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Galvestonian (Newspaper) - December 7, 1841, Galveston, Texas Daily . G. Ii just u r. French editors. Tuesday december 7, 1841. Jar who do not wish to subscribe regu arly for this paper can Purchase copies at the publication office on the strand in the building formerly occupied by messes. Case & Davis. Price 12 i-2 cents. Our City charter several attempts have been or Yadeto get up a meeting for the purpose of considering this important question but As yet nothing has been done. What is the cause of this supine Ness daily nay almost hourly we hear complaints of the unequal operation of the present charter and yet the very persons the citizens in whose Power it is to alter Amend or abolish the same appear to be Tot ily indifferent upon a subject. We Are tired of hearing so much talk without see no anything done but we will always hold Ourse Hes in readiness to Aid any reasonable project that May be suggested to have the thing attended to whilst Congress is in session. We understand that the Fleet will put to sea today or to Morrow. We fear that their cruise vol be Short one but they have our Best wises of. Their Success. Commodore Moore will command in person. Bond has just received a Supply of oranges per Steamer Neptune from new Orleans. See advertisement. There Are said to be no less than two Hundred and sixty two persons classed in the census of s. Carolina As being upwards of one Hundred years of age. We have reason to believe save the Natchez free trader from some advices that a new proposition relative to the Union of Texas with this country will be brought Forward by a distinguished gentleman at the next session of Congress under very favourable auspices. What does the croaker club s in to Aii this Picayune the croaker club is a fact a thai 5 Bright must fade the splendid houses that were once in that Section of our City have been removed and the magnificent wharf that gave Promise of immense business has gone to tack and ruin and now serves to keep warm the shivering limbs of the lonely inhabitants of Sac Karap.  but times Are altered trades unfeeling trades usurp the land and the unfortunates who vested their Money in b s in that potion of our City when in y were Selling at immensely High prices now Feci that tiny have thrown away the substance to a grasp at the Shadow. Our Market is now plentifully supplied with beef perk veal and Mutton of the first . Wild game. Fish. Care in abundance and lots and gobs of vegetables. We shall give a slight sketch of a Seine that of i cured in this City a Short time since in Witch an individual what is known by the our Trucl of fool killer will holi a prominent place. Our wharves and Harbor Are full of vessels from All parti of the world and the cry is stil thy if a very Large business is not Dune by our Mer chants this season it will not to for want of goods. Capt. John Crown Lias taken command of the Steamer Victoria. A Contention of editors has blvd in the United states at which they c Ime to ii of establishing the cask s so. The is. An action which should have been taken Long up. But it is better late than a convention of the sort in this cart in would tend to Benefit our cause amazingly. Brother editors what do you think the president of the United states has recognized smite. G. Taylor As Consul f Texas for Norfolk. A. The vows of mein write on the Sand when the tide is Low. Seek the spot when the Waters flow whisper a name when the storm is heard pause that the Echo May catch the word if what you wrote on the Sand should last if Echo is heard mid the tempest s Bias then belie to and not till then there in t vows of in three a Rose on la a .4 earn at morn. Watch at eve for the Flower s return drop in the Ocean a Golden Grain Ope twill some of. I a Shore again Lithe Rose you again behold. If you a j on your Grain of Gold then believe and not till Niheu there is truth in the vows of men. For he Galveston an. Concluded ask e t c a i Plum Tuiai. Like. How Happy How very Happy. I am she . Several hours passed a deathly quiet pervaded the. Room scarcely disturbed by the gentle breathing of the Bube. Willie occasionally turned an anxious glance on the of dad face before him at length As if to assure himself he Bent Over her her breathing was not perceptible he placed his hand on her heart but could not feel its movement on her pulse it had Censed to throb then he Bent Over her and As he pressed a Long and lingering kiss on her lips the icy chill told full plainly that the spirit of that erring but repentant one had passed gently away. Willie had the body of his wife removed Here and in three months from her death suffering and sorrow had done its work and he slept by her Side. Cora. Commercial. Port of a l Vest on. In i or at a u i Asp Riby Oit in Northern cud a a Terri Sce a . But we s to i five in a. Thai t incline. O u lie in South of. I Ciplet s Aja n. R r Ince is Aire Coci Pouniu t Iii i High duties upon Thi in silk. Wings and the j papers of that country n e aces six the am a Ica i it appears Tipett. The whole people of i liberally world in a stale of and nothing will satisfy t pm but a War a Long and bloody War which i Aven fore and recorder Bertus of new Orleans sent a gentlemanly looking Man to prison for wearing a knife and loaded pistol. It is a pit that the same course is not pursued in this City. According to the regulations establish Al by the Secretary of the Navy of the United states then us Pachios. A. Of the officers in the in Ted states Navy have been considerably reduced. What a pity it is but we Are mum All is again quiet in China. The British and american merchants continue to reside at Canton the chinese Ware actively employed in repairing the liver and Garriso Ning the fortresses which were not entirely destroyed by the English. The City of Marion is being rafted Down the Mississippi to a place called Hannibal. This rather comes it Over our old Friend Lewis who has Beon moving Sac Karap for the last six months piecemeal on wheels. We should like to hear something of the Mary Gogets affair. The police of new to k App in to be at fault a this Mattey although they a 0.\. Their a of being Guilky of treason perhaps has never a Ter cd the Heads of the unfortunate a id misguided men who have assumed the ollic.6 r Gilito s and moderators in some Eastern counties of this Republic. They have no doubt had Groat cause of complaint. From the very ineffectual manner in which the Laws have been carried out an i from Whit we can learn of in matter their intentions in the fint place were Good but in the blindness of their Zeal for what they consid de the Public weal they have overstepped the Bounds of right and Subserve the principles of Good order to their own injury. The object of the formation of the regulators in the first place upon the bound v. Was to secure the peaceable inhabitants of both countries from the depredations of a so of villain who were in the habit of stealing in on country and seeking Refuge in the other the regulators on both sides were pledged to armeit and hand Over to Justice the criminals taken within their respective jurisdictions to the country where the crime had been . But Uliey have lately gone so in a to oru Rol not Only the 1 v.r. His ads but old an 1 respect Abb. Horse be. I e i Nieves a and us i e heavy i rests i i the country an Uio Are always struck a number of trails they Hai e not come a Pon i aiiu1.u, Vujih and thes circumstance the right Quarry.  in Hiu. Ome Iee Ary for the Judi by to vers to the editor of the Picayune laughs at the idea of j take had of the matter with a determinate spirit ditch a died with he utmost rigor of Bedient to induce the Northern Pap a to Preh artire. J the Law As a example to others of the same Chirac a there re but few rho have courtly enough to \ Ter who arc to excite similar outrages do so without deman Ling the publication of a column or twin of Mattei sack aha we paid a Vino i Nis a. Non of our go Odlav to \. A Day or two sine i i Dos Olav App Amati a in Tiht m Totri Lyo. Ihu the mutability of Huiyun of Iii \ Utlz Mere two years ago ii i Minishi d nil throne n d bade fair to b a most i Busy part four City limits but now As i take my solitary funds. Amidst thy Tang a Wal is. And grounds. A Here once the cottage stood. Refl a Moran wakes withal her Busy train. Swells at my breast and turns the Pas o in other sections of our Community. Sensible to the. Last. 7 he editor of a paper Down East in the state of new i Hampshire has the following in one of his papers As a leading article. A no editorial this week. Era on jobs moral better earn an x by hard labor and get it than to spend a in spoiling paper to Irma Ovi Aik from the in Tai bitter world Vav air i guard it Auiler jul a Bre Atli la Dun Tae a Ein i it no sir. 1 cannot poor baby Date is not to blam a but if it Lead not been Tor her 5ojdj a won id not Siivo left tic 1 should not have Boj i a Ems arable heart broken Man. No sir. 1 wish tie poor Well but 1 cannot see 1 ceased to Trier a a Tel left him thankful that 1 had i availed with him to re ump i. Daily labour As i knew from experience occupation was the cure for a mind ii was nearly a year after that time that 1 was writing in my Library when Willie was shown in he was evidently much agitated he was deadly Pule and big in is of perspiration stood on Bis brow. In a Lew words he told me he had rec Iyul a letter from Sophy who wrote him she was Dyanand implored him to come with their Clubland bestow on her his forgiveness e or it was too late. To want sir. To borrow a horse from von. No stage goes until to Morrow and i must not delay. 1 will take my Little girl in my arms Ruul we will by travelling All night beat Blankson by to Morrow no Willie that will not do. You will Kili the child i will take Yon in my Carriage and my or Csc in i be of some cond Ori if Oor Iod Basss \ on Vas Allih poor of could say. We Wen non no Way. My Coli Mio i shop not. Moved not until late in the the Carriage stopped at the door of a Small mean House in the suburbs of the City. I allowed my in nil who with his c5iild in his arms walked into the room a the further end of which stood the sick woman s bed. Willie exclaimed a faint and broken voice and you have come of you Are too Good and my babe lie spoke not but kneeling Down Laid the sleeping child by her Side she gazed fondly ii in and pressed her lips to its brow and Cheek. Tell me do you can you forgive such a wretch ? Sav you forgive me Willie before 1 die freely Sophey so help me god in or of i have been very very miserable since i left you my Home he was unkind 1 told him once you had never been unkind and he struck me to the ground Willie started convulsively i could not Bear that and left my. 1 thought 1 would go to you and perhaps you would let me be your servant for i dreamed not of being any thing More to your pare heart-1 knew you never again could love me. I walked All the Way. And i heard that you would not see my poor baby so then i thought How bitter you must feel to me and then 1 could not come to you but 1 looked in at the window one night and of you looked so wretch i. Thai i longed to throw myself at your feet. Id crave your forgiveness but then 1 h Ard Tito chill cry and you Start a find looked Oil so like that last dreadful night she ease sex hoisted. And almost faulting. 1 came Loward and insisting on perfect silence and repose urged Willie to leave the room. Lie would not comply for Sophia wildly caught his hand saying she could not sleep if he left her. He seated himself by her Side for a time she seemed absorbed in silent prayer then opening her eyes she said i Trust by months of penitence and deep Timil ligation i have made my peace with god -1 cannot doubt it was that you have forgiven me. I have hut one More wish she hesitated while the Rich Colour of former Days mounted to her brow calling Back vividly the memory of her girlish Beauty. Arrived. Dec 6-Schr san Bernard. Departed. None n. Orleans freights. To Houston per barrel measurement goods lumber per 1000ft, from Houston Cotton per Bale from Columbia do from Sabine pass do to Velasco 60 50 10 5 00 50 1 50 1 50 5 00 $1 00 1 25 from new Orleans per dry barrel do. Wet do. Do. Measurement goods 20 to new Orleans Cotton per Bale 1 50-do. Barrels 1 00 passage. To Houston 5 00 to Columbia 10 00 spew corrected regularly on the arrival of the packet. Syrvie feel Rangoon England do Paris Prem 2a3 13.4a 11 5f 5a7" la s. Do new York & Boston it sight. 2 1 2 a3 do 60 Days 1 l-2aldis do Philadelphia at sight 1-2 do do go Days ia2dis. A. D slates tit usury notes 2 l-2a3 Prem i in cold. 3a4 Prem .��i.dgns. $4 95a$o 00 Iii ish doubloons $16 62 l-2u8l6 75 r . $15 87 l-2al6 25 in current Mon y. D is Sou it United states Bank notes Elii Ilici 3 Dank Post nou-3, Aat Criez Sirrien Kitral Post notes l Ort Gibson Post notes Kodney Post notes Manchester Post notes Clinton and fort Hudson Crand Gulf Alabama state Bank and branches Virginia and South Carolina Kentucky. Indiana and Ohio Illinois Tennessee Banks Arkansas Lake Washington Georgia. Augusta banking and insurance co Bank of Brunswick and branches Bank of Augusta Augusta bunk of the state and branches. Savannah Central Railroad and banking co. Commercial Bank Macon insurance Bank of Columbus Macon Marine & fire insurance Bank Savannah a mechanics Bank Augusta planters Bank Savannah Monroe Railroad & banking co. All other Banks Uncur rent Money. Worth per Dollar. Mississippi Union Post notes 30a36 Mississippi Railroad Natchez 12mos., 20a25 commercial and Railroad Bank Vicksburg 20a25 30a35 20a23 15a 20 12 1 -2a 15 5 30a35 30a 35 5a6 Pai a3 3a 5 3 l-2a6 6a7 28o32 40a50 10al5 i0al5 10al5 10al6 10al5 10a 15 10al5 10al5 10al5 10al5 60a75 25a40 Bank of Vicksburg Vicksburg Vicksburg water works to Bigby citizen s Bank of Madison county real estate Bank Hinds county Bank of Lexington Texas Treasury notes Texas Bonds 30a35 15a20 10a 15 12 1 2al5 15a20 20a25 12ial5 17a 20 trustee s Sale. Republic of Texas of y virtue of Power county of Galveston. Invested in Rne vested by a certain deed of Trust made and execute Edby d n. Terheun on the 22d Day of March a. D. 1841, to secure the payment of two notes of band Given by said d. N. Terheun and bearing even Date with said deed of Trust one for $600, Prayab e to a. Barron on or before the 1st 4ay of May a. D. 1841, drawing six per cent interest and one for $ 1000, payable to Sarah Lewis arid Wil wish affection her lip and brow. She smiled faint there has been a hew invention made in new Orleans by an Engineer in the shape of j a Bire engine which can be worked by ii. A either men or horses and
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