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Galveston Tri-Weekly Civilian (Newspaper) - October 7, 1872, Galveston, Texas \ \ i. Ii  r i i to i. Re it 1111 a i i i i rail a. A inn a tit it Ulin 11111 a i ii taif Conno taif ill i 11 i in 1l\ i i in t lir Roll. A a Iii Cir inn Kiln by tin Tui Ollivi n to a in to service of the Carrier of Hiilei Hui Lowny companies hit. Bound to Nirvall who offer to of solves unless fire Oll in prison or conduct or they Are Jil Reidy full. Waiting at lie depot with the intention of tilling the i ruin is Suhi Rii it to constitute the relation of passenger and Carrier " Good for this Lay Only printed upon a ticket Lias been decided by the courts to be of no effect. The passenger Lias paid his i Lucy and is entitled to transportation la Lias also been recently decided in new York that a ticket for passage be . I it la i la j11  111111 ii i i Sihu i. K v " re h Ull jct a. A a  Llila 3, Iii a a 1 i v t i i n i i lit a live ii it in 111 Tell to i la f i in. 1u fit. I ii. It a of to. I i l. I 1111 of Timir i it m l i a i v. .11. Ill Iii. Ink j l tar Lei. Jet i Cotton receipts yesterday 977 Bales cd Xiru none h1w� 190 Bales. Ordinary. La c Sooil Ordinary. A i a Iii Vav middling.10 ,u0o Baies Srock on hand 15,500 Ultis. Tween any two Points is Good either wit hut it is doubtful if the. . Will stand a reversed. Any injury to the person of the passenger through the Neglio Gouck of the agents of the railway subjects the latter to damages and any loss of proper baggage it must be Only such As is necessary for the Comfort of the. Traveler can be recovered by civil process and the contents of a trunk can be proved by the oath of the Plain Tilv. During the past Twenty years Royalty has made unprecedented Progress in the facility of travelling without fuss or Parade. Al though Georgo Uever seen the sea till at fifty Tho doctors Hisiu to Weymouth his great grandsons Are amongst the most travelled men in the world and go hither and thither with no move notice than great noblemen. Pur ing the past few weeks the. Fri itch of Wales has been on Board a Friend s yacht at to Neville pacing the Sands with , and Diu eng with the Baroness Alphonse from Joseph Nallen transferred to Justice Johnson for examination. Mrs. William Jackson abusing and insulting Caroline Williams lined and costs. L of licit s. Lei Nail pursuing Tho business of insurance agent dismissed upon payment of costs. John Lewis u. Hamlin and Ibiza & of flt doing by Siuss without a License cases continued and Venerio ordered for juries. Raki. Estate following is a Complete list of the transactions in real Stato during Tho week filed for record in the office of the District Clork Cresham & Mann to Samuel buyer Davis g0xl30 feet of the Southwest Quarter of out lot 45, for 11550. George d. And Olive Briggs to n. B. Vard lot 05 to Section no. 3, Trimble and Lindsay s Survey for &200. L. W. Greco or. To Robert j. Hughes lots 14,13 and Tho West half of lot 12, for $g775. Anna m. In Altman to Lonis Moser lot 10 in Block 141 for $1000. Frederick Klauss to Alfred Carter the Northwest quart Crof Block 293, for$1202. Loan. Pout items Tho steamship while of came into port from Brashear this a. with seventy Cabin and twee by eight deck passengers. The Steamboat Charles Fowler from Houston this morning brought fifty i Erht Bales of Cotton and Tho Steamer t. Bagby from the Amo place had on one Hundred Aud fifty five Bales. Tho steamship i. A Harris arrived from Lud Auola at 8 o clock with 85 Bales of Cotton and sailed for Brashear at Nino the steamship Gus sic Captain Lewis steamed into port from Brashear at a Early hour with 5,000 barrels of freight for this place and sails for Indianola at four o clock this commissioners on mexican depredations when leaving a Townsville received information that a party of seventy live mexican bandits had crossed the Lutio Bramle to after k them on their Way to port 15.zos and capture the testimony Ihen to prevent reaching v Ashington. Gen. Doubleday ther Toro detailed a company of cavalry to escort them to the Steamer. A celebrated Coin counterfeiter named Defoe was arrested in Salisbury n. "., and Over a hum red holds used by him captured for various coins from Nickels to fifty cent Silver pieces. The Gallig of which ale fee was the head has Ibsen operating in the. State for death s following is a list of Tho deaths during the week old ing at noon to Day furnished us by m. Cahill Sexton infant of James drug Hans 7 Days spasms Texas. Annio Crary 13 Days Liers Atic derange uncut Texas. Mary Ellen fitzgerald118 months in a Lunation of brain Texas. Mary Driscoll 50 years typhoid fever Ireland. Henry e. Bonn 11 Mouths soothing Texas. We. P. Thompson 35 years congestion of brain Ireland. Teri spy Bryant 100 years old ago Georgia. Infant of mrs. Taylor 2 years Croop Texas. Twin children of mrs. Kop pork premature of birth Texas. Ada Wei Foll 3 months convulsions Texas. Fritz h. Klimock 2 Days disease of heart Texas. Prisoners the opening of Tho criminal District court this morning judge Dodge pronounced Een Tince on Tho following persons con Vic Eccl during the term Charles Abrams burglary two years imprisonment a Catiyo of Russia aged 30 years Aud a Carpenter by occupation win. My Genchy native of Louisville ky., eighteen years of age Shoemaker by occupation Coli cited of theft and sentenced to two years imprisonment. Louis Cago born Iulo ii Sjullie by aged Twenty two years convicted of Hrar Glary and Seir Tenell to to Myers hubris Ozment. Andrew Ell file born in Austria shoe maker by occupation convicted of Bur Foj iry and sentenced to two yearn imprisonment. Thomas Gallo july native of Scotland aged Touty seven years convicted of murder in the second degree and sentenced to Twenty years imprisonment. Aaron Rie Woad native of Texas t by occupation convicted of burglary Aud sentenced to two years imprisonment. City coi it catches. Fla Fiji Isrom a week s Liliah of eases before if in Hon for judge Ishea in the City court As a aught on a Fly by our reporter. Food for smile an Mil As reflection. 1 a to snip la a l y Itie in of Vii Ami arraigned in ring with being spiritually ii unrated and at the Saunio time hit orderly in their conduct. The court heard Theca so with patience and then with too hand held the Scales of Jill tics before the prisoners until it registered Tho cabalistic characters "$5 Aud costs each when they were gently returned to the prisoners Duck. Timed of life. Eduardo Rialto was tired of the Dull cold world and concluded to would take a loan into eternity by Way of a variation. Accordingly Early on Educ Day morning he pawned his entire Stock of worldly effects for enough fractional currency to Procuro a bottle of Chico Pine top whisky and after swallowing enough to give any Ordinary mortal a Superb Case of Tho Jim jams retired As a saving movement to the City into Tho Remote precincts of die graveyard in the Western suburbs. Ueni be managed to fall from a Fence stumble Over a Eow to run Down by a passing but Hor cart and finally to pitch headlong into a ditch in that condition to was found by a passing Peeler who procured a hand cart and trundled him Down to Tho station House. Or. Rialto Loukot bad Asho sat n Tho prisoners Dock. Tho Little experiences of Tho past Twenty four hours had made sad havoc Vith his raiment and face in fact he looked As if Tho destroying Angel bad made him a special Case for frail manhood to contemplate and grow Wiser by. His Honor seemed to think so too but thought it Best to Lak i the matter into his own bands and Bond Eduardo where be could get his face washed Aud his bruises greased. It was Only $10 and costs but it made the poor wretch quite Happy for there was some Prospect now of regular rations of Tom s Good soup Aud exercise in Tho Stroot brigade. A Vlf but on tub health. Mrs. Diehard had a husband and Tho Twain in company had a Boarder who unfortunately had a Soro foot. Mrs. Z., u a kindly spirit used to Drees the wounded member and or. Z., to Tho neglect of business and very much to the disgust and amazement of mrs. And the Young Boarder used to come Homo two sheets in the wind Aud make threats of violence against Tho whole household. This thing went on for some time time when the two settled the matter by separating or. Taking the House and mrs. Moving herself and a few duds into apartments provided by Tho Grato sore foot unhappy weeks went by to or. Zio hard and on thursday morning to. Invaded the promises of mrs. Z., finding her in close attention upon Tho invalid Boarder but that had nothing to do with the business on which Tho outraged husband came. A deliberately Laid off Bis coat rolled up his Sooves Aud made an attempt to clean out the entire establish Nikont. Threats of sending for Tho police bad no weight with him and not until to was arrested did to Realise Tho situation a Soro footed gentleman had got him into. To denied nothing but brought up much before his Honor lit Oxton Atyinn. But the court said he had to right to follow Bis wife into another Tau Shouse after he had separated from her and imposed in flu of $5, and a $200 Bond to let Tho woman and her patient Alono for six months. If the Young gentleman gets Well in that time he Ruay be Able to take care of himself. I a. .1 in h i i. I a Jii. 1i 4i- m that i it 1 in in1" ii to . Folh i " the. In in Ali Pii Twilight j a it in Happy Rist. Willi my Darling limn baby asleep upon my breast. With lids fran gig shut out Tho waning Liht a Little baud close folded holds mania s lingers tight and in Elmir soft White wrapping at last in perfect rest two Dainty feet Are cuddled like birdies in a nest. All Hopes Ami loves unworthy depart at this Sweet hour All pure and Noble longings renew their holy Power for Christ who in Tho Virgin our motherhood has Blest is near to every women with a baby on her breast.  How Many children Lave you of inquired a gentleman of one of his labourers looking around in Surprise Puu tie family. Better Thun a , "1 Only in lib out Cloven said Tho gentleman. Faith in t that better than a dozen when you have to feed pm i exclaimed the labourer. A pious Nuevo in Tho count in writes to his City relatives to say that to expects to in with them about Tho Goth of june a. V.," whereupon a flippant Conrig Ioco exclaims what is Uncle John going in for Tho Dolly Purdeu business toot a now England advertiser wants a woman who fears Ihu lord and weighs 200 pounds and the editor of the paper remarks that the experience of most men is that Tho woman who weighs 200 pounds rarely fears Tho lord or anybody port of Galveston oct 5. 18�n i Nisi Sirr or a Asur Ilab ten Humai Iii my i rpm to la or Turk tit m f mtg. Ii is Ai t ill ? i. La a ? . Ii a a. U  i. it. I -.  a . M l i in. 1 i i no a Matioli lir in Vii of 1 a. A l 1 k s Smith. It Wuco ill. In. A a v i a it. A. Urn. Tit a i to or v. My. Portland mint to t a t w a a l. Pm i  a if Tiu on c., a Pllis 18lawd Oitt Hiob school miss. la Kink jiu8. m. Pal Tkel. Ajau into principal. T ill Bogia Ala Adny let a in Theomer Diu i building Eori or of seven us ugh and Clui Rili Alro 5, mid Continuo to a thu Lashio r forty weted. Liee Hornc of a Turah in and print in will be p is Cuil Lio and pro Gre sire Wii i Likiak notary studies i Ruuti the round .1it, n Irun ring through i orap waive Annii object drawing a sket Bing from nature and l Lii min in pasta water colors and Oik su2l d2w City proposals. Suju us so 57 i Suin skxs5 to Norick. Masters owners or agents of pc sols will Oon Lor a Suvar on our ship news reporter by any Marine items they May ome into Possession of. left at Tho custom House or with Captain t. C. Diddle strand will come to Luud safely and meet with prompt attention. Oax.ve8ton Oitt Bonds. Mayor s 0pp1cb,. 0.\ltesto.i, september 13, 187?. Sealed proposals will be received my this until 12 o clock Uon sat Koav. Slip. 21st, 1872, to redeem Triton in Rio Hood run dollars of cjalve8t0n City. Special debt Bonds. The City to Servos Lis Vlught to re feet any or nil bids. A. ,u5, sep2 til mayor. Proposals paving str bits. May ii s of Recti 1 of Alveston August 13, 1872. Sealed proposals will to received at this offi ii until 12 o clock �., on Tho 15th Day of october 1872, o Pace Market Street or Avenue a from Isth strict to 3sd Truot in to City of of Heston. To efts. Tho proposals must specify Tho kind and Quality of pavement Aud the coat per a Ijuro Yard. The City Council loser res Tho Lis lit to reject any and nil bids. A. S0mkkv1llk, jul i l 3uw old mayor. Notices. Use will Howe s celebrated Matrassi s will f. Howo is Tho Chani Picini a Holster prof Texas. Denis Neil hns removed his fashionable clothing store to 157 Market Street Between Slot and 22 1, and reopened with a no7 Stock of gentlemen s and youths fall and Winter clothing hats Caps Aud furnishing goods of the latest styles Aud Best material directly from Tho manufacturers which he is soiling at the lowest rates. Oct4 of entki1hr steamship Whitney Hopkins , with u s mail ouija of and Pussy Igors to Chus Fowler. Bark Uii Icorn Hom mind Leboro bag with railway Iron to order. Brig Nellie Antrim loud new York with Genera cargo to c w dams 4co. Club Altai steamship Whitney hopki"8, by shone with to s mail Tadio and passengers by Chas Powler. Soho nor l l David Smith Pensacola in ballast to Load lumber for this port Clio once w a Morrill keen Pensacola in ballast to Load lumber for a Northern port Meino Gaudh. New York september 39-cleared,str, Geo. W. Clyde for Galveston. Cleared bark t. Ii. Armstrong Brady. Galveston. 1 ii Iowa i it cleared 16th, kurd Sig evil Iseini a . A Audick of Cire a the Forest Queen Cleaml arb a to a a i nest form a Auk Twain s new Book la Bow ready. A jump Anil a to in Nocis to Don t work in to Ink no one wings. Bat take one people Wilt Stop you in the Street to Subi Colbo Lor. There in  time to laugh and All who read it u Smik will shoot Early that time hns arrived. For Imp wit of Leek Box no. See will a Fumm Malm. Naif Riri a ii. Eair. A a a a hmm & bad Ailt s in patxt8, oil8 d Wall Paer mm4 a whom Isabl ing nor top Eie Holcel  a a a. I Vonmert general St rat a to Xibi strand Storel via of near the Brick wharf of a Low rate. Iam maa i B. Leeco., Ikon tit by toss rounders and machinists manufacturers of steam in Tinics saw Mills b0ilkr3 Mill and Uin hearing shape int pulleys brass Tad Iron pumps aa., a. Phttlcnlnr1 Nti Eaton a we to 4lml�t% Tor Iron front nil cml loan for a no Luke a nil keep on hand s no i it ssi and bomb but rpm 10 to Loo Northr Rowe it Iron and brass cab i Nitts shafting and mall Wear of. Saw grist Suyah. An Songho Mills Etc., Etc., Etc. Of Wjt i _ valuable of around by worm Tolj and fur a lung nun Ibur of genre r Siitia Twenty five lots All in Iba ceoral part of the pity.  a. .  i 1,3am.Maas,. 4._�_tlenl k tote agent. To it a a a Fine cottage fronting the jul Aiida Mother up strand Street -. Aii inv Nihil Tell j. Snail it is Sill, to 1 what Erines say or door think rip dream 1 a. I �,.i in r. Will a oui 7/iu fit Elln i Liri trip a Iivo shipped tic Nisi i font Man it Iti tier ii o 1 i Xii. Trio work i Trio a Litif Nunya i Chai Nicl Arron rc-ssi11y Sti Iii i v. Tin Chat ii l Ixia Tir a flirt d a out to till depth of ton left. It was i Onzil r y la it so Vii tent deep. It is in worked out to the a dept i of twelve feet or More. This accomplish red ii lie edit reprise and at tin. Sule Yei e a Charles Morgan. Our police picker seizes for ills theme a catastrophe. To Boduan Johnson and Joseph Smith Ioia not .1 Iii Eal de i Iida it of the tinder of the Golden tablets of the Book of mormon met of rom Day evening in the neighbourhood of Market and neuter streets i if As the hand of time api pint. Lauve at Galveston Texas octo Bor 4, at 8 p. M., Joseph Oji ii Lauve aged 31 years. A a a a. A caution. Every genuine Box of or. Moland s liver Ponxs Bear Tho signature of Fleming Brothers Pittsburgh pa., and their private u. S. Stump. True no other the Market is full of imitations. It is the popular Vor lot that people who have been accustomed to the use or Bittern or cordials Aro obliged eventually to resort to Mclamb s liver pills for permanent Relief jem6 5 natural deny proc it the by Tein. To human body is a machine and therefore cannot endure forever but like a watch or a sowing machine it will last much Longor if properly regulated and duly repaired than if no pains were taken to keep it in order. Tho great object of every one who desires a Long and Ltd Altay life should to to put his body in a condition to the life threatening influence. By which we Are All More or less surrounded and no inv Gorant or corrective at pre Tient known so effectively answers till purpose As i he vitalizing elixir which under he a pretending name of Hostetter s stomach bitters has been fur More than Twenty yours the Standard tonic of America. In crowded cities where to at Noe Here is con a in Nutch with the effluvia inseparable from Large pupa unions in i Urphy regions where Tho soggy Noli Scoki with Miasma on the Prairies and in the for oits where every fall the air i tainted with of ablutions from rotting weeds and grasses or decomposing weeds in Short in every locality where malaria exists this poor Irful vegetable antidote is urgently needed. Fever and ague bilious fevers dysentery ii gention of the liver i indico Rhen Mattiem nil All diseases which Aro generated air irn Vuro water or sudden a Hayges of Leif erasure May be averted by strengthening and regulating Tho a Suciu in Advance with list of vessels up cleared and sailed Tor valve ton Critne chd daily new York. Steamship Geo w Clyde Cal Sopt 28 bark supt 5 bark Sab Neeld Sopt 18 us re Coldstream sept 24 bark t 1 Armstrong log Sopt 21 Brig Nellie hinted eld sept 26 Brig Nellie Antrim Sld sept 14 Brig Gazelle log sept 24 Brig Juliette c Clark,.old aug 21 Boston. Bark new England,.ldg set 18 bark Dirge old Sopt it Schooner sums Howes,.sld Sopt 15 Liverpool. Ship Tiger aug 2 bark aug 19 bark Mary Mark Prouet bailed aug 26 bark Cremona Barrow july 26 bark add Eeckout out july so bark Atalanta Lenry ent out sept in Hartlepool. Bark e 1 Mcdowel Oree Dougli pm aug 1 bark Lizzie Raymond Golden old aug .2 to Janeiro. Brig Mystic peaked aug  1 Cardiff Wales. Bark Caroline Lemon to Liow Ker cleared aug 16 bark Olon Allock Skon sailed sept 4 bark out sept 1ft bark chit ,ont out kept v bark w d Putnam aug 2 hark Iii iia ,.sailed aug lit liar i ,.-nt out aug 28 bark j a Christiansen Cut out aug 15 bark Maggie Hammond sailed aug 30 hark Queen ,.sailed aug my bark poised ii Knudson,.unt ont aug 31 by eme Raven. Bark Iris aug 19 bark 3upt 3 Bristol enu., liar i Tew Mon ton eld aug 5 middles Borough. Bark l Unicorn aug 2 Newport eng. Hark Knudsvig eld kept 8 Hartlepool. Bart k Mcdowell july 2f Barl. Lissie la yowl aug 2 Bremen bail Iri Schuttz Cal july 3 pc Vic or dissolution. On and after july Loti 1872, Tho firm of Frensz a Lyte was dissolved by Mutual consent either of the old firm is fully Emrow Roif to Rellah All out Sta Nimg business of the late firm contracted prior to Tho above into. Jollym wow Frensz a jj_5. Assessor s notion. Jul persons owning property in pre. I dict no. 1, Aro to Mako returns o he same to me at off co 225 24th Street. Richard Nelson Cal of assessor precinct no. 1 Duim at aka. R-2"-we�lattention Given to font roots or Florin Miil Eom to ��p."irld8 of a Kindi of machinery profi i bom Abb ratvs.1 or bus Solo Ltd to Lite. Ang4daw1y miscellaneous. City an 0 Island props set Fob Thris part Cash balance on time rpm o entire by ck.�, vote the Northwest x and a Orch Earl part of but lot no. 12, b Eglit quarters of ii lots each Between 3.he Western part Neur Broadway up to 36lb is m twelve Quarter blocks or single lots comprising same to out lots no. 116,117, 70, 46, 24, 45, 19, 36, Between 17th and 36th Street at Short distances from Gulf. 25 fairly improved residences in various part of Tho City. 3n, 2j, 5 and 10 acre Loti and forms on the Island. Sec. 1, some comprising numbers 0, 10, 11, 26, 34, 74, 77, 88, 130,120, 126, 127, 128, 386, 388, 50s, 40u, 417, 415, a. Sam Maas. Mr9d real estate agent pro ached the Stroko of twelve where j j . Autumn is always Senson they in a Hearty hand Sliwi Kilip. Rpm a i. Especially Towe a susceptible Organ it had Lieen Days lung Onyn since the j a Zap and Van the Anifet Vigour of Are Apt to Twain had met and w overcome with i he in Tome Uio Suro by the humid pull ii feeling was or. Juun Bou that loaded with deleterious gases the Oitt of Austin to a for the location of the tale t Ai ital. Bl23 to ice Cream a Sioon. No. 38sfret wired anal of Centre. Benjamin Norwood respectfully informs to citizens of Galveston that his Loo Cream Saloon will be opon from and after saturday april 13, where pare Cream of All desirable May be procured. Or. Norwood is prepared to furnish suppers for balls Pantos and other entertainments. Apia Dlf summer a sabbat. Gal Voiton and the Gate shoe. To t1i08k of the land locked far Interior Vii this or cont ignuts to Tho in nines of our vast , or within nearer in Neil of our City who f Jill r f refreshing sea breezes and for the luxury and Benefit of sea bathing would prefer during the scorching summer heat o to Ort in the airy Anil Cool shores of Island to keep heir systems invigorated and pass a Fow months in Ike Dulig wilful Vicinity of of. Favored Island City so prolific in Kimii foil unsurpassed by any other Sou Herti watch thug place u Vari. To of pretty Linle Villa and commodious residences for the of visiting guests May be eng 0 by timely addressing Sam Maas Apt t properly at ont. Free seeds. Books and ple Park jobs of Corn White nor. Was Oats. Alaska Clover end co. of the american Stock journal sunt free to All who Send Stamps to Portnoi. Address n. P. Boelt a co., Purk Caburi Chester county Peno. __14t_ or. Gilbert s r ii k u m a t i c and n e v r a l 0 in Iti a i i a sold a at wholes a by ii. S. I sons mecha.,. To near n , these . Dim Are Gamut of a  it Lievow to uvary in. Old Usu. " Boulli of at the Kkt Luest of of the note null if Jlia Law i of Trust executed by j Ritzler the. Toast of May \b6v, Eon Teyun to n no a Ituk Iee the title to All of thai Cerulo unreal of Hull of Island. Known As the Sank pot Tuu of out Lei no i la Rise iian .xpi.l. Front Ali ing seven heres of land secure the men i of a rest in prot a Story Dot vie the sum i to ,. Per in cum a out by mild j. .8,117,Ler, Ihli Tymir of Bow ribs Bumol it a of of May 20th, 18811, i ayure Uvo Ifo i franc Date which Ute Haij Lod been due wild in ,1 will sell not the in a Rozio. A d tj.e1l.9f Trust ill puh Ilu outcry la a Lane Al la Fald need of term to and. Jake such title As is vested in me 4 truiteo., a Al m hdrpjf.,. Sep d20d____-.i "",1"8 it to Kev Waue. Cuoc Kenyi orooebbt1 Crooks St Little Orang old. W. F. Braih Arm so retail Pue largest Stock Ever in x ported to Tho South now in Tore and arrive at the lowest possible prices. 1000 rates assorted crates for the country trod alway on hand. 1200 packages Olau Ware 80 oases French Bilna and Othor goods in our line. Goods car fully packed. A. 0. Crawford it son nov i9tf _ in Alveston. Texas a. Baby Leo a. A. A. A a did a a. A. Bairdi Nabb & Bon c Riner Mechanic and Twenty second streets Galveston Tux As. Dealers in Chi a Glass Earth in Brittania and Ware kerosene lamps and fixture. Ossa and Willow Ware oys and fancy article have always in hand a full suppl French cuing Iron Stone and White Ware for household hotel or Steamboat use pressed and Cut glassware kerosene and lord Oil lamps for chandelier. Bra Kotc Lus Penelou and Hall lamps Law chimneys of All descriptions. June Tunkis Baths at Houston several sufferkr8 for. M Ohkuma. Tim kit burial else ask Eta russian Baths and theft a our trip loss of Ticino Olid travelling expenses. Open inc of the turn Kun Tylnn la Iii for i tuesday the 2.0th instant the Rales will he open fur ladies vol naively on times Bay Ami i riday from i Irger i. Price of Ono Bath f 2 one dozen Baths $18. Opinion of mind non men a boat the Turk us Ali Iwillia la Hiya. Owid , Iii his pillars of ller Eulav any who the Falb is Llie Pratier of the Onlo there Are no Dii uht if i to can a of Are to us Dimidi ii . Cic i Wiira or Iuni i it i a and a cd Lou employed u a Jedi.  citation., f tale St to of sex a 1 1.i Cousin Urli --Atwm�Nsivy,.publlcfltjt,? Afify a 01 Luo in the above c Huv Euuene to a and opp4av it Sam us Ouirl to of Holden in and for the , at Jiho Cui irl Hiie . I i last Joof Ciway ii oye�i.i.r Hix a then and Thuro in nits or the a Ruff Tref a l Burt balls whim Jill offs Tuii Psi Ultra , on thu let Day of ii St a. Ii. 187., he was Feied nil my a a a ii Din Bis Tjw inc Asol Tel la to and of a her 0 o him a if Hurt to of land with the b Ildon Sund Lii apr a it meets Berena lying end being. Limit i in county of , to Brevity a Fol or Sioni and designated on Tny a Natif Salt ii. In eds Rel Tusti As let to b to to Subt and improve ools find fnrcihly., Wislon of Soli lot and let Rov men ,.od to thrive him of the rents trim Imd ref Ali the Rei and to convert the raise to be Onosa Daini Ige to wet the aun of two of Tousand Dell sri wherefore he or la go my titans a a says that the Ula Avdoc Matlob or a Aid premises is reason Abl we rib in sum of thirty in blurs per in onto. Wherefore Fie Irav process of elation according to Law to Lant defendants Ami for Jad Girnt Aga it Tusai for the Possession lot end improve Monts and for  decree his Liila to the unions against the suld Delb do a it and for a writ of restitution Imi Foi Jiing meet Lor damage and teens no pro hts Kad Lor Cisle and Are Neil Relief. And Edward t. A tin in Atu Ruoy Lor flu Juliff having ibis Day alb before me hat the said b. Cann is absent from ibes Lau Ottai this in therefore to command you Jahaf Yuu Sii Moo the said b. Cann by publication of Tala writ for four successive weeks Defuro to return Day Ili Oioi. In some newspaper in Tea county of Galveston. A a. Herein fail not bul due return make of Bow and when exe eased the Watt. 1 witness my band and the Seal of Tho Dis of. Trial court of Rawest no Bounly it in a \ Hely Eslon bit ii St Day of August i b i a. D. We. John soil inked a a 1 ,. Cd k ,. He . Iai 1 won oar a by. Or. Pikas 1urko loan hint Haem Muff to at a a general and preferred Lien Olie eld Sipili it Ann t. , being the allow Aem in lieu of. A Homestead and Lor Nupp re Busi Affine Franl. Of by said court you in h Teby it Aind that by Public alien of 4hi� writ a to. Iii Una a week fir the succession Ufi four w�_k�,.yo�-Notlcesll concerned to objections if a Tybey have Vul or before to no Mulh r term of said. District. Court to Beholden at Ibe court Houie of raid Rountr. New to last monday in k4�v_hh to a. D. W3.,. A when Laid App Lealion Ami big red by Eald court. In with ass Winiar. read. Clerk of the i tijeiiwir�. girl a i pcs Iii ii Zajf a Weto j name mid Nils a thee a of said court a . I8tj. Joinson re bad , a. C. A to to copy i Conly $ few ii of
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