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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 4

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Garden City, Kansas Pape 4 saturday March 17, 1990 the Garden City Telegram the editor s opinion Rural Urban tax split Harris news service metropolitan editors and legislators Are suspicious of sales tax increases to finance property tax Relief. City resistance is on grounds that people who Trade in the metro areas will be paying taxes sent to other parts of the state More than half the states $827 million in sales tax collections come from Shawnee Sedgwick Johnson and Wyandotte counties. Thus it is unfair to expect Consumers in four counties to pay half the property tax Relief for the entire state. The other half of this lopsided argument is that nearly half the people in this state also live in those four counties considering the draw of their malls marts and Mega markets they Likely draw half the states traffic in retail Trade. And lord knows How much if not half of the largesse of state projects agencies and payrolls a financed by sales income and some property taxes a also Falls into the collective Lap of the fabulous four. The trouble with arguing Over who pays and who benefits from tax Reform involves an ignorance of history As Well As current affairs. Rural Kansas helped build modern metropolitan Kansas As we know it. The Early Oil and agriculture industries were the bases by which Rural Banks financed much of the Bonds that built Urban and suburban streets sewers schools and subdivisions. A great bulk of the states banking capital and deposits still rests in Rural regions. Of course the metropolitan areas will pay More in any kind of taxes to support the most equitable reforms. This is because they have More to pay. And the Rural regions remain the Overall base of our Economy and thus must face fair responsibility As Well. The Issue of tax Reform is a matter of accountability equity and truth. It is not a matter of Protection for local boosters who can see no further than the limits of their own fiefdoms. Ollie no hero the Ottawa Herald once it has been determined that somebody has lied repeatedly it becomes difficult then to determine when that person is telling the truth. As so it is with Oliver North who was called to testify against his old Boss John Poindexter former National Security adviser. North was considered a hostile witness and in View of his testimony we May assume that he was telling the truth. Probably. Even the judge said that getting North to answer the questions was a like pulling the most damaging testimony from North was that he was with Poindexter when Poindexter Tore up an order singed by president Ronald Reagan. The order authorized the United states to participate in secret arms sales with Iran to secure the release of hostages. If North is telling the truth then everybody who dealt with the american Public regarding this Issue lied about it including the former president. Many americans of course believe that a lie can be condoned if it is in the Public interest. The reason no lie should be condoned is that lies Only serve to make the truth More fuzzy. Government must be believable if it expects Public Trust. North appears to have taken a patriotic fall for his superiors which if True is nauseating. Intermission by Dwight j urgent. A a i Riler t he Anim it in it Tryr Crain As you Are no doubt aware a perhaps even celebrating it at this very moment a March is a women in history month. There Are those who consider me sexist because i done to like sportscasters who Are also broa., us women. Too bad. Call it whatever you like but i done to want my ballgame constantly interrupted by the shrill High pitched whine of a woman improperly placed behind a live microphone. I done to care How knowledgeable she is nor does it matter How Well she can write. Women As a species have too much treble and not enough Bass. Its a fact look it up. But that a the Only place i judge by gender. I like most men and i like most women and i prefer to believe i think of them As equals. And since there is no a men in history month i want be tipping a Glass or doing a dance in Honor of women a but i am willing to mention those who influenced my life. I have to Start with aunt Jemima the Best face Ever put on a hotcakes Box. We ate her biscuits hotcakes and grits for As far Back As i can remember which is roughly three Days. I love aunt Jemima. I also remember Deedee. She was the first girl i saw i mean really saw if you get my Drift. Ugly too r-e-a-1 ugly. We had to give her a Hershey bar no almonds. My sister Marjory was instrumental in my psychological growth. Her lessons included beating me to a pulp in front of my friends at the bus Stop sticking a Fork in my thigh because i sell her Park place and Topping of my Glass of nehi with rubbing alcohol a just to see if i would like a sister like her will toughen you up. A quip in the hand gathers no Moss by John Frazier managing editor lir Harden it. Telegram one time on a Mountain Side in Colorado one of the kids accidentally dislodged a Small Boulder and it rattled Down the Side for several Yards before being snared by other rocks. A ooh Well a she said a a rolling Stone is Worth two in the no no i jabbed you mean it gathers no Moss. A no a she quipped a a that a the Bird in and then she added a besides you can to blame me for making a mistake. Aft Rall none of us is she was having verbal fun playing her game to the Hilt. Such chaotic comments most times Are More than a slip of the Tongue planned As Well As not. Sometimes they re a slip of the mind. But put a pair of quip sters in a Box and firing from both lips and the air can be quickly confused with comments filled with aph Ristic reversals. Playing such games produces a sort of mental double exposure. Just like the woman we overheard chatting in the Market the other night. Apparently she had just seen a driving miss Daisy and told her Friend a a it a just great. Done to miss it if you simplest form is mixing of words. Example a too Many Cooks in the soup. A there i was left holding the Jackpot. A it was so dark you see your face in front of you. A Well see it when we believe it. A from time immoral. A i believe that hard to find. A for your information let me ask you this question. A my decision is maybe. And that a final. A i done to like you and i always will. A there a no present like the time. A i May be wrong but in a far from it. A apology is the last Way to have a Good word. A i believe in being dumb to kind animals. Then there was a Telegram reporter a few years Back who we asked How Many people attended a meeting he covered. A everybody in the room was there Quot he answered in All seriousness. Or a if his old so and so was alive today head turn Over in his one time at a songs party a Mother told the kids a a done to make so much noise. Remember this Isnit the Only House we re and by the Way i Haven to seen you in the office lately. Drop in and see me. I miss you almost As much As if you were Here. We Halfway expected a bad week at Black Rock. But it did no to happen. Jessie and Ivan became pals of sorts and Jane managed to avoid them As much As possible. Those three Are the family cats two at Home and one off at College. I was apprehensive As last saturday Drew near. Jessie was coming Home for a week of Spring break. For years Jane and Jessie Haven to gotten along they tolerate each other. Generally their Only exchanges Are cantankerous barbs a a a owed at each other. The Crux of concern was Ivan the new kid in the House who bounded out of a fancy Box As a present Christmas morning. He has been leaping and flying and climbing and terrorizing Jane Ever since. I guess someplace along the line someone forgot to Tell Ivan he is a cat. I think he thinks he a a Kamikaze Kitty. From tables from chairs and from Beds he div bombs Jane relentlessly. In flight he ofttimes looks like a flying Squirrel. Well he tried to ambush Jessie a couple of times right after she arrived Home from College with her owner. She smacked him on the Kisser both times and since then their relationship has been amicable. Why you ask Hasni to Jane retaliated thusly probably because she likes to act her siamese self. Aft Rall curmudgeonly knows no gender and you done to have be a human to be a grouch. Legislature tackles Tough Agenda mrs Cowart a a it a spelled with a a to not a do and in a big enough to prove it. I stand 5-8 in my socks and i weigh More than All of you so Don t give me any problems. Now pull out Silas Marner a was her opening Day greeting in 9th Grade literature a cold hard woman who everyone i knew Learned everything from. Linda Ronstadt a who almost married former California governor Jerry Brown when he was running for president. She did no the did no to and we lost the Best Prospect we Ever had for an authentic human being to be installed As a first tinker Bell a my first exposure to a conniving jealous wench. Melba Toast a does this woman exist Vanessa Williams a just As Blacks and women were starting to get their message across this Black miss America jumped Between the pages of Penthouse and immediately dropped her laundry. I still laugh about that one. Barbara Jordan a the Texas lawmaker who should have run for president. Pat Schroeder a the Colorado legislator who probably will and ill vote for her. Chris Evert a the epitome of a a class in sports. Becky what a her name a my first Puppy love who ill never forget. A Wasinger a my Gramma. A Large Southern woman who cooked up the Only real dumplings in be Ever had lived with her second husband when it was still a capital offence and died dancing to lefty Frizell on the Juke Box at the Star ranch cafe. Susan Butcher a this woman is killing them in alaskans Tundra a she May be the most dominating athlete in any sport. Chere Jurgens a my wife and Savior who took a Bald irresponsible renegade and turned him into a Bald irresponsible renegade with children. I love her nonetheless. By John Murhall editor Hurri of a a Niit Topeka a ten weeks ago we watched the launch of another session of the Kansas legislature a locomotive that heaved itself into motion with a steady churning a belching of steam rolling noisily to life heavy and hardened yet vulnerable. The legislature is not made of Iron but of men and women subject to the tides of conscience and judgment foresight and Folly. Constituents Are impatient lobbyists Are relentless the press is watching the hearings the data the testimony the debates Are All part of the pressure to act versus the temptation to react. There Are differences of Pace and posture questions of morality and mercy the sorting of what is practical and what is pragmatic. There is the persistent Public analysis when if Ever will the legislature do something about anything the Echo for Many years has answered nothing. The last great reforms enacted by the legislature were perhaps the landmark reapportionment of 1966 a forced by a lawsuit a or the historic unification of state courts in 1972. Since then the legislature mostly made do and marked time. All of this has changed perhaps too rapidly for notice. During this decade it will be important to View the 1990 legislature not so much for what it got done but for what it got started. Not in a Quarter Century has the legislature forced on itself such a powerful Agenda and begun to act on it. Here Are some indications a for nine weeks a House subcommittee has extracted often painfully testimony that the state s $960 million welfare budget is simply out of control and that our system of social services is on the verge of collapse. Solutions for the Short term Are in debate proposals for the Long haul Are under study. For the moment the situation offers More Hope than Promise. But it must be noted that the welfare hearings have been historic never have we heard such admissions witnessed such extractions of truth. A the House has sent to the Senate legislation that in terms of its toughness is a historic Reform of state ethics and conflict of interest Laws. So rugged Are these proposed statutes that the Senate might choose to let them Cool to a simmer. It remains however that the House has never before been so Tough on itself As it was in debate. A the Senate has sent to the House a sweeping Reform of the states educational system. The legislation would free local schools from Many cumbersome state and Federal regulations allow districts the Freedom to establish new education standards and criteria for achievement and invite parents and patrons a including local business a to an Active role in schooling future generations. A Lon term Reform of the entire state tax Structure is no longer confined to the wish lists of a few anxious constituents. As chair Man of the House tax committee Keith Roe a Mankato Republican is up to his Chin in proposals a and the Ink is dry on All of them. There is always time reserved in a legislature for posturing Over adjustments in this tax or that Levy. But never has there been such open debate of Long term change for state property sales and income taxes there is also the Frank admission that while the Short term emergencies Are important the crucial change will take at least one More year to resolve. The debate will Start in the House next week. If the legislature were to Stop now three weeks Short of first adjournment this ses Sion would be liable to Many accusations bul not failure. This Assembly this locomotive is pulling the connections of coalitions the allegiance of party politics the commitments to constituents it is hauling the fractious baggage o human ambition the fragile cargo of Hope. There Are Blind curves and weak trestle in route. All might derail in the final weeks and Lay smoking in a Heap. But this year that cause cannot be Given As a Lack of pulse vote against More taxes More debt As taxpayers we will vote on a $12 million plus Bond Issue in an april election for another expansion of our school facilities assuming the school District does t ask taxpayers for additional funds to furnish and staff the additions each Homeowner or renter will be taxed an additional $45 per year for every $50,000 in property value to fund this Issue. If you own or rent a commercial property you will pay an additional $225 per year in property tax for every $100,000 in property value. All this is assuming that the Mill Levy does no to change. Property owners statewide Are raising their voices in protest of the recent prop erty classification that brought to print the actual Burden carried by property owners in supporting school districts and City and county governments in our state you have been led to believe that a vote against a school Bond Issue is to be against children Apple pie and motherhood. Its of to be for the Quality of education and be opposed to the pre sent method of funding this education. Give our state legislature time to do their Job. There Are presently la proposals before them that could serve to spread the tax Burden to the majority of the citizens of Kansas rather than just to property owners. At the present time we owe $8,415,000 on school buildings in use by the District. Those will not be paid for until the year 2005 when is enough enough just vote no on the Bond Issue. Marye Bourne 504n. 6ththanks for helping raise Rhino funds i guess strength does not always come in numbers at least not where Bowling for rhinos was concerned. Our Small american association of zookeepers chapters projected profits Are greater than those brought in by the Denver zoos Aasc chapter. We raised $4,000 from the project. So we should All be proud. The High Plains Aasc chapter would like to greatly thank All those connected to making our fund Raiser such a Success. Many businesses and individuals were involved Garden bowl All of the Many bowlers and sponsors businesses donating prizes and munchies and All of the Media coverage. It is the generosity and togetherness of this Community that enabled our chapter to assist Mamba a relatives in Kenya Africa again Many thanks. Jeanna Arneson and Jenifer Hanneman High Plains Aasc chapter Lee Richardson zoo just say no to school Bond Issue just say no to higher rent to higher taxes to higher Mill levies just say no for the Sake of the children a parents who Are already overburdened with too much debt. Just say no to the school Bond Issue. Danny Blackwell 310n. 3rd the Telegram welcomes Public pulse letters All letters must be signed and include the writers address \

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