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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1983, Page 4

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Garden City, Kansas The Garden City Telegram a editorial paper champions Bobby Collins Southern methodist University football coach is unhappy because his unbeaten but once tied team Wasny to voted the National championship. Sum had to Settle for second place behind once beaten Penn state which was awarded the title by associated press sportscasters and writers because it Defeated previously first ranked Georgia and played a tougher schedule. A my team did everything it had to everything it had any control Over a a said a disappointed Collins. He wants the Mcaa championship decided on the Field not by popular vote. Penn state coach Joe Paterno agrees some sort of a playoff system is needed. They argue correctly that football is the Only Mcaa sport whose Champion Isnit decided on the Field of combat. But Collins and Paterno done to have a whole lot of support. Most coaches believe the season is too Long now. Besides College playoffs would conflict with the professional championship series in january As Well As bowl games. To moguls would go bananas trying to work in All that football. And even hard Core fans might say College playoffs might be hastened if first round games for example could be worked into the four major bowls played new years Day. But that Prospect Isnit Likely because the Mcaa would have to decide which of the eight top ranked teams played in which bowl. Bowl organizers easily give up their right to pick the teams for their extravaganzas. Realistically ifs going to be awhile before we see College playoffs. But the nation will survive. Meanwhile teams voted number one at the end of the season will have to be Content to be paper champions. R by a of a distaff Side some gift items by Dolores Hope today a items were contributed by various and sundry readers by Way of the . Mail word of Mouth Telephone and hearsay. Two or three weeks ago or. And mrs. Wilbur Morris 1508 Spruce went to Denver to see their daughter Jan Mills. Mrs. Morris probably for relaxation took off her rings to apply lotion to her hands As they drove along. The route took them through Scott City where they stopped at a sidewalk Mailbox to Post some Christmas cards and then they continued on West. About 80 Miles from Scott City mrs. Morris noticed that her rings were missing. Rather than return to Scott where probably someone had already found the rings they continued on to Denver. Arriving there they purchased another set of rings. That was on a thursday. The Morrisey returned on the next monday stopping at the Dairy Queen in Scott City and parking by the same Mailbox. Or. Morris got out of the car and looking Down said to his wife a Are these what you were looking for a there were the rings that had fallen from her Lap four Days earlier. A True Story. For Christmas the of the Garden medical clinic give turkeys to their colleagues in the profession in this area. The doctor who was making the deliveries just before Christmas realized too late that he had misread an address and had handed a Turkey to the lady of a House not on his list. She thanked him so profusely there was no Way he could admit his error and reclaim the Bird. So he went on making his rounds one Turkey shy wondering How the woman would explain the gift Turkey to her no doctor husband. Local woman decided she had reached the place in life where she could put the old behind her and class up her Christmas decor. She put up a Beautiful White tree and decorated it with red lights and red bows. Everything was perfectly placed and matched. Just so. So her grandchildren came by looked at the tree and said a grandma when Are you going to decorate it a she got out the Box of old baubles and beads and the stylized tree got its finishing touches. It takes As Long in some households to unwrap Christmas As it does to wrap it. The Ideal of Christmas Day gift opening often must give Way to arrival and departure times of members of the families from far and near. Christmas 1982, opening dates were further complicated by weather stranded travellers. And at least one grandmother in town get her grandchildren together for a Mutual Santa Claus time because they had what they did no to want to give or get from one another a Chicken pox. Where to write sen. Robert Dole 2213 Dirksen Senate office building Washington . 20510 202 224-6521 it it it sen. Nancy Kassebaum 304 Russell Senate office building 202 224-4774 or 402 n. 7th Garden City Kansas 67846 276-3423 or 275-1229 Inion Jim Bishop. Let them weep. The recent Congress Lazy and Brazen must go Down in history As one of the worst. It callously killed a jobs Bill As 12,000,000 americans faced a cheerless Christmas. This was done on the specious grounds that a the president might veto they could have passed it and had the guts to override the veto. They could have tried. Instead they voted each member of Congress a $9,100 a year raise. They arranged to sneak it though sneakily. It was done by voice vote which Means that no congressman could be charged with voting himself an outrageous increment. Congress these Days has no real leadership. There was a time when the majority Leader of the Senate and the speaker of the House men who dominated the order of business would get together and set up a list of priority legislation. They would take up the budget the tax Structure Federal entitlement programs foreign Aid Etc Etera Early in the session these Days they wander aimlessly through the corridors showing up Only when a Roll Call Bell sounds so that they can prove they did a i their duty. The important stuff remains in stagnant committees until the final moment. Then finding themselves helpless in the presence of filibusters they sit in their offices attending problems Back Home. In foreign Aid they decided to give More than a Quarter of All the Money to tiny rapacious Israel. In fact to endorse Israel s Power Over our Congress the gentlemen and ladies voted to give Israel More than Meachim begin asked for. America has trouble paying the interest on its National debt but we Are saddled with a two gun president who is inclined to give the military everything it asks for. I do not blame or. Reagan for not endorsing a nuclear freeze because a freeze would leave the soviets with More destructive Power than we have. Still in his Zeal to overcome the lassitude of the Ford and Carter administrations he goes too fast too far for what he Calls defense but is really a War like threat of dominance. Who knows whether it is not in the interest of the soviets to press the i c Field Enterprise. Inc. 1m2 Jbf i m sure the congressman sees us. He s waving his wings just like the last 12 times Button now if they done to and the Bright Young brains in the Pentagon Are betting they wont a All they can do is to keep spending their substance As we Are doing to maintain an Edge. War which has always been the final word in diplomacy has suddenly become unprofitable. The soviet leadership has realized that their ss-20 can pulverize All of Europe within a half hour but what can a conqueror do with charred ruins such As Paris London Rome Amsterdam and Antwerp All of Europe would be radioactive with the deadly radiation moving from West to East toward Moscow. Who would medicate and feed the survivors who would Stop the plague spread by millions of dead if you impute As much intelligence to your adversary As you arrogate to yourself missile warfare becomes the dread of the Victor As Well As the vanquished. And taxes. Why lower them when our indebtedness climbs through the hundreds of billions of dollars if we done to pay part of the debt it will be paid by our children. Congress has never been Able to write a tax Bill without loopholes. The affluent with Good lawyers find and exploit them. We Are desperate for a tax Law which will Force the big corporations to fund a big part of the Burden. And i assure you As a voice crying alone in the wilderness we will not get it. Our legislators have never passed a Bill prohibiting lobbies from influencing congressional votes. They do not influence the president. But then who does his own hand picked team of advisers have at times no in put with a stubborn president. It is we the 226,000,000 americans who foot the Bills who have no Power Over Congress. At times it seems that we Are gifted with voting for the wrong men and women. There was a time when a congressman received a dozen protesting letters from constituents that he would sit up and pay attention to the Little voices. No longer. Now in arrogance the let the unemployed weep at christmastime or any other time. Now they Feather their personal nests go Home at Campaign time Don a prayed suit and Tell us How hard they tried to get something done for us. Art Buchwald Sharp words from the Navy Secretary of the Navy John Lehman has a problem he was accused in the new York times of not fully disclosing All the details of the Sale of his consulting firm. Abington corp., when he joined the government or. Lehman a clients included Many defense contractors such As Northrop. Boeing and try and therefore questions were raised at the time As to conflict of interest when he became Secretary of the Navy. Or Lehman testified at his hearing he had divested himself of All interest in the consulting business and had made Abington a holding company instead with his wife As president he told a press conference last week that unfortunately his wife in filing corporate records with the District of Columbia had mistakenly listed Abington As a a consulting firm a and not a Quot holding company As he had instructed her to do he was quoted As saying Quot i will have Sharp words with my wife about this is where he got himself in serious trouble. Whether or. Lehman is in conflict with his Job is not for the press to decide but anyone who publicly announces he a going to have Sharp words with his wife Over a business Deal has really got himself in a Box Quot Well. Barbara you really made a mess of things a Quot Why Are you speaking to me so sharply John a Quot because of the stupid mistake you made when you filed the incorporation papers for our new a i told you i did no to know anything about corporations when you made me president of Abington a Quot i did t expect you to know much. But any Simpleton knows the difference Between a consulting firm and a holding company a Quot done to shout at me what a the difference9�?� a a consulting firm consults. It gives advice to clients for a fee. A holding company holds things like stocks and Bonds and Cash and real a so what a the big Deal a a the big Deal is that As Secretary of the Navy i am not allowed to consult and i promised Congress i would Cut All ties with the defense establishment when i became Secretary of the Navy. If Abington is still listed As a consulting firm with you As president it looks As if we re still in business. A a a that a silly. I done to know anything about the consulting business. I be Able to Tell the difference Between an f-18 and a Boeing 747.�?� Quot i know that but the press does no to. They dug up the fact that i sold our overseas business to lord Chalfont in England Foi $60,000, and we had a verbal agreement head sell it Back to me after i left the government. It looks As if i plan to go Back in the consulting business after i leave the Quot if you done to Stop Yelling in a walking out of this House. Why did no to you have a lawyer file the corporation papers instead of me a Quot because i figured any dumb wife should know How to incorporate a holding company. What did they teach you at College a a i majored in Fine arts. John Why done to i just go Down to the City Hall and Tell the Man i made a mistake and i done to want to be president of a consulting firm any More and i be decided to go into the holding company business instead a a you can do anything you want but you be got every Newspaperman and to reporter digging into our personal affairs they have nothing else to do during the holidays. Well be on Page one until Congress comes Back rom a a that a your problem. You can to push me around like some three Star Admiral. In a going to resign from the company. You can get yourself a new president of Abington. A a Why would you resign now a a because in a not going to have you Yelling at me every time you get a Call from the a Washington a crisis ahead for military by Jack Anderson Washington a at painful expense to the taxpayers the Pentagon has developed the most sophisticated weaponry in the world. The latest instruments of destruction Are wondrous to behold with sleek designs computerized controls and electronic gadgetry. There is just one problem these weapons Are so Complex that Only highly skilled technicians can operate them. Yet the armed services done to have nearly enough technicians in the ranks. So they depend on civilian contract personnel a known in the Trade As a technical mercenaries a to manage and maintain the sophisticated weapons systems. This poses a problem if War Breaks out will the eight hour a Day civilians stay and fight the Pentagon has responded typically by trying to minimize the problem. But i be seen a grim study prepared for the defense department which warns urgently a if these civilians should choose not to work in crises the effect on weapon system material readiness could be meanwhile the generals and admirals continue to lavish billions on hardware without putting sufficient Money into personnel training and inducements. Thus the technicians in uniform who can be trained to keep the super weapons in working order Are too easily lured out of the service into lucrative jobs in the civilian sector a we have become increasingly concerned Over the past few years with the growing shortage of skilled military technicians at a time when weapon systems entering Thi inventory Are increasingly this has resulted in a an expanded use of civilian technicians largely contractor personnel to provide necessary technical advice training and support in the maintenance of weapon systems a an investigation by the House defense appropriations subcommittee chaired by Joseph Addabbo d n y., found there were More than 1,000 technical mercenaries performing critical jobs in the european command alone. Their responsibilities Range from command and control communications to air defense the Pentagon memo puts the problem succinctly a this increased use of civilian technicians in peacetime in turn raised the question of availability of these personnel in the logistics management Institute an Independent defense oriented think tank recently made a study for the Pentagon its report reviewed by my associate Lucette Lagnado urges the defense department to reassess its policy toward the use of technical mercenaries in key positions. Officially the military services Are required to be a self sufficient in operating and maintaining their exotic new weapons systems. But in reality they depend on contractors a men a continuing basis a frequently throughout the operational lives of rather than admit to a breach of the regulations those in charge a under report their use of contract engineers and technicians a the report said. Public puke no mandate for a Severance tax i firmly believe there was no mandate Given the legislature of Kansas for a Severance tax in the recent gubernatorial election. The outcome was determined not by a popular affirmation of the governor and his proposals so much As it was by a rejection of Republican alternatives. Lets review the facts. The governor too successfully was Able to sell the idea that a a big Oil paying an increased Severance tax Kansas already has one could solve the states Revenue problems and thus take the Burden off the a a people. Then his position was effectively Given an unexpected assist in the Republican alternative proposal for a gasoline tax. Thus we saw the governor on television standing on a Highway and asking who should pay for that Highway a a big Oil through a Severance tax or the a a people through a gasoline tax. It was convincing and he was elected. What the governor did not Tell us was that there is actually very Little a a big Oil involved in production in Kansas. The truth is that 83% of All production in our state is by in dependent Kansas business persons. He did not Tell us that every Kansan using natural Gas and the electricity it produces will pay any new Severance tax in the Quot pass through of such additional production costs to the consumer. He did not Tell us that in the competitive world Market for Oil an additional tax could discourage essential exploration for new reserves could Render Many marginal Kansas Wells uneconomical and thus reduce both production and production tax revenues and Valorme tax Sand in effect cause property taxes in the producing area to Rise belatedly he did not Tell us about the resulting loss of Oil income thousands of Kansas residents would experience nor of the loss of the state income tax they would have paid. When added All together the Severance tax does no to appear to be the Panacea it is postured to be. In the Short run it might look like a Boon to the non producing area but in the Long run it has the frightening potential of negatively impacting the Economy of our entire state and her people. And a do we need to be reminded of our Radical dependency upon the Oil and Gas Industry for our very Way of life All that we eat All that we Wear All that we consume in our living involves in every instance the use of Gas and Oil. Indeed it is a fact that ours is an Energy based society. However this frightening Factor should never be an excuse for the Oil and Gas Industry to exploit us the a take or pay Gas contracts Are a classic Case in Point. Rather it should demand the Wisest and most responsible stewardship in producing legislation that is fair to All reflecting not Only sensitivity to human needs but also to the needs of our free Enterprise system which makes possible our material Way of life. This to me is what the body politic is asking of the legislature and the governor and therein is the Only real mandate. A Forrest j. Robinson Winfield Kan. A 4. Forrest Robinson was a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor in 197. A re \

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