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Galveston Sunday Opera Glass (Newspaper) - October 12, 1884, Galveston, Texas F. After of r removal we. Grand cd g. W. N e Aring out Sale. Com Ord Holtz amp co., Beach Beach a Rand display of fire works in i h it if Libari Lintel tonight at s 111 opera Glass. In a hushed every saturday office. 15 East Mechanic Street. N. O. Solmson �5 co., publishers and proprietors. Sunday , 12, 1kk4. Notice. , Ctol it or 1, 1k84. It or readers and those desiring to i i tunicate with l Kra will a a a ease linear in mind that from this Date All Corres it Onil ii let should la Adi Resti to k. \ join son is co., no 15 Kast Mechanic Street in <1 Box Xiv it. A Alveston Tex. Find that we carry a larger Stock of dry �0 local Lens. Ill grand display of lire works will draw a Large crowd to the popu a each to Ltd Light. Or i. A. Doll has his card in to Lay s Issue or. Doll s place of Husi Ness is on Central wharf where his lock of family groceries will be found . His prices Are the very let went and his goods will lie Deli a red to any Points m the Eity. It will pay the Heads of households to have a heir orders filled at this place. Ali at a the use of saying anything la amt the entertainment Given at the Trimont this week by the Harlow a Quot Wilson minstrel trouper time space my the Prees of the land Are filled a Vith their glory and their Success lore is but the verification of the old saying Quot Merit will Joe i Evy the indomitable Joe is pushing matters at a Lively rate in the race for tax collector and his friends feel sanguine of his election. A Jap that if and i him a Voi opening of the season. Lit flow a Wilson Ai trillion opera la Kiihr. J the Large audiences which greeted the appearance of the Harlow is wit son minstrels at the opera House on thursday and Friday evenings while flattering alike to manager and troupe is at the same time a refutation of the charge which Lias been made that Galveston is a poor a a show our amusement lovers gladly availed themselves of the opportunities offered of enjoying the really delightful entertainments which they were convinced this company would give them and they Are Ever ready to Accord to other attractions of equal Merit As cordial reception. The reputation of the Harlow amp Wil son troupe is such that full houses Are sure to Greet them wherever they May appear and their varied and carefully arranged programmes Are so cleverly carried out that no one fail to to delighted. Their Bills of attractions Here were too varied to admit of notice in detail but suffice it to say they were rendered through out m a thoroughly and artistic style and if applause is an evidence of appreciation could not have Lieen More heartily enjoyed. Very member proved himself a Star of magnitude m his Especial line and each was a grand Success. A new Deil Motke. Very purchaser of $1 Worth of groceries will to get entitled to a Chance in elegant latest improved new Domestic sew my machine. L Harris amp Coa a the cheap grocers a Diamond Quot kit Lii let it. The Galveston base Hall club is waiting patiently for the Houston to appoint a Day to play the iwo deciding i a Eagle Gai Ike. The Galveston club is composed exclusively of Home Talent and it is exp enl by the managers that they will win both of the games. Patsey Cahill of last Winters k. O. M. Team has recovered from the injuries which he sustained while playing with his club at St. Jouis and has left for his Home in California. Ijen Stock Well who played Here the past Winter is at present with the Dallas club. President Lucus of the Union base Ball association threatens to flood Texas with base to amp la players this Winter. He writes to the manager of Quot different Elute that he will of mind a attractions. Mins 1.ix7.1� May i Latuer. On thursday next Lizzie May ulna r will appear at the tree font opera House in Quot dads girl Quot a new play in which she is simply a capturing the from the flattering criticisms which precede her manager Greenwall could not have done better in catering to the tastes of our amusement Loveis than in closing a contract with her. The press is teeming with her praises but we deem the following from the Philadelphia a As to the Point giving at once As it does a hint of the play and its candid opinion of the heroine s merits. It says the author of the play has placed a Western Prairie Flower in tho hot House of Eastern civilization which is certainly a new dramatic treatment of an old theme. A a dad a girl a a i various Hoyden of the West bubbling with spirits Bright with animation and True As steel at heart is made to figure in a series of complications of a character unique and involved. The role of a Mulvina Sophie Hoskins Quot dad s girl is nicely suited to the abilities of miss Ulmer a Viva coins Young actress who appreciates thoroughly the value of Well sustained action. She succeeded in delighting the audience and gave an indication of histrionic Power such As she has never shown before. J and from tho Hartford t Llo the \ which though Brief is to the Point and is As follows j Lizzie May Ulmer is a Gem and i was supported by a thoroughly Good company. J i a idles a Economy is the Road to we sell you the finest teas and coffees As Low As any one else and make you participators in the profits by allowing you five cents on each Dollar. The Alyxa Kukk Tea store Dealey a sons proprietors. A Model establishment. During the Long Days of the Dull heated term through which we have just missed some of our merchants have been far from Idle. Taking advantage of the stagnation in business some of theml have employed their time wits a umm in beautifying and adding Saracu renew to their of Bundara and do Small out Hes Baasen Laniad in the a Eom he ods than we actually fenced to 113 and 115 care to and have therefore Inai Iku nday August 1, Market Street that remarkable hat Ani Vest. How Newton Heer not them. A you see that hat said Itteera the other evening lie tween acts to a gentleman in St. Louis and referring to the battered Chapeau Roger wears in the first . A Well i Wil Tell you How i got it. When we used to make Faust s and the monkeys our resort in the Days of Stock companies Here in St. Irmis you remember i saw an old White headed Man who wore one of the most remarkable patched up a mixer so i Ever put my eyes on i scraped up an acquaintance with him. And found that he had been Ludlow amp Smiths Bill poster. 1 negotiated for his plug and got it he sending it to me at the theatre pro Wibly the old fellow is dead now. Now this Vest is a Marvel and in its texture and Patchwork will beat any crazy quilt in St. I mis. It was worn for Twenty five Jears by Captain a David Powell of Martha s Vineyard and he Laid great store by it. The breeches 1 got in a Sailor s junk shop in Chat Ham Street. New York and so it goes you can get More character in equip ments of this kind than a costumer can furnish \ of with and scores of actors will give an Price for an Odd or Peculiar looking hat. Coat or other article of raiment thu h can lie introduced m their parts. K. Ii. A. Tomk Nii Iker has a full Stock of trunks satchels and Strawm. 70 to it Mont san get. M. I. Leu no my. Hardware and sole agent for grand St. In iii charter Oak Bucko a Brilliant id Buck s Patent Pride of Texas and Southern Home cooking stoves. Send for Price list. By the new plan of the Manhattan life insurance company you May by the Deposit of a stimulated sum yearly secure for your family the Protection of life in Suranye during a Given period say 10, 15 or 20 years and at the end of that time if living receive in Cash All but the fractional part of the aggregate deposits you have made reducing the Cost of the life insurance during the period named to aug out i of the Ope Gen the ladies Verdic we skin at Ortlieb amp Brach s the City the City the City handsome plaid flannels handsome Embr. Flannels handsome velvet in e a handsome silk velvets the cheapest Black Cashmere in the City tho cheapest coloured Cashmere in the City the cheapest Momie plaid in tho cheapest armure cloth in the cheapest Bourette stripes in it mint it a Large variety of blankets Andi Kilts. A Largo variety of towels. Napkins and damask. A Large variety of cloaks. Shawls an i in Iris a Large variety of corsets laces and trimmings a Large variety of hand knit worsted goods at a great bargain. 100 tapestry velvet and Moquette Rop from 85c. Pm #1 Ltd a a pm a pm Fri upward. Tremont . House. Engagement Tor four rights and wednesday matinee. Commencing sunday eve. Oct t2th Only a woman a heart. Newton Beers in his wonderful Crea com of Roger the wanderer introducing the Beautiful emotional actress. Marie manzi0 in the prettiest stage Cre Itin Ever teen in the worn wednesday eve. Oct. F5fh. Thursday eve oct. Lizzie May Sumer in dad s girl Mondat. Oct. 20th. Jas. H Wallick s 3nt b w Bandit Kin or introducing the wonderful animal actors. A groan Charger and Quot Bay Raider Meyer amp Beneke crockery and glassware fancy goods House furnishing goods largest and beet Stock in the pity at the lowest prices. We affair to Day from our late importations for Cash All foods delivered i for he go for �?4, pm sofa r a Tore and examine to fair mag St Stock of goofs. These gentlemen have a assortment from which the most fastidious cannot fail to suit his fancy while those desiring j neat comfortable and durable Wear Wii it to their inter a hta i i tit their put has is from their 1house. Their Rard in an it a r Cut �1 Uina. 7�?o Surprise it i Many citizens and i of All Drivers of vehicle. To drive on in out dec Street. I get Veen twentieth and i Eitt first its expressed that the i \ fathers do night to take Steps to irn or it t e of that thoroughfare Asiu it m front of the masonic Temple stands a Hutto inless Pool that a Gnu anything hut a pie want Oder. Rixis Street he is uen sadly be Ioe ted a i do a Stirt h and no doubt Wal set a n no Ive the attention Ltd of a die Street but Faaa Tina Ioir Guzi to Pfarr with fort Worth which if she loses and Galveston twins both games with Houston will put Galveston in the Lead null a. Uhte hum. Al it a 4 in h h1 Oil. I i <1 i fat Ike a it Worth. San Anton a it. Aim St it. Miss Hirst or whatever her. In a it mime May be is certainly skis a ssi d of a rare mysterious v or ii a her performances at the Beach it d on wednesday evening attract 1 such crowds that it was deemed or to repeat tote entertainment. While the character of the performance. On account of the want of variety. Is not of the kind calculated to Lii out an entire evening s entertain nent without the Aid of other attractions it is but just to miss what�?T8-ut name to say that what she does astonishing and wonderful beyond ill comprehension. 1lilise keepers and others having their interests in View Are informed their wants in the Way of the a applies of the choicest meats for tables can in supplied at the Day Market of the Texas refrigerated meat company. Nos. A 14 and a is Market Street Liett in twentieth and i i Viii to first it i 1.7 Lugt or or during a lie morning at their stalls nos. 27 j ind i ventral Market. All animals i Litch ered by this firm Are slaughtered r it a fats a ted Stock on the Range w Here they Are fattened and the meat i a e of ill a dry Cooling Rojin at once and thence brought by refrigerating car to Market is May lie supposed by some this meat is not kept on ice hut is perfectly cured and made tender Quot a dry cold air and is guaranteed to keep Sweet and sound from went Fiir to forty eight hours Afu r re Inoval idiom the Cooling r<>.,m try hem and be Oon Viu c ome and see that Superb new Light running Domestic sewing machine to lie Given away at l. It a Kris amp v is the cheap we take pleasure in referring to the handsome card that of Sterling House messes. Meyer amp Beneke which appears in another column this House carries one of the largest and finest stocks of All kinds of crockery and glassware in the City and their prices Are As Low As can be made. House keep it ers will save Money by inspecting their Stock and buying from them. A a Only a woman s heart a trifling As it May sound his been the Subj t of deepest interest to Mankind Ever since the creation of Adam and the Heads of half the masculine world have been turned by it. Its treat ment is one of those mysteries upon which there is a wide diversity of opinion and those of our Young men who have been puzzling their brains and spending sleepless night Over the knotty question should not fail to witness the Success of Newton Beers whose engagement at that the tre Nikont opera House begins to night sunday. , the holidays Are coming. Do not forget that the purest and Best spices Are kept by Dealey a soil proprietors of the Alexandre Tea store the scientists Are always knocking out the poets somehow. Professor swin Hurst has just discovered that the Lark to far from being the typical Early Bird is the very latest to Rise in the morning and that the Crow and the Quail Are the real Early Birds detailed to Start the Kitchen fire and take in the Early worm. These Are on deck before anything except the owls who Don t deserve any credit however As they stay up All night As any Down town Saloon keeper can testify. Quot and he kicked you into the Street weren t you made Quot a no not mad but 1 Dij feel put though com Nikon of Tesmar do it is now Large capacious Uwi admirably arranged for the display of their Well selected and finely assorted Stock of goods. The store Back the full depth of the building with rows of shelves on either Side from front to rear while along both sides of the Centre aisle pretty Oval Glass fronted show cases Are arranged in such a manner As to produce the j elect of being Pla Ltd Taie above the other an effect both pleasing to the i Eye and at the same tune displaying i to tho e entering the door their at Tractive contents. Space has Lieen i most judiciously economize and utilized to Render the establishment attractive Aud promote the Comfort of patrons and employees and it is to Day a Model in its Way. La Kysow i. Or will Lyons the popular will is again Back at his it with messes. Flatto Bros after Pinte a Jaunt through the North Aud 1-.ust Dundee marmalade. Guava Jelly scotch jams chinese preserved Ginger Crosse amp Blackwells White onions mixed pickles Chow Chow walnuts and malt vinegar Chutney finest Olive Oil Capers of Ellatine always fresh at the Ai Koa Niiha Tea Lori Dealey amp son proprs., 2n7 Mark test. Brevi ties. A f roller skaters Are reminded that All draws near. Although the swallows have departed for warmer climes landlords should keep an Eye to their crooked flues. Oufa fixed lamp latest that Dpi out we bought of Texas lamp and Oil a buy your Tea and Coffee from the i Alexandre Tea store. For the latest and most fashion-1 Able styles in dressmaking the ladies 1 Are referred to the card of mrs. L. Ringh in another column. A kor real neat cheap and artistic printing go to daily amp Finck. Few Andrews liniment and Pool s remedy to be had Only at Alderton s Broadway drug store Northeast cd j Ner Broadway and Center streets. Boned Turkey and Chicken potted Turkey Chicken Ham lunch Oxton gue lunch Ham corned beef sardines salad dressing Worcestershire sauce Krenc i English and american Mustard. Alexandre Tea store. Moln a Small new England town there is a factory of great renown which make Amberine goods of Rich design. These Beautiful goods you can Only find at the Texas lamp and Oil company s store where you la find these and Many More. Their store is on Twenty second Street and their Stock of a a imps is now Complete. Illuminating and lubricating oils a speciality. Baily kick Are the Only prac tical artistic printers in the City and can do finer work for less Money than any other House. Every lady is now on the qui Vive As to where to where to select the prettiest and most fashionable goods for fall and Winter Wear but if they would drop in and inspect the a at Jesse b. To never or or inn that a been Teti in the City such an Eie Yant Assort Init it of coloured und Unnur an Haw by it Truittt Are now disc playing. Their lines in Linen ii Ala Milker chiefs loves Ami pc Cru ear Are not a celled in tej As. 103 Market Street Nett to opera House. Quot shall i sing far away 1 she asked As her fingers sought the key. Quot yes i think you better he replied a a unless you want the neighbors to make a complaint Quot he does t visit there now. Large and handsome Stock Womacks they will be Coop iced that they can secure the Best bargains to be found in the City. Read his card in another column. Pm of Alderton s cosmetic exit Ion for removing Tan freckles pimples and blemishes from the skin to be had Only at the Broadway drug store Corner Broadway and Center streets. Over a it Ophilar always praised the Alexandre Tea store s Tea and Coffee removal h Koch tailor time costumer has i remit in to urn Jan building Twenty \ second Street mar Market and could be pleased so tee his friends and the Public. I a a a a Inmon 1.00land Bohemian Teton i a a a a lamp com pie Wotli reflect m Good Amohd note door m3,i. Depres French Art Emporium 169 Tremont Street Galveston Texas importers of Oil painters engravings diamonds French clocks statuary bisque China Ware severe and Saxe porcelain and French perfumery. Assignee s Sale. Tho entire Stock of merchandise consisting of pictures works of Art articles of Virtu ac., lately owned by or. J. Ii. Flett no. 221, Post office Street will for the next thirty Days be offered very Low to close out the business. This Stock must be sold and rare bargains May be had. W. M. Jerdone b. Womack Max Abr Awdry goods and notions. Northwest Corner Post office and Twenty second streets Galveston Texas refrigerated meat company hiring the Agency for lbs Rine Mem of the Columbus Texas meat and ice company Are now Rutulo to fur lib the citizens of a Lvi ton Ului the choicest meats at reasonable prices. Id tiie Carly morning ii stalls 27 and 28 Central Market and throughout the it by. From Belr urge Cooling room fat to tar Day Market 214 amp 218 Market St., bet. 20th and 21st streets fascia tile dress Maloi. Latent stvlk8 guaranteed also shopping of every description let a with mtr. Lucr Etlow Aud judgment mkt a a. Nim Toa la a i it i a. Ceuta Aud Are tip. A Allea Toli ten dry goods amp notions ladies and children $ a special. Plain sewing done at Short notice. Mrs. J. W. He a cart. 235 Centre St bet. Post Oft ant Church

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