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Galveston Sunday Opera Glass (Newspaper) - January 13, 1884, Galveston, Texas Vol in eight pages Ial Vosti n. Tex As. Is Nav Iam Melv 1 Price 5 ones. No. Ii thespis temples. What opera 0la88 le0se3 gather a past present Amo future Fred inf of a Lorr Kelv a King the or a it of inf the Irmi a Uil Ira attorney tremolo i opt re tim Day dawned sunday cd a Ami the audience. It would 1 a nmn acceptable. I the l fat i int for Warde closed wednesday evening with the presentation of Shakespeare s great play. A Richard mall Audi ence put the company at disadvantage from the a dining and it a univ by the strop pc efforts of will determination that the actors could forget the unfavourable hut rounding and a nut into the spirit of the author s intention. A a whole that writer was not pleaded with or. Warded a Richard in Many part of it to Ltd was Strong Al cold. With a steadily Falli tour i ��?�and.t�,t�?T no to Lometor. Mid pt�l�8trian mow few my or Warde i ave a of a Ftp the cold increased. A. Quintly Many firesides \ in i citizens found their i More inviting and the hit tor night air morn tra ical than or. Frederick Ward who ably rendered it the Story a of the roman maid and her Noble father in so natural to pure to ennobling that the lapse of Ages can not weaken its hold on the. Human heart especially when presented As it wis Hundal night or a specially of tin character of Vir Ginius in which h is very right. His voice and Geylur and Law irn uniting themselves admirably a it the role. Vir Guith my it in tend. He fore he is fierce in order to be the hero nature intends him and for this reason is or Van a Leila Tiff Torvin his part. Wii a he it Rene it the nows of bin daughters indignity i Wrath is natural neither Tarn nor overstrained hut in teases As the full purport of the outrage in i pres itself on his not until he Load his shrinking Chad to the form and his purity in the truth of his Sius in Ives was in fore tilt Blackn so of the deceiver s Pur pose does his Power in depicting nature fully disclose itself then the heart torn by parental lox and parental fear or his Childs Honor augmented by her tears and most natural terror Fin is reason in despair and plunges the knife in her breast. Reason it exerts Virginius and in his pitiful search for his la get daughter the Eph the audience s sympathy until the Climax when he seeks a Pius Claudius in the prison and demands his daughter. Thin scene requires few de Quot a a blk a Richard to must by admitted that the text of the author win fax of the to ii Burtlon of such acharat tas or. Warde gives but human nature does not in the scene where he meet Vulje a mayor of let and Ltd a and citizens i tempter wit i the a town in does reit an numb in Stirr the inn Ltd it it nce. Disich re hts a it live he and a Purens is that the lines Lead a it a to exit his manner in this m Stanci Wing a ringing rather than saintly in abort the Quot Richard Ltd for Ward he no Witter Sim. It in hire w at no time in he life �>11 the it Ige Liat be permit his it Lara to or Ovuka the Nymph the it it a Goodwill of he audient a it is All Hlawek. Trn ble. In the dry Ain scene and in the e a that with a fact thai Nighous the last act a Ward a was ver it Strong i he up it it tax accj.tahl.-. And the a it la was Well the Hill of hiv., Richard the Thini at he Tremont Turret any night and of �1 lows a up his a lie Venn of the a och Tong night on Kridan and Simiu Irav a ing it and a a tint he giving very go it of Lex for Manchu. Silver King will Mak he Farewell us and no tire in fax it a of Madame m gtd let to night. Hk1f.n.v m hunks it it i to Morriw and turn Lav nights the Worbel fated l Olish a Ulnah. Met Idjo will make her i invt Ai it Parance before a Ltd Alv us Audi ence it will Flat let a her last. A it i he present tour of am Hoa Nannou a Ner a Farewell at the very Zenith by pkg the Golden Woof in rho tangled Warp of he i a. I Chi \ i a. A a. I .11 a t i m,.11 . Vii . . I i it if Ltd ml4 1 it Tilv i. I r ii f i his a ill. In t \ a 111 my i h a 11 \ ii i. In tits. I at i v h of t h. I in. I ii v \. W. K j. T 1. Quot i Ltd a 111 i m til. In 11,. A r. Int Utler it a 11n r it it lighten. Lat a Ich i it a \ oui special handling in which or. I of Lier Power and popularity Uxa i Warde keeps his listener on the qui \ a he a taught u8 Here in America to it nov but Wuen id a sudden Hurst of love and r68ped tie woman As Well Demoniac rage he Aei be the tyrant a Honor a nil amp us the a try it and Knish be the life from his her Yaj Cipr like Wpm 111 a i a or a to it it our ump a via 1 Alful Anu new Elt it picture that might beaux. Where he kneels clutching go of delighting the world for yearn his prey the nud once exhibited the to comp. We have not to Many a approval his Oare tul rendition de try Shiv worthy of the name that we served. The a it evidence of in can afford to it Low one to finish Ltd in actor a Talent is when he himself i her Art a in mime my a Dju Iuta it is forgotten hit manner and style an to Lee hoped that Hgt a exp hell mtg a the character he portrays is pitied Tion to it it retire will us to it i such a App wed or condemned. The in that audience that left Tremont opera House Felt pity for Sweet Virginia and her wrongs and some for the father d deep do pair. Monday night the play of a jul Cal Psari waa presented with or. Warde in the role of Man Antony. In this As in the character of Vir Ziniuk or. Warde is Strong he was not m Well supported in tins As he should have been and yet Thui defect Wim overlooked by the Audi ence they followed the Star in his eminent and a at factory efforts to mom Uig. And is Large infuse his spirit into not Only his . But into his sup he rms or that a Ier. Portal Well. During the seven week a it of the kit mesday night was the gala night put Ion just closed. Trof h seen Ian of the Warde engagement Here. On Haa Given daily three entertainment. This occasion the great play of a Ida take the pleasure in stating that Mon and pythias was presented for the Public interest in them never Robt melt of the knights of Pythia of Gleaton. Both Humboldt and storm a if Afferty it Nat it Jan it to St every where that she will let a for id to fore it Alt a it ther Milukas a to to Comeil Are m Welish and tue nun a. In a you Laki in tract id Marv Stuart is her most famous Rule How Are also the character in which she will appear Here in the Olin wig order monday. A Marv Stuart Isie Aday matinee. Quot twelfth Naglit Tuen la it night a was you like it Quot the Salt of seats commenced it do May 1 As u a 1. It a ii 11 Ger t i re a it i to. Inana it. A a f a. Of to if lilo. T the at111 f t a i Fin it it it or a i m it i. A ii r .1 a to i t hat i Minni Plav men that so is it it a <1 Kiino that mini k a l o n v Ali the theatrical f.-lk-, la. Is putting on Sim Filin Ltd of at id. m inn in 11 not a than a hit is not a i it Al a Ston fre he a. My at John i la it Quot ill in his stat -\ttorn�1 and . O tre his it Salvest in i Uhic Fri la. Inn or i my Loi i Quot Ell k n. N t h i a Urh it that stau ver a eel i t it a. A Lia n. And will it i out 1eri i a Gin i Bouse it is a Piet to with a 1 alien Ami a he is that it Junaur from the to beat i kit is after a mall Nee perform Fiance. Lbs in we ill clothed �o1.�?Tffur"jh�?Tt�re Ani the a City Stive tomorrow the unt Esi. I ri7�?o Ita will a pm in to the Tivner it opera he us. A id items email will Hom Llie 5h> irk and the Cash at lie Lia Filon. Now that the a Ball a opened n a in g ass than a Duke of Lachy Quot ill sin liter the Noble a i . Miss Anh Surington a hit a Nimciv it cd res for her in Dutiful no a litmus of the Rose of Sunier dung them ent visit a it of 1 Gesn it it a of Tny Thowe p Rions who thought the so my n f. T to Rose. 1 the photo Grandier Quot Ert mistaken As he is not a summer list a. But a per Jyh tuat Bloomer if Modjeska is As Grid Al an ii ctn a she is said to be. Her manager it an affy a re to it quit disgusting sensible people with the Ltd a intense Quot Racket it is a very thiu of age. And a catches Only fax it is however As there Are. Many fools the Quot Vinti is Quot dodgy May us a my card aft Rall mauri�1 Barrymore who Iipp it ears to Morrow night with Mode a in a Ilio her i ii or it or t Hoiu i not i a Quot of i tilt a t m a i \ it. A iraqi it i. A it Lxi re �1 1 Quot a Quot la i Quot Quot a \ St. Not i. I i a u a it -1 j Ali Eit v. Muirl. T. a 1. 11 t or. I. A k in. I i Ina t i Des in i Mil tit lung Ratel t i j n t111 n to / a i Lien suet no a up. To t1 g a Illi to .-k i ii t ii a f tin a is Asho Rio. I i \ 11 r .i.d, although or i \ to Ltd a prs a Salar the. Quot . In is i n i de i it m h i 1 i if he a i no. >1 a in ions Charay it. M r i a to pay the Furneri. \ m i j i 11 i la re -. I 11 v for a j ice Al Ati it 1< ? be i a Ali to nit i. S<1 o cd a at i ill 1 h a i Christian t do is him Rrex Jit lir. t \ e i in. A in h.-a1 and Rel in. K ,-m.-�l of his i a u n m la w i Quot. So n t a i lie la i a r t a ii i trient s. Do in an. hand Quot my Htoy. ti.. I.�-. But la i o. Una Iino hit. Pikr u a it in r ii i l. I�m1 a la Laom Tok Rhio a. A a Pink a in Hiu it suit kit 41 Griff in 1 Oak. Wry. A i. A . A a Arv u. It a i it i. F Slin in lit it in Quot v i. A it a. M t Hii or my cult a the mls Zuj i ii of inti i adj Al a 1 11 fill Milo i in Law u i a m Veli . A tri 111k Schiller Lodge were actively interested in Thuc Ltd Esb of the in. Flt. And a pm packed that in Cpd or. Waraz at the Tremont tui Wuy shows How their Effort . A feature of the audience waa the Appa Aranco of a number of Kights in Thebes Raiful Union no of the pythian order. Of the presentation of the play it duo in a id that it will not be a to had on theae boards soon 1 abated and that at the close of the exposition tha attraction of in of a i ii. 1. Jul the Piu Ltd Nett Wyt it it \ a 11 i to i. It in hit Ruhe mud u a Fui made a bilt a. It it it a. it i. 3 a it i of ctr inv. Valid Lar i. I a i to a Quot i. Mitt ii k n i hut its Keig we but la . K it it a Totle a jul in-11 ii it to i. La fair r. Of in in. Flu. I11 web Cyl a in fair. of min i Fiji full Sixl ii it if re liis Jirm. And Joh piano Fai Ait. Tilt a Atli a it fam Ibe Len it Tipp get in Ullh Yerta. A he ii my 1miii. To . He too if Tomt who Uttel. U 1� a let for by a Bru in Row a Ltd. A of hts my Nunu \ >1. It Turat amp Cut amp in <>wi.4l Cut unti aa4 a pm Iku you us a Lute nil. Tfelt Nunda aug a re orc a Toul , i a. And i w int \ set i to x 11 . Us ii a1� a Gane. Hii i. I. 11 . I ils s i nth Rainn Keiit to i. It St ass a re air. Eima . It a Ltd Quot Gaim a it .1 t he a i r in t a till. Of Ltd to loll t he v w in Pai my 111 111 a 11 i l. It it Man was a f a it i 1111. A. A t or even. S i lib. 11 Pelits and a t. A w a Quot i Llanten 1 Oil to. A the Lade s Weir i Mark i tor a h Gate a and Stai in he Beautiful Home of or and mis. Yil is w As hands niely de. Orah a and Illus Mumi Forth of won social re it Tion. It wits the event. The Wilson. Among 1 Julijs pro a sent were mrs. Woldt Lifaite mrs a Elt a go a Sealy mrs stud to Willis mrs. A a 11 i it on by. Mrs. W. B. Wallis mrs w p. Manum in. T .1 Joe. Mum d Hallie Jack m us i Aden mis a Zeltie Lirou miss Kane Denson mins Tillie Brown. Miss Mattie Fri a. Miss Flattie ills. Mii skat drifts. Miss maim. Let. Mih mar arms Tiung miss Lilha Harris. Miss Kate Simonem miss Karluk. Miss re Rev miss Lillian Mott. Miss Uwe Sia Williams and oth is. Am it a theft gentlemen were of sirs. Hinge sea i v d a sep i roldthwiut1. A 1� Mort wills w i Wallis a in i to v. William let a land. V i. I Etc. W k i Lois h w Leigh Ltd k Angeli a l Kiske. Kionti Smitt .1 Ohn Harris. Loss pm jul ten w. Cd Walthew. W .i.turner, m melt a Phillips .1 k i a Tilem Jam oui ton. Lola k �11� v audio Hwy st1� it. 1 i <ir.he, .1 h w s Law Adlus. K l. Astley. H Vul i 1 Larteri and others a Ltd a w Seeman s was fully As great and valuable m at Ibe com Mincem Tiit to my opinion the variety attraction and iat Ereat of the entertainments Given by in it of. Seeman or a to Ltd Aud by a y Othor entertainment in the country. I oor Dolly a commend him to All manager. K. A. Main Kubb 8ec. Louiet�ol�ol<eeti4�l exposition. As you like ,1 w Well known in Texas mainly by reason of Bis hav-1 in set Coull rtiii.1l�himn had nil re Oli 1>ion, ing been a wit new to the murder of j Sam Itui. in uus to Ltd Tom he it Irnan Porter by Curry it Mars Jall in the j a / a ii. Winter of is it is thought by i Many that if Burry More and mias. A will a votive on tin tim inns an a try so who Lowit 15th, a full line of a Seville Libory. No a red Tho murder. Had attended i German and end Fligh 10 and20.-u, Lui. Soditis it Dnn Day evening the l Moli his augur at Rimol so Aal inter Tammens for the Wint a Al Harmony Theau a. A it a which a it a it a Sion the Hist iome a in so a nth a Ltd the ver pm Boeing c Meitis to tip. A to it in he lib non Quot with the follow cart or Kwiim a. Or s.uum1�>wu or Mon Lului mrs in win or. .1� a. M. j u nmn. Or Maurin a 1 to it Mew tm.11 in j a to Ltd Halvee to pm cast we a Good and brought out Lone As Quot pythias Lar. Oarrie. As i the Ward come a want from a Phink Hhd or. Rand is Tony j Here to Houston. Siut Quot miss Borie As a Cal lathe see the att twerion u the Harmony and a Las Stillens a Chw Union Quot. Theatre Adver Stltt Sis when. a Dew dramatic club is i one of the of the near a co Ryu it inn Poh Mitsn. And to the to a of the Sui tip of the Given All Tkv a is in the play. Of the , play itself 1 it not necessary lo1 i lure a Peak Here As a left thy a Knop is of it Apps red last week. Thou hot be in truth my a poetic sentiment the Day to be properly pus anted requires Botti Mien mid Aock sories. Beae the Ward oomph amp a Hare Aad the att Dieon Taui Festad enthusiastic i>lor�at2tinse wednesday inv mar the barbarian Quot was Pree enied a it a fair Audi some. 4 tedious and unc dra a got ran Anoe it beet this item waa Mem by the sat to give Fetek an of Ort to to till he. We Tes the the trial. Curry would it have got off so cry misty Wjk Ifo dih doubtless a goo will hot Sale to will a attracted Lese �3e8 on the lady a title a countess of t Rome thine or other which May or May not be genuine. In either Case it a pulls a the Gullible for whether i a fac. I tie title be genuine or not. What could in feed or. 1 not Ltd kit it ii Cluj it it a n Hur Fuld. A very Ood audience Jan Tod the w histrionics and the rendition of the at .1 h. Mahos i comedy waa a it to it Diuble to those a an an Wing incident olt a Nurmi to j who and a pleasure to Mangal cli4>. At vice knee the audient e. The tonics a it of week. Xiv Hen they a Aane i Sewa undoubted dramatic Talent and be tuis la the Elt a k that 1 with proper it ran in morn a in the humorous i developed. J House that Jack buit i after the perform a the startled by Lavering a Veri Cious Ball Ttoe it a was Learland Dan Iron the Throat of a ing introduce id among those Prev w to Wall ept in the build ent Dumiak the dancing the Opeka a act. Effect an it a the Stu Denoe Igert Jan better be in described. It wan Sev Oij Anh Cherub a Hable to name Mike Liebek Ca a Kirlick. Min a Mamie Briggs Mise Onice Carnee. Mich Fowler from Betel waiter to count and i from count to theatrical manager Are easy changes among to la to it Oto Ltd nobility. The fews we Anta Modjeska to sub. Ettote for a twelfth tight Quot i Dontly the Newt is Han Kering for some Yvore Liberal education. 8ami>el Fletchet. Buai nees agent of Roland Reed is in the City arranging for the appearance of this gentleman in Hia Day of a Cheeky at the Tremont on the ssh. Frederick Warde was entertained in a right Royal manner by the knights of pythias at Flinton Attar the play of a Damon and pythias had been Oono Lutted. Tettam Jardim Atwa khat can not be Wor amp a into a sensation play which with a firetag Ecarpenter s a Eft a an be made to Elbe a emf of the �0�.�?� Tice the 4oot 1 Tea before the concert. Mia he Lilli c Aden. Mia Anna Davis mrs. I i ill mrs. Arthur Lior Fem or. And mrs. D. H Hawley. Or. And mrs Jagt a Goldthwaite. Or and mrs. W l. Ladd meters. W. L fut f l. I it not w. Hana it inn Howard Camee. 1�?~harlen Fowler or. A. H. Perry William a stand Jouis Heine Robert Smith. Henry rung. Phil lain. James Mcvitie. A. H \ on Harten Alt Okte ther. It was an enjoyable at fair and the i Nion Luh is to it Gnu congratulated a Hui the a flu Mph Ful inauguration of its series of enter fast menu. Wednesday miss a Lara or i. It. Corp. A r Nile to of \ i \ hand som. . I Een Day tiny in a couple. We Quot St a it u a it a of a jointly with Brilliant, and a Lull the he pm wish is of i Lili a mint i a if f i lends i >11 ill in the. He i of 111 . I w a i sult a i. \ t i if i .1 it v till in at i is t a i it m h of and Maria k a. In i Sinnit and \ 1 will it do my to i in Gnu in a. I i-1 11 11 cd he a it n. A till. Lit in a Ciri 111, i Ai / i. K i. 11 -1111 -1 my ii i o and >111 it 11 it \ 1�?~ ran Ltd i a 11 i. D m it i \ i . A m a 11 a 111 a Malia 111 1. It a l. A Kif it i a. Inn Alibi Lai it la a 11 -. And Al in it h a 11 a i .111 <1 f. I 1 Lai . I to. T it Tea 1111 1. I 11 Echt Oam lit at la it Wilons a to int v a \ t h a nth t Ltd a in i it i a i n \ and a it i j i u i. it v t. A. In of at t mrs a mis. I the .la.-ks.-i, in Vii i 11. H a i a a \ n n i a u ill to a Lilia i in i. I a 11 id11 �11 i. I .1,-1 and Daizi 11t a i to nepali to i. Mima i Iliot that hit Hall 1 �1 eat it aug Quot this a very Jan a or it id kit eat Fol i a. A Ork a Mug take me for n Laborin Man Doans yer what you reckon is got in Eddie Hun tor to a old Ina Aimy. Say bul a u on Luht la i was wedded to formerly of new Orleans. Or Colin a Young merchant who has a gently setup used himself in Galveston and has thus Early captured one of the mos popular Young ladies of our City. The wedding took place at the residence of the Bride s father. Or. Los i wis at the Corner of Avenue l and twentieth Street and was attended by the immediate Friend and relatives of the family Bev. Or. Blum performed the ceremony in i usually impressive Mon m im1 u 11 t 11 a i ill la n i ill i m. .11 a Al 1�?T a t \ Nielli will i. No my. Milk his to j he to i Madam a t tune Teller will shortly it id the Ltd and City Farewell a11 those we sons who have any a Airi Whity to it satisfy of any Nee Essit to should fail to. So. The my it at on a the Mee Jiuu ass cation tuve their annual Hall Star Hall last not it wins a mite rat m rent. I. Nein a up to it a Lati hour. Two Yount la. I \ pupils of the a Quot final s hot Mil. At Hunt still. Win i e \ ji�11�"d let r dancing la ii in do fens was that that the Oliou it the rules of thu , would usus pm need during the Hoh Davs to lib a faculty held other a is. On the Kwh Al Huntsville Texas. I .1 k Tumey a prot in ii it Toner chant of i Ainna Sas. Ltd to the altar m iss Mort it a Tny sikh to a of or. S it Smith among the invited us St wins Ludge James a Haker of tie Bride and Row were kindly re Merlh real by friends this <4ty the get Lillis it it it it or Inch vat. Natius the follow Pic society in a miss 1 it a use in St daughter of men ral Froat will be Marnati in Panl to the Hon or. William \ it Rny it a. An Knic Hubman. Who is non in it. I Nils. A has recently rectum a Troni Texas when he owns a Large ranch not very tar from. Colorado Ity or venue is it Juite a wealthy Man and tin brother of i it a Ltd Vernon of Kurland. Major John Lio Otel. Hit major in the fourth h glanders. Who he ure Ltd extensively in the Zulu War and latterly in pkg vat but who has let get in ii Gagil in tace Cotton business Hen the last Throe months loft Here yesterday for Shreveport. The major by his engaging manners has endeared himself to a Large Circle of admiring friends Anione whom Art not a Lew of the ladies of the Island City the in Tidence of or William Miller on forty seventh Street and Avenue it was the so ene of a bal giant Assembly Walt a Ines Day morning i the event let eing the marriage of his daughter miss Mary 1. Miller to or Frank Imbrell a former citizen of ualvest4n, but now of t Oleman Ltd it unto the a Lemony was per fort Ned by the Rev i it a Par Kluun he tor of Quot Trace Church and after a Bountiful repast which was heartily enjoyed by All the bridal party toot the afternoon train for a Oleman Cut unto. Their future a Home . A Mississippi widow has Nelly re a Eive it i from the Lodge of which her husband wan a member. L it this out and paste it on your not a when you come Home Iery late. That senator Anthony has recovered from his severe 1 linens after ii Avint seen the Many newspaper Cuti 0 him that have recently been published argues a boiler Iron constr 11 it Ion. Will receive on tue Day. The . A full line of Seaside Library Herman Ami English. 1u and 20 cts., i at j. K Mawn h of film. I mrs r. Komitor. 171 Itasta la Street will remove the Isth of january 1881, to 175 East Poeta Floe two doors above
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