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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 4

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Garden City, Kansas The Garden City Telegram opinion editorial at last tax Reform can it be that Congress will finally do something about income tax inequities done to count your chickens yet. But there is reason for optimism. The enthusiasm with which the Senate finance committee approved a Bill to overhaul the income tax system the vote was 20-0 is catching. In both houses leaders seem confident of Success. Basically the Senate Bill shifts a chunk of the tax Burden from lower and Middle income taxpayers to big business. Corporations would pay $105 billion More Over the next five years while individuals taxes would be Cut $95 billion. The Bill takes dead aim at fat cats individuals and corporations who have been escaping taxes. They would have to get off the Gravy train and pay their fair share. Most tax shelters would be eliminated. The Senate Bill also would do away with preferential treatment for capital gains. There would Only be two tax rates for individuals 15 and 27 percent. About 6 million Low income taxpayers would be removed from tax Rolls. The top corporate tax would be Cut from 46 to 33 percent. Obviously Reform is not for everyone. Special interest lobbyists will be Busy and the benefits for some Middle income families might be deceptive. One tax expert said families with both spouses working would see the glow disappear when they Start itemizing. Loss of marital deduction would be one reason. But a bigger loss would be the elimination of individual retirement account investments As a deduction for those workers with pension plans. Proponents say lower tax rates would More than offset lost deductions. There will be pitched Battles in Congress for major changes. We Hope supporters of tax fairness stick to their guns. This tax overhaul would be history making. Distaff Side two foursomes for a Long Day by Dolores Hope Here a one that can to be handled in the regular news columns because it is unverifiable. It is too full of hype even for the sports pages. The subject is the third annual longest Day of Golf. The truth is i am ill prepared to write it. Being ignorant on the subject of Golf i am handicapped. The puns wont be up to Par. This year on thursday june 12, this classic will be played out not by two men As it was the first year and not by four men As it was a year ago. The 1986 feat of endurance if not skill will pit four men golfers against four women. Gary Jarmer and Keith Collins the two main Street duffers who lasted through an unbelievably Long hot Day on the course in 1984 keep inviting More in. Will there be 16 players next year Jarmer who has never done a Hole in one said it was time for Marolyn Chmelka who has several to her credit to be put to a real the . Of g. He and Collins challenged her to get four Gal golfers together to play the Day with them and two other Guys. Chmelka is ready. A if the Fellows they recruit play Golf the Way they do we be got it in the bag a she said this week. The female foursome will be Chmelka Lori Piester Mary Martin and Linda Mccormick Lakin golfer. Woman golfer a it comes close calling Chmelka a merely the top anywhere a Jarmer resents her arrogance. To obnoxious a he said. Older and grayer than Collins by More than somewhat Jarmer continues to bask in the glory of his 1984 win. Forget that he move for a week afterwards. A i can still beat Keith a he boasts. Chmelka says she has several years on Jarmer and Collins is Young enough to be her son. But she a averaging things out by lining up a Trio of Young and vigorous players. A we have strength and endurance a she said a and Well give them a real hard meanwhile Jarmer and Collins Are a still recruiting Jarmer said they refuse a to go with Chmelka agrees the male foursome does no to need two More seconds. A a we re still fighting Over the format a says Jarmer changing the subject. Chmelka would prefer to play scrambles Jarmer wants everyone to play his her own Ball. The longest Day of Golf starts of course at sunup and continues until Sundown. One year it lasted 90 holes. The first 36 holes will be played at South wind and the rest at Buffalo dunes. Sunrise Kiwan ians Are the sponsors of this years longest Day of Golf with Sonny Jones and Ken Gardner in charge. The outcome of the ordeal is shrouded in doubt but its purpose is not. The Finney county unit of the american cancer society will receive the proceeds. Anyone can pledge any amount per Hole for any player. See a Sunrise Jones Gardner the women golfers named Collins or Jarmer and whoever they sign up. A a what a so great about a Hole in one a Jarmer full of sour grapes said in a parting shot. A staying the course is what honest sports fans if it weren to for the Good cause i have touched this item with a five whatever. Mams almasi1 in americans Are exase or. 1ctpel�.our top expert has just a we the Accident site Asp reports to dangerous Levels of radiation. Mike Royko winners require so much time i knew the phone Call would come. In fact. I was surprised that it took this Long a How you doing a said my old Friend in new York. A great. How about you a a terrific. And the family a a Fine. And yours9�?� a a everyone a a look Why done to you get to it a a get to what a a i know Why you a what Are you talking about a a you know exactly what i m talking a they you sound upset what s wrong a a a in a not upset. What have i got to be upset about a a i done to know. You just sound a Little on Edge Are you sure you re of a a a in a Fine. Nothing a wrong in a just a Little Busy. So How about if i Call you Back in a couple of weeks a a whoa hold on a minute. I just wanted to ask you a ask me what a a huh have you been to any cub games lately. A a i knew it. That s Why you called in t it you just had to do it. You have to rub Salt in the wounds you have to gloat you have to a a they i was just wondering you know if the weather there has been Good enough to get out to the old Ballpark that a a you could have looked at the weather map and saved the Price of a Long distance Call no you called because you want to know if in a feeling miserable so you can enjoy a they would i do that to an old Friend a a of course you would i know that if our positions were reversed. I a Well you have to admit that they Are pretty a i admit it. Can i go now a a and you have to concede that my mets Are kind of a i concede that too. Is this almost over9�?� a boy and to think that you work for the same company that owns that Quot in a not responsible for its hiring practices besides i think it is very Nice of this corporation to hire the infirm a Quot Well i guess for you it s going to be a Long Dull a no As a matter of fact it is going to be a productive summer. I feel Good about a sure nothing like last place to make you feel a a it a obvious that you re ignoring what the economists Call the what a the upside a that you can have any seat in the House a a the upside is a Fuller Richer a and How does a pathetic baseball team give you that a a simple what is the first thing you read when you pick up the paper in the morning a a i turn to the sports pages and read about the mets winning then i read the Box score and Check the standings and see who the Pitcher is going to be for today a a but you already knew How the game had turned out did no to you9�?� a sure i was either at the game or i saw it on to but i like to read about it anyway to relive the Joy get the behind the scenes a do you study the batting averages every Day a a sure you want to know what Strawberry is hitting9 you want to know How Many is the kid has a a in the evening and on weekends what do you do a Quot if they re Home and i can get tickets i go to the game if not i watch on to. Of course sometimes there Are things like wakes or funerals so All i can do then is put the earplug in and listen on the radio Quot a Well you be answered your own question a Quot i done to a it s obvious because you have a Pennant contender you will spend hundreds possibly thousands of hours this summer either watching games talking about games Reading about games or thinking about games if you add it All up it will probably come to several weeks of your life devoted to nothing but the mets and a so a a there Are hundreds of thousands maybe millions just like you in new York. Time taken away from your work from your loved ones from other More fulfilling activities. Who knows How much productivity will be lost who knows How Many Loving relationships will be strained or shattered9 but with me it will be a Why different a a nobody wants to read about a loser. It s depressing. So 1 11 save All that time the same with the standings and the averages and even the games themselves just an occasional glance is enough to make sure they Haven to moved the franchise to Schaumburg and when the summer is Over. I la have saved myself hundreds of hours of needless grief suffering Heartbreak disappointment and having Beer poured on me by someone in the upper a Are you trying to Tell me that you re better off having a Lousy Ball a sure. What is More precious than time you done to live forever you a maybe you have a Point. So what Are you going to do with All that time you save a a will watch my videotape of the super John Marshall More governing in secret session Here Are recent developments in lieu of open government. Or. In today a soap language our guiding night a Greg Lackey for the past three years a successful assistant basketball coach at it Hays state University has resigned under pressure. That a polite for firing the Man but allowing him to quit. Lackey helped coach the tigers to naia National championships in 1984 and 1985 and to a 25-9 record this past season. That a glitter for any resume. But last monday he was asked to resign by head coach Bill Morse and Hsu athletic director Bob Van Poppel. At a press conference they talked about lackeys great record and tremendous career at Hays but refused to say Why they wanted him gone. A Dale Bohannon Deputy director of the Kansas state Penitentiary at Lansing was fired late last month. Prison director Herb Maschner refused to disclose reasons for his termination. He said Bohannon a firing stemmed from an investigation by the department of corrections and Kansas Bureau of investigation that had begun at the Penitentiary March 21. A in Johnson county District attorney Dennis Moore says he will investigate How the Spring Hill school Board conducts a executive sessions a official talk for closed meetings. The Board is embroiled in a Public argument whether superintendent Don Gillihan should be asked to resign a petition with 663 signatures asks the Board to ask Gillihan to leave. The Board had met in two private sessions with citizens who testified about the superintendents competence. The meetings were closed on the thin Reed that the Board was discussing personnel matters. A the Wichita school Board continues to stay mum about Why it suspended superintendent Ron Mcintire on March 4. For two months the Board Mcintire and lawyers representing All angles have tossed out vague allegations contracts Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and threats of Multi million Dollar lawsuits. The truth and the Cost in dollars and Trust continue to be a private secret at enormous Public expense More is added to the evidence that too Many Public boards councils and commissions suffer the Mother knows Best Complex. Once in place they believe they know better than the Public How to conduct the Public a business. Of late that Means too much secrecy. The suspicion then arises that someone is up to some Hanky Panky. Or trying to gouge the taxpayer. Or pull a fast one. The rumours add up to no Good. Whether the suspicions Are right or wrong does no to matter. They exist. They erode Confidence in officials and institutions. Officials who hold Back on the truth stimulate suspicion which can Lead to fear. One alternative is for the legislature to require open meetings and dispatch from statute the vague clauses about executive sessions in the name of personnel or the Price of land. Another simpler course is the open free Exchange of information it s ridiculous for Public officials to leave the Public out of Public business. They Only add to our cynicism. We add Trust to the dollars that Are wasted. That in t Why we have a government. I o o n e s b u h y As the Satin Sheath a Fth to Fern Motif Crystal reaps inches inexorably Poun i mrp a nations Prive hangs f Rya thread. A a

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