freaks please please stay locked and John Hannon Quot remain vigilant locked and loaded always to protect my Sheri Smith column clerk him Davis will be a lonely footnote in history a thank you Gaston Gazette for having the courage to print an excellent commentary on this matter. In spite of what some May believe religious Liber ties Are not under attack in this country in fact the opposite is True our from Iraq was displayed once again Whitmi the Rise of Isis was dismissed As just a Junior varsity team trying to look like a serious threat. But now that Isis controls a big chunk of Iraq and a big chunk of Syria it is the Obama foreign policy that looks like the work of a Junior varsity team. Undermining stable governments in Egypt and Libya that posed no threat to Western interests in the Middle East was another rhetoric Laden catastrophe of the Obama administration. No wonder president Obama does not want to get involved in the refugee crisis that his own policies did so much to create. Middle Eastern countries might have been expected to take in More refugees who Are their Muslim Brothers a especially Oil Rich countries like saudi Arabia. But the West including the United states could at least Send More financial Aid to Middle Eastern countries like Jordan and Egypt to ease the Burden of the refugees they have already taken in. Sending Money to Middle Eastern countries that Are taking in Muslim refugees makes a lot More sense for the West than taking in More refugees themselves it May even encounter far less political opposition at Home. But a real attempt to Deal with the underlying causes of this human tragedy will probably have to wait until Barack Obama is gone from the White House. Sowell is a native of ast Cit a and a senior fellow at the Hoover institution Stanford University Stanford Calif courts have ruled that government officials do not have the right to impose their religious views on Chad Barker a having trouble sleeping Connie a a lonely footnote a Iti bet they said that about Rosa Parks too. The woman is fighting against Christian persecution for her beliefs. You done to miss a trick to look Down your nose on her. Appalachia. Ewe. Yes Jesus did talk about homosexuality. See the Afa Story on what Jesus said about it. It is very Clear and very detailed. But forget the Bible for a second Why people use the Bible to defend their Points when they done to believe it and done to know it is beyond me a Rebecca Abernethy Schwindeman what do you think letters to the editor a require writer s name address and daytime phone number for verification purposes. A May be edited for length accuracy Etc. A preferred length is 300 words or less. Longer letters May be considered for a my turn columns. A writers Are limited to one letter or column published every 15 Days. A the Gazette does not publish poetry form letters petitions or consumer complaints. How to Send them mall . Box 1538 Gastonia no 28053 fax 704-867-5751 email submitted material Ian tem submitted to the Gaston Gazette or publication become the property of the newspaper and a re subject to reuse in whole or part in Pant electronic formats and archives material is subject to editing and other changes Ihn i a i k

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