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Galveston Tri-Weekly Civilian (Newspaper) - April 9, 1873, Galveston, Texas I 1 i i lil 11 Al .1. Tho la of i .1 to Al n i 111 a k i. I. Hili. V u 1 my i a a. I. he civil i it my Cunt a ill 11ui a c let. Allf pistol the club and Kufe. st toll Roar seven years record of crime of All off Trees the Vost revolt info and repel hug is murder to it is an Ever lasting stigma. Most men turn from it. A with horror and disgust. Tho More thought of depriving another fellor create re of life no matter what the kans whether Tho Pui Uard the pistol a or Tho bludgeon Canses the blood to chill in Tho veins of vol right winded men yet murderers have Over existed and the in test fowl have been com a Mitt pm As far Back As records of the world s transactions he traced. The bitter penalty to be paid for this violation of a divine Ito his also been in a existence from the remotest Antii Lusty. It mks in . Of Row be i Alful Island City has Boob Tho scene of Many horrible murders and Tho record of them for the past seven years is a Blind Ivd one. In order to Stow that  hanging for murder is about played out with us to have taken no Little pains to compile a met of the most notorious instances occurring since 18 to together with mention As to Tiro disposition mid inf the perpetrators none of whom it is hardly necessary to state have dangled from the end of a Hempen col d. On . A Hack Driver named Jan gon?.ales, Vas found ded on tuesday morning january kith i Kilifi near the intersection of loth and Church streets with a Bullet Hole through his head. A Man named Jeorge Hutchinson was arrested Lis lie murderer and committed to jail where he remained for some time. He was finally tried by Hon. Colbert Collwell judge of the District court and after Sonis tall swearing on the part of his witnesses was acquitted Ami immediately left Tho City. The Hau Niau was murdered for his Money. Al by. Dennis pry a negro was found dead near , Smith of Schmidt s Garden on the 21 of july Ofifi with a Pis j Tel shot through his head. No clue was r discovered of the murderer. Kin Oil to r 2." the of november w 7, 1 Pizii a Kinas Slot through Llie head by an other negro named i Teni y Potter. Nut  i \ i r i t r. Iii i lie 1 to of v Karrell a native of i Hil Adelphis stabbed in in affray near the intersection a of strand and Center streets and died 1 from the effects of Llie wound. Tho per Sou who did the deed was never discovered. Col Ilik. Of the evening of Tho 10th of february 18 17, James Mcguire was shot and killed by Chas. Wright. Then Censed was committed to Tho county jail for trial and remained there for some time to was finally acquitted. Pakk Kie. About eleven o clock on Tho night of Tho 10th of March 1807, Dan Parker coloured was stabbed several times and killed by three negro soldiers near the freed maus Hall. Tho murderers Woro never apprehended. Welch. On Tho Llast of March 1867, David Welch a paroled Confederate Soldier was found dead in Tho Bay at the foot of Williams wharf. The Deco Asod was knocked in Tho head with a bludgeon and then thrown into the water after his pockets had been rifled. Tho murderers were not discovered. . On Tho night of Tho 10th of May 1868, i Vilermo Maniscalo was stabbed and killed in an affray by Francisco Mccarro. Saccaro was arrested but was acquitted on the ground of justifiable homicide. To is now in jail having Boen convict of last week of shooting at his father in Law and his punishment is assessed at two years confinement in Tho Penitentiary. Lockman. Of Tho morning of Tho 12th of january. 1869, Jehn b. Lockman was killed by Henry and Leroy Cotton at the House of Maggie Mitchell. Leroy was tried for Tho murder convicted and sentenced to to Hung but to committed suicide in his cell at. The comity jail the night before his execution was to have taken place. Henry Cotton was sentenced to Twenty years confinement in Tho Penitentiary but escaped from that institution after a Brief sojourn there. L Eter. A negro named Simon Peter was shot and almost instantly killed in Tho Central Market on sunday february 14th, 18g9, by another negro named William Warner. Tho murderer was tried convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to the Penitentiary but has Long since served out his time. Or for i. Of Tho morning of March uth i860, a Man named j. L. Buford was found at the intersection of Church Street and Bath Averino with his Skull fractured by the blow of in club and his pockets rifled. To died in the City Hospital the next Day and his murderers Woro never known or apprehended. . On the morning of Tho 24th of fcb rav Ary 1870, George Richardson was stabbed several times in a House near Tho intersection of 27th and Market streets by a Man named win. Holland alias Shang and died in a few moments. About Tho Timo the murder occurred a disastrous conflagration broke out and the murderer est wiped. Unknown. On the morning of the 24th of May an unknown Man was found near the inter Section of 24th Street and strand in a. Senseless condition with his Skull Frac. Tilled and his poo Kots rifled. To was re moved to the Hospital whore to lingered in an unconscious state for a few hours when to died. His name was never ascertained nor could any clue As to who his murderers were be found Choss. On Tho night of August 24th, 1870 Charles Jackson stabbed and killed Thos. Cross at Tho Marion House on strand near twentieth Street. Jackson was tried for the murder convicted of Mux Dor in the second degree and is now serving out a term of ton years imprisonment. Hixa Swar Zbach. On thursday october 20, 1870, Lina Swar Zbach a German servant girl in the employ of or. Adolf Flake was shot and killed at his residence in the Western part of the City by a negro named Henry a nether without the slightest provocation. Butcher was a oui inn or Sun worshipper. He was tried for Tho murder uni sentenced to imprisonment for life. Ila kit. Of the Nigil of saturday August 2 5 1871. A negro named Isaac Baker was knocked of the head with a Spado by another negro named George Wilson and Ili ocl from the injuries in a few Days. George made Good his escape from the City although he remained hero for some Timo after committing the murder. . On sunday night january 24th, 1872 a Nereo named Joe Hollis was Crit. With a razor and almost instantly killed by another negro named Jim Cooney in a House near the " French Soldier in Tho Western part of the City. Cooney was arrested tried and convicted of manslaughter and is now serving out a term of four years in the Penitentiary. Mils. Mal Dev. On the 14th of november 1872, a intoxicated woman named mrs. Mary mad Den was set upon by two be Gisses named Nancy Holmes and pleas. Sydnor in a delectable locality known us Nigger who abused her so that she died. Tho Mir dresses were arrested tried and convicted. Pleas. Sydner is now serving out a term of thirty and Nancy Holmes one of Twenty years Imp is Moeut in the Penitentiary. Spa Rico. On the 2 5ih of december 172, a shooting affray a Currid in Tho Crescent restaurant on Market Street in which Sor ten pent and Jack Sirico Tho proprietors of the place were Slot. Sirico did from his wounds in a few Days. Two Brothers named Geo. W. And j. , were arrested and have been indicted for the killing and Are now under bail to await their trial before Tho criminal District court tin last. Tho last person killed by another in Galveston was Oll Leer John Ferguson who was murdered while in the discharge of his duly last sunday night by James it. Helms the particulars of which Arfi a a nil Eil i a Toh f h t it f lie Minifay , Truin i re ii i m 11 in tin Jia Uil May Anil Volk Kent a Villi Iler Priit d wagons Etc. On the i Morary All Are cordially invited. Tho committee of arrangements of which or. J. Rcd Reinli is chairman will take pleasure in giving information to applicants desiring to participate. To Fotini a Law Secretary. To Insi Kasick. if . New a1 vkbti8hmknt&. 1 hot i following is a list of the arrivals at the principal hotels during Tho Twenty four hours ending at noon to Day Kex change. Hotel a c Wooters Crockett c c Francis j Stoner and wife miss Sallie Francis miss Judith Francis miss Bettie Kybort or s j Lewis wife and 2 children c m w j Brooks Mississippi w p Turner Houston a ivs Fisher Sherman Wii Lustor now York l Kellett Columbus j a Vickerson Heurn j Clayton c eaten Tennessee mrs j s Lockwood Sau Antonio Geo w Newton st Louis or j w Nance Citer h Mcnally new Orleans James Brown Mississippi. Washington hotel i spell Huntsville w h Crawford Willis w Harding v Smith Navasota Thomas Hoffman f Nowy j h Howbeit and wife Corsi Oona c w Honey Robertson of w h Maury Moscow a l Teagardin Calvert j c Evans Washington co w Huberty City d Mon Laud Texas express co j m Long to Craig Beaumont miss Mary Muller Texas a Parker Brenham r l Young Cohu bus Juo b Sydnor Lynch Burg e t Walker Willis j h Mclarty Henderson c b Bascom Jamestown j b Lubbock Texas. Surillo news. Port of . 0. Is�3. Sun 1usk.s.5 .19 5un sets6 23 estered steam dip Josephine Wilson Brashear with u. S. Mail Mdse and passengers to cabs Fowler. Schooner l Wells Mahoney new Orleans. Clra Koi Sio Mashio Josephine Wilson Brasher with u 5 mail Idso and passengers by Chas Fowler bark Johannes Foss Jobson Liverpool with Cotton by Hurley Aco. Mcmourn nil. New York april 8.-the Steamer Elm City of Tho now Haven and Hartford line struck a Rock at 1 30 o look this morning during a fog at stepping Stone near Trogg s neck. Water covers her decks. Tug boats have gone to the assistance of Tho Steamer Elm City. Steamship Sau Jacinto arrived at Liverpool March 18, from Galveston via Norfolk on March 3, experienced a Vio Lent Galo beginning at s e and Cal Ninnat ing with a Complete Hurricane from new causing damage to sails Aud spars und had three boats stove. List of vessels up cleared and sailed for Galveston daily. J new York. Nark Eph Williams Fob 15 Brig Nellio Hustell Whito id March 28 Schooner Kate Fob 28 in Honor a Hent Oneld March 6 Schooner Mabel f Siapol Geld March 10 Schooner v w Johnson Maich 6 Schooner Ossipee id March 26 Tai oni Oit mar Llyl and us inst Rahed company. Enl Gnu dk0kmber 3 1st, 187. Karnin08. Premiums on marinekiikstl0,142 04 premiums on fire risks. 41,190 74 premi Omson Xinliu risks 6,310 19 premiums on specie told. 1,938 95 interest and discounts. 18,469 s3 profit and Lum. 2,207 �9t7�,m9 u less losses in Marine risks 1872l,403 34 losses in Marina risks 1871 8,315 46 $9,718 80 losses in fire risks. Losses in Inland risks. Kipen Sef including at y fees stamp and tuxes. Salaries and rent reinsurance and return Premium on Marine risks. Reinsurance and return Premium on Inland risks. Reinsurance and return Premium an fire risks. Commissions. Unearned premiums estimated. Net earnings. 18,590 66 2x1 68 1,591 85 8.6m7 50 1,84.1 80 1,080 71 2,938 is 1,219 29 $40,623 s3 $38,985 61 10,297 50 do R a pc a in his bask Nad Jii Latu Pralas Bra lies i a tips aau Fraass limb my Winf my of to old mrm hot Rojas ure or paralysis won ads Erysipelas bite., of reptiles headache while swellings Mange Poison Burns All swellings Salt Rheum corns warts ton Ojea run i rounds As. We daily Bear or lha Doit As Toni Hong Caras on animals by Hie Exoe teat remedy sad Briard nothing in saying Kat there Nerer has been its equal As a Euratte for horses. We assert positively thai will Eura any ease of Sweeny in ail Stanaj Alio splint galls sprains or strains bruises big head Serate Haa sounds wind galls ear eyes swellings e. And hat Neter my n rare ".stela, poll Ell ring Boa and Sarin. Baa used in the beginning Ace Erding Toddre Eulone and Given internally with the food it it a harmless but certain remedy for Worms. Do not fail to Gira it a trial Only Jyo a bottle. Caution in order to present the Pablo against imitations All the genuine will Bare a private United state Revenue stamp to rav a expressly for it which stamp will bound of the wrapper Over the Cork of every Battle. Ii re presets a Bursa held by a Groom and it encircled by the words or. F. Bruu e in aug Ainer Ioan far tale at wholesale by r. F. A Rotor Culvy stoic and All Drog Gitta in Texas. No.1t Daw 4m e a Rotor Oam Buis Kara Olive soap is unde from the Best materials and nicely perfumed. Sold at prices of or Dinnery ship. Buy it you will use no other. G racers have it n jobbers wbnl��n1o age nth import tit and do left in asm shot fixed Ammu Nair feb Hows sigh cap8, our Matt last Jyz a and Vos Lka re it on Tea lit acid 94 of buy lt71, in i Obriti oai9ir Galveston. Toe Feitis Lyles will commence the first Day with a Urand proc Ataloa. Plaas to the Amaat of �50i� to be awarded to the beat decorated wagons participating in the Proea Aslon. A the dial Bio gramme will be Pabl Ishad in a few Days. To Eit Terai of the entire Blate Are input Felly invited to attend in partion to Meketi will be staed by the differ Chi railroads at hair Rale and Lothing will be left it Deal to Pleate All. My Lam for aah Day Tot Ornta children Abr. $28,688 11 assets Cash in Bank 24,621 16 Southern Cotton press a manufacturing co t Bondt Market value 5,00 00 United states Market value. 37,734 06 Harbor improvement Bonds Market value. 13,304 00 Galveston City bands special debt. 9,s0 00 Galveston City Railroad Bonds. 2.00 1 00 Loans on stocks. 66,6 d of Loans an real Stote. 19,500 00 commercial paper. 37,248 of office furniture. 2,200 00 premiums in Tourte of Well motion 4.329175 $211,023 86 we commenced the past year with an impairment of upwards of $10,000, a est by the excessive fire god Marine losses of Prei Loua years notably the Winter of 1869-70, Welch we Are Happy to state hat been entire la re mov. A and a fund accumulated for unearned premiums. As will be observed above the Basl Nea of the past year in fire risks it not at Large to might to expected owing entirely to the conservative course adopted by this company predicated upon the late experience of underwriters throughout the United states causing us to materially Eulail All lines. A which it respectfully submitted. I. Dyer president w. F. Beers Secretary. 13, 1873. Janus wlm Bro Banio Aii air lamps require no Chimney. Burns Kero seize Oil without smoke or smell saving exp me of chimneys and producing a Light unequalled in Brillia Nev whiteness a late and Economy Superior to Coal Gat at one fifth itt Cost. Can be carried in the open air without being extinguished. Atmospheric air forced to the Point of combustion makes the Savost and Ohe Opest Light and renders exp lotion impossible. This invention brings the luxury of a Brilliant Gas Light within the reach of All whether la the City or country. We invite investigation. Depot at Shattuck s Tolar Oil depot Corner of Market and see Mont Streett Galveston. Aul7 def Oarl Doroti civil Engineer and architect orcs at i lewdly balls Long Center Btl re Hae a 3. Galveston trxa8. It prepared to Amish Plant and specifications for build inns rain papa in inks Etc will personally superintend the construe Tion of All work entrusted to Bim. Profera to work constructed by him. Oets Day oar diff walks. Dark Comiono Jan 22 total be Ireland. Bark Camilious Mindo. Johnson Sld Jan 11 Liverpool. Bark Wobena Fob 1 Burk c 0 who Quioro Storke Sld feb 21 bark Cardera Sld feb 21 bark Prince Churchill Sid Marc i 11 bark Knudsvig March 11 l Ort Talbot. Bark Clifton Jan 30 Burk my Recto horsol., Sld Jim .11 k10 Janeiro. Brig Meta linderuian.,-.�1j inn 1 bark i Kjan eld Jan 24 lilt of Vea Aela in port. Stibi Ushel s. In run Aurclio Span. Havana loading f Gonzale Sot ships. Ellen Southard Worth Liverpool loading Walthew in. 941 Southern chief Iii Gin Cork loading for orders hunger 4oo 1283 l l Sturges Linnekin Liverpool loading a w Hurley ico1309 Coldstream Greenmun Liverpool loading c w Hurley Aco. 767 i Union Curtis Liverpool loading a thew co.1u3 barks. Ulilis Peterson Cardiff discharging Withow Aco. 297 st Otic Hassul port Talbot discharging Walthew Aco. 283 Ruby. Loutitia Parn Buco waiting a w Hurlow 4co. S51 Anna Moris Hook in Drift discharging a w Hurley Aco. 282 i rum Simonson Middleboro discharging a w Hurley Aco. 368 Clifton Jacobs port Tolbot discharging Walt How Aco. 474 Thor Amundsen Cardiff discharging c w Hurley aco326 Johannes Foss Jobsen Liverpool loading a w Hurley Aco. 3b5 Sage Olson Amsterdam looking a / d Mills 429 Avondalee unt Liverpool Cork for orders Walthew Aco. 656 Cremona Gove Liverpool Louding a w Hurley Acoy 608 Robert Roak Alec to Liverpool loading Walthe Aco. 50t Samson Lanoe loading Cork for orders a Bow Aco. 345 Sabino breaker. Liverpool loading a n Sawyer. 843 minion Hansen Cardiff discharging a w Hurley Aco. 261 Vick aug Mereno Hull Liverpool loading Walthew a of. 298 oboe Hitson Liverpool discharging Walthew Aco. 276 Ouina Mcwiliiams Liverpool disc Barge in a w Hurley Aco. 359 Vidiri Olsen Cardiff discharging a w Hurley Aco. 476 n Titan. Frances Lewey Lewey Narva loading c w Hurley Aco. 376 bore j p Ohlssen waiting Kaufman a Rungo. 2.u Glendale Nic do now York discharging a n Sawyer. 423 Victor Anderson Middleboro discharging a w Hurley Aco. 247 a choosers. Emma i Porter Sparks new York loading mom Uhan Bros Aco. 254 veto Henderson Boston loading ii t Rivers. 393 Annie Webber 01 in Turpin discharging Manir. 35 j us h Gordon inc land l Allinoro Dis charging master. 374 Galveston insurance a Stock company capital All paid up in Cash $lo0,m0 surplus Over $10 000. Off Cera Albert bal president m. pret Lam aug. Buttlar. Seer Ehry direct Ore t at Bart Ball ebb. T. Austin m. Kopperl i. Dyer j. Ii. Hut Erikot j. J. Henna bit a Joan Scalt a. P. Loris j. H. Dani Aoa. Oalvb8ton my Sinais ool lob the regular lectures in this in st Tutton will commence on the third monday la november with full corps of professors. Students can matriculate at any time clinical lectures and private instruction ii be Given free until the regular Tourte Oom a nonce. For further particulars apply to the undo signed. Greenville Dowell m. B., Dean of faculty Avenue l and 22d st. Sept is awl a office la baldly car e so cold floor Corner of strand and Tremont streets. The company takes fire and a ring risks on at Liberal term at any other Good and reliable company. Jim sort rest Shii  annual of Tab by but o f the Home in Sorano and to tilt oomph of opt Aoa resources Loans and discounts. ,$183,675 0b Stoks Ana Bonds. 734 80 premiums in Oon Rte of collection. 6,252 85 furniture and fixtures.,. 2,884 48 one from Banks and Bankers. 20,313 59 due from individuals. 27,594 00 Stamps. 55 37 Cash on hand. 26,92136 liabilities i capital Stock,.,.$205,000 00 9279,482 89 individual depositors. Banka and Bank is unearned premiums. Profit and loss., 40.502 it 1.621 91 19.147 96 13, 52 74 13 v in Irish in til Ini Iii iry of thu Millers of Liis Lii Ipi Rii Stoneii Ilii i a Irato 1 Mantisi s l is will ii was Usu ludic with i in rinuiliri.-i-. A will 1. i . Is Tiu c a Tampico i Fotiov. The having been appointed administer matrix of the estate of h. A Tsumika Censed. At the february term 1873, of Tho District court in and fur Galveston county Texas hereby Galvea notice Tomt All claims for Money against said estate not presented fur allowance within one year from the 28tu any of february 1873, will be postponed unt 1 Tho claims presented within that Lime Are paid Maev sessum3, m&r3 w4w Adina. Of a sos Eunis dec d. A Fine Lott Job and additional.-, on improved ground affording every convenience for , for $2500, on Broadway near loth Kemt talc. Sam Maas join f Aal t Uit broke earnings profit ant loss.,.,.�.$ 376 24 discount., 3,104 50 Exchange. 5,023 20 interest., 9,605 28 premiums on fire risks 34,129 52 premiums on Marine 7,589 19 premiums on Inland. 443 20 $2?9,4.12 89 less expenses $60,271 14 incidental and taxes fire losses. Murine lot ret. Ite los Franco return premiums and Coin unearned premiums Mission. 18,050 is 797 22 5,188 98 19,147 96 3,933 80 $47,118 39 Nete rings $13,152 75 Arthur x. Lynn president. Jobs k. Speirs Secretary. Sworn and subscribed to before me this Day. Witness my hand and the Imprest of a official Seal at my office in the City i. Of Galveston this 4th Day of Janti 1 Ary a d. 1873. We. S. J0hn80n, ja7tf notary Public for Galveston co. By a Resolution of the Board of directors of the Home insurance and Trust co. Of Texas a dividend of is per cent. On the capital Stook has been declared payable at the company s office on 15th january 1873. Arthurt Gal Ron ton january 7, 1863-Dtf. The or. Taa Pooai Ronna president f vice. President Geo. Scisi Bibb sr., e. Error ski secretariat Jons Fott h. Bibow a. Strim treasurer. Ap3 did shipping. Moro if line it barbra to new Orleans via bras bar Ard Morgan s Loi Isania and tkxa8 Railroad. Mix mails a wbk the following new and splendid Iron steamers leave Galveston at follow i Steamer whitney.for�r�, matter. Mondays and fridays at s p. Steamer Josephine Willior Muter wednesdays and saturdays at  . Steamer 0itt of Norfolk Baoba Mailer sundays and thursdays it s p. M carrying passengers Aad mail Only and connecting in new Orleans with route North Aud West Chas. Fowler agent Osibee on Central wharf. Through to kits to be had not state room Hurt i secured at the office of Starr 8, Jones 160 Tremont Street unde the opera dry goods. 8. Rosenberg Corner of Market and 224 streets Terusa wholesale ind retail dealer in foreign and Domestic dry goods by time Farnia Hilf Artulia Plantation goods boots shoes hats a. Carpets Oil cloths matting and curtain goods a. Feb27datwtf Leon & h. Blum isp9stkm and Jolly i 0 pore Len and do Moalc dry Zeoda gents furnishing goods boots Suad Satomaa Anta notion a strand Street a Alveston. Texas. W. Wab Raur Ahurst Malv butt. Tax afar Jbv Inos a Aad we at if Aud Maori rim of of team a a. Simm saw Man. S5lft��f, Ard ant ear irk Ibarria f u1arts, ram ib4 Ifeora my Ftp eat. Ihns Ealar est oath a. Mus or m work my Ord and satuia0ti9 a Oab Artimi r Maris Dow Whf Oal Tawton treas Olav Raton 1tbam rroij1i worm Ait my As b1tw11n uth and Lith Stirts. and keep a had Rona 10 to 100-Noaia Pownin Iron and a rare casting is shafting and Mill Barino saw grist sugar and Oroho Mills Moth no., Ito. It Seelal i Teahon Given to Eoa Travett at flouring Mills Eoa plete. Rewiring of All Klundt a machinery promptly Iseno at Raa Norair Raflo. And per Teal at Huloa paid to then. Of Alveston and new York. Regular weekly steamship ung consisting or the following named steamers City of Galveston opt. Rowland. Clyde Captain Kennedy. Ariadne Captain Doone. Wilmington Captain helmet. City of Austin Captain old bldg. Geo. W. Clyde Captain Cole. City of san Antonio capt. Pennington. One of the above named Stan Ort will leave new York for Galveston regularly ovary sat urday and Galveston for new York every tuesday or sooner if full. Kennedy.,Muter will tall direct on saturday april sir 1r73 j. N. Sawyer agent 14 strand Gal Vetten. A h. Mallory a 00, 158 Maiden Lane now York agent Majl Jill planters do rot pay four and five Dollart per Taw Raf your Cotton Gin when Yon Era get Tho boat is the Minot full guaranteed for Twenty Ive or thirty tar event. My. To have no a eau la Tana there fore Yon get Tho Benett or Tho of what conv my Stoat and allow Anou by Oraw leg direct Tea manuf a errs. Send Rott Lealar a try no parties Mariand Teetai Maiale. Addre Israel ?.g a most of Tom w4� a Leo Kobby Warb. Off co i. Blum a co., 8treet, new York. Is and 15 White jel8 Jeiz a the state of Texas in of tort v for Bruvry term clout or a. 1873. The stale of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Galveston county greeting you arb hereby commanded of give n tace by publication of this writ at least ooze a week far three Lee Silve weeks in a news tiper printed in this county to All persons interested in the administration of John Campora deceased that Peter Gengler executor or said estate hat filed in the Ditt riot court of Laid county his final account of the executor trip in talk Timte which will be noted on at the rest term of said court commencing on the first monday in june a.d.1873, at the court House thereof in the City of Galveston at which time All persons interested May appear and make their objections thereto. Attest Johnson Reed clerk of the District court Galveston county., i Given under my hand and Seal of mid a court at office Thil Lith Day of March. A. 1873. Johnson Reed d. C. C. By k. 8. Feb Cruber Deputy Clarh. A Tito copy i certify Job. Atkins sheriff valve stun county. By w. F. Sair Raat Deputy. Marl w4w wanted i Purchase a Quantity of steam Coal. In Puirtt at mkr01ian13 press office. De23 def a. A , supt. Cost. The certificate for two third of a league and a labor no. 154, ii sied i9ih, 1853, by adjutant general Oil Letto the heirs of Micajah Attrep which of not found within in lety Days from Date Art plication will be mile to ibs commissioner Day in june 1s78 at the courthouse thereof to the City or Gal Voston at which time All persons interested in said estate Ray appear and make Hoje cimons thereto if any they Havo. Attest Johnson red clerk of the District court of Galveston county. Given under my hand Ami so l o f. _ said court at office this 28th Day o 1 i March a. I 1873. Johnson Reed clerk d cd. C. Ily i s. Deputy clerk a True copy i certify Joe. Atkins sheriff Galveston . Marj Dwle by a. , Deputy por Sale. A Artty of Tenkment-4 and Iii ick in. Til Plain Cal Acpsta More spa Lom and comfortably provided dwellings it soiling Rales from Kight huh Rad to eight Trio mind dollars. In Uziro of Sam Maas be 12 def real estate agent. A first with Twenty years to tier my. Pei Renoo in Tho Cotton Trado and who influential Enon Leiloni in in gland and of use continent often i service Ai repeat Attivo to a first rate Amorin How Dot Reni to Anea a Branch Hoato la Laepe or to Osta muh it general Alenej. The Hughett Bankart a far snoot in London and mow York Are at advertiser s comma and. Tettam Sadr Atid pm 0, p. Cotton will be Aroda he Mooar. O. P. Putnam Bona at to Yorac or by flt Wui to . Pm Ixia Dodo by a mibs a a Halo ice 00mp. For internal vow Ltd locally used la Avoula sir Felom a Scotiea and swelling Aad All Chi Iii of til blood traceable to a Seroma data tit Fol cancer and cantarow to tarty Carlo at do cased Bono i break Hill and Throat Aat Ettawa pulmonary tionne Rallon Filu Jelm Fatt Rhian sheild Road Aad onh i a called to too a a Lieut Ofca pm a Mil i with Pton and in Nin of Tho my Impi ling Veato Rhu Katalae Ohleh Saary eni Asla a. Sialoi Rob. A. Balb Jioia a. Baldin Obr a son 0 rms Mech Aalo Aad Strott Galveston treas. A a balers in Oqla class Rar Korit Tamia and Suvo Poutoa worn be Rosin lamps and fixturb6 Wmk am re. 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A carrying the United slates mail and in pro to Conna eting at liar Olsburg with the i., h. A s. A. A r. For Columbus and the West. Arriving at it 0.j0 a. A. Thin train Stop of Vlf at Harf Ubart. Pay sets it aaa pro Fht. A exod Trnik leaves Galveston at 8il0 a. V., Topping for passengers at All stations. Train Laavasa Oal Voua at t p. Ri., taking passenger from Morgan Sta Moeri arriving at Houston at 4 50 p. At. Ralha Lavatra Boa Ataa at  a. M., taking Patten gets from h. A t. A Eek netting at liar Rishor with a h. A 8. A. R., arriving at Galveston it 11 a. A connecting Willi the Morgin Steimes. Train Lawan Hontean at  p. I. Taking Pas Moniti from the Inie mat Onil and Dicot Northern and the h. T. C. K. Hand striving attn Letton at 10 40 p. A. Trala love Toa at 310 p. Connecting with the o., h. A 8. A. Train Columbus at Hurrl Burgi it today Trai Qai Coatna at 10 a my m�1r Lav a Hottum Salem do pwt at Sist r. A past Augort for you ind Pitt t great Northern h. The the t a. It. 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