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Galveston Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - December 23, 1863, Houston, Texas The Galveston Tri weekly news. Vol. Xxii. By exp from Shreve Pukt. Houston Texas wednesday dec. 23, 1863. No 7.4 , in it 1ks3. Dial news late military operations Hare to need to the enemy one a Olid advantage the Possession of Chattanooga and Znuj Vullo. Their Lino thus extended will hero fur be Ihler base of supplies and will for the Winter and Spring Ai least give them pretty much uncontrolled Poss Easlen of Baal Tenzie Aeeti. They Havo undoubtedly gained advantages far exceeding anything Guine in by tire Possession of Vicksburg Lizul Thoy liars by no mean gained All that they expected. Ali or Luten Tor. Was to destroy lining limn Long Street and subsequently All their Forseca were to lie concentrated and thrown Pipun Leo s Roar and Lank win confronted Liy such overwhelming Odds would soon fall together with Tho Shulo country. Iii grand scheme a utterly failed we Are an Strong a ilm Field Ai Ever and not materially weakened a to Means. A yet Havo a powerful army and will Inako the Yankee invader bite Tho dual before Many months past Over our head. I have been kindly permitted the no renal of a private letter or Luton by a gon Tucman . This Otty now in Tho neighbourhood of , under Dale of . He status in substance that Large numbers tit negroes Are returning to their Homos thoroughly Dlag Ustad with their Yankee Friend. He wished to Purchase some negroes but failed to Apt a pm thl m Moat exorbitant rates. A word Are that Nijs Noi Are a High in the neighbourhood of Nat hex As la Ifo to a Ofca that Natchez will soon fall into our Posa Etalon a Tho Yankees Havo not a sufficient Lone in guard 11. 1 infer from this letter an Well of from other to urges of information that Tho enemy have been withdrawing the greater portion of their Forcen font the River la Rel Forre Ali or army la Tonto show. Labor at the North a tory scarce Anil High. Day labourers get fifty Dollora a month and a Turmer in in Luck who run got one at that Price. Tina will my after awhile. 1 Send you a copy of Tho new York Herald. It is old but you will Len Dan to Somo matter of considerable interest. There Haa been another change or. The schedule from Monroe. Th1� mall will hereafter arrive on tuesdays thursday and sundays so to will Tot a Mal to fils afternoon. I Trust that Tho next in Rtresa will convey you something of interest m. S. Pec 10th. 18113. Do a new not a word to Day. True we have rumours but i think it probable that they Are nothing Mure than a Romaih or the old rumours we have had in circulation hero for several Day spot. One gentleman Oros cd the Mississippi on the bib and says that he was informed on that Day by an officer that Burnside had certainly a surrendered to Longstreet. I will say nil much that there is no proof Here that Longstreet Bat raised the siege of Knoxville. We Hava Only verbal Ata yemenis to that Welfoot and the were probably taken from Yankee reports. A . 20ih. 1863. Dealt mews something must be out of joint with the express i have written Dally and regularly Nan dad in my the paper office to be forwarded and i Hare no doubt they were forwarded and suit any failures have Oce ured the fault lie elsewhere. We had a stage yesterday afternoon ?. But no Pupera. One Man came throw sri who was wounded in the late fight on Lookout Mountain or rather be was wounded on the ssh at the time of the several repulses of the enemy by Ola Boras division. Ii had not seen any papers later than the 5th or tilth. And bad no information later than we have i bad Here for the last two or three Days. We Bare yet no certain information As to the situation about Knoxville. The Yankees assert that loud St to raised the altar Sod Rolett us in lbs direction of Virginia but we Hare no confirmation of a this report from out own to urges of information. I am incl led to the opinion that the movement of a portion of Lin Streel Force a considerable Dos Tahoe beyond Knoxville to Cross the River gave Rise to the report of Hie Retreat. Longstreet Bavin hansom and Jones must by at the he Ted of an army near 40.w1o Strong besides cavalry1- Forte certainly Large enough to meet any probable emergency. The Only probable difficulty is getting supplies a nil these we understand from the correspondent of the Mobile news he had in a Budd Ance or could get readily by Railroad from Virginia and Herth Carolina. It is not Likely then under All the circumstances that Longstreet retreated with out first making a vigorous Effort to capture the town. Oar army under Hardee is now at Ringgold and the by Nemy e1oroesaremoitly at Rohlck Maug. The Lite reverse As All reports say has not in the Layat disheartened our troops or lessened their Confidence in the prowess of ear arms. Nothing on this Side of the River worthy of particular Nolle. M. Is. This Rojean now. St. Johns n. F., nov. 30,-the Steamer Scotia from Liverpool the lust via Queenstown u in passed Cape Lee at soon to Day. Bhe was boarded by the sews yacht Ana the following Soi Mary of news of of cum. Tote Tammer Fleat Eastern had been advertised for Laic at auction Liy order of the a crag be i. Bdge Tab Jonra Alq Era quiet on Amerl rat. The tymme sys to to Una Erie has rapidly a Eitard into its Erma Lalath of War. And an Early peace Youss Bop Eleas. Boj infuse l a Lutent stands prorogued to the Jantry. The in glib answer to Napoleon on the proposed Congress Ija Vailoa has been delivered. It Dees not announce unqualified acre Vileno but Weeke fur la Forn Yoonas to toe Prellso Points proposed for discussion and for thur Betheen the two governments May he expected. The papal government Atenta and the l Silt reply be expected on the tilt. It is believed that the Pron Opul replies will Tail for information a to the programme. The 1 Arlt of the London times is in Rosa belief that the proposed meeting of a Oon Greis Joo is ground daily the times continues editor silly to show the abort Vanees of the scheme. Ii is reported that the Spanish government sap Porta the candidature of to the mexican Crown Oulu in new vol no the new York Herald of the let give the following my nuts Stal ii ent of the fluctuation of Gold in the Market tha Day Gold opened at another Advance no doubt Lallen Ceil to some extent by the unfavourable news from Dii Naido s army in Kastern Tenli Essee and partly ii the report tint Large soil Pienn were t made to Morrow. It conure used adv nce on the High a i role which was obtained yesterday Aud in Wren Jour Aud five o clock i Ftfe Trinoni it reached h up from to in West Siles of the Day. The Tel Lowdog table will How the variations to Nelces during Hie Dav. I a i ii-1,i a he 154 154.1, from tier Protection. A Bill to he entitled a ant to pro Lefor the Protection of Tho Frontier and turn to Over the Frontier regiment to the Uulu a a rvs a. Act Ion 1. Lis it enacted to the to Slat Are of lha state of tf.xa�, tfx All Benoni liable to do military duty who Are at this , Bona Jidi i Ticona of the lol Luwin Lluu cd enmities Naufal Liuo lies by log North and weit line Lowil my Wim. L Arker Llinat part of .1 otn.xo-, writ of the Hel dip and f. Reg Ralihan Rud Ilu que Coryell Lam pases Ilu Roett i Taneo elem Lara Niina. Kind Ali. Air rent it live Oik. My Olenna. Lisjih.-. Denuit and Maverick shall enrolled and org list it shall i the duly of the clo Vurnor Afier the a or to .3. That Tho of jeers of cob Tempany of fifty men of More halt consist of one cup run and two lieutenant if Leas than fifty men two lieutenants the Nam Remisia signed i Licitis shall consist of one Tser grand and one Corporal for every ten men. Fit. 4. That we Merlier of a company Liall be Rei Gutred to keep Hiram Elf tur nihed Woltti i Sui Talda horse gun. And ten Days provisions and All a Crasa rec a Plienis including Bai. 3 that no person who la not an to full resident in food id Ltd of the Dic rect herein a rallied at tie passage of this act shall he a her of the organi Patlon provided for Liy this act and it shall be the duty of the Asp talks of co Spanka end of Tho commanding Olla Cert of the several Dos Arlola to exclude non residents of the Frontier la riot from membership in said . Arid in Case of doubt strict Aud full proof under oath shall to required to the satisfaction of the officer. F3ax. That organised under the provisions of this act shall be require in. keep at lean one fourth of their number in the Field in actual ser Vlco making equal divisions of tithe and the officers commanding District shall have the Tower and eni Horley to order a greater number of duty or Toj order out the whole Force under Aich restrictions regulations and Reu lure Mcnutt As the governor May devise for the control and management of the or gang Talon herein provided for. Ski 7. That every officer und private of each of said companies shall Feiore entering upon duly be required to take an oath Beteress me one authorised by Law to administer Oatts that he will use his beet Endea tors to arrest and deliver to the Neiert con federate states authorities every person reported or. Known to him to be a deserter either Tom the state or Confederate states army a Dateo All person from the Interior counties who Are avoiding Oon for Letlon or draft service. Bio. 8. That the pay of officers and privates while engaged in actual service a prodded in the oth Section of this act shall be As follows to wit captains three dollars per Day lieutenants two dollars and seventy five cents per Day sergeant two dollars and fifty cents per Day corporals two dollars and Twenty five lots per Day and privates two dollars per Day and no other Par or allowance shall be made to Colliers or privates than the per diem a above provided. Sic. 0. That any of Loer or private wilfully falling or refusing to perform Hie duty or guilty of any Ether offence shall be reported by one or the commissioned officers or his company to the District officer whose duty it shall be to order the lilting of a to wont martial to consist or not leu than three nor More than five commissioned officers who shall proceed to hear us Tel drone and shall Arquit or convict As the merits of the Rasa May demand and in Case of cod Lolion the court May aaness Sueh punishment As la prescribed by the rules regulations and articles of War for the army of the Confederate states provided if any person convicted of a minor offi Noe be of conscript age be May at the discretion of the court be delivered to the nearest officer of the Confederate Staves for service in the army of the 0.8. He a. 10. That it shall be the duty of the Dover a to appoint such person or persons is he May choose to draw from the proper authorities of the slate Tho funds appropriated for the pay of the men organised under Bis act. Both person or persons so appointed to give Bond and Security fur the faithful performance of the duties Tequ lord or them. The payment to be made la the men As often a Onca in every four Mouth s. R loj. 11. That it Ball be the duty of the adjutant general to Furash the companies organised under this act with the necessary amount of ammunition upon proper requisitions made by the commanders of the several District. Csc. 13. That the o error shall upon the com Letlon of the organisation turn Over the Frontier regiment with All it equipments to the Confederate Blat a service provided the Confederate commander will account to the state fur All pro Perty so turned Over at it proper value otherwise the governor shall make such disposition of Aid property As shall beet Subserve the interest of the in to any Law conflicting with thit provision be and. The same la hereby . 13. That the governor shall cause to Bead such other regulation for the government and control of the organisation herein provided for As he May deem necessary to the end that the Faroe so provided shall be made As effectual As possible to defend the Frontier and Aronld Confederate troop be kept on the front Lar and in the event that tha enemy should invade any Partlon of the state near the Frontier the governor shall Bave tha Power to order the Oora Pundurs of such districts As be contiguous to the Loene of danger to take the whole or part of their respective forces and participate in repelling the enemy but la no event Araque forces to be kept away from their own proper Leld for a longer time tbsp one month unlit such forces Are bring used against an Indian enemy. Fur. 14. That this not take of Jet and be in Force from and after its passage. Newa items ii in i an 10.15 in no ii 30 u of .m. M. M. M. M. 30 m. Is 1 j j 15 m. La a of i 00 m. I.1 Iii m. I5 4 00 1 a 4.15 m. Lisin 4 m a 1 m. I dated a Poltor to Tho editor or thin paper san Saiia. Doc it sub Lur Lunye " tue Lodi Iii Are very had in Olliie portion of the country. Within u week Thoy Havo killed four men two of whom lived in huh county or. A. L. Flail and or. Ii. P. Linn the company lately organized s. went in Pursuit of the Indian Over took them killed Aud sculpted one wounded two badly and captured head of horus Lolen in Lampasas county. to indians went in this county As they wont Down the country. They were Twenty in us inner but separated ten of whom Calm Back through Thea county and Tun on the North aide of Tho Colorado River who were Olno met by the Limpet company killing two wounding some Ann capturing some Lior Seu. The scout of this count wits headed by Lieut. W. 11. tax i Toneu shall grow Cool Aid begin to think when the whirl and excitement of War shall to Over and history outer upon her sober work of recording the Jia altho Diego of Charleston now regarded by lha Yankees a the grand work of Tutu War will Aland Forth Tho boldest and most stupendous foolery of any age. Thousands upon thousands of Ivice and millions upon million of treasure have been expended in the Herour a undertaking and outlay Sci is destined to Progress wet Hunt material to emits to the close of Tho War for i lie crazy fanatics who Are enacting the drum eee i utterly Leper i dish to the Light of reason. Cut Bono la a que lion which they Havo never stopped for a moment to Aak them Silvoe. The vary beet Remetin that we have aeon Why Sumter should be taken 1 that Tho enemy " tic Dot for the name of it no to Palblo Man can Point out one great advantage in Tho fall of tint work and Yot the Yankee have been in tending away on it for months with the Groa Teet Emvy in Point of Etc Nib thai Iho world Ever saw and with an outlay of Money that is positively As turn Dong. It 1 already harmless except to Beeall ing panic of infantry and if taken it could never to occupied for a Day together j and Yot they Abato nut Alio Jot of Llort Lor reduction. A Trango a Nettie to posse a them and the Billy Funis actually talk of ending Limo it Voln Lton where u begun at Suin tur. We there Ever nut it a Delu Siou i it. Would be Well fur the different county courts to Organ Lee a special patrol so that til negroes May he generally kept on the plantations instead of run Nung at Large according to custom. In Louisiana we Are told they did Tirao All their running off to the Yankees during this fest Ival and As the enemy 1 upon our coast it i Well to renumber that portion of the lord s prayer a Blob m a. Lend us not into xxx t Tak it Moat in Jaunt the Charleston Mercury a obtained Amine interesting reports from a negro who some time ago ran away from i Muster la Georgia and went Oyer to the Yankees near Beau Roii. Having got tired of the sport and there being a pros vet of Bis being con or i be i be made Hie a Cape to Bur Lido. Here a ont item of Bis account the Yankee say that they cannot take Charleston from the front Bat Hope to reduce it from the rear. From the statement that he Beard James gathered that their intended to open a Hovy lire from the fruit on Charleston on Savannah and on some polut near Ashepoo this last to be the main Atta Uki they do not expect to take the Charleston and Savannah Railroad at once but while the demonstrations at Charleston and Savannah occupy our attention Alliey Hope to be Able to Lay waste Ashepoo Cut the Clur Zeitou and Bava Usab. Railroad and fortify their a Thold on the main. They have the stun for this Mattoi k on Ashepoo now ready at Hilton head Bavin g received two shipload of artillery from the nor la. Tame Belleve that this movement against Ashepoo is certainly resolved upon and take place. Unhurt paragraph in the Petersburg a i Proa Staton that uen. A. P. Hill 1 said to be a tatar arrest for Dia obedience of orders whereby Meade s army waa enabled to make it escape when it rapture seemed a Manor of absolute Cert to Niy. Lion. Hill is said to have been for hour behind time. We do not know about All this bul tvo do know that Gen. Dill As Well As Gen. Hoth is held responsible for tha disaster at ill too Wilmington journal. Den. Meade e official report of the Gettysburg Battle sums up the result of the Pennsylvania Campaign As follows " " Union losses in Tho engagements of july lat. Sad and 3d-killed. 2,834 wounded 3,709r missing 0.543 total,s3, three Guna 41 stand Urda and 13, prisoners fell loto our hands Gito Rou and the editor of the Savannah Republican who Baa been in attendance on the present legislators of Georgia writes of Tael Seiditi maidu of that body there is one characteristic of the present legislature that is worthy to be mentioned with special emphasis. Without exception we believe All Ara United in the great cause of Independence and resolved to ought out the War to the bitter end and at any Cost. We say without exception. We need Only cite the fact that on wednesday morning the Senate affirmed unanimously on a Call of the yeas and nays tha Resolution of the last legislature declaring our separation from the North final approving the War and pledging All the resource of Georgia to ii pros Moutlon until our arms Ball be crowned with Victory and our Independence As a nation fully established. Some thought there would be a flinching but one unbroken " Aye went up Frodi every Deik in the chamber. A worthy and intelligent Soldier having drawn his jacket and pent from the government and paid till fur the same stepped into a tailor shop to Hava the garment altered to fit Brm. The Price asked for doing Tho Job was 100-five times More than the con of the Salt the so Micier being shocked at the charge went off to another and was told that he could not iia the altering Lor Lesa than 940-double the coat of the articles. The result eras a left Ono of the articles to be altered at $80. The poor women do the work after All and these extort Ioner reap the enormous profits. It will be Well for tha government to bunt up these extort Ioner exempts and teach them Ute Una o f tha Brakat a Amones can tint. New Ukia last " following a an extract from the Chicago times in the Otilit District Persona were drafted. Tue cult Wasj physical disability.147 1 aliens. 11 1 other oxen none. 848 jail Art so a pwn. Stu paid commutation. 818 Wonso Rivitt in Pernon. This is net an exceptional Capo Tho other Dos Tricia of Tho state will Snow Simitar returns. The Springfield Maes Republican gives even worse flares from that District. Contrast Loyal " i Masearo Husetis behind in her former Cotaa Home eleven thousand with her negro and her shirking of the draft with the " Copperhead slate of Illinois to far ahead in her quotas a to Beeso incl from Tho draft under this Call the first gorging her in from Che polls of the War. And the last plundered by taif raw for the Benefit of new England. If she federalists in the last War with great Britain Ware steamed and reproached by their Eola Drymen what Ignominy and contempt will follow the abolition leis of new England for their cowardice greed and hypocrisy when the War close. Rigi Kkt Orni Oao the Yankees style the " 1st regiment of Mississippi cavalry Haa been organised at Vlek Borg. It is composed of con Traband and none but the " most Likely Are taken As recruits. Major oat Rara of Grant Glaff is col Onel and most of i escort officer Are majors or captains in the regiment. Itis armed with Sharps Rifle and furnished with Choice equipments and is the first negro cavalry regiment organized. Forrest will be about Vic Kasburg before Long and a be has had a Little experience in the dealing with negroes he will rejoins to meet a Ltd Beto Black rascals. now Dithom or the Nmair in Tux South an is Gish woman who has lived nearly thirty year in the South Call the attention of a London paper to too following statement  " Thure were imported into the British West indies 4,000,1100 negro slaves and when they were Man omitted there were 0 000. Into the Southern b tales 400,000 were imported and there were before the War -4,000,000 Tbs decrease in the former and increase in the latter Are Strong facts the climatic influence is on the aide of the West idler there must then have been a Vetyel afferent treatment and the views of the Antl slavery party probably based upon their own Export Lence is false As to ours. Again accurate research gives the number of White communicants in the son Ibern states it 1 550,000-one in three or the adult population of Tho coloured people 500,00-one in Lour of their adults. Surely tha Blessing of god must be with ooh a state of tin lat coat Asda or us a astr or tue n. York Cou Rylor Dee tata Unis remarks As follow on the authority of a Cincinnati correspondent in reference to Gen. Rosekranz View of the administration and its policy -. " Persona who Are on Lynli Unaie term with Gen. Roa cram declare that he is greatly discouraged about the War. This is not because to considers Tho Southern armies invincible but to cause be believes that Tho seceded slates can never be brought Back by the rigorous Pulley which the government Haa adopted lie has never taken any part in the proceedings of Andrew Johnson la military governor of Tennessee who has aae coded in converting to accession All people who had any Hopes of the Union. Umbel of perfectly disinterested he looks a Ltd disgust upon the shameful Raillo which 1 going on under the mask of patriotism. When he look around a men moved by All sorts of motives More or Lese decent except Honor and love of Cess by. Sonio Are fight ing from ainu Vitlar others Iron avarice. Tho latter the Conquest of country Means Only pillage and cheap Ootton tha Farmer Are jealous of their superiors and their equal Andave delighted with any reverse which May Over Shet them. " profoundly honest and ice Giouro Road Orang regards Tho speculators with bitter aversion. Hla religious feelings have grown upon him in proportion to the Exco usos and lha intrigues which Lis is impotent to prevent and in mystical Hope of another world Lio souks Relief from the . Lions of Tho present. He no longer fight Viritha any ardor but simply a a Sansa of duty Cor. Bid ering each Vlot Ory a useless waste of blood to has no enl Quonce in to Socco sos considering they arc followed by the swoop of. Birds of prey whose rapacity makes Hope was Tho pacification of Tho country. All those details come to me from a person very dear to roae Crane to whom the general wrote that la saw in the defeat at Check Mauga the hand of a correspondent of tha ool Ambus enquirer writing of the stuck on lockout to Antalo says the night previous to Tab attack a Lieutenan and five men belonging to the 37tb Tennessee regiment Dozert a while on picket and went Over to the enemy. They it is natural enough to suppose gave information to the enemy thut we were very weak upon our right Wing which was True hence Tbs demonstration upon on right Wing and the sure it yesterday which wrested from our grasp Lookout Point. The London Garette publishes a Elspa of Faaoi Karl Kusa Oll dated october Solli addressed to the a British ambassador at St. Petersburg. It is Short and commences by slating that her majesty s government have no wish to prolong the correspondence with the russian Cabinet or the Mere purpose of controversy end Oon Judes by asserting that Tho emperor of Russia has special obligations with gird to Poland and that the right of Poland Are contained in Tho same instrument which constitutes the emperor of Russia King of Poland the Pari correspondent or the new Tork world says there is an important movement on foot to in due the i Ope to Home out with a Bull an edict or some a pronoun Clamente the object of a Blob shall be to turn the tide of Irish emigration from the United states to Mexico. In the former country they Are used As food for powder in the latter they will be promised free farms exemption from taxation for a certain stipulated period and they will also receive the Especial Blessing of the Pope for giving preference to the land of the Church already the mexican emigration fever is becoming an epidemic. The last Steamer that left St. Mesalie fur Vera Crux took out 025 passengers Aud lubed for want of room almost As Many More. Omar set von Gin medical gentleman in lol on met an old woman who asked ulna whether he liked Gin rum or Brandy Best lie replied that be was not in the habit of taking either. What i said the astonished que la what 1 not take Gin i like Gin beat of everything for i have been la the Hospital and i know ii about 11. Gin Only eat off the skin of the liver rum fills it up like sponge but Reoa eats holes into it that 1 could put my Finger a Ooi respondent of the Baltimore Sun who is Aid to be Well informed writes a follow from Washington the idea prevails in diplomatic circles that War in Europe will break out in the Spring. It proceeds from what la known of Tho communal Carlona of the russian minister Gort Tarakoff to the minister of foreign affairs of France. Zenoe the departure of a Taun vessels from Waters where they might be look added by Superior naval forces. Action in Ference to what Are a sized the rebel rams is also regarded As looking to emergencies at Home. Join. Thompson s latter. For a Long time Gen. Thompson commanded a Motley Orew of rebels in the Northern part of Arkansas and once in a while bad really occasion to transact business with some of our generals but jeff., upon the principle of one Sucesh being equal to five Yankees thought himself equal to the beat and would negotiate with no less a personage than Gen. Grant thereby improving his opportunities to be impudent flippant and saucy. He always addressed uen. Oram is dear general or my dear on one occasion Jurf. Sent in a Flag of truce with prisoners. The Sag brought a communication addressed to major general u s Grant commanding United states Force soar go ural i Send you by this Flag of Trace seventeen Federal prisoners that my scout and Bush hackers have picked up and request in Exchange you would Send me seventeen of the meanest see Esb you May have in your hands and i will be Mora than even with you at that. M. Jeff. Thompson brigadier general o. A. A. Rom Dnn Niad mme Ani used with by general Grant and the Exchange waa of ironed. About the urns our authorities Bethought to been elves to rid St. Louii x t the " coded Euate and end All rebel sympathiser South Qon. M. Jeff. Thompson sent in ago Terr communication under a fish of Trace. It was addressed to . U. A Grant commanding Eta my dear general.-1 hear test the abolition an Tho rites of St. Louis have determine to Send certain persons South. I wish sir that you would use your influence to have Tiem allow my wife to remain at her Horn in 8ti Louis. Indeed if these in thormities Ara Conel Stavit they have no right to banish bar for Union 1b sen timeout i la pledge you toy , and i prompt so that be Hall never in any by be a Burden upon authorities. She probably has not the necessary fund to travel with and beside i Don t want hex Down in Dixit. A Ltd renewed Assurance of is High regards i am. &c., a. Jbf of. brigadier general 0. B. A. Mrs. Thompson was allowed to remain in St Lea is which of course go a Opportunity to write again to Gen. Grant o he fitted out another Flag of truce and sent in another addressed to a. Qua. 0. 6. Grant command no dec hear have a Olio in St. Louis ind a poor Hawkins farm on Carrey Sec. 10,1803.? the commanding general announces to Yon that ill,00 1 Twenty thousand Haversack Are required in the army. These Art sat ebels atom to i4 Hiem wide and 13 deep with a Flap from the top buttoned on the outside of the Satchel by a a Belt Over the shoulder pissing under the Arm. Trrry Are also lately necessary to. The of the Soldier in the Field and Cannert 1-9 made by the a aver a scr department for want of material. The Best material is Strong Cotton Bat As it u also scarce in private families they maybe made of carpeting curtain Calloo of double thick near table cover Cotton or Woolen or any Trong Maier Lal whatever and the Belt passing Over the shoulder and under Law info Etc be made of the same and beamed rot Buckskin or leather. The Noble example a Bleb. You have set of undying patriotism and the most unselfish Devot Lou inspires the comm Odling general with a Hope that he Doe not Call non you la vain when he ask you a he does to furnish with the least possible delay each As Many Basr sack. Or each Els of Tbs Deal Pylon As you can make or induce your friends to make. They should be sowed in the strongest posse the manner and made of the Aten Gest rms Terral we Ich can be procured should any of the ladles desire Titean to go to particular regiments in which they have the meat friends by fixing tire usme of the rename it on the article they will be a aborted by the and forwarded Secor Dlf to address. Every lady in Texas is requested 0 Forward As Many As she can make to the quart emaster nearest or residence end All quartet misters East of the Colorado Are directed to Send them a soon As a sufficient number has been received to opt. Wharton at Houston and those West of tha Colorado to opt. Prescott q. Antonio. of Reg meats is Fallous and detached hereby do rented Tomaka Requil exons to Onoe thou East of Tho Colorado on capt. Wharton and those West on Cap. Prescott Lor inv ers Acks in accordance with the number of men pro sent with their corps. /. Bane bad Magruder. . Odomd g dial. T., k. A. And a. Was Raki. Heady Sartrs dust. Tokas j new or 1100 Arizona. Hawkins farm dec. 10, 1wj. Sex thou 1 600 Hundred h acte saddles or i Tyues wanted rimmed cutuly Lor the Antny. As it is essential to the be Lorty of me Emonts of troops that pack saddles a hold be substituted for wagons la car army is far As possible every patriotic citizen or Texas is Mast urgently called upon to make e t cause 10 be made As Many pack Saddle or Caylea As possible we Bsat to least delay and Tarn Over the Sains to their. Master a rarest his residence who i . Havo the value of Tho same assessed try i neighbor in the usual Way and to pay Lor them at to rates assessed giving certified accounts when hot in hands. No pack Saddle however will be received unless accompanied by n cured sheep skin Orv Lorse Plunket of Wool or Moss or seme material which will answer As a horse Blanket for a pack Saddle. It is incl sensible also that each Mast have a Strang Girth made of some suitable material by which the pack Saddle Csc to secured upon Tho Back of to Ani Tasel a breast strap a also India  ably Neoe Senry and a Crupper i also deemed advisable. It 1 earnestly requested that planters and All others who have it in their Power Wol fur Elsb to the government As Many of these pack saddles As Thoy in possibly make without any loss of time. Every Soldier in the army who shall furnish a goad pack mate and a serviceable x. ukadquartkr8 d18t. Of Tugab naw Sauco add Abuokab Mcnaul i Plait Latiok Bra Orla c december 1u63. Sent rail Ordorica. 822. The troops recently arrived from Louisiana will tie by Igudin of follows Ujj nil Diviaio. La Reg Gen. Thomas Green commanding. Sibley s Del Gide c in. Hardeman commanding. Speight s brigade la Reg Gen. Speight commanding. 4tb div Trio. Rig. Gen. Majors commanding my Jota Bil Ade col. Lane commanding. Baylor brigade col. Baylor commanding to addition to Tho above the right Wing of tha army will be. Commanded by Brig. Gen. Tiee the Cento by Brig. Gen. Slaughter Aud die left by Gen grew majors division will a held in Reserve the brigades of col. Parsons und Brig. Gen Maxcey Are Aai Elsaed to Brig. Gen. P. 0 jul exert who will command and also held in Reserve Brig. General of divisions will assign the but testes q artillery acting with their div liens. The artillery attached to the troop from Louisiana will be assigned to brigade by their division commander. By command of maj. Maqruder. mind Turker a. A. Gen. D�ltw3 auction sales every tues doxy und Friday. By to. H. Wjk. A. M. Sydnor Anc Laneer and Tyler for to stale of Tler out Andisio. Noi Frosi do Koel Bat ate our hereafter will be 5 per cent on every kind of property exclusive of each tax As cosy be assessed by the confederacy state county and City according to the character of the property sold except however for sales under to Lucio in All such cases we charge 10 per cent liquors excepted. Septembers. to Whf the Texas Book depository and adv Gate Offish Are now being removed to Ilem Stead from Wiloh place we will fill All orders for books instead of from Houston until further notice., Avi persons haying Btu Nea with us will please Addre a at Henop Tead. Deo. 10,1863-Dtelstwfl j. W. Shipman Paek Saddle cd a plate will by paid for the latter at a fair rate which Fli he Alaon to twins orator master general Msj. B. Bloomfield and shall be allowed forty cents per Day for every Good serviceable male. There will be allowed to companies at Tho rate of one pack mate to every ten men. Soldier will not however be allowed to go Home for Tho Parpoe at procuring Tebee mules or making Tho saddles but their friends by fam Ishing the Mala and pack Saddle to tha nearest Quarter master and getting a receipt therefor and forwarding it to maj. Bloom Field will Coarl buteo the Comfort and efficiency of tha Soldier who will be paid the 40 cent per Day and tha value or the pack Saddle thus furnished. The name or the Soldier and the company and regiment to which be belongs being Given to Tho Quarter master for this purpose. D Ankles win not a received. A Strong common Saddle with Good Saddle Blanket will a received in Ilea of Paek Jiddle. Deals j. Bank Ubau , Msj. Gen com do diet. Tax now mex. Csc Akona. Hsadquakthr8 dist. Of Texas naw a Moo and Art Zoha Houston Texas december 7rh,1663. Up trial . I. Detailed Man Ara not exempt from tin tintary duty and from Thea Elmo Forward All at this a a Bleet to Uch military service As the necessities of tha to left May require. A a a k. A hyllested Tomms Ndang of of Houston will proceed to Hava enrolled a names of All detailed men 01 Daty at Tbs Post. enable him to do thai Ell staff officer and All others having detailed men in pier employ will f Ornish Majer Uyl letter with a list containing the names of the same and their Vimpeny and regiment. These Man will be Organ led into temporary companies and officer assigned them. Tray signed to duty in companies. They will receive orders when the next meeting will take place every time before the companies arc dismissed. The failure of any of Loer not reporting Hie men will be promptly reported to head quarters. The printers and employees of maj. Gave or. Cushing and or. Richardson s files Are requested to form a company and meet at the above hour and Date. J. W. Hyllk8tkd, i Al. & pro mar. Gen. 000. tax notice. Delinel Juhr tax payers Havo Aab jetted themselves to the penalty or a Doull tax which will be enforced if payment Are not immediately made 1, office Corner main and Oong is Street up Loirs. List k pkg drcl3tw3 dust col. No 21. Violin and guitar string. 10,000 violin. guitar. 1,000 Violino Llo All italian and French lust .ielved from Karoo. Decd we jt___gk0rg15 & Davidson. A. K. Siai Iii dec hit reviews Lucu Onett and Otral gom Muon Agett Wilson s Block Congress St., Outton Tex. Regular Bales on thursday of each week. Douro permuted to refer to t. W. Boota s. Manj. Col. A. M. Gantry col. . A Stid. Aepli to Whf
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