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Galveston Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - December 9, 1863, Houston, Texas Wat scald we Tae a i 0 Iii Kiev Leleae aarae. To s of three a. 1000? he a a a Faslli i in Hil be my to thaw Ratje Fuad a waa Taar .tli�ataatt4edltft a Wii pm Isno is i vote my u. Tee a not tuft of Coli  to War in Sci we. Uni i to w cob Stoat Tea War Van at Ivanec it a detailed rep it i be but Lynw a a a tout operational de by a set. Jav in a. _., Bra go de we aft liw 0th to followed he to do Pott duty we Toi. Field by a be is exposed to m the a Flag on of Toga Taff Ayma v ski Dpi the in i Jim tog at ibo Post they h�6 re tit and it u sup he a a am ii Ter More Rith 4 Bow far they a a the 4tjtby Fura feh total no in addition to Tbs atom in tabla for . A Jgr it Tuvou an Timte leave Al Van Titi of Hitoi Flatt a re. Clung to to to Ford Attl moot the 7 Daya Anarch of to a my it a Una it St in Auter Aid in a War a we a a i to from Batty it part stat m id of Waff co Oft a of we iwo a am a a it my and Ania he Tai kid cd Tau i Bat do 3�7bl Waou a Ian to tax cow l�ut., Emu print a Auoad i rules Osse Ink of Tny a tn4 a us 11 Notara Aap Ian to tax a a o�v�1o Faroat Talatin Ilni Niava Atiim Bry my. Of Mbamali Sitf to web. Tbs army Nam had in Twa a of Atutoa Aita Tat a a of Laje Tizor tto Ruiga Alt Aleua Alfito Railroad nor h or the rower. a in of to Torrau Zsiba Mairab cof Taa Leaody after a ill Antab with Mem of us Federal rat Alry at it a a a Robed Afao Hatab Nook at la Tow aft Arnold where to Apia Mica Ottra rival wat Dlapa Ted by cavalry and Artilla by. The tac Aap was a a if driven off Jay a detach ment of oar cavalry aided by a Small am a to a fact oo7ri7 jape air Iha a a a apr. And. Jet Bari a Topo a got. Niayar. A Roth a b�t4aeaufra Haas lbs Rwanda nary Larto a it at Lott a Truthe of a Onex Vecio y March a a re Tauaes and Tea Eelman Raae Tad at Ita Harold of Battle. About air r%ueioaa�da.aaaea6f the he a a a and Nve a dare atop anal a Wrighr. Where Tae Battle atom. 4&j9jbtt i Apa Adl Adf Auoad to Tea Cut and aft Piatt 1w rtiocbface1h end a expect edit on Theen Tmea Ullnee and were capt my. Lie la attend blog to Retreat irom to lib a brigade in a ool Lila areal Imd of Thebo Raee a. Tatloy no a Maltlon file Horne. Took a ill vol in to a Brigada of Polk and Ite Aav in Neri Sirali wred Down on m7&tsij9ss-v Wae warmly Ense crag tit a la pc i a in Tai every Fae of Tea Elm. He Fred a few Ronde at elite or eighty Matda it Octant or Baimba. Enemy the Manly of ?6tki_bfjjratlr. F Hartmy waa soon Loate Dand to Mach Pelee Cao Aat be Iwa towed on Captain Ca Taaim Ile of Flecia a a tap of ble Battery Tor Bietre allot cot data they were not engaged for Aiu Ese Rahla Hagth of Hae Bat the very input a tit a Pongala threw Down the a Atwo be Robe exec by to plaid the Field b Blackburne. Of Nodi for Belr edit Lea to a Adaa Oalaba enema a it Tiff of with an Imp Urff in epitaph. A t oat i Ait their Ai Are do died to join to i pshaw band of a air Dario do to by at Jyh at e2l it take office Lotu City cd Goffi their ?t3rF v t Vry oof fat Quin Elarie eff office will Aire All a Fiarito it a we. To at bin 0ifj7 Houston Deo. B 1863. To i length of the brigade inti Ndang thear Nick of the 19 a waa 1781. Wc0 killed and 300 Woaff Teal. Honor e a. K. 4 . Com j . . Ivol co to 0#n� a Noffman nbadquabt�b3t0r bx7bsatj \ coca tog do Ember 7, 18 0, j ti1h Fred a escape of n Gro i from thew. Ent Dei Armenla to which they Bare be no aligned to labor re Idem it Imp Rattely note Eta for Home Connett be adopted to prevent Nisi Fly and a towing in evil v Tel Ninny to the service malting Franik of to Salabor a Irnie a lev whren rat it Hijji Andlee Eppah tit Reio piece upon the p�rt0f� Foa Naii to return Tybik negro be who 1 front Tito averment Vervlee compel Tea Ada Attai Warr Katenin another��41� that killed Aoa wounded never a Tow _ -.1 .1 . fat a i a Fil j Tami Vij lat lib him t0lt%" Loit. If we would of tee at on. 4 a it 1h a Fdl printed report m Fayette county ak0tt, that that Kaal a Over $?00 for the % Al at iof Itan. Vittdba�6 now of to pfc a Etc Tom of that Dea rpm land Aoa Tolof Wutao Eaton to policy or a of wee Disney Tea Edt Sor to St .hial4awaajga a to a Tao Between wafer Rassul Gen. Are a Aat Tad Taar gaar4 neat amt a Tiz Huysma redemption. u Aal Caitor Blaby throw Loff Tael coward1 Gatje in Luffa Asp ave Nott ibo pwtorm.01 Aav to a Cleocy the be not Teai Llad Wel Wier n0t�a Baab to Taa boo eat Arafeh t out ant look Roio tip a on aka Trie it Tuta Maya Tbs Tevz Jeor a air or Whan a was of for Ali Aad Videto a or Mih a is is Ihm Toro poretto a redder White. Id Valona tha . Incl diff several we Blu fat Amft. A a a a pc. And Early on Tai Meta the Pavao was a i Tbs a with Twat Aida or cd lore Imi the Totth itt Toad eve Byatta of a a five a. R tape Der Paris it a Coo United by Taveri a he waa Taal Otbo to a. Fene str Lotze a taboo where ble engaged w4je�%�ly Waii Rioera a Aratri. Poa iad be a Par Turuta re of Mohind pm treadf7? fort tier a Idaj be f of a str Mao waa but Bloaja Iamaio Tea Taw of a nearly a Nile Jid Movably Banc been . It thais Liaa a Aero Raja Taa Elte Laa Ala Eilon i  k Harry the no to a Vai Owasa Hrubo a a teed no Hia Iii Imi i Kalb i Illel Blomi the Tel duty it rat tfx to Taa stewed and Awad a a a Jaew that Tea a ats a oath that eat a a i me Yubi Vahar Ian Tow Tot boo Nae h. 6.�euf of map Motomi toy Ioe Taal if any Mora Matvei Reaule Taeo mitral. Taa Eleo Tipoai Ajr Jorca at if to o d. Nabaal Talf a Tea a Itaev Okata or org Rita if Favreay. Tyraa. Label Walaa and Fiona to Wro to Rohald one be an enter Tea line of to Atrie Afi Leav Taj toe Eav try la the 4 Tea Telegraph pub Liam the Fer Day 100-at#.anal�a thewl tto who or Nan Trio raised tev of Hie Tel germ pm .4hlnka the question Rettber it Bard an a it a site be tin that the Lafaed Tabeb Alao bad the a am = upon Asa Asauo a r m h a to the my a who Wile the the Eifim the re fore pay Qeti u tie a and Bacon to be but i an we be buy on Tiro three or a domn Hook and make to Kwiato Bim eted to pay the Talia int s Ter Jim a bringing off Hie  t a file opera and of pored porn the f allow Lig o it end to ago Akler Tabing Oscai Jed by burglar d. Sea 8iaartwhh Ham Tooa Dullon retired slowly of Aida Warre Aion in order in draw Taw enemy la that direction that Etc Poaling he flunk and rear to a Oanita Lee who moved from Auburn arts attacked he aeneid Liucy Kufta a my of a Menerei Stuart heard the i mired of Bovsun be turned upon the enemy Nebo in to inuit broke and fling Day. Hbeo the movement of icon my Fotu the a i Dan comm Euord Tab Elf n pm Luar arted to Advance of Whitee Raliey and guard the Attoun Aio Honpor it to beaut net Foll performed by Rabat , of the Isth loat., Tuanh d Apon Curumi top. Mud Luce eyed by Welt concerted plan in surrounding the Placo and Aap Arlo nearly the it la of rce eat Rcd to tire All their Ato Rei nod a air Ria Ion Only a Evejean 16 to rpm a ferry the enrage a my vae Tot that a Tate to and in d umber a to riot very Lily leae. Find inflict bag Auma damage Aolua a. In Tae Cootie of there a i fru o�t4�l Toor by lied and thirty of aired. To Lucia dog forty re. Or Tea above. Four Han we mkt u i y general. A int of our i be of and to b Fenn. By col. Wukob Unev Aeji or Tab the main Force came Jome doa a Vlam wait Leta byh 0�b a Vazac a Hatow Ceon in thle Affelli of wll tired Ibeair Mubarik. Thuc Ali Aoi room on i lir log bar of pm he Flag Bittak for. The no get we Morreal Arad Yards Nijor Mattone of ism. In Bart Foi about Holt Patio a Elk a the morning of Asj we bored Zifa Sattl a do Faaaga. By the a jew. The Vlad de Tot. Of Otto Amine brag of turn of he it sea. Obe Anaam a a Lvi Kiwi. Ulvi jibe four Wing stringent Rule la reference to unas by Jar baaakgaaa4fcjggnt.a of Foj. it ii of act of a. Owners or by Improta Aisne Are hereby nettled in improve Ament. Are hereby nettled the when a Aid negroes shall leave the l car fou which they have Ben is Sigma to labor cd Reian. Ing to Udelf Oneie or Egenla Unla a it Tearly. Obar Gedin writ Tot by the proper c Fol cd a tits directed it once to return them to the departs from Bioh they escaped a upon failure to soap with thle order double the number escaping will2 no Quindt and Bureau in be Oiler Tiu Imp Cai Tea Rule will apply to All neg Iott the Bavo been collected sad runaway Linzeth fluid Call made sept. 0,1603. Fly comm amt of maj. Leo. J. It ma1rddbe. . Ahmbtk0n8, Decoud capt. To chief la Bor Bucu. 4aadawaaaaa4apbta4paaa baav4bi iabbea4bbaaabmaaapibbap4bsmb-Aajfbbm a Tjo Tion Palm Liy j. 3. & j. 11. 4% tuesday 15th december ,100 to Groom. Of Marla tag ,.uiu to variety be cat algae Thror office dec4ttd aah cd an open goes d sir aral band red $ fro Citte a a Faauaa Fri Aana maj Gune toahftlour13e? a a Rar Ian 15 on 50 men., we anally a tra a a Aalice of Elook a. Moo the Grot Aad a up pm mjg occupy. We found it being lttstbp&swa4 by the troops who were occupying it Sasar Ewotie. We adv aaied to the Erest iof term fatal Soma to Yards in Frol of Tea enemy s Barack set or Kre artworks a beat y poured a fire upon As. We to lie Iown. Set mince a engage Awal bar Arnenaa Bat at gnat Tiad Vantash. The enemy wee behind horde Fecci and to a Trout cover he and two a Erl Sotar tiler we had none our own Battery tyring Desiata de behind by order of Gen Ole Ocoe opt. Samples toe Batter was on the Hill tur us end on the in trome left of the brigade. It tred a few allots at a was Rayed to Home portion of the fir 11. The enemy roared upon our Heads from 10 . An til 11� or s o clock p. A a constant Ami terrible Are of artillery and musketry Mca waa of earned with our re flow with Ibe aame Cona Taroy end i Tui Barnum. At about 12 o clock m. Our stipple of ammunition big a to give our and i sent a courier to 4# n. De Shier to inform thu of the fact and Taik where we round get More. A few moments after wat Dot 1 Law my con Iii towards my. R get. Some feb Rev Patti from me when he waa a Ruck Down by a shall in the heat and Bis heart 1 a rally torn from Hla bosom. I buy Here pause and pay a Ufi Silig tribute to the Emmory of our Filto or re Gene Roua and kind even to a fall Twer wait bul and Carlut for the a Fety of any Nawwar of Hia command he waa Ever ready to peril bit of life ref Aaion to permits staff officer to endanger his 11 re a going to exam Iii the Cartridge boxes to see what amount of to Oft a blah Speil Iho 0� Fil per Doans $175 Par a top left the edition u be fog of haunted All will soon be gone of More to be published Fot Soma Lime to Mike sure order without delay-1 Bava All to Tox so. Beol by mail Post pad ill Odif to a a surgeons of aeon instruments the r i of Titan the a Tea by calling on Gap Wharton a auction. Tub 8 a la of negroes advertised to be Eoldia 5th do. Is postponed until further notice the meantime they will be offered it printouts their Encampment of White Oik Bayou do outwit _11 11 Bucks he Good Cook at to shoot. Nov Morphy 14hiirtt10 a. 31 a j. S. A j. B. 8ydn0k 60 negroes Compi Slor the usual a friely do bal -j-i,-------.r a it for Lutr ring a vaunt Rafe nearly new. Jsn quire of wait. To Dit. Of to Krak new Mexico and a Ixia Voo Sion december 3rd, 11 do Post Paya Ula fim no order of la. Jamb8 by bib. Jet it vol a. K lat Blok. A. A 0his log ported for duty. In acct dare with instruct irom the Lieut Oeners is Berdry no need on the staff of in ibid Gen. Cum1 his District and jilt be noted Abd reelected Cordingly. By command of a. Geo. J. Banku Kad mag Kudsk dec4tw3 in mriiam d. ,Gea. A ecu w 3t Gilvere to n notice full la partner ship heretofore existing Between the l Utida caged under the him of Adams Jordan a 0 is Tali solved in her party or i 8 Redd a la author lord o s git the rare o the firm in liquidation. 0. W Adams. V h. Joudat. Sen Temler 31. 1hc3. Tor Multi of blocks or Obundio the City of a 0\j ton within half a mile of the Omar Tiloute. The nearest vacant ground to the business part the Coty. An inducement to Asp Tail s a. Dec4tw4t__ oks. Tolu Twita a cd ult a co. Have Rem Ved their by a Iti Toj old stand. Hounion Amund Tenn Bla men cheerfully parted him a a a it Saif to Brave the tempest of death that raged on the f Alq 9 a Minuend pop Nova put be fell ii the very a Cutter in the midst of the line the Raa anal surrounded by the Bod a of ble Lall ii Enlil idea lie pour d uni Hla own Bood upon the spot w tired by Hie bust mood of Bis brigade among the Host of Brave hearts that were offered of the alter of sacrifice Tor tier country on that bet Alful 8ibbath, there per labed none nobler braver or better than his. He lived beloved and fell la minted and mourned by Velry officer and Man of by command Mesic Paon Tea spot Worre befell on the Flold of his country a glory surrounded by the bodies lot those who stood around Bra in Lite and lie around him in death. A Figer from Keg t informed Roe of in after Gen. Dasher fell also that Cal. Of not with Tea regiment. Just a Alt ton was Eiba it More .1 assumed Ould Advance ones fixed be but Clink Lului Lalog right opposite i. Ie64imfe a at sum a read quart naw us a 111 the be Herat Eta Aid a stations to the chief of the labor Bureau. By Ora Mudd of maj. Uen. J Banku Kad Mao Kukk t. G. Armst Hono dec�l5i Cit. A chief labor Bun Kun violin Yio lancello and guitar i ingae 10,0110 violin. Ito of Gui Tab. 1000 v10lin0kllo, All i Atli and French just received from Europe a vix Grok or a Davidson. Found a pair of k e Ula Asra a to have. Apply to depot old Nib the a Quai a Levy in piles to the planters Cordarl hat adopted a Generalao Ettsal meat the limits of huh of under the most imperative he takes from the i their negroes and we k Vve ies do carts and to oxen a he hop this Aflfe fat needed Tor ibo army la ver in Oxild be neoeeeery%4 to Rynler item no i and oat Forse r Ous As Poa Albie to the Agram stars cite.  a a i am also ordered by the in to exp roae to the Santere of the pats Lotus with arh Tek Blata and the be Jeroel Rifice Wita which they Hava made Spock to tax Olaf the the Couo Sod Suavi ate Nerti aware Kaaa Ihler Aridai in stronger a a aplasia oat / l 1 a 7ntw, 1 i. The if Colu. Prese vat on of tag Afa a Tea creation of an spot to a at a the do Street of Tethi flow Meadeo Oupe sible and the Uriss iry de plane co Onel. To us g Thant lat a i strut caws. Gins and flu be a stewed aft Neoe Eazary. Aoi Tamat Dallaw lie will obtain Iron la of Laos ment and a necessary wimp that the government May a of army atom of Allf Usas by uses a a $ All Govero Awat engaged la tit w0-. Tbrooghtem�i0u a la boat col w. J Khaatim at Lou i tothe 41 tract or Auto Ortiz Nadir Welsb they act the of Cotton purchased by them and from Bost made of Ltd and f a amount of celts transportation to to Beer Post Uston and under t control and All parties Hurt Goon Rolof Coram Cotton transport Salon belong ii Jio Iha Tovare will be governed his Mitru Coloni. Allwoo tracks whatsoever Heie sofara Mads Topcu Texas out too or to be transported " Taa As a also exemptions and permits Lis Ted in this department based on Texas will be submitted to Lieut. Colons watch Ink reviewed and acted upon by him. In authority conferred from department read ass in future All applications for the making of tract a based on Ottoo or for sex a pumas Frost press mint id the pm strict or Texas ate., a"1 every instance be first presented to Lotut $ clutch los forms approval. And All miliary get san the District of Texas Etc., Era Proa from making Sueh contracts or granting Tad empt Loni except upon application to Lieut clutch los and his approval All Coton set heretofore la transit not exempted As shove and will a la ii at any time to by impressed the Dir Ettiopa of Lieut. Col. But cons to at St relieve the lamp cute military Necee Stefes of. Department Hud the District comm coders a he a Alatua necessary Ordi is and Render All the i fails Anfe required to carry Tush orders into 1 it 0 1. Us Cutis will i a a r 1 die Dos Pinsl it in red a him for the Gove Raosto hint in Tiu Pui Chaae of army suppl Lra to Bloop a Ciu by blk and approrf1 Alful urn am Ltd. I Lieut. Col. Clutch los will make is reports t Lieut. Ool. By. A. Dried will to department Goa Ricks. By Rosamand of Lieut. Gen. I. Kirdy 8mii Gey m. By w. Maj a a. A. Geo. 1iealquaivteb8 debt of Texas naw vast co Asp Asilom Houston trias dec. 1st, it 1  a  a a a   i. In Motif Oil a to the above it Gil. Nuts arse ii d to duty is of the truss u All Coli Ersland tenia
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