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Galveston Weekly Civilian (Newspaper) - April 6, 1871, Galveston, Texas Itaf Tot civi1 Jan to Quiri de ii Tair Saiy Willith i tier Leader or. Bur Ccuin but lpns etly with their Dupo. The Soini quient Reci i cd with . Be uts adv Niji i r.  to r. -. ". Ftp t a 4�l i i ,"1 . A joint. A ii / a Fotz pain Ofa a a i Kwiw i adder to Poitr i j Iii Suthun a i. Ivill be it Drill 7 a of or Ina thrum Fri Istl in re tit Suntup. I a Ian a foul i All it five a Ives a copy. 77?/ Tut veer of Cini xxx rub it. and fridays. If matl. One fear $10 tfx Job Ali in the i i Ual cd Kim Wii Iri in he laced Uttz a pm t Irir Arr ice. Of ,.nn in Fri. Ten trill be prompt big on Rdna. J /�veut1semexts to Mon Liberal item. Add i All i . Stuart & co. In Rimton. Tern. Wednesday april 9. 1-71. Lulfs j i Ita Crit. A of its \ to i Cul i a Isidor to or file i m in Itin a May inns of a Poji Iii t. It a he r i . The Daiji find i f irardi.i1 i Nerly untenable by the american carnal Ion cars and. Ini ii tit Tite United i uts arc willing to Cunt Clio Liberal terms of reciprocity Iii through that thu c my Mission win find la in a Complete dead lock. Tibia quite unfortunate in View of the fact thai the Fishi Sisr seas pm open in two or three Mouths when the Bill i a no it acts of the last season Are Likely to be resumed. If the commission fail to come to any conclusion on this question it believed that it will not to the Alabama a Aims a the bound iry question. The Wisconsin legislature who i did not Bear a High a reputation among its last acts was the passage of a Bill to improve t i Lippi a Kiver which the governor vetoed on the ground that it passed by corrupt Means. Bribery was distinctly Pic in in the scheme and the whole members of the Assembly. The 1 Diecy use seem to have been so general that no attempt was made to censure any members or to hold to ice Rasponi ii for the bribe charged. Forty Miles n d in it a a no. Like Mil cat so 111 Oil Urix Lun Flis Lluc ill Onti 1u9 Sioui. Juicy a toils any men Over to Titre. Waii air i la unit May Liao in a the Shatio of Fauvor or infliction ont silo of tas. In tit shiite i Vicy Well Vry in Iio Vrr any Foj irs. Siml ii Var even tin sop. I a jts Sui of rho share Tanoh n Al in Mii a i h tin pro i a i Ivon t he Plains. Oaly Iliff to no by la a ii int the of a not r Art -iv�1, until Yon Manivo i eur Flie lick a Matoi. Tud Jed i Chi Fawny in june except Chi a a Iii. Ribb ii i if wild Rye grows a Vonjj a a i my for tvs i own dry d Init a there any no Trot ont All. be Mere thread Al Oil a tins a Tiliti Acibo Lien it there. Oids to rows int sleek in above the barely ski Ellice to the ii erect Bear of Iii nor from drink tin in Tor. Aii it was absolutely warn Iii with fish. A Youa lady of our part hooked ii cat Weir Iii forty . A Strau Ijo it seemed i by ill of Gin Ihnn Iii Dissert. Atho soil a Atonic Tho Concho Plains paso in Xci Plexico they Are Tiro Adir they will Suji it a a Eiiseo population. And even Risu Broad Borders of desert Between the Viand the sierras useless they nov Suta will support Many thou Santos of Hep or. Better still Angora croats. The i Beans Beek on a Row in and. Lignin nearly All summer yielding a Ali save Etish n j Liki cider pumice Ani when they Ripen Rev Are oily. A id in a Ruand up by Tho Indiana Ami i Muir in i Tuaila. A a peeves c Picerne cabled a Palpa be i Kiwi Voutir live times a year and vory Fattini it for cattle a Oil tin pm Jande liottoni.-, sold 1.200 from a Sinskie i of Liis i uss during one season a Stai e line. Lie tween lid Iii vat and the Sabine in Kastern tex4, Thoro Are extensive belts of i no Fortis a Boob i Havo never been riddled. Tint reus Are Alt tall onily in like All sets of Oaks in Texas a which seem to be Sas Tive to the terrible North ers with Law there Are Contemp nitty Quatty. Then All the Uplands of the Avash Ita and k a liver arc full of Lusty Pines. Except Here ind there Plain re Dias them Down around him Little. Siee. There Aroi Lenty of Post Oaks in Texas. far West Tho Colorado but in Osic of the i Only two or three the burglars tied through the rear of the Biu id Iii and . D. Connecticut. Hartford april 4. Twelve towns unheard from but if counted last year will elect Jewell by i majority of votes. Kelloff elected to co Irest by Tifty three majority. The Timis Democrat claims to election by majority. The a on rant i Republican claims Jewell election by 37 generally Sotl. generally cuts of Petty knotty at that. Lila Elisii inters ii i id with Flag merits de to Geilier in the lower portions. Which .1 Anie Kiili sent would Jesro Deco Twenty bushels of wheat per acre if it Only bad water. This famous desert Wing to Upland plateau Between the Concho and re Pecos has a different vegetation from the Concho Plains consisting mostly of a very Low Heather. Unav Sre Elisii and not very prickly and j Bayonet 1 t Oen foe tvo Hundred Miles j. Have said before Theio net a tree nor Inisi Ali idler than two inches. Tho air ache Meiji gains will furnish plenty of fuel and untoward Al paso Are said Only a space of two Hui Ted Miles where fuel will not be found cose at hand and even on these Plains especially along the Pecos of Niesi Iuit ii Fis could Bov that was so plainly the Cigis Latnrop. Messes. Plainly and Flanagan of Tho joint Coin Nii Iee appointed to take into consideration inc ii inputs proposed by the House to i the Bill to authorize counties. Cities and towns to Aid in the construction of Rai fronds and other of internal improvement have recommended that the Senate recede from its disagreement and concur j at Lical Cieck toil in Michigan. The 1w amendment we icon la Rill jul l0 am u tll0 col reads follow provided that r a ,.,i., ,. I ,.i Tiitu Iliou of so to make no Bonds Khali be issued or Dona i  .i,a.-.-�� valid certain Railroad Aid to Nils i tto ii . Under the provisions o i ,. A   i ,.i a a. A. A a a 1 ,. Issued by municipalities was de this act except Lor such portions. ,t. in i.   moated Hiro Moarity. 1 no of the work in Aid of which it a ,. I. T a j. J i Venale of the state has proposed to Issue Bonds or make a.,   ii. A i i another re0uiion to submit sub donation shall have been Coin-1a., ii Strauli Salv tiie same proposition it Clad at inc tip my when the Kudsia i \ i 1 a to the pc uple. The proposed makes Vali d Only the Tindal .n.-s. Or pains i Lia Youet. i a vast Ileal of. Uie Bini in the night look precisely like coma ii grabbed Pat no great expense. At Al Viies Wilb frightful big Heads of feathers most any of a tort a along the Road you Lav see Enid Nous Ricks of t Lusse tools blanching in a i when to first c Bright Moonlight. By Ilire Tion. Line upon out f it la his revolver drawn indeed in the i which Havi been grabbed by mexican in. Of our men Efluri Cal peons and which the of ricers often prefer to the Boilini and branches of such Trees the i of a cos. Hove Var. Aro of Raspin stabbing Brambles Bushes which 1 Conn Concho and the 1 c i grow out. There. They make Adenir wonderful 4 Ortheim Able. Fuel and scratching and f secondly. Tics will have to to carried u thirteen kinds of Westward from Marshall and the Sabine 11 u l to say Noth the Road advances to Supply most of tin Al Varosi ies of Cactus there i Tho line for a distance of say live Bun i.,-port i ii e which j dred Miles. A Point that distance i d with i be most internal thorns West of 1 think they will prob it single one stinks with the com j ably find it Ali Cahier to bring them East i Euc vol game and Ouida. J Ward from tin Apache mountains about Art issued or donation the committee a recommend that the Senate do not concur but that the House recede from the amendment which reads a failure to comply with any of Tho provisions of this act or a preliminary to the Issue of Bonds shall be taken notice of by purchasers thereof and shall Render such Bonds and any coupons attached thereto null and new Bills Are introduced daily and but be w old ones disposed of thirty new ones mostly to her pirate private companies were introduced yesterday. Among them was one to incorporate Bra navigation company and one to Amend the charter of the Bolivar Point and lied River jail was Rrt from a Lii Rottova r buds already issued and provides that the stale Thall not. Be made liable for the action of towns. Point tie acc to Sherman. Grayson county. Lit be Progress has been made on the Public school Bill from the conflicting views of members. The subject the of the Day for to Morrow. The Bill to incorporate Galves Ion. Jefferson and lied River Railroad company has parsed the. I Juit. The news from France such to sicken the friends of Pace and human happiness civil War if rot anarchy still rages. The accounts of the Progress of the a inflicting parties Are contradictory but indicate the Early sup pression of the Paris rebellion. The accounts mostly represent Paris to be reduced. The English papers Are full of reports. Londo i it stated that i re y different military and civil organizations Havo signified their intention of Lak i Tig part in the a German peace Celebration in new York on easier monday. In addition to the procession during the Day there will be a general illumination in the evening by All who claim Germany for their it Sherlund. The scientific american says it now impossible to construct a birr Friar proof Safe for the Thiel. Hardware. E. S. Wood. Mixed jury in Philadelphia. -. I 111.aof.u a apri 1 4. A Whilo Ina Wuy committed to jail for refusing to serve on a ii a with a negro,1 a Kwh . April 5. Pour super file Oij Lii xxx ski 7,r� xxx 7. Oats. L la. To.  i to. Hav $�,1 pork 21 of. Bacon 94, 10j to 11 Jesu . Niolas Gea whisky and, Sivkim ooi., april 5. Cotton Dull Uplands of to 7-jd. Orleans 7j to 7jd- sales 10.000 Bales. New Voitk april 5. Gold 110j. Exe Hango unchanged. Cotton steady Aud in fair demand sales yesterday Balos on spot -1000 on contract. Good Ordinary Pic Low middling 12ic fiddling l5c. -1 Moke take. House or a p. Sonier a co 1-, ii Mcston april 5, 1s71. 2 p. Of my Rienzi a a i to american a i ver. 107j oils Sigil Cheeks or 2cew i Ruiu. Giuld Pri Iai lit Coli rfcs a new boric Parn 121 a 124.stjtand St.121 123 Galveston Texas. Tmpoe.ternn-l.wholes3ledob Erin English x and american hardware nails castings w00dex Ware  a paints oils  Glass Iron steel blacksmiths Carpenter Ond Farmer supplies a fall and Complete Supply of the following celebrated Cook stoves Buck Patent american. Magnolia Cotton Plant Southern Bell and Delta. Tho celebrated american took the Gold medal at the pirate Texas sue fair. Miscellaneous. Assessor notion. Ned prepared to Tako the assessment of property Tor Stato and county taxes for 137j. Of Leo opposite Postol fice. R. D. Johnson �mar29 def f Asfe Sor precinct no. 4. Sale of town lots at ii Arne Texas i 1 International Anil to Central Kalawur c rum Nick. Prown lots in Jle Urne can to Prohn ii 1 on arid lifter thursday March the 30tli, upon Rippli Calim to the on the grounds a the lots offered for salts include tucked and a prominent Qader of the Ger away in fion of a Little Lake with aug of onh not Rij Ami to bind l i Liere one most diabolical Liudi which the mexicans a Call , which has no leaves whatever and nothing else but immense horrid Given thorns which Iii july Illuv oin out with Pale White Lowers so that they look like old fashioned spindles Lull of Cotton yarn. Hut these thorns hate Hel the air wonderfully clean and Clear. 1 wrote in my journal and read a to Luuri of bourgeoise from the new o i.ii-,u if .1 Bilalo Lay on t in mummies and. Were ii not for the Rainy season they would be imperishable the. Earth itself. The 1 ecos. At Llor Sehzad crossing probably like most hideous and the Insor dismal River on Earth. It. just like a canal Only three or four rods wide a Anil rushes swiftly in its writhing Channel right through the Phum without airy Trees along its shores. All its Banks Are whitened with the. Gina Tilfor even the , those foil lest of All Loul creatures Slink Road. I Ort Valerie cannonade Tho sickened and away irom j rear guard of the nationals entering the Ebosi hideous Regio of death the vast j Valley Between i Leleaux and Riuz Orival. Drove of rattle after crossing live staked j some detachments arc retreating in a Dis a Lains seventy live Miles without water. \ . Rushed into the tools of Erysal Alkali i there Are conflicting versions. Quo and drank until they fell dead in their says they arc surrounded. Another says ise Liui ired headlong into the they it levied a Junction and turned Al Taso say Oie bundled and Tifty tiles at any rate soon Tho Kio Orande Valley readied i think no Elnoro tic will be transported ave Stward and that t he Apache and Oregon mountains will Furi Iise a Supply Tor about one Hundred and fifty Miles generally not Over thirty Miles Distant. There Are cottonwoods enough along the Kio Grande to Lay a a life trait but it would be. A pity to destroy them. The mexicans Aro very saving of them. Telegu Ophic Istance. A 1 Altos Ajril 4 yesterday 100,000 nationals with Ido guns marched via no tronge. Jossy and Beimly for ,j?6rc a ii licit. Tired upon Neuilly. And the try Iii Byitte try skeletons of Ries at Meillou cannonade the nationals Lote and rave ii j Plebon Chinig irom Lyssy they sail Esteki scams hip Clyde Kennedy. S ton mild p Josephine Tripp stenmsiipvj"6? Tripp. Tonii ports. From new Orlean ptts Sec kinship Morgan-000 sacks Corn 5 sacks Coll be 100 sacks bran 10 Hhd sugar 50 Bales Hay i to bids whisky 300 bbl flour. Specials. Sec advertisement of or. Clutts dispensary , Cook for Tho million marriage guide in another column. It should be read by All. Au5diwly mention where the. Majority of the ver i Sailles army concentrated. During the operations of Tho right there was a Tierce eng a revient Between the artillery to arts Terr on Mario Mutulo i. The nationals loss Beavy. The Al Tho prisoners i they took imn ii i Atida. Lic Gerot Aud Klong i Man democratic part or be fiilds. Koth patents have teen granted to Julio follow in Vitiz t,.s of = Jos. Ii. Norris Fonston rotary plow Jos. R. Norri Houston of a i j i i i of Ine Kaiim i i Iii a Canon ii Fui Naco Lor producing Hydrogen this Vujih a by an . And treated ores. Reported killed and a or. Boat right badly injured on of at night say that saturday la.= to daring Tiiu storm in the attack of the National on Tho Colorado 001 11 to.  government Force has been Well Tea Man i a 1 i thousand meet nil Tho while in the Bot iwo men named Empson were i Tom a so r Lvin ,.h sustained with powerful artillery. 1 was made on the left of the a Jis Dpi Mundon. A which succeeded in a Short Limo in the government guns. The excitement in the City in Len to Mise of i t. On the in Texas c l Vic 11. J of i. Ens formed a june Tiomi Ato have Iii arched u Versailes. Aug Tiger dispatch says Duval Taitl Louii formed a Junei Ion . And were by Valerian. , the men being Sheet eth i k a concer Teil and successful Livov Euleut was n Lade by which they "jnised1 the line Anil in arched on Versailles Lic Gerot had two horses Killik ideation with the out Side Cut Olf i Only ns1 being. Admitted. A on sunday morning 2wi National guards Iii Reed on , Whie. They were met by Ocie Daruis Ahdi arcs Forest hers a Captain of the latter galloped up waving his Cap intending to address4lie com in units when a x have woh that body shot bin dead. A general then followed. Tho Sci Darini a timid ii be tins fort Rhiver �nt0, a kps.0�.c, so 0 a. Of a Tycho Wro not. Have of ast Peutl More than a vol Oulu Diatel. The guns of Lort \ Alenen swept the Road and tiie. Communists tied. Twenty live insurgents were Killel and in airy wounded. A the. Nalio a re first driven into coir Bevolie but wire shelled out. Tiev made a stand at 3ltnilly Thridge where if in others would give or. syrup to Ali car children when sick mortal to -. Would Lessen a in one them it costs Only 25 cents. Moro than 7 011,000 people bin Rte Titony to Tho wonderful curative Powers or or. Pierce Alt. Ext. Or to Olden medical discovery. For pitl citation or Irreg Ulyir notion of the Henrt nil a Severon acute or Lif Goring coughs and for liver Coin in ii it or Diqiu Funess it Uduc quailed. Sold by All druggists. dead to Green strip of Prairie Between honeycombed with ,re dogs and riot pfc. Behind it a Gray Gram i e Vail lowering almost a thousand a t perpendicular there a most i Able natural provision for a Railroad pass to wit a Valley or strip of Plain Twenty Miles Long by live wide Lei right Down across the. Backbone of the Inonu Faiu. Tin each Side of the. Range there a Canon leading up so that the ears if Leel ii will walled i i Pirp Eudicia Palisades a Hui nerd fee causeway. At fort i Javis which i Railroad wiil ascend we soil betimes a. Basalt like Leigh like the the High a a a Sweet potato "aniens., and the scattered ado lie houses Wii ii constitute tin sort Are i i Dellit Groves of Cotton three Yea tune to Folio Lei route ius ago it was my to i i to Thiny Seroni 1 the you intent. Vicki Hurt to los aii re for aral Frorup cios in company with a Irani of texan emigrants. Kasterin Texas nearly to the Triu inv. Of termination of Hie ils Fly 1,-lls. Which Are Cwi ii i-g.i.and Tho Prince of ols a " Larivie a body o revolutionists in with a Tine Rube Iii he Loo 1 Sla Sarij. Tiie number of killed enor Moth and Trio excitement in the neighbourhood of Saint 0on"i3 greatly increased. The difficulty of suppressing the in increases every hour. The times correspondent gives the following . The situation Bornet with 15.000 Man was completely Cut off then flour. was purposely permitted to effect a Junction so that Flourens and , with 35,1 00 Toetu must surrender or Light at the greatest . Tho daily news confirms the route of the insurgents who proved to be great blustering Coward and expected that the Garrison of fort a Crien would fraternize with them. Accounts received it Washington say two corps of insure Unis advanced toward Varso Wilc. One via Mendon Aad Chatillon Tho other via Neutill. Both Wero routed with heavy loss and Gustave flour was killed. The troops whose Coj Kecici defection cons Titu died the Hopes of the in Tir cents and who g Loris one forts "vanvre Atid his fired in to inc insurgent troops. \ the government forces have or . A aces mered i like Iron a. I my which tinctures Many spirit i slightly Chalybeate j this a Goodsoil for Cotton and there i arc strapping Large men living among these Hills taller than on the 1 Windy Prairie ?. A in Tilber of Tho old j Texas in Antr old i that j when they a re a i was i not a Man in the. Regiment tighter than one Hundred and eighty pounds while a majority went Over two Hundred Pound. The Texas Prairies have some level hog Wiltow ditches Buttaro mostly rolling n l and grow constantly More so of from i Ort Davis to  bum ired ii nes of Valli i again Oreed Loie ire. They went wit Iii the a tie but were l lir ii. In Engstli Jinil Ioco Toiny. These tin co lire coins Tiu l in poo Ley Wall known Yoast i of dvrs. Euch catering its it free from any die terms or injurious sub lances die purity and strength of each article Muiir anti cd in Tom nil one Pound of ii Oley powder will lust two third longer in the culinary than the vast r. To _. Let Nical. Convenient to inv a in Tho , and unit Arsiel pro i ices Light und elegant Load. I or.iie by . Irir 0 a Judi read carefully. Ague fever. Ibe Only prove Tivo known for chills and fever cd the use of Wolfe sch i train a Chrappa. of july i i not for Kessler Philadelphia wagons the Best 13 usf., to a plows. Fairbanks Scales i Stox circuit a saws m0lixe plow. And  Doty washing machine. Mari l. Notice Rathe office of Ila Wiloby Kew York and Galveston use of Sto Ameri has been changed to 9-1 Stral. Over the Storo of Somerville u Dave. J. It. Sawyer. Agent Tai Vestah. Jin Racli ii. 1s71-Dtf no. R10al estate. _ real estate Agency of to i in. Shea 18 strand. Galveston Tox . S splendid two Stoky residences financial. new York a to new Orleans for Sale by Ball. Hutchings a to m. Kopperl i it Llund some c htnge., and unimproved build ing lots for Sale in every Section of the City also Gobi o Island and boy Market farms. Great bargains Wil l by by this Beautiful and Valga blk pronck7t. In attention Giren to rent in blouses leasing lots faring in. January 3d, is71-2w___ offs 7, Tex a. Agency of landed estate Tor a xeas1no, and Sale or improved and unimproved property on Galveston Island and other Point through outs tie state. Sam Maas Jun Leif Lvi 5toc c o m m i a i o n merchant strand Galveston. Eor Sale. For Sale. Y farm about mile and a half from town fronting on of ii. A 11. A Railroad containing forty acres of land at out Twenty acres Are under Fence ten of which in vegetables and highly manured the a Good two Story House with four rooms kit Chari a blocs eid Tern a to. Also my farm on the Island Contti ining one Hundred and fifty acres. With two Story Alouso five rooms Gall Ivy a Allun Dir Fence and in Tho highest state of Cui Tiva tin two list crus Liuo Orchard of oranges. Lemons peaches l Lanui a. Tho above property will be sold Low and the attention of those who desire the Advan-tngc3 Poss in cd Nti ovo a a Uuie cited inv Ltd Tseou ii argan Fet Obyn flown boy i Sherwood or to myself a residence on Tho i Island. C0kxel1us o Coxx Oll j.in2 def i insurance. Galveston insula a co Stock company capital All paid up in Cali $100,000 Mirer. Albert Ball. M. Koppekin. Aug. Butt ail. Pre ident Vive president. Secretary Wolfe d ././-7�.s Sriri Elikim i i of l f t Tioila. Cheap Homestead lot5 or or Sale. Sundry Bligh ground lots on. It Atli nil 11 avenues unil filth strict from $300 lot part on time. Nug def. Sam Maas hits the Vaili City and shut l Ruokis did not the National Al tempt to follow iheni., lost 2ui.i. A i -.-.april i the army of Mii mines i Aris and Oiler Estah wished in a rain sea Ain. Marshal has in in i in of the Vreneli army. saved i in these . S sri Milam to Jet i id for All urinary complaints. _ Rolfe scion i in l recommended 1 y nil die Wolfe schnapps 51, i for a Lii and pain in tic St Tomieh. Wolfe Schiedam Sci Apps a imitated Malv counterfeited and purchasers  ii in in lit ton in Piir . Will t Neil leave to Call Tho attention of the x Reader to tvs in of iia a favor of the fell i icel bound to say Liat j Tegard your a bling in every acct i c Meiai in Nelv pure a my desc Viper of medical at All. Events it the purest a Osibe article of Douai Eflin. Lier Etol Oro unattainable and . Such May be safely prescribed by David i.-. M0tt. M. Pharmacy Tikal clip Tuisl Xuwu York. City or . Marieh Eie Eloral Liberty Lull has Jia Seii Tho Collar i arties Eoin Hini d. Against Wiir to Al her before. The. Mexican refuse to sir art1 the re of a in reach the Colorado which Tledni Al i poorer Tolian the last until ill line Between Heui and the Plains litre 1st t " i i Hin lint travel. Tit a thick stratum of Limestone under the Prairies every Ali re. And crimm., a a lunar the Edos of the , and in Taitis Bijj Many fossils. This Liin soil accounts for the excellent wheat which the texans their slovenly system of culture and i i the Tillis of i even with i Mill Here Are very treat. Heat and tin in Tho Valley of the Limo Crande. Tho River Hottois vary from half a mile to three Miles in Width Zoitl red with Puii Tlescrt of r Ravel and Are of a Roii Irish Reihli. Leolor f i tile. 1ml he irrigated there Cotton not much Crown on the lir Iiri i in oct a " 1l y Rovf of vast spreading of tree Asrani Prairies there Are few i la Wols re or the River. My thickets except in the. Onanow n i Row Imd inem air together with the Borders of streams  just attacked Tho insurgents Iid a a Ccoy and Cju Iplie Success Antic itt u. In inc Assembly at Thiers in won rom aids on ii p Tate of of Tho rom a live kinds. Slinns you go West the Groves if Quatty Post Oak cover a third of the soil hut so thinly that ten a arc full of rank bluish grass called Post Oak Gross. Tho Sainoi note suit Man Varia Tiv for there grows chiefly on Trie richest River hot Tonis Intel tsp used with Niesz Iii Bushes. This gnus fatten the Best beef without any Exco Tiou 1 have Ever tasted. In the Valley of the Liazos and further West occur Many of those singular Terra Cal knolls of Limestone Peculiar to avs Toni Texas Many of them have these terraces or Steps almost regular common Meiji if. Fire Nishino the goats but there almost fair. Stait i Benesics on their slopes there a Good Deal of first class Bot even far West .th� a i certain on a in it Lii "u,1\ava thu principal de a Pei Dence i cattle. And ton. Do. Hour lord i \ ,. A Manili Keiit Yta-iin-i-ro.\, a Iii 3. V the Nikuni Sipal elect ions in f Dino far heard from resulted Loi lows . I ii Lieari a Jiin Cratie Alliance. Or Akron Lleti. Except Tho marshal Canton a ctn. Vlassi Leon sep. I ii Eyrtis Reform and Teri tier i no i St Iliili Vit a Al l.iys�---. N Hannh. Lav Yoke april 1.0 daring at tempt a made yesterday to Rob the Central l arks savings i Ank. Throe men enter etl and Locking the front door bound Anil gagged the Teller. 1 these River lands along the. Kio Rande or. Ellison Ami proceeded triple the i fort Hoy Are always certain of a Supply i Safe. Or. Al adding okie if the directors j of water for Itri Gaiyok and above i j ii n ing the door locked broke it i i we plenty of Beans for no grass. Up about Al paso it wonderful Low thick the mexicans live on these Mere skies of Bottom Lii id. And their face Saro All Jilin Irnel shiny showing Good living. Al 1 Aso nearly seven Miles Long but principally due very strangling Street. Pear Trees grow to an enormous size but the fruit Small and Pue cry j likewise apples. But the wheat and onions make up for everything else. They also produce wine from the Black Sueur to grapes which quite palatable but Beady. A but that which continually astonished me was the multitude of the inhibit ans in these Long struggling villages. They Couk i not All possibly live on the products of these Mere strips of Bottoms cultivated in their miserably shiftless manner if it were not for their flocks of goats. When a Railroad put through Here and men Eoanu into Possession of Arizona. The two part ies combined against the a re election of Juarez Are willing to pre vent it Oil iut by Iii pipe -tlir.4 it Cuini Kim Dirtct-.--Frum-.thc.fivc-Torio-, in Lind. . Mav 1ii, of evil div 1 tily i Rome " Schnapp " i a relic by air Cli Ronic Ca nun Plain Etc i Lake i cat pleasure in Hearin credit to its Eitriem a dial in Tho diseases for Ivsich you Rev urn mend it latin a nut u nil tendency to the mitc mis Urf Iti with a Sligh Ronreo of , i regard it one of Tho most ii Pertant Roiti Oisiu in Chron ii catarrhal a elections particularly those of the Niinisto or by apparatus with Imi Cli resp t servant Cuba a. Lavas m. Xet York 20 piss. A i Kkt. N. Y., nov. 21. 1s6t. Room Uii Lokk a to i have it Imide a Cheri Icid t Taini Caiiou if a Sample of your a Schiedam or lapps with the intent of determining if any foreign or a injurious sub stance had Boon added to Uio simple distilled spirits. Tho examination has resulted in Tho contusion that the Sample contained no poisonous or harmful and mix Tare i Havo been Lini Blu to Lis Over any Trace of the Dele Siriotis sub stances which tire in the ulu iteration of Lii i i. I Tould not to Silete to use myself or to recommend to Withers for medical purposes Tho Schiedam schnapps an oxi Colleni and variety of i Iii. Viv respectfully yours signal c11as.a. So icily chemist. Cliifmlcat.--.a5d Iti Chucai Laurat Finvik Xet. Roi xov.-25, 1867 i ii Wolyk. Pm dear sir the undersigned have carefully and thoroughly Analysed a Yam ply of your aromatic Schiedam schnapps selected by ourselves and have found the same Freo from allo Gainie or Inorg Ganic sub dances metro or less injurious to " Ilia. From the result of our to the article Oue of , Ali Laiful a a Verai a and i Fec tune ins its medicinal k spec fully Vours. Sized Alk. Tuil l Al Cli Mist. Fax i i i. Exdell Ahu . Ath a leather raspe Stablo grocers and for Sale Hyall Druggie i. Udolpho Wolsic est., in in 22 a Zavor Stroe. F. J a 11 e d. A pm Ell director astr or bam., . T. Ailtie m. Koi i Eui. I Dyke. J. Ii. Hutchinss . He Nelky j. L. Darkoh. Olsch in Lenl litter second Kloor Corner of strand and Tremont streets .1 1 Axy or Aniced Yir accor a e with it Cuartor Audy Trow a adj to Lake Yii Lii and Sioui. M. V. , of t. Ii. Mcluhan i a Coj l. Mekeka of j. L. & a. C. Makcen & co., . Re Leary Sampson commission Mer chant . A. J. Ward or ,.v. J. Ward pc co., Gal vesti n. A b. Y . Of big ices a. Yard valves k. C. Dewey Austin. Ton. Dallas. Kisun to Tei Nolc c 0 Idis six Aie Thant French calf and Kip skins Soi in idea to 1f.k, via 11.sst.kathk11 Shok fix digs . Consignments of ii ides solicited 74 to Venty second Stii valves Jon sex d f 0 printed Pivic e list. Ͽ�v/jv2 idly a Lac a. Tif. J. C. Juki a Bankc r. 15. 1 pm 1 Lemax. Man Nava sul i. A i. -.Flint, of.Flint a Chamberlain Waco. Spilis company Bavin. Erg tinted in a Al Cordanie with the Charier granted by Tho legislature of this slate in August in 70, Aro now prepared of Issue life policies and Aro solicitous of the patronage of Tho Puli. The directors Are Well known in the of in Nui nity it r their business tart and in terrify. Which a guarantee that the affairs of Tho company will be conducted a Good Chaco to make Doney exists Foi smart boys. Our present Sellers Aro Selling from 50 to 80 papers each daily and on Sozio Daya Many 100, and cannot half Supply the demand. The profit Largo and tha business Jod. Apply his of lice. Gen. Joun g. Walker Ami Robert. Leman. Directors a. Sessums t. H. Mcmahan a. C. Me keen Leon Blum. Goo go flour nov John p. Sellers r. A. Davis " g. , t. P. White of White. To All a Sims ail policies nou forgo Tiamo after Tho payment of Ono annual Premium. Loan of nor third of Rosmi i. No charge for policy fee or Stamps Walker a Leman. 5ire a Gen 15. ii. Big. Strand. pc Stop. Ai w

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