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Galveston Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - November 15, 1863, Houston, Texas A compositor wanted at Tiu or. C. Crane will preach Ai the Baptist " whet a a Are invited to in we Roll no Friday nov. Troop i Mcdoal a in Gen. I grader in december last. Ulv a Rotorua monday Sot,30th. J a Resolution wat Lap to to Amend the betray Laws. To 8t4t�, nov 7 in conflicting rep Pitt were i on . Tutt Antis not. 7th the Aire t a jeer Durga of the Lrtil Tiati with the veal slim per Toni a a in of Hills. Petitions. Ac., pm win nod referred. Is can two of 5tkkscr t .1t to t mtg tre of to Fres to the Uuie on Hill a to Ai a i in tale of Cluth Lor Ihu us i f Grce of. Another prescribing punishment fori cart irn a f of the Confederate not Jyi Arm the committee having them the contested Al Clid trots Bast lop. U win a w. Of a a i Tuul i i. Mckrill. Rep read info a or the tier mar. A he Tail i Organ Iliia Imlig. O Aix vote. A res to Lon a Milter. Tim Aaron Cim Toillee was required to in it then Renao ind to be thrown Over Board i thing to thai wore and miserable expel Nia a us notions an to per Caa Fig Clytia confusion and Fatra Cyloa to reign lung Cine. A whom the god intend to , the Ami in the ? we Tot Ibry hate Aid a a intend to try u maintain item. Planter flt Lov a county Texas a a a a critic of Rayon Hon Rbaux. Siuao a Partiss. Grels t do Nimoh 1 try we Bat received a dozen Para Woolen Toet from or a Tacca Moor of Anderer a tar Ibe wait Fortis in opt of Tellup t regiment. Tyty Wilt he delivered to Haj Pottol woo will carry int tit a Tahat a Ftp mad Dozot a itty tic Bare part Nanri of to the last. Grams re min pm operas us it the report of 111 Lattof Caddoa. Arv., \ j Ibe it Kerala ii a Oxnard. Or Sientki in relation to twin a Lori eat to Olf Icek. A nil for the e i ninth. N of the Sta e Torpa a a read Aleo a Bill to to found the Aurvin of null la lands. Leo a cab the in Roan cum i tiers of the Shoaee and ornate a a re Akupu rated a joint in Merit tee Sta appointed on fro utter deft be a joint re a Lalion a a referred is granting our a Erot Era in Cor Utrera to net Thill ii flt once in fun Var of the Pas age of a Law audio Confederate Nul a a it goaltender. A Bill was re Errol d Osbert a boat pasta of Orlef for the Lota of dear free Baand it Latium in that remt Trarlu War Ofiaro Hod cup Talon la poetry for Kieh. We find  of order hat a not do a without extra do Amne Rof hat aitana to the Coan try and in auth a Hamm Toul Etal Ai that we Wutoh to Arak oar Mattl Sheet to Arramenta i la Rittne a min Aid at pow Lilc to a Ramie to totally in Pratt by to i Alt. \ .���- Omi Mam of a neral we Boot Ezen Pylos or it a Tyllere. Not us tall Ahall go into military or icel but that All tii Naa aary Teal Deal of the of Tatry for the support of the War Ahall Bearrood an by detailed Eona Cripta a a Faaafe of he ban Jeaa of the ten tee it now carried on. The Aboe Waaker t a Tanner the Miller to Wittl not by Taka Frota bit Milona but after being will of a owed to Cairy it on and will a avowed Mae Zaoie pay that ton Trodt of de tailed now Aowad. All will then in Tio tamae Esu Laad la partial fool inf Whereat now Tho arb Ara Letaea attn on to count of the import anew of heir basis eat or Trad Are Taal a fort urea by Char a or the Ait Apted re i Hall profit Baa firs Ted an Bonton Ejabat what they Plean while the do tailed m Ooala paled to work for the amal Aoa of a ease Krea ate Sra a tie exempt Una at of Taai Able f Arak adore note r in of Day thaa Taw data lad Caa in a month. Thi groan Tajai Talca of Bro baby Only be reined led by a a Bod in Thea Way a Check May be Pat to thai Araa iat that Are so role oae Tolar Trautt and to boat who main a horse will to wit at Era a Early of an Cut Lully with each other and with Tea Caldiera la the Amy. Wit adopted direct Lair Cim Ninee on military Aff Ira to take Italy ii the c tit eat of vow s air Are prohibited from Cotton to the Ato Grande. A Norl Ullon wat adopted it recline the taxi Cuiry Oomen Tito Toimi Aire into the expediency a of a Law to atop interest of note after Contd Erate note have Ikon tendered in payment it a refuted. A farther ant Penton of the Tawa for the col lotion of debt wat a erred to the judiciary Coo Init tee to report open also the propriety of Getyina a tax on aped payable la kind. The committee on military Aff Ira wat to port in regard to abolishing All exe Piont from military Vertlee except when Tec ored by the Constitution Rte Eui Jet of trans portly Perront Snape oled of treats a a re Ferrod to the Jad Lelary Oom Rottee. To a ant Brekle in oar Latt Ime in reference to to of Olden time contained a bad typographical error Wohleb wat not and corrected Mil  portion of oar edition wat worked off. To word rained Debould have been re tired at the mate will indicate. reent term of be Detriot court in Sto rat Rico Juaa Siren and of Lilia find Rigour were Chariot to of la manner of an unknown Man on the ssh of a gnat. Int. The latter a woman rat Onovi Atco of Starun in the drat degree and the Fortar the Aarond degree. The woman it att Tabooed lobe Hong on the 13th into the Man la sentenced to Tea Penitentiary for Altro Yean. That it the Fortl a Matanee of capital conviction in that county. At a general Rait those cont noted for capital one area font rare Toaone Way to make their Ete pc to ill oar Contle. Col. Meam the a Triff la highly for fill vigilance in keeping the or loners in by own he ate. The trial wat before judge b. Natl to but court being the drat held by him Aiace Bla election. 11 it old to have Given great Tatia faction by bit firm Netland impartiality. J a " la a to to ititta.-th3 Southern Baptist Conven Tibi i to ult May on Friday before the second Sab Rath a Auywa of. The Paul Dent. Kev. Richard a Alhaj a. Iko Baltimore and the Secretary Rev. Tar i of f-ih1 p p., j4e, of Louisiana were Ata att. Bev. Prof. . Meti of Tinl Veray of g�., wat cd oreo fre Alstat Abd Bev. Leo. B. Talor of Virginia and Bev. B. I�l4rut,or Georgia Teete Lariat to do let Lcy waa i urfa a Brolly from Virginia,1 ii. Carolina g. Carolina. Of targe. Alabama and Florid. To elate of Maryland us Totari Ken Toxy of t Tutt to . Loab Nana at Kansas and to Taxa wan unrepresented great in Battit in. La la Banc to China Africa the Indian and to the Southern army waa exhibited anew Board a at a Tablit a and located at Oret Vilie s. A for publication of sunday Babool objects Kev. B Manly jr., . A mid a resident and Rev waa Carey Jeewek to .�., vice part Dent Slih one from Rewti Confederate state. Tto a Frei a Mim Lon Board at Richmond Virginia and to Beard it Al Arian Alabama mad interesting report exhibiting an encouraging . . Brown of a., took a prominent part in the Butl sea of the convention. The am session it to be held at . 0. Tea Loa Alana Bap lit state convention met at meant Lon Church bottler Parth la., on Vil Day net Ore to brat Bahrain in july last Rev we. C. Crane d. Pred Dent in the chair and Prol m. Sep Hotd a Centary. A. Reape Tahle delegation Wai Patent and a urge amount of business transacted. The introductory Terrion wat preached by Rev. W. W. Crawford the my avenary Sermon by Rev. Wm., ii. Bayleat and the educational Termon by Rev. We. Carey Crane . To be next Newlon will a held at a Green a Sot Tariah. The pret Dent a tend Inai to remove from Louisiana declined a reelection and Rev. We. Ii. Bay lets wat chosen Pru to Dent for ill present year. The Texas Baptist stat convention met at Independence on san idly Bottore the fourth sunday in october. A delegation nearly twice at urge it that of last year waa present. Over thirty Thea and Dol Lart in Cash and pledge redeemable on demand were contributed to support missionaries to the army and the destitute parts of the state. The be malt College of Baylor University wat reported 19 hav sear one Hundred and fifty Popit. And to be in condition. Tea Cadelo and Colle Giat department f f males wat reported to have about sixty Pup ill. Aii the object of the Conven lion received proper attention. Rev. Ii. L. Gravet of Valrae waa re elected pret Dent prof. B. S. Uta Gerald of Baylor Tinl Velty. Waa chosen be of Ordog Secretary and Oen. J. W. Barnet of an Demon Tramper. The next meeting will be held at Quot Tville Walker Donn to. A a had the pleasure of meeting our fellow Eltien or. Chew who it from Richmond via a Barleston and Chattanooga. We have already pub Lla hed the Newa brought by him from an extra of a Thieve port paper of be 6th into. He left Charles ton about tire week ego. That City it now con netted entirely into a military Camp. No fall it or son coat Gatanti Are allowed to Roma in. The people have entire Confidence in being Able to bold the Aga Lett All the Effort of the enemy. Their Lor lion and other Detents Are of a formidable in. It it not there Tuppo Teil that even the. Ever expect to Takt the City but that the it they Bope to accomplish it to Burn the oily with i fir. Vor this Darpoh it it believed that Tapir Jdant now by to try and take James Island Wohleb Iru enable them to bring their Misti let of Dettra of at Husin two mlle of tit City. But before they Cash fat that Island Tebei will have o capture several nx4f tort and Bette Rita and will encounter other satan Matt. A feeling of roof Denoe pervade the peo Ute pc to con Federer wherever or. Chaw went. 5$i general Laap Remilen wat that Router and t Lime Wott set Bav to capitulate. A. C. Of tend no difficulty m a rotting Una Little Ottosi. Of feb be Crotton in August on hit Way to us so liiii1 a Taw several Yankee gunboat and to Liamari Init be bad to Witch bit Opportunity to Matsil Nataa. On by return be Taw none All waa to flank lad tur Amert and transports Bav nearly mini running of flu River. When s to tether Doe a a a Learned thai to Yankees on Beard rarely House or . Kachtik mov. 11, in. Nett cd news i had intended to have written to you last week but at there waa Roth log very important before the , i deferred it till now the papers will have into Ltd you of the organization of the houses. Of last gov Lubbock delivered hit Mysia in in person to both Ile uses in the representative Hall. It it a lengthy Well written wat very Well rend gome of the governor s recommendation Are Good while Osbert would work great harm to the country if tar ried ont by the legislature. For instance he room mend tie enrolment in the militia of All persons from sixteen up. Carry out this re commend Ion and our armlet would be starved out. We Insl keep a sufficient number at Home to make bread and meat. He Alto recommends the enrolment of All the be Roet. Properly regulated that might work Well f those already in the employ of the government were properly distributed they would be of much More Are foe to the country. Whether the taking the producing labor of he state to wait on of ulcers stationed in the town and cities it for the Best it ser Lovely doubted by Many. But. As gov. Lubbock hit crated to exec la the functions of governor 1 will Dot Mlaka this part of the subject by remarking that there la no doubt of his intense patriotism. Ilia error Are of the head and not of the Start. The governor hat shown bit Faith by his works by at aching himself to the Confederate army not. It la True As a private but on the staff of Gen. R. Kirby Smith. On Latt sunday morning there was considerable sensation produced by the appearance of the Kex governor in Church in hit regimentals. " lie was to observed of All of Latt thursday Oor. Hurrah delivered Hie inaugural add Ora to both houses Aad a Large Aat i Blage of citizens. Its cent Kmentt Are constitutional and Conee Vallve. The governor teemed to be impressed with the great he has assumed. I he will communicate the the legislature his in a Day or two from appear Doet. I would Sot is surprised if a had a very boisterous to a Ion. The Une Ultra measures thit were before Ute last legislature wll be before is. As yet we cannot determine the a Elitle. Strength of parties.  we find Honnol hero rather an expensive luxury. The hotels Are charge log about ten dollars per Day. That will lie a very incentive to a tort its Sloo. A Tut a week ago there a a a some Little excitement about Small pox i us ii re Aqil thy o has been Sonte tour or live Chi a re period. If any thing Turku up of importance i will let your readers know. Ilo. Abc president add Rosa. La xxx Dakters army of to Nassut j Moner 14, it 3. . Grajo Ful country r cognates your Ardt Tous services and rejoice Over your glorious Victory on the Field of Chicken Daugs. When your loan Tryman shall learn the adre Rte circumstance under which you attacked the enemy though they cannot be More thankful they May Admire Mote the gallantry and patriotic Devotion which secured Yon Success. of every state of the confederacy your Steps have been followed with Afreo-tionatemll�jfs/9. "1 in of the country. Defenders c Fine cart of our territory your move anti have been the Tuu Jet of interest i and Aux lety. The Hopes of our Causa depended upon you and Happy it is that All can rely upon your achieving whatever Snier the blessings of fro i Dence human Power ctn effect. Though Ycu Bave borne much very much remains yet to be done lie Hind Yon Are the people providing for your support and depending upon your Protection. Before Ycu your country devastated by your worthless invader. When gentle woman feeble age and Hei Parsi infancy have been objected to outrages without a parallel in the warfare of civilized nations. With eager eyes they watch for your coming and for heir deliver Ance an the homeless Refugeo planet for the hour when your victorious Arma shall restore his family to the the iter from which they were driven. Forced to take up arms to vindicate the political Tigh a of Freedom Equality and state sovereignty which were the heritage purchased by the Road of your revolt nary , Yiu have but the alternative of slavish to Brittion to det Polivi usurpation or Independence which a vigorous United persistent Effort will secure. All which flies the Manly breast nerves the Patriot and salts the hero it present to Nim late and sustain you. Nobly have you redeem my the pledge Given in the name of Freedom to to memory of your ancestor and the rights of your posterity. That you May Complete the Mission to which Yon Bave devoted yourselves will require of Yon snob exertions in the future at you have made in the past continuances in the Pali eat endurance of toll and danger and that self denial which reject i every consideration at variance with the Public service a unworthy the holy cause in which you Are engaged. When the War shall have ended the highest Taeed of Praise will be your due Aad will probably he Given to him who has Lxi used least for himself in proportion to tie Ter vice he has rendered and the bitterest self reproach which Citi hereafter haunt the memory of any one will be that the has allowed sel Fuh disposition to prevail Over a desire for the Public Good. United As we Are in a common ii t , obedience and coid Lal co operation Are necessary. Tit re is no higher duty than that which requires each to Render to ail what it dus to Union lit who tows the seed of discontent and distrust prepares for a Harvest or Slaughter and Ile eat. To the history of the year you have added Lustre by your Gill in try and fortitude. Crown these with Harmony due sob Oral nation and cheerful support of lawful authority that the measure of your duty May be Mil. I Fer Vantly Hope Usu the ferocious Star so unjustly waged tit Lett our country May ended that with the Blet Sigut of peace you May be restored to Jour Homes sad the utell pundits of life and i Pray that our heavenly father my cover Yon with the shield of his Protection in the hour of Battle and endow you with Virtues which will close your trials in Victory Complete Jurikson Davis. La tie Field near opel Tousnt Han Sner rss in the Oftle or Botier Riox some Revti Miles Bon 111 of this place. Gen Tureen at asked the or Eniy Douala eng r f the 13th army Coila command cd by Gen. Kainber huge. Of the u. S army Canning great Basco among them Dri ing them from he Field through their Camps taking Possession of their whole com ple Ely routing their entire command and esp Turing their artillery and part of their cavalry to. The fight commenced yesterday at i o ctorf.-, finishing at 2 the enemy contest d every Itoh o ground fall log bark slowly before our Brave boy who made the Woods rebound with their continuous cheers and the Earth tremble under the Stei Idy Trampf their Resistless charge. The infantry Ecomman re by col. Roberts of Walker s division Cost Imine of his own col. Ring s and Harrison s regiments were thrown on the extreme left resting on Rayon Bourbeu by ing sheltered by the Roodt which skirted the Bayou for Lour bundred Yards on Taeb Side. Here began the flight with the greatest fierceness and Heie the Brunt of it was borne. In the Tau while Ireen t and Msj Ort brigades Boon s battalion and one Section or Daniels and the Valverde Battery were or Dere t through the Prairie on the extreme right to flank the enemy s position and charge his Battery which was pouring a Hail of Shell and canister thro the ranks of our infantry without much damage on account of the thickness of the Woods. On hot tiry sections were Toon in position to ported by Green dismounted Bilge de opened with a telling fire on the enemy s guns. Majors a already in position with Bis cavalry to the right of the batteries. At this juncture of affairs urn. Green ordered the entire command to Charne leading it aide by tide with majors. The cavalry at fall Speed ranked the enemy whilst the infantry at double a took with interminable Thoutt charged frantically upon them Taufar their Battery routing and scattering their boasted. " 13th army corps " to the four winds. It was one of the most Beauty fun i sight of the War. The cavalry and infantry charging at full run. Over an open Prairie some fifteen Hundred Yards Rem Illy making the Earth quake with their heavy and rapid Tarap. The enemy left Over one Hundred dead upon the Field our loss was very alight. We captured s38 non commit signed c faces and privates 1-1 Lieuten ants 10 captains 1 colonel and 1 lieutenant colonel besides these there Are fifty wounded in our hands shot throw to the Arm or body who Rora Able to walk from the Field a like Numor who were not Able to move were left behind. Nearly All of our in nerd were brought off. The enemy came up will their entire command whereupon we fell Hick to our former positions we were Only Abla to bring off use of the piece of artillery captured a ten Pounder Parrot. The others having their horses killed and disabled we spiked and left on the Fjald their Tenta commissary and ordnance tto Rrt being destroyed our my fell Back in Good order and Are ready and anxious to meet them again. Trie men and their o biters Are confident that we can whip Gen. Frank Lin s entire Force with the greatest ease. The tit owners left the s morning for Alexandria. Your Friend a  a new hem a. Cd Mem a Pato ii i the course of events in Sprx Tyi has vindicate .1 a remarkable Way tbe1 a Ara Eity of or. Porwit v. S. Minister to that government. He wite i u Ere almost Itami mistely alter tie prs it admin ration came into Power and in july if ill wrote to or. Seward As follows " re Ripe it quite willing log re is humbled and wiil not fill to take advantage of our Embarrass Arentt to execute purposes which she would not Bevc a rescued of had or remained at peace. I repeat these a my reasons for de Sli Itig instructions relating to Aid to Mexico in some Psi i us the following letter has been kindly handed i. We think our Reader will find it interesting though not written for publication Camp Riar Cna cta9000a, Tes. Out. It ti.1. Dear father i have another Opportunity of writing you by or. , who it our courier to deliver letters from the army to Shreveport i am by the Blessing of god still alive and in Good Bealiba. We have had another terrible Battle called the Battle of Chickamauga of which you have of course heard and which lasted two Days. Gen. In rage. This time out generated Rosecrans and gave him an whipping a of i what horrors Are to be seen and Felt in this War to ten the dying and wounded lift on the Field Perl Ahing from thirst and suffering from their wounds. I us in the i to Voit guard detailed to keep up stranglers Ami Guril prisoners and to guard the dead and wounded on the Battle Field and to atop pilfering the dead. We were left to do this duty after the defeat and flight of Ito korans and of what sights i witnessed. R ise crans left he dead and wounded in our hands. Some of his dead Are yet a yid where they were shot Down. We theirs lend had Tol Tave them As we found them. I Taw Soma with their brains All scattered around them still alive others with Hole through them to that it seemed impossible for them to live though they lived for Day. Roie Craft wit badly Defeated Bis lost amount to 20,000. Ours 13,000. I will Send you a paper. If i ran. The Northern papers Are very Mournful about the defeat of res Rena. We sat lying in Llna skit Battle opposite that Taaloga three Milea from the enemy behind breast works Down in the Valley Between two Mountain they have strongly entrenched themselves to and about Chattanooga acting on the defensive. Wear closely besieging them and ire anxiously awaiting their approach we can. By going upon the Mountain tee their line o Battle and their fortifications very plainly. I go up and look at him every Day. Cann Nading has ceased to be a Novelty at we hear us i j us a. Shelled the Yankees nearly All dry they replying Gen. Bragg has one Hundred guns planted Bearint upon their fort and fortifications. We have right Lively times Here every Day and Are getting need to the horrors we used to have of bombshells bursting and the Roar of Large siege gum. Long Reet Breckinridge and part of Gen. Joe Johnson s commands Are Here with it. Our old Tex a by Lade from Virginia it also Here with us in Longstreet corps Gat. Hood lost his leg in the fight on sunday. The Battle of Chickamauga was fought on saturday and sunday 19th and on. The loss in our regiment wis Light. Opt. Proudfoot was wounded badly in the toot. Mordica Bryan son of or. I Ryan of Houston wat killed. Motiu brio Hurtt wat wounded but not dangerously. Our brigade suffered the Verein. We Lott our brigadier Gen. Deshler the bravest Man i Ever raw. Our brigade wat in the hottest of the Light two other brigade bad to fall Back from the position we had taken and where we stood oar ground. General Longstreet complemented it highly and said it was due our brigade the Honor of that Day s fight sunday in keeping our position so that he could flank them As we kept the enemy s attention directed towards us thanks be to god we in main to lung our Groon i and completely rout inn them on All sides it was a terrible fight ind. De and i Dout Ever Wanh to see such another. A Var had in either Aid and Only do to for the Pur a Ett rating Wood and then never venture an any Dit Tarot from the re Var. La act there appears to be no May on either aide of the River except at Vick Sturg and hatches with Tome Force Between Vieka Twig and to big Black. We Lave received a Sample of the sugar now being ind by col. J. D. Waters and we believe tre arc Safe in saying it is the Best Texas sugar we have Ever seen. H is remarkably dry of Elf granulated Ami of a Light Straw color Ajuis would generally be us tej Jajor Good Afonja Iii sugar. We be eve Gowl ltilr4�ttt has been Selling Here at Arenott by to hts Kag Bead it co to so Ementi per cmdr wx3 col. Waters we pre Hume Albi Riach. Unless aft we All Hope wed expect our currency Beall improve and bring Pricw Down in proportion. We kit waiting anxiously to be Able to i re reliable quotations indicating this much desired change. " a a Fri a Juitt doa paper of late Date mentions the Nara list Ife aft Eniy of a a ref indent James a. Editor i entered this War willingly determined to Bear my just share of its burdens without a murmur and expecting at it close Bould i lire that Long to Only my a Hereof i t blessings. I belong Tett to Pauli of or fanning class of the Community and Accordina to the turn Grimme Laid d. Tro by its 1km of pave the country Despou Deus Wear Inguld tear All Ita burdens fill up the annus and Flat the Battles of the country there a no exemption for us raise Corn wheat meat for the government at its own Price raise Cotton Lor the government at its own Price to prevent it according to the Telegraph from going to " financial ruin to furnish the labor to build fortifications railroads Cook drive teams and to give the last turn to Cap the Climax we Are to raise the Cotton tobacco the War a Over to pay the War debt and be arc at the same time to take this same ubiquitous negro Vith More lives than a cat conscript hits put him id the army beside us to whip the Yankee and thereby a Cuie Liberty Lor us. The negro is to be conscripted raised to a level in the army with the White Soldier Regardie Sof sound policy morals right or wrong principle or the Bible. Truly a her Suliin task is before the planters and Farmers a heavy task and Burden is Laid upon their shoulders. The salvation of the country is Laid upon them Are they Able to Bear Itaf weighty responsibility to Bear All its burdens Andl Mort with none to share them with them t with what fiery Teal with what patriotic and lordly dignity does the editor of the i Eloy Rich it in by Eutema l chair Boot to u3 i he Battle cry of charge Beuer charge i on Stanley on with what bulling comp Laeey and tall fac too he meets and greets bit cuts the Wordy War Riore the exempt a of Surv of Texas. Aniwa that we could tee ourselves As others see the Tel graph i a Piper of no fixed principle it it a Piper of notion and expedients it it bound to or Erst wind of Doo Trine test paste if Public open Liob Mill Sty nod slate action Are the be Moddia by Jet we sincerely thank the author of the following for supplying our want of a reporter at the mooting referred Tot Friscat Coli info blown. A. Boitor i attended the meeting of merchants lilt saturday at the courthouse and wat much to Terew Ted in the Roma ski a in by several gentlemen relative to beat plan to be pursued to Lead to the reduction of prices of goods in Houston. Xuy Toto blog Aback is As worthy of note that the importer by the perilous land route trom Brownsville get the lion s thare of Pruvis Olen five to one Over the Ler. That the importer is often a transient person pay rent for few Days disposes of his goods at Enort out Profitt pays no taxes and that it the last of him. That the importer in some costs end i presume tells the purchaser that no More goods can be bought at Brownsville Fox Confederate Money that the Wagon have All stopped running and no More Good on to Way when perhaps to less than a week new arrival Overstock the Market. I  that saponin arrival of new Good gentlemen with or wet scout brat buttons in Jer pay of government often Bay the whole Stock put on Thair profit std then sell to the retailer thus adding to the Urlce to the consumer to profit of importer a Speculator and retailer. That often before reaching the retailer the Good Pas through the bands of half a dozen speculators All making a profit thereby adding considerably to Tho prices when null by the re Sawr. That Many of the Street up Cala Larr paying no rent for stores Are Tell m Kun ii to pay tuxes on either to a Iasi a or sales. Thit Tuu leu Llera Are compelled out Iusally to Advance their Poleet to enable them to pay the constantly advancing rent to say nothing of food of. Many of the Pertt diving been std tanned within a year from tl.200 to #3,000. That the worst Case of ill wat the Man who with a full Stock or Good on band when the War broke out teemed determined to get Mora for bit Good Tun hit neighbor who had Laid in Belr stocks at War prices the Only expat being i link of Confidence in the currency. That everybody is a Mucu bit to blame the landlord for exorbitant rents tit Imperf Tor insisting upon the lion share or the profit official for stepping in Between the retailer for Putong is we too much profit on and the trying to get even with the City people Catt us Odlag be Tod in aia prices. 84n a Limtt. 8 i am fetid no the whole thing la knocked in the head As Toon at the Newt we a Reo Elved that Brownsville bad fallen one Bouse on Halo Street put up Goodfe Ian Eleby a and a human nature is mighty nerlldn,.x Aronld not be astonished if other. Tlv9if�ll0vmut,and Tutt to much time a Cubav to Tryl bad to Marionq up goods that no attend the next Meei lug for put ti�gp0mim� Bat we shall tee. T wat published Over the Titca the undersigned on the 17th nit., a wife which a written in a Batty me Avav Ltd which a desire to recall and herein Doe John 8. God via. Ii a rim a co., no. 9, h3�3. Awl 31 pm to two e Liber pret int exigencies. She it in Litan Thow in Power. " Iru yes Onoto ave be isun i pm quite Sute the be the prey of Tome foreign Power end they. I Tutt cannot without our bid i a our Sid for the i 1 took la vain Lor help elsewhere."-. 0.1 Cav int. itio.-while the Continental army was operatic on the North River in 1779, desertions prevailed to Tui an extent As to claim the Interne none or the commander in he psf. Orders were according to issued by Gen Washington of five to death on i Fie Thil. Every deserter taken in the fact. Colonel Hean when afterwards a member of centres from Maryland s ated on Ibe floor of the House of Kep re Senta tits. In a debate on the Seminole War that when a lieutenant t and commanding an outpost. He a Speed a deserter Laken in the fact to be executed on the tint and sent i head to the Bea quarters of the army where it a publicly exposed and thus put to to Vimal onto desertion. Liottta renal a Aalst reflections Are East upon general turn Eide Tor nut hav lug reinforced general rot trans. I leg leave. In Vlad la Lon or the Gallant Burnt do to state a few facts nut pm a to men who Are ignorant of the geography of that country. 1 claim to know the country occupied by both armies. I travelled through North Georgia in 1829, and lodged with the Obero Chattanooga to Lafayette in the neighbourhood of where the fighting began still further Southi Buckner in retreating Fiona inn Vitle burned the Bridge behind him rendering it impossible for general Burnside to reinforce uen. Rose Orans with any Speed besides Gen. had to keep an Eye to the Eitt where in Twenty four hour Snen Emy of Twenty thou Antl men could be poured Down upon big from Lynchburg on the great Virginia aril Tennessee Railroad. In Mil Possession of the rebels. The country n North Georgia is rather a level country i h Hills and ridges springing up at inter Val and separating one Valley from another. The streams Ore Sld Riih and the Banks usually b go. The country is thickly timbered with a heavy in Ilert Rowich. Making i rather Lump arable for the opera tons of a Large army. K a my part 1 have every Confidence in our ultimate Success. Let Rosecrans be reinforced and he will whip the whole confederacy. The mediation i advocate is that of the Cannon and the word and let there be no armistice of sea or land until All tie rebels front and rear North Ami Houtby Are subjugated or exterminated. And then let consign punishment be speedily meted out to the surviving leaders in this unholy crusade against civilization. motto la greek fire for the masses and hell fire for the leaders. And none but the Loyal should he consulted in the great ratting up of these a Cornu. W. G. Brownlow. We Are informed that in saturday night five prisoners were Ikea from the guard near Milf can three of them Hung and two shut dead. Rome of them were Diter ters. And men whose furlough had expired and a Ould not return to their commands or report to the proper authorities but remained loafing about the country gambling stealing Hortet and representing them at strays. They were arrested by a parly of to Biers by order of Gen. Magruder and were on the Way to Ilou Iton when they were forced Tram the guard and summarily punished. All we have Beard speak of the matter aay they met with a just Reward. Thit should be a warning to furloughed soldiers who will not return to their commands but prefer loafing and Atid disgracing themselves Timm Hanger. He Katier a the Western put ears Are very opes Weir denunciation of Lincoln and his ship orters. The Dubuque Iowa Herald remarks thus about the despot and his policy White men Are forced from families do pendent entirely upon them for support they Are driven in chains and guarded by Federal soldiers at the Point of tie Bayonet to and from the Termini of railroads they Are flogged upon tie Bare Back until they beg for mercy und gasp and faint under the a till rip idly applied lash the y Are placed in the Foremost of the Battle and treated with every indignity and cruelty and yet the scene excites no special wonder. They Are White men not negroes. Were the Blacks so inhumanly treated the pen of a Stowe would to bid write the Silver voiced Phillips would hurl barbed ,n Lata the ranks of the oppressor i and maudlin poets would distil their grief and Coin it into song lint it is the White Man whose Freis and whose oppressors find a thousand ready tongued apologists. It is Tho White Man s family that is separated the White Man who is chained the Whito Man who is flogged the Whito Man who is Amdo a living Hiir Rier to the bullets of the Dili for the i idiot Estios of Viuca Suity notes and against Tuk exportation of House of delegates of Virginia says the Richmond dispatch on monday passed a Bill or Tho Protection of Treasury notes the main in Luis s of which Are the following 1st. Forbidding he Sale or Exchange of any Dank or Confederate Treasury note for any sum in Gold or Silver loss than Tho nominal value of said Sank or Treasury note. 2d, laying the same restriction upon the Sale of Confederate notes for Bank notes. In. Forbidding the exportation of Gold or Silver or link or state Treasury notes without the written consent of the governor or the Secretary of Tho Treasury of the Confederate states. Both. Against Selling or giving and receiving in Exchange any Bank or Treasury note fee issued within the limits of the u. States. There Are symptoms in new York of renewed trouble among the working classes. Discharged workmen Are threatening to Burn the warehouses and shops of those who discharged them and several arrests Havo been made. We understand unit it a the intention of the government to put Tho Southern flail Road from Here to Jackson in running order at once and also the Road from Jackson to Canton. Many think that this will induce to vhf Yankees to Movo out from Vicksburg Ana destroy everything but we Are satisfied that our forces now in this Section Are amply sufficient to keep All the yanks stationed tit Vicksburg within their entrenchments. To say let big Black be made Tho line of our defence let our officers be vigilant and there will be no danger of raids until the immense amount of provisions on the line of the Central Railroad can he gathered up und transported to a place of wifely. Kraii Jon Republican 2 Elk oct. To opt we. Bandera arrived yesterday with two companies of Kontree s battalion recently connected with Green s brigade in Louisiana. The following feeling valid Totory was delivered on the occasion of their departure by Gen Green, Wilson s pure on Olayon Boeuf ls.,0ct. 29,1h63. \ major Boun Tobx having lust received order to Send your battalion to Texas i cannot omit Leta Opportunity or expressing to you my High App Recla ton of the services of yourself and your Gallant Little command while under my orders. Your Gallant battalion Lia endeared itself to me Ami their brother officers and soldiers of my Brig see and division and Yon win carry with Yoa to Texas our kindest Frater nil feeling with on Assurance that you will always be found at the Pott of danger and Honor. I part from Yoa with grief and Mot reluctantly but the order it irrevocable. We May meet again on other Fields where we will together a we have done before teach Ibe insolent invader a lesion Long to be remembered. The warmest it eating to your officer and men and accept for your taif the hug butt regard and and my Ramon of your Friend and fellow Soldier Thomas Green Brig Gen. Oom do 0v. Division. Ii 0, Bodt Tri cum do both tree Batt. 13th beat. Of boil. A. W. Cubales tilt i Vium adjutant. A auction on juin Kasday 16fi3. By a. A Mckeen a up 1 r Bxs Virginia of bowing tobacco Al o to cur Boot and 8bon, ,1uti Doten spool thread 10 Budt la. Sugar 25 Holt a 7ihm a i mexican rope 10 toll la. Bum 100 Grots Pearl twirl buttons. 50 Dosen Fine Combs 11 00 1,1 8boe thread 1110 Doten summer halt vfslffineoggir1 to a Toa i Fine Hortet and 8addltt. 1 splendid close Carriage and pair Multi several Famolle of Choice negroes a Large lot of hardware stoves furniture ate a. N15 twid 8.-Jutf received 17 Likely women boys and oils. These negroes. If not sold at private Sale will be fibred on wednesday. A c. keen pc co. Substitute wanted for regular service. Wot partly ulers a ply it that effect. Or to v5tw3t t. W. Bubb Ilou Iton. Hal. Teams have bought for the Engineer department 0. 8by authority Ofat. 8ohleicher, of e an Antonio 500 Balet Cotton and teams Are wanted to haul the tame to brow Vulto. I will pay ten cents per Pound in specie for trans port Ilion and teams guaranteed from impressment by order of Lieut. Gen Smith. Apply too Ai nor Wood Washington who is my agent during my a a a. D-_15__. _ a_1\fl?klien\-. Dissolution the 1 partners blk heretofore existing Between co unlock is. Mok enstry is this Day mutually dec solved Geo. B. Mckinstry withdrawing. Teafil Ortof the firm will be settled in liquid Itlen by n. A. Connuck Tho remaining partner who will carry on the business at formerly n. A. Yonnick nvl5tw3t oko b. . Houston oct. Lit 160 1._ _ nukc1 8nuff1 snuff 11 so Dosen Best scotch. Also shoo a allure soul its Copperas gifts indigo. Duo Grota hatches a. R.v5t�u go Ohab pc . S s0i1ool books i ctn furnish several Caen of each of the following Hooks text primer speller and Leader Smith s arithmetic Bailey s grammar Willard a United states history Lincoln s Kotany Darby s botany of the South us Gluey s third and fifth headers Parker s philosophy Comstock t philosophy com Stock s chemistry. James Bui Ike bout ton. Lost certificates one certificate for 500u signed by Jet. Sorley depositary in favor of Hobt. Culvert for eight per cent Bonds. Also one certificate forr 0u, signed by Sampson it neral agent produce loan in favor of Aaron Wood for eight per cent. 0. 8. Lends Tho payment of Tbs above has been to topped. The finder Wil i Confer a favor on the owner by leaving them with the undersigned who will identify them new test 11enuy Sampson. Ilo Utton nov. 14, i803j_____ my property Call at Sydnor t office mid Kyj tee a map of the most valuable lot of ground Ever offered fur Sale at auction in that City. To be told on tuesday 2-Tlh into being a. C. Allen addition to the City of Houston embracing Blaty two blocks All in the corporation Lam thu. The nearest portion of the same it within 300 a Ardi of the n. 0. Depot in a direct line Naif  mile from the courthouse. The main body of said land lir a South Aud East of John Lordan s. In order at Pur Hatert May know precisely w at they a buying on wednesday and thursday the lath Naranj or. Powers the county Surveyor will or parties at attire to the the Prem Sei in person v he terminus of the n. 0. Railroad approx Nohling the Montgomery Road to nine o clock each Day. We will Tell at the tame time a soda other valuable property which will be explained at our office. Avis twid s offi ii 0. 8. A., Columbus tax nov. 1i Wilt j to the olt ten of Colorado fort Bend Wharton Matagorda and Fayette counties t ten Days ago when by order of the a. General commending i called upon you to Contra to the Ute of the army of your government so Large a portion of your substance i wat confident that you would promptly respond. The results of to Day show that such Confidence a not misplaced hundreds of mules Wagon Sod Bone thousand of bushels of Corn nag Roet already been brought in to the various depots which i Bat established and thit too in Many instance by patriotic who have not even been visited by my Gentt but who learning of the Necess Tut which Tod need to order ignored a of in a determination to to apply everything needed Tor the due Nee of their country. Belr example is worthy of emulation throughout the state should the increased necessities or the country demand heavier contributions of your property Ibonie to nearer approach of the enemy require Greer sacrifice this Girt Earnest evidence of your willingness to meet Tuch demands a nil make such and will put to the Crimson Bluth of Shatne tote who May hesitate in the Dot charge of their duty. Such cheerful Anil prompt in a a a it Evv up a thu Envik Biu a your determination a let tyrant Wear die Rhawn we Are a e total be 1 regret that Tome have proud be Melvea so Aida in thit snored duty but Yoa end hey my i assured that they will be compelled to pay their portion of the Burden i have the following named gentlemen acting at agents notifying the people of the demand which Bis been made non Tutu and All who do not voluntarily respond will be us seated in proportion to to Brit Possession an 1 Purchase or impressment made to Coral rely. To these agents for their efficiency and courteous discharge of their duty voluntarily As turned i in the name of my vat rement return my sincere thanks though charging nothing for their service a country Dis enthralled relieved from a brutal foe regenerated and redeemed from fanatic hate and fury will Reward them by continuing gratitude. Let the Good work go of under the Assurance that no More will be Rio lured than it Abao Luta by Neco itary. Some of the Hortet and Mulet turned in have escaped f will pay a read Ronile amount for their delivery at Colum hut or the other Points already designated at depots. July agouti Are judge a. A Campbell ja8. Cummings 0. L. Battle. Stephen i1aru8rt, r. Heard a most Jones t. W. 11it0ubll, j. E. Winston k. 11 Leigh ii. , ci1a8. X. Been word John Dillard r. A. Smith , b. A. Harrison j. D. will j. Ii. Simpson a. Jones Isaac took , w. B. Do bks Ira Harris d j. Shul paid w. S. Delaney. Thi publication it made in evidence of my Admir anon of the Noble if sacrificing spirit of the Clil Teot of Thi do strict and to express my gratitude to Thote Clit sent who have aided me a Gentt in the work. If i have omitted the names of any it it unintentional respectfully u00lph0 Wolfe. Vj5tst_cept. It. . W. 0. . H. 8c to. A. By Knob on tie stat nor. I a 10 a. It. Forty Likely Young negroes consisting of Mac bancs Field hands Houte servants and Stock boys the detain ind particular of which will be explained by catalogue previously to the tale. In the mean time we offer at pro vote Sale a most valuable family of negroes nine in number of follows Harrison 15 years old. Rosette. 40 years old. Wist list to slur Mai infant  months old. Angeline 14 years old. Dehlin 11 years old. Ada 8 years old. A goes i your old. This entire family we a re desirous in consequence of their extraordinary qualities to sell together and offer them for $21,000 in Confederate Money or 93.1,1100 in eight per cent Bonds. We also offer at private u of Mary Cook Washer and Irons and excels la All for 94,500. In order to obtain for her a Good borne the May be tried before the sate is consummated. In addition to the tale of their negroes to sell Nur usual variety of merchandise hones mules fee., a. Nv5lwtd j s. It j. B. Sydnor. Auction Bale by j. S. U j. B. 8ydn0r. On tuesday 17tli , Ai 10 o clock a. V., thirty five Likely neg took and the Tual variety of Asi Ortt a he rect Mulet Etc. The Nch roes Are repressor item As a very Choice lot chiefly Field hands and Tome House servants Oil it Headquarters dust. To seas a Xiv lilt it o to Arizona. Houston nov. 7,1803, j general orders Ord. 19j. No Cotton Bureau having Len Ettah listed and the commanding general finding it impossible in per Orin his military duties if subject of that tort engage his attention he hereby temporarily relieves from duty major Bloomfield chief quartermaster of the Dettrict and assign him to the duty of procuring lotto to by Purchase or impressment a May be ordered by Lieut. Gen. Smith and of Trent porting the Samo to the Rio Grando to meet the obligations of he government. All communications on the subject of Cotton or contracts for supplies to be paid for in Cotton will be made to slut. Ii. Bloomfield. Major Bloomfield is also authorized to make All purchases for the different staff departments and will pay for the tame in Cotton or otherwise. By command of maj. Gen. J uan Kiskad Magrudor. A. A. Autos a opt. Pc a. A. G. Nvia Twatt Quartz master s office c. B. A of Coli tons tix a nov 4lh, 1ku3. I. Notice 1 the full owing gentlemen Are my Auto sized agents to Rocelus property under the order referred to a my card of the 1st into. Their receipt will be the cognized at this office oko. Clements. A. . 11. 8. 11autsf1eld, j. Rader. Henry Kyle. John adhi Anoe. Patrick Perry.  Columbus. Alleyton. Eagle Lake.  Bernard. Ilich mond. Columbia. Walker slate in. Parties in property will take receipts Freni the above Gentr and will present the tame at thit office at Toon As possible. The emergency is great let every one respond promptly. Horse mules Harnois wagons # i a and without teams Are required. Corn shelled must be Bod. Come on a Oneall udolpho Wolfe nolo twit opt. . M., 0. 8. A. 1-\0 the destitute families of Colo. Rado co. I will dil Tribune the Deni tute families of Colorado county on Appi Eaton at my Fatm tax Mil South of Eglo Lake Kotb Jii orind Bui Belt of Corn in Lott if fifty to a family free of . Ocul Tim Nathaniel Matthew 9. \ 0ti0e.-ail indigent Smilie of Soldier of la the . F.,1 now fighting in Tho decent to of our country or Wuwei of Odd Fol lot in seed to Tell cell upon the follow link committee for Relief. J. P08ner. A. Thom a ocl5twtf j. Tuff v. Just rbok1vfd and for a a a to -300 la Lod Notissa. 100 lbs chlorate pm my Axi a in Uit k l. Nit gait tartaric acid. 10 Gro p v Byrl Nget. 3 Dot g k nipple. 10 Gro toilet soap French 5uu of quinine. Ii of Bulah morphine. ,0 u lbs coppers. T,00u la Allom. 1,000 la Sulphur. la Riim Tonc. Kii la tur Penllyn. Itty obit Kotin. 2,000 it by garb soda. la indigo. Aptt Nitro pencils Fine Combs pen hindus steel pens capsule to Carbonate Magnola creosote Croton of Ink Lod Lecaille 8oop extract Ca Lecynth comp 4, lbs Epsom salts j00 lbs Glauber sails prot Lin Blue Ohr Green Bur yellow to ice of i to a Korde a Davidson quartermaster s office c. 8. A., Colu Statil ., nov. Ii Hsu j. 1 7b the Cit Gnu of Jim a Ortu county under the Imp Timu that major Jno. K Airey acting of Ltd Qatar Permuter of the Dot troll. Hid appointed agent for the execution or the impressment order in your Donnly i not do to aider my orders from the a. General commanding. Having Tynce Learned Cut major Garey had withdrawn i agent from your county Ai d that your convenience would be Aub served by the incorporation of Brazoria Donn to in my do strict i Bave accordingly done so 1 will immediately tend Gentt into the county authorised to. Receive and receipt for til pro Petty embraced in the requisition of Aid order. Your Ronit co operation in that matter of vital importance in lie Govert ment. Is earnestly Soll Colteil udolpho Wulfke _novl5t 3____ a q a. 0. 8. A. H50o Pollara Reward. Ran away on the night of the 24th september Latt my negro boy Oato. He stole from my dwelling Houie a very Short and Small double barrel gun and carried it off with him. Be tin lode offa Young blood Bay horse about five seats old one hip lower than the other the Only White shout the Boras to a Little on by left Hind leg. Just above bit foot. The horse walks Well but Doos not Pace. Cuto it a Copper coloured or mulatto negro raw boned or to Lender form Tome 34 or so Yean old and about six feet High a Carpenter by Trade wore off a Palmetto hat and look off a Ltd him us Blanket and clothing know a Little about engineering speak pleasantly when spoken to. It it by intention i suppose to reach Mexico or the Yankees in Louisiana if be has not already done so or he May be about Houston where be wit purchased five norths ago from 0, c. Nowland. I will give the above Reward for the delivery of Cato and horse to me or $309 or their confinement and information to that i on secure them. E. G. Mays. Anderton primes co., nov. 8,1 Hob. No Vloto $50wabd.-strayed or stolen from my a Var we a it Edmond on or about to 1st of october a Large Bay horse about j8# bind a ii 3�ntli. Engaged in the Parchue of Cotton. A a Iii. All officers in Thi do Tilot will forthwith Farneth major Williamson with to shit actor the Contie Oti they hive heretofore made and now existing which ire to be paid in Ootton with a Italy mint whether Inch contracts have been fulfilled in part or to whole and the cause of the failure to fulfil of known. In. All quartermasters and commander of l Oats in that Dettrict Are hereby directed to afford major Williamson and diet Ducayet every faculty in their Power Moenave Lam to carry out their to Puolan instructions from the Lieut. Gen. Commanding to Departie it. Com mud of maj. Geo. J. B. Magrudor nov 31-Twsw _ Bari Ira d. Ai Gen. Left loaned or lost my Gold spectacles. Any person delivering ism to me will be liberally rewarded. Ool31 twit a t. . Tust re0blvs2,o.1 5 is i Sass a phone. English Turkey opium English Blue Mats Calomel " of Trio add pure i  a _ London Mustard. Also Coffee Tea Black l Enner . N oct i to lilt w. Am by xhl6t Ito Waim of to 40 nit Sriv .101 to warts. At by by by id tills Tsi i Sims Psi a ger of to lift he a at Thi Iamond esp a a fun recently Ponchai fr0mvmrwillli� a a a re we i to. Gss is Sis -1 wit and or. 3 Roessl is a ,ool. By nor w a my " Ai Niilo uls7twtf is a
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