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Gastonia Gaston Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 30 2015, Page 4

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Gastonia Gaston Gazette (Newspaper) - March 30, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina A a the e Gaston Gazette i la us hear what you have to say online pastern monday. So Larch 30. 2015 publisher Lucy c. Talley editor i Hunter Bretzius to. Iri thought for today Quot we do not talk a bludgeon one another with facts and theories gleaned from cursory readings of newspapers magazines and Henry Miller american author 1891-1980 our views a celebrate easter 4weekend by just other views shutting Down unplug turn off. Tune out a it sounds like the very Antithesis of the 1960s, when a Young generation sought to a tune in. Turn on i and drop out Quot As part of a youth movement seeking its place at the table where an emerging Media smorgasbord was just beginning i to be put in place for mass consumption. ,.v How times have changed. Today the idea off turning off and tuning out has some real Appeal. These Days. They Call it going Quot off the for a those unfamiliar with this vernacular the meaning a a boils Down to this a turn off the you know what it s not a bad idea at All. That s what we re thinking these Days when we walk into a restaurant in Gastonia and spot a family of four each member simultaneously glaring into a cellphone As if the thing might be a Crystal Ball. How about those times when a roomful of people congregate yet All Are fixated on Laptop computers or tablets As opposed to engaging in an actual conversation these and other scenarios play out every Day in Gaston county a and nearly everywhere else in the world for that matter. We now live in the most plugged in. Tuned in and turned on time in history. We re never off the Grid spawning a legion of distracted children and adults who have forgotten How to just sit still and enjoy simple unplugged pleasures. We re stimulated visually and aurally. We react instead of think. We listen but Seldom hear we re angry agitated and anxious. And we can t wait for the next thing to get into our Field of vision for yet another distraction. Of any of this sounds vaguely familiar then folks it might be time to step Back and take a break. And now might be a very Good time to consider it. We re not talking about a permanent shutdown. Heavens no. Too much of our Economy is driven by a digital world that demands attention almost 24/7. But eventually even the Best brightest and strongest Burn out. And besides we need folks to Call up , or follow our editors and writers on twitter. It but consider with easter weekend ahead this is not a bad time at All to step off the Grid a even for a Day or two. Maybe take All of easter weekend off. Call it a gift to yourself and those around you. Hey a Little a free time with the family could Lead to some wonderful re discoveries. We realize that unplugging is hard. It requires adults to disconnect from work Many Are unable or unwilling to do so. Or they May be Facebook twitter interest or inst Gram junkies hooked on posting photos videos recipes and sharing experiences in real time. Kids will also object. They May be horrified by the concept of a device detox. Teens Ages 13-17 spent four hours a Day online in 2014, a 37 percent Rise Over 2012, research firm Guk reports. Why not give it a rest no device plus exercise old school games and outdoor activities at Crowders Mountain or any number of other recreational Sites in our county equals less stress greater productivity when Back on the Job and better family communication. It s just too Good to pass up. Why if this a free easter weekend works out it might be Wise to think about doing it regularly. Entire vacations could be planned around simply getting off the Grid. Who knows that family so engrossed in their cellphones while in that Gastonia restaurant might discover that by disconnecting from their phones find a new Way of reconnecting with each other. Dec it whom do you Trust with the internet big business or big government perhaps you have been listening to the Days and nays concerning the net neutrality decision of the acc which also gave the City of Wilson permission to expand their Green Light internet serv ice. Where you stand basically comes Down to whom you Trust big business or big government for Many of us the answer is neither. For most of my professional life owning and operating Small businesses i recognized a responsibility to four groups of stakeholders the owners. The employees of the business its customers and the Community in which we operated. I was taught that the enterprises that did the right thing by most of those stakeholders were most successful and i always Felt most other businesses believed the same. Not so today. The More companies expand the further they remove themselves from those who work for them buy from them and live where they operate. Two things consume big publicly traded corporations profits and Stock prices. They pay obeisance almost exclusively to shareholders mostly Large institutional investors and their top executives. Witness the financial sectors greedy crash automakers that put profits above Safe airbags or ignition switches and Industrial pollution and Coal Ash spills As but a few of Many examples that prove that Point. We be watched Mego polies like time Warner co cast Google Microsoft. Facebook and Apple make George Orwell s a a 1984�?� predictions of big brother look infantile. These companies know More about you than you can imagine including your sex and relative age what you watch when and for How Long who you Are Likely to vote for where you live and what you Likely earn Purchase and do for recreation. Done to believe it search for any product then watch How fast it pops up As an and on internet pages you View. Many businesses have grown so Large As to be labelled a too big to increasing both their size and Tom Campbell syndicated columnist influence Over us every Day. The Federal Trade commission formed i of years ago this month was supposed to protect Consumers and promote Competition but has become a toothless Tiger As has the securities and Exchange commission and other regulators. I done to Trust big government either. Most of us can Tell tales of bureaucrats and onerous regulations that Cost us Money complicate our lives and delay our actions just like big business the larger and More powerful government becomes the less it is in touch with and concerned about you and me. We need checks and balances on both. As an individual i have Little influence on corporate America and while i Don t have much control Over government i feel some influence by voting for those who do. Supposedly nobody owns but everybody owns the internet. The Federal communications commission charged with regulating Public airways is tasked with Purview. Only time will Tell what Impact net neutrality will have but someone needs to make sure you and i won t be forced into an Ever constricting communications pipeline while the big players gobble up All the Bandwidth and pay substantially lower rates for so doing. In the end i Don t Trust either big business or big government but i sleep better at night believing somebody is providing some checks and balances to keep the playing Field at least a Little More level. Right now i like net neutrality. Torn Campbell is former assistant North Carolina state treasurer and is creator and Host of . Spin a a weekly statewide television discussion of . Issues. Show airs at 6 30 a m. Sundays on Wco. . Delegation Contact information sen. Richard Burr on. 217 Russell Senate office building Washington. Do 20510 a 202-224-3154 diluted office 181 South St., room 222, Gastonia no 28052 Durkt office Thorn 704833-0854 sen. Thom Hills on. G55 Dirk sen Senate office building Washington do 20510 a 202-224-6342 of Tuitt Tonco 1520 South blvd. Suite 205, Charlotte no 28203 District office phone 704-334-2448 rep. Patrick Mchenry of 2334 Rayburn House office building Washington do 20515 a 202-225-2576 a tact office 128 w. Main ave., suite 115, Gastonia no 28053 dharm office phone 704-833-0096 . Delegation Contact information sen. David Curtis Onku 410 legislative building a 919-715-3038 pm tii Logani Otto mailing toot . Senate 300 n. Salisbury St., room 410 Raleigh no 27603 occupation optometrist Hooter . Box 278. Denver. No 28037 a 704-483-3762 sen. Kathy Harrington oct 300-c legislative building phone. 919-733-5734 Tomah . Senate 16 w. Jones St., room 300-c Raleigh. No 27601-2808 occupation real estate broker Hadron 3324 Lincoln Lane. Gastonia. No 28056 phone 704-460-2998 rep. Dana Bumgardner office 2119 legislative office building phone 919-733-5809 Mon i Geltl Atlee mailing a deem . House of representatives 300 n. Salisbury St. Room 2119 Raleigh no 27603-5925 occupation president pm inc. Had 3517 Lincoln Lane Gastonia no 28056 phone 704-861-1648 rep. Kelly e. Hastings office 1206 legislative building phone 919-715-2002 Emon be fillet Ive mailing of drum . House of representatives 16 w. Jones St., room 1206 Raleigh. No 27601-1096 occupation realtor a Dato. . Box 488 Cherryville. No 28021 phone 704-473-3468 rep. John a. Torbett of 538 legislative office building phone 919-733-5868 pm log Lotus mailing a it mras. . House of representatives 300 n. Salisbury St., room 538 Raleigh no 27603-5925 occupation up business development defense technologies inc. Hydro a 210 Blu Ridge drive Stanley no 28164 phone 704-263-9282 what do you think letters to the editor a require writer s name address and daytime phone number for verification purposes. A May be edited for length accuracy Etc. A preferred length is 300 words or less. Longer letters May be considered for a my turn columns. A writers Are limited to one letter or column published every 15 Days. A the Gazette does not publish poetry form letters petitions or consumer complaints. How to Send them mall . Box 1538 Gastonia. No 28053 fax 704-867-5751 email submitted material i All Toms submitted to the Gaston Gazette for publication become the property of the newspaper and Are subject to reuse in whole or part in print electronic formats and archives maternal is subject to editing and other changes

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