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Garland Daily News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Garland, Texas A growing with Garland since 1887�?� phone 272-6591 circulation 276-2446 volume 86 a number 120 a Garland Texas a sunday August 22, 1976 2 sections Price a daily 15c a sunday 15c $100,000 damage suit filed photo by Dick Nalley an emergency medical service vehicle brochure is examined by capt. Gordon smythe of the Garland fire department which will begin emergency medical service operations on april 3, 1977. By Dennis Spruill two Garland men have filed a $100,000 damage suit against the local chamber of Commerce and seven members of the 1974 City Council who voted to allow a $10,000 donation from up amp a to the chamber to building fund. The two men Gordon Sparling and Richard Kordus Are also seeking $22,000 from the chamber to be paid to City coffers As a refund of the $10,000 donation and four years of dues paid to the chamber by the City too in dues per year. Laurence Bergman attorney representing the plaintiffs said that the $100,000 minus reasonable attorney fees would also go to City coffers if the Case is won. Bergman said that this suit is the first of a series that May be filed contending the City to membership in private organizations. The class action suit filed Friday in judge Leonard Hoffman to 160th District court on behalf of the plaintiffs and the taxpayers of Garland alleges that the $10,000 donation and the dues violate provisions in the state Constitution. The suit alleges that the seven councilmen voting to approve the $10,000 donation a knowingly intentionally and wilfully violated the Constitution of this state and the ?� the councilmen named were Tom Keele Kenneth White Charles Clack Woodrow Brownlee Dwayne Gentsch Vernon Emory and Johnie Marshall. The suit also alleges that councilmen Don Raines Gentsch Emory and Marshall were All members of the chamber of Commerce at the time they were acting on behalf of the City and that Marshall was a chamber of Commerce director and member of the chamber to building fund raising committee at the time. According to the suit the Council was warned by former City attorney Robert Young members of the audience and the City attorney that the donation would be in direct violation of the state Constitution. The two plaintiffs have Long been involved in Garland politics. Sparling ran unsuccessfully for City Council in the past has been involved and tapes Council meetings at City Hall. Kordus in the political activities of the Garland homeowners association group that has backed local Council candidates in past elections. If the plaintiffs win the suit other suburban cities might be affected since a majority of the Dallas suburbs pay membership dues to their Chambers. The City Council recently passed a Resolution cancelling membership in the chamber of Commerce and prohibiting the City from membership in such organizations after City attorney Pete Eckert ruled that the membership dues were illegal based on a prior ruling from attorney general John Hill. The people of Garland work like vacation planning for emergency service now in full swing City operated ambulances will begin operations about april 3, 1977, according to Don Paschal Garland Community services administrator. Twenty one firefighters will be assigned to the emergency medical service system partially funded by a $132,000 in Revenue sharing monies. The Revenue sharing gift will be used to buy four ambulances costing about $20,000 each and outfitted with $4,000 of equipment. City and fire department officials Are now planning the program to details such As ordinances relating to service charges liability insurance Billing systems and How other City operated systems Are meeting medical emergencies. Paschal has been collecting information two years on an emergency medical system Ems for Short and then approached the City Council two months ago with a report on ambulance service by Williams funeral directors. Council members were asked to study the possibility of a municipal ambulance service the City to annual two year agreement with Williams expired in july and was not renewed. However Williams will continue to be called out on police runs requiring ambulances until the City owned ambulances begin operations. Bids for ambulances will be advertised sometime this week Paschal said with delivery in about six months. Fire fighters Are now being trained As emergency medical technicians by the southwestern medical school in the Parkland memorial Hospital emergency room. After 176 hours of training they Tell be certified As Ems. Plans Call for another 400 hours of training As paramedics. A Owen tre going to use firefighters to operate the ambulances so they could double in Case of a bad fire disaster a Paschal explained. However the 21 Ems and their Boss capt. Gordon smythe will primarily be responsible for emergency medical service. An additional 22 firefighters will be hired by the City to fill the vacancy in the firefighting ranks with the implementation of the ambulance service. Fire stations i 2, 3 and 4 will undergo modifications to House one ambulance each. The emergency system will be just that Paschal stressed. Regular ambulance Transfer service and runs will continue to be operated by private ambulance companies. The City service will be for heart attack victims accidents emergency obstetrics and other situations termed emergencies. By Marsha Zapp few people Hope for continuing hot dry Clear weather As much As Jeff Fleming who to been in the Sailboat sales business. Fleming 28, a Dallas resident owns the sailing Center at interstate 30 and Northwest Highway. Ten years ago he got into business with his brother in making 30,000 wire harnesses in a one car garage on a sub contract for the Federal government. That business is now called precision Cable manufacturing co., inc., at 3838 dividend in Garland. Fleming and his brother sold the business to their father who to now the owner. Six months ago Fleming got into the Sailboat sales to years after being an avid Sailor. A of really like the business a he commented. A Oitt to been like a Long ?� during his work week tuesday through saturday he talks to customers Sells boats rigs boats works in the accessory shop and other jobs. On sundays he races on Lake Ray Hubbard and on the Gulf. He to also sailed at Seattle wash., and in the Caribbean and locally. In the last six months Fleming has sold More than too boats his first year to sales projections. And he expects business to keep up even in the Winter. A Oitt to too cold during the Winter to go motor boating at 30 Miles per hour a he explained. A Oil the sailed on Lake Ray Hubbard at 31 degrees when water turned to ice on the ?� customers Range from cow towners in fort Worth to Texar kansans who come to Dallas shopping for sailboats and the sailing Center is right off 1-30 before they hit Dallas. One from Lubbock. Customer was Jeff sales owner researcher finds american dream Aloe Vera project blooms into Success Story in \ photo by Dick Nalley Plant lovers jewel and Bill Coats developers of stabilized Aloe Vera products stand with an example of the Plant which is making their business successful. By Monica Dean his wife Calls him a True entrepreneur he says he to just satisfied with his accomplishments. But from any aspect the Story of Bill and jewel Coats and their Aloe Vera is one of Success. In 1968, the Coates owned four pharmacies and a Small pharmaceutical company. A owe could no to compete with the larger pharmaceutical houses a we made most of the same products they did. We did no to manufacture anything different or exciting a Coats says. A owe were searching for some thing to give the company status recognition and More ?� Coats a registered pharmacist then embarked on a project which had been researched for years the medicinal properties and uses of the Aloe Vera Plant Long known As a Folk remedy. The Plant which looks like a Cactus but is a member of the Lily family is mentioned in the Bible. A of remember what a professor of mine in pharmacy school said about the Plant. He told us there were three problems with further research that no one had solved. The Plant Jelly is sterile but the leaves Are not. A Way to keep the Jelly sterile during extraction would have to be found. There was a problem maintaining the Potency of the Jelly after extraction and to keep the Jelly from oxidizing it Coats save. A othe professor said that if anyone could solve those problems the product would be a bigger seller than ?� Coats and members of his staff began the task of solving the problems and the results a after Long years of trial and error a have been successful he says. The next step was finding practical application for the stabilized Aloe Vera product he developed. In the beginning Coats and his wife were working with the Plant in their own Kitchen making and remaking formulas until they developed the a of rights one. A jewel is not a chemist but she has an uncanny sense of what to necessary in a formula a Coats says. At first the Coats researched use of the stabilized Aloe Vera in pharmaceuticals. Today Coats says some doctors Are using his preparations to treat fungi viruses Mon Ilia infections and in killing bacteria. After the beginning of his Success in the pharmaceutical Field Coats was advised that the stabilized Aloe Vera could be effective in cosmetics too. In 1973, Coates formed Aloe Vera of America Ava. The firm is located at 802 easy Street in Garland. A while Many products moisturize cleanse remove excess Oil and soften the skin the addition of stabilized Aloe Vera adds other benefits a mrs. Coats says. She listed those benefits As Healing the skin removing dead cells killing bacteria and reducing swelling. Aloe Vera has permeated every facet of the Coates a to lives. The business is the topic of dinner conversation and social gatherings. Even their two children Are involved in the business. Nineteen year old daughter Kim is going into pharmacy school and although she has not decided to join Ava her father says she is interested in working with the formulation processes. Fourteen year old Shannon has been working at the company to offices on easy Street All summer. When Coats started his venture mrs. Coats says she As Well As Many of their neighbors and friends a thought Bill had rocks in his ?� a your neighbors thought we were kooks. I admit i thought the same thing at first. After All Bill had successful businesses and i had prepared for a Nice settled quiet life. But i believed in him because he was sure of what he was doing a she says. Things were touch and go during the first years of operation to the extent that the City Cut off their water a twice until Coats paid the Bill in person. When the product started paying for itself things got much easier the Coates say. The venture had been financed with their own Money. A of really enjoyed working with the people in my retail pharmacy business but there to Only so far you can go in that Field. I find this business much More exciting challenging and satisfying. I like the idea of my products helping people a he says. A of never in my wildest dreams thought id be where i am now. We tre going into Australia now already Selling in Germany and soon will be in England and Canada. In to convinced the stabilized Aloe Vera we the developed will be the largest seller in the world. I May not be Able to take it that far but it definitely is the product of the future a Coats says. Coats and his wife have recently been nominated for an award recognizing their contributions to advancing the science of cosmetic chemistry for 1975 by the society of cosmetic chemists who make nominations worldwide. They will find out the results in december. The Coates have come a Long Way from making formulas on their Kitchen stove. Where they and their products will go from Here is anyone to guess a but from the looks of it it to a Good guess it will be far. Letter carriers plan Boycott of open House due to a strained management labor relations a the local Branch of the National association of letter carriers will Boycott the open House and ribbon cutting for the new main Post office facility Here this afternoon. Carroll Wagner president of Branch 3993, National association of letter carriers told the daily news saturday that the Branch to members mandated that officers not attend the ceremonies Wagner said he feels the american postal workers Union will Honor the Boycott and not attend. A othe report that Union officials would participate was erroneous a Wagner said. A management labor relations at the Post office have been strained for some time and it is worse now than a year ?� the open House and ribbon Cut Ting ceremony is scheduled for 2 . To 5 . Today at the new facility at Walnut and Newman streets

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