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Garland Daily News Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Garland Daily News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Garland, Texas Service sales Compaq p. 0. To 8066 Dallas Texas judge to decision awaited in Power line Case testimony completed by fun f but about property of no re called i Tor pro Quot # the judge h Arles e. Tong of the 4 p or Friday in the d strict court i by Tad eld to the stand Loon after k ii to the or a prone 134fh District court will hand Down hearing on t e restraining order the court resumed for the afer a lied to testify be d he p h ? decision some time this week at the re of the Dev Long hearing noon session. B s lot in april. 9 8 so t in the injunction suit filed by a i j id Long Annon re a of want to to upon questioning from Hall of the inn., emerita for the nut Street homeowners against the study further the a Gal aspect of the mayor testified tha the Walnut the deed Rostran on we City of Garland. This matter and w a temporary restraining order a of Tel against of the Munu Ipa testify a Dor re he afternoon reel to route for the Structure he a Lowed in the a see a of a a Extrie systems High voltage Sest on we a mayor w. Ii. Bad tween the Power sub station off a Power line continues in effect until Field. Or. Barney k do a Walnut Shiloh Road and the fast b de Tuu Hail or dry the Juda pm resents his decision. As Street resident Anil c hares new m no pal Power Plant. Copies of skewed a part of a cps Bond program the Man elect Tai Supe Nten Dent for concern cd the re it it or line was being con St Rue of in front the City of Garland asked of he t nought the poles i id let. A a t to it of Homes a to the i Phi and Rockwall county judge Ralph Aid i new runs Ghaly May or bad sidereal the to w r Neho blocks of Walnut. A attorney the f eld sad 1 dont think they in erotic and t is shot in � it hat fait ave Power i in eau e a decrease in the Taeed his property. Is a or a Mot w in Nee m r att w would in of from h or matter and w la Render an Street route for the h go Volga that or v one set of Poi a f r i she of d or Jinn some Lime neat week Quot Power line was rot the most la Tel Eph e # w i hot <<1 it it Ify us during the e Ter noon reef route for the Structure he mayor w. H. Brad tween the Power substation off Ney add a Walnut Shiloh Road and the fast Rule in Aorist the de w a is icing Lipscomb s Newman to the a be Diazo 511 ii Rleta Newman de it it the Power lire that Quot Cartons 0 used to be Walnut Street a if a the w d d of e Elt a lewd the and i new to h Industrial week proclaimed 2-night show planned Here Fiat arrangements were being the to Thaher of Commerce-sponsor1 made sa1 i Day for the Garland in de Industry n show the 15 Indue 4us a1 show it for april 4 5 and trial exhibitors Are finishing their macor to. H. Brads Tel to issued a plans for the event which will a proclamation designating the week open thursday and Friday nights of april 7 As Quot Industrial Meek in. 7 St o clock to to of Tetlock. Garland i in his proclamation. Mayor Brad pm Eidson general chairman of Field described manufacturing to Day As one of the most rapidly expanding source of income a in our he by maintaining a favourable climate for Industrial j growth Garland has encouraged j the creation of Mot jobs More Market More demand for goods � and greater economic health. It is important Quot the proclaims a Hon Quot that Garland citizen in understand and cooperate in the Ell Marland Satin nuns a co vol. 70 for sixty nine years devoted to the bist moral and mar re i five cents a Cory Gari and. Texas in Stu. Ual d United Fuess wire n new polio goals Challenge Salk As researcher i by Robert r Jackson Kew Vork March 30 Iti the allots now being fired clinics around the country Are not action which is necessary to Perpet the last in the War on polio. Use this climate of development Jonas Salk the modest Pitta �ni1 economic advancement Quot Burgh doctor Mhos vaccine prot amp a for urged Garland Titi aided hop for eventual Victory a to pay Tribu to the rom Mun Over or of nature s most cruel Ity a Industry by amending the Gar and crippling diseases does not an it Industrial show. Himself consider it to both a. A final word a do Hon to seeing the Many products manufactured in Garland voters to make selections of councilmen . Senator Friday at the Pittsburgh Fol yer Alty Laboratory in the City a municipal Hospital Salk works on Euta id be spotlight which fell on Bim two aprils ago. Days of Strain gee the old is hour Day under i a train Are gone but you will find j Bim there on saturday a tacking for better and Strong or Atkalns of Polo virus to put in the vaccine. A trying to eliminate the expend i a i e us of Monkey for growing tints. A establishing the length of immunity provided by balk shots Salk says that All available evidence shows that the vaccine Acta like a permanent natural immune ration dose in other words that three Shes in t i proper dosage Tould eem to protect a person for life. By be the studies have been underway Only five years it. Is impossible to say. And doctors j in the National foundation for j infantile paralysis cautiously say. A the a Cine appears to be 90 Peri cent effective after three shots and provide immunity for two or three years Quot other doctors working too in other laboratories other doctors Are working to keep up with balk. Or. Albert Sabin of Cincinnati still is seeking a Lise virus Type. The Public health service the polio foundation and americans who have marched almost 5 billion dimes into polio War chests since 1938 a still seek the Quot final to answer. The polio rate fell dramatic local Citter will a an Opportunity to Tokat Home Mote than Huo in door prices to Baw aided during the two night show May set new record for municipal ballot total set a Jefferson d Dickey an Quot off year Quot election tuesday Thad Hutcheson. A � n May produce the biggest number it. Whit Jam p liar of Ballote in the history of Gar by i. In v lands City government a a Pios adv iwo irs s n Peck resulting from a late upsurge fill no out the u Exie it of interest in municipal affairs pile Dame Ai combined with the Opportunity to term appointed Willis vote on a i med states senator fight men an t it it no at the seme time. I seeking sect it Gnu to to observers yesterday that City a Ltd in i. From flu the turnout of voters reach nine Ivy will be eject 3, he at the Eity to five precinct poll Tema jag places. Last year a new Vot i con ii ii candid is i ing Mark of i Ait was recorded order of their names on when Garland voters elected a Are Ai follow mayor and two councilmen for 2 year terms. The five precincts have about 5,100 qualified voter with Only a Small percentage residing outside Garland a City limits. The polls will be open from t a in to 7 pm. Tuesday. Twenty two candidates will be listed on the ballot for the sent position. Leaders in the cold of candidates Ara Ralph Yarborough inc or Plaza cafeteria. Mora than 150 persons. Including out of town guests Ai expect in 1950 a from a Peak of 57.879 e<1 10 us he meeting. The club capes in 1952 and 28,983 in 1955 to a i 50 charter members. Only 15.1- 8 Rase last year. In the chapter w i lie presented the fir to week of 19>7 the rat by Jefferson p Dickey of Dallas dropped to on half of 1958 a Quot a a member of the re tub s National on thid of the average of the Board of control he w la be in previous five years. J produced by brute Williams Gar but polio fighting officials while land chamber of or Merce Man saving the the vaccine Quot a doubt Ager on a half of Garland civic Dye contributed to the decline groups. Warn that it 1 Nof the whole hiker Ltd Arev re # w the Ory. Polio tends to a to and Dallas Power and Lyght company. Exchange club to get charter Garland to newly Organ Dot a a mauve of Garland civic Chang club will receive it a business groups Are invited to at tonal charter St a banquet tues tend. Llu a ratios s May be made Day night at 7 30 of clock it the through a. Ii. Taylor. Jack g. Smith is general chairman for the affair. Sub chairmen include Albert e. Hill tickets Morris e. Parker publicity a. B Taylor invitations and reception Elmer c. Longwell entertainment and j. A Harris decorate to a. Mks. at Britain s shoe m Al it let w owner of William Ben Billing distribution i a minute mud w. M. I i Cha meal Engin Fin i a t of a Joe Verni to tit for Furman i a Nee group. Edward j into ploy it t. Al h Pany. Max h v. Arri army off Cyr a1 f manager of Desoto Nash company. Frank Oli w r southwestern Bell to it Pang a. D. Carney dealer and Farmer. Mulling Aud hoi Are incumbent tour term expire to a i bounced in Manutai not plan to so re a a election judges i Khz Bier predicts statewide note near Simi Kim at i Tiona la vices get instr it i id elect Ion i h <ik4> and clerk Kridan aft frn it Man received a to auctions from nits. Dollie Holmes Cliv , on municipal voting procedure left to t in h t Are nil. It Drew Curtis 4 Row smart j i Date of i be tint Lamy. Mcmahan Jurlie of 201 re. H. I. Sebastian clerks. Stephen id ire of 213 John major clerk and he Ikird Jud Jfe of 20i. Open House set sunday at new fire station Hailey Salmon join in Sachse race a i t o if a to Garland r a washing machine service firm is opened by Moore Roy Moore who Bas been in the Boyd pct. Man sr., p pct. 243, a 2 46. The votive d Vav Dye of # com in per to the Eltye to new fire sub Ata i Hon it 4 �?t23 for it from 2 Enthat of clock to pc Orlo Ltd Huday a a noon. A i d fir chef hairy Grantham w to id the a it on arum it lid in >11 be off Bialiy open i at that he did i time. I on band to Welcome it i ult or a will i a a gtd chief Grantham and other off in Edgar he of the fire depot Linen t Aud City t Rosa-1 a government then a j Yak fore i git of Hoe to at. It it a Aero the Street from k aft Hie City the lion. New Peak sales cited in meter company report a Sal for i to no 10 i bed too during to ii i Bai a v lilt car unexpectedly. 1 i he Grant no of Hurter of a a Quot Igou the of or. David d. Rut to to. He a of the Garland dub was denounced j May tag a in a and Are Var Burin eat Mon of Fth the pre Bentiv my Cine depart t by Herold m. Herter Janonal a 1 Grove for eight Yea a. In to prom it of Harvard Fol Verity re Ary. In Toledo oho. Announced Hiop no of a jew of in a recent article in Harper the charter will Bac Ltd a by washing Mach a a ervice shop Eie Tjo Magazine Quot the evidence that the Ray d. Stanton president of the at 14�?4 Amundsen Road. J cd of presently available polio vaccine Doe not decrease the number of new councilmen to repeat oath tuesday night i Ltd >4 per aha 12,063,000 or 1956. Id rider it i by Carrier and the Clear Cit vac 424 Amundsen Road. Garland Exchange club. I Moore that be and his Conj shown in the other local officers Are Jack g Myron Moore would run the shop. Us poll tax Smith vice president Jack Dykes. The younger Moore la a graduate Avo d Corfu it a for Fine failures make it apparent Secretary and n w. Telbert of a Maytag service school that polio will not be eradicated treasurer. Serving on the Board a we plan to specialize in Wash by this mean Quot j control Are a b Taylor Don Jug machine repair but Well take j. Carson to set it but polio officials May it would a ,0 Carter m be Quot very foolish Quot for anyone to la Howe j. Wait for in improved vaccine i Morns Larker which at Best Quot is still some Tim 5a Ive of Exchange club Mem hers will be special guests for the charter night program. Repro Cego natives to Veta Brussels Belgium March 3�?o d pm a further seep toward political Freedom in the belgian Congo Baa in announced in a Royal dec he re. Ender the decree Congo native will he allowed to vote for municipal councils of their cities for the first in. At present Only i of Odvil a and Elizabethville a re recognized Asen is. But now the governor general can raise other centers to the t a level of a City or town run Gay Burgos items and councils. Irons and percolators too Quot Moore Harris and . A a Well a # pick up and delivery though the shop offers authorised Maytag service Moore a d it hey would repair All makes of washers. Isss1 chamber Board meeting slated the Garland chamber of com coerce Board at directors will meet at 12 o clock noon wednesday in Harris restaurant president m. C. Cole has announced. Loma for discussion by the it i rectors include plans for the Forth ctr a Indus Val show and pre easter worst j services Cole . Where to vote pct. 201 North Gar and a Daniel a Yarborough Pontiac Agency 705 a if in a a pct. 202 Sachse a Johnston inc. Pct. 203 pheasant a Eye Mcc Aln garage. Pct. 204 wee Cen Tal Garland a Creel Radiator 4 g ate company. Pct. 205 East Central Gar land a Community House in municipal Park. Pct. 205 Roett a Stout s store pct. 207 Rose h a Wende Anderson store. Pct. 243 Southwest Gar and a Bella Vista Baptist Church. Pct. 246 Southeast Garland a Centra Baptist Church. Newly alerted fit f round Tolmen Yar Torald 11 will be a worn in it the Garland of 13 of per so City no u or ii a regular o per neat in Day tight. Also paid to the me Ling i i for 7 4 out. May i 1956, i flock but wit not a tuft ily get in a new product Derway until election n rur a Are expanded Sele submitted by Perrin t Jet de. The efficiencies re citywide vote tots a notes Lions in la cot by located new Tim Between 7 45 an a % j 0 j ii �. With the firm s Chi manager Lac Shelley sin 1933 an that it w ii p robs by y be a abort Bult and equip meeting. Major pm without resort in will be the Canvas a of Elk Ortlon arg. These Inch. Returns and the Awn ii in of the Plant Couplet new councilmen. To it fill Tift i 9 autumn. Of business have brn Trana furred to Tho Agenda for a meeting bet for Frd a rial Roll or ii i pet Ai Council a of number of Rase Gas met ambassador a caul Uhter dutch i during the Yea i pioneered the Aviles Spain m Arch 30 up j i Type meter a a organisers of the annual fiesta Panyk to epic on a Del Bolio festival of the Binal ultimately will t Roll have Anontine re that beg arable degree o Trice Lodge daughter r of u 8. Am steel can a and ire Bassadore to Spain John Oft via Hamilton state i Lodge has agreed to be Queen a duct introduce of the a Yea. A frail v a1 scheduled j eluded improve Tor april 20 22. Dome atle Reg ii two councilmen i a opposed in Rowlett hallo it to Absentee \ Oles cast at City Hall lie mid of int him by i a a Sill he i

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