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Gastonia Gaston Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 30 2015, Page 3

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Gastonia Gaston Gazette (Newspaper) - March 30, 2015, Gastonia, North Carolina The Gaston Gazette news wrap up monday. March 30. 201s Page edited by Laurent Frame 3a a 4 �?�1before leak Asa mulled ending phone program officials say Washington a the National Security Agency considered abandoning its secret program to collect and store american calling records in the months before leaker Hdward Snowden revealed the practice current and former intelligence officials say because some officials believed the costs outweighed the meager counter terrorism benefits. After the leak and the collective Surprise around the world Asa leaders strongly defended the phone records program to Congress and the Public but without disclosing the internal debate. The proposal to kill the program was circulating among top managers hut had not yet reached the desk of Gen. Keith Alexander then the Asa director according to current and former intelligence officials who would not be quoted because the details Are sensitive. Two former senior Asa officials say they doubt Alexander would have approved it. Still the behind the scenes Asa concerns which have not been reported previously could he relevant As Congress decides whether to renew or modify tile phone records collection when the Law authorizing it expires in june. The internal critics pointed out that the already High costs of vacuuming up and storing the a to and from information from nearly every Domestic landline Call were rising the system was not capturing most cellphone Calls and the program was not Central to unravelling terrorist plots the officials said. They worried about Public outrage if the program Ever was revealed. After the program was disclosed civil liberties advocates attacked it saying the records could give a secret intelligence Agency a Road map to americans private activities. Asa officials presented a forceful rebuttal that helped shaped Public opinion. Responding to widespread criticism president Barack Obama in january 2014 proposed that the Asa Stop collecting the records but in 1 Stead request them when Niecko de in terrorism investigation from Telephone companies which tend to keep them for 18 months. Yet the president has insisted that legislation is required it adopt his proposal and Congress has not acted. So the Asa continues to collect and store records of private . Phone Calls for use in terrorism investigations under Section 215 of the Patriot act. Many lawmakers want trip program to continue As is. Are american Flag shirts a students right High court May take Case on school barring image on Cinco de Mayo Tribune Washington Bureau tvs Washington a California school dispute that arose when students wore shirts emblazoned with the american Flag on Cinco de Mayo could prompt the supreme court to take a new look at the free speech rules for High schools. Ever since students protested the Vietnam War by wearing Black armbands the justices have said the first amendment protects the rights of students to peacefully protest at school so Long As their actions do not Lead to a a substantial in recent years however some school officials have moved to curtail political fashion statements such As wearing to shirts with Confederate flags or anti Gay slogans. They have argued that some limits were necessary to avoid offending other students and possibly provoking violence. On Friday the justices met to decide on hearing a Case asking whether a school officials fear of violence justified disciplining students for wearing american flags on their shirts. The Appeal in Dariano v. Morgan Hill unified school District asks the justices to decide whether wearing an american Flag can be curtailed As an unnecessary provocation. Or instead is a right of every citizen protected by the first amendment. A decision on whether they will accept the Case could come As soon As monday. A Hospital continued from Page a he is a youth pastor at Flint Groves Baptist Church. On March 18, he was at an event at another Church when a female student in his youth group began having seizures. The child smother was also there Howell said and did not want an ambulance to take the girl to car Mont regional medical Center. But Howell said he and his wife were concerned that More needed to be done. A we finally talked the mom into going to the emergency room but the Only Way she was going to do it was by personal vehicle a he said. While on the Way in a Church passenger Van Howell said he called the emergency department. He told a nurse on the phone who he was and asked for permission to pull up at the ambulance drop off area. A i just said a hey in a Chris Howell. In a a youth pastor in Gaston county and in a also on the Hospital Board of directors a a he said. A whoever i spoke to was More upset about the fact that i had not called 911.�?� Howell said he parked in the ambulance area about 9 . And helped to get the girl inside then estimates he moved his car a after two minutes a i never presented my credentials As a Board member a Howell said. A i never threatened anybody or asked for preferential treatment. I just asked them to help the girl because she was Howell said the girl was treated and released that evening. A a disruption or. Tom Ashar has been the medical director of the car Mont regional emergency department since september. Ile is an employee of Apollo my an outsourcing firm hired by car Mont health to oversee the emergency Wing. Ashar was not at the Hospital March 18 and has never met Howell. His knowledge of the incident is based on a report from a physician who cared for the girl that night and nurses who were working. Ashar said upward of by ambulances per Day and about 1,700 per month drop off patients at the Hospital. He said he was told the morning after Howells visit that he had caused a disruption. A what was brought to my attention is he took up this spot in the tvs Bay with his vehicle which is sort of hallowed ground in the or a he said. A you done to do Ashar said it was also communicated to him that Howell was Quot trying to get very involved in getting the girl priority he said it seems Clear Howell was acting with the Best intentions and was trying to get immediate care for someone he cared about. Quot but the or is kind of the great equalizer a Ashar said. Quot the sickest get care first and that s just the Way it has to even if a personal vehicle is parked for just a few minutes in the ambulance loading area that a too Long Ashar said. A the or seems like a chaotic place but there is a flow there Quot he said. Quot this disruption occurred and in a sure there was an Impact on the flow of patient care and the other Salty history Gaston county owns the Hospital building and land and Long leased it to car Mont health for $1 per year. This month the two signed a lucrative Deal that will involve the health care nonprofit putting $38 million Over 40 years toward county initiatives and making $200 million in Hospital Campus improvements. That agreement came after a decade of at times bitter negotiation Over the new lease. In the last three years county commissioners began appointing new Hospital Hoard members who they Felt would be sensitive to their financial needs. And privately several officials have said there is still a distinct Power struggle in play on the Hospital Board. Howell attributes the backlash he got from his March 18 emergency department visit to the thorny relationships on the Board. There Are members and others within carom onto a administration who want him gone he said. A there seems to he a tone that the Hoard is just there to he a figure with no responsibility Over the Hospital. So whenever you try to say a what about that or what about this a its not received Well Quot he said. A there seems to he a target on your Back where its like they re saying. A we done to need this Guy on Here. He a asking too Many addressing the rift Gaston county commissioner Jason Williams who also serves on the Hospital Hoard defended Howells reputation in the Community. He said Howell explained the incident sufficiently during last mondays meeting. Williams went on to blast Ashar for talking about the incident publicly and said he s disappointed that car Mont health allowed the physician to go on record about it. A a in a just surprised that or. Ashar spoke so freely and bluntly about an Issue he Only has secondhand information about a Williams said. Quot there Are protocols we have. I would have expected car Mont health referred questions about the incident to Hospital Board chairman Chis Anthony. Anthony declined to comment in detail on Howells assertions. He said the 14-member Hospital Board can he expected to have disagreements from time to time. But he believes they All want what s Best in terms of helping to provide Quality health care Here. A if a rift exists that a something Well have to address amongst ourselves a he said. Williams said while the relationship Between the Hospital and the county has improved tremendously he can to disagree with any of Howells sentiments about the inner Workings of the Board. A it he Board is ultimately responsible for making sure the organization is being run effectively and efficiently a he said. Quot we can to afford to revert Back to the Way things used to he and make some of the Well publicized mistakes of the you can reach Michael Barrett at 704-869 1826 or on twitter Gazette Mike. 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A we have three new businesses downtown in the last three months and we Are getting Calls every Day frolic investors wanting to look at property,4, he said other projects kicking off will focus on improving Street scapes and renovating the City a Community Center. I Inman and his staff Are applying for Grants to help pay for the projects. A i you can reach Diane Turbyfill of 704-869-1817 and Gazette Diane

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