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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Garden City, KansasG of. Sam Brownback has made plenty of mistakes not the least of which would be his ruinous economic policies and subsequent failure to change course. On one current Issue however hers right Kansas does not want to be the new Home to detainees from the United states military prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Democratic president Barack Obama has for years tried to move the prisoners to the u. S. The a mys fort Leavenworth and a naval prison in South Carolina now Are being targeted As possible destinations for scores of prisoners at the facility known As Gizmo. South Carolina also does not want the prisoners. What state would the Kansas based objections Arentt new or even partisan. In Early 2009, the gop dominated Kansas Senate unanimously passed a Resolution opposing such a plan. Democratic gov. Kathleen Sebelius agreed. At Issue was How Cost effective or secure fort Leavenworth would be for the prisoners. And would Kansas be forced to foot part of the Bill for any change required at the Federal military installation those concerns seem More legitimate than others of late to include the possibility of the prisoners luring terrorist sympathizers and their activities to Kansas and posing a threat to area communities. Such scare tactics no doubt hit Home with voters. Look for the Issue to come up in future campaigns. The More believable threat would be in potential harm to the economic health of the Region. Although Leavenworth is known for the Stellar maximum Security Federal prison operation there the perception tied to housing Many suspected terrorists May give pause to families and businesses considering a move to the Community. As for the Republican Brownback he even took to a town Hall meeting thursday to argue against sending the prisoners to Kansas. The grandstanding a snot necessary. His objections already were Clear. But he did at least succeed in briefly steering attention away from the state budget k 12 Public school funding and other messes on his watch. Whether or not the governor deliberately took advantage of the Opportunity he does have cause to object to bringing in prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. No Community in Kansas or elsewhere wants to be the next Gizmo. Gaping is 95 percent healthier than smoking and should be embraced without stepping on others rights by the Public and government entities. Online comment selected by the editorial staff from comments at a Telegram. Com in response to a Story on health advocates in Kansas pushing to include e cigarettes in the statewide smoking ban. We have been telling our troopers to be Safe and to watch out for each other. We Are watching our backs and taking care of each other. Kansas Highway patrol trooper Michael Rainey from a Story in to Days edition on reaction to recent reports of Law enforcement officers being shot and killed nationwide. Dena Sattler editor publisher Denas a Telegram. Com our View do you think the Federal government will end up transferring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to the United states Mainland add your comments at the end of the online version of this editorial at a Telegram. Com. The Telegram welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed and include the writers address and phone number. All letters will be confirmed before publication. Letters Are subject to editing for libel and length and must be 500 words or less. Thank you letters should be general in nature. Form letters poems consumer complaints or business testimonials will not be printed. E mail editor a Telegram. Com fax 866 379 2675 attn. Editor phone 620 276 6862 ext. 201 online wow. A Telegram. Com write to attn. Editor 310 n. Seventh St. Garden City is 67846 letters policy to Days quotes a4 saturday september 5, 2015 the Garden City Telegram m opinion t o me she said in a statement this has never been a Gay or lesbian Issue. It is about marriage and gods word. It is a matter of religious Liberty. Its telling that Kim Davis chose those words to defend herself last week. Davis the clerk of Rowan county a Rural impoverished and previously obscure Patch of northeastern Kentucky made International headlines for her refusal to Issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. She had should it need saying not a Legal leg to stand on the supreme court having ruled in june that states May not bar such couples from marrying. On thursday Davis was jailed for contempt. The thrice divorced clerk had said she was acting upon gods authority and fighting for religious Liberty. The political right has Long had a Genius for wrapping noxious notions in code that sounds benign and even Noble. The Patriot act family values and right to work Are fruits of that Genius. Religious Liberty is poised to become their latest masterpiece the states rights of the Battle for a More homophobic America. A few months ago you will recall religious Liberty was claimed As the rationale for failed Laws in Indiana and Arkansas that would have empowered businesses to refuse service to Gay people. The Atlanta journal Constitution reports that Georgia lawmakers will introduce a new religious Liberty Bill there next year. Last week Mike Huckabee praised Davis for standing Strong for religious Liberty. Chris Christie while conceding the need to obey the Law spoke of the need to protect religious Liberty. As if religious Liberty were seriously in danger in one of the most religiously tolerant nations on Earth. Of course like All Good code this one hides its True meaning in the banality of its words. Most of us would Likely support the right of native americans to ingest peyote in their religious rituals or jewish or Muslim inmates to grow beards. Some of us even believe no religious order can be required to ordain a woman admit a congregants of a proscribed race or yes perform a same sex marriage. We understand a Core american principle that within certain Broad parameters ones right to practice ones Faith As one pleases is inviolable. But religious Liberty As defined by Davis and her supporters is about what happens in the wide world beyond those parameters about whether there exists a right to deny Ordinary customary service and claim a religious basis for doing so. And there does not. Davis is wrong for the same reasons Muslim cabbies in Minneapolis St. Paul were wrong some years ago when they claimed a right not to carry passengers who had alcohol on them and Christian pharmacists were wrong when they claimed a right not to fill birth control prescriptions. You have a right to your religious conscience. You do not have a right to impose your conscience upon other people. And if conscience impinges that heavily upon your business or your Job the solution is simple sell the business or quit the Job. Otherwise serve your customers and keep your conscience out of their affairs. Taken to its logical conclusion it is not just Gay men and lesbians who Are threatened by the religious Liberty movement but All of us. Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that most of us probably run afoul of somebody yes Reading of their religion in some Way or another who would Welcome a future where you just enter a place and expect service but rather must read the signs to determine if it caters to people of your sexual orientation marital status religion or race we tried something like that once. It did not work. Sadly if people like Kim Davis have their Way we May be required to try it again. They Call it religious Liberty. It looks like intolerance from Here. Leonard Pitts jr., Winner of the 2004 pulitzer prize for commentary is a columnist for the Miami Herald. Email him at Pitts Miami Herald. Com. Agencies deliver in helping infants y our recent article about infant Tylen Marquez need for a car seat and his fathers search for an infant Carrier provides a wonderful Opportunity to highlight the Community resources available in Finney county and the Many agencies that make these resources possible. Community agencies work very hard to be sure that families needs Are met and we often rely on generous donors and Grants to meet these needs. We also rely on each other. St. Catherine Hospital has worked diligently to be sure that infants Are Safe when they leave the Hospital after birth. They have partnered with Russell child development Center and the Garden City police department to ensure a plan is in place when families who cannot otherwise afford a car seat leave the Hospital after having a baby. Rcd and Cpd have certified passenger safety technicians on staff to certify that car seats Are installed correctly and safely also through various funding sources both agencies have a Supply of car seats on hand to provide when families cannot afford them. For Young infants the seat typically provided is a convertible seat it starts rear facing and when the child is the appropriate age and weight it can be switched to face Forward. These seats generally Are Safe for infants and toddlers 5 to 40 pounds. Two reasons that these Are the seats provided Are 1 they can be used through infancy and toddler Hood providing a resource that lasts much longer than an infant Carrier and 2 they provide an Opportunity for infants and toddlers to be removed from the seat More often providing much needed muscle movement and physical Contact with caregivers both of which Are essential for healthy growth and development. In this Case a convertible seat was provided to the family installed and checked by two certified passenger safety technicians. It was an appropriate seat for the Childs height and weight. However the family Felt that an infant Carrier would be better suited to their needs so or. Marquez continued to pursue the acquisition of one. This led him to Walmart and or. Hembree who is to be commended for his generosity and caring spirit. The child will Benefit from having both seats As he grows and develops from infant to toddler. We Are tasked with being responsible stewards of Money and resources by founders partners and the families we serve and we take this commitment very seriously As does St. Catherine Hospital and Garden City police department. We will continue to assist families in need and to help keep children Safe. Sincerely katrina Lowry Garden City Lowry is the building blocks Grant director at Russell child development Center. Pastors silence worsens situation i read with interest the article about the pastors protest of the supreme court ruling in favor of Gay marriage. My question is where was their outcry before the ruling the Issue of Gay marriage has been brewing for Many years but the pulpits of the nation have been strangely silent. One Church member stated that the Bible declared that homosexuality was wrong. Yet he voted for Obama even though Obama declared his support for Gay marriage six months before the election. Now the Church member regrets his vote. A pastor stated that he had always voted a straight democratic ticket. However he too ignored the fact that Obama supports Gay marriage. Now he wont vote for the democrats. It is Only when religious Freedom is at stake and churches Are threatened with taxation that pastors finally speak out against Gay marriage. It is a Little bit too late. T he pastors will have to give an account before god for their silence in the pulpit. It is their silence in the pulpit that is partially responsible for the moral decline in the country. Their protests now is a Mere blowing in the wind because the Battle has already been lost partly due to their silence. The Bible declares that righteousness exalts a nation and they have failed to stand up for gods righteous standards. If i were a betting Man i would Wager one million dollars that the enemy has found a comfortable Pew in their churches. Edward Hornbaker Holcomb i pm a Little bit ashamed of myself because when the insane shooting massacre of an on air news team in Roanoke va., gripped us in horror it took just a Short period of time before my thoughts switched from concern for those who were slaughtered and their shattered loved ones to myself As someone who has done thousands of live shots during my to news career. Worse i said so publicly on social Media. I was wearing the tragedy As a perverted badge of Honor and i was hardly alone. It a snot Long before so Many of us were fac booking and twittering As fast As our fingers could Type about the dangers we bravely face As we go about valiantly answering our calling to inform the world. Yes that is a bit sarcastic although i must hasten to say that ism proud of what we do in television journalism or at least of some of it. We can perform an essential service at our Best we show our fellow citizens whats taking place the Good but More often the bad As its happening. It helps explain Why some police bad apples those who dont want people to know How they re misbehaving often turn on us As do other lawbreakers. We also can be a Magnet for nutcases. But we go through this stuff largely because its exciting work it beats growing up and frankly because theress nothing like the Rush of being part of to Showbiz. It did not take Long though before i became embarrassed by my Sanctimony and that of my television Brethren and Listren. What this really was about was self aggrandizement. As in look at what a hero i am. Forget the Story its All about me. This will not endear me to my colleagues but usually its not about us. In this Case it was about two More of the thousands of people in our country who Are gunned Down. It was about our inability and even unwillingness to do anything about this deadly National disgrace. Granted this latest Case was particularly heinous because of the shocking Way it happened but its still just one More grotesque murderous act by a psychopathic powder Keg As he put it. Our Story is about society yes failings and the suffering that results. Its not about any Rigours that we go through to report it. It is also about social Media where our narrative plays out in this Day and time. Because of technology everyone has Access to everyone else. That of course included the Savage killer who forced us to share his Homicidal fantasies. But Facebook and twitter also became the outlets where those who were closest to the victims and most personally shattered turned immediately to share the agony Over their loss. We now have intimate mass Media where expressing the deepest feelings is nearly mandatory. Somehow the Young Man who lost his beloved Fiancee found the strength to Tell us All about his pain and explain his loss. It is wonderfully cathartic that there is a mechanism to do that but the dark Side is that its also a venue where the irrationally angry maniac can almost Force us to Bear witness to his depravity. Ism not one of those who believes that the Opportunity for deadly exhibitionism motivates such monstrous acts. Long before social Media we had workplace violence. And today there Are numbingly constant shooting deaths in a society that is overrun with deadly weapons and people who Are willing to use them to Settle the most Petty grievances. In truth for Many precious life is cheap. The reasons Why Are Worth exploring by those of us privileged to be journalists. What Isnit Worth much of our time is self promotion about any dangers we might encounter. Those in other professions routinely face More. Ours is really not Worth sharing. Bob Franken served As in nos Capitol Hill correspondent and As a supreme court and White House reporter. Distributed by King features Syndicate inc. Unfortunate self congratulation commentary Bob Franken King features Syndicate your views More intolerance than Liberty commentary Leonard Pitts Miami Herald no Gizmo its easy to understand push against transfers

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