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Garland Daily News Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Garland Daily News (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Garland, Texas For seventy tears devoted to the Hest moral and financial in rests of Garland and vol. 71 five cents a copy , Texas sunday. May Llu to 1937 i nil de press Vav ire news Pony leagues ready for a play ballot Call monday by buc Stinson. La i # r Cut by Council r Ark the inn of i. E Stark quoted a infer w Holch he said Ila no. A fro in his i <>1 a it or to d i of w Rio then Baria do mayor in in a i so i to outline i qualification City of amid i hid completed a 4 veer Trie notae tag course a in into a a Tiai Kottal Corre a i Bool. Al Obi 1145 to i beets to tilt in so Peri a Wahnaton h in int Tut Ai \ t Rah Limo thl to Rector of no utilities announced let Al Nix by manage u h lev. Jim i by in it that by Ai ii a by Jim reapsome a Mckean. In k i Lusk Ronit move in to Kiuon. To k the Pony league will pro Green Flonni Urang John cold to x Mike a Quot Quot it Kichard nit n off the lid on the 195? boys base Ler Gerry Saa Ajder Tonni Bisck i a to # a Stark i i Jordan Michael Ball program in Garland with its re. I m a id Mem Ronni la Trail a re col a Hon Timber opening Gam of the Tom Arn Mon Bonnie Ria. Kwh Ell Pawl How j am a Smith Hilly mar non. Won Day night at the league a Field in Thorn David Jam Lam Ald Tillar. Tommy Cruh i aul municipal Park. Tsp in i and la try Stevenson. Tew a ##,4 Tonni pot. President Bernard Jones has six teams lined up for the of the Campaign. Game will played five nights weekly at 7.3d of Tel tick a league Champion will a determined and a playoff team selected for tournament Competition. Opposing teams for to a a it and a cd a posit of a a Perm tee utities Chw r i f v Hod no i in on the v a1 in it v Rex i a net leva. That a of w a he Holl ran a it it mall in of is ii a h � end to i at a said if two months for tire m Tweedle and Bohring Jet new Jellico assignments a til t tem co aircraft s Plant in in i. If his Artra Ai Garland and Greenville Plant nun hav been reassigned to the com Mondsh j pin Jfe to new tale program Mirik a n d in file one half it Tran n Cai night s opener will to Vav Amia a cd contract administration or and m. E. Moses c company a new sanitation headed by by pre i sponsor this season Vav Ami has a Dent John a. Maxwell or a pm no r a Quot a Quot i the. Smith. Biri will. I. Managun i bound a so dlr i Var to to from t Hgt Eta id the two eve to i and Greenville i it Adi Smirt a 1 lied at that pram Plant but later to t 3 press c chiefs discuss service of u. S. Agency Washington it to it a a Senate appropriations subcommittee ended its hearings on the budget of the United states information Agency Friday with statements from the three major american press associations. The three services wrote the subcommittee in response to an its Mother to Day mrs. George ze201 oui Orchard receives a bouquet of carnations from her sons. Robert and David two Garland new it newspaper boys who earned the Flowers with the help of their circular lion managers. Newsboy throughout the City will reenact the scene today. Posse will Lead Parade for Rodeo by Vera Needham the colourful cow town posse in inquiry As to whether Usi a was Der the leadership of Lilburn died competing with them in the Dis see Drill Captain will Lead the cow tribute in of news to foreign coun boy and Rodeo Parade which la tries scheduled to begin at 6 o clock Fri a Funk . A a a a a to a Quot Hgt a 1957 Gar Dent of the United press said the overseas press service is supposed to operate Only Iii areas a not a1 land Rodeo season. The Parade was originally set for May 3 but was postponed Berend supplied with a d e q u a t co cause of the it Wavy Rains. Visit news about the United states gov ing horsemen and local entries ?t will take formation it Avenue f or a a of ?�1 a Quot it ii. Raid. How that it a a a a a a a show. Bat up. To a to. . Rout. I follow 0. Ill. In Tori. The jump the oar a a a through the Down Nick Tea Harry Bowers and Charles Stokes. Parade entries thus far include bores and horsewoman to Lor car float horse Diawn communists seek Hicls and convertibles. Any j Camp fir. Or by. Bad roup j in a Raie it the Moses team Jon said no spec it ceremonies Are planned for la fir t night of the sos son Quot Vav just want to get the kids started playing Hall a said. The remainder of the schedule for next week int tildes wednesday a v lit Row is Ira. Ham Pierce. Thursday a Armstrong is. Harris. Friday a warn is. Vat Tito saturday a Moses is. Arm Strong other managers a j Vav Vititow. Uns Ponsor d team Hugh Hodgs Graham Pine Al Arm Strong a sponsored team and Maurice Mcneil Harris. The league la operated for boys in the 13 and 14 year old bracket i players who will a a action Mon j Day night Aras follows Amix a Paul Woodard David Mcculloch president of the corp of to Tny land a comes As it a return to the oration addition of Vav. A Tweedle Sud president it k. Fred Duehring gives maxwells firm Boa in me tit a i principle of Man is 11 Loc h said that the n a reshuffling of a Tuff two with administrative talents in la direction that will experience in All phases of tem do the most Good for tented. Co nitration i a elite Baa Bern Ini Ender its 3 Plant integration pro chg of to Gal land Plant Tot Gram the present assistant Plant a last six Aud on half it is and i Mit a it 1 a assuming control of Ope ret Lone at Garland and urn Sui k has held the a1 lot � to it else us Terai i a former Garland i a Cam Fri it a Mai to Garland in Keb Ruar or being employed i count i to Ait Cee a m a City fee Wittiv the administrative it to wit de to City Man Ger tip of girl a of Home in i hiring Blat k a tem Mana aet Garland wad a a at fog Pate depart it to hip a it he cite with full meet h a do in Jno lion Bond program a i Stork we n up Prev at to p in t Arter i a fire by a Cill d by Elthan and try Council an it otitis Nix rut Are we bet a on roil mid a thit it a it that he a of ugh tie a. Frat go played in 1951 of a year and i i i mar to Iii or to Hie trial i Tut led utilities Post. It director of the Flar or of Coin in crr and in the pattern Hill i Board of diet tors i beast a me Tab of a v try a d a i tart Alii by Way f. Fence and i a the news in town Are past the Square and May enter their own car or be hide. Tickets for the Rodeo Are now on Sale by the local chieftains Blue Birds and Camp fire girls pilgrimage move Washington up a unlit party la Makii or no k. Purch.s.1 the. Pi.,. I f on m Deflum a cafeteria and i Grimm. W.,h or specially company. They Are priced at $1 for adults and 50 cents for children 5-16 years of age. Will , at first Herert. Aft-1 it a a a a opa Nln or participants will c a1�?t Bartholomew railed this a _ i nights Friday and saturday Roto a a Drift backward throw High the cur. Proceed separately to the Rodeo rents of Teter National journalism r #.11 Arena on Dairy Road for the Ini toward the operatic t of a rill., to., _ 99 i ital performance in Bleb be cons at fledged official news Agency. _ j Fri i 8 #0 o clock Friday night. A this is a position from which some major countries have been o. R. White chairman of the trying to extricate themselves for Parade committee invites anyone the past Quarter Century in Emu-1 intended in entering or Riding lation of the Success of our com Jet the Parade to Contact him at piety in flee methods of news 301 w. Gerland ave. Or Telephone gathering Quot the i ailed la a it s sex and 0 � 4. Ecu Tive said. Other members of the Parade Quot the esteem in which foreign committee Are John Kemp Pete editors hold their american news. F � x shows in to r newspaper to i /"�?. S i con r t by r a the Cox Cllon v id to a a i Quot Mew a i. I in i in t 111 an Good and e Oti o010ct ulc St Ion which at Crues to till United states in the countries Means c4np at ppm too much to allow it to crop bed n,.on in the n of a Delegate to the june i these editor both very Type of r. A ate convention at Abilene w la official government a y they a selected tuesday when the log ago leaded to be wary of Kex Bange club of Garland holds see press chiefs Page to lits 7 pm. Meeting at Plaza cafe . The cd Efta a fund for completing Camp Gatewood. Oth run in the Bei Aru a to a univ when hit Lanm Childers w no run ing prospects use it Urb appeals to by Robfrt w Coll Vav a Mim Ion i v la ii i in Horn bump a a Dumitry a i by liw nth Rie Imah it of. Trig to Natow a go to Maut a never before til i Ville. T. L Norton a bin ram cd Sner superintendent of All manufacturing and tooting at he Garland Plant and w n Hall has bean Htun Plant j Nia Oage at Ireail Tville a members of vice i re 1dent maxwells staff. Tweedle win a in charge of programming and Taro he Ehrling will direct contract adm Han Andy Tel i far. I n in mind aeration Al the Tim of his a try nun la sea Itotia lit mat sign mint Asgi Nelll Plant Man had a Otid hut tilt Atto Iti i a Itti Erieg was i and prof i it it not he k. � a to i wha Reeler of cont Rte admires ration he was hired to Cit v to it i ii tote he Lentral figure in i Mon h Long curl fro Art qualify a thu of a or Tgu s to i Job were challenged i for pm a me Ani Faut v to. Who had Pra Tousty led a Cam Paten against Starks Bond pm d t i Macfoy of it e Cep in the in two plus cad far Tai and with resistance from the Hwy world vier la and the period a it of housing Short Huddy Row i in in us it Ohi n a the # ii pm a a they re pro re a taker who could let the but of of to for the com Twiny. I. A. Tweed Washington up it a the communist party la making an fallout 1 big negro 1 Shin ton nest i Friday the third anniversary of the b Prem t our a i boo a � segregation decision. Reports pieced tog eff re the United press from centers of comm in to activity the _ a. /1 a f our by indicated today that Juvil Lluc Crit los Jet Lon of its followers into a ,r,?z a k Cost tabulated no communist sponsor ship a la the party � current no. I a Ltd Vav n an is i Atwil 7s Worth of ads. Damag and property loss caused sponsors of this Quot prayer pit by Juvenil clime in Garland Dur Field artillery to Kalis Tenient open with a till unit the 3�h i id artillery put Tallon now. Stationed at it i the a Hill Oklahoma and is Hedu div h a Quot Loop to remit a a hat i is 1 a Tia thai llah a cited Garland a Nair paper articles saving Haik held an engine nag from i exam to h had Gikai Imp Taudie at the t Alvar Walt Halfa and had in b Manger for the City of mba four years to 4tiffed photo it pie of letters tet hand i in verify a registrars to a he a it had not been enrolled to grim Aga for Freedom Type it i to draw 60, partic pants to a mass meeting at the Lincoln me mortal with 35.000 to 40, mix Cumi ing from outs ids a Vasington i Der the slogan Quot to Amus the cots Lanca of the nation Quot the Ptg Romag has three a noun purposes to comme Rayrat the supreme court to school decision lug april the years total Cam a to approximately 93,. Hurly Tando poll Ricorda clerk said 17 juveniles were arrested i aet month with vandalism and thefts heading the list of offcuts. To juveniles involved boys Between the age of 13 and 17 Bando said poll recovered lid to hog under the u. H. Army a Rota tither s Hoot at i further Petri too plan is Alwn Dong an invite 1 out hat e Ark marsh1 Don to quanteds to no St for Quot a had been u a a ?j direct assignment to thut t. End to announcement that meeting blast denied having Gitin the High mental and Puy at stand incur mat Ion w to q was pub ii Shad a to a e of Saia it a a � a it a n Imper of a re will he accepted for in a he re Ltd a St a no � a i % a a to the Bat a Talion Crew a from of his employment and City of Deif a Henry a Guinsburg Mem of a in id Iha f a a the r a n bar of the u. B. Army tech Uhing 1 Hall lid not Ruimar Era Natl re but in a int jeers partic ulily a in the Quot tight Money to Pinch of innit a i ii nil Aura have opened a it a w to new bag of a Ltd a Tran ship gun my is to Alt to #4 the buyer it lok a Quot of today in buyer of a nerdy a la looker4 of today. So the builder nuke open up his Sale Campaign he moment til prospective own urns Down the Street. The dust i y is urging us Alem vers to Start Seiling ill what it ails curb Supe i Quot this to an iffy alive lands ape or e or Bai h in May builders furn vhf to Ai a ample houses a a it Aipa nth s different decor in a p to it Tor most of when i consider thy head. Moon and the stars which thou Hast ordained what is Man that thou Art mindful of he a psalm a 3,1. Richard v. Nelson til club will hear reports from. Traffic and sales it imminent j is Baptist Sci and the meeting will be to hear Nelson Dyke said. Tha Rev. Richard v. Nelson a. 1 pastor of the second Baptist j members of the Board include Church will be guest speaker Mon Ray Stanton j. D. Harris Jack by flight f0r tha Mena brother a. Smith Morris Parker Doc Tai Bood of tha first Baptist Church Al Taylor Tom Ingram rus Hampton Creel. Brotherhood sell Shaner Ralph Howell and president announced that efforts to Call for enactment of civil Worth of property stolen by rights legislation and to protest agers. Violence against negroes. Four youth were a rested leading negro cooperate for indent p # k of year the pilgrimage was do a on old tiny was charged with burglary. At a meeting of 97 negro a Hurch Quot with the 17 juveniles arrested and leaders from All s in lion in april it brings our total of at new Orleana feb 4. Actual arrest of persons under 17 years j organisation was put into the old Ainee january i to 69, Kendo i communists Peg to 4ddd, staff wit a b"4quart�ra at Lull lords a cot narc St. Dallas and i go Naborg said that a limited in a be Arber of prior ?.en, who the have by a it a a rated from the army teas than one year May also Mas re null to for erect assignment to his rth 36fb. Married in grades Merit y 5 and a to a May re quest Over had no a a a Boutang Tor their it Pend Nta � had i a a their appt locations a added ground Lead ii is for enlist mint for As ploy Tvr to Tea �6ta u a a a i it have cited it Alo to bring a it i heir houses some builders admit f be fully the Tea nag axion i bail tee to Meba c Oti id i i m ii s business i that. This May have gone too far Many of the weekend Boid of Looker Quot Ere Niere y shopping around for Tun it to Decora Rig round and vat. A of they j for re commended More importance the Campaign to sell have to Ltd a til Biti Din sad Era re by want to one Bain in than. Quot Quot in ill Ereat id two to the Dykes. Church tops pledge goal the Quot every member canvass Quot hers was also selected. Four com conduct a by the Garland first m i Jong an j a group of Church Matho Dii to Church topped its b04 can mittens were named during of j102.000 with pledges totalling 1105,023, it was announced at a Quot a conference. Church Victory program in Fellowship hell. After the Victory program d strict superintendent t. Be Miller conducted the Church fourth quarterly conference. M. S. Hollenshead was elected to the newly created office of d rec Tor of stewardship la recognition of hts work in leading the successful pledge Campaign. The Rev. Clark Calvert pastor of the Church entered medical arts Hospital Friday afternoon and 1s being treated for a kidney ailment. During his Aba enc from the Church today. District superin-4endent Miller win speak at the morning worship services at tonight service Bryant Keeling a student at Perkins school of theology it sum will be the speak a new Coz pm of 77 sea it or. Are being made to make this meeting one of record attendance. He issued an invitation to of All churches to by guests for the meeting which begins at 7 14 pm in the Hunt auditorium. Surplus company to open Branch 2 Gas juniors selected for physics study at tech Murray Daniel and Gordon testing facilities a Whit band. Yates Garland High school Jun no m. And to other scientific la Lor students have been selected a Tal lations. For special study in the Field of three other Garland High physic at Texas technological col school Junior. John Metcalf. Lege Lubbock under a program Evlyn Taylor and Mika Ham Apo nored by the fund for the and were selected under a he a ame pro Vandement of education. Gram last week to attend a Simi the five week session running a station in the Beld of Chemis from june 6 to july 12, win be try at the University of Texas under the direction of at. Prof the special study programs j. Day pc Ach physicist in or not designed to take the plat charge of arrangements. Of the regular High school courses. After a Basic briefing by faculty they Are set up to Merth members Murray and Gordon students interest in science. Few a american army surplus who scored High on i it Ltd hem an understanding of a stores will open a Branch store j tests will by Quot turned Loose on pro types of sc4�nufie Carse s they at 5 �4 West Garland Avenue about the first of june it a announced saturday. The surplus goods firm which operate store in Dallas has leased the Garland building from j w Lect of their Choice with their May enter and an Opportunity for imagination As their limit Quot a Tex Reattie work and association with a tech spokesman d research scientist. Along with this will be More a Murray it. Is the son of or. Tures and demonstrations by tech and or. Georg Dante of w. Teacher and visiting scientists Ridgewood. Gordon ii. La the son Cannon owner of the Cannon dry from Industry and governs en4 of or and mrs. Pax a Tat Good store Ca Slit Street. J Field try a. To Rno a to in a of so a Datura or. A. Will Cio to tech for special Sti Dye Murav Daniel left and cult or do in ates have been for ape Ciai study in a five week. Set Ion at Lead i let no logical College at Lubbock this Hummer under a program sponsored by the fund for the advancement of education. Daniel and \ Aln w hone work a ill be in the Phasic Field were selected from talented Hijji Schfe of Civ Nee student applicants throughout the state. They were picked by a tech faculty committee. Toward cheerfulness Davenport Iowa it i Pic Scott county sheriff Peter 1\ has announced plans to the Davenport to. Calls la Deli. T 4 6 shades of Pink Green and la end Hima mid it . Make it a i Ore cd Raul

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