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Garden City Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1999, Page 1

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Garden City Telegram (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Garden City, Kansas Hit list keeps two thirds of school s students at Home Parma. Idaho a two thirds of the too High school Stu dents in this Small farming Community stayed Home Friday after the discovery of what looked like a hit list. Those who did go to school were met by police officers and Metal detectors Quot although everyone has figured this was a hoax when it comes to something As important As their children parents certainly take a look at it Quot school superintendent Val Bush said last week a list of to students -30 boys and 30 girls was found on moisture just drop in bucket by ath Kinf ski j staff writer despite a Rainy Friday Winter wheat crops Are Miu struggling in the dry conditions that have plagued much of Southwest Kamas Over the past a vral months Whitey Whitehill agriculture agent with the Finney aunty Kex tension Piffier said experts Are concerned about the Winter wheat and a Ald the crops Are beginning to a How a Tom of in the wheat to in i Early stage and la usually harvested in june Quot we would like to see Tome moisture before we get into the bit Ter cold weather we typically get in january and february he said Quot there tie sign of stress in some of the Field some of the wheat Kart does t have a Strong rout sys National news a classroom floor written across the top was a threat of something vol Lent that would happen possibly Friday police and school officials Saki they would not disc me de tails. Their Are no suspects on Friday Only about Loo High school students ame to class about a third of the he students at Parma s adjacent Middle school and the elementary school stayed Home among them was High school freshman Janna Hansen the 14-year old daughter of the school Board chairman a any sort of threat a hit list def int Tely b something to he concerned about she said Quot i think everyone pretty much of the same concern All the Way around another freshman. Michael limes. Is. Came to school calling the threat a a cry for attention a a Quot i knew when i came to school today ifs the safest Day lobe he said Security included Ween police of fires from Larma and nearby towns years Aqa before Cill this went on. We probably would have Saki this was just a Christmas prank. A Pond pm if la Atzbi with their cars parked outside the red or try building students have been barred from bringing Hack packs or honk bags since tuesday the superintendent whose freshman daughter went to class said that handwriting analysis Tad according to the National weather service in Dodge City Garden City Only received 07 inches of nun Friday and Only Briner october the forecast for the week end shows a slight Chance of Stem sunday and Munday with highs in the 31is and lows dipping into the la overnight Whitehill said the moisture helps to protect the crops in the cold weather or said when the plants Are dry they Are More prone log Winter kill Quot Winter kill similar in Freer dry my. Is when the plants dry out and Bleak off a also some of the wheat is rather sparse and thin. Tome of or a Oil is he told �?o0 we get mine w ends like we had earlier this week we could tee some blowing a Oil the Small amount of rain in the area w ill not be enough to Wip the craps dramatically Whitehill said a a couple Day s cd warm weather and to will probably be dry Quot he Aud a we need much Mote moisture than we received today a wet Mobil Wert 4 and a inches would be Ideal for our wheal a Topaz but Greg Greathouse who farms in North fury county said he thinks g is Loo Early to weary about How the wheat will rum out he said the rain Friday will help out somewhat a i done to know at this he said a Elf it gut big enough to get a room system developed it probably won t Hurt it ifs hard to say Quot he added it ii important to have healthy crop going into the win to avoid w utter kill Greathouse said the ground is enough thai the wheal is not g much. Bul moisture around seed and warmer weather d help the crops grow iks Aras know my where we Are its Early he said a wheat is name wit ii c in go Tho nigh i link ii is too ear a to Start Damn any dung Ashley Thomas. S. Uses a Brush to Pant Tor on the ups of a pave Cone Friday Cone artist m col Nair wow Meme weary Chmil As second and thro log artery create a Waco i Riet y of huf Oftay ornaments. The Art project Ware part of activities Al the inti Poltor or last Day Bertore the Christmas break Thomas is a Lee and grader Cates that the list and the Throat Wen written by it forent people and he said the names a could wry Well have been a list for a party Quot a year ago. Before All this went on we probably would have said this was just a Christmas police chief Clif Lauritzen said. Quot i think we re massaging somebody a ego out there. I really do the prob Lem is we May be overreacting but if we Don t. If we under react and something happens we had the of print Unity and we did no to take it Quot Parma is a town of 1.7d0 about 40 Miles from Boise the District has about 1.000 students from Parma and surrounding farm towns a it shocks any of us when things that happen out in the big world kind of strike close to Home said Brin Hansen the school Board chairman Access plans Merit analysis legislators agree to act by Stott mph at staff what does it Toke to open a re act that a a question increasingly Likely to be on the legislature s piste this coming Oral in. Slier a Riata wide moly by i Kansas news papers found unseen Severn to Wane Albite record a dearly we re punt or have to a Ald Babin Jensan. R Healy Quot that s one of the Chau Enge of this year it la take Money and Mart govern men but 0s draft mar lung that has the interval of the but the Stem met depends an who you ask lost weak. Gov Mill gnaws proposed in Independent commis a Tan to arbitrate open Rwanda Dis Pules and Rule whether a record is Public or not the legislature de Macro or leadership proposed an alternative method a a Public acre officer under the Secretary of Sutta who could make Thane rulings hither would have the Power to Levy Hies the proposals intrigued some area legislators although they wanted to of the detail of each Umpire Ferri a off the top of my head. I sup fait what the governor said sen Stew Morris. R Hugoton Dunk the concept rounds of. But when you get a proposal Uke that. There alway Rome Fine print you need to look it. He was Bas comfortable with the democrats proposal noting How the of few could change with admin Tetra Ion Las a Rota tips a census 2000 seeks people counters by Max it Aht of you re id years old or Abler looking for a pan tune Job. And Aam to Panori fair a the biggest operation conducted by the it the it Cen Ais want you Alme Hale. Us coma Recruiter rotarian needs to hire Suo workers to count people in a do Clyth qualify for Haring applicant my take a to minute Leaf. Which is 0anji9jdam. Every saturday be ginning Jan a Al the salvation army 216 n main St Hale also said App Anu should bring a copy of dwt Drivers la tense and their social Security card thu results Witt be known after a period of four to in weeks. Hale mid. Because to Aho has to by cleared by he Federal Bureau of by Vest motion a no criminal is Ever she those who get hired will also have the Pupunu Ruty to be rehired for other opera ton she mid salary to it an hour Pius Wifod a go the said a Kalvesta real Dent Hale mid a or it hoping to bin bilingual pro pie Spanish and Southeast to work for the census Foute Are needed to work at ail tunes she mid. But More especially on night and Herluf Sipl Saha Bah Al Community responds to agencies Call with gifts for children i Daunis scan k Man staff Wetter we says there it no clause the salvation army and big brother big sinter of Finney county did t have a thigh Fry my Reindeer or a big red bag bul they were the invisible hand that proved re Mure than i Joo gift to Reedy children who otherwise would be gone without big brother big sister reserved a Tomsk rep ump to two Chrt Otmas tree placed Al Taal Marl with the name and Tooter about ready kids m for Goatee Chy area threw who Auk pan bought gut for those represented of the Sims and turned them in at Teal Mart or Ai big brother big tatters a toe gave out oms a a gift mid big Brothers big solar director carnal Merlon a and every child who needed something gut Rome thing fur Christmas every child that a referred lout Tiro weeks ago Merton was War red she would t he Able to make that i us Are it her office had re Artia Sud Ama St that Point in awas Many As g bad the Presa yarn and foe Money was t there to provide for them Del big Brothers big suiters tamed enough for hum Suo gift at a an dual cowboys a thy Rodeo it Srp Tembra and hoped the two Wal Maut give Uig Trees would cover the real a the Ophir really responded to foe in my Trees we put up it tool Marc the Dory Wasny to quae As upbeat in Merton mid it Funru salvation army where about Tau mores were left in giving Trow at Var gals businesses around Garden City however with foe help of Dona Toots from foe Elk Chih and Bank of America everyone referred to foe salvation army will be taken care of. Mid commanding Uffner u Beth i a rider Man a it did no to go As Good As wed hoped ii would bul we re ruling All foe needs Quot cry for Man Aid a a Chi tens providing contributions help us with that the salvation army received 52s name hut Only about Joo it those Hove Beni taken salvation army staff member bought about Iso Gill on thursday and will buy about another iou inure cry Der Man mid the Agency Ahu can arrange for the a adoption Quot of needy families those who adopt families usually prov Ide a Holiday meal and Christ Mas gifts for family members p72472f0007i.s Index Arm Landers. By comics a Horoscope a Rufoe. A sports Bibb weather Al business. Of by Donohue by Kansas Al a stay tuned.11-110 wetting by Chicken soup by Homes. Cd Ca Market. Al Roundup. As stocks by who sup. Of classified. Cd Cio Hooper is Nason Aff Aff at sout Mast ufos. By to using by world. Aff brainless Plains Farmers struggle with dry fall by saturday december 18.1999 volume 70. Number 299 46 pages 5 sections 75 cents outbid weather and mors is at the Telegram web site taste of peking restaurant has two locations. Do

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