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Galveston Sunday Opera Glass (Newspaper) - October 26, 1884, Galveston, Texas On fir pipe to Ivi i a All a i. A. Of 11 Illta is l a say a k f a or her Ltd any v \ it and it 1 h 11 in 11 i111 r i a ill util Leailer l a.1s a Quot a ii Chi i i al Ltd it athe lived in Tai a where cum did was running sometimes Leander Emilil trip with tile no mid while he with i t lie other mite lie saw hero the daughter of colonel Sestos. A to took �1 fancy to Lee Ami every thu tag might Timve i me Oil ill o. K. Onfer colons a a Setoh who was pretty Seelof amt owned a great Deal of in the Street ear lines and lie works would t have no ferry Tesno oking around m in sgt a i colonel owned a Fine plier a a of the River with a a cupola by Herp and let a Man Ftp one another is. Hero fixed a to got through r w Oom Piniy or to or helping i circulars raking the do by i in for t Ong in. Up in the cupola and and when to saw that a steal his dad n ferry Over. I a Beautiful scheme tin it t out right for very Lone. 5ch. The old nmn got on to a ser a Racket and he thought the k boy was snaking in a few fares at right and salting the Coin Down in a a own pocket. So what does the Man do but go next Day after he a Jed ton to the Racket Down to the a a a hardware shop and he buys him thu biggest padlock m the Stock and a Chain to match. The next right Lee of teen the Light across the River and he meanders say i could get up a sort of a rhyme in Here about meander and Leander if i had time he meanders As i was telling you Down to the ferry and he jumps in and he pulls but he done to make the old scow go. At last he tumbles to the lock and Chain and then he gets mad. The Light is still Asli ining and he thinks a a what will Horo think of me if i Don t show Fie does t Stop to the Iii Long hut just peals off some of his clothes and dives in to swim to he own est. Anyway he got Over All right and alter the usual interview with the Nabob s daughter to swims Back. This sort of thing went on for awhile std All was Lovely. One night he did t see any Light but he thought nothing particular of it for. Like As not she had to get up some new scheme to help the old Man in his electioneering Racket. The next night there was no Light but still he worry about it. But the next night there was still no Light and he got miffed. He thought maybe like As not some of her dads political or military friends had scooped his Best girl s Young affections. So he made up his mind that he would go the following night whether there was a Light in the window for him or not. He was getting jealous As All outdoors and maybe even More jealous Thau that if it could be sifted Down to a bae Point. The fact is though hero Wasny to playing off on him at All. She had been to a fashionable wedding Early in the week and got too much ice Cream and things aboard and she was loaded up till she was sick the night he got All ready for in it. F. The time s i it paper. Well the next morning she got Down to breakfast Early. She always dul get Down Early during that earn pain to she could Tret the Mornini Paju Eis m fore the colonel of ups. Hll Ltd could Cut out the places where the fume hirelings of the oppose Quot on called her dear father bad names Ami reflected on ins course while a mein Lier of the legislature these she al ways saved until after the old mail Hal Goj his breakfast and then she Broket ii ii to him gently. She was looking Over the a it Aper when All of a sudden she saw some-1 a 11 i j it Quot i her Fri inti dead away. Hut she Mana girl to read through the whole of it. This is what the paper said Quot at an Early Ixia Ders up town the other night and invited turn Toke it my Quot a inst Amirant and a sat something. The invitation was eagerly accepted and it Tine spread h to Quot if you Fel lows would vote right we in int get mrs. To give us a Lay out like this occasionally i Etc a try it tomorrow a. The Kotljar blaster tooted make a clean breast of it. A a i could t afford to vote Folt anything As expend hopi this morning the son of the ferryman from across the River with Washill Short a. It is lie heed that he attempted to it Over Here to us to vote for colonel Sestir. As Lynder did not live in this District and had no right to vote Hena As untimely death is a just punish Niento for the attempted outrage on the a Laudium of our liberties a fair ballot. La it this be a warning to All who would attempt to Debauch free and honest suffrage. It is Well known that Setoh has been attempt my to smuggle in Lyle Gnu voters from across the River but the stingy old curmudgeon ought at least to have devoted some of his ill gotten gains to giving the boy a few dimes to pay his Way across in this she saw she was in hard Luck for it was the Day of election and it was too late to deny that her father was not to blame for i i death and she knew that the false report would beat the old Man. Her own Hopes were Alt broke up besides and so she did t even wait to kiss the old Man Good by but she went Down to the wharf and Hung herself into the raging tide. Now that a All i know about hero and Leand ii Harry k personal. Miss Rosa i i Feller. On of the Bayou City Belles is visiting the Island City. Mrs. A. Ziegler of Houston isun the City and stopping at the residence of mrs. E. Schulte. Mias Clara Fitze a prominent Houston Belle is in the City sending a few Days. Min Josie Pettit a charming and vary popular Youngf lady living in the East end left a few Days since to attend the College of messes. Pettit a Wise at Hillsboro Texas. Mias Louie a a Mayir Ienco will greatly mias her none More than the Humble re Porter of this journal. Or. M. J. Tiernan to the Delight of his Many friends is out again after quite a sets of attack of the Dengue fever Sive As this. I get a rebate of 10 per cent on my Bill for voting the Way the old woman tells Steve has been missing his fuel of late and thinks that some of the neighbors have been too free with his woodpile. He says he will have to vote for i Ockwood if this thing Don t Stop. The Iii tler Boom is not As big an affair As the Coachman Boom few weeks ago. Tnn4oatli of hartal Iii Kushed austrian As trait sketch of i the roller coaster for the roller skater has made Way what did the beet show Tell a when the old pm Tifental Money was Down to a Dollar a Carload one would say "1 would t give a Conti fat Fritzal for some valueless article the expression still hangs on some times with Pieer variations. An old fellow who Lial evidently tarried too Long at the Schooner wits taking his Sohta on the sidewalk a policeman woke him up and bade him move on or he would take him to the cooler to All of which he Only replied i Don t Guif one confidential Quot and lie rolled Over for another sex Joe. Mrs h Flatto and turned from a trip of greatly Benefit ted in spirits. Children re the Interior health and eating Green cause of illness will Sievi no 15� Market Street Between Twenty first and Twenty second will sell you the purest candies and choicest fruits at the very lowest prices. A Pru dish woman is never caught in dish Abille. To make children pay full Price on Street railroads is not half fair. A Man named flannel is a clerk in the weather Bureau at st. Paul. A Jold weather must be his specially. Ring rules that the Clown should have a song Book for Sale. The drummer must go in fact he does go. Without him business worm not go. If any one is constantly on the go it is the drummer. He is on it to a great extent. M when Hline left Indianapolis with out thrashing the defamer of his fam Fly he lost the Opportunity of his life time. The Houston 1�?Tost it rave up the Gin it st. Lie wits telling about some of a the whose por hone s life appeared quarters 1 m our last Issue a tracts attention tween Twenty to a Ca Ever that while Brief has been streets one of Singu Iai interest and of individual Promise. He was the legit mate successor of la aul Veronese and he was the Only artist of this Oen turn w to has Ribonie into the Region of intuitive sympathy with that school of Art that was distinctively the emotional rather than the intellectual was a j color was to him what music was to Wagner an atmosphere a world in itself. His enthusiastic abandon to it limited my on the completer Side of do a he had no patience for detail no Resolution to master the Stricat ies of technique he in Dow Tel with grand creative instincts but he could riot endure Type Drudgery of discipline he produced his effects from in Over Possession of this wonderful feeling for color. It was to him life Joy religion. Makart had a profound dramatic instinct in Art. Detail technique anatomical accuracy were wholly out of his i a Quot but in the grouping of figures Olio so a a action is a Story he lid perhaps no living equal. His Art was sensuous emotional warm and Brilliant never strongly intellectual never a it Ealing to the More spiritual Side of imagination his works Werey t entrancing and enthralling. His Home had studio in Vienna wire Pala tial in Weir appointments messes. La Ose amp it Orante Manila Ture of pure Havana Leaf cigars Ana Tobii it co advertise in today s Issue. Their Liaci of bust is is Corner of Twenty second and in of Torlice streets they carry a full and Fine Stock of their own make and Only the Best of imported Glt a a is. A rive them atrial commence the Day Well drink gift a Coffee use Good Tea. Try our Tea and Coffee. set in Coffee always Freeh you Don t have to put in the oven to make it Crisp it iad the card of the Galveston Oal company in to Day s Issue. This com Pany is Selling Coal at reek Bottom prices delivered to any Point m the City and guarantee Ali e Quality of their Coal the Best. Or. T. .1. Stratton Well and a. Or ably known announces to Day for 11ie office of county commissioner of tic third precinct constituting All the territory West of Twenty ninth Street those casting their vote for or Strat ton can rest assure i of choosing a i a it a i until arc packed Waltl it a throng of men women and Cal Lori both White and Blick who manifested the a unsent Deg i ii of i Tori hts affair hut made no a Lemon str arrived it Tjit a station Khodr a a maid lie Imd been hiding a round nine night of the killing and Imd not eaten anything / for three in lie stud lie Imd intended to try i till Del a 1111 tet Memn filed. I la be Kofu i licit he i n i he Bill Lee eni de lie Liel 11 i it i 111111 o r lie 111 mine i Imell he Pisle a Iii Fth i Ovi Lette i n 11 11 11 Jires enl e , he Mleh i Iii hot when i m. V a 111 f i. <1 i is cull re e f 11ji f y. W o ii my 1111 e i lilo f Pupe fruitful be utterly a for of and Alger to convince the an absence of the brilliancy of Light from til�1 electric pole near the a Corner of Sci Ltd Nten a nth and i wan plainly visible in tiny a utter darkness last Friday night. Several a it of the lights in various portions of the City fail to show their brilliancy when at or. Beeper told a false most needed. Something should be done to give the people in this portion of the City a sure Light. The Cool bracing weather of the past week caused shivering humanity to clothe themselves in heavier Wear ing apparel and overcoat were worn by All. The clothing dealers can now cheer up As a Bright future is now in store for them.  1 Iii i cell. 1 1 l n1 i a a us u-<1 Quot in to he r Iii i i \ i \ Khz a it. To a. A i t i >1 it a a i j a i Snitil i i tilt Billuni 111 or huh nil1 Quot i. Litif f i i r sum h ii Stu let i it it 1 it to wife fur Utt Quot kill h a. L Utho a Umili my 1 Luis t .11� it Gnu s is ult \ or a it time la lion pm i t Ivi l mail flt Law Quot hot wifi Hru ills a if he my ills it i Quot ill to Iii hrs a it Nimi Ruil hut a a w i-11 a v i at i pm a f try t r i 11 n hit in it in a lib i in s n i1 r f hot i m hot in his a fun i 1 in w h i n i i a i a a a a a it a till r it air t a a Ini u n if u it f hut win a it a i Illarr Wiy j we no Oil h a f a k l i i. U. It w Dana people Hood a reporting the conversation bet in Joy and himself m it will be to i it Tince them that either Butler the Are fit to be president. Or constantly increasing sales is evident of our assertions As Merit of our Tea and Moosee. The Tea store. Rii it or a us. A 1 Kii \ in t h him i 1111 Hillh. A pm Ali Mihu a is t i air fun h flt. in a i t or 1 Iti j i t that or Muht have or Huo India atom Ironi us l him now is Tho time to Lay in your sup of Coal Aud Wood and to those in of Luel we refer to the card of a. C. J Mcrae whose Coal Yard is the Twenty so Salt and and 8trand. Or. Mar Joe carries a Large Stock of the Best of fuel and a la at very Low prices. I it every free it it Quot will i fruit ton frio.15 Market Street let we my twi qty i it and Twenty he a on it i. Fur the Tiitu to fruit . A a a eve Bruu it u Thih Market read the change of Mars. Wulf a a a Luik it a advertisement things for the coming holidays thin House a prepared to Ftp All orders very cheap. The Alexandra Tia st a re due not Prim by lottery Schemen or mover timing to can. To a duct a by the rent of our Hkin by our fair Uig by our Ngujo Nair or Rex. It ? Market Street Kiu Noea Cofie Deli Jiuu Tiue Quality. If the a tit. It a p to i a n t a 111 j >1u1411 h11 h 111 a the motive Wei h the Hor Ribu comr Tbs inn Matlat it own to whom refer enc 1� Minie in m Harbor we Quot Haw a Hgt it it a Twifor Tiftz Street Between Mai kit hts al i omit outfit e. After Rhode was put in the a age Ai theft tation. Chief Jordon pent ont an it i had n mix h brought Luto Bun Wilt b of with a Ruren out tagerce�8 that nerved to Bear out i ulat Elicot that he hat eaten tooth log for Herfe do a when be bad 4p Aid Hia by go. Be waa had tufted and the a Strong guard of four Olio. With Justou ready for use he waa Trihy Ferru to the county jail the i t <1 that had been hang log Arlt Iun Ltd tie Buist aug followed a it the jail but Beth awed by the Pictou in the hand of ii. Go arts or whether they were anti ii l let the Law take in Rouru a thei ,.d. Demott ratio whatever aft i a door had by men Cly a Imp Don the it tip a a i crowd Huig a round for a it no to tiv. Singly Eudean orig to get in the grated window i it tie Man win of Mitt a a it it Deax Date a deed i Ubo it Iea a a rather Young a Nix huh i smooth fated. Rojah a rehired Ami i not blk of the a it Waiau e of u do a al rom
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