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Galveston Tri-Weekly Civilian (Newspaper) - October 7, 1872, Galveston, Texas Tote Liitt Sta Ulishy 1 s.3s. T k0tb3vjau 1alveston monday evening. October 7, a commission. J. . , fall Vul . Housted. T. C. Smith it co., Kittos Woor c0m.v 5fon merchants strand Galveston. All entrusted o a will to Choc or i it Neil personal alter lick. Elj to do j in Ivo Tonc. Q. Wolston Welle & visor Cotton factors and commission merchants 73 strand. To knt a in1 ill tip a solicit cons1ga%i6nt� of Cotton Wool Mogul silk Auma it i,1. Eats. Somas Hills & hatin 6hippino and commission merchants Bra not Gale Tipton Texas importers of c0fpbe, in n tips. Nine Funky cloth mid agents fur the Sulu of oni Nostic Fute hism and flax tagging and Ull Uinins of Cor Lugo. A unit uly t. H. Mckims of & co., general commission Makrol lakes and in Pomes tic and foreign Buchan strand 8alveston. 53t" special attn Aii a Ciao 6 sir tits new Orleans. Wi15q a Jujj Tittor. Jef Ivison by axeman Tatlor & co., new a of the am Rita Botica tidal series 0$ Skog Coll sos of Boot Tel. S8nd for Ilia hed catalogue and de Jorif Ive Cli cams the t. To r0 net general agent u2 Camp Street Apps ii sew Orleans. Mold its by Luna. At debt Sam dusk. Imp Crul ee5br Saloon new Orleans. La. Fungi every in vying from half Pnat 10 a. To 2 o clock r. Y. At new Wheeler & Merritt a Deal Lars in sealed a o o a s i Foll Iii fruits nuts. Sardines Plo slits of task vk3, , Sacobs Tim bust it Vav Hito wis.3 Rii other vinegars Cut Tamly on hand. New Yoek. 21.7 and 281 front Street. Ii. Mallory a cons Maura Lane new York sonts. In a.-1xjd 1 a Rel Organ Lind steamers. To new Orleans via Brashear and Morgan s Loti Isania and Texas Railroad. Nova mails Peb wk1k. He follow log Bow and splendid 1 Steamer leave valve Stoa As Fallows Steamer Josephine Wilson master sundays and thursdays at 8 stupor Whitney. Hopkins Moi Evv tuesday sad saturdays 3 . Carrying and malls Nelly and connecting to now Orleans with routes North and West. Chas. Fowler agent o Oil cent Rel wharf. Bail oads. Of Hakob of time. Gal Vesdon Houston 4 Henderson a h. & 8. A. Railroads. On and after monday july 22, is72, daily sundays be pts a. Train leave Oai Veiton at 5 36 a. Itt carrying the United states mail and sex props connecting at Harrisburg with the g., h. A s. A. For Columlus and the West. Arriving at Ilo aet n at 8 a. Pc. Conn eting with the Texas ventral Railroad a6�fin and Dallas. This train s Ops Only at Harrisburg. Passenger and Fia Ifft. Mixed train. Leaves Galveston at 8 a. Stopping for passengers at All stations. Train leaves Galveston at 2 Taking passengers from Morgan steamers and connecting with the night train of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad. Train Leuveda Hoalton at 6 15 a. M., taking passengers from h. To t. A con. Nesting to a Fri Borg with g., h. Is s. A r. R., arriving at a Alvoston it 1 25 A. Connecting with the Morgan Steimers. Train leaves Houston at 5 30 Taking passengers from ii. A t. C. R., and g., h. & s. A. B. &., arriving at Galveston at 8 20 In. The Galveston Harrisburg and so Antonio train leaves Harrisburg for Columbus Ai id passengers from h Jueth Aho Galveston trains. Geo. B. Nichols jly24 superintendent. Houston and Texas Centra railway assessor s Rostick. The ass or if state in l Cmunt . For Ivolure no. I Fhil his Tho Sinona Vird is a k pre Jia Reil to Tiue lits of All taxable pm cry in Grid i Roein under the Imp. To or association Aie. To ii Rcd by in to i ave th-1r prop i of Friy a so sed i to exc l to Carinci inhere to Princi ii t sni i of Iii pan is to rated change of time. On and after monday Jolt 16, 1s72, passenger trains will run daily sundays of Cepter As follows Levos Houston. 8 a of press arriving at Austin 5 15 Merlin 6 30 la. Dullas 11 30 It., same Day. Returning leaves Dallas 2 a. Marlin 7 a. Austin 7 15 a. Arriving at Houston 5 30 r. Same eur 1w of my Mae or Stulges for Fri Riel a Colton Gin Palestine Tyler and Longview. At Dallas for Mckinney Sherman and Al paso daily. At a a better Tor Tiu Ramige and Bastrop monday wednesday tid Friday. At Austin " v. For Sale. Shark Galveston City co. Stock. Jal Tiston com link Mono Ayi of Toub 7, u572. Tidal Waves. The Honor Rill Gutc tyo thinks it Well to place on Rico Ftp for future rot Eroi ice the Fautu relating to the recent tidal we we Ticoli swept Tiro Titi the Gro tip As far As Hemd from. It occurred on Friday at 12 o Elock noon. The foundry whistle had just sounded when capt. Daniel Smith and or. Emmes both observed the water Rushing out of the Harbor the reef quite Bare Aud the Nattle fishermen shouting Taud running Inland in ten minutes the sea returned to the height of full tide. Capt. Smith noted Down Ida observation at the thine the tide Register at the Hialit House marked a sudd ii fall of about fifteen inches. Prom 12 to 1j M., there were five distinct Waves each less in height than the previous but showing a Range of twelve to fifteen inches and the sea during the afternoon and evening As indicated by the tide Register was quite irregular and restless. At Ilana Eli Kanai the Steamer Kilauea was just getting under Way and the Oell had struck for 12 of clock lib when capt. Mcgregor noticed the sea receding from the Harbor leaving the reef quite Bare it soon returned causing an extraordinary surf All along the Shore. At Mawili Wilyat the same hour the sea receded and returned five times with a Range of some two to three feet Between the lowest and highest Point. The form of the Bay is calculated to produce a higher Rise of the water in such occurrences. The usual tides do not show a Range of Over Twenty inches. Cut. Williams of the British Ketch Ino reports that in latitude 18 Deg. 55 Sec. North Longitude 159. Deg. West nearly in a line with the South Point of Hawaii he had heavy rain with Thunder and lightning. The sea for Twenty four hours was violently break ing and rolling Ason Areef. Wind Northeast stong and squally latter part Calm with an extraordinary sea. This would indicate Souie sub Marine commotion in connection with the Volcano. It will be Iii cresting to refer to previous similar Phenomena. There were two tidal Waves observed Here daring 1868. The first occurred about 6 M., april 2, some two hours later than the great tidal Wavd which Totok place simultaneously with the earthquake Shock and mud eruption in Kau at 4 p., i. On that Day. At Keauhou on the Southeastern Shore of Hawaii where the submarine Shock occurred which produced the wave the sea Rose ten or twelve feet then receded eighteen feet below Low water Mark then suddenly returned with a terrific wave which swept Over the tops of Coc Oaut Trees destroying houses Trees and Many lives. The sea Rose and Tell eight times each following wave having diminished Force. Again on. The 13th and 14th of August 1868, the sane phenomenon occurred throughout the group having originated in the great earthquake in Peru. This was first noticed Here at 9 A of the 13th, when the sea Rose unusually High. At 12 It suddenly receded leaving the reef Bare and caused such a noise As waked Many natives living near the sea. It Rose gradually and at 7 a. Of the 14th, receded again very rapidly and Rose in fifteen minutes 46 inches. At 8.20 a. It receded and Rose rapidly 28 inches. At 2.35 It marked the highest Range 5 feet and 4 inches above the lowest fall. At Hilo the sea continued to Rise and fall for thirty hours with a Range of eight feet alternately overflowing the Beach and leaving the reef Bare. In 1837, at 6 M., the sea in Honolulu Harbor fell eight feet below High water Mark. It Twenty eight minutes it returned Aud again receded six feet. At lilo this same wave showed a Range of thirty feet having been quite destructive to life and prop i erty. It was equally destructive on the Windward Side of Maui causing great loss of life. It prob ably originated in a earthquake on the South american coast like that of August 1868. To lie sold in free a Nal parts i .-u,.u lat Sam jims Lual Lauto Grok or. A Washington paper Lias the following to induce its readers to advertiser everybody reads a paper during apolitical Campaign Aud no better time cad be found for advertising. Many people too dislike political topics Aud turn for Relief to attractive the Central Railroad will a completed to Mckinney by tie 1.5th of october and the Road bad will t e finished to Sherman by tic Middle of december. clue the Kech Aalo. To Ted Uig ftt0wp, to much in debts or condition Iner?a0mrt and Elevation of Jln a and intellect among nil few play Jig to the discoveries Liiva uvious Jed tout in the Ioe he uie Aii arts. Since the Day ii of Watt Boito acid Arkwright All the Gre it movements. Affecting the conditions of the different orders and ranks in society two their origin or have been made practicable Only by Tkv introduction and use of machinery As Aid to human Industry. In the Good old times those Olio but hereditary rights or Superior pro woes assumed or usurped the right to Rule Over Tbs great jaborinkjoa.lse8 were Content to he re their of courtly display and extravagance or of predatory warfare upon their rivals. Without a thought or care As to the amount or kind of labor require for Gratifying the demands of their Pride Aud ambition. The tillers of the soil the Artisan and the Mauu maturer All upon a common level wore regarded is Mere serfs useful Only is producers of what was required by the higher orders. Lubor saving machinery has changed All this. It has been t he great elevating and equalizing Agency of modern times Ami made it possible for the Mechanic and the labourer to Supply his wants and to surround himself with Coin forts Aud luxury Iris unknown1 in Farmer times to even Trio very highest orders. He no longer a serf or dependent of other ranks compelled to devote his life subject to their will in ministering to the wants of others for the Mere right of existence for himself. All this we owe to the Mechanic and mechanical arts the great movement in this still going on at constantly accelerated ratio. One improvement Only stimulated to another a Comfort or luxury for to Day is a necessity for to Morrow one improvement t or Advance secures the Means and Opportunity for still fit Retior triumphs. The Mechanic of to Day is hot defined As he once was by a literary Liou of the old aristocratic circles As a Low mean fellow he May if he improves Bis opportunities be the peer of menu any rank or profession. celebrated object of Hindoo veneration is made of a irregular Pyramid Dichtl Black Stone with two Rich diamonds to represent eyes j the nose and Mouth sire painted red and the Iddle Alsage is perfectly fright Ltd the number of pilgrims who visit the Temple in which this idol is enshrined is stated to be Over a million annually of these a Groat number never return and to the distance of fifty Miles the Way in strewn with human Bones. During the festival of the juggernaut the Temple is brilliantly lighted and is generally filled with people men women and children. Not a foot of the enclosure lies unoccupied says a writer who was present at one of these Festl Vals. In front of the car there is a much larger space of ground open to the Road Aud it was similarly crowded Aud so were the sides of the roads highways and byways for i am sure two Miles the full Moon shining Froin a cloudless sky through the picturesque Bamboo plantain an.1, Coc Oaut Palm upon the White coverings i can hardly Hay dress and upturned faces the latter the very picture of Placid serenity supplied Light Aud Shade Tor a picture to which the practical life of Europe has no counterpart or anything at All approaching one. For about half a mile on each Side of the car tiie Center of the Road was densely crowded with men of All castes and positions in life laughing and. Chrtt Cring with a noise that resembled nothing to much As the Distant Roar of the sea. And still the bands of to Mou came strolling in from every Road that led to the thu Mph. Aud the car Ondri it glad Many of them seemed when they had relieved themselves ref their loads Aud thrown themselves Down at the roads Der to pass Over the few hours before morning. They men and women courteously made Way for our horses slowly led along the Road they made Way also for each other. There was no drinking no quarrelling a few merry rounds Goin Grovind a Tew Peep shows open books Iii a a thousand articles for Sale several uative4jhmtiftn preachers denouncing juggernaut sturdily and no one interfering with them in the least but in Many cases listening quietly Aud going away As quietly it is reported that King Johannes of Abyssinia has forwarded to England Franco Lussia Anil Gertna Iio a request for the intervention of those nations against Egypt. The people of or try far Sciaro Are engaged in a re Salt of which will be awaited with anxiety by the Lief pie . Their Hoard of Boon cd urged w Ith co Jim Tai on the sworn testimony by Iri Corrig bite bars that. Iti a Spect he to Butts that cd aut has the Start of overthrew Hundred were thrown onto employ .uieut., a a a binds Papfi find oven a ,uoow4r.uaof Patt rus were saved.  Ait on tuesday the fifth cargo of Tea by Vray of the Sites of Balv to a to 3fw York th0 vessel was seventy Ste 4ft3 d it fort Shanghai and Brief s a skip Meu of 3100 Toum ,. Ijas Yaman Jat St. Louis the India chiefs Satanta Aud big Nae were placed in custody of to Vij Riim state by marshal who Cox knitted them to jail to await further orders, a ,.,. The Hearne press reports Fate rag Tia Iti the by to press Timber on the brakes. Rivet near that place a sign in n we Terii City announces boots blacked Lacta , agricultural and Beans Joe is a Icasas City local editor. 1 a meteorological hybrid the autumnal Equine of. Pallet Al i Triy hos a jail made of boiler Ironi a moorish we of is the court Jester of amadeus in a ingress picture brought $14,000 in london1. -anon train for Houston for the purpose of holding a term of their rested. A Captain Starc Iii Stant mas Tut of Tho school our Aolia Blo. Iia Vit govern octet for pt6�tog,.timraiot a a station without of Tho health Ofil Cef bus been Arr acted. The Phu once Litis Tif Cucu i admitted to bail lit Tho sum of 11100. The Patrie announces that tli3 a Steamer and eight schooners Marquis Debon going has info i i Are employed in carrying cattle  to m. Thiers that the Pope Lial from South Florida to Cuba. Tho abandoned All idea of Liviu weekly shipment will average one Otue. Thousand head. Cotton Ito seipts saturday and yo8 vierday 12 0 Baum Export 1575 biter or sales saturday boo . Ordinary. -c14j Good Odin try. Tol i Low middling. 0 Ltd Iii driving Tokio hides late pc for dry and Lour 10i fur wet salted. Local i Poitr Oti Hsii Lio Iii India Tiila Ari ived thin inor immig with 7.1 Lodi a tart Row a   tfx Itrat tid and Lively if Tali d ,cftt1ledjtb �6alt�sl�rt Adver Toiv Mitt to to the Job Frei be Stern Widen of. Dan act to a Liori a the of Siil Ftping by Iti in verily Clr Culli co tits of Tow United states to they sup Pigut and Dieu Rajtr of Roamon no aged in Ino Schnut Slizys Bolo aging to tint untied. States and for the further Protection ,. A test mas Fitte n Day in Ltd ii Nair the a us our r nearly a Toul a Vij several of if my 6w a Sadni in Ortla Down to the Central let your Cleril of. cd Law a Iii. U nil As arts Ato i Sirri with " a i -1 Nis Iii i Iii Pimm n"lrf1�,,tfwivintijfc4ih. A my gun to wm.-irwtind., int ii near Nita a la find two o Al View Iii Jan irs Iii he . Otts. Wind Ifft oecn8ldbalanshmof Rinju. This Olio mail slits i Cut pred flute Terf flu a til a. Sttne a a Piu who Are had to pm Nae a the Duni which of Stoina reins. By thai. Sid nov Kif Mair he Tanosi Bronil Crit at he surviving heroes of a bail Leaf base Taluto Hopon Denoeu a wrap Lup Vyff Zeblo hot Ltd at p tar by we a o ton. Colo nol Phu Huan s Reulon it of Doniell the right Efti of dry which under ctn Adnil of Thoneial Bant Mon ton overthrew Nom win Tileo their Neiuber of me in Aust Klui Itic half ill Tho a Tot 1�u o Tbs of a incl iding aim i thu Prealo Ouk of Mexico und m Tun to Artoy Iuppo rsdh1. To a if Tux ii after Tho if Trudl ,. 3w�tii_. Jul ilk my a wonted to Nind mul Toof Convent Tait for my , Fumii Emo into tiie Liwaj Utu the Little judge we Ujj co p to def few Init aug o �wt�9iim my met Lemert who Viero log a Lagro it tits a fun it. my i in Ismah la Sli Wutti Wilh in the Roods Vilusi a Bitti n a Ovid him ii fee a a a Rohrl Rye re if oif Vosa to a fool in or or Roaton in of Efto wow to of la Toto sri timer the Range i re tit Isi sep win Sci to in Ollir Lim talc for Attio oils fish Irli Bois it tre pvt. I. A. A x v. Ii hmm to Iton mor 2,5 won used. Houston is Huak a let Quabon Mcc Nilon Millard Ai eve qty offloof1 we Cilev above tiie Tail ctf�d7andppi�baf Mie Kje la Fly  of Cut Iii to Tho but Ibi i Luitt , i in to scene a wet m Horky Eliot Tutti . Us to a Dundr Lin a iwo f l�hto4.i to la a Vitiuk a Yajiu of Hanpa not. Oyer now. Not to _ j 1 Orr ovum Trio Dool Tot tit and Rhoa a court this Monin prow Sipov Cut Shively that monday is the bluest dust t Ell the Twat Yeal saturday of Fourn.  win Tel a ctn Al owned thai Toija in Lohs Tody t Tutt various offo Hoefl ranging from fluid Lar drunk and Down to wife Blu the array of Wheeli Gro Edithe Dock War Lor Tho study of Itne a Ion a Worsley assault hug it Msj wit of mr�.,myi Ifni Rabat charged at my out. 1 James i i tis Gorald to fuck fld. D6wn j ,ued$5au,. Edward see Hon disorderly dad Dot fined old and costs. Sporaa Bank cd Aud Fdl lilo to also it Flag Thig. Doras discharged Dud a Anhtu hned5 and costs Muse Johnson drunk Aud Down j. Fined i and costs. Jamou Collim drunk and Dowie flded1 it and cos Tai. Isao in Frey an Altig and but Loktu Biaua win fatty floods and cios to. John Mcccormick John Lbrown and mrs fit2lgeral a drunk and Down flood j5.aud�oat each. Inf Taylor and 0. F Morris drunk in a Nudd few Iid Oats each -4 in of Lisp Cynd Titi fluid 5 Aud costs "  / Bao . Italcia a Kelson Justice of Tufik to Ace for the,tftw4i in in la i a i a i a Imp Dray on 5j Taar Dapi cup iwo a smacked Hia lips Siirid the Bra titty win very Lino and to would Tonko  Fiallo Yuji of "1h it As anon w Tho Brandy a Udo a ii . Was Ivi uly a a a a Little Jiulio bail a bum a v in in w i v Lam of to us to half dozen boxes of Youst How Amhi Elssi Albi by the cry cil in he ii. i. Y  " a Lou Iii Etor Galveston oet�4n r-7
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