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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 4

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Garden City, Kansas Page 4 monday May 14,1990 the Garden City Telegram the editor s opinion following the Leader americans Are ahead of their elected officials on understanding problems created by massive uncontrolled Federal budget deficits. Citizens rank the deficit As a top priority and they want their leaders in Washington to tackle the problem. That a Why commentators miss the Mark when they claim the budget Summit this week could test Washington a willingness to Lead. All the Summit will be is a test of whether elected officials can be bold enough fair enough and honest enough with All americans when it comes time to Cut budgets and boost taxes. And folks its finally that time. The budget Summit also will determine whether officeholders a who have become far too concerned about holding office instead setting sound Public policy a have the will even to follow Public opinion. That a right follow Public opinion. One example of the a Man on the streets level of understanding of the Federal debt was a report on National Public radios morning edition today. Citizens in Seattle and min Neapolis St. Paul were asked to rank on a scale of i to to with to being the most significant the Federal deficit As a problem. Everyone asked said it rated a to. One Man said it was a 12, because it is such a significant problem. All of them laughed when asked about president Bush so no new taxes pledge. In sum those surveyed seemed to agree that it was a foolish meaningless Campaign Promise. Bush better mean it when he assures Congress and the Public that a everything is on the table this week. If the Summit fails voters should hold Bush and the congressional leadership responsible not Only for not leading but also for not following. Distaff Side by Dolores Hope Olum Niki the Garden sky Telegram Garden City has a sister City in Costa Rica. It also has a number of sibling Sisters by name in the . Of a. A should we have a fraternity sorority of Garden cities a asks Preston Burtis jr., whose roots Here go Back a couple of generation to the Early Day movers and shakers in town. Think about it. A there must be 20, maybe More Garden cities a said Burtis. A Garden City n.y., is famous for publishing. Garden City mich., might be the largest population Wise. Garden City kan., certainly has a historical place in winning the what prompted Burtiss idea to promote a Garden City consortium was an article in a newspaper about Colorado a Garden City that is about to bite the dust. Garden City colo., has 170 citizens a mayor an one employee plenty of potholes crumbling pavement an identity crisis and no Mill Levy. What kept Garden City going if not growing dried up in 1969 when nearby Greeley voted in its happier times Garden City was a liquor Mecca for spiritless Greeley. The news Story Burtis read went a Garden City once Home to plentiful Melon patches earned its name As a a Garden Oasis for the Bootleg whiskey that left town hidden in the melons a according to town bars and liquor stores once lined its business Street. Now the town is a commercial strip of fast food places and Auto dealerships. It has no Post office hires police from Evans and gets water from Greeley. A Small town Hall is open mornings Only. Mayor Mary Miller thinks Garden City should give up and merge with Evans or Greeley adjoining municipalities. The chief opponent is the towns controversial and non resident landlord who owns 32 rental units in Garden City. He does no to relish the costs to property that would come with being in a for real town. Most Garden City colo., citizens Are not too concerned about their towns future. A i done to really think of Garden City As a Small town a said a Man who has a car Dealership that squats in three towns a the used cars Are in Greeley the new car display in Evans and parts and service in Garden City. Miller says she wont let her people Down even though she sees no future for the town. If elected Shell keep on being mayor until a natural or unnatural death takes Garden City off the map. If in the meantime Burtiss Garden City sisterhood takes off Garden City colo., probably would be Well face it the weak sister. Public pulse strangers free children from car last tuesday i took Daniel 19 months old and Carlos 7l/2 months old to Wal Mart for an Early shopping trip. We were finished at 9 30 a.m., and i took the boys to the car unlocked it put Carlos in the front seat secured him then put Daniel in the Back seat. I had my keys in my hand and tossed them on the Drivers seat so i could secure Daniel. I automatically reached Over and locked both doors that i had just used and closed them. The door for Carlos did not close All the Way so i reached in my pocket for my keys. Too late. I had just locked the two babies in the car with my keys. I tried and tried to get Daniel to unlock the door but he knew from previous times if he touched that Knob head get his fingers smacked. Finally i asked a lady to Call the police. But their response was a we done to unlock cars it was starting to get a Little warm in the car and the babies were getting Cranky. I was still trying to coax Daniel into opening the door but he still . A truck with three ladies and a Little girl pulled up next to me. None of them knew How i could get into my car. The lady went into Wal Mart and had gotten a coat Hanger. A Man appeared and thank god took charge. He tried and tried to get that Hanger to open the door but to no Avail. A Wal Mart employee came upon us and tried also. We had gotten the window Down a bit and the Little girl tried to get her Small through to open the door. It just did t work and Daniel still open the door. I was becoming quite nervous. Then the window went Down a Little More. Another gentleman appeared by now and was helping and the other gentleman was trying to get hold of the police again. The Wal Mart employee got another coat Hanger and attached it to the first one. With this contraption the gentlemen retrieved my keys from the Drivers seat. It was 10 30a.m. My babies were so hot crying scared. And i was a Complete wreck. The police did not come but i thank each and every one of you who helped to get my keys and helped me to try and keep the babies in Good spirits. I wish i knew the names of All the people who helped me. You deserve the grandest recognition Judy Bahena 2706n. 10th after Toor trim years in his custody the gov reveals that the terrible twins reappraisal avid ci�5$ifo�tiotr\, Ane in. We not his children. butt 6.-en Hayden s running against reality by John Marshall by it or Harris news service Topeka a gov. Mike Hayden has kept his re election Promise to run against the Kansas legislature As hard As he runs against John Carlin. Carlin is a former two term democratic governor who in 1966 was prevented by Law from seeking a third consecutive term. He is expected to win the democratic nomination in August. The legislature however is not democratic but Republican As is Hayden. The republicans have a 68-57 majority in the 125-member House of representatives and a 22-18 majority in the 40-member state Senate. Carlin has questioned Hayden a leadership noting that for the first time in Many years since 1976a Republican governor has enjoyed comfortable majorities in both houses. But Hayden said Carlin has consistently flunked the litmus test for Strong governors a favourable passage of pet programs. On May 7, Hayden countered Carling a Challenge by taking us to Southeast Asia a i was an infantry officer in the Jungles of Vietnam for 13 months a a Hayden snapped. A i often wondered where John Carlin was in those this non sequitur followed a tone set earlier when Hayden said he had led the legislature to the Brink of property tax Reform Only to see lawmakers turn away at the last moment. A you can Lead a horse to water but you can to make him drink a Hayden said. The question is now whether Hayden is running against reality a not Carlin or the legislature. Trouble in the legislature started brewing in january 1967, Hayden a first month As governor when he demanded that lawmakers immediately pass a death pen Alty Bill. It was to be a show of Hayden a Force. Instead the legislation was Defeated a through Republican votes. At the time republicans held majorities of 74-51 in the House and 24-16 in the Senate the discord which has increased during the years stems in part Frau Hayden a history As speaker of the House 1982-86 when his preferred political tool was the Force of threat Over the Art of Compromise. Republicans also complain that Hayden rarely consults members of the legislature or listens to them before declaring views policy or proposals that May require legislative action. For a recent example Hayden against the advice of legislative leaders demanded property tax Relief legislation a proposition 13�?� that was so seriously flawed that no one Ever took it seriously. This was after thanksgiving eve when Hayden unilaterally extended the dec. 20 deadline for property tax payments at courthouses across Kansas. The attorney general a Republican later ruled that the governors action was probably illegal. Hayden then called a special session of the legislature for dec. 8 and 9 and demanded they enact tax Relief Laws. Most legislators knowing the complexity of the states property tax system and the juror brewing across the state were appalled. Two Days was hardly time to decide such an Issue. It was Clear in december that the governor would be out of the picture when it came time for lawmakers to consider property tax Reform. In spite of Hayden a demands such Basic information As new property values was either unavailable or unreliable. The scenario was similar in other Large issues. Consider education a the governors proposed school finance plan was such an embarrassment that the Senate. Education committee would not even discuss it. Hayden a formula was to continue the present Law that was under Challenge by democrats and republicans most of whom feared court action if it remained unchanged. Welfare a Hayden a plan for spending cuts was later exposed in a Republican dominated subcommittee As containing so much myth misinformation and juggled accounting that the committee pronounced it a mess. The welfare budget somewhat patched is still at least $25 million in the Hole. Highways a the governor demanded in August 1987 that the legislature Convene in special session to pass a Multi billion Dollar Highway improvements package. Although he directed the highways Campaign Hayden kept his distance to avoid embarrassment in Case of failure. The special session collapsed on sept. 6. Hayden blamed the legislature. In 1989, the legislature did pass a $2.65 billion Highway improvements program legislation crafted with the help of committees but not the governor. On passage a year ago Hayden claimed the legislation As a personal Triumph and ordered Road signs to advertise his Victory. Many legislators including republicans were upset if not furious. This year the common and consistent complaint among legislators of both parties is that Hayden rarely if Ever participated in the process of seeking Reform of tax Laws school finance the state education system or the welfare department. Republican discord in the House was so intense that it crippled speaker Jim Braden a ability to Rule. In the Senate gop disenchantment was just As High. But president Bud Burke majority Leader Fred Kerr and democratic minority Leader Mike Johnston managed to keep order in spite of Hayden a negativism. Hayden never led the legislature anywhere he was absent from the process for More than 90 Days Only to emerge in the final hours with threats of calling yet another special session. He treated the growling legislature with the deft of a misguided dog Catcher a by poking it with a stick. How this relates to Vietnam is a mystery. If there is a connection it May Tell us More about Mike Hayden than he cares to have us know. Banks going the Way of the a amp is by John Mccort Nally Olum Nial Harrin Chi or Virr the savings and loan crisis is supposed to be providing a Good albeit expensive lesson to lending institutions including Banks. In fact some fear that Banks might provide the next big bailout Burden. But at least some Banks appear to be ignoring the caution warnings. Our older daughter is in South America doing missionary work and while she a gone our Home functions As her temporary mailing address. We Forward personal mail and pitch out the far larger volume of junk mail. But some of it is worthy of a glance before it is tossed. Its amazing a to me at least although i guess in a just old fashioned a How Many Banks want to loan her Money. Here a one that came today from office of the president Citibank Sioux Falls South Dakota. Now i know Citibank is a new York Bank and the fact that its writing from South Dakota just proves that no place is Safe these Days. Even More curious is the idea of a Bank in South Dakota writing to my daughter who has never been there and As far As i know never intended to be. A dear Mariann a the letter starts out getting right Down to business a a Citibank classic visa card has been reserved in your name. And you be been approved for a $3,000 line of now Mariann is a wonderful person. You can take her fathers word on that. Id give her the shirt off my Back and the last Nickel i own if she needed it. But to be honest i extend her a $3,000 line of credit As a business proposition. She has no income unless you count the Board and room she gets from the presentation Sisters and having worked the previous several years at what Are kindly referred to As a religious wages a precious Little savings. She has Job prospects for when her missionary tour is Over but it will be awhile before she accumulates a comfortable Cushion. From a character standpoint she san excellent credit risk but not necessarily from a financial one. Of i know i should be grateful that Banks want to extend credit to Young people who have not had time to establish credit ratings. The ribbon cutting credit cards Are a form of junk Bond with High risk and High interest. I realize Citibank bought her name on a list that showed she has had an american express card and was careful not to charge More on it than she could pay or paid off her student loan on time. The $3,000, even if she quickly went through it and then never paid is a pittance for a financial giant like Citibank. Write it a and thousands More like it a off As promotion and let other taxpayers make up the difference. But it strikes me As the kind of recklessness that has led to much of the nations financial problems which a one Way or another a the taxpayers will pay for. If this computer generated broadcasting of credit to unknown people is acceptable banking practice its not hard to see How All the Multi billion Dollar bad Loans came about. It also helps explain Why the private debt is bigger than the National debt. Of Citibank did admit Down in paragraph six that there a a $20 annual fee. But what the Heck no sooner is Andy Rooney Back in Good graces after unkind remarks than another celebrity is in trouble. Pulitzer prizewinning columnist Jimmy Breslin is on suspension from new Yorkus new Day for double barrelled bigotry against a korean american woman colleague. He angrily called her racist and anti feminist names right in the newsroom. He is docked two weeks pay and told to apologize which he sort of did. In a not sure his employer did the right thing much More serious than what Breslin said is Why he said it. The woman had actually criticized his column. When a columnist blows up Over something like that then that boys in need of a Long rest and maybe a Little counselling

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