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Galveston Sunday Opera Glass (Newspaper) - February 17, 1884, Galveston, Texas F i f pc it mrk ked . A a Gasman always sing in Long a meter. A never Dea Pim Small thing a a Diamond for instance. A another kind of crazy quilt Soe that too Short at both ends. A Iowa said to be out of debt. She ought to change her name then. A a Chicago paper asks a who fond of rum a Liat rust anything Good to eat a when a Gambler doing a Good business he doing a bad business. Not funny a imply moral. A it stated that or. Baum having a sign painted which will read a this elephant a Lotta doing Well in London and All fear Are allayed the amp to she will be compelled to come Home in the Steerage. One of the stings of poverty Liee in the fact that it Only the Rich Man who can afford to Wear a shabby suit of clothes. A a Bismarck woman Sayi that her husband always in Low spirits. Does she mean that he do inks ten cent whisky a a Man will never appreciate How rapidly kerosene and Cal can be got away with until he has had three of his daughters courted All through a Long Winter. A one of Wilkie Collins Latee popular tales entitled �?o8he loves and sue Wilkie would have shown More familiarity with human nature if he my put it a she loves aha to a when a Young woman Nivio she turns to the poet Comer first on picking up i Loon it Aper. After Khe married be turns first to the advertisement of the dry goods a Tore. Meeting ont of his friends says to him a hero in that Little sum that i owe a nah i Hud completely forgotten a you Hii Oinui have told to that sooner quot a there quot exclaimed Kende Rwm a a there san article that i struggled Over for Over half a Day quot a yen remarked Fogg laying Down the per wearily a yes Kendy. It shows it a a correspondent writes a my husband quits his office at 3 30 p. M., but never reaches Home before Midnight. How can he spend his time a perhaps he goes Back to Lus office and works. A or. By ooh yes i was a table Boarder there before i was hrs. By what does Tahje Board we a Mlot Boose that to pretty much it it Aai the editor to Hie quot to too in the first class at. A a no quot replied the Yopak a _ who had studied the Patern Iima 1 aty registered second a Isis was _ if you would free a said a tattle snuggling up a Little closer a you would Moke delicious ice a if you were to freeze a a potted my Lia with severity after in Wing a whiff of his breath a a you would make a rum a to empty a theater in Case of Fin the drop Rex old be lowered. All will Rush out by Force of habit a Mil the women will Ait still usual in such cases and a panic will be prevented. This suggestion freely overed for what it Worth. A a lady who had lost a at game of a Avob said to a gentleman who had won quot to you wont lend me 1100. Very we. I should have returned bum to Yott before to Morrow noon so now you will lose a i would rather lose them there More certainty about a ooh to think a said a religious English Man to his gamekeeper a that i should have called you a infernal fool i am very sorry. To think that one Christian should use such language to another heaven forgive Mel but it he la a truth All the a an Eastern woman was so Over Joyed at the gift of a Sealskin a aide that she laughed Here Ell to death. Alas i How Many poor men will read this item and Experiment on their wives to the Price of a Sealskin Jacque Only to meet with cold cruel disappointment. A the following was overheard on the Street the other Day a so a Liza yes done gone Bock on Jpe a a yes i and Honey he done sent to his we font Baek a what did he gab Joav a the Fob me a ring an Bracelet and a took of vim Chile Gib Haback his hey Book a not Uipi Cut. A muss non in Jarn Skook Elt by to ska. Am in Portal nth ont a port of in it try aa4 Boit Kuton hot Ropolo. Oks Mimi fta4 in pro hmm prop pc tire of Bellada Galveston More than thrice blessed i that she the chief commercial City and entre port on the Gulf coast the wealthiest and most populous City of Texas and an attractive and popular resort for both Winter and summer visitors. Beautifully situated on a narrow Island its Arm or tends into the sea and h faces both the Gulf and the Bay. The Galveston of to Day Marks a spot that Many years ago was covered by water and had for inhabitants Only the fishes of the sea. Years ago when Lafitte first landed on the present site of the Texas Metropolis there was Only a bit of dry land to relieve the abundance of Bayou and St Marsh which largely composed what known the East end of Galveston Island and it requires no stretch of the imagination to picture frequent inundations of the homa of the first settlers and the freq fent meeting and commingling at the Waters of the Gulf and those t f the Hay. Happily however the periodical submergence of the Island not now one of the ills to be feared. Gradually the Island has been raised above the sea level until it several feet higher than u was even ten years ago when the last fearful storm swept Over it. An artificial sea Wall of Sand Hills and Salt Cedars affords Protection against any sudden flood tide Mui the inhabitants sleep in a peace Ltd Meity which the fear of Rush ing wow can not disturb. The storms that Elfy havoc on the land a my sea along Atlantic and Pacific 1-oa.sth. Aad the tornj0a#lfcot carry destruction in we Jar pathway far o the Roland they visit not. The brisk a a Northern brings the icy breath quot fits Rocky Mountain Home but brings no dread of harm Ial Venton m Hal a by the sea m Sweet Security fanned by the soft sen Breeze Winch night ers the sum Mer heat for get from malaria and a 1 stranger to Winter icy Fetters it any wonder that it should lie a favorite place of residents and a a sip Lar i Ort for both summer and win tur visitors yet Galveston not alone a Side Row it it the chief City commercial Metrock Jolls of state of t let far a to than new York the great entrepot and Metropolis of the North and Las so Galvaston destined to become the Greet seaport and Commer a enter of the South and West. This fact enterprising business men and capitalists have devoted their energies to the building up of a City which to Day ranks among the first in the South with splendidly pave streets tiled sidewalks hand Sorik. And costly buildings of pressed Brick and Stone gardens and pleasure reports within the past two or three years More handsome and commodious structures have been erected than Ever before in the history of the City. Among these the Beach hotel which known far and wide and which has already proved an attractive resort for Winter visitors from the North and summer visitors from everywhere. It was erected last summer at a Cost of $200,000, directly by the Seaside elegantly fur i wished and from the Day its doors in it. Exy ssh sism territory Grattan in a a mum a a Toat Fey . Empire of Mantar my Impact a vim a a jew been pole to the balt Yngeff it Jack build Ujco Corner of Post office and Twenty second streets at about tto flame coat in fld tion to the buildings men there have been erected in the past year a Large number of two Story buildings handsome residences cottages warehouses Etc. Aggregating in Cost Many thousands of dollars. Among the handsome structures in course of construction the jaws ton new9 fire proof building on Mechanic Street adjoining the not ton Exchange which will cont Al it out,000, and will be when compleat the handsomest and most Complete newspaper building in the now then a word to the Busin interests. There Are a half Bank to handle the volume of business of the City. Being Well supplied with capital they have been Able to meet All the legitimate demands of business but the growing Commerce and Trade opening up increased avenues for the profitable employment of capital must require additional capital and arrangements Are in Progress for the establishment of other banking institutions. Among the Banks now doing business Are the first National a Ank of Texas Julius Runge president e. S. Flint vice president a. E. Beissner. Cashier. National Bank of Texas i. S Dyer president j. Headley vice in a Dent or. Alvey. Cashier. Texas banking and insurance co., r. S. Willis president w. K me Alpine vice president n b. Sleigh cashier. Island i to savings Bank Wells president h. Marwitz vice president we Garlick cashier-4 percent interest allowed on de posit by this Bank. Ball Hutchings amp co., Bankers Corner strand and Twenty flt streets. H. Rosenberg Bank Ket Street Between Twenty and Tremont. Adoue amp lob ii Ere. Strand Between Twe Liiri and Twenty first streets. In the insurance a i Hughes amp Stowe Cotton exch la a but thing the utf#>j3mikprsaent a it api 81 of Mokuau Kiwi too too. In the wholesale mercantile line then Are l a h. Blum v. Willis a or in it. Block Oppenheimer amp who try a among tin largest wholesale in dry Gimmon and notions in that South j Liitt Nimit old amp a Ltd 115 strand a Arru in St it ick of notions and Hamilton in Togiai o. An Large wholesale dealer in put fruit inn a ods hats notions Etc in the line of wholesale groceries meters Kaufman Runge Ullmann 1>wih amp. It to it. 9e�sgeoo amp co., Heidenheimer amp Lish Meuying my a co., i Imi Iha rpt my Rigi lib r�., the 2 i Ai 21st, j. 1. Forniti Hgt Len did table and numerous smaller hotels. In the a Tail clothing and furnishing goods line there Are Many dealers who con Supply the wants of the Public among them m. Schram Schloss Bros Thomas amp Hawley. Jake Wenk. Grossmayer and numerous smaller dealers. Among Galveston most prominent druggists Are j. Schott 3t co., i it. K. Schoolfield E. Watson successor to. L. Castleton. The popular shoe stores of Hahn a co., Flatto Bros and a. Garth Are the largest and most Complete. The dry goods stores of l. Fellman j. Seeli Man Walker Bros 8. Levy and Price Cross Are the most popu Lar. Of newspapers Galveston has a score the leading daily being the Galveston a rust. And the leading weekly being the Siphav opera Guisa not lets of knowledge. The Battle of Tippecanoe was fought november 7, 1811. A corns can be cured by refraining from wearing shoes three times too pinball. Photographing on silk and Linen now successfully practice in London. Vinegar and red Pepper will make a Well Throat sore and a sore one Well. Coarse Brown paper soaked in vinegar and placed on the forehead Good for a sick headache. A the great Eastern was designed by or. Scott Tussell length of Hull 680 feet. Breadth 82j feet depth 58 feet. A the largest Oyster Shell in the world used the baptismal font in Tho Church of St surplice in Paris. A a arabic we Spain Legal Ian a me until the fourteenth Century. Spanish Only became general in the six Beth. I a twas in 1774 that the Pennsyl excluded from their it Mera Bertlue a who bought sold or an Oual Quantity of five applied externally to inflamed Poi j in the latest a instant Relief for i rheumatism. J in the sick rooms where the car pet can not be swept the rubbing a slightly dampened cloth gathers All the dirt the 1 Horsley amp Burck 65 Market Street keep nothing but first class hardware and tools. And Challenge Competition in Quality and prion carting Kums 7b pm it and up rotors to to $1 Pool no Kim from toc it $9. Finest assortment in the state. Millinery. Jav millinery. I am Selling out my entire Stock. Which a Superb and Bolc will a via a of retiring from business Jim my a lion Atuf until Tut. Velvet ribbon male silk Satin ribbon plumes Etc., Etc. Youcan it Mal plump a Tum pried in Uuna a Laeb a. Mrs. S. Dixon nos. 167 and 169 Tremont Street please take notice i wish to inform the Public at Lar til that i am offering goods at exceedingly Low figures an too ont of Dull Tinea. Plumb me to Worth up a re to on to Al 9ft tonta1 m ladle Siuah opon de work supper. I 00 to i a ladle Fine Fri no be kid Button Boota so Udley cure Coa kids Tattoo Mota ,.s so Cal Lam i Plush Needle work supper 7 to 10 ._.t9 cell dry b Hufh Mit kid Button Boota Wahed Olee 7 to 10. Cal Kiva a pm Noh kid Button warranted band made 7 to 10. Children a red tuned Boota. Awed. Children a red top Boot life Peg d Ovata omit Cea. Wraa Ted hand a wad in in �,/99 a Fuit Lin of hand-9m%4 and Sho. Please Gore me a Eail. No trouble to Tiow food. P. Goldstein Philadelphia shoe Stofie to Mark a Itrat mtr on a m kor a knt. Mrs. Mccloskey fashionable dressmaker no. 170 Market Street Between 21at and 22d . Sol Talta the poet taxed patronage of Ber Friend and Patrona. A orders a atty and a own Ali to of Andrj order a of fitted. Imn everybody wants to know Whir i to but Tab Best fruits and confections Bap Otten aa4 m do Jerg in a Tea. Unon and Eim am Manl Meti Dan it ob., King so Dandin and Mayer amp Kahn. Oot Taa Factor Are no Imraan among the largest and Moet prominent operation in the Tranie Are h. Bali Soo it so ob., w. A. Davidina co. Among the hardware Florma that carry of Large inn Iraq in a whole a ale Way mar be men booed j. 8. Brown a c., Bridgeford it co., also w. Hughes co., the popular dealers in safes guns ammunition and general hardware. In stoves lamps oils crockery Etc., Large and Complete stocks Are carried by j. P. Lalor a co., has Engelke and Josephf i Abc die who can be recommended. Marwitz a co., ship Chandlers very nearly monopolize the business in their Liue. In paints and Oil hire it Boulard take the Lead. Quot my a Porte atone go my with a Small sharpened Aniak. Do not repeat the than twice a week. A Coal Gas in Moat unhealthy. The beat Way to get rid of it in to have your stoves and chimneys examined a ran of fresh water should be kept in Merj room where there i amp a fire especially an open one it absorbs All the impurities. A nothing a of so much Benefit to the general health Good traitor. Tags a a cheerful View of life Hope for the Best remember that there not one Chance in a million of your worst fears on any subject being realized and never miss a Chance fora Good laugh. Clip a knitting Needle into your m. Strickland a. Codo the bulk of the business in engraving and j pocket and when you go to a meal Lith graphing work and Shar with dip it in the milk Pitcher. If any of Merb. Clarke court we Terry it the milk Beret to the Needle to it amp co. The Fine commercial Ana Job \ v. A a <,�?z11 a printing and bookbinding for which pure but 1 n a a a not a a these firms Are justly famous. I adulterated with water. The expel Ain the department of Art we have raiment can be made equally Well were first thrown open it has been j h Klett wholesale and retail liberally patronized. It still a Monument to the taste and skill of the super Wing architect or. N. J Clayton. The masonic Temple just completed at the Comer of in of Stoffle and Twenty first streets most imposing with its numerous towers and striking architecture. It a splendid ornament to that portion of of the City in which it located. The Harmony Hall erected by the Union club at a Cost of $70,0000, and opened a club Hall and theater last fall another of the architectural ornaments of the City the Moody Kaiding Corner of strand and Twenty second streets a massive four Story Structure of Philadelphia pressed Brick and atone trimmings was completed during last autumn at a Cost of about $66,-000, and would be a credit to any City. Within the year a three Story addition has been made to the Large dry Good House of Lott am. Ham on the Corner of Mao Honio and Twenty fourth streets at a oot of about $s6,000, and addition Haa. ,.with a hairpin dealer in pictures artistic frames a Abric a Brac Etc., and w. H. Sabell a or. Richard Law of red Manu Fiu Tyrer of and dealer pictures j Bank n. J., a few week since gave frames japanese goods Etc. Also i birth to a male child weighing Only p. H. Rose the unowned photo d the infant Lively and Grapher whose work known 1throughout Texas also or. Jacobean 1 of formed although so Small that the excellent artist whose photo it might be exhibited in an Ordinary graphic Parlours Are located above the lamp Chimney. The doctor says it Art establishment of j. Ii Flett. _ a in the Book and stationery line j. A. In a. K. Mason beads the list has Stock of a to give a room a. Cozy cheerful i books stationery and novelties be i air one of the first considerations a what kind of shads shall we have in our windows now the answer to to investigate a Fie Standard Type writer. A in of feta that Attao feet take the place of be pm Nataf an Tea too be Dooey Ltd a peo la it me in Tajet the Tead inf i Iboya Raof melt a it Tea have Al radar adopted to Aad of la to Tad it write Tor i Milan had j. H. Hawlar amp of. Aero Tateos for to Tabera Tew. a. . O Neill attender Ani Tui Ellis do always Large and Complete. In music and musical instruments 1 Thos. Goggan amp Bro. A re amply prepared to Supply the whole state j also Reed amp Thompson dealers in 1 pianos and organs. A among our largest jewellers Are t. E. Thompson Ana my. Bhaw who a conduct their business on a Large j scale. Also or. Julius Bocha who. Carries a Fine Stock. In millinery goods Madam Paul this question a Norwich a easy one Many would imagine for to Wing about Harmony in Jour dwelling everything by to Weh harmonise. With a red carpet and Rami Tare a window Shade of old Gold would match beautifully. White should not be used a it give the room a frees ing aspect Ana everything should be done to make a room such a you know a mrs. Dixon miss Marum Ija and your friends would movie to linger Lor each have a very Large and com plete establishment. Mis Joe Ben Tinck also does a Good fines in that line. A via the matter of Botala Galva Toa Well up. The Tremont by or d. To Finley a to of the hards Nast aim Booth tha Stela tha washing in and if you wend tout Way towards Postof fios atrial to tha Gai a a will find the to a seen in tha a in. H. Starr prop. Bill Ollk 181 Steak Olav Rrok co Mumm. Lorfn Lasell. I Wal of Rae air Masti in tvs a surom Tattoo log a Bani he. Tampa aug of a do mar. Brown. Physician i surgeon a diets Las a Wmk find i p. P. Am i a e i Homo Patio Phi Doit. Mid knot to a Tail Law n. It. Oen Cral. Head cd Aad Mere baath a late be 1� Gwi Linn of Totera. A Ama lawyer Bookert ban Natili Aad Retlaw Tea twi tone Reaace. L�0ff t co Mahuta leu m co., Oal Vaaloa. Henry Strunk deals in Fine fresh meats Choice bust. Veal pork and Mutton. Fall of Tigh and qom by to Lisam a amp re St oot. 16th k Iuie. Pm Diu. New boarding House. No. 210 0��t�r a St Street Moran . B. Gonzales. H�me0pathi0 phys total ��0 Bubo on Dentt ism Malar �t., Catrama Noua. aks mss Cotik Len re a cd taxi or foam a a my tag Twmrrt-n\im�0,. Al Nett turnout in the Ohy hum it Stu Rar Rcw to am feed Hay Vonu m. P. Tid0 amp. A

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