Galveston Tri Weekly News Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1863, Page 2

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Galveston Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - October 13, 1863, Houston, Texas Of i be prowl so i c r Juir f i i a Truu Tiht f a Bilue a los " " i j by i Ichardson. -4 v l v f 1 a n left a pfc a a was and Irr a ctr Tryr a by italic in of Fridi mrs a Tiree storm of fat Law rr1reivf t prior the Hoonett b. Tow of id life we we end a dirt lbs Ltd a Flag. Ortt nil ibis . At Zevitt alow a in ptt4-i r. Two p on tit & Sapaly and a j a efm or. U j7 the san Aii Tynio Herald say a pm of the p4ftfciira the War trip at 4f-in. Rpt .r.fca. Fit two Thore Al Acerit 1 a in it m4�ibftitictt tvs. . Diary and a . R seem of the Vuth we we in awl a that Ary a or i at be to Brm made own a la Bora. We a we six of coi Derwe to gov a a Mart i a Vitari to the , of mtg a a t Tor to know a a byte or scan Cluj. It p cot 8. &lr4. Of Ike try a a to Ari Viil i it a v t�.7�h of a or i 4 i a s thru Uin no Vns a a a Monro a a a a a. Stltt Litmak err a res a it he Jun a a ukr of Fol or a Fri his Urrih fee a it in 1. Top my. A it i Thiv is to i to a Haas four id Fri 4 own Mno it a Flor or in in a for aunt f�utk4jr Nyht u Mke a to a for i it. By Toik. A i lists of ti4ijv in the Ashful a to it in. Iko of Lii men pro Uken out of the the Borromet to a Fil red of us  Ai i Vennor Ltd a a if to Ftp ii Ftp it to jul a. To turn Tell tar Chiton tit we Lela Coulett no la a in 6 the tic Tor. A i j to a p a f cd to us of to for m i i m�-ib1�iy a we it Sid to i0�ftn of to i.4. Thi to a Whf , m m Mil in to Rii in o .1 Wrt Leei at i of Tatum were 1 tit?w�4t to fear a no Ftp a i of to Khz a a fur Cut Btry if i of Juditd i to them us the plug Ouie i ibb gob. Bus a staid for you finn a to a 5.�wto report in in off Karmik r. 41 Lia flirt Ftp of but. A a Rickiy Isi a pull Ami f lift to of Flat Der Tel Puli t4m� in Arrik i �4 us Zixt but us ail ol4i t�ef�f4i�l in nil tit we by Raae. Tue in a a Uiko it Oit loft. Dob Qun bib Faw a Tow Prtrt of t�u1 Ufal Leo. Amity to Teit t�mt9 it a Gtimm Tor Utu to Terni Chi a by Tea of . A h 1 in it Fly ill to Tajo to Attu of a us Tomb of or. Cuff a Tbs Lith by. No to three Chat 4�d a o thu nifty Orn Ivy a Ceffo Teric find we Baum in by he Bee Juriw a butt met to Ubl to a do no croup a Bott to la a Rexfore Bis Nih Hli i cents la by it i Throat. He to of re Btry in a to a a Mitkel wbft4bitig of a Lri Ord my by it if Ftp a my it r by a it Der he a Ftp to to kill re no by f his Ftp pro cold r a Fath Ltd nid conto a Arffia �i4 frien i Aotani rim  la by re Hel my set Tbs a he of rubik to Luvett. A to Emu on if est in a cur Iino re �oa4otet, to or Tiu for to tote a a Eil Altje 4o.v�t�wy�fc a Wood or Tbs Tali to Iqual to Laia a a i Feln. Efthi of Cutie or join a to f in n i this a Jun Lii mete so. Tbs ? it Viper. It 1 Raj cd 0�0 w r to l i it a. I i \ in ref orc s a on to cd a old Simul b. Cit fits to the out Fri a of Ruul to learn that mid Forture run Ali us la to to eur a u k u ii Tirc Tervi Yocom titty to bit a says lifts i Van of Fri i to re Frost Uri mrry a of it Mph try. Lie to leave Bru Olliie on the he lent., of of Foch cd fusion to gave a Yuvi Lauu to All to Canepi bin at Hli quarters id the Grotsun. Autos or of the Tacor this Sauie me of Toni Ibero it a Kra Tsu or pity in it Narket of Many a run str att tvs us indies and a in m ilit-t-1� no n?8rtm�ut, to 1 the Prica of ladies1 Irsle a it $4u att Rutits or to trip tour Orff a Archit in a to. Ii a Vek of Fin Faure Kijik made at go Vinci rate. a Elito a a if of Tiu Ikenn Luijt red holding of in in arc Ati d Tea. The Winter North to win unable a Eui to i inti Truie old a a he i1 to 1 gout j is til Ivo Hart rec flood the full Wius letter of Iii airy Ftp in a in court Ney would Fitu o know ii you can explain by the people of firmes county toe taxed seven to on of such cd big in nuts us they Are not willing u Roe Oil co Fiu Erato Money for in payout it und the people of Austin county Only pay i \v4to on on the Shirae Clas of notes the above ii Quiry is important and the pre no the Sanio want of uniformly will Law exit Between other you Viies As Between Uri Meri and Austin. Only answer that we can Giro is Ilia we suppose each assessor considers it. In duty to a a my a pfc use no cording to its eur Roth value in Bill own District on the 1st 3nly last not the ump by in Fly to it big a according to irs a use h any District Ity a Loam that i ?.�f Tuut. A Ril s k 5st to we col i cd i or Ftp 4frmlimi Era Ita Statta of 2 4iwlina and teat and add 1 h a Var in of Tbs Ilow of Luch i Ervoes Ascot. A tour car or id Thia Way can Bardolf be att float cd. If Caa Isarow in Pill Glyte to with the Power Btu at Pai of to Ibe by Aita and Iago Keiit of to p or la than Dot Cartar bar Ean buy Isan a store Ftp to its u vh�4�put fully a it a a pc at Atka a cd Tea Iri wait of to Berk to re. Tbs to col 0�r �akmbfa�at�4ay%at�bkh f�nu4aa Tot re at if Northern it Nal Cutwa. As to Tia a a a a to Matrie 8o�ibf Abib we cujo a oar p a tout paper if a a a gtd Oldham Fudd rowed a vary avow to Ai Etu Bif last id Ifni at the a Art Boate. Tow to a a were a reel y a Klat Abr Anora Charr half of Tho a pita but. cod Unity base been eciido5ed Lri . Wea la Abd id t ,Tun? Par. Of to eff aug other articles of clot my Bira men Tabt to Qatar Kermau pm Wii Barrei a Iff Ationo be Tycer prtp0rly do strip us or not. It ii tit our Ernie str v who Bua Iaeli it ii to to Titre us in i i i j it of of t.,iv- a a Niue .1 a i of u Cal in Sta nor ii Lutfe. Cir Fitt Orrl Sio i  a a Row in a Nril in hmm l in a. To h 4i 1 to by ii to --.1m t t r to a qty Cicmil to tre a lev i Ivy Xvi t Civ ind a be a tits ii la a Ora. Roif Jjon and in i is ii Jami to t a a tit for Jyh h d Mil Ihunt Irr in it id v 1 to t h us to a to a serve the flee. To to Kajj or it cum Avih Tok dirt to fwu vcfi1- i m or Fri ii a  to i of. In till tool $ v.-k-e�, win ii w no Tif amt Al of ate or Mit g u i in there i Flut f l in or a Roketa a Roux a a unit gather ainu Man us or a do. 1 Nan a of a in i Ign us Ocecil web tin it of Ime bus at last unt i to Vuu j Ftp loft Tusa of his responsibility und. Win v r Udo Fri ?, orc you Oti Foo Vul Toui a Ami t a Ivity that Bourns unit of Loi it it Vii in the cite Ona Star jul and cot ui.-. a la Rhth of a Rodolito Cantera by tit a it to Heup do in Rembt Brocq of the Days u in d hush 8 i. Old Uii h Ive set forty Jeara t Var in Kurt n v gnat Lei and fill the Market continue a Turtura t try crowds a Little ii oiled out to la tra us to it tear sum Ato Teachen for Kirstie thrive Rota a sire it. A it Cuno Iri. We out want if Gay indie w invt it did a a or two of fasl i Nulle pc Unin a w d the pro d Alfrlo sofa me of tur solid Piru that Van nth a 4 tie m time it hem St Tbs re my a. churl r Tun appt a Alaio Etia Anastio Hui Tea in b r Palm catty. Bat i am i it it & Tang i in my in it was my  tied to that at lairs pro crime. The remark a Tell Bolda Koua. Tho Tucei a bib t one time aide a to Ingine tout whenever they a Teia fed in Lovoi lbt Varot to Bike Obar lust 3 Thoy in till firoved vory of Terri is sol. A 0 Sud Kiealy by by mails quiet As urals since Tuc last they Iovu not Ovd Belr he to Mouths Ai. I us Piork of top tar ufos " Iii is Oti on. Belt Onaida in at Anchor id the pannel of j de of Morris 13land, and in Poe a of. B it Jujj tally re covered lib Iron plaice a conic Xuerab 5 is her having Veo tora away to 0 u Iliot As i a a. 4 Dittri re a Turid Hie Edukat Femae to Itutti my t the a t an inc Deot Mortby of Moid Arboit i Gull jul Auoe Zementa Ted War Otin. , it a ii is of a aught if Fml or Bervik tur churn try by to to Klanut or j. 0 Aba True Rao Ted gun lot of h it ached the Interior of the work Uio Saied Tulej r to Iii Mita of the parapet and coolly proceeded to oif a Befort to Frau. Stand Shell were Fly Liik profusion but tevet Teleis rang in if their Cutini Caj Ufi out of rhe d try crevices of the fort and waking use of a broke i gun Carriage to put of the Cua Tomary try of the work waa begun. Same Garry inn Anzio i to 4llea ure in Tea p outre a had thetus Alvah a favourable Poi Don for the Pinto a but in a to mint move the pc Tuscai i idea a ppm Ich Dir him caused them to Leav a a joint l ibin�9touoi Tea Pat e at they d Ted Wuy for an Loti. To Etc Una no flitting there a Hap pm Eddie nod no a ctr race Ai Artista Amy , while Rte Furg a Neuar Soave portion Olti Jec us it enemy were t 11 Ruhr void it these two Brave men cat com a to tire stood to their Poat to cured a Verm perfect Vit Woof Date ent poem tons in to pfc fort Ter it cd even in to bar Grotto Quenesa and have been in a Ltd to per Riate an eve or and preserve a valuable Mcnico Ruml let ought to be an Beir Lomu wry Kurt Peru bottle i you Wamul Oxil at for a pro Ore i Yob Wen d Bee we a out Hray Iraq ups Cau ind Are g in n i Toni up and f tit a a Jon 3uta Foj Ter juy an Din liable title a tue Suk Joti. Rep Cerilio Quiej ii filidea Hud two Alai fire. A her own Noti be Why Deli it Rinju shelf Fra a in for i Motil re. I learn Tutt to ii Jim Eti utter a Tine to in Fri these pictures puh u. And to red a ten a to dlmon�ul8. We Al Tell Ihn us be a p Tori in Piade of a scene who Gojii Dottie Titi pen or Cain have never described. Ejust Recti Vii from James Liland inform ret n chamber and created to at con Fui inn among the enemy. Setell Shell a we a e 1 by top tort in mid. Totua a by the Angl to in at Antipol Pating an fit i big 01" the City Oue of the Tia Ufa sufi rail a Trtat a Vetal three Hundred Pou or la Brut do Imreh n received at the Island end amt o Neil Intro i Ilonia to Ive Charleston , trip. Non Monk tip a a been made Here to icon extent to Fig i the fiery Vlera ent it the Flint sign of us Tippo Irace a d Willi the vigilance my i att ii it to to a in up t that the of opt will be frustrated. If a great Coo flu a ii f should voc Ort or our flow i it to atch d fierce that in the event of a i him Light i a our part i Deap rate if cot my Teg. Turf Ohby. 4 Lite Rravis Lucev a a of mtg aia Tiaria m grit air Ciu in by Rera to Tea fare Tang ten Tieta of Hue a Laurit sort of the far Caara Iii be Aeri Quaty Era wracked tuft bar a or crop a Tauaa they. A Btu Tauave help. It Wev a t\a4 the pleasure of we Ting our it giant Stead judge Jebe to cd Tea who to i of eur cat pud with Bla legit but Utar Gharap Lul Ituk. Tie u a a Wata in be the to aeon. From Juter too c a Ftp a a. D Tho go. Like in Oreila umber. Be add a Talon Yxta apron. Yet be out by tax to right a a go4 Hica la a to. End a be prefer to a ave a a Pri Baa there More ? a i Poyod Parrott Gune end chive org rental Rabiaa they belong tuba 19 b omai a 0 b and a Cuba Platia 113 a Hawa Falb Hama mfr Luaa aau eve Taase or tided Tea ear Fhern a theorge Tael taxed . 4u3 tank Erja opera at of Auk Geata Trtat ale aeral Nahl Timon �i4x�ikd and Joc Ftnat i he Char Votte Kal Lafin contain Una special dispatch Fri re tul Kiich. Duet sept. 10, giving tote annexed account of in nto Btag of the Buu Davland to Arrit the former by and the latter by the Eltia t the die Pikta regiment arrived Heio Fiat a re it a Boot too clog shortly after ,Vium Birag Abby 100 tank and ble. A cadets b Stu in vow Oldi by and parted this Tele Vradi station to a w. Houlen piloting Fli be it duh b Ftodtr-"1 breaking Opeo la Dop a s by tax drink the t p \ ii All Over tie Yard Aid Street. Tham ording Ai ? a o clock to to a b h Faa Ounim alter bad wit Eidi Tift a. And h crowd Earth Skei which went to the journal a read coins lately Dee Trueit Everett ing the Tia Rrt or Flet map bad to the r ret me it for . " a b Lata a Dike Coia Suttom Point poet Otue of the Noee a Tidi Tut cot tour Troug Tau True a Reijm Wetter the be Jervarion Merit and there try Brett Are att Long Hoofe for. F j55 00 a pair and bit too in Della Law of a Law at too great which Mitizak Thuy Ahall Bat Ewe Over 75 per Cut.  i lilt strange that our army abound become de aae Walraed. When the great and Inore Apiag array of detailed eff Cera Abd to Futera the Ivy a a of Tea Lead White it Lajet to fight the Aeq eur aed True Icen Inci Leiua or the War o of the pfc he vegas been i pm us any Vii a to tacit Paul Cayou by a authority no be Placo it a fact Relia Oca a Plant a in Bouta Aua who has in Irrol a nor hem Lidy. And who waa a Union ruin Refuto 1 the k 1-tlce.of Rel Sibori and Leian ined with ibis a ave owl Nti Ier properly of Hemr tip Eeling the Appio Adi to of. The a Ems lies id the Routh Cugh i cd ver to Havo left the. Union that we were whipped and that l o and has possessions would be bad r u tiler Fekert Tbs a under Iule. He remained. Tea kid traits Oinie and in suite of Bis Onlin they took All Hia my a Sarvant must so Aud Ether Avail ame property for the a Ervite of the if Eden army Nib raied Bimi Elf and a wife to i a a we us f bold but in one toaut.o-, to loaded Plato at the bad of the Udy Andt Reat Ubig death in two met a a Uble Baha would revta.1 the depo Altof a Cut Taeil Bidden tie sure there Etta no Anch treasure Huv Ever and the i do waa nut killed. Then it Iii lot of Saoai arbat different rom pm Juon. A Aero Stu was Tifton Roku Blan Aztec in us Aua to y became Butk w a Xcvi it of a Kudera Cutler of High rank. Fra Olu ctr str supned to a abort time. And. Taking to i vault i of Nimati Cam a blk Loose by met for Bla Jorli. Che it Gio made Hie Way into Virgo to to the Zicai Leuce of a relation Otma master where a Budai a k Pua to a Kehm tack to Louis Sitoa. Arr Vag to the latter state he entered the Teder Vbk i and induced Norae sixty of Blat Ahter e Phi who but been area by the Tabke a t  Biake their escape with him. Having . 10. He them old a stir Oak tie hta a getting Fuhl Milton tithe mate by Juakin the pm Orr , Juu finally a Povl Ted my cd Itrie in Hauty wit i in other of Iai Ott of tie planter where the latter Hull tip Etc ipod thu Vanceea is a Vav a . Ii Ibe. Boory of t Daal a Lotty of White to the Nero race be Tito How doubt not it to the two fact Corn a we have Lar rated gives marked a cd Tiou to the Rule. The Zero in ibis instance w maund not Emily a very inspect Ibe Superior Manet Liu showed Mure truth Aud Honor wore decency and Enterprise Murbe Tor rained und education Tia the heat Bern unionist of a White Perd Aaion. We Hope the Vankeu my never get the worthy by fro and that 1 by May keep the White Cie Ture a Piiwaa i3,d compter Toteve a. The Active incidents Are Furris Hethy the Getu Man Minsk a a with whom the tie rots were dope Aiea and it to St lbs Ihei aia Bla Possession f s. Fort be or and a Paniale Teaa and Iba relieve i Raele Waco Ibe farther Bart Cea of Bav luf to eat to be. It if however Given a j a Tala t is it it aage that be g a ate etim. Of Tea pantry Boom Bee Awaad and Deinat Deot tl-.-1 1 a 1 i i Jirl to Bayer Eros Ria of Fine the obit re Robev Ieli and a Ceazan lady at a rectal Ball a Jbara j Jot tag or next Tat o by if of their tuamwbawedmsaaddaimavdiwerevaiaaiaf70,-1 feb mad. Data Tad Reaa the arson. To the Wark am a ban a paper eaww6ttriiucalty Tayi what i a bib oae of a us the Tea earner of rom Soldier a v4�7lsy5wa of Wmk Jar farm with my a t in Nwa sir As Wab re Are Tearce Aud gum arabic dear please Tell cur ult who Bave of cation it secure their letters but Paar a made of Floar a bribed on apiece it iron1 will be As Strong As Pooi a tajik. The Vurn of them Gult in our Western count its Lara obtain Toby staking Lue Wilur a in its our Gufert Ait. 3e.vix, Tam Coj orig t Cutter Hoplen new . Tai reasons if i i Hub a can is Fiat t the aft w Yolk times of or Strei Onjo to tray Tut e uis to the to h t in Premy Well it Jei the a  an a it Civ Purs it ii " for by a Teclu to he i uitts a if a a  a i i try to it Usi o in n intr a Fttie Kiev , Jill Pafk on their Bane of a null a Phil we Moe of stantly irom onry. The put. Tii u t Ivi a this Olvra Obein run be Pantie ii u no of e with them Tirril of Tver Tull try in any one pm a value Tho train required to y a Movi e Lime huh Ita Fod ant frae and Ami def Loq. Very Nib fun tens Belr line and bring them near their base every Odle lengthens a Arii me us Turtur in a coat our inae Aid Reud to. A Wace to jireff8ivfly More and wore difficult. With them it in a Nair cd to a Robit whore their Hirn t a oly letter but end a huns Itigan ad-v40 it we re say ii to there while the to anger reaches it it Xeina the do Fol Oliy at tie same time reaches in Alliher facts belong to the peculiarities of warfare in this country the pay Culibr Les that make to altogether different from Aron e in Europe and which Render All comparison futile. In reference to the a Peihl Caio of the Campai Ptel in Virginia i hit la True that in an and auce of the two . Tier cd by the let Saufl the other right of the a my tits for Oen. Meade would Bava the u a in Abc Teihua Hertt Icil aspect would h a a Over then la a in an Alvanah e represented by abut of tarty tar e per a Vich the Opportunity Tho noun twinn would Ltd Lee Tif Aarak All Hia movements loth Bow Gie itly our air jetty would he endangered. Aud allow his Law Ore How great a temptation would barfs red the rebel chief to of an Btu Stroh Sgalio Washington and throw than a 0 ice More Lii of Onins Lnig. It is True Loo will not we believe lightly repeat the Tiv Aioo Dodge it Haab eur at cup Eil twite and neither time Haq it proved a winning game hut it la one the less positive that be will not Arket any Good opting the make a strike for Whitt whose Pofi Seahm would Frap by repay the atari fico of All Elja none the be a Pontine that la every front of operations or line of Advance Choson by Lee Contra wider of the Annj of the Poto Ranc. It must to i a Barb a front it and As will cover . Looking at he in eject id All its be Arias we so Tio powerful positions they can Tbs Gnu not to mention the Circle of Fortl cations to god i Richmond the rebels have Norm daily the Kic tans Thall turn out u be Fala it rec Lvke to Tuoc to men j a vudred betters Lic Montt ibo a . A Sciata i it Bah Hiow. Rehb Usif reigned Havluy for sore time con Tern by x pea Edesta Lahiff a Raj Junta Ion at to it vow life where they have heretofore be in in a Steof serv rude provided Sash Pia be under Jne control o4 Federal troops All Mien nog Oca will receive the Protection of this government White they remain in the jct twins designated Aad All Surh persons As May be authorize t to ovo jpy Ali uti oter or other Ptacin will b9 a deploy fetid children in any capacity Moit Juliel to their ability. All male Sgroe who lire by old age 1 1 health or to Uny Oiher teen it. From serving in re Lumenti of african act Chat will b. Duty cared for and a so Gard As Heie before to Tren a of Camp for Ruck i persons Tho above Sho Ajo to. That the Yankee Are now determined either that the negroes shall not their Battles and thu be gotten rid of by if no killed off or Bolo do to work to pay ropers he. This however think it vary cruel that they should in1 to work for Souther Opeo p old they Alio find the pesto women and children an encumbrance and now it Quro thin to remain on the plantations and work for them. They speak of siting them projection and this constants in giving idea Canty foo1a a men notion Cobango of time on g. U. Pc if. R. B. On and after wednesday oct. 14th, Traynh will leave Galva Rtin at 10 o clock a. Mand Houston at 9 a. By. Fio. Is ni0hol9, i it Wilt super Latender . Lab Oft Bureau Hou Atoa october 7th, \ Al negroes employed As look teamsters or for other purposes in pm in p. Byc Foyers or solders will enl Lilethe owner to a credit for Tho number thus employed which will be deducted from the quota required for government services to entitle persons to the Benefit of this order b Desorb Tive list must a furnished u the chief of the labor �urf9ta, give a Riff name of owner Nam of negro a height and color from what county and the Sivich. Top Loyd. Siy command of mid Gen. .7. 11. to. H. Annn Swa capt. It chef Lilor Bureau. ._________________________tft3 circular. Ii Bap is dept trans mini. of Iok la oct. 5, ltfo3. Us Der the Pera com of the tax Law Quait Ermai quid and w u Nece Sailly collect at the to Lobo Large Janttie of Polato a which will be included in ih3 ration and issued in thu if Rice peas or beats at the rate of Pound to the la Lonj we. Ii. Thomas Sjur c. S. By command of Lieut. Gea. B. Kirby 3mitut s. 3 anus Rion a. A. Gen. I d13t. Texas new Mexico Arizona. Auasi Stanck of kick dior Moth Texas oct. 13, Ito. of Thia District will be Gover Ion by the Lou pc circular. Liy command of major Gen. J. 11. Magu Deil. A 11 a major at 0. 8. Owl Twat n0tic13.-Btraykdoh stolen from the undersigned at lamp Lubbock on the night of the Large american Borrel horse about Haj hands High 10 years old has Amsell ears with some Saddle Marks Aud a been Swaniel in eat i shoulder Light mane and tall and branded u p on the right a Baldar. Any information Given Roe at Concrete. Edwiu county text or to it. John r. Selso at lamp Lubbock near Houston Texas or at this office will to think ully received and Lyher ally rewarded join k. Pk1ule3. Ocl3text Wjt d13t. Tbxa3. New Mexico 4l Arizona 8abink past 0t. 1. 180,1 special order via. Mjor A Scurry having Ben relieved from duty in this District mud ordered to Liui Ailua Adajar John k Garey is hereby Nsasi ibid to duty he chief quartermaster of the is Aslton Hub Blit lot and will forthwith report c acting Al Reg. Gee Luc Kett commanding k. Sub let rect. Or. Harey will also continue to perform Tbs duties of pct q. At Houston until remit cd by Oapl r. P. Q tines .  Fly command of major Geo. J b. A Al Wesr. Floii Franr t Yama xxv. A a. Gen. Cd 3iw3t or. They will Lake All letters entrusted to the str rare directed to soldiers and others at two Dot hoi per letter and will deliver All Lettera directed soldiers to Tho Headquarters or the army to which they Beh veg but those directed to s will Bedico fitted in the p. 0. Of Richmond letters to persons not in the army will be milled in the nearest Obi Vilice on the other older of the a to be cute their Sinfo rih a will a Leo bring letters in re urn. Those desiring to hand letters i to or Diunda will enclose them to either of the Mii Traci rail Jlouis Fici or to the Telegraph or Newn r to fact. I my this ii be attended to. A or. Van ump  ,3wtr a. Adams. Lit i a Aiti a & o., c of Mission Mercian t Galveston 1\.aub. By Biring tie j. G. Lolk i Atrit a Hil. To legit n a county. If Al dlr rum pm Adam Oci . Harrison . Id author fixed to lies of Salii Cou Jtj. Ociltwtf____0. , . _ confred Krak Movsky Vanski the it. Recti a Ootfodi-rap1 hot is Ami Treasury notes in payment of a Titi Cut a. 11 Skiff co. Auu Frankki in . A i Iyua i a aia afire the of Jaii ump b-t4 of la vhf. Val 031 i spoilt a , Iccy rate Hoo a Victory to ant i 1 immediately to work in Tho Tioff in Vav input shoe factory pc Sonn exempt from military Doty those not understand log the business can easily be taught it. The leu Wal Tor Rhoun or our army now in the Field in gnat rid la 1 desired to 011 Tiv Hoci 3 Midi fold cars Toire need Jed to Light. Those wishing employment will Coll it Tho Cut a v ing department capt. Milts a. M., up Posillo the Post once. Planters or ethers having negroes can to of making shoes will sind them fur word immediately to Nasiat in filling our orders to sir e i dicta to in of c Field. C l. Moarty Lieut. 0 8. P. A., Hoe up try mint. Approved w. Melba supt a q. 11., 0. 8. A. A ptts Tufti afro Poaul our into Collar Offick ski of Flikki of quart Craster dept., but of Texus. A an Antonio 8ept. 21, jhc3. La accordance with instructions received from the quartermaster Pence i 1 invite proposals for fur nos blog ten thousand 10,000 mule collars me either of bark or Black Moss for government Ute bids for furnishing Ruch collars to quantities r t less Bun 500. Will be received at this Ottice or by in. Various Post a Arlera ten la this Dot tract in Altir capacity As subordinate purchasing officers 1 5 Var tue of the circular Ordija of the Gen enl of March l8tj3. Rids should Alt Lulu e for the delivery of Trio Willara at the to Spe blvd Post on or before the 31st Day of december next should specify the kind Lark or mors drop of de to be furnish it a and the Price a Ltd for a Xci kind. Upon receiving such by is the author dilate put chasing officers i l Forward copies or Uio tracts Muu lots about two Hundred Bead t r Stock cattle two horses one mule several Yoke of Tvorik oxen a two horse faintly Carriage Kitchen Aud household furniture Etc terms 1? months credit i ote but ring 10 per cent interest and per anal und Provod Security require. Oct3 tw2l-#lt fep2t�.wlm major at Quarry my principal Foiw a District Ftp Tethi. Jar other news pers in the f Latt copy Lor month and for wort Walls o mar five tiutkioriisniii7-"Iii Trutt of , Hoca Toh oct a i a in i general 0rd�bs, a. To. Jul. A to. Carter Biving Aulon Rufy pm the it Gen iral Cottman dlr to it Siulc Rumen Lor his re glad Cut now Sef vice in Arkan Sua Birly id we tin being intended fur to Apt. Frail s Rattery id uht artillery bus left c Tel a h. Campbell at Chapi of. Hill Texas who is authorized to rccf.iv4-alli.tu. Bad Jid men not liable to conscription Aud to Bott 1m ble not yet conscripted. The rec ruled will be allowed nil fur As part Lucle to choose u e company in the it Cru vol in a bib i scr i. My command of p. N. Luckett act Ralg. a Kip kit Rutn a. A. G. Ice How i 1 j eco ii St cd la of of the Cutti Atiim of i Leniu Vorden be misty c Anky Postor Jar Matagorda co october Sib ttit3 \ in new r Nae with a Resolution packed at a Unet-1" or the Oill eos of a to Siverdt of Doty old on the fir it of september lhri3, a queuing Theca teens of sufi county to meet in too Ventim on the first Mon in every month. The convention me this Day and or Gabla a after which the Zehrt Ermio. Or. John rugely rend in the netting a letter which be had act wed irom col. J. Rates commanding at a Taco asking to know if at our Medio on the it of 8jp-tumber up we lnt3" we will of ideally support blk in Allm Surv it be Mav Nikloi t for the defence of the Biate. Jet olt fur far 1h. The proceedings of thin meeting to pub Sheil in the Galt Elfon Newa. Jno. Rusk sky chairman. Bati. W. La Tiawan dec y in Btore-3j,h,0 papers assorted Garden Buff Fri Roe it d vat Miami Ras grown in foreign Conn cries. Onui itry desk sup put on libera Tarm. Oott3t�fcc? m Jamb Rourke Houston. Caricu. Wkkk8 at Crown formerly of Galveston and Houston to car desire to inform the in Bic that on the re August last the hotel de rial Carlos of Monie Tov Mexico wis up com in or their Vii fobs will be a Nurcy Welcome and All arts Mads to ensure their Comfort. French Koelsh German and italian Aposen la the Houna. The building fronts on the Market y nazi has been Prevoli sly occupied by or. Juau Felix. Taew i dist. To Kab maw Mexico Arizona Sabiski pass Bept. I ult 1h03 to Urai orders a a. 173. Tie collectors of the 10 per on the 6, crying Cotton crop i which lax la Bobd by act Cong Tets april ugh ih03, us Loriz u to receive in lieu of Coith the Bun Fertit Koloi in , busts Elk Ohof o a. Of the Wau a mm1, flub my Libory dial Fin. Man Vest title Alla. Liam hav Abeen Lossu a by Al or a Kweh As Security or . F for the to payment by deg., it of the 1?0 it f cent tax levied by ring Gen. Ruall on puff Luln out of the country on tic Rio urn do. By command of . J. A. Magr doku. W. A. Alston capt. At a. A. Q. Oc�1k3l crowns Volle Flag and 6 a Antonio Herald three times and Send Bill 11� q. A Doc Rynn Kryn the the Kin Amotio held has put itself Forward a the Dif. Nur of major unit and Calls for specific cur rates in to Ltd of vague Ibon Nailous. Charge l4f-Ma oru to thought who Len Brownsville a Large Quantity of Coal Oil far which be paid largely Over the Market Price he paid Over tto dollars per gallon we p it was Selling at one Dollar and a Quarter per Walron in the Market that Oil waa subsequently left exposed to the weather whereby heavy Leas Boob Rcd. At the time that major Uirt was buying Oil the Frd leis were Ratbag Musty n1 or and Witny of theat we re. Almost Bare too ital. A a a a a a a a a a a Hart angry Eden buying pins a Bethe waa Here Las Trad of buying clothing and food for the Ermyr a we ally give Theta two items As part Aud Sample of ,,4ritb this open Init that it is go really belled Bjo other operations wat equally dishonest a in go Texas he Tel Atco and Arizona not Stow Taxa out. ,j6q3. Special Ord is no a. V. Owing to the difficulty of keeping the troops regularly Sapp Llyd Watib Wood All authority hitherto Given to the widow or deceased officers and to idler an i the poor to Purchase Wood from the quartermaster department is hereby revoked. Officers ire r. Quested to draw Only what ii also Luelf. I necessary for tit air of and in of instal of for a Airleaf b drawn will toy be allowed to draw Wood in kind. Where commutation for one is draws cos mutation for Tea other must also be drawn and tree Varia. By con mad Maj a. J. Rank had Maori dub Suc swim d. Yacc eve a. A. A. Lenl. Ccllkw3t diet. T 11x48,7" win it too a Aat Towa o i hot titon october 3d, 1803. Special order a. Mjg a. I Ohirion. C. 8., will relieve major ii. Ii Hayti Easchief commissary of the Buterin Hub District and report to acting Brig. General p. N. Luckett. A command of. Motor Gen. J. By Magrudor by. Fiji Lotom Juja Jorjik Al. Qfll0tw3t hbadquartjcr8. Bureau Fita to troop a i diam it of Texas new Mexico u aah in ii ,.a Fujito f exam oct. Feb j special order. Avo. So. 1 j i. All details of teamsters from the state Troost on of Joseph Kuiber agent of Lebam collector of the part of Brownie Sale Isakh Tea Metera were of to the Afeng employ of Sld Kluiber before Tea 5th Day or Naguit last Are Here by revoked and the men will report to their conv to 1 ?6rfl inf ten a a att title on Tho Road with goes Romont Cotton. Ii. All teamsters in the employ of said Klrin tag Cotton top the re Al on of Tell Are Val whlrrp6rt to major Tussell to to Broil Wille who will employ them end their teams for Gever Ameni Una in haul tog no lick Rosa that Pilot. By command of a a a Adao . & i Fly state troops. N a f Pakan w. Itla Bop living on Hui Ivi. X Bayou below Herr Alburg on the ath ,-. Grey heme handed m on right hip about i or years old. To owner is hereby to come Forward Brove property pay chair i Aud take Hui Sway. Oogtw3t i a k lbs s f. Indic in lift tto chloroform 1 o 1000 lbs u. C. Boda Tot Dos pure Cugno Brandy Luartis �83 hot . Castor Oil ,j0 it us Superior Quality Tea 500 do Epsom baits Trot 3, my two main Street Truh undersigned proprietor of Tea City Omni x bus line and table would info no the pubic. Unit they will keep constantly no hand Jmwa Buffie Aad Baddie horses for hero. Zorae Tek a z very Tiba Tweit rate. To Totaj Abuseif can always be bad for funerals. _ Aogot Whf Wisth Bibit it Rill Al dist. Tkxa8.1 t wow a Xico at Arona k a to Wpm Texas Cal uth Uta j Gentral a re urn to. 174. 1 All detailed mis Frod the Confederate and Fly Etc Topi fur duty on Board of Mer Bupt Marine via a i Wluka Toad ordered to join heir respect be companies without the least delay this order w 11 embrace also All met to it Shivo to celled permits to pits out on such a Aitolu. A command of v p a Nam a Fdl j a a Magrudor. Is. P. Apr her a. A. Goo. Oci8tw3c ii sad us dept. Tran3-miss., 1 a Telal order a 155.  a j agents engaged in the transport Ailon . Out Molek lation so Long As engaged la this duly ii co Moinud of it Gene Kirby Smith Ahdi How a. A. G. _______rw3 ii treasurer having removed to Galveston pm placed in my hands some Lbw. Which twin distribute when on. I a a i Clyll Twer signed oct j Mcmahan a
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