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Galveston Sunday Opera Glass (Newspaper) - February 10, 1884, Galveston, Texas Gla of. Of $ society a shuttle 44170 the Golden Woof in Tuffe tmn8led map of life. Str with my via a a Hope her it �h<1 . A of total mention. Friendly it Oun Al Asci Lenv Rotl not a. _ i is a port of we it firm , i 4vtau in notify of Nurmi u. The so Nii pub ii i my pm vomit i novem ii no he it Riidu in it lira us Ltd i by us to be by us Nam Quot of i 4 Hgt it Ltd a Fordel torn Huw unit let rat to it Tami. A the German club was entertained by my. Preston Perry it her a is i Denoe wednesday evening. In i 1 a a a Brant and sumptuous Maimer. The favors were novel and Beautiful Ami included contributions from miss Ida for Tea now on a visit to it Mobile a Friend miss i it to Hurley Man a Friend inning the n Belles and beaux mid also set by Mien Sorley. The was Lea by or. G. It. Settle de to be a moot delightful a air. Amon it the Young Tadich present were Mesa Ella Forbes White Radze Mir latin Lake trimmings Feather and Flower ornaments. Mian Fannie Denson Pearl coloured Satin Coral Diamond ornaments mis Gretta Nichols slate comred a ilk Gold ornaments. Min Mamie Burrow of Mystic Connecticut visiting mrs. Irvine tin hand painted with ories trimming Oearl t. It. 1 a a t a Lin a a i i 1. 11111 it a i a ii Ihn it in i to Law. I it it \ \ r 1 i ,11. 1 1 -. Ait t. A it. I i t. 1 a >11 Quot v a i la i it a 1 i a 111� it a a ,. In it it i w Toa a ,1 it �1 it i i 1 it 11 1 my Asp l in \ a it t a Ihu to 1 >�?�>11&Quot i. A Art \ a 1 a 111 i. Us a. Ill it Stu. Ii m i Quot in tue. A i to it i the 1 s tin. .1 it m in i Wils. A 1ii is a t Nini Louii is we of i it u Riund f a Nii if . Miser. Baci Cade silk Bachrach Light Blue Bro Hettie Well a combination of Muir Ooi ored mull embroidery Audioun h veiling. Ihm m Thomas Garnet Satis Black lace Over dress. Mias Nan Lacash Lyon Pale Pink a us with Lake trimmings of same Zotov and Teel trimming. Visa Juba Hall Cream nun s veil with toothed trimmings. It buddy Pink Satin and to Tom Dnton White Bro a \ ornaments. A a Light Blue Bro ored Flowers. While embroil its ornaments id Ross coloured White lace Ilion of Houston White and lace lattice work brer hopeful a a of Sho Fokin i no a a prise Pathy it int House the right Quot i Dat Onia re i Spruk party a sly kit red 11 Clu a on a lat Chicken. Or Sbet of his Inous Tranee a Gin rudder want icon. Dar i lie of. Felt ii 11 Quot list no Ite a to a lend a inn iii i it in i a til�1 Neu to i Quot liar Nerta inane ,1 he veiling i ,11, in Oil in i he Hay Gnu it it. Lameh Ifni i. It get a a a 11 n i \ invaded the Island a it Lawt a Eek and earned a a it one of in fair to , Mich Nettie Karns. I he Soreni Liiv Wim Pertosi mild at the Ros Ailenee of i. Bradford i k. It a lie. 11 1�?~ in. Ill the a i a Kene ii him Tiliti i into Nate friends and on Matulat ions and. Inheh Fol i Edas a matter it of Enorse. Or a Rufi a it kno led he in to invitation to attend a Rand Ina quo Rade Hall to he i veil at the Harmony Eluh rooms Nikurs div evening in Ehni Arv 1 i me sirs. Him la a by Taeoh Venk. .1. 0. B. Miller and Anion Hilum comp Rise the i vent Ion committee i to , r. I be Littnan. Ii. Kolin Folh a Schles a a a pfc or Ami i. Wei the floor committee and h. Be Ingnor and n Liedlich the mask a Ommittee. The invitation nay prizes will b<3 award i d for tie la let costumes. I Euis of Huntsville delicate Pink ottoman with Spanish Lake trin Mintza void ornaments. Miss Lizzie Perry combination id�iiefcc8 Blue Satin Cashmere and White with Dollar of Blue daisies. the gentlemen present were. Messes. Frank j Walker <2�prge c. Kich Liti Arthur <3k or. James Compton. James m. Woods h. J. Peter ed8ampson, s. I Marshall r. W. Prince h. E. Dio Soson e. R. Girardeau. John f. Dull Crawford . Setup Wisd tenant Cantwell and messes h. A. D. Wilson and Frank Bates of he non. Mar mtr Ball at let orly. Zwia Diseri Victoria gave a grand Imok tear Ball last tuesday which to Mage or attended by the local Mwata beaux and by Many pen Slokom a distance. The toilets Gen a handsome and some of them its. Omax Ham can Only i a few of than As a run i of 1 Atli hand Shakimi. There is a Rafac Dai of character in hand shaking. Few put no it no Mil Ira How must a May be exp re a ssh Al m the gra0p of a Hall. Ami cd How Many have Felt a it and disappointment in that a Clani Niv touch of a to it Ahni How often Hiis a had been extended with War Nuli Only to of a met by two fingers it and Laaly and coldly offered the Coy Maiden who proffers her hand and part it Ciau a. The a withdraws it Sifore Yon la Ivy a had for time to More than touch the Tipe of j the to Grid does not Send a thrill a through your whole being As does she who it units her Palm to rest in Youn and. Perchance retains your Pree Rore. Tto re is something a Mach to Apt that Speaks Herr regard and Oon fluence that Toni could not expect fret a new or clause act Uaia Tanoa the Man who grapes you warmly by the hand and give a Hearty Snake impresses you favourably though he May not speak a word More than Tike other whose hand in offered with apparent reluctance and withdrawn As if from fear of contamination. You Are not pleased with the greeting of a Friend who proffer a Finger the chances Are if you Are at All sensitive that you Are offended but you will Pardon it in a lady attributing it to bashful Nen or Caprice. You mar know to mecking of the regard in a which you Are held by her whom you love by the manner in which she takes your hand. Be sure if the con annl a owner Ilia million of loj Rex hot Zimni pm vhf a arh that no Man had get obtained this was a Kis i to obtain which he first with tie fan and want alien so u Kint with it on to lib a lie k att r the Kilt Sliv the fair a incr a i lit int a fruit. Let to tip set Lay to Vining Litiere was a ple Lisant pattering at the i Sidon co of or. Mid Man John Woltmon a Serrate the Natal anniversary of Ersary Hert Foi at Tho residence of Man .1 n. Hubert Avenue a and twelfth Street tuesday evening Liere was quite an Assembly of the friends of or .1 w Klett. Who has Lunt pros Rod their Nie it e. Iniss Louis Wilh a Nan Given by the Iichi and Liotis a. A Large number of of the Voung lady herein itto Ltd. Lance and the program. Consist Noi ap-1 Fth popular dances of Quot a it a Jln a j Day. Wos came ont to the letter and is greatly enjoyed Hyall pros Ai uie conc Linen of the enter no i the threshold of manhood it was u very pleasant and convivial affair though the a de Brant objected to having his hair pulled Twenty one time. By each guest As a guarantee of Good j the Luck. I customs renders but even the it i j briefest in a Ibie visit is at All Timet Tajn Referable to one that is unduly pro j than red. No one likes to be bored j the i no genteel person Lik a to a hib Rao it we Arinah or in any Nuu Inar Indi. Were Cate that a visit should terminate. A a a a a yet How often callers remain Sta-1 bean Fah Pilvin the drawing room trying to its Henry miss i think of something to say and after to oks miss Packman and miss the conversation has tagged for Noble. Among the gentlemen were want of material. How often is the. Noticed misers. Morgan Oates hostess compelled to sit resignedly Aguillo , Compton listening to empty nothingness while j Seeligson Babin Labatt Tull or pressing dates demand her prese my league Griffin ail a Ciesa Bright Here Tod unconsciously betrays Campbell. Hensy Willis Parkman. I a Rowe party United in the Noat and Hosteen for in team. Part sent it a miss Garrett c9nsists< mias Fowler miss Hobby Misa Kel Henry miss a via miss her impatience to no purpose. The visitor is always Welcome who drops in at to we proper time and leaves without a hint or without a axing the patience of the visitor. Come away As soon As you have done with your Call. When you Are at a loss for something to say say goodbye. But Don t contract the habit of making pop Calls Rushing in As if to escape priceless of her heart. And to too you Inay in some measure judge of the Chr Acter of a new acquaintance in a the manner of his hand shaking. He May dissemble in words and looks but he can not counterfeit Tho,1 Cordi in a proper and Ike musing manner without Baste Aid without the excuse of a pressing engagement Al Eliere und above All without the gratuitous information that you must a a Ever no Many other Calls. Nooman Era not Satin Xais own Satin Surah a a a v is Pink in brocade. A 1mm Oto it sink a Ltd Garnet Simi a no i Olimb Cream and Black Tell whits tulle t trimmings r Thurmond it miss. A is ant White Satin Jemin. Wood hand painted York two shades of a Jeff Olson whits tulle leh Wilits mall with of Bidun of Dunand it Quwwn and a ilk with ruths Vioto laity a the generous Sam Patio and a fwu As you Wolf How Lohn or genial nature Aspree aed in to warm a he t j our visit should be. Ror of clasp which is Vurvil Lingjr Relin Quistad. The Grabof the ten indicates nature and Ltd and May be made to i Mattie a Wen dress of hand Uta Quot of Quot indie Rinoa. Ways exp Reid re apart. Finger. If you a it wry e. Yogt or whole hand be Content to to Cut a a. The display of fans at the recent pets total fund Art in item York �o4 regard Miny Many of to via Tota a tha Ltd St jute it ing Vatu in Orthe a Himton and waa eme Chauy attractive to the la course that must depend anti ii j a >11 circumstances but it i Alwn safer to ome Awu to Ltd soon to stay too Long. The it you can Poole. Behrman Good Block Michael. Vidor Bro thereon Remmick ibid hutches. Miss Mary i Acker the Only daughter of the late millionaire. Judge Asa Packer of Mauch chunk pa., of the recount death of a brother becomes the richest woman in America. Her income is about $2000 per Day. Miss Packer is a Maiden lad of about forty two years a de Vout Episcopalian and is noted for her she is just now building a Parish school at Mauch ind she will no doubt de the ladies of Denison will give u grand leap year Holt at the opera House in that City 00 the evening of the 11th. Which opera Glass has been favored with an invitation to 1 attend. The committee of Iny Atatim j of mesdames k. T. Hathaway. Jota a Takir c. T. Dai Iofi erty and misses Gene Rue Kate Everitt and Pauline Adaris. Ohuna an Voto much of her wealth to the and in Cement of the Lehigh University As a Goat of learning. Jude Asa Packer died in 1880, leaving he vast estate to his two sons and Only 1 daughter. Or. Robert Packer died i Quot Ihu la a a a a to year a go in Florida and judge j a a a to Harry e. Packer who spent most of Hist be in new York died at Mauch a the Brothers had married. I it More too. J Twat it five person were pres the subtlest rarest flavor of dig ent at the dinner in new Yort 011 to auction and elance a oat a House j feb Oaty 7, in Honor of r w. Gillies in its diacjlo9urv of a refined and Der the editor of the Century. The cultured pram Wietor whose Pree Enco 1 whole affair waa a work of Art. And Pei Soncuy ure 1 the it Rama were Hung for the Occa at in every of amkgolent1 Sion with antique tapestry suits of and parti culs Rutbell Ismeli met aft a armful standing about the room Dies. The Opo eation i of the rarest in the it ancient that the 1 and Sony that a would not Purchase. / 1 mrs. Aster s you Rotio tha tins of Law toxic cod some 1110 11k. Re Ipolitas City the Fortuin v Erwin. Examples. F Xiv and Xvi. Three Fra bus a 1 Reni is de dds Tum Quot of tip Quot sch Wmith Century loan so by in Aitor mme do in a Gri Sutas and mrs. Barlow a mss Deal of a a Quot writer the att radish to Sra whose rata i be it is said bet san a my fan and lacquer bar a Royal and took Rule the modern elegance is be he it it t the to of it Oil Volt Vuk and it in a a j vhf to a Wom with prom Lin i 1 is i a a a fro ii Faifili of 1 Dent r Are f if a t the let. 1 a Minai to tin a. Can i borrowed. With lances at rest and visors a than Ufi Loaree Down and the Dibner service was and opulence of elegant Blue China Willow pattern. Is Opp Refici d j clun5n the goblets were banished the Bius fucked a my in their place were huge Silver a i Tovish eos line a. A tankards such As were used 100 truly shrinks 1 a tie by a in a Feopent address Bishop Simp i get if was As u pin son a dutifully said a educated Utia in in mid imitation worm Aei it the greatest influence 1 a Ini a in the House for on to psf age and they have lost none in the outgrowth of. I new and Eul Turo an neither simulated nor Fri Engfor the he to Raiful does not a Ait upon c4ttly outlay. It to my modest Unerv Tennin. Spies by furn bed Homes with Jorace and witchery or get always within tie reach of Swanos Hunt Elf. Anyone May constr tit a Home with a genuine Boiu Ity tuned and chortled to Harmony with any lot or condition and no lot or Fortune can compel or by its presence. Tho Saada of modern Honaas to be a Fatwa a re Little Osifo Winaris Nib museums where tace tired and to add eyes Home ohs for Mew and. Which Are set up to order in the is Nailer Echo Uty of character. Their on Toje Ioe Rease and it Isal Dible to Ink at what has no listed Fate years by Ano voice of woman. To Weiping to the front even in a Ion and it is our duty not and in the advancement of option of women. A a lieutenant r l. Bobe Tsoo As-55 Rainy big Celia. Anpiyrpnsd1rt on Friday last was Given in Wash Teton the largest theater party Ever Given in that City including eighty persons the idea originated at tie lunch recently Given Bemis Schenck. Forty Young ladies had each invited a gentleman to act As her escort and guest. After the perform Anou a can Soine supper was Given. Miss a Quot blame itched As Trviz Durer. . Miss Matrie Chilton of Alabama is visiting friends at Hunt Villa Texas. A mrs. Grant formerly of Thim Ity hut now of Newport 01111., is visiting mrs. Btu has. Mrs. Judge ,1. A. It Jilton of Victoria is at mrs k. S. Howard a 221 Church Street or. E. E i a a and Bride or mis Sarrie Cox of Flatonia Are on a tir Idal tour to the Island City. Announcement has been Mode f the engagement of mins Mamie clock and or Robert Weis. Miss Mamie daughter of Captain Burrows of the steamship san Maroon is visiting mrs. Robert ,1 films h. Lupstein aged 19 years and Caroline Schaefer 17, were married at san Antonio thursday. Or. And mrs. Frank Grice of san Antonio Are spending a part of their honeymoon in the Crescent City. Miss Marie a Loche and or. J. E. Burke were United in marriage thursday evening at the residence of or. A. B. Everett Rev. Or. Bird officiating. Miss Nannie Roe and or Jon. B. Varna lore were married at Huntsville on thursday and came to Galveston on a bridal tour. A a leap year party was Given at the residence of mrs. P. F. Walsh on thursday evening and was heartily enjoyed of All present. A miss Bettis Morritt and or. John Shearn it were married at Houston. Wednesday. Also mini Bebec of Baker and or Joe f. Meyer. A the annual masquerade and fancy dream Ball of the portugese benevolent association is announced to take place at turns Hall on the a fifth. is sojourning for Sove weeks in Houston at the Ras Denoe of or. S. Door ski whose daughter mias Bunche will Rustam it after to the Island car fort to by tit lib it Lwi i thespis temples. What opera Glass lenses gather past. Present Aho future. He Tiia in a Kunii Ofui. H Rrt chah.ictkb�. Widow Utt Doc had Minalu he a. Manager urn a twi Tlly a approach in bad flt at th�0 mrs hoi Imi the Enate text of a Tow Welby which bed wi3b�ws. A a he Tresa Oitt Al Para spurs con Tiru Jed through four Takht std to eluded a mid week Mainee. Quaday night the Hunchback was Given monday night Adrienne be Couvreur tuesday night Camille weds easy matinee Jane Shore Ana wednesday night Oliver twist. Miss Welby is not a Star of great magnitude and the satellites with which she has surrounded herself Are not especially magnetic. Miss Welby Hen Elf has silent of a High order is easy Graceful and natural. There Are Strong Point in her of the in Rouh role she essays but there is a painful absence of that smoothness us l Thulah that belong to the artiste. Slip is unpleasantly provincial in her accent which is a decided blemish in the portrayal of English or French character. Of her company very Little can be said Liat is favourable except that the bust showing was made in the Mixior parts. The were not Large and from a by iii Ess Point the engagement can hardly be rated fair. The next attraction at the tre Mont will tie i of Vitta a Gigantic minstrels. The latter part of the week. Manager Green Wall is making a ring events for a big week at the opera House during the carnival. On sunday evening february 24, c. B Bishop will commence an engagement of four nights and two matinees the first of which will to Given at 2 p. M. Monday and the second at 13 111. On tuesday. Or. Bishop will open with his great character of a widow Bedott followed by a strictly business Quot and a your boys there will be no performance on tuesday Mardi gras night on account or the Ball. Of course Bishop will draw like an adhesive Piaster. He always does As he if very popular in Galveston. On thursday evening manager Green Wall will take a Benefit when a double Bill will be presented with or. Bishop As the Star. Manager Greenwall has been at great pains to Oater to the tastes of the mkt amp Arment Loving Public of Galveston and has spared no Effort to a them. Has or limited the Best attractions that visit the South and has Given his nations some of the beet dramatic and musical a possible to obtain. In View of these bets and his general popularity it is but natural to Hope that on the oor Caslon of his Benefit he May be greeted by an overflowing House. Kiang Hauk the charming Oak tar few is really Sombur to oat Veston and that too. Wuh or company. It is More than non Swity to this fast to cause a Raih to is 0� log. 90 nest week a fact a of a a of Ico Muncs on Tun Rio
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