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Galveston Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - October 24, 1863, Houston, Texas Vol. Xxii 4 1 Houston Texas evening edition by express rom Shreve tit. A a eat la , 1983. 0�r a Twat tace ref test of a or regu a correspondent Ocbo to such x gtd be you the news of thl morning. Oar military a Are informed upon Totah Genee deemed Rehn a tobit the enemy Hye evacuated Little reek Notor to roles be state Hon and a Saint and awl Naff leg for White Var. Vataj Thomas of Tola piece received a letter from colons of Alexandria stating that be had received now Oriya he Date of the Letb advis Iob that roae Erans was la a of a critical situation n Chattanooga As to Render Hii Spud Latton necessary and almost certain. Col leak Alto write that the Messu Elpel River Kaat of the Atchafalaya it abandoned by the enemy sad Lut general Rem i Ullh them he tween Opelousas and her walk Bay the colonel further state hat general Johnston is very Active at Meridian and speculation la Rife As to the Point of Hii attack whether at Memphis or Vicki Bur. A on evening before last a Tell graphic despatch waa re div a from Camden ark., to the Effort that several officers bad arrived at that place who left Oxford mias. On the 34th inst., who report that they new despatches of the surrender of Boa Arcana with 38,000 prisoners of the 13th Aud to morning up Petg Efa from Mississippi on the Monroe stage bring the sans report Iivo the Rotor id connection with the hems from new Orleans for what they May be Worth. To papers. L. Casualties of Texas soldiers in the Battles of the 19th and 20th. Kotor a Anear ilerltrlan.mrss., oct. 4, ibg3. evening tit Eva tit Brt Adlor general command tog directs that i Send the following list of Anat tie of this brigade. In the Battle of Oheka Marjja. With toe a Muear to but you give it a place in your of hymns. These Brave spirits who be so nobly it Flud and med for the common canes while Cut Oil from a i communication with the Novoj ones at Home Mutt attract Tab admiration of Alt. The lists of kit o-5 and wound cd on every Newl to which they. Ave acted a part Speik with the Elo Quenoy of truth of the stubborn courage and Noble heroism with which ley have overborne themselves. It is of in the of be that Sora copies of your valuable paper any sic i in War Distant Horn that this request to Hebdo Unur generous taunt warm to wards in Irttie dtltn4era of Liber a i ,-I.A."Air a very respect . U. Tutt Tokvam a a 0a baht of Toft 3 Brioady in Tok i Lattim off Tux Idri and it tit ci1 fur. The tax general staff-31 d is Ofcar Lirl dlr of Iqrar lightly wounded Fern. Gap c u kit Gore. A a in. Severely wounded thigh it in m lace,4, a. V. Slightly wounded wrist. I atm mint Taxa 7mairrkv-coi. W. A. Yogi ii yield and staff wounded ool w ii Johnjr re Evely left Breakf 8�r&t my a 0 w Moore severely it foot. In a 0�pt Willi Long omd ii u Lod Sll fitly a Rorr. Privates t j Gallo a slightly thigh 9 u Vioa slightly isl nor u thu Rulond Joseph penal i. Oui .1 l a Riem and a Tiff Woid a major j u go urls us. Al lightly la t we ilk aet lne a a attn eur Tetly. Co. A cats v Lank. Omm log Kilus corp j ii Moc Jirayr Alfh Tler in ant do ser was held Prit Aiex ii Gati a Knitig w Donoho w 8 pol ton,-0 11 Harff. J a Irp Ken. 0 t Luy Hurn. Co. Met. Tar Elloui a Jar wounded slightly it to wive pm vote Al ooze severely a led Fla j san Tei Eoo w if to Anoll Gofis Jinny Cut he ones Georji manding killed private we Gruar be Mefy a handed a k my risk j r Bot nuut corp j a ii a phv4tcs c it Russell a a Rig by w w Yootin Ghod. So girly a a Insp mis inf a hole.3 j Pitt Irain. Cod Pady a capt souk Lofflin ending. Stilled Serosa it j 0 i Ludo or Fri dlr. .8ev�rhttylt c c Doyle Eft j l Halle corps k we of w o Saichol on. J r outsell u ii lbs Denv Rouea Lulu a n at ley. Wounded add Mission pro vices ii 0 Horton g w Robinson of Iii coca any a Cap r u. In Rke Allied beef it r 8 or Van. Mortally wooded a Aih Bary since dead severely wounded-0 d a Ichardson. Hissing James Cooper also wounded. Com boy of Cape l killed private j l Camp Twyl. Merely wounded w Hrpca cer corp James 8? Ritly wooded. Pro Vatca w Box j a pfc t. Kiss lag we Genvea we Hamilton m m 1 Irskins and Dan Mckay. Company a capt a m Faux on Cirlor Nanlyn killed private Jiewei Arnold Inri b m Vuch. Jue reply we a used a Ergo set m go Don and 1 Potti. Missing capt in m pc Jenford scr j a l Nili clip a u a Prole privates w l Taylor and j c Pierce company ii Clit 0 w merchant commanding he a Crecy wounded sergeant m b Vav loom slightly wounded strut g Vav Tompkins pro Raff wko1 cat d crites j l Leumi. W mulch v 0 Harley. A losing Iet gig a t tidy log to of a Tull a company i capt a c Kugan Romoa Nilong a i verily wounded we t Kus fell. P i vim Jeu Era on butt holy Bun Del. Corp a p orly slept Prhuto-1? l Boarden 0 1 Bell. D m r. In. 8 Poe a Shelton. Mask inv aet to c l Fuller corp p ii hop j w Butko Uldrich Llu it ind Jjon Polendo. Compary a cup talk b ii in irks y . Killed private w Vav Gaston. 32d tjuaabsj1 Doi. J a a a tic cd Como o. Field and 8taffa.woupdrtc cof j a and Ruby. Severely in High adj unto m . Syn Ely in hip. C0xn�.iftv a Klee is d w in and and Solomon Simpson. Wounded i it ii Ukryn us Wirht str w b Bomer beat j a Dickie Arm alight a 11 i Riv or. Pm. Total killed Wou oried 9. We Lee Cli t an a cow Jav Kallod. Non a i a. Org to v7 m w a org of jul Rig. I i a or 8 t , u a j re. He. I re a a to j it gee we a w c a 6.� Mulline Thulah a Verf t Ledgel pm it a j Wallace. Log sever. J h dead Tatai won Iri 11. 0cof it h j a killed. 8e�gt w b Kaua with Noraj 0 Buxton. Wounded. 3ergt i to to few we i Phi pc Gan thigh ,.if j . Face Etarl a Tours jul of since dead Vav l Mcenry Luig. Eve rely we Moray knee Lea amputated Jim inv in com a should i a m Dillon aide and 0�id t w self Hilf Mccally l wounded a 1jl co Odomd go a la a. Ltd 8 Streetman 0 l Bagwell. Wounded j t Austin hip a a b Jones leg severe f ii Howe help Saver m d Garrett knee Tvett 3 d Small leg a Mem 5ai,,i5m���.j fcb Warl. J ii of a. To a a med 2, Wann Deil 5, missing 3 co hot we to Berlijn Romig wounde.1 it t b Sprau ankle alight by Rel j a Jennings head Mir Tal. Eldyce dead to Simmons heed mortal k k Lam Mph triad j Barber Harvey use Msj f Obj a of Kitred j w Kibby. In Btl. Told killed to no Onny toy a killed iat la William cup i r holy Ilab in Berrt t b r w v f Fowler thigh h v free it of j Jaedtke thigh a j Moulton 0 h Breitb aim. Severely i shoulder at Man a teat a Limaye. Bott Lef. Wet Liy Pron a j w Ai Jones j x Williams Fook Lythos u Lgon omd a killed private w b Bruce. 8ev�iely we Trade do private j w Ilse res foot. Iljaz Long mat Bergt j b Miller private k co a it j b age come a by holy wounded it breast and thigh pm vat s x j Vansickle on Girt beef by privates m , head w Clayton shoulder. _ of a it a l a Allton Soaad a suied. Lith Mllton Bramly funded file j b Terrell foot miming p w Coarr. At Grimale. g it Dwulet co do wounded be Mcvely oort m p Davis Arm. Fat Gully put sets j p Bush thigh j watch a Hind. Missing privates j 8 of out a Sorvo Norf killed private a j m Burn / m Harris w on a slightly Prev tet d Poer b Kecty. Mass or John Hill of Arlen Patrick. Company a wound 0pt b d Gayden t Arm it w 0 Williams slight to knt of be Singh try in Tetras my. J to me Whita Ioba c Cook , n k Ihl Llo company i killed Sergt to ii Hultad private 0 Vily or we ended capt h h e Lyon severely in leg it h w Crawford severely in leg pro Titt j it matinee alight la in Ahdo in in and hip j k to Lor a lightly is Side u w Mathis severely in Shoal Der j 0 a Leary slightly in shoulder and hip b o. ,8fgi w b Bhag Bier privates Kom to Italika John Gix Laby. Co. . Corp w d of fled. Wounded it w l Richardson Serer Cly in both a ref bark p m King slight y in leg privates h 0 us Terv severely in lag w k Kelly a Verity la , let vat Fli a a vans. J c Robertson. Co. U. Wounded severe it if ii Hays Ana and breast corp n Williams leg private jaw Jones or neck Robt Holand breast n b Lluwahn ankle. Slight Knagin Geo Jim a legs privates theory Wells left urn Geo w Welle Bueist j w Mucci Juv. ?.severe c k Burns abound i s is smart org Nixon Side. Misting Polvi Iea w r Xouy a d 0 Roaby w w Johnaon b c Cav a t n Triffie. A  go h wounded it nor Telnet Al mind Ai Ighut to Knet Bergt m Monre slightly a hip corp mar tubal Smith mortally in Smirh bait mentally la to bib pm to Well. Monulty in Hugh we a Walker slightly in leg re turd Wilburn. Us Gully to a musing Pnra a ii of Lutzk. S Waura fed corp j w grass leg amputated j.,-bhort.b Ort Fly Beeded b j Baldwin head Edge. We of Bufo Teg aim tried aimed a Joo Day ii leg alight 2 d a Olio. Kier w a Zolno leg slight a w Izolt Hunt asian in Houlet b w in to Foley thu might Misiok Stephen Driscoll Sun pese i to be Woan Dud. Tot Tir Al Tel Lomis a a 1. Co k. It Joe Turner come ski Btl Sergt j g a Ted n Oats Wlsh Collie Wood Dot Juu Garneri Arm severe Carpl l b Porich head revert f Butler item and Side a stir him Shoumer w. M Mcdonald la a a Var t w m Omry Abs morn so Ghi w d b Nehm Tif foot Sll Ghr. Mining. W d a Mccoy. Total killed 2. , missing i. Rfnapliulition-kvlu1 1j, wound cd 03, mr3mng,3 r-107. A a the regiment Wen in Mac by with as4 Man. S oils. , act a adj l. Or taxis Iizumi Akitt cart. P. K. Bacr cot capt d k Rice commanding my ssh a. Co a capt g b Toof omd a killed Iloh Doug Bette woo did it w w 11 ii Robinson Arm to rat a comp Hill legs to b d Shiuh Boulder and Mouth t Brewter a vet Al t it Allier log f a Blackburn Lear of Cusco rated Jno veal the lab. La Sony Harkna. A u Vav f Walker Conid won dds. It j m Thomas of acc seven it a g Oliver urm slight 8? is Puceli Sev r Era a j whorl a Ursee j la Cook aide slight w m aah no. Head severe j j Durham Tir ast Sevory we use. Wiur tidily a mile ankle slight j 0 Bob Fumo Toutt seven j v snid give. Foot severely w m Row thigh wound Fri and missing. W h Oliver g p Dan din. Co of b w Webb. Capt. Oom ending Kmet Kurt j Marahall j a Lindsay a d sated Samv wounded Bergt j butt Flemun Finger j b Sieper Wevvy is amputated j n dlr key in my h % Danae try. L toy to in vat atm Lup Pridu cum co. 0it a w Raeker com Ding killed Bergt x g Mclnnis a d Zairis wounded 8ent k b series slight j p Neele a Light j Raley sever j w a maw Ong alight , slight 8tmp�rj\is. H Dur Ahall r Kealy a v Mann r Kew Tom. A v i ii & bees j . A Thomson a j Walts. B Burrows m los by Lewis Groom i. Mud Long Bergt w a we. Co. Ii capt Bedford pit k com Ding Woad Al capt b Park fool slight it 8 p tort in. Howzw alight Bergt b w Snail knee Stilb j i flick Man Back alight oort j r arms shoulder w vers n a Mena Uhall breast Perere 8l , severe a Berrr ankle slight us Birdwell ankle Allaghi j a Gaham ankle slight a f Brijo hip slight j k Smith Bogar off corp a b Bank can. To whale want Wick 8 do ton Finger Meta Tang Dell. _ so a capt d kill ley come a killed private b r r Worth Fly on. Wounded severely 0pt, Ludley t so Litty. Ptleutit1 b 8 bowl cd Ujj a a Roich. Fool Sergt 4 ii Harmon the Bah. A laying lt0 w tit timid corp w i Omta. Private g took Rob mint �xa9 t Ian of Init Cav atm it. Col. A r. A comm we we. Field awl Attar killed Aat t Sarff m 0 holy Ord. R�ttide4. W j spark a a a Berg t major j w m Ding wounded Waldrupe Arm of Tiwi i m a my he s5 r Al Nav a Mcbride. Missir b c l?fdte.1 r l Kswaery. Killed Thimas b7w swy cd Dong Kum private v m Lowera. Wounded oat j w Oao non Wott Bretl Fri Ross icy. Sightly j l private j 0  w a ii Garret the lev. My a a a Mel 0 is Mallun won a dry rely axe right mat vhf atty Oppl w sets Jackma j 8 Ull Lyard leg Bergt x 8 Phil co. P. Wiz a Giffi to 0 Jafvert a wryly Oapl re mob Fae 8fi_ if ii it gown 1� la swag Job 8brum. Strevy 6� uni Toroa k co. A Kii cd Sergt j tt8k�lt�o. Pro Etta a g Garay. J r Brown. R t Barnes. Wooed f m let alight in thigh j m Flat afraid my the in hand r l Graves severe in Elbow Arm amputated h w Garrett Aovedia n Arm and Side missing j ton  of. A wounded Lieut j 0 Todd slight in thigh Sergis we m Duon slight in fool j a to Guarr alight in Bce Aat corp to Mccoun slight la Elbow privies we w Ngo. To Light in thigh j a Good slight in hip and Arm my Aaice privates George Hughe Thoa Kerney Fotna Mepherson w a j Ohe Serj t & i Hogtie Maun a Mih it Tavel Gray , w b Gisob a t h Luru kill i. 13v won do i to ii in 40 ,.llb. W p. Lemu adj t. Slain a at a Cal Rituta at Ioor " 9th Texas Lorann out of 145. Had c killed 30 it undo. Is Nils Illif total t 0. 10 h Texas Dis mounted cavalry oat of 27�. Had ii Kun Ltd 84 wounded u Mislang Toui 119 Mth pm Diau rutted cavalry oat of 197. Had 40 killed a Neogra ism. Alli by Jack soother and Ahon Lder slight h , slight. Tou wounded h.  v ,. Comp by go Dot j m Bookman com a idled Vivere bal Nee head slight w r a a Skelle left i a Mph Terl w a Barry slight. Total killed 4 wounded. 10. K 1 -----.oaitwriht, a. In i by Trero a Rife. Side slight corp k d Stew Lye 9 Catt Rwjr a it iwo a a by we Fly her Foott 5?t 7 j la a drug. Shoulder slight of myer ankle slight John Smith once seven k 8udftei i Ittu it r. Lot Trubridge wed at Fly Gorp of Chlores prey Tes w r Carrol j 0 Walker. Wounded it mat Brasly hit alight Arret p . Arm so vere corp a j brew sur. Foot alight private j h Astin thigh severe w Hollamon aide alight j b Suhun head alight j h Maizey left Eveie amputated v m Poulk Bead severe l w role. The lab slight j l Juniaik t tide a Raffe h s Walker hip slight. Miss a a. Private j t Green. A Berry. Total a wounded ii missing i. Company a lit it Ola Nahab commanding Btl Perl Priva a a m Allen. Wounded Sergt a h Rogers foot Bev re corps m Ante. Shoulder be vew a j Larne Bank. Overe privates a b Clana a a w n he j j p cake ring thigh slight. Total killed a wounded. 5 i lied. 2 Woodi a 10? Roi Parog Haywood bra11an, 1st it not g adj to 4lh Texas Kfir k bbb Baa. Vankooy note Looft continued. Oct. 28th.-to-Day we Are enjoying a Fine Day off Cue town of Matagorda. The norther Wlinich a a a to to at our last writing has passed Aud Oather u4u4i w Sjong Lias Talkea its place. On Simony evening the tier Lometor was below iut to Day it Range the on sunday morning we raised our Anchor and of too Tor the town of upon Deconi or new Indi Xnola a in get of we lab we had Ati chord to tide out Tho Gale. A guard of Murines with it officer was stat ashore to bring off Koliu of the City fathers for _ with Wiir Comra Odoy. They a t a to in sri eat Ian Civ c a u fun Una we Tea it thu l w b to raw Krut to vrlv�t9 my Lton. w. Pro rate j Waul. Pro enl b8 Fuller Ommani Lo-wua4d, i color he str is severe k Campbell j a orals a and sever o 0 Alan or of of a n Tea i tra�fluom7ding--Klllsd by it 9 a in Ion 0 i ass s by Rem shoulder Jobb Amigo str Nolfe wounded a corp j Bhutto Bihwu James weco hot r8lwweo it la self s. Of Oral a j Dun a Jurii i Prev ate t , Datil utb9v 1. Pm Mith mo7tdlyviliilrrrt1�brok. Allair is nth. J a a Izmir Blig utly la a he j m frttus.,,�s.4lf it Sass. Wounded oat ii Tjw. A a. Vav a re Catzua Laww Tel Lisaj to Rostov a Al or taif to Hai if Greyu itt Utju a Ipp to awful Suhd 5th Taj Taj Suoia Iago. Maj. A 4?, Row Aga Orosi Piem and stiff Woad a. Maj j 0 Uve air Oaut j b cd a land. Acting Iknou await Ordo to Sergt maj i u so liars Wrigt c0. Allenl w a Lark Sal Severit a re 0 u never v w alight c b to to Dave Arm aught. Stasing. M s steels. ,7 a in no i. Gob to cd Nolller Medina wounded it at Collier to ampt Ted it Ben Raker thigh vere Surg Obenshain. Thigh Mere 0qrp Sheppard my Abd Ank k Revare w if Rutton Arm All a Jphn Degu Worth face a every d i Turby leg Light John Lorah. Abd Joaen alight John Lurvey i we a jute Burke writ severe cd us it foot. Uig tag. Jno Morris. Tchoi it funded ii missing 1 of 0. Capt j j mall old come a Rilke by Lerv. Wounded it 0 f Border Rick slight it 35 l fog a thigh severe Serg to 0 qom a with Stephens Arm a 8 Skinner thigh every Wui log t Al Liq. Tobit filled 1 Woad Dedd ii Usatch u a a a a a a Odb Ltd a s Caldwell Odomd a Kilies corp t l it sob. A c brow Jonq to a no of wounded it s Tow Usu wound san know Berg t re blown Sonjii ism of 5 / ssh ii Atigh a l Gilbert foot a or j b Oij Hett co. To John ii Wooters comming filled Sergt of 11 Foster bet to q Morris w v baiter r b Fason Joweph Rudl Cal wound Dot a r Aldr Loh. Thigh of argot d b baft Hwd of ramon6 ankle corp a j , sight corp j if few both hip b 0 voter thigh Keti Oua John us to hrs in h Morula he j of Norford,.evor� of pm to. Thigh Wolf Phat slight and oilphajat.jw4. Tue lag 0 h we the raw a ,. Ook opt j r main Tobi-4l�� t u Mason. Wadi add Ater feul j %�8l Maavere wound a corp w j coir a. Elf holy private j b 8utis f b of a Vaota slightly Joe Brm Tea. Ill fully 4 afr term on Ghuy. La slog Bergt h b a a it suprjoft.1 pro. The wisc wounded it Aars Attro Grai per Toht we Avrun a teat Carpl a pfc it. Let j Brand we a q Orav Forse. Agar buy t f Rland foot pm a fat Gar a Kelso both la Jno we i a leg a of a Rufatti # we Nhy foot 1 Hagl. A a w 4 Shepherd Lew we bib do Arsa a w Whin of a it twang it Vyp Randall rape sea Piir to com it we Beau a Ulni it Ledta j ads a 0 w Ogelsby it Juilfs. J p Aleph a 1 wounded Sergt w a k 6 to j Crall i my p i a a up. R Flat w a f Forsyth j a be a a d if Morrow Al Morgan. , so Veneir Cor jul j a Leek n u Pennon. J a White whit., tilth blk Fatm it Wal Allah a me Sling Bettr r Lunsky. . Kill add 19 Wuzor is. 194 Vaja a a 1 total m a. P Worb Lutu 4tw it. Dou P. Ran oot Ofield and off to to dec heat 041 j e la pm Castru a tsp a. Mug flow 6�oer, Sll Getty int Oaklan Ute hs4r��, a re g a Etta . ,3.f company a. Opt r at a a a Fatwa Wev of Tell by it i d f made. Pan act Varat. Emmad to j a 9ru4y.wr�ly,u v a a Kvitt. A rear. Leg a to Tate Joaa Clark my Wmk of Jmmy a rarely asj4 a wig a o . Thuv san Darj r a Jimmh leg Issri Jwj Wesley tmc4�, let am artak Szefc had Law Baak Safe Tkv them Back. Whether the Union was Safe in this Vicinity or n6t we cannot positively say but the it of Mac vitors leaving in a very Good Limor with. Sundry Horn ids jtc., in their Honda and our weighing an Olio soon afters leaves the int Tience Tjit All waa right m thai Quarter. We Beard Here of sundry schooners having set Ball when we Glrst Camo in sight and our hurry in leaving was also partly owing to the Hope of capturing some or All of them As prizes. We had rot gone far however when to discovered them some 15 or 2d spread across the Shaubel their Keels upon the Bottom and their laths beneath the water. Tatri Ouam was1 high1� Texas most decidedly they1 Poirot love As Wells Jiey processed they 4id Iii 46. Jodi sent is be fess we leave the subject in disgust the same evening we came o Anchor where at present some Bur Miles from the town being unable to proceed farther for want of v sufficient depth of water. Be rat for we employed our time in a a Wax boat expe4itioqb to the town Aad am adjacent Island the result of which Waal a capture of 18 Cotton and the a Coyer of an immense Oya Ter bad. The Cotton was soon transferred aboard the week eld add the Oyster bed underwent  Good a Oldwig the immense Quantity of ducks a. Lit the Vicinity also in vied Sony of the Crew Albortt for a Day s Cmari. Ozaier stowed Fried the Day j and Roarig to be a it pet Tor. Of wac a feb Law o Taiin a two hours and a Hull h using and to Day we Are by inst j113 inside of the bar feeling somewhat Dow in the to add to our Miet Vrtanes we were not Ped at Muster this morning that provisions were Short and therefore our allowance must be a Urf ailed for the present.  nov. left Meta Gorda Bay on the afternoon of tuesday Ith and Artuhr de at Galveston Early the next mom a at which place we Are now lying. Another of these Northern for which these latitudes Are noted racing Bat with our usual Lucyt the West Teald was safely anchored before it commenced. On our Way Here we overhauled and Hoko the ship morning Light of the blockading Squadron. On arriving in sight of the Harbor we found Tho git boat was co aground on Tho bar. This Accident gave us an appetizing Job Baroro breakfast but we had the satisfaction of getting her afloat in a very abort time. Affairs Are about Tho same As when to fast left Here the town la quiet the Vea feels off the town ditto and Pelican. Is Laud is str Ocen Ted by the marines. We understand. However that the Owasso has been up to Virginia feint on a recon nols Ance vinoy exchanged shots there with the rebels. We Hoar too,.that a rebel ram has Ueen discovered at the head of Tho Bay. This latter Howe Vot to oonald6r doubtful nov. 12th.-Galveston, Texas is yet our stopping place. Since our last arrival hero we have been spending the time a rotund in the various ways for which Seaman Are to noted spinning yarns twisting ropes Jewing sleeping and we were going to say chewing tobacco but we Bethink our self that we have been out of the Weed for some weeks and the latter therefore is Nova general but an occasional pastime wer begin to think that to have to father Many mistake of our redoubtable Uncle to note this while past. Tho Sis Dunn of the act of july 12, might have been forgot ten if it Hudnot been so closely followed by the existing state of affairs it must be a culpable org Leet that leaves upon our costs without prov i Wand without Small stores.1 but we forbear. Thia mor Nimir we started Ori Side for the or pee of taking in Coal from the Coal snip but the heavy swell of Tho sea pre rented us Roro going alongside and 00 we _. Returned to s it Anchor de. On the Tui in my Artill a Row try a Gre night before. As Beaver rain the first we have bad Oil the coast of Texas now keeping be Between decks to u con Tel in uht ple Atawa Kut Propof Leloo of 01.0. 0. Foral Sty la threw to am lbs pro Terf Corn Mbry crate pet jag of Trail mtg san Yard la nor a Salliea Bramly old ortba1 a a a Slaty a a Huie Halabo what Toti F. Roj its a Ftp or Luna do we ii to Kund be Wirt Canty . Zachery Fayceil to Way It. Net nov. A Masai county for. A 0. Fee Jim to a Rheaba. A Lwft Wum i mrs ii. So 0�rpr, w. W. Air a uncooa4y Siml Mather. Fort bind 0� a Jef till to Tjw Wal Aale u. Mackelroy a Hehu Lroy of Aswan fat Luv Fra Latiuri Colorado co. I 01, a by Ilia 11 new us Aust co. J. S. I Claro it pro irl Lanai Uriu co. Aaron Coffee a Soru a dwt a Lar Austin co. J. 0. Map etl Bra Irria co i. Lard s o Witt enu Uty. Killed 4 r. H. Smith. T. smgrf4 so i�atthbws7 auctioneer and g4ral Cornu True Jamji Wilson s Block Congress St., Houston Tex regular sales in to niday of each week. We Are permitted to refer to t. W. Linos. S. Wive a col. A. U. Law the. Cou . A pm a _ twin auction a a Vry yucwawyaka7 wrist or a no a a or so Csc ave to fcg4kl. Our commie.0111 will he a Prev Toi every Klud of property actus a of such lag a any beat leaned by the cd pm ale my state county Uny according to thu Ceuta cute or the property sold except however for sales under Flo Lnu Latach cases we charge 10 per cent., liquors re opted. September h. I title notice to those 0e�irlng a feel letter Bey Otia to my a tax lib i a. The undersigned having Lor lore use coat end plated regular courier us to connect with the nearest cooled titrate Nail in on Ini Atid on the Uther tid a of the Toala suppl have after mined to make to licit first Anda Seoud trips amid try through from this City to Holch Anund and tikk uni will leave illusion of the first tripod instant id on tiie to could trip of the lit a . They will Uke All letter s intr Iuta a to Thelt care directed to soldiers and other at two nil Nett per h iter and will deliver a a letter dlr Fli l t a 50id. Err to of inca la arturs of the any to we Tab they belong but Tho a directed to Dan. Of so army will he the ?. 0. Of he Hmood. A fury to Persona not in the Armi will Fau Nasik Lutu Neu roat f it of face on Tho Ohley Siderio ibollf., a a to secure their Yafo track Miason. They jul also bring letter in re Era. A those detailing to tend letters to their Ftp cd jul nolo Anthese to either of of an.drlgd9d Bastou. Or to the Telegraph or new efface. Us thay will i attended to. Y j Tan i Pix v of 3twtf w. A amt. 4 w a Saf a pea Wasj a itt during Tuk Maas a dross it Del 4, 0. Volhtrt1u� Oen. , who Haa succeeded 4en. Forey As commander of the corp d Arpee of 15,000 men which is to remain or the prevent id Melca la a ctr of those Iunce awful soldiers of Fortunaot Zofie Jue atly met with in Rio French a Ervle. La 1931, a in at of 26, b enlisted it a planter and of Luned his test Comsa Salod two year later in that foreign legion eoe. Posed of Awao allo in Lyle. In ranks of it pm a distinguish 1 French off stars hav won the tar Epa Ulaj. To null 1s35 be served in a Rioa and then 4roew4ed on the staff of la legion which the of tools Vul Luppe bad last to that of Queen Chi Stoa for a Rowe a list the. Car list otly tila in 1b39. 9 again la Dea t1n Africa in 1h40, add there for Tartt in Yuri Lali name was frequently t to Jund Fco notably it Auono in thedus Patcle Fri Fig the Many combats Between the French and Aas. Mob Nung the Troat daring Moorage with Nair pm luxury to tent he a re looked upon As an Wolfi w n who was sure to ris1 Mph in i Tomou. La 1w-1 he we transferr4 to the Crimo and in two yeat service thru he won the rank of Braga or Centra and than of a nor a of jew Valeian. He Nam a was opted  Ami Thos who a odsted the by set a in to Ati Meara expedition. Ingulv 101 1,1 omm a Sash int vhf to Dayen Nihon. a Daester at Meks woo asat 8o4atrteo, a tsp a a Preh Nunt Pati n Jet of Exiaa exp Drona waa a Tor my reported Tiff Yani a a a v�4 Tea Oreg of of and of wide Morton of Honor to to game Aap huh Halo Houv a a to Tiehl about tha nth a gnat the Keg nun Lisci by about 31 Yem of age s fee �1 cedes High Wilt weigh about 140 pc kinds gab a one Ien and tin be Camly identified by the As of the two Saludie lingers of thy left hand at the second Joliet. Lie a i Ray a fitly Paroh ased Crown or. Williams of de to paries and May attempt to iter Tek Ott -. 1 win give the above Lew re in cuffed Tate Jao by Foj his arrest and detention a that i eat go Hhd and if delivered a re All Spetti s paid by 0 & car Dastle or col. Sydnor. 1 a i a Clilton captured a a a 6tw�k�p. We % Novom butt lox is jew Flat Sunda of the month a Yter o#a7m wad tured la on boar the weat Neld with the usual a monthly Munur Ter and snap a a iwo of Matagorda Alp Bogh somewhat  tourer the Mouth Obj a at of smrt writing. On to 29th Uit a Mir Ato Mev Rma reported in bight a Imam Lmh a a her Couig Upina a Sarto Awe put Dowty for her. To Attar and apr for us and several Long overdue arrived. Of a Tui Ted off for Tho town of favat a stunted of a Pai ant Van govt Isar a a to Man Wapl Poliat and 00s the snoot i noon Sfa i tack a Tel a re to a a a 7 a a or att a Ntxo awed hotly. To 9 a. Item w a tank fast Oil a a we 4 liar duty. Jsu new ant suits no can eni t4ag1tt t to a _ Ai Wight a. Ryta to Tawes. Arawana we wlm twi at i 1" h a of Saa Klaw Awata attic in Aimel la Falln Oft a 0. Uma Wertswa weft ,nnsne�d4innluy Twat Tajna mrs a at paper. In a a a in a tto in Aye rss to pm a non lb4 to Shmit Dyall rvs no of w unto a Roll a i Ortii u Aja la Tiff a nne int in pm a Allatia ism nutty of a str a Aih no Laal in a mrm to mix i Tea even int Day. Ctr air a o7w�varu n Olla would tub Sjobom pm nov and to Tom now a Anatia Aak iop to tit to Roll on so to have Nen Ami Trig la Oma Yama is Fhi Ewi Benot and for or Iton Matlon a St a Kiwi a a a a Wumer Tih Sli a Nna a i taws tvry4klr a Java in i we w2ktlr, 0 the b t l 4 different am old Loe Rte pm. Sight Bend. Utset Dot Corpora a i by Roeg. Lewk we of Spaay Ftp Hii inn to Corn o Tiv chafe my Jame de. To it j re tvs Orvia Loti vat f h Burnham w Hall toe a Lawm Feht a a in run. Adv Only Jno orly do was a to pc m peat Tii Fhi 8 t c Tuut a a j Howard slight sum woo Oei a Nam age or by we Ai re St slug my  Jim pm Alikchi or a Smith my a. ,5 wounded to. -. A \ a. Company Clr Titor h of govt filled. W h t Jefferson a Campbell. Twouo4edt w a Moylan Ghertz. Perere it m r Frai Ike flyer shot off % b Cody mom a oct alight jnliug01efr,,Thoy returned Vij Paro Nalt \ with round arid Rule shot it Wing us Bat Good guns and Good of Vanwy / ept up 4 the fight until Sundown but Owin a to the nature of Tho Channel could of Cointo Crosti quamere with Usein. At this moment of in 100 Pound tar Parrot gun Buretea wounding three men and Der Rig Usova Bur most effective Long Range a on. We retired but of Range of tie Atheriea and anchored for the Nighor a lanky a has bean a the Csc reer of the the Barst a of this gun was the $$0% i wife. Juwer by fore has s Aco went to such a piece of ordnance so Uuie a 1 my Ueo str i it she mural amp a us in a w h p by torm a a Vars w a Sampun fends a the j b Chat Man. Mig a ref j o a f i m�w9�t my want v a a Var Vry la Llumi few of t. A 1 a. Ago. Tester Dav bar dment out Hon for out. A. R " we Raue wad to Bosa abort of a muoi Wei Eltred to Fao col Loam a0ivot, to frtus bavi. 0, is. L or. Then. W. We Tania. Of Hosu too u to entry Kyat Tam Iwasa Cotton a t the a sent no at mar Twatt get from to Kintrea my res two tit state him my kit a of atom Cyl. a11 Elton mrs Hwd through this Ojito i to be held by the Pant. To net to int order of the Bee Iury of the Tea any push Suntag agent 0 a. Fro duos loan Tot vat a Wpm a . 1 Ter.Law-4at 1 a �1tauaa Arbre Chat Nam Ham a la to Rte i off Taxa.  loot run oct a St six otsll�baloitd�bs.ko.4. Col. Of a Carter Bevl authority from the it it so mint now air Ulni in a Annaa. Thirty of wham Apt. Rent to Battay Tut a Tomsy hag met cant in. U. A Amnell at Oas Asl we at a Ataw in we to Tate Law Fth of bodied in ant liable to and Hoesl on Bunot Naoo aerl thl ,7. The Root Fott will a also cd a mras pos store to Hoo eth Nota Pobi in the regiment in Wei a to of Laeng Brig an Cowd a. Rose to 0. To. A Loet War an wow am a a Pamm Toto Long Chinni of twi on q.0. Ͽ�v1t. R. R. In Tea . Twatt Jatoi will a of Domton at 10 Wjk a. Vauta Twat inn a Tommy heavy Nam fat Mpa Etas r Proano what i neoved to Placa to brr wtmu4� la car astir nov vie Taibe tit\4nctevt Tane it to Frt. Inv Alaa in gov Intag Allt at i Orr Del. And he a a a prswtkwtc�bato.dlauutptiv�. They i a  Cla Tiba Sugni nov arthut or Keven to Aby Virtala . Ocut%9ti Awo Oava Dof  major Uio. J. I Sta Jevc % a Fth tawn. Jajor Curf att g. A a no Tara to a go i Etc �4 a Ai l in inti i a word Viji k . A of. It \ i 4 h
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