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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 4

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Garden City, Kansas His editor s opinion Post War policies can assure peace with the military Campaign against Iraq progressing better than expected the worlds attention has turned to the shape of things to come in the postwar persian Gulf Region. Sen. Bob Dole is not alone when he notes that the United states will face a stiff Challenge after the shooting stops. A sometimes its More difficult to Deal with the peace than it is to Deal with the conflict a Dole said monday on a Stop in Garden City. The . Challenge will be complicated by three factors i whether arabs View the West a involvement in the War As Imperial meddling or wanted assistance 2 How willing Israel is to improve relations with its Arab neighbors and 3 whether the Bush administration fulfils at All costs its wish to humiliate a a a withdrawing Saddam Hussein. Our policy makers Are discussing ways to address the first concern. They believe Arab forces should Man the peace keeping units left in Kuwait and possibly some occupied iraqi territory. They also want to set up a demilitarized zone and discuss ways to slow the Sale of weapons to Middle East countries. That approach makes sense. We Hope it works. But there a less willingness to focus on the other two issues. With Israel the administrations attitude is that solutions to the palestinian Issue can to be discussed yet. The Mere discussion of solutions will link them to Saddam a aggression and make him an Arab hero. That View May be Correct. But the United states cannot allow Israel to continue to treat palestinians As third class citizens. We must encourage Israel to work with its Arab neighbors to resolve the problem. As for the Bush administrations View of Saddam the actions taken during the upcoming Days will determine what Price the United states pays in the future. The Only question is which will cause us the greatest grief a getting Saddam dead or alive or letting him survive with his country in ruins but some of his military intact. Fortunately there a a Middle ground Here. The United states should Stop Short of marching into Baghdad and going after Saddam. Let him stay in Power but continue to dismantle his military by keeping economic sanctions in place. Iraqi political forces will eventually oust him from office. Students feel obligated to future generations a responsibility to education was the topic of this years masonic essay contest. Six winners three girls and three boys were chosen from essays submitted by Garden City High school students. Tyrian Lodge no. 246 honoured them and their parents at a dinner and presented each student with a savings Bond. The winners were Jason p. Torrey Brett Crotts David Hixson Linda Lobmeyer Michele Wheeler and Megan Hope. Hixson and Hope received $100 Bonds for first place the others received $50 Bonds. All the contestants Are seniors. The following Are excerpts from the girls essays. The essays by the boys appeared yesterday. A education begins with the individual extends to society and ultimately to future generations a wrote Michele Wheeler. She said she has an obligation to herself and to society to fulfil her responsibility to education. She named ignorance closed minds Lack of understanding and unwillingness to share ideas As negatives in our society. A responsibility to education As far As society is concerned is to help break Down these barriers and make our world a better place in which to live a Michele wrote. In her essay Linda Lobmeyer named specific ways of assuming her responsibility to education a staying informed of current events being an informed and regular voter working and living according to her convictions and beliefs and contributing time and Money to Church and charitable organizations. A by fulfilling responsibilities to education a she wrote a i help to guarantee that the United states will continue to provide an education to its Linda noted that the american education system gives students a an Opportunity to learn a Large amount of Book knowledge and to come into Contact with a vast array of people and activities. At random by Dolores Hope columnist the Telegram a society paid a great Price to educate and develop mind a she wrote. A but it will receive a full return on what it paid if i live according to beliefs and use the knowledge Given to part of the responsibility High school students have is choosing courses that add up to a Well rounded education Megan Hope wrote. They must not be misled by the options Given them. A while education is compulsory to a Point students still possess a wealth of Megan said she has come to see her responsibility to education As going beyond being prompt to and attentive in classes completing class work seeking help and doing Well on tests. She stressed the importance of building a firm foundations in a variety of disciplines and reminded that the majority of jobs current students will hold have not even been created yet. Ultimately students must be prepared to function As citizens not Mere Job holders she said elaborating a citizens Are expected to contend with problems that will not always be within the realm of the English language select eras of american history elementary science or first year algebra. A education is meant to be a window not Walls constructed about a narrow a wished monday through saturday afternoons except new year s Day memorial Day Independence Day i Bor Day thanksgiving and Christmas at 310 n. Seventh by Ute Telegram publishing co. Inc. Of your Carrier fails to deliver your paper on your Doorstep by 5 30 p m., Call us before 8 p in. And Well make sure you get one that night. Single copy Price is 35 cents. Carrier delivery is $5 70 a month plus lax motor delivery is s6.25 a month plus la and mail Cost $6.75 a month plus tax. Second class postage paid at Garden City is. 67846 ups213600. Postmaster please Send change of address to . Box 958, Garden City ks., 67846. Cheney remains balanced Calm during War Washington at the heart of the Pentagon in the final 24 hours of the countdown to the land War in Kuwait a remarkable Calm prevailed. A visitor to the office of Secretary of defense Dick Cheney found no More scurrying or tension than in an insurance company Headquarters. The 50-year-old former congressman Long ago Learned How to assert authority without shouting. Since the persian Gulf deployment began almost seven months ago Cheney has taken Only two Days off for a visit to his parents in Wyoming and a spot of skiing at Jackson Hole. And he has demonstrated the qualities that led president Ford to pick him As White House chief of staff when he was Only 34 and his colleagues in the House to jump him Over Many senior republicans into Ever bigger leadership posts. What they saw in Cheney was an emotional balance and a mental discipline remarkable for anyone in the ego Ridden and risk strewn Field of government. It is hard to imagine another Secretary of defense who would have stolen an hour from fridays countdown to the climactic Battle in order to answer questions from several Hundred High school students in Washington for a presidential classroom program introducing them to the Workings of the Federal government. A i used to speak to the group when i was a congressman a Cheney told a few hours later a and i enjoyed it. Besides the Guy Public pulse commentary in by David Broder columnist the Washington Post running the thing is a former constituent a a doctor from a non Veteran who makes Clear How much he values the military judgment of Gen. Colin Powell the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Cheney has a Strong View about the Impact of the Gulf War on the armed services a and on the country. A a there a no question that operation desert shield and desert storm has transformed the Public thinking about the United states military a he said. A i think the country a been tremendously impressed with the capability. Of the people. When you have Day after Day. And hour after hour repetition of the television coverage of our people out there in the Gulf ifs just one tremendous piece of advertising for the United states military and the people who serve in beyond the Pride in the people serving in the Gulf Cheney pointed to the performance of the weapons and equipment they Are using. A a it a american a he said. A it works. It works Damn Well. And i think people Are truly and deeply proud of what we be accomplished. A a it a not Over yet and in a very much aware of that a he said in the next breath. But despite that Cau Tion Cheney said that a a potentially the Gulf War could bring a a fundamental transformation in attitudes. A ifs one of those watershed events just As Vietnam was a watershed event in american politics and for the american military. Its a Benchmark against which we will measure ourselves in years to As Fords chief of staff and As a congressman Cheney spoke often about a the legacy of he worried that the Vietnam War had bred a crippling Public cynicism about the presidency and the Pentagon and had planted unjustified doubts about the United states motives in the world and its capacity to counter hostile forces outside its Borders. Now he seemed to be saying All that was in the past. But Cheney is too Well balanced to lapse into jingoism. The Man who cashiered the air Force chief of staff and cancelled the Navy a a-12 bomber said a i think caution is in order on becoming the worlds policeman. A this happens to be one of those times when it is justified to. Send american forces into combat to achieve important National objectives. But they Are very rare. Just because we do it successfully this once it does no to mean we should therefore assume that ifs something we ought to fall Back on automatically As the easy answer to International problems in the future. A we have to remember that we done to have a dog in every fight that we done to want to get involved in every single conflict. By the same Token to the extent that we be been Able to demonstrate our ability to do it successfully i think we give an enormous boost to the credibility of the United states government for a Long time to come. When we say we Are interested in guaranteeing the Security of a Friend or an ally it will a by Golly a mean something. There wont be any doubt in anybody a mind about the United states willingness and ability to keep those commitments. But again caution is the he has sent that message not Only to exultant proponents of military spending but to those on the other flank who would press for deeper defense cuts than mandated by last years budget agreement. It requires Cheney to reduce the Active duty forces by 521.000 troops a the equivalent of the desert storm deployment a in the next five years. Anything More he argues would entail deep risks. In years ahead As in the past seven months the balance Cheney brings to his Job will be a National asset. Lack of coverage disappoints teen in response to the letter from Bill Fleming in the Public pulse i would like to let others know that Many people agree with him. I am a High school senior and i was Only one of the hundreds of teen agers at the rally at automat. I had automatically assumed that since the radio stations and to stations had covered the event and even helped advertise it that the Telegram would at least have a Story or pictures of it. I cannot Tell you How disappointed i was to find out i was wrong. To it is important for newspapers to show pictures and write articles on activities done for support for our soldiers because these clippings can be sent to the troops to let them know that we do support them. Letting them know boosts their morale and provides motivation. I Hope that maybe you will realize How important and newsworthy these events Are. Debbie Henson Holcomb school staff says thanks for meal the Buffalo Jones elementary school staff members extend their Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the us 457 Central administration principals directors and Board of education for the delicious breakfast served to us and other District personnel on feb. La. We deeply appreciate All of the work that went into this breakfast we enjoyed the meal and the Opportunity for Fellowship with our coworkers. Susan Waller Buffalo Jones elementary school someone stole american Flag in a writing this letter to blow off some steam. On feb. 15, someone climbed up on porch and stole american Flag. I sure Hope to get the message across to that person. It is very in american to steal or destroy an american Flag. In the Case he is apparently unaware of the reason Why there Are american flags and yellow ribbons on Homes these Days. Its to show support for our troops in the Gulf War. So please return it or Fly it. Done to destroy it. Sheilah Harvey 1211 St. John astronomer to speak at College during the 1970s, the science and mathematics division at Garden City Community College organized and held monthly science seminars featuring speakers from the various Fields of science. These were held in the evening and the Public was invited free of charge. Several professors from universities throughout the United states were invited to present seminars. After several years attendance dwindled until it became embarrassing to have a prominent scientist travel hundreds of Miles to speak to a nearly empty auditorium. The seminars were terminated. Now we have the Opportunity again to hear a Miner astronomer thursday evening a the College. I urge Community members to show support of the return of what i Hope will be series of science seminars understand that Thomas Lutz a done extensive work with result from the Hubble Telescope. Contrary to what the news medi has led you to believe about the Hubble since its launch it is return ing excellent pictures far Superio to any that can be taken from the surface of the Earth. Lutz will pre sent an informative lecture i a sure. Warren l. Fousio 303 e. Prospect the Telegram welcomes Public pulse letters. All letters must b signed and include the writer s a dress and Telephone turn Bel Telephone numbers will be used pc verification Only but the addres will be published. Shorter letters Are better real please limit letters one typewritten Page single spaced thank you letters should be get eral. No form letters no consume complaint or credit dispute letter and no poems Are accepts

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