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Galveston Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - October 25, 1863, Houston, Texas .4 of. Xxii ing edition Ress i01tst0n monday. Oct 25. L863 no. 50. Sleeve Post Xaiv Roitt la oct. 9lsm883. At the reuse it of your regular corp iia Aldo. I Giro Yott the new 9sr military author diff Are informed 0 deemed a Uaje Fiat the enemy Little Folt Ftfe tier bait the state Arsenal to of Ter boy of for Walt River. Ii or to reve Tvett a1 Fetter from Alexandria Futko Biff let be Artir recited Date of tha la to Dpi a of that Rose each a or few Wrai i a Chat taboo Bis Cape Taunton Heck weary and almost tort afro writes that Tho i Riippi the i ibid to by Tho general groans Fetn Jacl Donas Ard Berwick Bay. The state that general Johnston is very and speculation is rift a to toe attack whether at Mem p a Oral aka l before last a telegraphic despatch was Camden a/k., to the effect that Sev bid arrived at that place who left of the 14th fnet., who report Taftt Uliey fit a of the surrender of Rose Araoz with hereon the 13th and this morning Pas Ueli Lippi the Monroe stage bring Rte i id re the it troop connection naw Orleans for what Ibey May o papers. L. Obj noncom awning. Fiem and staff Coutv did. M it a j Lirl re a slightly it t we is acidic adjutant rive i co. A Fleps Vlug a a a mind glued corp j h Mccarty us aptly Roundel ser a win harsh held privates it Joe re missing w a Mouth w i Fulton. Char of j a to Putin. 0 t Rayburn. Cob scorn a no won .do4l kht.,y to to Onclo private Quia. We Roxy a Ltd Fin. J 8teventop� w b Tunnel of Napiany Cut hwvivn., Burqa a a Yng. Kii cd priv ave Ami Gregg. Severely w Ulm i a h my Etc of j Boteanu g a a us to privates 0 s Rall . Site Luly Coa Apauty a wounded and by thing priv non i c Horion 0 w re Binton Nipissing. Company a capt h Harkey remand lug kill of Erst .1 8 Iraln. Mortally wounded a , Ioco dead severely wounded-0 d Richardson. Asi Siag a Mes Cooper Aliro wounded. Company of cart to Ptter 1y commanding killed private x h Campli a. Severely wound my w 8pen i i w it Toiuo hell j a Dikio urm Sligh a Al. R or pro x a ,1 \. A t a 2 severe .1 b ge.?, a r 49. W c Jjo i 11 my Lins thl i Nivarel of l1 -,." i j a . T i a flue. Vij  ill. Fraits. Psi ilex u w i Deb t j h co f. It a us Imkin c w s no thus with a i Iraj our ton. Won it d. Heft i v Wostl Rev Seiv a . To a a mtg to Ltd a j h a Lehr to a. V�t.1v iriv Uve nor Tauv since dead w l Mccury. La Iuga a eve Jim we Ftp Cay fico top mud jul i be Okumu. A Mulder Billon aide and i t a Bryan shoulder Nii fitly h i to i n d he slightly 0 Moc Aily slightly to killed 2 wounded 12. Job u Sam s Street Roan co a killed it h s Tjart Detinan 0 v bag i Wii if j a Austin hip severe a b Toonen log severe v ii Bott Hylpa Vare i d Garrett knee severe j b Small leu i la t. My ailing b a my yes a b slew re u omm. K us Kiuei Mouate 15t Luik 3 Kab Ertron cooed a to unfit it t b 8ptt, was Elfoly anchored to fore it company f Luy Wood by inn Cote wound a ? rpt .1 a Murray no a Tiv w h Omic Shah try int blah Penn self fitly of the Mph Urh a cd severely to of Trent ind no corp j b our vie or verily leg inn up Hud Jam i Alford firm. Bil Fht , hip slug j l Brantly fun ire shot off a c Penu throw Rah i Erht heart Seeveri a t j , two Saver Elf Pir Kulm them  verely a or re Iron. It t Jack , shoulder Sli tii 11 d.uiay-. Arm slight Tou we Yijen. L4v " can by of lit j Bowman Wati it Kime u Jii j , j d Hury 1 Ivo Haugh Orp. ,.m. Mph a wounded j j a Tinson the iffy. Slight at Wislou Platov Pat i a to id severe u 11 , Arm of these North diff he a a Tho Imit Flag of a Tho Oriu Toh cer corp Jsmes Shegog ill holy wounded pro i Arm amputated 4 Barber thigh Allah Harvey Kun of Texas soldiers the Les of the 19th and 20th. actor s brio Kerr Merl Faa miw., oct. 4, 1833.$ Flet aeral command Long directs the a do list of Casu Ames of this brigade of Chickamauga with the request that vat eeg a Jox 9 Ftp enc mass aug be Elo i Uthof the stubborn a Fourage it nil Noble which they lava try borne Elva that Sociol Copit of your a stable with Oie lir dist Tot Home that to Sre a Tony Gat Trotti. By Jan a ust %.\ectftthy, a to Mayant a. A. Qew. It 01 cd a a Tea. I Tim Betta to Fly Thi Lora and Laff a d Hctor brigadier general tdcd9 Arm capt 0 Al a Gote. A. M w Pallia leg j t Ard hips. Shet itly is. A Eunolas come of slight by Ilia foot a 0 Bey notes and and thigh u if free be the Job a j Moulton i h Smith Arm. Levi Raly Aing Prev utes j w Joses i court a killed private Voun Dod private 3 w car i Crit j r Miller private k Der slightly wounded it if vate t j Van . Or water 4 r mid a killed privates j funded Light Lye privates Onson fun ice r. Mii oing and a riled private b r by Rowland ankle b6 it rms no thigh. Missing w u Owens private j 0 a mor iwo Cavan it Asa to org to Binyard. Arm re re t major j w com blog wounded slightly corp a .1 Oyes. Leg privates j v my Fluride. Missing s a Sery killed. Hanias Sod privates v Burke Lodr lab ult and John Polvado. Voipan k. Gift u oium Indinia. Killed a a town \ a Awn. 32� to jux Bsat by. J. A Agni was come o. Yield and a Alv oui ded col j a Andrew severely to Titi adj unto , sevely la hip. Company a killed vats d w to Fard Aba Kolomon 9t h Despain Fiert k j Posey. Founded. It u ii Garrison slightly the it w it Vaden slightly inf Saiid knee privates 8 midget severely 8 f a own slightly leg j Asheroft. Slut try Ihl a l x Job Mon of lightly hip w it Wolf a Jimiy. To knee. Missing Ohn h Marlon up company a wound to capt 1 Uay Deu ought Arm it w 0 Williams slightly a iut Seriruk t k piddle slightly thigh Pilaia John Smith slightly id my aug. J v scr count John c Obok John Sanders it i ill. Comp Toyd killed Sergt r h us land private c of later wounded k is Lyon so verely lev to h w Crawford verily leg priv we j r Maunee slightly Amraen and hip j r Tiv Lor slightly la Side h w Mathi severely Tatoul Der e c Wiley slightly shoulder and Idaj s l Anderson slightly hip j r a Vil severely i a fun kit j a Williams fee veil Arm and Aldo. My ing privates s car Man tue tie Wooi co Payne t j Budar arms Beno t b or girl. S Al my Obi. Co. B Kurt. Wounded it b a a Tes Erwin Rig to hand ser it g r Johnson Finger a i priv to my Hes Ali it Lynn Fo-.�. Ali is of Fri Ergo of b Slaughter Prev Tea Hoil l id do John Godsby. Co . Corp w p Oldfeld. A uni cd a w i Richardson a verly both arms sgt b King alight y leg privates ii 0 hum a. Geve Ely legs w b Keby aet rely my. Missing privates j a Evans j c Robertaon. Co. severe it i ii Hays my and break to Coin Williams leg rivets Jar. W Jnes or neck Robl Roland breast b Luthjohn ankle flight ten a Mes Rojc private Henry Weila left Arm w wet Brea to j w Molur \ leg severe c a Burns Sti Ouid a s. B smart la w t , Side. Missing private w it How 0 c Crosby w w Johnson k c Cav a t k grim. Co. 1l-wounded, it Noiset so Ltd Hli Nutly knee ser to a Moore slightly hip corp mar Abal Dolth mortally Tabuh. Pill notes John Burn mortally thigh Tiri Wem i Imit Fly thigh vim a Walker Alig title to Richard will Nim sightly Narp Mission Priva Ca u i Luspin 8 d peer b Walker. Corp i b Rahman. Co. I killed Sergt j Kalton privates a a Carey j k Brown. R t Barnes. Wounded f Lee alight thigh j Vita Gerald. Slight band r i Gravee Eeyore Elzoar Arm l w Garrett Sev it u Arm and Itle. Win Kil Pat ton. Co. A a divided a Lieut d 0 Todd. Might thigh to ergs Woi Pann slight foot j a far Guson slight Brear corp j g Mccoun. Slight Elbow a private we Wingo slight thigh j a Good so hip and item. Min sing privates George Hughes Thoa Keney Hirum Alcan a w a j Ohe scr t 3 suing air a Nib. Samuel Gray we lord a w i go boo g t l Fiu rtt. Cpl a 13 Wounde a. 6.1 inia Isoif 40 total 11a. P. Ltd leu a Ltd adj t. I 1 ing glued private p by capt j w Cannon Brea Eti dead corp j a la qty. Sughue Borger privates j p Mpa King w v \ Dink Ullh d pro Milton wounded nightly capt g Sergt h 8 Phat j Pratts. I Dopf wounded Ugto Calvert lightly Hudig Job of Anim a wound a no Davit thigh b u outer aids i used privates j de Oil Wax re hip Prtt r Chari Tuovi v the Texis infantry out of 143, hat 0 killed 3c wac ded. A missing total 60. Iii to at Ufa mount it cavalry out of 272, had 11 killed 84 wounded m4 mining total 119, 14rh Texas Dis mounted cavalry out of 197, had 10 killed 47 wounded uhf Meta song Toul 86. A Texas dismounted cavalry out of is 17, had j3 killed 05 wounded 40 missing total lab. It Aho Awai w Mcdonald Back a Vire t w cry by by Jour. N slight Wos Nib Bette foot slight. Mis Ift. a Mccoy. Total killed worked cd 7, Moissl tag 1. killed 11, wounded u3, Stasing a -107. Tie regiment Wyit into action with 225 Cpd. Cries. Scally nov Ujj a6\jt. W 1st tax a Rte Herkt capt. B. K. I ice com hah Duff capt d k Rice commanding. Misrain. Co a capt u s Toof come a killed Hugh Dougherty. Wounded it w w Lacey let h h to Birlson Armi Sergt a a a Campbell leg Sergt ii b 5xalth, shoulder and Mouth corp t Brewer t b Allen leg f b Blackburn leg Akupu rated Jno realm he a. Miami of corp harking co hit w t Walker omd a wounded it j a. Thomas fact Severt it a g Oliver Arm slight org b Powell great Sev Serg a j Wood Arm Sev up Cook Side alight w ourh., head As Varv j a Bur hum breast severe War More mortally a vile ankle so Tom j o roti mod Mouth severe j p 3nod Grov Mot Deveray v7 now Tea Ign. Would try and of Corgi w series Sil it j p Necle flight j Uaina Sci re j Armstrong Sligo it 8 sea Terf alight a r if Citny a severely 0 Perry he we Prewitt Vul a. Co. . A j Raki by commanding shied & i3 crier g ii if icky Viu idd a crts j b Perry nun Shoul i Bradham foor corp h c Jones Taj input cited Sergt it smthha4d, w Poole hip slight d i ,,.slighu. A Fri Law co. G. 3pt r s be Mauv wound edit w 1 my leu Sergt Kyle corp Job a corp w a Hea Hwozd dipl Iraq re a. He Bradley b h a this h l a Anlu a it Kelly t p. Mann b suf Tuni a v r4-, ii b Reea j g Stoa of j Ritall cup a Thornton a j Watts 8 Burrows by la wis Gra Oaid. Stating Sergt w g w . M co. A cart Bedford Park comminty Cut h Park foot limit la a p Well Bojaj s slight 6ergr s w Small Ktie ail Hii j 13 Hiek a Back alight of rpm j Ufi firms shoulder Vera a Mea Nti Filu breast severe 8l Scott a Jaik severe it Aberry, r r third wet tinkle Suhi j a Graham. Ankle slight a f or hip alight j r Smith floor to Fri co. 1, John ii Woomera c Wilg Kil Edir j h poster Seigt g g Morris w y Zatier hmm of Joseph Radical. Wounded it a if Aldrin thai a rpm Tamond ankle co s j boy Dawn slight corp j Brawl Oak - s 0 poster thigh Aeri Oua Jifca Karris alarm b Marri by id j w p Norford eve a 0 p mi.mi�, thigh w Oli Puyot slight a d Oliphant had. Tyi i inv g weat Betread. Ook capt jul Mamoru Coaling kill Adf l Manon. Wound sergeant j v Raddell Rcv Ojo a 4iuri-- d corp w j Cureteu slightly privates j b stating severely to Noble slightly . 1 Eon slightly Joo Brandon slightly so Peter so slightly. Missing sort us tfx net supposed Pru ,0.iptw a befell of ammo kilted of to 1 Lewis. Wounded Titt Arm Raga a so re tit , Aon we Robinson by aet i 1�Arm p 811-ge? lege wet we leg s a Caa Wercks Law j Marphy food j Nugie. A a w o ,3hepber.uleg a v Wood . Milf log it Prandell. Supposed priv com it we be oath com Ding killed a j. Adams 1 Vav Oge Jab 4 Iliff j d step maa. We Wedad Sergt w a ranch p St a j s Bali Coy Dunlap . W k por myth j a Jones i borrow 8 Lorgan 18 Pope t�vcrr1vcorpl j. Lack ii Venson. J a Whitt w v White s s tue he Tai a j r Mekaru slightly. Misting Sergt Kab Loudy killed 19 wounded. 1v4 missing. A lotaltl55. A. P por Victur adjufc�o5 4rn Texas a Oil mkt it. Col. J. P. Bans oo6 a Field and staff wounded Lieut col j p Bane jul Arm capt ii a Flatt acting Field of ctr Elig titty Boulder let w master Aoh acting a Ntow severely h g. Goto wounded 3,.n company a. Opt r Bomar come Iyer Sergt k 0f Riefoli. Daniel Mcdonald wound Dot . W a a i Yetf it Var 4 log amputated John Clark. Jaw Brokesh do Mai severely and missing g g d wring Tou Sil 1j-Green Griggi c1d�, slight Coris r & Stew kid a werely , b and is leg. Severo a i0 Cartwr Ghat Side severely wifi Abr foot overfly j h Hall sell so Lurhl Jacob Brown leg a j Landrum about Der slight p Myers Ank e whiff of John Binish. Kuet severe k Stannell leg High John Toliafero shoulder severe a Taylor foot alight. Total killed 5 wounded 17. C Apanu 1,1st it j ii. Long abridge come g killed Serg trl of a corp b p child Reav privates w a Oay Roh i o Walker. Wounded i Ilal Basly hip slight 8 r it p harm severe corp a j bark or Bot align Prvett j h Aston Tigu Rev re w Floi Mon Side Bligh j b Lathain head plight j h May Scy it a severe amputated j Poulk had few Eft l w we to a slight j l Utam to aide severe u r Walker hip flight.1 min Rittir private a i j t Green a Berry. Total killed 4 Onn ded. U missing 2. Company a lit it 0 Clanahan Moro manding killed privates j Allen. Wounded Sergt a h Rogers. Of not Hare corps1 Ariffe shoulder Sev re a j lame Bak. Severe privates a r clan Hari. Leg alight j j Pickerl Esfi thigh alight. Total a killed 1 wounded. 5 . Ski wounded 10? missing 5-133. 11 a to of Kalmn 1st it. Act g adj to 4th Texas a of. Oct.28th."-f-to-Day we Are enjoying a Tito Day off Tao town of Matagorda. The norther which we were enduring at our last writing has passed and weather mild As Spring has taken Ith place. sunday evening Tho tit troib meter was below 40� to Day it raq the c0 s. Of sunday morning we raised our Anchor and stood for the town of i Powderhorn or new Indian out. Iii Sig lit of which to had anchored to ride out the Gale. A i Ian of marines with &11 of ulcer was a enc ashore to bring off some of Tho City fathers for consultation with our Corn Tiodore. They were accordingly brought a lengthy confab was held Tho Cabin and we escorted them Back. Whether the Union was Safe this or not we cannot a positively say but Tho fact of our visitors leaving very g6bd i Truro with sundry heralds pc i their hands d our weighing Anchor 03, the inference that All was right Turat Quarter. We heard Here of sundry i?ch6onets having feet sail when we Glrst came sight anal our hurry leaving was also partly owing to Tho Hope of rupturing Como or All of Thota Aspi Izea. We had not. Gone fur however when we discovered them some 15 or 20 spread across the Channel their Keels upon the Bottom . Beneath the water. A far Totis was it Juji Texas most do Oid edly Lwy. Do not love the Yankees As Well As they professed they did 746. Conj inf is Tineles we leave the subject disgust evoking to came to Anchor where we arc it present some four Miles from the town being unable to proceed farther for want of a sufficient depth of water. Yesterday a employed time a making boat expedition  to the town and adjacent Island the result of which was the capture of 18 Bales of Cotton and Tho discovery of immense Oyster bed. Tho Cotton was soon transferred commenced. our Way Here we overhauled and spoke the ship 1 morning Light a of the blockading Squadron. arriving sight of the Harbor we found the gunboat Owas-00 aground Tho bar. This Accident Gate uhf appetizing Job before breakfast but we had the satisfaction of getting her afloat a very Short time. Affairs Are about the same As when we last Lyle Here the town is quiet the be Pels oif the town ditto and Pelican is Laud is still occupied by the marines.  to understand however Difusco has by a up to Virginia Point a to Connors Fttie and exchanged shots there with Tho rebels. We hear too that a rebel ran has. Ben discovered at the head of the Bay. This latter however we consider doubtful. Kov. 12th.-Galveston, Texas is yet our stopping place. Since our last arrival Here to have been spending the time around the various ways for which seamen Are to noted spinning yarns twisting ropes Newing sleeping and we were going to Eay chewing Foba eco put we Bethink Bur self that we have been out of the Weed for some weeks and the latter therefore is not a general but occasional pastime we begin to think that we have rather Many Mia tocts of our redoubtable Uncle to note this while past. Tho i Mcclom of the act of july 12-, might have been forgotten if it bad not been so closely followed by the existing Stoyte of affairs it must to a culpable neglect that leaves is our coasts without provisions and without Small stores. By to forbear. This Moring we started outside for Tho purpose of taking coat from the ship bait the a Toady swell of the sea prevented us from going alongside and so sure returned to our. Anchorage of the Way up we took Wiir prize the Lecompt Tow which bad ived from Jia Tagorda the night before. A heavy rain the flr4t we have had he coast of Texas is now keeping us Between decks.0 r t to continued to Vur to feet a t la blowing planters have responded to the . Of col 0, a. J or hey la the edit to a j Price of Corn of Unity oct per Bushel to Oil tha. Army Ai d their rum lies uru ajar t .1. B. Waters fort Bond . Kyle do Teston Lerry do. Pavid Rahdon 60. .v. Wharton j. ?. Roberts. Harper . Lavaca county Saa Orcla pc Mather fort a Iid co capt. J. T. Cat chief Al. Muckelroy , Jemaa Stringfel her Traci Surg Colorado co. Col. At Sanderson new Ulm Auiu co. J. B. Arts cold Praria Puiul Grimes co. Aaron Colv. Briola f dwt Waller. A Sun co. J. Q. Mon Eli Brazoria co. H. Head do Witt county.  1 r  it. 11. . T. Autraawa4 Wilson s Block Congress ht., Houston Tex. Regular tales thursday of each week. To Are permitted to refer to t. To Tirb s. Myum col. A. M. Go Htow t cts. . At Titi. M _ to Whf auction Sulu we Fairir tuesday and Friday by j. H. & of. Him Sydnor auction Idorh and omm Guion of Flor chant a a or ilae to Mer Chandise Blear roes it Toai i2aaaie� oar commit Virions hereafter Wui be & xxx cent every kind of property exc Luneve of Uch tax As May the confederacy state count raid City according to Tho character of the property sold except however for sales under $1000, la All such cases we charge 10 tier cent., liquors excepted september ibo. To Whf notice to those went tin to Send Lott ctr a beyond. Tale . Ryphe undersigned having for Soma time Conte Al pint tid establishing a regular courier line to connect with the nearest Confederate Nail lines talc and the other Side of the Mississippi Hare deter mined to Ronka their first and second Tripa entirely through from thu City to Richmond and Back a a will leave Houston the first trip the 15 the Stuut and the second trip the 1st of november. They will Tavo All letter. Entrusted to the or care directed to soldiers and otters at tvo dollars per letter and Wilt deliver All letters directed to soldiers to the tical quarters o vie army to we Lii they belong but to a directed to 0�dr Lee s army will be deported the v. 0. Of Richmond. Letters to persons not the a met mailed id it e nearest Post office the other aider of the miss., so As to secure their sure Transl Soloa. They will Alao bring letters re urn. . Those desiring to Teri letters to their Fri eds will. Enclose them to either or the a i Der signed Houston or to the Telegraph or news office and Putty will1 be attend d to. A a a a j re Van we. Of .3twtfw. Adams. 1 Xvi it Vith Ivi the French service 1831, of 20, of enlisted a a Volant str. And of a a 1 it a. , who has succeeded. Oon. For Yas commander of the a Orpi d armed of 15,000men which is t6 remain for fee Ziou is one of those enact re Foi soldiers of Fortune not up re Quelly j at the age a talked first Enn Mission two years later to to foreign legion composed of men of All countries the ranks of which Many distinguished French 0ulcers, have won their Epa lets. Until 1835 he served a Cleat and that proceeded the Staif of the legion which the of ivern ment of Louis Philippe had Lent to that of Queen Christina for service against Theca Lusti 1839, he again landed Africa 1 to and Hereford thirteen years his name was frequently e be found honorable mentioned the Dos patches reciting them by combats Between the nyx each f Aras Oom Bilna the Moat daring Coox Gawith Talent Joe was a doffed upon As officer a to was sure to lae he a his profit Aida. 1854 he was Tyan rred to the Crimea and two Yeara service Shew he won the rank of. Brigadier general and Hen of general of i Viaian hit no welted among those who rendered the the Kunu Atn expedition. Italy a the head of a a Vuron of the ass corps he a Nuin his reputation himself at Icieg Zaiq and Solferino. To took a. Prominent part it Ellex can expel tier wat a vow Fly reported it to Torey and received Tbs Cross of grand of flite a of legion of Honor by tha same dispatch Kwh Lii code eyed to Hla chief the Baton of a marshal. Ism Al ails so co a comm x i 81 of Mitia it 8to during the blockade add Tsa Eli abam3, j. A Tob ool i a Opay Niue Harrisburg the undersigned begs to inform the Public and his friends particular hot regarding Al aisle separated from Nam while a lawful divorce hot obtained that he not fee responsible Fer any debts that she May of Antral without Huaan Clort. W 3 John 8.60lvr0. opt i5 i863 o�i7ta�3t _ too Reward. 13 a Way from Tea sep Solber at Houston my about the i5th Taat the negro mail is no or about 3i Yeara of feet Bonf Heath win r weigh about 140 pounds Black complexion and can be Staily Iutin tided by the loss or the two Aud Dasti Gera of the left Anat the Accord joint he was1 aboard the Westfield and the Oyster bed underwent a Good raking the immense Quantity of geese ducks &e., Tibe Vicini. F _ to also cited som Orfe crewh6re i of a a iebudna.-alarg6 tra Darr s sport. Oysters stewed Fried 1 capitalist and a Anc Madla chemically treating the pulp during tha prices 0 paper Auch pressed upon the Oleavie crashed Yijae Morfe blk impression is the result the Durant Auto Aon thl to be of tatted tiie discarding of a Iem a Ifil Terr Voln tight icing priming tw�i\ay,.ii�j printing from a con to Nuojua Roji of. Are Brit of ated that tha fat occupied Irr Ini Predong urge Quant Lea of paper will a nominal Cha Paraon to tha at the present Day. Clean Liow to Hapring a Ednid Chus Iteena a plea to late we of . Williams of Detour Tux a Wemp Tow will give tha above Reward coat trate Jonejr his arrest a Dpi Teuton Mottet i Stuj it Klin and if Aeh Vered Here a exp Naea paid Tay a. 1 my r i-.-. Al 1. la is j p a Atli Kaaa tort a r 4amb1 , t to id us form neat Uio i Loi Mimi to temp front a our a Rwjr a Winum Tinmu Tzi Uhi a a a a a -7. Roasted and the Shell were the order of Tho Day and to Day a Wes to be a repetition. Fresh beef a Ateo of to Ftibble Aud j thus bet a obtained. Yre Gardle of texan spleen we Are Mojo fag ourselves a. R this a morning a Bot g Tew from the Clifton captured Aai Nall Cotton Sloop. We must re read the. Prize Laws. Nov Arbir 2d.-thisr Ilie first sashay of the month. J5ias been Shute i ii Board the be Fifield. I Tbs usual monthly inner that when Tig paper 11 .iakt4isit Pru desired to fill tie ships ejdiia5t-t Shwec wish lag Cipio Weot log Depar Eal qapt.1i.lla, . Fois Iffla. Anted f Oft Oara Fca taef Atey at payt uni Fritog our Skera Twatt to super Ait approx Ltd a. Was opt v i it. S1 it i y " r aft 1 j a. Of Fob Sica a Jesa ional a Timon Sajna eat  " r i retard h aus Ter Aad Insp Estloa. .2 we Are still it the Bay j have been Emija Guthia a ni1ettan the a Oak Ftp. My witted Torlea country dealer oetiaew4wiai 7 a am1 t mar 0. 0, pro ouch Qioan Arbnot. Or Thoa. W.?,� 1he� sub Geatar a Madr by Cotton fir the 0otarj�ent Nader Latr Onia trea foxy a Matat r4 he Baa with him my letter of fatso Rity.  a Cotton Pur Ohamed Arough thu Eftee Lato to i Fly Thople Jatera Subjo to the Ottar of by 8eo Reury iof the Traa aary. 1. J he wet 8amp80n, a att 0.9.jpfodnoe loan for Texas. Wounded. It severe u r u Sivi avar if it Gore Bot off , moral jno.o-, hoi Eben Kat Simgh severe Berg Obeno Hiing if alg h hip and ankle severe w l Barwis. Artof Settli Kulm began wot race Aeve or p he leg i Airt a cart Loa me alight Rev a a r tnwb1 a Are Job Tel 4i4gh j i Staple my a Tores ________4 of Ifa of a 37e i Bat instead of Goth to Osif pit Anch be tsirne4 off for. The to a of Lavaca Siu rated Uvia different Arm of the Bay. The extreme yhall9wness and intricacy Ftp the ctrin0l compelled is to Lif to for the purpose of set Tiger buoy to said our return and it was not until Friday 31st, tha we bund selves table to Dethara it Wuehr or of the town this being Efua a we the afternoon attack upon the defences of the town consisting of Sony four batteries and Mon Jig i Altson a Pigic or ten ubs.1 they Xet Dowd the fire a Juitte vigorously with Road and Rifle shot showing us both Good gites and Good gunnery we kept up Tho , Puiia Grotbe nature of tho1 Channel. Could not come to close actors with them. At Thi up Merit offt Lite r4enjfa a4flptijrag usef .smf. Effect Ivah Long Range we Appal  we retired out of Angje if the Liat Ries and anchored for the by Euffe its Uthi a seer of the Tea Tel a the bursting of the gain was vie Oro Wirig Simk never before har it Tali a cd Dehli evict ?c4 of ordnau�9atepei wit i Cuttle hut my no Gro maa Fife be Teigita ten a so ii spoken ads Prugh the above Reward Fletch to Melfi soap or Tan got also 7 aol8twgft.wlt 1 a Pyy j y Eastern Sut a a it a cruet of Texas ii costom oct Latt Jeda. A tineral 0rd1br8. No. 44. Col. O. Carter having authority fran the it. General commanding recruit 180 men for his a Ignant a w sen ring Arkansaw. Thirty 0/ whom Belg intended for opt a fatty Battery Light artillery one left capt. We. Campbell at Bappel Jim Texas who is to Tot to toe Law All Able bodied men not Stabl 1 and those big not j to coup crier cd. A Thor Poratta will b far As possible to a optic a Jota tha regiment Wyrtch to Ayerve. 1sy 000 Oivind of and pay a Caa Athay Ara 0 hey w 1b_provide Tamaam r Ito inv 81 rain a. A f. N. 10k�tt act g big . Odomd a or a a tfx i butt ust big Caio to prowl re f1 Vaw for Sotira Laah Ottic a sir 1. Age. T a i Oten. Xester Flay morning we renewed the l tor4 bards Fector Short of a us Tjon for a we retire Tuot Cav Chan a of Plata a i Aub. Aad after we Joeeda. Not. Lith Tram Awu leave Galveston at o clock a Aad Boa Atoa at a. M. Quo Baioa Lott bar Tho of their t 1 Ostia twit 8aperitttwt�dsait % Fyfo Arra about Mawlud alight Ca hip my aft a Huwar Xhu Laboyo retire vows . 17 h -. T j f f l 4 r a
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