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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 1

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Garden City, Kansas Go ahead for festival 3. Elkhart girls beat top seed 12. Kuwaitis retake capital 18. Wednesday february 27,1991 the Garden City news briefs wrestling salutes on order signs saluting Garden City High schools 1991 championship wrestling team already Are on order. City commissioner Dennis Mesa asked at the commission meeting yesterday whether the City w As going to put up such signs and was assured that was the plan. The City put up signs commemorating the teams 1990 championship at various highways leading into the City. The new signs will join the previous ones. Wrong place at wrong time Riyadh saudi Arabia apr the allies have captured Many iraqi soldiers but few so strange As the Man who greeted his captors in Bermuda shorts a to shirt and a perfect Chicago accent. A where have you Guys been Quot he said. A a we be been waiting for you a a resident of Chicago the unidentified iraqi Man had been visiting his grandmother in Baghdad when he was drafted into the iraqi army according to a senior Allied military source. He had no further details. The Story had a familiar ring. On Jan. 21, while helping set up a pow Camp sgt. Alan Jones of Milwaukee was approached by a prisoner and discovered to his astonishment that they knew each other by sight. The iraqi had been a student in Wheeling 111., w Here Jones had belonged to a Veteran of foreign wars Post and they figured out that they had passed Many times on the Street. The senior military source also told of another pow who the allies had found in an underground Bunker wearing dress shoes. A they must have just taken him right off the dance floor a the source said. Environmentalists Hail ruling Seattle apr environmentalists claimed a big Victory in their Battle with loggers Over ancient forests when a Federal judge ordered the government to identify areas crucial for the Northern spotted owls survival. The threatened owl has become the most visible Symbol of the struggle Between Northwest environmentalists and loggers who fear that measures designed to protect the Bird will Cost them their jobs. Vie Sher a Sierra club Legal defense fund attorney who helped argue the Case for environmentalists called yesterdays ruling a a tremendously significant . Fish and wildlife officials did not immediately return Telephone Calls to their Portland ore., office. Medical Airlift skirts Moscow Washington a a chartered Airliner filled with nearly $3 million Worth of medical supplies is heading for the soviet Union s three Baltic republics and the Ukraine bypassing Moscow. The shipment which was leaving today has political overtones because the supplies Are being sent directly to the Independence minded Baltic instead of through the soviet capital. Some press commentaries in Moscow have criticized the gesture As an infringement on soviet National sovereignty. . Officials respond that the Aid program is strictly humanitarian pointing out that future shipments will be sent to other regions in the soviet Union. The project is being funded partly by the . Agency for International development and by several pharmaceutical companies which Are donating the supplies. Congress runs Short on flags Washington apr Congress is experiencing a Flag shortage As a result of the surge of patriotism accompanying the persian Gulf War. House members and senators can have flags run up the flagpoles atop the Capitol and then make them available to constituents. Usually people can choose from a variety of sizes and either Cotton or Nylon material ranging in Price from about $8 to $15. But despite weekly deliveries the shelves Are being cleared these Days. Weather Clear and mild tonight with Low temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees and Southwest winds at to to 20 mph increasing cloudiness Windy and warmer tomorrow with a High temperature of 60 to 65 degrees and Gusty Southwest winds at 20 to 30 mph. Friday through sunday Chance of rain saturday and but dry sunday. Daytime highs of 55 to 65 degrees Friday Cooling to the 40s by sunday. Overnight lows in the upper 20s to the 30s Friday Cooling to the 20s by sunday. Cloud inside deaths hospitals 2 classified.14-17 opinion.4 comics crossword .23 people.6 tv/bridge.22 sports.12-14garden Sass Iraq pleads for cease fire allies reject Saddam a offer Kuwait City a with iraqis shattered occupation army in chaotic flight Baghdad announced it was willing to drop All claims to Kuwait if the Allied assault would Only Stop. But deep inside rain darkened Iraq . Forces and Saddam Hussein a Best troops were locked in a fierce tank Battle. Baghdad radio announced that in Exchange for a cease fire Iraq would accept . Resolutions declaring the annexation of Kuwait null and void and calling for documentation of human rights violations and assessment of economic damage to Kuwait. It also offered to free All prisoners of War after a cease fire. Britain immediately announced the offer was deficient because the iraqis had not agreed to All 12 . Resolutions. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said Iraq still fell a far Short of what a in a speech earlier today president Bush said a the liberation of Kuwait the country is almost the Effort to retake Kuwait City was in final stages. American tanks vanquished an iraqi unit at the City a Airport while Allied forces rooted out a pockets of resistance in the City a neighbourhoods. In Iraq a a fierce tank battled raged As More than 250 american tanks fought 200 Republican guard tanks West of the City of Basra according to Pentagon source. He said the guard had been blocked from any escape. Two major . Army units the tank heavy Vii corps and the 24th infantry division mechanize were closing in on three Republican guard infantry divisions and armoured divisions some 50 Miles West of Basra the official said. The allies have reported relatively Light casualties for such a huge operation but deaths were mounting. There were at least 39 Allied deaths not including the 28 american troops killed in mondays scud attack. At least la americans had died seven belonged to the 82nd airborne but were attached to French forces in Iraq. Thirteen britons have died a nine of them victims of Friendly fire from an american a-10 a a warthog plane that inadvertently attacked two British vehicles said British col. Barry Stevens. Thirteen arabs and two frenchmen also were among the dead. The extent of iraqi casualties was not known but they certainly were far greater. In the fourth Day of the allies blistering land assault . Military officials in Riyadh said today that the fierce desert warfare since sunday had knocked out 26 iraqi army divisions a about 260,000 men a and 500 tanks. The major Allied thrust was to encircle the Republican guard in Iraq. Coalition forces had ranged As far North As Tjie euphrates River trying to prevent Saddam a prime see War Page 3 former pos a these men Are former prisoners of War in Southeast Asia. From left Are Sang Nguyen Dennis Rundgran Telegram sri refugee coordinator Chuong Nguyen Dap Nguyen Dieu to Luc to and by Bui. Vietnamese pos Tell tales of terror sooner or later Gus Garden says a person who keeps looking Down his nose will have the wrong slant on things. Five men join families after years apart by Sarah Kessinger staff writer five men had a special reunion recently. They met their families again after years of separation. Luc Van to was a prisoner in Vietnam a communist reeducation Camps for nine years after the 1975 fall of Saigon. He rejoined his family a few months ago through a United nations agreement with Vietnam to relocate former army officers. His son Donald interpreted for his father and three other men who had similar stories during a forum at Garden City Community College yesterday. One former officer told his Story in English. About 40 people attended the event. Reserved or smiling the men stood erect military style As they read their prepared statements. A it depends on the violation a said to 61, a former recruiting officer. A but if you violated rules badly they would tie both feet and hands no restroom you eat in one place and they put you in a dark room without Light for maybe a Long time until a Holiday or something so you can get out and go to work. A those caught escaping Are executed or isolated and tied up and maybe released after a half year to a year a to said. Prisoners ate Rotten Rice and dried fish he said. They were forbidden to talk with civilians or other inmates while working on farms. To said he recount so Many years in five minutes but reminded the audience of those still in Vietnam waiting to come to the United states. When a prisoner first comes into the re education Camp he must write Many lists of his background said Dap Sao Nguyen 54, a former division commander in the South vietnamese army who was imprisoned for six years. Through an interpreter Nguyen said prisoners were forced to learn the communist system. If their captors considered them a threat the prisoners were often moved from Camp to Camp throughout the country. Sometimes Nguyen said a prisoner was transferred to another Camp where he was murdered. A Many prisoners stand treatment by the communists. They used knives grenades or hanging to commit suicide a Nguyen said. A the communists told prisoners it was Only six or eight months to their release. But we done to know really when they would release Chuong Ngoc Nguyen an army Captain spent five years in a Camp. Daily diet consisted of Rice potatoes vegetables and meat or fish. When first in prison he said they were Given two sets of clothes. Each year after that they received one new set of clothes. If a person became ill other inmates could take him to a Hospital for care he said. A when you die a he said a they dig a Hole and throw you in without letting your relatives Dieu Van to 47, was a major who spent almost 13 years imprisoned. He said food rations were gradually Cut Down through his years As a prisoner. During holidays they were Given More Rice and meat he said. Families were the main source of food eventually and could bring anything except Salt to prisoners. The vietnamese running the Camps feared Salt could be used by escapees to survive in the Jungle. They could drink water from the Rivers but needed Salt to see pos Page 3 35 cents 24 pages accused murderer to trial hearing tells of courthouse shooting by Tim Unruh staff writer Leonardo Alvarez Flores will be arraigned april 5 on a first degree murder charge in the Jan 8 shooting death of Rosa Emma Puga 29, at the Finney county courthouse. Judge Russell Jennings ruled yesterday in Alvarez Flores preliminary hearing there was enough evidence to try the 31-year-old. A it does appear that first degree murder or the alternative felony murder were committed a Jennings said. A there is probably cause to believe the defendant committed those Alvarez Flores 2400 Lincoln rd., is in jail on a $500,000 Bond. He also is charged with aggravated kidnapping. At the april arraignment in Finney county District court he will enter a plea. County attorney Ricklin Pierce called several witnesses during the preliminary including four people who saw the shooting that morning in the motor vehicle department in the basement of courthouse. A the element is probable cause and that is what the state has shown a Pierce said. A we ask that he be bound Over for Dennis Bahr Alvarez Flores court appointed attorney called no witnesses and gave no closing statement. He questioned each of pierces witnesses briefly. Events leading up to the shooting began saturday Jan. 5, when the victim called her brother Oscar Puga in Greeley Colo., and asked him to pick her up in Garden City. Oscar Puga drove to Garden City that Day and spent the night. On sunday he returned to Greeley with his sister and her 4-year-old daughter Suzie Jaurez. The next Day Alvarez Flores purchased a .25 Caliper handgun and a Small Box of ammunition from the Gibson a store testified Jerri Mcmillan a Gibson employee. Oscar Puga testified that on monday Jan. 7, while he was at work Alvarez Flores drove to Greeley coaxed Rosa Puga into his car and left town. Two hours later she called him from Brush Colo. A she told me that Leonardo was taking her to Garden City and she did no to want to go along a Oscar Puga testified. He said he spoke with Alvarez Flores on the phone and asked him to return to Greeley a to get things straightened Alvarez Flores agreed Puga testified. A i told Rosa in Case he did no to bring her Back to write a note at a Gas station asking someone to let someone the victim did that. In Burlington Colo., she passed a note to a convenience store clerk who notified her brother. He alerted authorities. According to police reports the car was stopped near Colby by the Kansas Highway patrol. A Khz trooper managed to get Rosa see murder Page 3 my can a turnabout puts plans for civic Center on hold by Jane Neufeld Stah writer several groups have eyed Garden City recreations former office building but now the City has put All proposals on hold. The recreation commission May need that building again if it can to renegotiate an agreement to share the Myca building City commissioners said yesterday. Garden City recreation and the Myca have shared the y building for a year under an agreement signed by both agencies. The Myca notified the recreation commission in a letter dated feb. 19 that it wished to terminate the arrangement. City commissioners viewed that As a move to renegotiate the agreement to share the building not As a firm statement that Garden City recreation must leave. But that does no to mean they re willing to commit the former recreation building to other uses Hiat building known As the civic Center is at 702 n. Main and is being used for storage. A it May be that there is no ability to renegotiate to the Point that both parties Are Happy a mayor George Hopkins said adding that he hoped that did no to prove True. A we did a lot of negotiating when we entered into an agreement a City Counselor Randy Grisell said. A months a City manager Bob Halloran agreed. But Hopkins said it was obvious when the initial agreement was signed that problems might crop up that would require review. City commissioners did not discuss what kind of new agreement might be feasible. They said they would wait until the recreation commission had a Chance to meet and then would listen to its recommendation. But they rejected a request from Southwest development services inc. To use the civic Center temporarily. Jim Ridder executive director of Susi was at yesterdays City commission meeting to make the request. He said Susi offices at 2708 n. Lith Are out of space and the Agency is in immediate need of More space. Susi which aids the developmentally disabled has applied for state funds to expand its existing offices. It was proposing to occupy the civic Center Only for a year. In return Susi offered to pay the buildings utilities maintenance and insurance. Hopkins said he supports Susi but the City can to now commit to the use of the civic Center and there also were two previous proposals for using the building. San Hills Art association had proposed to use it As a Community arts Center. The Garden City area chamber of Commerce had not yet made a formal proposal to the City but had been informally considering use of the building. Sharing the Myca building 1224 Center was a Way for the Myca to get Revenue to operate and for Garden City recreation to get space for its programs. Garden i recreation is funded by program fees a City tax dollars. The agreement to share the building Cal for the City to pay the buildings operate costs and for the y to split its members revenues with the City. It says the to agencies wont duplicate programs. The agreement May be terminated t either party with nine months Writt notice. The Myca boards letter of termin Atic leaves the door open for renegotiation. A the Board would like to stress that we i no Way feel the need to sever All relation with the Garden City recreation comm Sion Quot the letter says. A we would like to e tend to the recreation commission the offt of reviewing its needs for space and Tim usage in this facility. A was when negotiations first started w continue to feel that an equitable Workin relationship can Best serve the needs

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